By Blacknite13








Wonder Woman flew up and did a flip to avoid the fireball. She looked down at the tall woman with the long flowing hair. The mighty heroine knew the villain at once and was well aware of the danger she was in.

Circe swore as the raven haired Amazon avoided her second fireball. Her violet curls floated around her beautiful face like angry snakes. The silk toga and gold breastplate hugged her full rich body. She watched the shapely heroine fly up and round her head. The witch hated everything about Wonder Woman. Her voluptuous body, thick wavy hair and her stunning beauty were all thorns in her side. But it was her honor and decency she hated the most. It was her life goal to destroy the mighty Amazon. "I will see you dead!"

The beautiful villain thought again. No death was too quick. She didn't want her dead just humiliated…demeaned. She glanced over at the miserable humans she was protecting. A nasty idea popped into her head. Make her the slave of one of these humans she protected. Not a great and noble warrior. Someone she had no respect for even hated. Circe realized fighting the bitch wouldn't give her this. She muttered a quick spell.

Wonder Woman pulled off her gold tiara and was ready to fling it but then the witch vanished in a purple flash. She pushed back her long flowing locks and put her tiara back on. "The coward fled…but one day I will bring her down."

Wonder Woman flew back to Washington and landed behind the building where she worked as agent for the government. She looked around and then spun around and around. There was a clash of thunder and storm of colors. Wonder Woman vanished and Diana Prince stood there. The tall raven haired beauty was now wearing a dark blue skirt with matching jacket and white blouse. The stylish outfit hugged her full figure. The skirt fell to her knee but couldn't conceal her long shapely legs. Her silky hair was pulled into a tight bun. Glasses rested on her small nose but did nothing to hide her amazing beauty. Diana walked into the building and flashed her ID at the guards and walked through the scanners. The tall beauty walked to the elevator and rode it to the basement. Diana frowned because she felt uneasy. She felt like evil was close to her. She glanced around the empty elevator.

The doors opened and Diana left the elevator. She glanced back before walking down to the only door at the end of long hall. The two Marine guards snapped to attention and stepped aside. She punched on a code into the keyboard mounted by the heavy door. It clicked open and she stepped in.

Diana looked around the huge room filled with long tables and shelves. They were all filled with electronics, weapons and other bits and pieces. Several computers sat on one table by the wall. To most people the room looked like storage room, things thrown away and forgotten by their owners. Diana knew better. This was workroom of one the most brilliant minds in the world. The occupant was not only a genius but nasty pervert.

"Dr. Dexter," Diana called out and braced herself. She heard him before she saw him. The man came out of a side door. Dr. Dexter stood a little over five feet with large belly and long gray hair. His goatee hid his weak chin and the glasses made his eyes look huge and round. He was wearing the same white shirt, tan slacks and white coat he always wore. When he saw who his visitor was a wide smile spread across his lips.

"Agent Prince, it is always a pleasure to see you," Dexter said with a giggle. He walked right up to the tall beauty and attempted to take her hand. Diana pulled it back and glared at him.

"Doctor, we have talked about my personal space," Diana snapped. "I wish you would stop sending me flowers. I have made it clear that I am not interested."

"I am sorry, I can't help my feelings," Dexter said looking down and savoring the great size of her bosom. "I am just a man."

"I would use other words to describe you, Dexter."

Dexter nodded and stepped back. He moved over to a work table and smiled. "If you are here about the scanner it will be ready by five."

"Excellent," Diana said and turned and walked off. She could feel the nasty pervert watching her ass but there was nothing she could do about it. Worst she couldn't fire him for sexual harassment because technically he wasn't a real employee. The evil little man was a genius but had a taste for young ladies and bondage. He had been caught in a motel room with a hooker. To avoid a scandal a deal had been worked out. He would use his genius for the government and be escorted home every night by the Marines standing outside his door.

"Oh you bitch," Dexter said after Diana had left. "I would have you on your knees sucking my cock and thanking me for the honor but I doubt you would do that for a king's ransom."

"Sounds good to me but the price might not be so high."

Dexter whirled around and gasped at the sight of the tall purpled haired woman sitting on one of his tables. Her amazing body was barely covered by the short toga and breastplate. Long purple hair flowed over her body in thick waves. He licked his lips and rubbed his hands. Then it hit him. "How did you get in here?"

"I have my ways but we are not here to talk about me," Circe said with a big grin. "Let's talk about Diana and making her your slave."

"A fantasy, I have when she comes down here."

"I am woman who deals in fantasies. Make a wish I will make it come true."

"I wish to have Miss Prince at my beck and call. Tied tightly and on her knees, sadly certain people would notice her as my slave. In case you didn't notice, she works for the government. I grab the bitch and I would end up in a real prison."

"Well, I think we can work around that if you can keep a secret," Circe said. "Yes, that would work out nicely."

"Another thing, Prince is no fool. She is always on her guard. The way she acts you would think she was surrounded by enemies.

"Not too worry, I have my ways. Trust me, with just a little thought and we will have Diana at your beck and call. I promise Diana can't see it coming."

Circe wandered over to a counter and looked over the various gadgets. She smiled when she came to a laptop computer. "Is this the scanner?"

Diana walked into the lab and was surprised to see Dexter was standing at a counter. A large lap top sat in one the counter. She walked up and studied the device. It had a keyboard and screen like a computer. The screen was filled with swirling colors. "So how does it work?"

"That is the main console and this is the actual scanner," Dexter said holding up what looked like radar gun used by the police. "It had a thousand feet range. You key in what you want scanned. You use this to scan and all information will be displayed here. You can run fingerprints, DNA and many other things. You will be a walking crime lab."

"Excellent," Diana said reaching to shut the device. She glared at Dexter touched her hand. He pulled back his hand and nervously smiled.

"I put in a security device," Dexter said with a grin. "You need to let the screen scan your face. I put in a facial recognition program. That way only you will be able to use it. If it were to fall into the wrong hands…"

"Good idea," Diana said looking at the screen. "How do I set it up?"

"Just press the control and alt keys and wait. The machine will do the set up."

Diana hit keys. Suddenly a purple glow engulfed her whole body. The raven haired beauty couldn't move. She instantly knew this was magic. Colorful steams of light floated out the screen and into her eyes. She was fully aware but it still felt like she was in a trance. Diana used all her Amazon might but couldn't budge. She could feel all her defense falling away. Her brain was being opened like a safe. More magic was being used to rework her inner self. The tall beauty tried to fight the spells being casted. Her eyes widen when Circe walked in front of her and smiled.

"Oh Diana, I have waited so long for this," Circe said. "You probably figured out I put a spell on this machine. Actually several, a submission spell, an obedience spell, a meekness spell, a couple of sex spells to turn you into the slut I know you want to be. Finally a servitude curse."

"NOOOOOOO!" Diana screamed aloud as the magic stripped away the last of her will power. She glared at the laughing villain.

"From this day on you will be this man's slave," Circe said pulling Dexter beside her. "You will obey his every command and fulfill every sick and pervert desire he has. That's on the outside. On the inside you will be your wonderful little self but unable to stop yourself. You will be able to vocalize your displeasure to him. I think this will make it more pleasurable for him. But you will not be able to tell anyone of your new life. I know you are thinking some of your friends and employers will notice and try to intercept. Here is the best part. When the dear doctor is not in need of your services you will be normal self. When he wants to use you he simply will say the words Circe's slave. You will become his to do with as he pleases. When he is done he will say Circe's frees you. You will become your normal self with no memory of your actions. Don't you see the beauty of my plan? You will be humiliated and abuse and no one will be the wiser. Do you understand?"

