JLA Babes Bullied  

By Blacknite13

I have been meaning to bring back a bully since they appear to be my most popular villains…right after the Hollander Twins. I am also taking the opportunity to put my heroines in some fantasy scenes and use new heroines.

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Powergirl, Batgirl, Zatanna, Hawkgirl, Superman, Catwoman all belong to DC comics. The villains and other characters are my creation.





"So in conclusion I would like to say the woman's place is changing in the world." Wonder Woman said as she scanned the packed gymnasium. She looked over the faces of the high school students and smiled. "We not longer have to stay at home, cooking and cleaning for a husband. In the same way, men can find no shame at being a stay at home husband…"

Mick Donovan snorted as from the top of the bleachers as he watched the tall heroine continue to prattle on and on. The blonde hair boy looked older than the other students because he was. He had been held back twice so he was now eighteen and finally in his last year of school. Mick was the school bully and dressed like accordingly. His leather jacket, white tee-shirt and blue jeans covered his muscular body. His motorcycle boots stuck out into the aisle, blocking the steps but no one dare say anything. His hair was cut short and bright blue eyes shone out from his handsome face. The bully was usually in the bathroom smoking or shaking down some punk but he wanted to get a look at Wonder Woman. He wasn't disappointed.

The tall Amazon was clad in her trademark costume. The tight red, white and blue costume hugged her hourglass figure like a second skin. The shoulder less garment left her shoulders bare and gave more than a hint of her amble bosom. Her mile long legs look incredible in the red stiletto heeled boots. A gold tiara held back the waves of black curls that fell to one the best butts Mick had seen. The bully was fantasizing about what he would do the bitch is he even had his chance. Mick had always had a hard on for Wonder Woman. Not just the Amazon but Powergirl with her huge tits, Batgirl in her skintight jumpsuit and red hair and Supergirl had to be amazing in the sack. Then there was the magic babe, Zatanna running around in his tight costume with her fishnet stockings. Black Canary wore fishnets too. Hawkgirl was another redhead he would do in a second. Mick's eyes dropped and noticed the gold belt and lasso wrapped around Wonder Woman's waist.

"I wonder if that is real gold?" Mick said as he sat up and leaned forward on put his elbows on his knees. "I bet I could get some bucks for that on E-bay. Pay off that pimp and maybe have enough to move to California."

Ms Anita Gonzales sat behind Wonder Woman with her hands resting on her lap. She was wearing a knee length black skirt and simple blouse buttoned up to her neck. But the conservative clothes couldn't hide her amazing body. Every male including her fellow teachers had checked out her huge bosom and firm round ass. The glasses could hide her beautiful face. Since she kept her hair pulled into a tight bun everyone wonder hold long her copper curls were. Anita who taught Spanish and history had arranged for Wonder Woman to come and speak on career day. When Amazon finished her speech she stood up along with the rest of the school and clapped. The shapely teacher walked up and shook her hand, thanking her for coming. She stepped back and watched the students come down and crowd around the tall woman.

Wonder Woman found herself surrounded by her adoring fans, They began to bump up against her and she finally had to ask them to step back.

"Please give me room to breath." Wonder Woman said, "I will answer all your questions."

Anita laughed and smiled until she saw Mick Donovan rushing away from the crowd. She was surprised to see him at the talk and would have been surprised to see him leave so quickly but she saw he shoving some that looked like gold into his jacket. The teacher glanced at Wonder Woman and gasped.

Mick rushed down the hallway yanking on classroom doors as he did. He couldn't find an open door so moved onto the second floor. He repeated the process again until a door pulled open. He stepped into the empty classroom and moved to the window. Mick watched the students file out the school and smirked. In about an hour the school would be practically empty. He reached into his jacket and pulled out the gold lasso.

"Damn, it is gold." Mick said as he fingered the rope. "I bet this is worth a fortune. Maybe Wonder Woman would give more than money to get it back."

"I'll take that Mr. Donavan." Ms Gonzales said as she walked across the room with her hand out. "I knew you were a bully and thief but stealing from Wonder Woman. Have you no brains."

"Gonzales!" Mick gasped as he pulled the lasso close to his chest.

"That's Ms Gonzales or Senorita Gonzales if you like. Now give me the lasso and we will once again go see Mr. Newman."

Mick fingered the gold rope knowing this was his ticket out this dump. He wasn't just going hand it over to his big titted bitch. He looked around the room realize they were in the art classroom. He spotted some rolls of tape across the room. The bully made up his mind in a split second. It was time to take action. He just had to get her over to tape, bind and gag her. Then hit the streets. It was Friday so he would have the weekend to sell the rope and get out of town.

"I just have to get her over to the tape." Mick thought, "But how…she is going to fight. Need something."

Then it hit him and Mick uncoiled the lasso and threw it over the teacher's head and pulled it tight around her waist, locking her arms down at her side.

"Are you insane!" Anita screamed as she began to fight to get free of the gold rope. "Unhand me!"

"Shut up and stop struggling!" Mick yelled, "I ain't gonna hurt you!"

Anita closed her mouth and stopping fighting. The shapely teacher just stood there unable to talk or move. She looked into the bully's surprised face. The young teacher realized the lasso must have some magic powers.

Mick held onto the beautiful teacher surprises she had stop trying to get free and was no longer screaming. He took advantage of he submission to quickly bind her hands behind her back. The bully wasn't taking any chances.

"Okay, I taking you over to that table and I am going to tie you up with the tape. You be a good girl."

"I will be a good girl." Anita said unable to stop herself from obeying him.

"Really?" Mick said as he looked into her face and saw the blank look on her face. He frowned and fingered the rope in his hands. "Do you have to obey me?"

"Yes." Anita said, screaming inside her head when she saw the cruel smile spread across her captor's lips.

"You gonna do whatever I say?"


"Give me a kiss, MS GONZALAS." Mick said as she pulled her into his arms and pulled her lips to his.

The bound teacher could stop herself front pressing his mouth to the school bully and pushing her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him full tongue helpless to him from running his hands over her body, stopping at her ass and giving a good hard squeeze. Anita could stop herself from kissing the bully as he moved against the wall and press his body against hers.

Mick made out with the hot teacher, sucking and chewing on her mouth as he groped her fine ass. He grinded his crotch against her body, feeling his cock get stiff. He kept kissing her as her began to unbutton her blouse.

"MMMM!" Anita sighed as she kissed the bully over and over doing nothing to stop him from undoing her blouse. She felt a hot wetness and was shocked to find the creep was arousing her.

Mick got her blouse unbuttoned and pulled off her shoulders and looked down at the two huge mounds of soft flesh wrapped in white lacy bra. He licked his lips as he pushed the straps off her shoulder and freed the two huge tits.

Anita could only stand there and gasp, as her bosom was laid bare. She sighed in unwanted delight as the bully grabbed both her tits and began to play with them. She tilted back her head as she pushed her body against the wall. The helpless teacher sighed when he began to suck and nibble her boobs.

"Damn." Mick muttered as he fondled her big tits as he sucked on one nipple and then another. He roughly played with the boobs as he kissed and licked them all over. He kept grinding his groin against her crotch as he continued his foreplay.

"Oh, oh, pleasseeee!" Ms Gonzales gasped as her tits began to throb and swell. There was a definite wetness between her legs. The shapely teacher licked her lips and gasped. She tugged at the lasso binding her hands not to escape but she wanted to pull off his jacket and claw at his back.

Mick's cock felt lick it was going explode in his pants. The bully yanked open his jeans and freed his long pole. He glanced down and smiled. It had never had been this big and hard. He put his hands on his captive's shoulders and pushed her down. "Suck."

Anita let him force her down to her knees and smacked his lips at the sight of his cock. She pushed her face into his groin and began to kiss and lick his cock and balls. The kneeling beauty working her mouth up and down, letting her spit drool over the balls and cock. The bound teacher slurped her way back up to the head, spread her lips and began swallow the long tool.

"OHYEAHHHHHH!" Mick gasped as the hot Latina sucked on his cock with loud slurps and moans of delight. He panted and moaned as he watched the raven-hair beauty bob up and down on his cock.

The combination of the magic lasso and the lack of sex had broken down all of the teacher's inhibitions. She pumped the cock in and out of her mouth with moans and grunts of sheer bliss. The bound beauty wished her hands weren't tied since she really wanted to play with his balls. The whole time Anita was screaming in her head to stop but to not avail.

"SUCK IT BITCH!" Mick grunted as the hot wet mouth gulped on his cock. He OH! OHHHHHHHH!"

"MMMMPHHH!" Anita gasped as her mouth filled with cum which she swallowed with loud slurps.

Mick emptied his cock into her mouth and pulled out. He yanked the bound teacher up and led her over to a desk. He pushed her back to the desk, shoved her skirt up over her hips, stopping to take in the lacy white panties and garter belts holding up her stockings. He laughed and ripped off her panties, licking his lips at the sight of her reddish curls. The bully spread her legs and shoved his cock into pussy.

"OHGAWDDDDDDDD!" Anita squealed as her hot wet pussy was filled with hard cock. She panted as strong finger grabbed her boobs and began to fondle them. The bound teacher screamed as the bully began to fuck her with all his youthful lust. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!

Mick grunted as he slammed his cock in and out as he twisted and pulled her tits around. He lean down on her soft body and clamped his lips over the teacher's gasping mouth.

"MPHHHHH!" Anita squealed as she began to hungrily kiss her lover as she thrust up against the cock fucking her. Her tits were now aching balls of hard flesh.

The two bodies bucked around on the desk, gasping and panting in heated passion.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Gonzales screamed as she had the best orgasm. She squirmed around the desk, loving the feel of his cock. But inside she hated what was happening to her. The lasso had released the inner slut that she had kept hidden for years. It was not free and taking full advantage of it freedom. As Anita kissed the school bully she knew even if she got free of the damn rope that she would never be the same. The bound beauty came again.

"UGHHHHH!" Mick growled as he came in her pussy.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Anita wailed as she had the best orgasm yet.

The ravished teacher panted and gasped for air as the bully flipped her over and pulled her back until her ass hung over the edge of the table. Anita knew what was coming and closed her eyes in eager anticipation. The shapely teacher felt his cock push into her ass and screamed in a mixture of horror and delight.

