By Blacknite13


Diana looked through the files and sighed. She couldn't concentrate. Her mind was elsewhere. In the last few months, the had been a series of threats. All the items stolen were related to wonder Woman in some way. The collector had been just annoying. Another fan who had become obsessed with her. It had happen before but this guy had crossed the line. He had broken in the base and stolen six canisters of neo gas. A powerful gas that could knock out anyone out including wonder Woman.

Diana pushed her a loose strand of long silky hair from out her face and made sure her tight bun was still in place. The shapely Woman looked out the window and decided it was time for wonder Woman and her secret admirer to meet.

"It looks like I am going to have to find this collector and put him out of business. She took off the dress and changed into the sexy wonder Woman uniform. The famous red, white and blue hugged her body like a wet glove. She put on her belt and bracers. Diana pulled the pins out holding up her hair and let the long luscious curls tumble out to her waist. Wonder Woman knew she was considered the total fantasy Woman. She could see the lust in their eyes. Wonder Woman studied herself in the mirror. She came to this country to fight evil. For years, her sisters had vowed to fight evil no matter where it was. She had been sent to America to fight evil wherever she found it. Wonder Woman lifted up her glowing braces and shook her head. She had enough power to destroy this armies, super villains. Now she had to go out and find some obsessed fan. What a waste of time.

The shapely heroine open the window and flew out.

Wonder Woman was surprised how fast she tracked the collector to his lair. She flew out to the house in the middle of nowhere. It turned out the collector was some computer geek. One of the richest guys in the country. She walked up to the front door and found it open.

The beautiful heroine stepped never suspecting it was a trap. Her cockiness would make her pay in ways she could never imagine. She moved through the house from room to room.

Amazon princess came into a large room filled with display cases. The young beauty sniffed the air. He should air this place out she thought as she started to wander around the room. Each case had an item from her crime-fighting career. Each one had a small plaque explaining what it was and how it related to her. It was like a walk down memory lane. She stopped in front one of the cases. She stared at the five canisters with green symbols on them.

There was then neo gas he had stolen. She would have to take them with her. That was too dangerous to leave in the hands of this nut. Wonder Woman came to the central of the room. There were two large glass display cases. She walked up to the tall one. The card read:

Wonder Woman uniform


Mint condition

She stared at the case and frowned. This nut was planning on stealing her outfit. Like that was going to happen. She turned to the other case it was shorter and wider but what was really disturbing were the metal shackles and collar inside the case.

This fool actually thought he could catch wonder Woman and put her in a display case! Well, time to show this nut who he was dealing with.

Amazon princess turned and headed for the door. She shook her head. She had a slight buzz in her head and ringing in her ears. Suddenly the mighty warrior felt weak and stumbled. Then she remembered five cans of neo gas. He had stolen six. Her last thought was the room wasn't stuffy…it was neo gas. Wonder Woman fell to her hands and knees, no believing how stupid she had been.

One of earth's greatest heroes fell to the floor and darkness swept over her.

Wonder Woman moaned as she woke up and quickly realized she couldn't move. Her head cleared and she found herself chained to a cold steel x. Worst she was had been stripped naked. Without her power belt and braces she was helpless. The bound beauty looked around the large room furnished all kinds of chains, ropes, handcuffs, leather shackles and straps hung on the walls. She noticed a padded saw horse in one corner. A table with chains bolts to the legs sat in another corner. A huge four-post bed sat in the center of the room.

Apparently her captor not only planned to put her on display. She tugged at the chains holding up with her arms and legs spread out. The mighty warrior was helpless.

"Well welcome to my training room. What do you think?"

"Release me at once, vile villain!"

"Or what?"

"You will know my wrath. I shall teach you…"

"Oh please princess, we both know without your toys you are just another bitch, who needs to be taught her place."

"You won't dare touch me."

"No more games!" he snapped.

"Are you insane!" she screamed, " I will…mmmmm!"

Her pleas were cut off by the ball gag being shoved

into her mouth and pulled tight.

"We don't need your mouth….yet."

"Mmmmm" wonder Woman screamed and swore through the gag but only muffled grunts came out.

"Okay wonder Woman!" her captor mockingly laughed your big fat tits and sweet round ass are all mine.

The bound beauty cried as he grabbed her breasts and roughly fondled them. She could do nothing as he mashed her huge tits around her chest. She could see the lust filling his eyes and knowing he was not only enjoying the feel of her soft flesh between his fingers but her helplessness. She sobbed as he scrunched her tits together.