"You can't," Diana said meekly but was screaming in her head.

"But you will obey."

"Yes, I will obey his every wish and desire." Diana said trying to fight the spells but it was hopeless.

"Good," Circe said with a wicked grin, "Have a nice life. Not to worry, I will check in from time to time."

Dr. Dexter gasped as Circe vanished before his eyes. He turned to Diana and smiled. "Diana, come here."

"Yes master," Diana said with a whimper. She walked over and waited for her next command. "Please Dr. Dexter, don't do this. Free meand I will…"

"Give your master a full tongue kiss," Dexter said with a big smile.

"Yes, master," Diana said with a small sob. She wrapped her arms around the small man and pulled his lips to hers. The tall woman clamped her mouth over his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She moaned as she sucked on his tongue and began to run her hands over his fat body.

Dexter hungrily chewed on her mouth while he sucked on her tongue. He couldn't believe how sweet she tasted. The small man felt his cock stiffen. Twisted pulled away for a second, "Rub my cock, slave."

"Yes, master," Diana moaned and went back to kissing the nasty little man. She ran one hand down to his crotch and began to rub it. The helpless beauty could feel his hard pole and was surprised how big it felt. The raven haired beauty rubbed the cock a few more times and then fumbled with his pants. She managed to get his cock out and realized it had to be at least ten inches long. Diana wrapped her fingers around the cock and began to stroke it.

"Mmmm," Dexter moaned in sheer delight as the hand pulled on his pole making it longer and harder. His kisses began sloppier and longer. He ran his hands down to her ass and began to fondle it.

Diana screamed and swore in her head as she lustfully kissed him full tongue while she rubbed his cock. She moaned and groaned as she continued to service the creep. Diana could feel his hands on her butt, pinching and squeezing it. She hated having his hands on her body but could do nothing to stop it.

They kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes. Dexter used one hand to undo her blouse and jacket. He pulled them off and stopped to take in the sight of her huge tits wrapped in a white lace bra. He pulled the straps down, freeing her sweet mounds of flesh. Twisted licked lips and pushed his face into her chest.

"OH GODDESS SAVE ME," Diana gasped as the hot wet mouth began to kiss and bit her tender tits while one hand squeezed one. His other hand was still fondling her butt. The whole time she was yanking on his cock. Diana leaned back her head and gasped as her boobs began to swell and throb. "I beg you to stop! It is not too late!"

Dexter ignored her pleas. Circe was right her begging increased his pleasure. He sucked and licked the sweet flesh while he pinched one of her nipples. He pulled up her skirt and pushed his hand into her panties. He began to rub and pinched the soft flesh. Her hand was really pulling on his cock. He wanted more. "Get on your knees and suck me, slave."

"Yes, master, please not that," Diana sobbed as she dropped to her knees. She stared at the long hard cock. She screamed inside her head to stop but she began to kiss the cock. She used both her hands to fondle it. Diana rolled his balls over the palm of his hand while she rubbed the base of his cock. The raven haired beauty licked and kissed the cock all over. The once mighty Amazon coated the pole with her spit and then opened her mouth. Diana licked her lips and pushed his cock in. She gulped the cock with loud moans and sobs. She used her hand to push the cock in and out while she sucked on it. Diana was soon sucking on the cock with loud sobs and slurps.

"I always knew you would make a wonderful whore," Dexter sighed in sheer bliss as the hot wet mouth gobbled on his cock. The tongue rolled over his pole increasing his pleasure ten fold. He looked down and watched the dark haired beauty's head bob up and down his cock. The loud slurps and sobs increased his lust. Dexter grabbed onto the side of her head and began to pump her face deep into his crotch.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to take the cock deep into her throat. Even though Diana hated what she was doing it didn't stop her from hungrily sucking on the cock. Her fingers stroked and fondled the cock and balls. The only sounds she could hear were her own sobs and Dexter animal like grunts and moans.

"YES! YES! OH GOD!" Dexter howled as he shot his load right into her mouth.

"MMPH!" Diana gasped as her mouth filled with hot seed. She gobbled it down but some of the cum dribbled down her chin and cheeks. The kneeling beauty swallowed his whole load and then licked his cock clean when commanded. She licked in the cumon her lips and then licked off her fingers. Her face burned with shame as Dexter stood over her laughing.

"Get up slave and bend over the counter," Dexter snapped. "I bet your ass is cherry."

"Please Dr. Dexter, stop this," Diana whimpered as she stood up and bent over the counter. She sobbed when her skirt was pulled up over her hips and her panties yanked down.

"We will have to get you some sexy stuff to wear," Dexter sneered as he patted her ass and spread her legs. "Garter belts, yes, you will be wearing garter belts from now on. Right slave?"

"Yes, master, please don't," Diana sobbed and then yelped when his hand began to swat her butt. She cried and screamed as he spanked her. "Please, please I beg you to stop."

"I am just getting started with you," Dexter laughed as he swatted the twin moons of flesh until her were bright pink. He grabbed onto her slender hips and aimed his cock. Then without a word thrust it deep into the tight butthole. It only resisted for a second before the pole plowed into her ass.

"AWWWWWWWW!" Diana screamed her lungs out as the long hard cock pushed deep into her body. She had never felt anything like this. The helpless beauty screamed and sobbed the cock violated her bottom. She grabbed onto the sides of the counter as huge tears flooded her eyes. She sniffed away the tears but then screamed again when he began to fuck her in earnest. "OW! OW OH GODDESS SAVE ME! OH! OH MY GODDESS SAVE ME!"

"There will be no white knight riding to the rescue," Dexter panted as he pushed his cock all the way in and then pulled it out. He held onto her hips as he continued to thrust his tool in and out with all his lust. Her screams and cries were music to his head. "No my big titted slave, you are here too stay. Not just today but for a long, long time."

"UGH! UGH! UGH! OH PLEASE HAVE MERCY!" Diana wailed as her ass was royally fucked for the first time. It had hurt at first but now the pain had been replaced with increasing pleasure. The mighty Amazon was shocked to find her body responding to this brutal treatment. The cock was stroking her ass in the most delightful way. She squealed in unwanted delight as the rough fucking made her come. Diana shook her head making her hair tumble down around face. The ravished beauty couldn't stop from moving with the thrusting motion of her captor. "OH! OH! OHHHHGOODNESSSSS!"

"That she goes!" Dexter laughed as he kept driving his cock into the young beauty's body. He gave her butt a couple of good swats before reaching around and grabbing onto her fat tits. He began to squeeze and pinch the tender mounds while he kept bucking his hip into her bottom. Her tight hole had loosened up and his cock was now sliding in and out with ease. Dexter leaned down and began to kiss and bite the back of her neck.

"YOU BEAST! UGH! UGH!" Diana sobbed as he continued to molest her body. She gasped as the cock kept pushing into her ass and giving her unwanted pleasure. The hands mauling her tits were making them swell and throb. The hot wet mouth sucking on her neck was driving her insane. The ravished beauty screamed in sheer bliss. "OH GODDESSS SAVE ME! OH MYYYYYY!"

"Here I come by slave!" Dexter yelled as he filled her ass with his seed. He buried his cock deep into the hole while he mashed her tits around.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana wailed as she had an incredible orgasm. She bucked and twisted until the climax past. When he twisted her head around Diana couldn't stop from kissing him.