Mick grabbed onto her hips and began to fuck the fat ass with long hard strokes. He couldn't believe he had the sexiest teacher in school bent over a desk and was fucking her in the ass.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Anita wailed as she took the cock up her ass and loved it. She came three times, screaming as she did.

Mick came too quickly but realized he was pushing his luck as he saw the time on the clock. He had been fucking the whore for almost an hour. The bully pulled up his jeans and pulled his slave off the desk. He kept her hands tied as he fixed clothes. Her blouse was wet with sweat and her face was flushed and has the look of someone who had been well fucked.

"Where is your purse?" Mick asked. "We're gonna spend the weekend together."

"My classroom, bottom drawer of my desk," Anita muttered still recovering from her multiple orgasm. She was thrilled and afraid at the idea of being the bully's sex slave for the weekend.

The ravished teacher let the bully lead her down the empty halls to her classroom. She watched as he found her purse. The young teacher stood there as Mick untied her hands but left the rope looped around her waist.

"Come on." He smiled, "We'll go out the back way."

"As you wish." Anita said as she followed him out the classroom.

They went down the back stairwell and out a door that opened up out to the teacher's parking lot. They rushed across the lot and climbed into the red Mustang.

As Mick and Ms Gonzales were driving off the lot Wonder Woman was saying good bye to the last of her fans.

"Well I thank you." Wonder Woman smiled as she hands went to her hips and she gasped I horror. The mighty Amazon looked down. "GREAT HERA MY LASSO! I HAVE BEEN ROBBED!"

Wonder Woman rushed out of the gymnasium unsure where she was going, having no idea where she was going to look. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the tall blond clad in a tight costume that looked painted on. The top was cut so a lot of her huge bosom was uncovered. Her gloved hands were planted on her hips. Short blonde hair framed her beautiful face.

"Power Girl!" Wonder Woman gasped, "What are you doing here?"

"You are need back on Paradise Island." Power Girl said, "Your mother couldn't reach you so call JLA headquarters."

"I…I…can't go. My lasso is missing. I need to look for it."

"How the heck did you lose your lasso?"

"It must be stolen by someone when the students crowded around me. I did realize it was missing. I must…"

"Your mother needs you. Look I look for the lasso. The thief can't be far."

"I hate to leave but if my mother needs me…very well. I pray you will find it. In the wrong hands."

"I am on it." Power Girl said.

A short time later, the tall blonde was standing in the principal's office. The older man tried not to look at the huge tits of the blonde heroine standing in front of his desk.

"Yes, we have several bullies but only one person leaps to mind."

"Who would that be?"

"Mick Donovan."

"Where is he now?"

"No idea. School is out. He was living in a foster home but I have heard he has been sleeping on friend's sofa."

"Well I will start with his foster parents."

Power Girl walked out the office and spotted a group of students. She walked over and smiled.

"Pardon me." Power Girl said, "Do you know Mick Donovan?"

"Yeah, I saw him up by the art class a while ago."

"Thank you."

Power Girl got directions to the art room from one of the students. The blonde heroine found the room and stepped in. Her super sense of smell picked up the definite scent of sex.

"Some one has been getting busy." Power Girl said as she spotted a ripped pair of panties on the floor. "Definitely some nasty business went on here."

Mick led his new slave into the small apartment and slumped onto the sofa. He looked up at the shapely teacher and smiled as he tugged on the gold lasso. "Strip down baby."

"As you wish." Anita said as she began to button her blouse.

"Call me master from now on. "Mick said as he watched her take off the blouse and let it drop to the floor.

"Yes, master." The helpless teacher said as she unzipped her skirt and let it drop down around her ankles. She kicked it away as she unsnapped her bra and free her huge tits. The bra joined her other clothes.

"Lose the glasses and let down your hair." Mick said.

"Yes, master." Anita said as she took off her glasses and let them drop. She reached up and unpinned her hair and shook it out. Her copper curls flew out over her naked body reaching down to her ass.

Mick licked his lips and nodded his approval of her naked body.

"Undress me, slave."

"Yes, master." Anita said as she dropped to her knees and began to pull off his boots.

Mick was leaning back and enjoying the moment as Anita got his boot off when there was a knock on the front door. He sat up and frowned. "You expecting anyone, slave?"

"No master." Anita said as she got off his second boot.

"Ask who it is?"

"Who is it?"

"Power Girl, Miss Gonzales." Power Girl said as she tapped her boot in impatience, "I need to ask you a few questions."

"Oh yes, hold on. I just got out the shower."

Power Girl thought about using her x-ray vision to make sure everything was all right but then the door opened. A beautiful Latina woman peeked out from behind the door and smiled. The blonde heroine saw she was wearing a terrycloth bathrobe but her hair wasn't wet.

"Probably worn a shower cap." Power Girl thought.

"Oh it really is Power Girl. What an honor. How may I help you?"

"I am looking for a student named Mick Donovan…"

"Oh Mick, the school trouble maker. You know I saw him leave the school today and he was carrying the strangest thing."

"Would that be a golden lasso?"

"Yes, I was thinking where did get that?"

"He stole it off Wonder Woman. I am helping her get it back."

"Oh, well please come in. Anything I can do to help."

Anita pulled the door open keeping part of her body behind it. She used on hand to wave the heroine in.

"Thank you." Power Girl said, thinking the woman was just being shy, stepped into the small apartment and looked around. Just as she spotted the pile of clothes on the floor and the motorcycle boots she knew. A second later she felt the gold rope wrap around her neck and she knew she was screwed. A voice hissed don't move and the mighty heroine frozen in place.

Mick stepped out from behind the door holding the lasso with both hands. The end of the rope was coiled around Anita's waits and the loop was pulled tight around Power Girl's neck. He smiled as he tugged on the rope.

"Okay, okay, move to the middle of the room." He said.

Power Girl and Anita walked to the middle of the room and then stood like statues as the bully moved in front of them. He wiped the sweat off his brow.

"Why you here?" Mick asked.

"I was helping Wonder Woman look for her gold lasso." Power Girl said. "I suspected that Mick Donovan stole it and maybe Anita Gonzales was helping him."

"Well you found it…you know about this magic lasso?"

"Yes." Power Girl said but was screaming in head. "NO! NO! NO!"

"I know wrapped around you, you have to obey me. What else?"

"It forces you to tell the truth."

"Okay, okay…is there any way to make you obey after I take the rope off?"

"Yes, you can command me to obey your orders after you take off the rope." She said knowing she was sealing her fate as the bully's slave."

"So if I was say Power Girl you are now my sex slave and will obey me from this day on…for the rest of your life. You would be my slave for life?"


"Power Girl, MS Gonzales from this day on you are my slaves you will obey my every command for the rest of your lives. Right?"

"Yes we will obey." The two women said both sobbing and screaming in their heads.

"Okay, lets find out." Mick said as he took the lasso off his two captives and stepped back. "You are my slaves."


"Drop to your knees, call me master and ask how you may serve me."

The two women dropped to the floor and looked up at the eighteen-year-old bully and meekly said, "Master, how may we serve you?"

"YES! YES! YES!" Mick laughed as he danced around the room. He stopped and walked back over to his slaves. "Okay, the big test. Power Girl…no. Your new name is Power Pussy. Understand."

"Yes master." Power Girl said her eyes filling with tears.

"Say it."

"I am Power Pussy, master."

"Now Power Pussy, take out my cock and suck it."

"Yes, master." Power Girl said as she reached up and unbuttoned his jeans. She pulled out his cock and began to rub the base while she kissed and licked it.

"You past the test, Power Pussy." Mick sighed as she worked on his cock. "You really are my slave."

"Yes, master." The blonde beauty said as she began to lick his balls while yanking on the pole. The might heroine meekly gave her new master his blowjob while she sobbed in defeat inside her head.

Mick stood over the enslaved heroine with his arms folded across his chest and big grin on his face. He let off loud moans and sighs as she ran her tongue over his balls and then sucked them into his mouth.

Power Girl had never given a blowjob before in her whole life. She had always thought it demeaning to a woman. One night out with Black Cat and Zatanna, they had rented a few nasty DVD's and she had pretty good idea what to do. The blonde heroine sucked on the balls while wagging her tongue around them. She did this for a few minutes and then began to run her tongue up and down the entire length of his now hard cock. Power Girl planted sloppy kisses on it between long licks. She began to drool and let her spit coat the cock. The shapely heroine worked up to the head, spread her lips and began to swallow. For the first time in her life Power Girl had a cock in her mouth. She spread her lips wide and began to swallow.

"There you Power Pussy, swallow it all." Mick laughed, "Do a good job and I will give a sweet treat."

Power Girl felt her face blush with anger and shame as she pushed the cock into her mouth. She had a pretty good idea what the sweet treat was and was disgusted with the idea of his cum in her mouth. But she was now his slave and it didn't matter what she wanted. All that matter that she obey. The kneeling heroine began pump the cock in and out her mouth, sucking on it as she did.

Anita Gonzales just knelt there and watched the heroine suck on the school bully's cock like it was the tastiest thing in the world. She knew she would be sucking and fucking the punk to on command. Like Power Girl she had no choice but to obey. She tried to force herself up off her knees but she just couldn't. It was hopeless. The shapely teacher knew she was doomed to whatever fate Mick had planned for her.

The blonde beauty gulped and slurped on the cock as she pumped the cock, disgusted that she was enjoying the taste of it. She brought up her hands and used to fondle the balls and cock.

"You got baby!" Mick panted as she sucked on his cock like a street corner whore. He loved the feel of her fingers stroking his tool. He looked over at Anita and pulled her into his arms. "Give me some tongue, slave."

"Yes, masmmmph." Said but the hot teacher's words were cut off by his mouth clamping over hers. She entwined her tongue around his and began return his full tongue kiss.

Power Girl kept sucking on the cock, pushing it deep into throat and out again. She felt the pole swell and then begin to fill her mouth with cum. The helpless heroine began to swallow the sweet seed as she kept sucking. She sucked on the cock until the flow stopped. The shapely beauty knelt back and waited.

"Get up, Power Pussy." Mick said as he stepped back. "Get out that tight little costume and you slave get me naked.

Power Girl stood up and unsnapped her cape. She let it drop to the floor and began to tug off her boots while she watched the teacher take off the bully's jacket and the yank off his shirt. The blonde heroine got the gloves and kicked off her boots. Then she peeled off the costume while the teacher yanked off Mick's jeans. The tall heroine tugged the costume down her legs and stepped out it. By the time she looked up, Mick was sitting on the sofa.