He couldn't believe he had her. It had been so simple. Now one of the sexiest bitchs to walk the planet was all his. He savored the feel of her titty flesh. Wonder Woman squirmed as he began to play with both her nipples, pinching and twisting them. She let off a muffled sob when he lowered his mouth begin to chew.

He sucked and chewed while squeezing the breasts into hard mounds. He decided to heat things up and slipped his hand down.

The bound beauty squealed as she felt his fingers begin to stroke her crotch. She pulled at her bonds but chains held her in place. Wonder Woman really began to pull and twist when his fingers slipped into her untouched Womanhood. She leaned back her head and gave off a muffled scream as his fingers rub her tender mound. She shook with anger and fear, she never felt this helpless. In the past she had always be in the one in control. Wonder Woman had always been in total control. She had even put superman in his place. Now some computer geek and not only caught her but was using her as her own private sex toy. To be played with any way he wanted. The bound heroine really squealed when his fingers began to stroke the inside of her young body while using his free hand and mouth to attack her tits.

He chuckled to himself when he felt he begin to get wet between her legs. It was time to really break her in and show her who was the master. He pulled his fingers and stared at the soft black curls covering the sweetest looking piece he had ever seen.

The Amazon warrior sobbed as he felt his eyes roam over her naked form. She could feel him devouring every inch of her body. She arched up and wept as he mashed her tits against her body while running his hot wet tongue over them.

He squeezed and pulled the tits while licking the sweet mounds. He licked up to the nipple and sucked it into his mouth. He began to suck and gnaw on the huge tit like a hungry animal. He was in heaven. He moved to the other tit while running his hands over the soft young body, rubbing and fondling the soft young flesh.

She could do nothing as her breasts were sucked and mashed with heated lust. She felt her body growing hot and sweaty began to appear. It was like her whole body was on fire. She let off a high squeal as his hand returned to her Womanhood, cupped her pussy and began to stroke it. She pulled at the chains holding her but it was useless. Her tits began to ache from the sucking and rough fondling.

"Ooh somebody is getting hot. Maybe you like it rough."

He ran his tongue up her chest and throat and began to suck and gnaw on her throat. He couldn't believe how sweet she was. He moved up to her ear and began to chew on it.

Wonder Woman wept as he sucked and chewed on her ear while his hands continued to mash her tits around her chest. She arched up and screamed.

"Okay, baby, it's time for the main event. Let's move to the bed. I want you to remember our first time."

He pulled out then neo gas and gave her a quick spray. Not enough to knock her out but enough to weaken his prize.

Wonder Woman fell to the floor as he undid her chains. She lay there for a second thinking she should be running or something but he pulled her up by the back of her neck and arm. The mighty heroine was weak as a kitten as he forced onto the bed. She tried to fight as he pulled her hands up and locked them into some leather cuffs bolted to the headboard. Her feet locked into leather shackles bolted to the legs of the bed.

In seconds, poor wonder Woman found herself spread-eagle across the bed. She tugged at the leather straps but she could only lie. She watched him climbed between her spread legs and pull open his pants. Her eyes popped wide as she saw the huge stiff shaft.

He ran his hands up her long shapely legs, over her flat stomach and onto the huge tits. He began to squeeze them.

"Oh baby, this babies are all mine. Your big fat tits are all mine. Your sweet pussy is mine. Your tight ass is mine. Your cute little mouth is mine. Oh I am going to take you in every way and every day. You gonna get on your knees and suck me off when I tell you to. The sooner you learn to be a good little slave. The better for you."

The bound beauty sobbed and whimpered as he continued to play with her tits. She kept pulling at her bonds but she knew there was no escape. She was about to get raped. Worst she was going to loose her virginity. Did this creep know that the man who broke her cherry would be her master?

No that was myth!

The great defender of truth and justice submit and become a slave?

"No she would not submit! She was no man's slave!"

He grabbed her thighs and aimed his manhood at the sweet mound. He smiled and pushed it forward.

The bound hero arched up and screamed as a cock entered her body for the first time. She felt it push deep into her young body, breaking her cherry. She had never felt anything like this. She rolled her head around and sobbed.

He pushed his cock all the way into and savored the tight wet pussy hugging his shaft.

"Haw! It's true! You are a virgin! And now you are mine! From this day on your mine sweet little slave!'

"Never." wonder Woman thought, " I will never submit!"

He grabbed onto her tight ass and began to pump his in and out. Her grunts and sobs were music to his ears.

Wonder Woman cried and grunted as she was lustfully raped. She moaned each time the cock pounded into her untried body. She hardly felt his fingers digging into her butt.