Dexter finished his kiss and stepped back. He swatted her ass and pulled her up. "Get up on the counter and spread your legs, slave."

"Dexter, haven't you done enough," Diana sobbed as she climbed onto the counter. She squealed when he ripped off her panties. The ravished beauty leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs wide. "Dexter, you don't have to do this. Just say the words and I will never know what you did."

"That is for later," Dexter said as he rubbed her thighs, looking down at the thin strip of black curls. He tightly grip and pushed his cock all the way into her pussy. "This is for now!"

"AHHHHHHHH!" Diana gasped in delight. The cock pushing into her already hot and wet pussy made her come at once. She shook her head and sobbed when he began to fuck her. She squealed when he began to fondle her tits. Diana continued to beg but her pleas were cut off by the mouth clamping over hers. She let his tongue push in and began to suck on it. Diana whimpered when she began to push against the cock slamming into her pussy. "MMPHHH!"

Dexter chewed on her lips and sucked on her tongue. He mashed tits around while he pinched her nipples. He kept bucking his cock deep into her hot wet hole and out again. He freed her mouth and kissed down to her tits.

"OH! OH! OHHHHHH" Diana moaned in delight as the cock did wonderful things to her pussy. The hot wet mouth and hands working on her tits were adding to the fires burning inside her loins. The helpless heroine began thrust into the cock to increase her pleasure. "OH! OH! OH YESSSSS! FUCK MEEEEE!"

Dexter sucked and chewed on her sweet mounds while he mashed them around her chest. He kept pounding her pussy with everything he had. He moaned and sighed in delight. The old man leaned back and shot his wad.

"AIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as her pussy was filled with hot seed. She whipped her head around thoroughly enjoying the orgasm. She bucked against the cock until the climax past. The ravished beauty slumped back on the counter and began to sob. "Please no more, I can't take any more."

"Oh Diana, we are just getting started," Dexter laughed as he pulled her up and forced her to kiss her. "Your friend, Circe gave me a nice little potion that lets me keep it up for hours."

"Oh no," Diana sobbed as he miserably returned his kissed. She let Dexter push her back on the counter. The raven haired beauty obediently spread her legs when commanded. She squealed when the cock pushed into her ravished body.

Three hours later, Diana came out the lab and nodded to the guards as she walked by. The raven haired beauty couldn't understand while her thighs were wet and why her ass hurt.

Diana left the building and walked out to her car. She drove home and went into her house. The shapely beauty walked into the bathroom and stripped out her clothes. She wondered where her panties had gone. Diana looked in the mirror and gasped. There were several hickies on her neck. She pushed back her hair and then looked at her fingers. Why were they sticky? Diana tried to remember what had happen but suddenly it didn't seem important. She climbed into the shower and washed her aching body.

After the shower, Diana dressed in a simple dress and drove to the mall. She went straight to Victoria's Secret and spent a small fortune on sexy bras, panties, thongs, garter belts, stockings, negligees, camisoles and nighties. Then she drove to the valley and spent more money at an adult sex shop. When Diana left she had several bags filled with rope, leather strips, handcuffs, shackles and all kinds of gags. When Diana got home she went on line and went to a fetish site. She pulled out a list of things to buy. For a second Diana worried about the list but then pushed the thought aside and began place her orders.

The next few days Diana started wearing sexy underwear and garter belts but thought nothing of it. She couldn't stop herself from going down to Dexter's lab during her lunch hour. She would return to her desk, exhausted. She worried about this but soon the thoughts would vanish.

When several packages came Diana opened them and was shocked and confused. She shook her head and then put the new things into the new trunk along with her other bondage gear.

The next Friday night Diana got home and was debating where to go for dinner. She frowned when there was a knock on the door. The beautiful heroine walked to the door and pulled it open. She gasped at the sight of Dexter standing on her porch. "What are you doing here? You should be at home under guard."

"I snuck out Circe's slave," Dexter said with a smile.

It was like a switch was thrown in her head. Diana buried her rage and said with a sob. "How may I serve you master?"

"That's good little slut," Dexter said stepping into the house and closing the door behind him. "We got the whole weekend to play."

"Oh great Goddess no," Diana whimpered as he let him push her against the wall. She moaned when his hands began to fondle her tits. She returned his kissed when ordered. "No, no, no."

"I can't wait see you in leather and a collar," Dexter asked and kissed her full tongue.

"Yes master," Diana sobbed.

"Excellent, go put on something sexy like that outfit we saw on the Internet. Don't forget the collar and leash. Oh bring some handcuffs, slave."

"Yes, master," Diana said giving him a long kiss and walking into the bedroom. She stripped out her jogging suit and went to her trunk. She pulled out a black leather garment she had bought and put it on. Diana tugged on the tight leather garment. It was nothing more than a series of thing leather strips held together by gold rings. It criss-crossed her upper body leaving her pussy, nipples and ass bared. It had garter straps which Diana used to hold up some black fishnet stockings. Hip boots and a collar with studs completed her outfit. She went into the bathroom and brushed out her hair until it fell in thick waves to her ass. Bright red lipstick and heavy black eye makeup finished off her slutty look. The last thing she did was snap on a leash.

Diana tried to break the spell but only could sob as she walked back out. She moaned at the sight of a naked Dexter sitting on her sofa drinking one the beers she had no memory of buying. "I am ready to serve you master. Dexter, don't make me do this."

"Bring those big tits and sweet ass over here, slave," Dexter said with a big grin. He put down his beer and rubbed his hands. He giggled when Diana straddled his lap and held up her tits. He took the handcuffs and locked her hands behind her back. Dexter took the leash and said, "What do we say?"

"I am ready to serve…please don't." Diana sobbed.

"I can't help myself," Dexter said as he cupped her tits and began to suck on her nipples. The old man was chewing and sucking on her boobs letting his drool run over them. He used both hands to squeeze and tweak her tits as he worked on them.

"Oh Goddess, when will this nightmare end," Diana sobbed as her tits were molested. Her tender mounds began to swell and ache. It was made worst by his spit running off her boobs and down to her belly. His long hard cock was rubbing against her crotch sending tingles through the body. In mere seconds her pussy began to heat up. Soon after that her thighs were wet with her pussy juices. Diana squealed when he bit her tits and lifted her up. The bound beauty closed her eyes and waited for the cock to push into her body. She screamed in a mixture of horror and delight when the pole plowed into her pussy.

"Now ride like the whore you are," Dexter panted grabbing onto her ass and began to move her up and down his cock. He continued to suck and chew her huge tits with increasing lust.

"OHHHHHH," Diana moaned in unwanted delight. She began to pump her pussy up and down the cock. It felt wonderful and Diana hated it. She couldn't stop from increasing her pace. The bound beauty pushed her tits into her captor's face. She gasped when his hands began to paddle her ass. "OH GREAT HERA WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEE!"

"You getting to love my cock, slave," Dexter grunted as he thrust his cock even deeper into the hot wet pussy. He swatted her ass and sucked on her tits letting his drool coat them. He kissed and licked up to her mouth. He used the leash to pull her lips to his and kissed her full tongue.

"MMPHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to kiss the bastard full tongue. She couldn't stop from sucking on the tongue rolling around her mouth. Her face burned with shame because she was enjoying the fucking and kissing. Even the spanking was giving her pleasure. The helpless heroine screamed as she came. "MMMMMMMPH!"

Dexter kept chewed and sucking on her lips and tongue as he fucked the hell out of the snotty bitch. He stopped his spanking and grabbed onto her tits. The old man began mash her boobs around while he pinched her nipples. Her pussy was hugging his cock like a velvet glove. Her own juices were splashing onto his lap. He freed her mouth and buried his mouth into the soft flesh of her throat.

"OHHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as she came not once but twice. She increased the speed of her fucking and made herself come again. She leaned back her head and squeal in delight. The huge cock fucking her, the hands mauling her aching tits and the hot wet mouth sucking on her neck was too much. The raven haired beauty began to whip her head around, sobbing and screaming in humiliation and delight. "FEELS SO GOOD, GODDESS NO, I AM NOT A SLUT…PLEASEEEEEEEE!"

Dexter worked down to her tits and buried his face in her jiggling boobs. He squeezed and sucked on the boobs. He began to push his whole cock into her pussy and then held it there until he came.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as the hot seed made her come. She bucked up and down on the cock until her orgasm past. The ravished beauty slumped down and began to kiss and lick her master's face and neck when commanded. The bound beauty worked down, slipping off the lap and down to the floor. Diana kissed and licked down to his cock. She began to run her tongue up and down the tool. The ravished beauty wasn't surprised to see it become hard. Diana ran his tongue up and down the cock working down to his balls. She wagged her tongue over the twin sacs, coating them with own spit. When ordered, Diana wrapped her lips around the balls and began to suck on them.

"That's good little whore," Dexter sighed in delight as Diana rolled the balls around her mouth. He watched the kneeling beauty let the balls slip out. She kissed up his tool and then wrapped her lips around it. She closed her eyes and began suck on his cock with loud slurps. His cock was all ready to blow but he held his load as long as he could. Dexter gasped and shot his wad.

"MMMMMMPH!" Diana whimpered as her mouth filled with cum. She gulped it down but some still spilled out the sides of her mouth. The bound beauty sucked the cock dry and then licked it clean. She even licked the drops of cum off her master's thighs. The humiliated heroine ran her tongue around her lips and swallowed the last drops of cum. She knelt back and commanded. "Master, haven't you done enough…I beg…"

"Shut up, go get the toys, we have games to play," Dexter snapped. He reached down and took off her handcuffs. "Stay on your hands and knees."

"Yes master," Diana whimpered and crawled into the bedroom. She grabbed the trunk with one hand and pulled it back into the front room.

Dexter laughed as he watched Diana pull the trunk along the floor on her hands and knees. He waited until she moved it to the center of the room. He ordered to kneel and went to the trunk. He began to sort through the bondage gear and toys. "Now what game will we play?"

"Oh please master, just let me go," Diana sobbed as she watched her master pull out some rope, a ring gag and leather lash.

"Crawl over to your kitchen table," Dexter said with a smile. He laughed as he watched his slave crawled toward her table. His lust got the better of him. The doctor grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her ass.

"AUGHHHHH!" Diana gasped as her ass was filled with hard cock. She was soon gasping and sobbing as her butt was royally fucked. She squealed when his hands grabbed both her tits and squeezed them together. Diana closed her eyes and began to move with the cock. "UGH! UGH! UGH! PLEASSSSS!"

Dexter mashed her tits around as he thrust his cock deep into the tight hole with full lust until he came. He grunted as his cock emptied.

"OHGODDESS!" Diana squealed as she came. She gasped for breath after the cock pulled out and kept crawling over trying to ignoring the cum dripping out her ass. The ravished beauty climbed onto the table and lay back. Diana spread her legs and arms out. She just lay there as he pushed her forward until her head hung over the edge of the table.

Dexter quickly bound her hands to the corners of the table. He pushed her leg up and tied her ankle to her wrist. Her other leg followed. The old man patted her pussy and then gagged her with the ring gag. He began to kiss, lick and stroke the full rich body.

"Ughhhhh," Diana moaned as her captor molested her body. His hands and mouth were sending tingles of pleasure through her body. Even the tight ropes increased her pleasure. The bound beauty was soon squirming around the table. Diana looked up and blinked away her tears when his cock began to rub over her face. She could do nothing as it slipped into her spread lips. "UGHHHH!"

"We will just get my cock good and hard while I decide which hole to fuck or maybe I will just come in your mouth," Dexter said as he pumped his cock in and out her mouth. "This is going to be a great weekend."

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana grunted as she was forced to take the cock all the way into her throat. She couldn't help but roll her tongue around the cock. Tears flooded her eyes as she serviced her master. It was all so humiliating but she couldn't stop herself. She closed her eyes and continued to suck on the cock pushing deep into her mouth. "UGH! UGH! UGH!"

Dexter watched the helpless beauty suck on his cock and then brought the whip down on her tits. Her squeals only made his cock harder. He continued to lash her tits while pushing his cock in and out.

"AW! AW! AW!" Diana screamed around the cock filling her mouth. She tugged at the ropes holding her down but there was no escaping the leather whipping across her tits. She was shocked to find the whipping was making her pussy hot and wet. Tears rolled down her face as the abuse when on and on. The once mighty Amazon couldn't believe this was now going to be his new life, sex slave to a pervert, "AW! AW! AW!"

Dexter pumped his cock in and out while he whipped her massive tits. He felt his cock swell and then exploded. He sighed in delight as his cum spilled into her mouth.

"AUGHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to swallow his seed. She gobbled down the sweet seed with loud slurps. She pulled at the ropes until the cock pulled out. She whimpered and squealed as Dexter kept whipping her body. The bound beauty sobbed, hating that she was enjoying this abuse. She lifted her head and watched Dexter go to the trunk and take out a huge dildo. "NA! NA! NA!"

"This looks like a fun toy," Dexter said as he came back. He wagged the plastic cock at her and then pushed it into her ass. He began to work it in and out. After a few strokes her climbed onto the table and pushed his cock into her pussy.

"AUGHHHHH!" Diana screamed as she was forced to take the sex toy and cock at the same time. She shook her head as the evil little man double fucked her. The bound beauty was soon rolling her head around as her whole lust swept over her. She began to squirm around and pull at the ropes binding her. Diana sobbed when he began to suck on her tits. "UGH! UGH! UGH!"

Dexter sucked and chewed on her sweet flesh while he used one hand to squeeze it. He used his other hand to work the plastic cock deep into her ass while he fucked her with full lust.

The room was filled with their sobs, moans, squeals and sounds of their fucking. Diana gave off several loud squeals when she was forced to come.

"AUGGAWDDDD!" Diana wailed as she came over and over from the double fucking. Her tits were aching from all the rough foreplay. She kept rolling her head around as she pushed to new heights of lust.

Dexter gasped and filled her pussy with his cum, laughing at the sound of his slave's loud scream. He rolled off the ravished beauty and onto the floor. He watched his helpless captive squirm around sobbing as she did. "Now what will we play?"

A short time later, Diana found herself hanging from the rafters of her own house. Rope held her hands together as she dangled from the ceiling. Her legs were spread wide and bound with rope to a heavy china cabinet and a door knob. She was gagged with a ball gag. Two clamps attached to her nipples held up two chains weight down with several lead weights. Lastly a large vibrator buzzed away in her ass. The bound beauty gasped and sobbed as she came again. Her luscious body was coated with sweat that ran over her skin in huge drops. Diana yelped when the leather lash whipped across her ass and then her tits.

Dexter slowly walked around the hanging woman playfully lashing her with a leather crop. He was sipping on a beer while played with his slave. He made a few more laps around Diana and finished his beer. Then he put down his bottle, grabbed her sweat drenched ass and thrust his cock into her wet pussy.

"MMPHHH!" Diana screamed as the now familiar cock pushed into her lust filled body making her come at once. The bound beauty shook her head trying to get her sweat soaked hair away from her face. She gasped when his mouth began to chew on her tits. Diana was soon screaming and sobbing from rough fucking.

Dexter fondled the firm around ass as he pumped his cock in and out of the incredibly hot wet pussy. He sucked on a mouthful of tit as he bucked his hips up into her crotch. He closed his eyes and savored having Diana at his mercy. He moved to the other tit and began to chew on it.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana squealed as her unwanted master continued to ravish her body. She leaned back her head and screamed as yet another orgasm hit her body. She frantically pulled at the ropes holding her prisoner. She closed her eyes and prayed for the nightmare to end but another orgasm slammed into her body.

Diana lay on the cold kitchen floor in a small pool of her own sweat and pussy juices. Her whole body ached from the bondage and rapes. Sweat ran still ran off her still hot flesh. She tugged at the ropes binding her wrists to her elbows. The ravished beauty rolled onto her back and looked up at the man she called master.

Dexter was drinking another beer and eating the pizza he just had delivered curtsy of Diana's credit card. He belched and held out a bread stick. "Hungry my love, we must keep up your energy."

Diana just sobbed as she pushed herself up onto her knees. She whipped her head around to get her wet hair away from her face. The bound beauty leaned forward and ate the bread stick. She hungrily chewed it and swallowed it. The helpless woman watched him open a beer and her mouth watered. She hated the taste of beer but gulped it down. Another beer and two slices of pizza and Diana's stomach stopped grumbling.

"I think a shower for the both of us, a nap and then some more games," Dexter said helping Diana to her feet. He used her leash to pull along.

"Please Dexter, I beg you," Diana sobbed.

"No need to beg; I am just too exhausted to fuck you right now but after our nap."

"Oh is there no pity in your heart?"

"I am sorry just the sight of your big tits and firm round ass makes too horny to have pity."

Diana rolled out of bed with a loud groan and wondered why her whole body ached. She pushed herself up and went into the shower. The tall beauty stopped when she noticed the rope burns on her wrists. She shook her head and went into the bathroom. Diana stopped at the sight of the red stripes on her ass. "Great Hera, what is going on?"

Then like magic the worries and concerns seemed to vanish. Diana showered and dressed for work. She gave no thought to the purple bra, panties and garter belts holding up her purple fishnet stockings. She glanced in the mirror; her Amazon body was already healing. The red stripes were now pink.

Diana went to work but an investigation kept her out of the office most of the day. But she still made a point of dropping in on Dexter in his lab. As the raven haired beauty walked down the hall she wondered why it was so important she see Dexter. She got home after to dark and wonder where the time had gone. Diana frowned as she tossed her wet panties into the laundry basket. She ate a quick meal and fell into bed. She slept badly because she had nightmares about being tied up and raped.

For the rest of week Diana came home exhausted and couldn't shake the feeling something was wrong ad why did Dexter's name keep popping into her head.

Friday night came, Diana promised herself to get some rest over the weekend. Her head filled with worries, Diana called a friend to come over. She needed to sort some things out. She came into her house and stopped. She was shocked see Dexter sitting on her sofa.

"Circe's slave," Dexter said with a big grin before Diana could say a word.

"Oh goddess not again," Diana sobbed walking into the room and waited for her first command. The helpless beauty knew she was looking at another long weekend.

Saturday morning, Diana was spread eagle across her bed. Rope held her down and a ballgag kept her quiet. She grunted and sobbed as Dexter fucked her with his usual lust.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Dexter stopped and pulled off her gag. "You expecting someone slave?"

"Barbara Gordon said she might drop by," Diana whimpered. "Please just let the doorbell ring."

Dexter smiled and went to the window. He stared at the tall red head standing on the porch. She was wearing a blue silk dress that hugged her full rich body. It was obvious that she had huge tits, a nice ass and long shapely legs. She was a stunning beauty with long thick curls that fell to her ass. He won't mind playing with her amazing body. He pushed the idea aside and decided just to let the redhead go away.

"Dexter, come out here. We need to talk."

Dexter turned walked out to the living room and stopped at the sight of Circe.

"Get dressed and tell the bitch Diana left her message on her computer," Circe said pointing at the laptop sitting on the coffee table. "I have been watching your back. This red haired bitch will be a danger to if you let him walk away. She needs some lessons."

"Won't she be missed?"

"Not if you do as I tell you. Come, come Dexter, two slaves are better than one."

Dexter smiled after Circe vanished. He ran into the bedroom and quickly dressed. He waved to Diana who was struggling to get free and screaming at him. "NA! NA!"

Dexter closed the bedroom door and went to the front door. He took a breath and pulled it open. He smiled at the beautiful redhead. "Hi, can I help you?"

"Hello, is Diana home?" Barbara said frowning at the older man. She noted his shirt was buttoned up wrong, his zipper was down and his feet were bare. The shapely redhead sniffed and noted the smell of sweat and sex. She made a note to not turn his back on the man. "She is expecting me."

"Yes, she told me when she called. Diana had a family emergency but left you a message on her computer," Dexter said waving her in. "I am watering the plants for her."

"Oh I see," Barbara said walking over to the coffee table but keeping an eye on the older man. Her inner sense told her something was wrong. She booted up the computer and noted the note telling her to press the Control and Alt keys. Barbara pressed the keys and gasped when she was engulfed in a purple glow. The shapely beauty couldn't move but could feel herselffalling into a trance. Then thoughts began to fill her head. No not thoughts, commands. She knew the name Circe and what she was capable of. She could feel her will power fading away. The young beauty screamed as her last wall of resistance fell away. After a few minutes Barbara was freed from the machine. She sat on the sofa just waiting.

"Are you are ready to serve your new master?" Dexter asked.

"Yes, master I am ready," Barbara said with genuine surprise in her voice. The stunning beauty choked back a sob when she realized that was what she had been waiting for a command from her new master. "What have you and Circe done to me?"

"Let's say own friend put some spells on you," Dexter said walking up and leering over his new sexy slave. "Putting it simply you going to do what I say and when I am done. I will say the magic words and you will forget all our fun. No running for to the police or friends for help. You will be a good little slave for as long as I want and that will be for a long time."

"You bastard, I am not going to be your slave," Barbara growled but did nothing when he began to stroke her hair.

"Say you're sorry for calling me a bastard and won't do it again," Dexter said twirling her hair around his finger. "You will call me master from now on."

"I am sorry for calling you a bastard. It won't happen again, master."

"We are going have so much fun."

"Oh God no," Barbara whimpered feeling the magic taking a stronger hold on her.

"Let's take you out for a test drive," Dexter said with a grin, "Get on your knees and give me a blowjob."

"Yes master," Barbara sobbed as she dropped to her knees. She reached up and unzipped his pants. She glumly pulled out his already stiff cock and sighed. "I can believe I am doing this."

"Less talk, more sucking slave," Dexter snapped.

"Yes master," Barbara whimpered as she wrapped her fist around the base of his cock. She began to rub it while she planted kisses all over it. The kneeling beauty choked back her tears as her kisses turned into licks. She was soon running her tongue up and down the pole while yanking on it. Barbara began to fondle his balls with her other hand. The helpless heroine worked her tongue and lips up and down the cock. She licked and kissed it until it was dripping with her spit.

"You are as good as Diana," Dexter sighed. "I just thought of some games you and Diana can play. We are going to have such fun."

Barbara whimpered as she licked up to the cock head and rolled her tongue over the tip. She sobbed just before spreading her lips and pushed the cock into her mouth. The redhead beauty gulped down the cock inch by inch. Barbara's eyes flooded with tears as she swallowed the pole until her nose was buried in his smell crotch. She began to suck in, slowly at first but was soon making sucking it with slurps. She used her fist to work the cock in and out of her mouth while she stroked his balls.

"Oh yes, you got real talent," Dexter moaned as she watched the redhead bob up and down on his cock. Her hands fondling his cock and balls increased his pleasure. He took off his shirt and dropped his pants. Dexter slumped down in chair and moved his new slave in front of him. He reached around and grabbed her breasts. He began to fondle the huge tits through the blue silk. He gave them a few squeezes and then unzipped her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. "I want to play with your bare tits, slave."

"MPH! MPH!" Barbara grunted as she continued to suck on his cock. She stopped using her hands long enough to let him push her dress and bra down around her waist. She gasped when his hands grabbed onto her tits and began fondle them. Barbara began to fondle the cock and balls without missing a suck.

Dexter mashed her tits around while he pinched her tits. He moaned as the hot wet mouth kept caressing his cock. Her fingers were doing magical things to his tool. This slut gave better head than Diana. He couldn't wait to fuck her. He leaned back his head on the chair and sighed. He enjoyed the blowjob for another ten minutes until his cock exploded.

"AUGHHH!" Barbara whimpered when her mouth filled with his cum. She could stop herself from swallowing every drop. She kept right on sucking until he ordered her stand up.

"Get naked, slave," Dexter said with a nasty grin, "I want to see your ass and pussy."

"Yes master," Barbara moaned as she stood up and let her dress drop down her long shapely legs. She unhooked her bra and let it drop. The tall redhead sighed as she peeled off her blue panties. The naked beauty thrust out her chest and spread her legs when ordered.

"You have a body just a good as Diana," Dexter said leering over the huge round tits, slender waist, firm round ass and mile long legs. The long flowing fire red curls matched the thin line of curls on her crotch. He reached out and began to stroke her pussy with two fingers. "You are a red hot redhead."

"Oh God, don't…you can't," Barbara sobbed as he fondled her pussy. She bit her lip and squirmed as when his fingers slipped into her twat.

"Nice and tight," Dexter giggled as he worked his fingers deep into her pussy. He began to twirl them around. He watched her squirm and moaned as he worked on her pussy. "Let's get you nice and wet. Play with your tits, slave."

"No, no…yes master," Barbara sighed. She gasped when his fingers touched her sweet spot. The new slave brought up her hands and began to tweak her nipples. The shapely redhead pinched and pulled her tits. She could feel them beginning to swell. Barbara began to fondle her boobs while she continued to pinch them. She closed her eyes and began to rock in place as the bastard make her pussy hotter and wetter. She gasped when a small orgasm hit her. "Oh. Oh, please master, stop…ohhhh."

"As you wish," Dexter sneered and sat back. He rubbed his stiff cock and patted his lap. "Mount up slave and ride me like a whore."

"Yes master," Barbara sighed as she climbed onto his lap and lowered her body onto his cock. She let off a low moan of pleasure as the hard pole pushed into her pussy. She put her hands on his shoulders and pressed her tits into his face. Barbara gasped when he began to chew and squeeze her tits. The redheaded beauty began to pump her body up and down his cock. She was soon moaning and gasping as she fucked herself. "OH! OH! OHHHHHH!"

Dexter squeezed and tweaked her fat tits while he bucked his cock into her hot wet pussy. He was soon slobbering over the twin mounds of soft flesh. He used both hands to mash her tits around her chest.

"AH! AH! AH!" Barbara gasped as she increased her speed, trying to make herself come. The hands and mouth on her tits felt wonderful. Even the drool running off her tits and down her belly made her hotter. "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!"

Dexter stopped working on her tits and pulled her mouth to his. He clamped his lips over hers and pushed his tongue in. He hungrily chewed and sucked on her mouth as he squeezed and pinched her tits.

"MMMMMPH!" Barbara screamed around the tongue rolling around her mouth. Her own lust made her return the full tongue kiss. She was bucking up and down like a bitch in heat. The shapely redhead came and screamed into his mouth.

The two lovers bounced around in the chair as their love making became more frenzied. The room filled with their moans, squeals and gasps.

Dexter pulled his lips away and yelled, "I am coming!"

"OH GODDDD!" Barbara wailed as his hot seed sprayed into her pussy making come like an atomic bomb. She bounced around on his lap until the orgasm past. The ravished redhead slumped into her master's arms, panting and sobbing.

"On the floor, slave, "Dexter snapped and watched her slump down to the floor and get on her hands and knees. He went into the bedroom and blew Diana a kiss. He got some things from the trunk and went back out.

Barbara miserably knelt there as he shackled her ankles and knees. She let off a growl as he wrapped a dog collar and leash around her neck. Then she yelped when a leather lash whipped across her ass.

"Crawl slave," Dexter snapped as he tugged on the leash and whipped her butt.

"OW! OW! OW! Okay, okay…I mean yes, yes master." Barbara sobbed and began to claw around the room. She yelped and whimpered as the old man lead her around the room while he whipped her ass. She made several laps before he tugged her to a stop. The humiliated beauty wanted to rub her stinging ass but stayed on her hands and knees. Barbara whimpered when Dexter knelt down behind her and rubbed her butt. "Oh master, please don't."

"Tell me slave, is your ass cherry?" Dexter said as he patted the twin moons of flesh.

"Yes, master, I have never been fucked in the ass," Barbara moaned closing her eyes and sucking on her lips.

"Just relax, you are in for a real treat," Dexter said pressing his cock against her butt. He gripped her hips and then thrust his cock all the way into her ass.

"AWGAWDDDDDDD!" Barbara wailed as she was impaled on what felt like a log. Tears flooded her eyes and began to run down her cheeks. She sucked in several deep breaths and then squealed with her master began to fuck her. "OH GOD! OH GOD! SWEET HEAVENS STOP! UGH! UGH!"

"Oh Barbara, you have tight ass. Let me loosen it up for you," Dexter grunted as he pumped his cock all the way in and then pulled out. When he got a good pace going, Dexter grabbed her tits and began to fondle them. "AH! AH! AH! AH!"

"OH GODDDDDD!" Barbara wailed as the fucking went on and on. She was shocked how quickly the pain faded. A few strokes later, the cock began to give her unwanted pleasure. The hands playing with her boobs were making them swell like balloons. They were now tingling from the rough foreplay. Suddenly Barbara squealed when she came. "AUUGHHHHHH!"

"We are going now, slave." Dexter laughed when he heard her come. He increased his speed and crushed her tits. The old man was grunting and panting as continued to fuck the hell out her ass. Dexter arched back and moaned as he released his wad.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Barbara screamed as the hot seed filled her ass giving her an incredible orgasm. She thrust back until the climax past. The ravished beauty wanted to slump down but a swat on her ass and a command to stay made her remain on her hands and knees.

Dexter laughed as he tugged on her leash and gave her ass a swat to make her move. "Let's go into the bedroom and play with Diana."

"Yes, master," Barbara sobbed as she followed him into the bedroom. "Please you're had your fun. Just let me go, you said I would forget everything."

"Yes, you will," Dexter said as lead her over to the bed and unshackled Barbara. "Now untie Diana. Diana, be a good little slave and stay on the bed."

"Yes master," Barbara whimpered as she crawled onto the bed and began to untie Diana. She undid her hands first and helped Diana sit up. She unbound her friend's ankles and then sat back.

"Okay, ladies, stay," Dexter said and left the room. He came back with a beer, pulled a chair closer to the bed and slumped down. "Now move closer and kiss."

"Yes, master. Please not that," Diana sobbed but moved closer to her friend.

"As you wish master, oh God, I can't believe this," Barbara whimpered as she pressed her body against Diana's body. She wrapped her arms around her friend and leaned in for a kiss.

Diana ran her hand into the red curls and pulled her mouth to hers. She kissed her tenderly at first but the kissing became more and more lustful. Until they were kissing full tongue while they grinded they bodies together. Diana began to run her hands over her lover's body.

Barbara lustfully kissed Diana while she stroked and pinched her soft flesh. She sucked on her lover's tongue with loud moans of pleasure.

"Come on slaves," Dexter said leaning forward. "You can do better that this. Let's see some real sex."

Diana and Barbara hungrily kissed and licked each other, falling back on the bed. She began to grind their bodies against each other. They used their hands to rub and fondled each other. The room filled their passionate lovemaking. Barbara rolled on top and began to grind her pussy against her friends. She cupped her tits and fondled them as she continued to kiss her over and over. Diana wrapped her legs around her friend's hips and began to grind her crotch against her lover's. She began to scratch Barbara's back. She sucked and chewed on her lover's mouth. Both women were now lost in their own animal like lust.

Dexter drank his beer as he watched the two beautiful women roll around on the bed, kissing, biting, fondling and grinding against each other. Their moans and groans filled the room. "Come my slaves; let's make those pussies hotter and wetter."

"Yes master," they panted as they moved around on the bed. Diana lay back and waited for her friend to lie across her body. She licked her lips as the fire red pussy came down. She pushed her face in and began to lick it.

"OH MYYY!" Barbara squealed when the tongue licked her pussy. She enjoyed the come and then pushed her face into Diana's crotch. She rolled her tongue over the slit a few times and then began to slurp on it.

Dexter laughed as he watched the two beautiful women lick each other pussies with long slurps and moans of delight.

Diana rolled her tongue over the sweet tasting pussy. She slurped out the juices that spilled into her mouth. The dark haired beauty pushed her faced deeper into the wet curls, letting the juices splatter over her face. She used her fingers to spread her lips and thrust her tongue in.

"MMMMMPH!" Barbara squealed as her friend licked and sucked on her pussy. The redhead wagged her tongue over the pussy and licked in the sweet drink. Then like her friend she spread the pussy and pushed her tongue in.

Dexter laughed when both the women came together. He climbed onto the bed and watched them continue to lick and suck on each other's pussies. He moved around the bed getting a closer look at each woman's juice covered face. He stopped behind Barbara's ass and watched it wiggled. He ran his hands over the firm round ass, "Time for your master to join this party."

Both women whimpered but kept licking each other's pussies. Barbara felt Dexter's hands on her ass and wondered which one she was going to fuck. The hot redhead screamed and sobbed when the cock pushed into her hot wet pussy. She came at once and couldn't stop herself from thrusting back into the cock pounding her pussy.

"God, you have one sweet pussy," Dexter grunted as he fucked his new slave with full lust. He used both hands to pull her ass back into his crotch. He closed her eyes and savored his victory over two beautiful women. Never in his real life did he imagine having such sweet slaves to play with. He buried his cock deep into Barbara's pussy making her squeal. He laughed and went back to fucking the hot redhead.

"MPH! MHP! MPH!"Barbara sobbed as her captor made her come. She screamed into the wet pussy pressed against her face. She slurped in another mouthful of juice and swallowed it. She pushed one of her fingers into Diana's pussy and began to pump it in and out. The helpless heroine squealed as the cock pushed her toward another orgasm.

"MPHHHHH!" Diana squealed when the finger touched the sweet spot in her burning pussy. She pushed her crotch into her lover's face as he began to finger fuck the pussy.

"COMING!" Dexter yelled as he emptied his cock into the hot wet pussy. He watched Barbara arch up and squeal. He enjoyed the sight of her coming. He gave her a few more thrusts for fun. Then he pulled out, "On your hands and knees, slaves, ass to ass if you please."

"Yes, master," the two slaves whimpered as they climbed off each other and got onto their hands and knees. They glared at their captor as they moved around then press their butts together. They meekly stayed in place as Dexter held up two gold collars with a short chain and four pairs of shackles. He locked one collar around Diana and yanked the chain until Diana's head was held up right. He locked the other collar around Barbara's neck. Now both women's head were held in place. They stayed in place while Dexter locked their hands and ankles together. He lifted a nasty looking vibrator. It was shaped like the two letters U pressed together. Each end had a long rubber cock cover with dimples. He wagged it in front and their faces. Then he skillfully pushed the sex toy into his slaves to holes.

Both women were now locked together with dildos buried in their pussies and butts. Diana tugged on the shackles and collar but only succeeded in pushing the dildo deeper into her holes. Barbara did the same and gasped when a small orgasm hit her.

"Now let's make more interesting," Dexter said holding up a small blue remote. He pressed a button and said, "Low."

"Ahhh!" they both squealed with the toys began to buzz and wiggle inside their bodies. In mere seconds they were squirming as the dildos stroked their holes.

"Medium," Dexter giggled as he moved around the bed watching his slave squeal and moan. He enjoyed the show for a few minutes. "Now high."

"AUGHHHH!" the two women wailed when the toy began to twirl around their holes. They both pulled and twisted as their bodies were tormented with unbelievable pleasure. The bound beauties gasped and moaned as they were forced to come. Hot sweat began to drip off their bodies. Unable to control their lust the two women began to grind their butts against each other. Tightly bound the two slaves could only squirm and scream as they were driven to orgasms. "OH! OH! GODNOOOOOO!"

Dexter happily walked around the bed, laughing and playful whipping the hot sweat bodies with his lash. He stopped and gave both their butts and nice long whipping and then worked on their tits.

"OW! OW! OH GODDD!" Diana wailed as she came not once but twice. The combination of pleasure and pain was more than she could take. She whipped around her hair as she came over and over. Suddenly a hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and held it in place. Diana gasped when his cock pushed into her mouth. Lost in her own lust, Diana began to suck on it with loud slurps and moans. She pumped the cock deep into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it.

"You are learning to be such a good whore, my slave," Dexter sighed as he watched Diana gobbled on his cock. He enjoyed the sight of the two sweaty bodies twisting and turning from heated lust. Their moans and squeals of delight made it even better. "Suck away, slave. Don't worry, Barbara you will get your turn."

"Thank you master…oh please free me, I beg you," Barbara sobbed knowing when his cock came to her mouth she would meekly suck and enjoy the taste of it.

Diana hungrily sucked and licked the cock filling her mouth while pushing her ass back into her friend's butt. She came with a squeal and kept right on sucking and grinding.

"Have some cum," Dexter said as he came. He shot some cum down her throat and then emptied the rest of his load into her face. He used her hair too wipe off his cock.

"This is so humiliating," Diana sobbed trying to ignore the cum running down her face and the fact her hair was wrapped around a cock. Another orgasm made her scream in sheer bliss.

Barbara whimpered when the cock came to her face. She choked back a sob but spread her lips. As the cock pushed into her mouth, the ravished redhead began to suck on it like a twenty dollar whore. As she sucked, Barbara wondered how she was going to escape this pervert.

"Thanks for staying the weekend," Diana said stepping out the shower and trying to ignore the pain in her limbs and pick ass. She noted that Barbara was moving very stiffly and had red stripes on her ass.

"You are welcome," Barbara said pulling the panties she borrowed from her friend. She grunted as she bent over. It felt like she had gone a few rounds with the Joker or Two Face. The shapely redhead tried to remember what she did over the weekend but came up with a blank. As she got dressed, the worries she had slowly vanished.

Diana walked her friend to the door and asked, "You still plan on moving to Washington?"

"Yes, I will give notice at the library," Barbara said "Do you think you get me a job at the Library of Congress?"

"Consider it done," Diana said with smile. "I have friends who owe me."

As Barbara walked out her car she tied to remember when she had decided to leave Gotham. The stunning redhead pushed the thought aside and started to make lists of what she needed to do if she wanted move in two weeks.

"Odd, Barbara moving like that."

"She is a grown woman and is free to do what she pleases."

"I thought you had a thing going?"

"We did but she broke it off. Saying something about it would only end badly."

"Sorry to hear about your love life but I think we should be more concerned about why Wonder Woman resigned from the JLA."

"Problems at home, she said."

"That's what she said but there was something in her tone. Why not resign in person. Why do it by E-mail?"

"Rather than debate the issue, we could just go to Washingtonand have a word with her and Barbara."

"Whole damn league can't go."

"So let's pick two."

"Gentlemen, I think this needs a softer touch. I will go."

Dexter was working on a new tracking device that was the size of the head of a pin. He sensed something and turned around. "Oh it's you. I was hoping you would drop in. I can't thank you enough."

"No need for thanks. But we have problems. Certain people are asking questions. I expected this and have made plans for you and your two slaves to vanish."

"I will get them full time?"

"For a very long, long time, I have a potion that will extend your lives for centuries. I want my two friends to be humiliated for years to come."

"Sounds good to me, when do we leave and where are we going."

"The ladies will be coming tonight but I have one last gift for you before you go."

Power Girl landed on a roof top and looked around. The white swimsuit costume looked pained on her voluptuous body. A triangle cut into it gave more than a hint of her amble bosom. It was obvious she had a firm round ass and her long shapely legs. Her blonde hair was cut to fall to her shoulders and fit her stunningly beautiful face. The tall heroine used super speed to change into a tight leather skirt and matching vest which did little to hide her full figure. The spike heeled boots made her legs look even longer. "Perfect, now let's go have a chat with Diana."

Power Girl took a cab to Diana's house and first thing she noticed was the for sale sign with a sold tag on it. She used her x-ray vision and it appeared the house was empty except for a folding table and laptop. There was no one was home, so the shapely heroine walked to the door. The front door was open so she stepped in. Power Girl wandered over to the computer and picked up a note. "Barbara, the travel plans are in a file you can access by pressing the control and alt keys."

"Okay ladies, what are you up to?" Power Girl said pressing the keys. Too late she realized it was a trap. She was engulfed in a purple glow. She couldn't move and a green beam shot into her eyes. "Good lord, a kryptonite ray!"

Circe walked into the room and watched the blonde struggle to free herself from the machine. She wandered over and smiled. "I was hoping for Supergirl but you will do. My dear friend needed a blonde to fill out his harem. I would stop fighting it. The kryptonite beam is weakening you enough for my spells to work. I know you wonder what is happening."

Power Girl could not only feel herself weakening but her powers were draining away. She screamed in frustration and angry as horror thoughts began to fill her head.

"There is a complex series of spells that will rob you of your powers along some other spells to make you a nice meek slave with the needs of a slut. Yes, my dear, you are going to be fucking and sucking for the rest of your very long life. I have a nice little drink to really extend it."

Power Girl screamed again. When the machine finally released her, the blonde beauty dropped to the floor. She looked up when a short fat older man stepped out tugging on a leash attached to two collars. The blonde looked in horror when she realized the slaves were Wonder Woman and Batgirl.

Diana was wearing a dress made of red, white and blue spandex cut so it barely covered her body. Red garter belts held up her patriotic colored fishnet stockings. Six inch spike heels completed her new look. Her hair tumbled in thick waves to her ass which was barely covered by the dress. The heavy face and eye makeup and bright red lipstick made he look like whore. Her collar was gold with her the words etched into it: WONDER WHORE. The look on her face was a mixture of shame, horror and total submission.

Barbara was wearing a black leather dress that barely covered her ass. It was ripped and cut so most of her amazing body was bared. Her black fishnet stockings were ripped and snagged to match her dress. Her boots were black with six inch spike heels. Thick ways of red curls fell down around her face reaching to her ass what gave more a hint of her red panties. Like Diana her face was painted to make look like a slut. Her collar had the words: BAT BITCH. Barbara had the same defeated and shameful look on her face.

"What have you done to me," Power Girl sobbed as she tried to get up but couldn't until Circe commanded her to.

"I think a change in your wardrobe," Circe said waving her hands around.

Power Girl was engulfed in a cloud of sparking lights. When it fell away the tall blonde was squeezed into a white dress that was nothing more than four silk ribbons that only covered her tits, ass and pussy. Her fishnet stockings and spike heels were fire engine red. Her hair was now longer and fell in tight curls to her firm round ass. Like her friends her makeup looked like it had been down by a hooker. She couldn't see but could feel the gold collar wrapped around her neck. The words: POWER PUSSY ran across her throat.

"Don't think an instant that I am going to…" Power Girl snarled.

"Shut up slave, and come here," Dexter snapped wagging the third snap of his leash.

"Yes master," Power Girl sputtered as she walked across the room and stood there as her new master snapped on her leash. "You can't! I…I…"

"Give it up, Power Girl," Batgirl sighed pushing her long hair away from her face. "You are fucked…just like us."

"No, there is…"

"Kiss me slave," Dexter said tugging on her leash.

Yes master," Power Girl sobbed as she leaned forward and gave the nasty old man a long full tongue kiss."

"Well that's taken care of," Circe said gathering up the laptop and made the table vanish in thin air. "I will hold on to this. I have a feeling we will be adding to your harem."

"I can't believe I have been fucking Wonder Woman and Batgirl." Dexter giggled.

"You will soon be breaking in Power Pussy."

"I am not Power Pussy." Power Girl sobbed but kept planning kissing on her master's face and neck while she stroked his chest. "You can't…Oh god save me."

"Well, I better send you on your way," Circe laughed as she began to wave her arms, "Don't worry Dexter, I got your back. No one is going to ever find you."

"You bitch," Power Girl screamed before she vanished along with Dexter, Diana and Barbara.

They appeared in a large room with wood walls and floor. The furniture was expensive and had an Asian look to it. Two open doors gave an incredible view of a bay filled with different sized ships made of wood. Dexter tugged on his leash and led his slaves out onto the porch. He watched a big red sun rise over the bay.

"Good God, where are we?" Diana gasped knowing they were somewhere in the East.

"We are in a country where a man with slaves is accepted." Dexter said turning to his slaves. "The local law will look the other way. Welcome to Thailand, slaves."

"NOOOO!" the slaves screamed and sobbed as they fell to their knees knowing their fates had been sealed.