"Damn, you got huge tits." Mick laughed, "Bring them babies over her, Power Pussy. Sit you fine round ass on my lap."

"Yes, master." Power Girl said as she walked over and straddled his lap. She gasped when the bully grabbed her tits and buried his face in them. The blonde squealed when she realized Anita was kissing and licking her ass.

Mick was just beginning to enjoy himself when there was a knock on the door. He muttered a curse and glared at Anita.

"Mick! This is Jesse! I know you are in there! Open up!"

"God, just what I need." Mick snarled as he pushed Power Girl off his lap. He grabbed his jeans and pulled them on. "Come on in."

Jesse was tall thin but well-toned body. He was wearing a baby blue suit with a matching wide brimmed hat. The bright outfit made his pale white skin looks almost ashen. The pimp stopped in his tracks when he saw the two naked women. One he knew but the blonde was something out a dream. She had the most amazing body he had seen.

"Well, looks like I interrupted a party." Jesse said as he laughed at the kid wearing only his jeans. "I came to collect what you owe me. But now I am seeing my favorite Spanish teacher naked along with some big titted blonde. I am rethinking my plan."

"Don't even think about it, Jesse." Mick said, "This bitches are mine."

"I don't think so." Jesse said as he wiped out a pistol and cocked it. "I am taking my two new whores and you…"

"Power Pussy show him who the boss is!"

Power Girl leaped across the room, snatched the gun out the pimp's hand, crushed it, grabbed the lapels of his jacket and lifted him off the floor. She did all this in less than two seconds.

"What the fuck!" Jesse yelled as he was slammed against the wall and held there. The blonde didn't looked like she broke a sweat.

"Now let me tell how it is going to be." Mick said as he walked over to the sofa and picked up the golden lasso.

Hawkgirl soared over the city loving the feel of the wind against her beautiful face. The same wind blew back her long wavy red hair. She flapped her huge wings to increase her speed. The young heroine was wearing a black and yellow spandex halter-top that hugged her huge round breasts. The black spandex pants hugged her firm round ass and long muscular legs. The hawk mask covered the upper half of her face but it obvious that she was a beautiful woman.

The shapely heroine slowed her speed and remembered why she was here. She had bumped into Wonder Woman back at JLA headquarters and upon hearing of her tragic lost, offered to help. Hawkgirl had flown to the school and had found out Power Girl had gone over to a teacher's home. She spotted the building and swooped down onto the roof. She gracefully landed and folded up her huge wings. She walked over to a door and trotted down a staircase. The shapely redhead came to the floor she wanted and stepped into the hallway. She head a banging sound and a cry of pain.

"It seems I am in the right place!" Hawkgirl said as she ran down the hall and came to an open door. She stepped into the apartment and stopped in shock. There were two naked women standing in the room. One of them was blonde who was holding a man off the floor like he was a rag doll. It took a second to realize it was Power Girl.

"Power Girl, what's going on?" Hawkgirl said as she rushed up to her fellow heroine, barely giving the teenager off in the corner a glance. She frowned when the blonde beauty didn't say a word. The heroine felt something being wrapped around her neck and brought her hands.

"STOP!" The teenager snarled as he tugged on the lasso around her neck.

"The magic lasso!" She gasped when she realized she couldn't move.

"I can see you have a killer body but let's see that face before I make you my slave." Mick hissed in her ear. "I only want the hottest bimbos sucking my cock."

"Oh no." Hawkgirl whimpered as she reached up and pulled off her mask, revealing her beautiful face and freeing her long red curls.

"Damn, you are hot and a redhead too." Mick said. "I love redheads. Now from this moment on you are my slave. You will obey me for the rest of your life. Say yes master if you understand.

"Yes, master." Hawkgirl said, screaming in her head.

"FUCK!" Jesse gasped, "What the hell is that?"

"Excellent." Mick said as he unwrapped the rope and walked over to Power Girl and the pimp. "Bring him down."

"Wait! Wait!" Jesse cried as Power Girl lowered him down. "Mick, listen we can be a team. With that magic rope I could have the most beautiful whores in the world. Hell, I could have actresses and models hooking for me!"

"You?" Mick smiled as he looped the rope around the pimp's neck. "Now you will forget everything you saw here. You will leave and go on with your sad life forgetting all about me and my new slaves."

"Yes." Jesse said.

"Let him go, Power Pussy." Mick said, "Close and lock the door after him. Hey, Hawk Whore get naked."

"Yes, master.' Hawkgirl said as she began to take off her artificial wings,

Jesse walked out the apartment and by the time he reached the lobby was wondering where he was.

Power Girl shut the locked the door and turned. She watched Hawkgirl strip out her costume. Mick smiled as he leered over redhead's naked body. Her body was well toned with a nicely round ass and big tits, not as big a Power Girl but DD.

"Slave Anita, get dressed. You are going to go get some beer and Chinese food. Power Pussy and Hawk Whore, let us retire to the bedroom."

"What kind of Chinese master?" Anita asked.

"Ah, Muhsu Pork, Orange Chicken, fried rice, potstickers ad ribs." Mick said, "Get Foster's beer."

"Yes, master." Anita said as she started to dress. She watched Mick and the two heroines go into the bedroom and then left.

Mick lost his jeans and flopped onto the bed and looked up at his two new slaves. Who stood at the edge of the bed looking like real life Barbie dolls.

"So many options." Mick smiled. "On the bed. Power Pussy bring those fat tits up here and Hawk Whore…get acquainted with my cock."

"Yes master." The two heroines said as they climbed onto the bed. Power Girl crawled up by Mick's face and thrust her large boobs into his face. She gasped as he began hungrily suck and chew on them while mashing them around with his hands. Hawk Girl moved between his spread legs pushed back her long red hair and lower her face into his crotch. She rolled his balls in the palm of her hand while stroking his pole. The red haired beauty began to kiss and lick the cock, trying with all he might to stop but it was hopeless. As the two heroines let the young punk use their bodies both were yelling and swearing in their heads.

Mick sucked and chewed on the fat tits as he fondled them. He let off a sigh when Hawk Girl began to play with his cock and balls. The bully grunted as her wet tongue seems to be all over his pole. He caught a nipple in his mouth and chewed on it.

"AHH!" Power Girl gasped as her nipple was bit and chewed on while her tits were roughly played with. She could stop herself from cupping her own boobs and rubbing them into her master's face.

Hawk Girl had never given a blowjob before since they were unheard of on her home world. But one night Batgirl and Supergirl had explained it and given her pointers on the best techniques. Which has resulted in along night of hot sex between the three heroines, which became ever hotter when Zatanna joined the party with her magic fingers and tongue. The helpless heroine remembered all she had been told as she ran her tongue up and down the hard pole. She licked and kissed down to his balls and began wag her tongue over the twin sacs. The redhead coated the balls with her spit and then ran her tongue up and down the pole. Then without a second thought pushed it into her mouth. Hawk Girl began to suck on the cock as she pumped it in and out her mouth. She continued to stroke his balls as she slurped away.

"OHHHHHH!" Power Girl gasped as the bully turned her tits into hard balls of throbbing flesh. She could feel a hot wetness between her legs and moaned.

"You hot and wet, slut." Mick said as he sucked on her boobs. "You know what to do."

"Yesssssssssssssss!" Power Girl sighed as she reached down and began to stroke her own pussy. She gritted her teeth as shock waves of delight went through her body. She rubbed the golden curls for only a few seconds until her own lust made her push three fingers into her twat. The blonde babe began gasp and moan as she finger fucked herself. "OH! OH! OH! OH!"

"I always figured you heroines were all sluts." Mick laughed as he kissed her tits over and over. Running around with your tits hanging out and your ass wiggling around. The bully gasped as HawkGirl began to deep throat him. "OH YESSSS!"

HawkGirl spread her lips wide was shoving the cock all the way into her throat and out again. She was now slobbering all over the cock shocked that her own pussy was now hot and wet. The helpless beauty rubbed the cock harder and heard her master gasp in sheer bliss. She pulled the cock back and blinked in surprise as it sprayed cum all over her face.

"Nice shot." Mick laughed as he watched his seed drip down the heroine's face. "Power Pussy lick her face clean."

"Yes, master." Power Girl said not wanted to stop her own finger fucking but she moved over beside Hawkgirl. She took her face with both hands and began to lick the white seed off. She found herself getting even more arouse as she did this.

Hawkgirl licked her lips and sighed as the beautiful blonde kissed and licked her face. Her tits were rubbing against Power Girls and making her hornier and hornier.

Mick watched the action and could see the two sluts were getting turned on. He smiled and said. "Kiss her."

The two women clamped the lips over each other's and thrust their tongues into each other's mouths. They wrapped their arms around each other and began to press their bodies together.

"God, you guys are a couple of lesbos."

"MMMM!" The two heroine moans as they kissed full tongue as they stroked and fondled each other's bodies.

Mick watched them kiss and fondle each other until his cock was good and hard. "Power Pussy mount up. Hawk Whore kiss and lick her ass as she fucks me."

"Yes master." They panted, not wanting to stop their own lovemaking but they had no choice. Power Girl straddle the bully's body and lower her pussy down onto his cock. It was already hot and wet so it slid right in, making her come at once. She gasped in delight and began to bounce up and down on the cock.

Hawkgirl moved behind the blonde grabbed her firm around ass and began to kiss and lick it. She planted kissed on both the moons and rimmed the crack with her tongue.

Mick grunted and panted as reached up and grabbed the jiggling mounds of titty flesh. The blonde's pussy was crushing his cock like a soft vise.

"OH! OH! OHHHHH!" Power Girl panted and gasped as she rode her master's cock. She was close to another orgasm. The hands fondling her tits and Hawkgirl licking her butthole was going to make it a big one. It came and the heroine wailed in sheer bliss. "OHMAGAAWDDDDDDDD!"

The three bodies bucked and bounce around on the bed making it groan and squeal. Power Girl screams and cried of delight mixed with Mick's gasps and grunts filled the room.

Anita walked in the bedroom when this was going on and stopped. The teacher licked her lips and felt her pussy stir. The beautiful teacher just stood there and watched.

Mick came with a loud grunt and spotted the teacher. He laughed and pushed Power Girl off. "Slave get naked. You got do it with Power Girl while Hawk Whore and me fuck for a while.

Both Anita and Power Girl loved the idea of making love while Hawkgirl hated Mick the idea of making love to him but she really needed to be fucked. Her pussy was on fire. So once Power Girl was out the way she climbed on top of the bully and found his lips.

Mick kissed his new slave full tongue as he groped and rubbed her amazing body. He rolled himself on top and forced her legs apart.

"OHHHHHH!" HawkGirl gasped as the hard cock pushed into her burning pussy making her come at once. She wrapped her legs around his hips and began to move with his fucking motion. The whole time she kissed him full tongue until he worked down to her tits and began to suck on them. "OHYESSSSSSSSSSS!"

Power Girl pulled Anita onto the bed once she was naked. The two women wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each other full tongue. The two beautiful women grinded against each other, eventually falling back onto the bed. They kissed and fondled each other's bodies, rolling around. At one point they rolled off the bed onto the floor but did stop their lovemaking. Power Girl ended up on top and kissed and licked down to the teacher's pussy. She licked her lips and pushed her face into the copper curls.

"OHHHHH!" Anita squealed as the tongue lapped over her twat.

Mick kept fucking Hawkgirl as he looked down on the floor and watched the two lovers. He laughed and pushed his cock deeper into the pussy. Hawkgirl squealed in delight as she came.

An hour later Mick was slumped on the sofa watching an old action movie while ate Chinese and drank beer. He glanced through the open bedroom door and smiled at the sight of the three naked women sprawled on the bed, their arms and legs entwined around each other. All three were dead to world.

"I better do some thinking." Mick thought, "It is only a matter of time before some other nosy heroine shows up. I need a plan.


Zatanna smoothed down her black fishnet stocking and flicked a speck of dust off her high heels. The shapely raven-haired beauty stood up and straighten her black frock coat in a feeble attempt to cover her ample bosom. Her white vest was too tight as was the black short shorts. The beautiful magician was about to leave when Superman walked and stood to take in the stunning beauty in the costume that really showed off her hourglass figure. He glance around and then used his x-ray vision to take a peek at her naked body.

"I am glad I caught you, Zatanna." Superman said, "You are heading back to Washington D.C.?"

"Yes, I have show tonight." Zatanna said keeping her face straight knowing the man of steel had given more than a cool glance in the past. "You want tickets…we could have dinner after."

Superman was tempted but he was already juggling Lois and Lana as lover and then there was always Wonder Woman but she had made it clear that she was a one-man woman.

"No, look Power Girl and HawkGirl have gone missing."

"Missing? How long?"

"Since Friday…"

"Well for Power Girl that's not long. Let's be honest Superman, she had disappeared for weeks on one of her little adventures."

"I agree but Hawkgirl is more reliable than that."

"Were they working on anything?"

"No…well I think they were helping out Wonder Woman on something."

"Ask Wonder Woman."

"She is on Paradise Island. As you we only contact her there is there is a major crisis."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"They were all at a high school Wonder Woman gave a talk at. If you could just drop by and ask around."

"I stop by on the way to my show."

The tall blonde in the leather jacket and boots watched the two talked and cocked her eyebrow.

"Power Girl and Hawkgirl go missing and we do nothing?" Black Canary thought, "Maybe I should check this out myself."

"Black Canary, we going?" Batgirl asked as she walked up.

Black Canary turned and smiled at the stunning redhead whose amazing body was wrapped in a skintight jumpsuit.

"You got a lead on Catwoman?"

"I think I have found her lair."

Black Canary pushed the plight of her fellow heroines to the back of her mind but with a mental note to look into when she had the time.


"I really can't help you, miss." The principal said as he escorted the shapely woman to the door of his office. "You may want to check with Ms Gonzales. She is upstairs in the Spanish lab. That's room 213."

"Thank you." Zatanna said as she left the office having a bad feeling about this. There was something wrong with the man but she could put her finger on it.

The principal close the door and went back to his desk. He picked up the phone and dialed. "She is on the way."

Zatanna trotted up the stairs and down the hall ignoring the looks all the teenage boys were giving her. The shapely heroine thinking she really would have to design a new costume. She spotted a tall beautiful woman standing by a door. The dress seemed a little short and tight for a teacher.

"Hello, I am Zatanna." She said with a smile as extended her gloved hand. "If I could have moment of your time?"

"Of course, we can talk in here." Anita said as she waved the heroine into the room. She watched the raven-haired beauty walk into the room, closed the door and the leaned against it.

"I was wondering…" Zatanna said then realized the teacher had no followed her into the room. Suddenly to incredibly powerful arms grabbed her and locked her arms down. A second later Hawkgirl stepped in front of her and pushed a foul smelling rag into her face. "MMMMPHHHHH!"

Power Girl easily held the young magician while Hawkgirl pressed the chloroform soaked cloth in her captive's face. Neither of the heroines smiled or said a word as they captured their fellow heroine.

Zatanna screamed into the cloth as she feebly struggled in the steel grip of Power Girl. She sighed as her eyes rolled up and fainted.

Once Zatanna was gone, Power Girl easily slung her over her shoulder while Hawkgirl went to the door and peeked out. Anita was standing in the hallway.

"Its clear." Anita said, "You can take her up."

Power Girl and Hawkgirl took Zatanna up to the roof and were soon flying her to their master. Anita then went back to teaching her classes but remembering to keep an eye out from any other heroines.

"MMPHHHH!" Zatanna moaned as she came to and realized her arms were bound behind her back. She could feel rope tying her wrists to her elbows. The bound beauty could only grunt because of the knotted rag she was gagged with. She looked around gasped.

Hawkgirl wearing only a green negligee that barely covers her full rich body was washing dishes in a small kitchen. Then she looked through an open door as saw Power Girl wearing only white panties was making the bed.

"Pretty cool having super slaves."

Zatanna looked up and stared at the young handsome man dressed in old jeans slumped on the sofa. She realized he was holding the end of a gold rope. The bound heroine followed the line with her eyes to her bound hands. Then it hit her.

"Sweet heavens that Wonder Woman's lasso!" Zatanna gasped.

"By the look in your eyes you're figured what is going on." Mick said, "They tell me you know magic and stuff. I command you to forget all you to forget all you know about magic."

"NOOOOOO!" Zatanna screamed in her head when everything she knew about magic left her head. She whimpered as the bully got up and walked over to her.

"Let's check you out." Mick said as he cupped her bosom.

"MPHHH!" Zatanna squealed the white vest only covered when she realized her jacket had been taken off her body and black shorts. She tugged at the rope to no avail."

"Don't worry, baby." He said as he unbuttoned her vest, "I am going to make you a happy slave like your buddies but I want to see you face when I fuck you. Remember this will be the first of many fucks and after this you will be doing it willingly."

"NAAAAA!" Zatanna sobbed as her undid her vest and pushed it aside. She felt his hands began to fondle her tits and whimpered as they began to throb and tingle. She could stop the bully from pushing her back on the floor. The bound beauty could nothing as Mick lay across her body and began to suck and fondle her tits.

"Oh baby, what is with your heroines?" Mick laughed as he played with her boobs. "Is big tits a requirement!"

The bully pulled and twisted her tits as he hungrily chewed on the fat tits. He forced her legs apart with his knee and used one hand to pull at her bottoms. Mick began to rip the shorts off in shreds while he slurped on her boobs.

"AUGHHHHH!" Zatanna screamed as she felt her bottoms ripped off exposing her most private. She pulled and twisted at the lasso as the bully leaned up and dropped his jeans. The bound heroine saw his long hard cock and whimpered. Zatanna gasped when he grabbed her tits and squeezed them together as he thrust his cock into her body. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"Oh yessssssss!" Mick grunted as he began to fuck the helpless heroine. He mashed her tits around as he began to kiss and lick her face. He bucked his body up and down on the bound beauty, each thrust making her legs flop around.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGHH!" Zatanna grunted as the long pole slammed into her pussy over and over. Her boobs were in agony from his brutal fondling. She twisted her face around trying to avoid the hot wet mouth and tongue lapping over her face. The bond beauty couldn't believe how wet and hot her pussy was. A small gasp escaped her lips when a wave of pleasure swept through body.

"OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" Mick panted as he fucked her long and hard, loving the feel of her tight wet pussy around his cock. He mashed her boobs around as he planted sloppy kissed on her gagged mouth. "Your ass is so mine, bitch!"

"NAAAAAAAAA!" The bound beauty wailed as the fucking went on and on driving closer and closer to a climax. She screamed through her gag as he kissed her face.

"Come for me whore!" Mick laughed as he drove his cock into her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Zatanna screamed as she came from the combination of the fucking and the lasso. The heroine bucked around as she had multiple orgasms. By the time, Mick came inside her, giving her a huge orgasm, the bound heroine was soaked with her own sweat.

Mick sat up, pulled the bound heroine to her knees and playfully patted her face. He pulled her face close to hers and said, "All right bitch, you are my slave, from this moment on you will obey my every command. Understand, slave."

"AHGAWDDD!" Zatanna sobbed a she felt her free will slip away and the man holding her face became the most important thing in her life. She licked her lips when he took off her gag. Then she kissed him full tongue when commanded.

Mick stood up and wagged his cock.

"Get to work, whore." He smiled.

"Yes, master." Zatanna whimpered as she pushed her face into his crotch and began to kiss and lick his cock, knowing this was just the start of her new life as a slave.

Power Girl and Hawkgirl glanced over and watched for a second. Then the two heroines went back to their chores.


Black Canary skidded her motorcycle to a halt in front of the building and studied it. She pushed back her long wavy blond hair and ignoring the looks people were giving her. A tall beauty clad in a back silk swimsuit type costume, leather jacket, and fishnet stockings and stiletto heel boots was not something she saw everyday.

Unlike the heroines she had not gone into the school to ask questions but had staked it out for two days. Her patience had paid off. On the second day she was shocked to see a very sexy teacher get picked up by Power Girl, who was wearing a skintight leather dress with her face painted up like a cheep hooker. She had followed them back to this building and staked it out. For two more days she had watched the teacher, Power Girl, Hawkgirl and Zatanna come and go. All dress like what she considered bimbos.

Toady she had decided to get a look in the apartment and see what villain she was dealing with. She ran around to the side of the building and used the fire escape to get to the teacher's apartment. Black Canary was thrilled to find the bedroom window open and slipped in. She heard someone singing in the shower and ignored it. The blonde heroine crept to the doorway and peeked out. Her jaw dropped at the sight of Power Girl dusting the room while Hawkgirl vacuumed the rug. The teacher and Zatanna were in the kitchen preparing dinner. All the women were skimpy negligees and heavy make up.

"Geez, they all mindless sex slaves." Black Canary said, "There is one explanation for this."

The shapely blonde moved back to the bathroom and peeked in. She smiled when she spotted golden lasso resting on the seat of the toilet.

"Just as I thought." She said as she stretched out her hand and grabbed the lasso. "First I will free my friends and then I will let them deal with this creep."

Black Canary turned and headed for the front room and was almost there when she was tackled from behind.

"NO WAY BITCH!" Mick yelled as he hit the blonde at the knees and brought her down. The bully scrambled on top of the woman, grabbing for the lasso but suddenly found herself being flipped off her body.

"Back off!" Black Canary snarled as she grabbed her attacker's arm as she pushed her arm into his chest. She flipped the man off and rolled onto her feet. The blonde heroine stopped for a second when she saw her foe was a mere boy. "Party time is over!"

"Not yet...OAFFFFFF!" Mike gasped as the blonde slammed into his body, driving her elbow into his gut. He dropped to his knees, gasping for breath. He looked up as Black Canary flung him onto the bed. He bounced off the bed and landed on the floor. He watched the blonde bitch leap over the bed but out the corner of his eye he saw Power Girl. "SLAVES ATTACK THIS BITCH!"

Black Canary landed on top of the punk and clamped her hand over his mouth. She saw the four women charging into the room. The shapely heroine tried to uncoil the lasso, knowing it was her only hope. But while fumbling with the rope it slipped out her hands. Black Canary knew she was no match for Power Girl and Hawkgirl and rolled off the bully. The shapely heroine tucked and rolled over the bed. She dove for the window but Power Girl hit her high while Hawkgirl grabbed her knees. The three women fell to the floor in a pile of failing arms and legs. Then Zatanna and Anita jumped into the pile.

"Get the bitch on the bed!" Mick snarled as he grabbed the lasso and fingered it.

Black Carney fought like a wildcat but she was no match for the super strength of Power Girl and Hawkgirl along with two other women beating on her. She screamed as Power Girl and Hawkgirl her arms while Zatanna and Anita grabbed her legs. She pulled and twisted as they carried her to the bed. The blonde struggled as she forced down on the mattress and held down.

"Black Canary!" Mick snapped as he grabbed a scarf and knotted, "The party is far from over!"

"You little bastard!" Black Canary yelled as she fought to get free. "You won't get away with this…MMMMPHH!"

"Can't disturb the neighbors." Said Mick as he used the knotted scarf to gag the helpless heroine. He stepped back and was about to use the lasso and then smiled. "Strip her! Leave the fishnets on."

"MPHHH!" Black Canary sobbed as her jacket and boots were yanked off. Power Girl ripped her costume right off leaving only the black fishnet to cover her luscious body.

"Get that rope from the kitchen!" Mick snapped.

Anita ran out and a few second later came back with several coils of rope.

"Tie the slut down."

"NAAAA!" Black Canary screamed as her hands and feet were tied to the corners of the bed. The blonde heroine found herself spread eagle across the bed. She pulled and twisted as Mick dropped his jeans and smiled.

"Power Pussy licked that sweet pussy." He said, "Zatanna and Hawkgirl suck those fat tits. Anita take her face."

"NAAAAAA!" Black Canary squealed as Power Girl knelt down and began lick her pussy while her tits were sucked by the two other heroines. She closed her eyes and shook her face as Anita began to lick and kiss her face.

Mick walked around the bed watching the chick and chick action. He watched Power Girl hungrily lick the blonde pussy while the other two heroines ran their tongues over the boobs, stopping to chew on her nipples. Anita was planting big sloppy kisses all over her face. He knelt down and picked up the strap-on with a long curve plastic cock. He had brought it yesterday and but had yet had one the girls used.

Power Girl used her fingers to spread her pussy lips and thrust her tongue in and began to lap up the tasty juices.

"AUGHHHH!" Black Canary squealed as the blonde heroine turned her pussy into a swamp of hot sex. Her tits were throbbing and swelling for the sucking and licking. She had given up trying to avoid the hit wet tongue and lips slobbering on her face.

"Power Pussy, do it!" Mick said as he handed her the strap-on.

"Yes, master." Power Girl panted as she took the sex toy and put it on.

"NA! NA!" The bound blonde cried when she saw Power Girl adjusting the huge dildo and then grabbing her thighs. Power Girl sucked don her lower lip as she pressed the dildo into the pussy. "AUGHHHHHHHHH!"

Power Girl panted as she worked the cock into the wet hole until she got it all the way in. Then slowly at first she began to pump the plastic cock in and out. HawkGirl and Zatanna glanced back and then went back to sucking on the fat tits. Anita was kissed and chewing on the captive's lips while she stroked her thick mane of gold hair.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Black Canary grunted as Power Girl royally fucked her. Each thrust of the dildo lifted her ass off the bed and made he squeal. She would back down but another thrust would lift her ass again. The bound blonde moaned as her body began to burn with a heat lust like she could never have imagined. Her tits seem to swell to twice their size and tingled. She wished she wasn't gagged so she could return Anita's kisses. The blonde felt the orgasm coming and closed her eyes. It exploded inside her body making her arch up.

"There she goes!" Mick laughed as mover by her head and pulled her gag down around her neck. He smirked as he watched the two women begin too hungrily kiss. He let Power Girl give her two more orgasms and then made Hawkgirl take her place.

Hawkgirl licked her lips as she pounded her fellow heroine with the same passion as Power Girl who had taken over sucking the tit. The four other women squirmed around on the bed in heated lust.

Power Girl kept kissing Anita even as she had two more orgasms. She glanced up and saw Zatanna was now fucking her.

Mick pushed Anita aside, grabbed the blonde by her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth and ordered her to suck.

"MPHHH!" Black Canary moaned as she wrapped her lips around the cock and began to suck on it. She screamed around the pole as she climaxed again. Lost in her lust she gulped on his cock with loud slurps. The helpless heroine was fucked by the women twice and sucked off Mick until he came twice in her mouth. The ravished beauty wearily looked up as the bully knelt between her spread legs, she glanced at the gold lasso lying on the floor and knew she was doomed. She squealed as his cock pushed into her pussy. "AUGHHHHHH!"


Mick was sitting on the sofa looking down at the five women kneeling in front of him. He let off a sigh as his eyes lingered over each of his slaves.

Power Girl worn only a white thong her tits bared. HawkGirl wore a purple lace up corset with matching stockings. Zatanna was wearing her own white vest and red fishnet stockings. The top buttons of the vest were undone so her huge tits were almost spilling out. Anita was wearing a red negligee that left nothing to imagination. The newly tamed Black Canary black bra, panties, garter belts and fishnet stockings.

"Well, slaves." Mick said, "I think my dick has been doing the thinking. But now I got you at my beck and call. But we can't stay here. Superman or Batman are gonna show up, besides we can't all live in this one room dump. So now I was thinking maybe you sluts have some ideas. How can we put you tits and ass to work…I really don't want to whore you out."

"Master, I have an idea." Black Canary said unable to stop herself. She remember the talk she had with Batgirl, Power Girl and Zatanna one night when they had been drinking too much wine. They all admitted about fantasizing about being a porn star. "We could become porn actress."

"Yes, master." Zatanna said. "We could do that."

"That's good idea. But it is hard to get into."

"Not that hard master." Power Girl said, "You have five fantasy women and Wonder Woman's lasso."

"Yeah, yeah!" Mick said as he rubbed his hands together. "That's a great idea."

The five women were screaming and crying in their heads as they knelt there. They had just helped the captor decided their fate. Four of heroines and members of the Justice League of America were going to be porn stars.


Timmy "Tubby" Thomas owner and president of Passion Unlimited and the self proclaimed king of the porn industry stay in his huge office that over looked the San Fernando Valley. The one wall of the office had posters of his biggest actresses and the dozens of awards he worn. He was sitting behind a big oak desk in his custom-made office chair. He needed the chair because Timmy was just short of three hundred pounds. He had taken to wearing jogging suits because it was only the clothes he felt comfortable in. Tubby was deciding who to put in his next film when the door opened and Miss Cho stepped in.

Miss Cho was beautiful enough to be a porn star; she had all the classic features of an Asian beauty. Large almond eyes, full lips and long black silky hair that fell to her ass and she definitely had the body for it. The tight turtleneck sweater and leather skirt hugged her huge chest and firm round ass.

"Sorry to bother, you Mr. Thomas." Cho said as she stayed by the door, trying to hide her disgust of the fat man who ran such a sleazy business. Cho hated her job but if just pay too well to quit. Plus every time she did, Tubby would give her a raise.

Tubby smiled at his executive assistance and once again wish her could get her into the sack and then in front of his cameras. He had tried a dozen times but failed. He only kept her now because she was too good at her job.

"Yeah, Miss Cho?"

"There is a young man here." She said, "He doesn't have an appointment."

"What does he want?"

"He says he is a manager for actresses."

"Tell him to get lost."

"I would have but I really think you should see the young ladies with him."


"Well two of them could be twins to some heroines I have seen on T.V."

"Send them in."

Tubby watched Cho's ass wiggled out and leaned back in his chair. The huge man leaned forward when blonde walked into his office.

Power Girl was only wearing a tight white spandex dress that barely covered her ass. It was so sheer and tight that it obvious she was not wearing any underwear. HawkGirl wearing a green halter-top and matching micro-mini skirt. Her fishnet stockings and heel also matched. Zatanna wore her vest still unbuttoned, leather skirt, black fishnet stockings and heels. Black Canary wore red dress that was backless. Gold chains criss-crossed the front seemed to be the only thing holding in her tits. Anita wore a yellow mini- dress that left nothing to imagination.

Tubby gulped at the sight of the five amazing women. He noticed the young punk wearing a new suit stepping into the office and closing the door. The porn dealer was so distracted by the five babes her did notice the punk move behind him.