He began to fuck her with full lust as he ran his hands up to her tits and began to roughly fondle them. He lowered his mouth and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He gnawed on the sweet titty while squeezing it without letting up.

He couldn't believe how she was tight but it slowly became hot and wet letting his cock moved in and out with ease.

The shapely brunette let off a long squeal as she had her first orgasm. The unexpected and unwanted climax rushed through her body. She couldn't believe this bastard had made her cum. she sobbed but screamed again as she had a second orgasm. She began to pant and grunt as the cock continued to bang the hell out her. She arched up and screamed as another orgasm hit her.

"Oh you slut! I got you now! Oh yeah, baby you gonna love being my sex toy! Yeah, you are loving this! You may be saying no but your body is so saying yes! Yes! Oh god I am coming!"

He buried his cock into the tight pussy and shot his whole load into her while squeezing her tits together.

The bound beauty began to buck and scream as she had an unbelievable climax. She let off a long, low moan and then slumped onto the bed. She panted and gasped as she tried to calm her hot body.

He sighed in sheer delight as he collapsed onto his hot sweaty captive. He began to stroke her tits while kissing her face.

She whimpered as darkness swept over her.

Wonder Woman moaned and when she woke. She shook her head and quickly realized she was bent over. As her head cleared she discovered that she was bent face down over the sawhorse. She tugged at the leather straps holding her in place. The bound beauty then realized once again she was helpless. The one good thing was the ball gag was gone. She yelped as she felt a hand swat her ass.

"Good, you are awake."

"You bastard! I will make you pay! I will..!

"Oh come you slut! You enjoy getting fucked! You love it up the ass!"

"No! I would never!"

"Come on princess slut, just relax and enjoy the ride!"

Wonder Woman pulled at the shackles. This creep was going to humiliate it in a way she had never imagined.

"Nooooooooo!" she begged as she felt him spread her ass cheeks. She felt something cool being rubbed on it.

He tossed aside the lubricate and began to press his cock against the firm round ass.

Wonder Woman screamed long and loud as she felt the shaft push into her ass. She pulled and twisted but there was no escaping the shaft invading her ass.

"Oh my god stop! Awwwww! Oh god, oh god! Oooh, noooo!"

He pushed it deep into her ass and sighed in delight as the firm ass hugged his shaft. He grabbed onto the ass and began to pump his cock in and out. He laughed as she screamed and sobbed.

"Oh my god! Awwwwwwwwww! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, stop. Stop. On please stop! Awwww!"

She sobbed and cried as the cock rammed in and out. She thought the rape had been bad but this was ten times worst. She panted in relief as her ass loosen up and the cock began move and out with strong steady strokes. She grunted and moaned as her the butt fuck continued.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my god, please stop, oh, awww!

"Oh yeah, you love it. We going now. Get your mouth ready that's next!"

"Never!" She scream and then yelp as he swatted her ass.

"Oh yeah, you gonna wrap that sweet mouth around my cock and suck like the whore you are! Oh yeah, here it comes!"

He slammed his cock into the ass and grunted with delight as he filled her with his hot load.

The shapely captive squealed as she felt the hot cum spray into her ass. Then another climax hit her making her frantically tug at the leather straps and scream as waves of pleasure swept through her body. She sighed in relieve as the cock pulled out. She told big gulps of air trying to calm her hot, sweaty body. She could only pant and sob as she was untied and pulled up.

Wonder Woman realized she was free but the rapes and gas had robbed her of any strength. She feebly struggled and found herself begging.

"Please, stop…" she whimpered.

"Baby, you still got to give my blow job."

"No, never…"

He dragged her over to the coffee table. He lifted onto the table and made her kneel. He quickly wrapped the chains around the hands and feet. He picked up a gag with a plastic ring. He was about to put it in and then stopped. He went over to a table and came back with her lasso.

"What do you say we find out if this magic lasso is really magic?"

"No, please, don't!"

He looped the lasso around her neck and tugged on it like it was a leash.

"You foul vil…"

"Shut up!"

Not even the might wonder Woman could resist the power of her lasso. She stopped talking.

"Well, well," her captor laughed, "this changes things. Open your mouth, slave."

Wonder Woman opened her mouth into an oval.

"I think it is time for my blow job."

The chained Amazon realized she was going to suck him off whether she wanted to or not. With the magic lasso he could make her do anything he wanted and there was nothing she could do but obey her master.

Master!? Great Hera! Could it be? Could the combination of losing her virginity and her lasso turn her into his slave?