"What the!" Tubby said when a rope slipped over his body. The big man started to struggle but stopped when the kid told him to.

"Tubby, I am big fan." Mick said, "Such a big fan I have decided I going to become your partner. Right."

"Right." Tubby said unable to stop himself.

"Okay, from now on I call the shots. You gonna run the company like always but I am in charge and will get half the profits. You got a good lawyer?"

"Yes, the best."

"Call him and set up a meeting. I want this all legal. Oh that hot babe sitting outside your office she an actress?"

"No, she is too good to be an actress. Been trying to get her into the sack for years."

"Well today is your lucky day. We'll do the lawyer later call her in." Mick said as he uncoiled the rope.

Cho walked into the office and stopped when the lasso locked down her arms.

"What the!"

"Shut up. So you too good to be a porn star?"

"It a demeaning way to make a living."

"Really? You hate Tubby don't you?"

"The man is a pig."

"Well today isn't your day. From now on you are my slave. You will obey my every command. Understand?"


"Good, you gonna make movies and fuck who I tell you to fuck. Oh yeah, call me master from now on."

"Yes, master."

"Better yet, you gonna be Tubby's private fuck toy."

"NOOOOOOO!" Cho screamed in her head sobbing and crying at the idea of being that fat slob's sex slave."

"Cool." Tubby thought, "This might be so bad."

"Shows what you go, slave."

"Yes, master." Cho said as she pulled her sweater off and tossed it. Mick and Tubby both sucked in their breath at the sight of her two huge tits wrapped in a black bra. They both watched her slip out the skirt revealing the black thong. Her ass was firm and round. The full figured beauty took off her bra and panties and then stood there.

"Kneel between me and Tubby." Mick ordered, "Take out our cocks, and get us both nice and hard."

"Yes, master." Cho said as she knelt down in front of the two men, reached up and did their pants. She screamed and sobbed in her head as she pulled their cocks. The kneeling beauty wrapped her fists around the two poles and began to rub. She kissed and licked one cock and then moved to the other. Cho continued the handjobs while moving her mouth back and forth between them. As she continued to service the two men, Cho knew this was just the start of her new humiliating life.

Tubby was thinking if the kid can do this to any bitch with big tits and nice ass it would be half the business. He was thinking of a couple pop singers and a dozen actresses that he wanted to fuck and then put them in front of the camera.

"Kid, this start of a beautiful friendship." Tubby laughed as he came in Cho's face.

Over the next week Mick used the lasso on any related to the business including the actresses. Once he was in charge, it was time to make movies.


Power Girl now called Pussy Powers stood in a set made up to look like a kitchen. She was wearing a blue and white plaid dress that fell a few inches above her knees. The two top buttons were undone to show off her cleavage. A white lacy apron, garter belt, stockings and heels completed her costume. Her hair had been styled so it a huge mane of curls that billowed around her face painted with a ton make up. She really looked like a slutty housewife.

"Action!" The director said.

Power Girl glanced at the camera and the men standing behind it. Mick was there with the other heroines and Anita. Tubby stood with Cho hanging on his arm now dressed like a hooker. Cho's younger sister who was not quite as hot was naked in the corner with some of the male porn stars. She was the new fluffier. Which men she kept the actor's hard.

Power Girl turned to the door when a handsome black actor dressed in blue overalls and carrying a toolbox. The actor smiled and dropped his box.

"You call a plumber." He asked.

"Yes, I did." Power Girl said with a wicked smile, "I hope you brought your tools."

"I brought my tools." The actor said he moved right in front of Power Girl.

"Good, I hope you the right tool." Power Girl said as she licked her lips and began to toy with his collar.

"Oh, I got the right tool." He said as he began to rub her shoulders.

"It needs to big… and hard." She panted as she cupped his crotch with one hand and brushed his lips with hers. "Ooooo, it feels big and hard…."

"As hard as you need, baby." The actor panted as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her full tongue. He wrapped his arms around her body and began to fondle it as he sucked on her lips.

The two actors grinded against each other as they kissed full tongue, gasping and moaning in heated lust as they did. The actor kissed down to neck and as he undone her dress, uncovering her huge round tits. He lifted her onto the kitchen corner and pulled her dress and bra down around her waist.

"OH YESSSSS!" Power Girl gasped as the actor began to suck and chew her tits. Inside her head she was screaming and swearing unable to stop herself from not only having sex with a stranger but in front of a camera. The blonde heroine sobbed at the thought of the humiliation being package and sold to anyone who had the money. Pussy bit her lips and licked her lips as her tits swelled and throbbed. She pushed herself back against the cupboard; spread her legs as the actor worked down to her panties. She felt him push aside her throng and began to kiss and lick her pussy. "OHBABYYYYYYY! DO IT! DO IT!"

The actor grunted as he lapped his tongue over the golden curls, hardly believing he would soon being fucking the famous heroine Power Girl. He heard her squeal in delight and knew he had found her sweet spot.

Power Girl let him give her three orgasms, gasping in delight.

"All Pussy, go down on him."

Power Girl pushed the actor away and dropped off the counter, She yanked open his overalls and pulled them down around his ankles, kneeling down as she did. The blonde beauty licked his lips at the sight of his long hard pole. She wrapped her fist around it and began to feel the long tool into here mouth. She sucked on the cock as she rubbed the cock. She began to fondle his balls with her fingers as she gulped on the cock.

Mick and Tubby nodded at each other as they watched Power Girl suck on the actor's cock with loud grunts and moans. Her blonde head bob up and down on the cock was she pushed the long pole in and out of her mouth.

Power Girl got him good and hard then stood up. She left the actor push her back on the kitchen table, leaning back and spreading her legs as he did. The blonde actress watched his cock move toward her pussy. She gasped in sheer bliss as her twat was filled with a hard black cock. She squealed he began to fuck her while he played with her huge tits. When his lips came to hers she kissed him full tongue. The helpless heroine let the actor fuck her until she came twice, then she rolled over. Then the blonde beauty took it up the ass for a good ten minutes.

"Money shot!"

Power Girl rolled off the table and onto her knees. She lifted her tits with her hands and opened her mouth. She knelt there and lapping the cum that sprayed into her face while more cum splattered onto her boobs.


Power Girl heard these words and knew the world would soon see her as first class slut.

"Let's set up for the bedroom shot. Pussy, get the pink camisole on."

"Right, pink." Power Girl said as she stood up looking for something to wipe the cum off her face and tits.


Wanda Hawk once Hawkgirl, her long red hair fell around her face and body in ocean of flaming curls. She was wearing red spandex dress that was backless and shoulderless. At the sound of the word action, she walked across the living room set and opened the front door.

A tall blond actor dressed as a pizza delivery guy stands in the doorway. He holds up a pizza box.

"I have your pizza." He said.

"Really, so you are ready to deliver?"

"I am delivering…right now.

"Really, just the pizza? Does it have sausage?"

"Did you order sausage?"

"I love sausage…but if has to be good sausage.

"Oh I got your sausage right here."

"But is it good sausage?"

"Well, you just have to check it out."

"I'll just do that." Hawkgirl said as she dropped to her knees and pulled the guys down. She stroked the cock with her fingers. "Looks good so far. But how does it taste?"

"You are welcome to have a taste."

"Thank you, I will." Hawkgirl said, screaming inside her head as she performed this demeaning act in front cameras recording every humiliating second. Worst it would soon on shelves and on the Internet for sale. "MMM!"

"OH YEAH!" The pizza boy gasped as the famous Hawkgirl began to suck on his cock. He grabbed the sides of the doorway as he watched her redhead bob up and down on his cock.

Hawkgirl rubbed and fondled the balls as she gulped on the cock, working it deep into her mouth. She twirled and rolled her tongue around the pole as she did. The kneeling beauty was soon slurping on the cock with real delight.

The pizza boy pulled the shapely beauty up and pulled her dress down, freeing her tits. He buried his face in her huge mounds of flesh.

"OHHHHH!" Hawkgirl gasped as the blonde kid sucked and chewed on her boobs. She let the actor move her back toward the sofa and then spun her around. The young actress bent over the back of the sofa and yanked her dress over her hips. She licked her lips as he moved behind her and then squeal in delight as his cock pushed into her ass. Hawkgirl was soon gasping and panting in sheer bliss, as she was royally ass fucked in front of the camera and a dozen guys including Mick, Tubby and her fellow heroines.


Zatanna was lying out by the pool with only a thong to cover her full rich body. She glanced at the camera crew, Mick and her fellow slaves and then looked back when a tall muscular man dressed in only cutoffs and tank top. He was carrying a long pole with a brush and net.

"I am here to clean the pool." The pool boy said.

"Don't let me stop you." Zatanna said as she sat up and let him get a good look at her tits. "My that is a look pole you have there."

"Yes, it is long." He said as he walked right up to the raven-hair beauty.

"Do you know how to use it?" Zatanna asked with a giggle.

"I am a pro."

"Really…prove it."

"Sure." The pool boy said as he dropped his tools, pushed her back onto the chair and found her lips. He kissed her full tongue as his fingers grabbed her tits and began to squeeze. He grinded his own body against hers as he continued to kiss her full tongue and play with Zatanna's boobs. The actor sloppily kissed and then ran his tongue down her throat to her chest.

Zatanna arched her back pushing her tits into his face. She rolled her head around and sighed heat lust. She gasped as he ran his tongue over her tit and nibbled on her tits.

The pool boy kissed and licked down to her belly, he swirled his tongue in her belly button as he tugged off her swimsuit. He kissed down to her crotch and as he pushed her legs up. The actor kissed her black curls and then began to lick it.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!" Zatanna sighed as the tongue lapped up and down her pussy. She began to play with her own tits as the talented actor made her hot and wet. The helpless heroine squirmed around on the lounge chair as the pussy-licking drove her toward a climax. Zatanna squealed in delight hating what she was doing to herself. She was performing a sex act for the camera and knew she would do it again and again. The panting beauty looked down when the licking stopped and almost squeal in delight when the pool boy dropped his cutoffs freeing ten inches of cock.

The pool boy grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs up. He pushed his cock into her twat and began to fuck her with strong steady strokes.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Zatanna panted as the cock pushed deep into her pussy giving her unbelievable pleasure.

The two actors bucked and twisted around on the pool chair. After a few minutes they changed positions and Zatanna was on her hands and knees being fucked doggie style.

"OH! OH! OH! OHGODDDDD!" Zatanna screamed as she came. Once again they fumble around and she was on her back with her legs wrapped around his neck. They went through several more positions before the actor stood her face and emptied his cock into her face. The raven-haired beauty lapped in the seed as she wept inside her head knowing this was not her last taste of cum.


Black Canary was dressed in incredibly tight nurses uniform. It barely covered her white garter belts holding up her white stockings. The zipper was pulled down enough to give a glimpse of her white lace bra. Her long hair was pinned up into a loose bun with a few loose strands dangling down around her face. She was standing in a set to make up look doctor's examination room. The shapely actress was looking at face painted with heavy makeup and bright red lipstick. As she studied her face, Black Canary wept in her head for her lost life. She knew the power of the golden lasso had enslaved her for life. The blonde beauty stepped back when an actor dressed as a doctor came into the room. He turned away and sighed.

"Doctor was is wrong?" Black Canary said as she stepped forward and touched his shoulder.

"Mr. Benson didn't make it." He said. "I failed as doctor."

"Doctor, you did all you could and he was ninety-three."

"There is that. But I still feel bad."

"I wish I could do something to ease your pain."

"Nurse Carney, you have always been there for me." He said as he turned and touched her face. "There are times when I wish…"

"You wish what?" Black Canary said as she took his hand and placed it on her bosom.

"That we weren't colleagues." He said as he moved his lips close to her. "Colleagues don't…"

"Don't what?" The nurse said as she rolled her tongue over her lips.

"You know." Said the doctor as gave her breast a quick squeeze.

"Doctor…I have a pain…can you check it for me?"

"Where is this pain?"

"Right here." Black Canary sighed as she unzipped her uniform and pulled it down until it dropped around her stiletto heels. She hooked her thumbs into the straps of her bar and slipped them off her shoulders, freeing her tits from the lace cups. She held up her tits and smiled. "They are all swollen and sensitive."

"They look all right to me." The actor said as he cupped her breasts and squeezed them. "But I think these need a closer examination."

"Oh doctor, I am completely in your hands." Black Canary said, "Take me!"

"If you insist." The doctor said as he gently pressed his lips to hers and kissed her. He began to kiss her over and over, the kisses becoming more and more passionate. The actor pulled the nurse against him as he full tongued her. He groped her boobs as he moved the blonde back onto the examination table.

Black Canary returned his sloppy kisses as she leaned back on the table letting the doctor climb on top of her soft body. They twisted around on the table, kissing and fondling each other's body. The blonde hungrily kissed her lover and then sighed as he kissed down to her boobs and began to suck on them. She began to squirm around on the table as her tits began to throb and swell.

The doctor sucked on her fat tits as he mashed them around with his hands. He chewed on her nipples and rolled his tongue over her sweet flesh. The actor worked down to her crotch, tugging her thong down her long leg. He tossed it down, spread her legs and began to lick her golden curls.

"OHYESSSSSS!" Black Canary sighed as the talented mouth licked her pussy sending waves of pleasure through her body. She brought her feet onto the edge of the table. The blonde beauty rolled her head around and licked her lips as the pussy licking got her hotter and hotter. "Oh doctor, doctor…I need more!"

"Very well nurse." The actor said as he dropped his pants. "I will give you what you need.

The helpless heroine glanced down between her legs and smiled at the size of his cock. "Oh yes, doctor that is what I need. Give it to me."

"Trust me…I am a doctor." He said as he pushed his cock into her pussy.

"OHMYYYYYY!" Black Canary squealed as the hard meat filled her twat giving a small orgasm. When his hands grabbed her tits and his tongue began to lick her nipple she thought she would die.

"I will cure what ails you nurse!' The doctor said as he began to pump his cock in and out with increasing force. He mashed her tits around and chewed on her boobs as he thrust into her hot wet hole over and over.

"OH DOCTOR FUCK MEEEEEE!" Black Canary squealed in delight loving and hating the feel of his cock inside her. She thrust her chest up into his hands and mouth trying to increase her pleasure. As the heroine succumb to her inner desires she glanced at the camera and thought. "Soon the whole world will see my fall in depravity.


Mick was lying on a huge round bed that sat in the master bedroom of Tubby's mansion. The young bully was enjoying the feel of Zatanna's hot wet around his cock while he sucked on Black Canary's big tits. He heard a thumb and looked up at Power Girl and Hawkgirl standing at the edge of his bed. He smiled as he pushed Zatanna off his cock and rolled off the bed. "You get them?"

"Yes, master." The two heroines said as they glanced down at the floor.

Mick walked around the bed and looked down at the two hogtied women struggling around on the floor. Both wore skintight jumpsuits that showed every luscious curve of the bodies. Both had long wavy hair, one black and the other red.

"MMPHHHH!" Batgirl screamed through her ball gag as she looked up at the naked teenage standing over them.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Catwoman swore as she glared at the boy and fumed.

The two captives pulled and twisted against the ropes binding them. They both stopped and gasped when the bully picked up the golden lasso and uncoiled it.

"Glad you two bitches could make it." Mick laughed, "I brought you here so you could make a career change. I am gonna make you stars."

"NAAAAAAAA!" Catwoman screamed as he looped the rope around her and knowing she was doomed.

"YES MISTRESS I HAVE BEEN BAD!" Batgirl squealed as the riding crop lashed across her bared ass. "I HAVE BEEN SOOOOO BAD!"

The young heroine was bent over a padded vaulting horse. Her legs spread wide and tied to the base. A thick leather belt wrapped around her waist kept her bent over. Two more leather straps kept her arms bound behind her back. The heroine's cape, belt and gloves were piled in a corner. Her costume was cut and slashed so her most her full rich body was exposed including her tits, ass and pussy. Fishing weight dangled on chains that were clipped to her tits and a huge vibrator buzzed away in her pussy.

Catwoman was wearing only her hip boots and gloves as she walked around the helpless heroine. She held a leather-riding crop in her hand and would lash it across the firm round ass of her captive.

"Yes, you have been very bad." Catwoman said as she posed for the cameras and gave the ass two more swats. "We know what happens to bad girls!'


Catwoman gave her a few more swats and moved behind her. She dropped the crop and grabbed a strap-on with a long thick dildo.

"I know what bad girls like, too." Catwoman hissed as she adjusted the sex toy and grabbed onto Batgirl's hips. "A good hard ass fucking!"

"YEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Batgirl screamed as her tight butt hole was filled with a plastic cock. She began to scream and sob as her cherry ass was broken in while cameras recorded the whole thing.

Power Girl wearing only white hip boots walked into the shot and grabbed a fistful of Batgirl's thick red hair. He pulled the young face into her golden pussy curls.

"Lick me Batwhore!" Power Girl snapped, "Lick me or spank."

"MMPHHHH!" Batgirl sobbed as she began to lick the pussy with loud slurps. As the helpless heroine serviced the blonde she wondered if anyone could save her from this humiliating fate.


Supergirl landed in front of the offices of Passions Unlimited, glancing at the billboard mounted on the roof. The naked bodies of Power Girl, Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Zatanna, Black Canary, Catwoman filled the boards. Their hands and legs to posed to cover their boobs and pussies.

The caption read "HEROIC LUST UNLEASHED…"

A few people glanced at the shapely blonde standing in front of the tall building. A short tight blue skirt and a midriff white tee shirt with a big S did little to hide her full rich body. A blue hair band held back her long blonde hair.

"I don't what is going on but I shall find out!" Supergirl said as she marched into the building.

The blond heroine charged through the offices and came to Tubby's door. She crashed right through it, barely giving the young boy a glance as she spotted the huge fat man sitting behind the desk.

"All you smut peddler!" Supergirl snarled as she walked right up to the desk and pounded it with her fist. "You are holding my friends captive. I don't how…OH!"

Supergirl gasped when she felt the lasso loop around her body. She was too shocked to react and then froze when voice hissed. "Freeze Slut!"

Mick came around the helpless heroine and smiled into her shocked face. He pulled up her top and smiled at the two huge round tits.

Supergirl just stood there as the young creep played with her tits. A small gasp escaped her lips when her sucked on a nipple.

"Call the set." Mick said, "We got a new star…but first I am taking down the hall to fuck. I am betting she is cherry in every hole."

Supergirl meekly followed the young man out the office, fuming as he lifted her skirt and put his hand on her ass. As he led her down the hall and into a room with a bed. The shapely blonde realized she was going to loose her virginity to this little bastard.

Mick pulled the heroine up against him and said, "From this moment on you are my slave, you will obey my every command even after I take off the lasso you will be my slave. Understand, Super Slut."

"Yes, master." Supergirl whimpered as she felt her free will vanish and her only concern was to obey this boy."

"Good." Mick said as he took off the lasso and began to undress, "Show me you goods, blondie."

"Yes, master." Supergirl said as she took off her top and cape, wishing she had worn a bra today. She pulled off her boots and slipped out her short skirt revealing a blue thong. The thong joined the skirt on the floor. The helpless heroine just stood there as her new master got naked and lay back on the bed.

Mick lay back and looked over her large round tits, flat belly, firm round ass and long legs. He smirked at the blond curls covering her pussy. "Mount up, baby."

"Yes, master." Supergirl said as she climbed onto the bed and straddle his body.

"Get to work. You know what to do."

"Yes, master." Supergirl said as she leaned forward and kissed him full tongue. She kissed over and over as she rubbed his chest with her hands. The blonde beauty kissed down to his neck and worked down to his chest, stroking his body as she did. The shapely blonde kissed and licked down to his crotch. She cupped his balls with one hand and rubbed the cock with her other one. Supergirl kissed the cock all over and was soon running her tongue up and down the pole.

"That's good little whore." Mick sighed as he watched the heroine lick and kiss his cock. He smiled as she spread her lips and began to swallow his tool.

Supergirl couldn't believe she had a man's cock in her mouth and was sucking like it was a candy cane. The young heroine was thinking it couldn't get anymore humiliating than this.


"Hi, I am Suzie Super." Supergirl said as she stepped onto the set made up to look like a living room. She was wearing a pleated red plaid skirt that barely covered the frilly panties. Her blouse was rolled up and knotted between her huge tits. Knee socks and saddle shoes competed her costume. Her long blonde hair was tied into two dangling ponytails.

"Hello Suzie." A tall actor said. "I guess my wife forgot to call you. The kids are with her."

"So I came for nothing." Supergirl said as she twirled her hair and bit her lips.

"Not for nothing…it is always a pleasure to see you, Suzie."

"Soooo, you are all alone." Suzie said as she moved closer to the actor.

"Yes, it is just you and me."

"Really?" She said as she moved right up against him, "So do you want me…to stay or go."

"Well if you stay….what will we do?…talk?"

"No, I had something else in mind." Supergirl said as she licked her lips and began to rub his crotch.

"Do you know what you are doing?" He gasped.

"Oh yessssssss." Supergirl giggled as she undid his pants and pulled out his cock. She gave it a couple of yanks and dropped to her knees. "I know exactly what I am doing…"

"OHHHHHHH!" The actor gasped as the blonde beauty wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck.

Supergirl pumped the cock in and out her mouth, sucking just like Mick had shown her. She twirled her tongue around the pole sucking on it with loud slurps and moans of delight. The young blonde couldn't believe it. She had lost her virginity a couple of hours ago and was now on her knees sucking on the cock of a stranger in front of a crowd of men and a camera.

Mick watched his newest slave pump the cock in and out her mouth with increasing relish. She loved the sight of another snotty heroine biting the big one. The bully wasn't happy. He still didn't have the one heroine he wanted.


Diana Prince could believe what was going on. She had returned to find almost all the top heroines and Catwoman were now porn stars. The men at JLA seem to be indifferent to their plight. It was then she realized her lost lasso was behind it all. Someone had used it to turn her friends into sluts and make Superman and the rest not care. To make things right she had to get her lasso back.

The tall heroine knew where to start. This was why she was parked across the street from Passion Unlimited studios. She had been parked there was four hours and watched Power Girl and Supergirl come and go. Catwoman and Batgirl had come were still in there. She had noticed a young man had been with the heroines. One phone call and she knew the boy was Mick Donovan. The high school bully.

"Well I need to see what is going on." Diana said as she slipped out her car and smoothed down her white skirt and red blouse. Her famous long wavy hair was pulled into a tight bun and glasses covered her eyes. The raven-haired beauty was sorry she worn a skirt but it was too late to change. The tall woman crossed the street and found a door in back. She crept into the dark room and moved toward some light. Diana stopped behind a crate and gasped.

Batgirl and Catwoman were on a movie set made up to look like a dungeon. There was chrome circle with metal shackles dangling from it. A padded table with brass rings sat off to one side. There was more rope and bondage gear piled around the set. Catwoman was leading a crawling Batgirl around with a leash.

Diana watched for a while her disgusting and silently vowing to make them al pay for humiliating such a great heroine and strong woman. She was still fuming when something gold catch her eye. She strained to see what it was and almost cry out when she saw a young boy leaning against a box, twirling her lasso. He looked up when a large fat man called him over. He casually put the lasso down on a red trunk. She scanned the room and then snuck closer. She glanced over at the crew and Mick talking in a small group. The Amazon smiled to herself as she crept toward her prize. Staying on her hands and knees she crawl around some light boxes and found herself looking right at her lasso. Wonder Woman sucked in her breath as reached out for the golden lasso. A smile broke across her face when her fingers touched the rope. She curled her fingers around the rope and lifted it. A nozzle popped out the side of the trunk, spraying a blue gas right in the face.

"GREAT HERA IT'S A TRAP!" Diana gasped, as she jumped back, feeling her strength failing. Her head began to spin and her eyes got heavy. She pulled the rope to her chest, tried to crawl away but collapsed to the floor. The mighty heroine moaned and tried to get up closed her eyes and sleep over took her.

Mick heard the pop, laughed and walked up back to the crate. He smiled when he saw the great Wonder Woman crumbled on the floor. The bully knelt down and stroked her face and hair.

"At last." Mick said, "Clear the set. We'll finish up tomorrow. This bitch is mine. Batwhore and Pussycat."

"Yes, master." They cooed.

"Go home and change. You two are fucking and sucking that record company guy."

"We can use him to get to those pop star singers." Tubby said, still not understanding why he was letting this kid order him around.

"Right. Now get out."

"MMPH!" Diana moaned as she came to and found herself chained to the chrome bondage circle. Her arms and legs were stretched out and locked into metal shackles. A ball gag would only let her grunt. She blinked when Mick wearing only his boxers walked up. "MPHHHH!"

"I have waited for this for months." Mick said, "The great Wonder Woman. That's right. I know. Your heroic friends told me everything I needed to know. Thanks to your lasso, Batman called when you left JLA headquarters. I knew the moment your plane landed and set up this little trap for you. Now enough talk."

"NNNNAA!" Diana sobbed as the little bastard grabbed her tits and began to play with them. She tugged at the chains holding but there was no escaping the bully playing with her boobs. She screamed when he ripped her blouse open sending her buttons flying.

"Whoa!" Mick said as he uncovered the red lace bra holding two huge melons. He licked his lips as he yanked down the cups freeing her boobs. He grabbed both tits and squeezed them tightly.

"NAAAAAA!" The helpless heroine sobbed as her tits were pulled and twisted. She gasped when her captor began to suck and lick her tits. He sucked on a mouth full of tit and then would gnaw on it. Moving back and forth between her two boobs.

Mick sucked and fondled the big tits like a man possessed. He ran his tongue over the twin mounds as he pulled her skirt over her hips, ripping it as he did. He glanced down at the red garter belt holding up her stockings and the red lace panties. The bully kept sucking on her tits as he slipped his hand into her panties.

"AUGHHHH!" Diana gasped when she felt fingers begin to stroke her twat. She frantically yanked at her chains to trying to escape the torment that was making her tits throb and ache and her pussy begin to moisten. She wildly shook her head making her glasses fly off her face and a few strands of hair drop down into her face.

"MMMM!" Mick moaned as he chewed on her tits and worked his fingers into her pussy. He began to stroke her twat with two fingers.

"MPHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as her pussy exploded making burning hot. She squirmed around as the lust in her body grew and grew.

Mick felt her juice splash onto his fingers and knew she was ready. He stopped his attacked and ripped off her panties. The bully licked his lips as his eyes fell on the black curls dripping wet with their own juice. He pulled out his rock hard cock. Mick looked up at the bound beauty, panting hardly building her was about to fuck his fantasy women.

"PALESSSSNAAAAAA!" Diana sobbed as the bully grabbed onto her hips and thrust his cock into pussy. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"OHGODDDDDD!" Mick gasped as the hot wet pussy wrapped around his cock. He reached around and grabbed onto her ass. He dug his fingers into her soft flesh and drove his cock all the way in. He enjoyed the squeal of delight and pushed his face into her mountains of soft flesh.

"UGHHHHHH!" Diana gasped as the bully began to fuck her pussy and suck tits. She pulled and twisted around as the pole slammed in and out of her body. The bound beauty leaned back her head and screamed in frustration. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

Mick sucked and chewed on her fat tits as he pounded his cock, loving the tightness of her pussy and sweetness of her flesh. He roughly fondled her ass as he fucked like a dog in heat.

"AHGAWDDDDDDD!" The chained beauty squealed as she was forced to cum. She arched up and screamed again as the combination of her throbbing tits and burning twat gave her another orgasm.

Mick kept pounding his cock into her body over and over making the Amazon come again and again. Finally he roared in triumph as he filled her twat with his seed.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman screamed in delight from the last and biggest orgasm. She bucked around until the climax pasted and the cock left her body. Through half open eyes she watched the bully moved behind her. She tried to look around but then sobbed when she hands on her ass. Diana squealed when she felt a cock pushed into her whole. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

Mick closed her eyes, grunting as he forced his cock in deeper and deeper. He reached around and grabbed onto her tits as he began to fuck her ass.

"AUGH! AUGHH!" Diana wailed as the spike like cock plunged deep into her ass and out again. Each thrust forced her lower body forward. His hands were mashing her already aching boobs. The bound beauty screamed as her aching ass made her come again. She couldn't believe an Amazon was not only being raped but enjoying it.

Mick fucked his helpless captive until he came. Then spent the next three hours fucking the hell of the bound heroine. By the time he staggered back in exhaustion and fell back onto a sofa.

Diana let the chains hold up her ravished body. She just hung there trying to ignore the sweat covering her body and the cum running down her thighs. The ravished beauty wearily looked up when she heard Mick climb to his feet. She whimpered when he picked up the lasso.

"Time to make you mine." Mick said as he walked up to the helpless heroine and looped the gold rope around her neck and pulled it tight.

"NAAAAAA!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she felt her body fall under the power of her golden lasso. When her rapist said listen she knew she had no choice but to obey.

"Now you will remain Wonder Woman in everyway." Mick said, "Except you will obey me. You will not even think of escaping me or harming me. You will protect me and serve me in every way…including sex. Nod your head if you understand and will obey me."

Diana glumly nodded her head in utter defeat. She was still Wonder Woman but now she was his meek little slave. She licked her lips after her gag was removed; she glared at Mick but was still ready to obey.

"Who am I?" Mick asked.

"My master." Diana said, "You are my master."

"Are you ready to serve me."

"Yes, my master."

An hour later she was unbound and clean after a long shower. She had just finished twirling and now stood before her master as Wonder Woman.

"Now put this on and never take it off unless I tell you to." Mick said as he handed her a red leather collar with spikes.

"Yes, master." Wonder Woman said as she took the collar and put on around her slender neck. She stood there as he snapped a leash on the collar. With a snap of the leash her life as a slave began. The once proud Amazon meekly followed her master out.

Wonder Woman was spared the humiliation of working as porn actress and whore because Mick kept her as his personal sex slave.

After two years, Mick got bored with the porn business and gave control back to Tubby along with Cho and Anita.

Power Girl and Supergirl were sold to a Chinese Tong. It is suspected they are working in one of their whorehouses.

The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face got together to buy Batgirl. Her whereabouts are unknown.

A billionaire in Gotham City who wished to remain anonymous bought Catwoman.

Black Canary and Zatanna ended up in the hands of a drug cartel.

Mick left town with Wonder Woman. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

On an ironic note several women's groups for sexual discrimination sued the Justice League of America.