He reached around and began to play with her tits.

She moaned as his tits were pulled and twisted.

"You ready to suck me off?"

Wonder Woman nodded her head before she realized it.

" I thought so."

He moved in front of his helpless slave and grabbed handfuls of hair and pulled her head up.

Powerful princess grunted as she was forced to look at the long hard cock. She wanted to close her mouth but the lasso made that impossible. The bound beauty sobbed as the cock was pushed into her gaping mouth and deep into her throat. She gagged as the shaft began to slide in and out her mouth.

He used her long thick hair to hold up her head while pumping his cock in and out of her hot wet mouth.

"Suck slut!"

Wonder Woman began to lick and suck on the huge shaft filling her mouth. In seconds, she was servicing him like a pro.

He sighed in delight as her tongue lapped against his shaft increasing his pleasure.

"Oh you little slut, you're sucking like a pro. You got real talent. Oh baby, this lasso is going to be very handy."

"Ahhhhhhh" she grunted as she pulled at the chains.

He pounded the cock in with full passion enjoying the hot wet mouth.

"Oh baby, you ready for your first taste of cum!"


"Oh yeah, here we go! Drink it bitch!"

He pushed the cock down her throat and shot his load.

The bound babe gulped on the cum filling her mouth. She began to swallow the hot load pouring down her throat. She made loud grunts as she gulp down the sweet stuff.

He smiled as he watched her drink his cum with loud slurps. He laughed as cum began to drip out the sides of her mouth. He used her hair to pump her head up and down his shaft.

"Ahhhhh, you slut."

Wonder Woman miserably drank the cum filling her mouth. He could make her obey but she didn't have to enjoy it. She drank until the flow stopped. She sighed in relief as the cock slipped out her mouth. She slumped onto the table. She just lay there as he unchained her.

The ravished beauty grunted as he pushed her down and rolled he over to her back. She wondered what he had planned for her now.

He used her own lasso to tie her hands and feet to the legs of the coffee table.

Wonder Woman found herself securely bound to the table, legs spread wide with her own lasso.

"It's fantasy time.," he laughed as he tweaked her tit.

Wonder Woman watched him walk off and come back with a tray. She stared at the two bowls. One had ice in it. She tugged at bonds as he picked up an ice cube. The bound beauty squealed as he ran the ice over breasts. In seconds she was squirming and moaning as the ice sent cold shivers through her body. She closed her eyes tried to ignore the ice but her eyes popped open when a sudden warmness hit her tits.

He loved the shock look on her face as he let another drop of hot fudge fall onto her nipple. He leaned down and licked the chocolate off her tit. He used a spoon to dribble fudge over her tits and stomach.

The poor, helpless beauty sobbed as he licked the sauce off her body. Then the ice cube was back. She was shivering again in seconds. Then hot fudge started again. The bound Amazon twisted and turned as the torment continued.

He could see that combination of hot and cold was driving her crazy. He sucked up another drop of fudge off her stomach. He moved between her legs and pushed his cock in.

Powerful princess arched up and screamed as he began to rape her again. What made it worst is he had an ice cube in each hand was rubbing over her body as he pounded his shaft into. The ice sent cold shock waves through her body while his cock caused it to heat up. She rolled her head around as her body endured a combination of agony and pleasure she had never known. Suddenly she had the biggest orgasm of the day. She thrashed around on the table, screaming and sobbing. Poor wonder Woman never felt him cum in her. She sucked in air with loud gulps trying to calm her body as she fainted.

Wonder Woman shook her head and pushed herself up. She could only get into a kneeling position. She stared at the steel shackles locked a round her wrists. She quickly realized there was a steel collar around her neck. Short chains attached to the shackles and collar kept her on her knees.

"Welcome back."

Wonder Woman looked up, she was in the glass display case. She tugged at her chains but it was futile. The collector had got his intimate prize for his collection. One real live Amazon princess. She stared out through the glass and saw her outfit; power belt and bracers were in a glass display across from her.

"Don't you worry I plan on taking you out every day and playing with you. You get some rest. I am going to the comic book convention and I know I will be horny when I get back. Maybe I will bring some of my pals."

Wonder Woman slumped back in her glass cage as her captor walked out. The lights went out leaving her in the dark. A once powerful crime fighter now nothing more than life action figure for her owner to play with whenever he wanted. The chained beauty sobbed in the dark, in her glass case with a small plaque that read:

Wonder Woman



It the chained Amazon had looked to her left she would have seen a new glass display case with the card: