By Blacknite13

Hi Guys, this story was inspired by some adult themed movies and I thought it was time have some fun with Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman. blacknite12@live.com

Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman is the property of DC comics. The villains in this story are creation of mine.





Diana Prince parked her white Mercedes Benz in the corner of the parking lot and looked out over the sailboats and yachts moored in marina. She took a small pair of binoculars from the glove compartment and brought them up to her bright blue eyes. The raven-haired beauty studied the different boats and until she spotted a long sleek white yacht that looked like the ship from one of the Bond movies. Her eyes drifted down to the name of the boat: THE JANUS.

"The two faced god." Diana said as she studied the boat for any guards and was surprised to find none. "A perfect name for a double agent."

Diana climbed out her car and smoothed the tight white skirt of her business suit down over her long shapely legs. The tailored made outfit was cut to show off her hourglass figure. Her black blouse was buttoned up to her neck but it was still obvious that she had a double D chest. Diana's long black hair was pinned up into a tight bun. Black framed glassed perched on her nose did little to hide her stunning beauty. The raven-haired beauty's white spiked heels clicked on the ground as she walked along the cars. Diana stopped by the railing pulled out her phone and dialed but couldn't get a signal for some reason. She clicked her phone close and looked around for a payphone.

"So much got contacting Steve before I make my move." Diana said fingering her phone and debating what would be the best course of action.

"Miss Prince, Mr. Scott requests you join him on board."

Diana turned at looked down at the distinguished looking man wearing black pants, white shirt and a red vest with gold buttons. She frowned as the silver haired man nodded and motioned her to the boat.

"Pardon me?" Diana said as she looked around the parking lot for any sign of danger.

"You didn't drive all this way just to see the boats?" He smiled.

"And you would be?"

"Oh pardon my manners, I am Jenkins. Mr. Scott's valet. Will you be joining us Miss Prince? It is tea time."

"Since I have lost the element of surprise." Diana said walking over to the steps and joining the valet on the pier. "Lead the way. We can't be late for tea."

"My pleasure, Miss Princess."

Diana followed the man down to the Janus and climbed on board. She stood on deck scanning but still saw no guards but did notice the boat was well kept. The tall beauty noticed Jenkins waiting by a door. She nodded and followed him down same steps and a narrow hallway. She was led down into a living room with redwood walls and trim. A red leather sofa big enough to be a bed was built into one wall. A large coffee of the same redwood sat in front of the sofa. There were two more chairs and a loveseat made of wood and red leather. The tall beauty stopped at the doorway and studied the man sitting on the sofa. He was in his fifties with salt and pepper hair. Clean-shaven with a dark tan he looked like stereotypical yachtsman in his white slacks and blue blazer. Sawyer was pouring himself some tea from a silver teapot into a china cup.

"Miss Prince, at last we meet." Sawyer said with a bright smile. "I have heard so many good things about you."

"I have many things about you." Diana said walking over one of the chairs and sitting down. "Not all good. Is that Earl Grey?"

"Thank you for your honesty." Sawyer said sipping his tea. " So refreshing in our line of work. And in answer to your question this is English Breakfast. Will you join me? We can sip and talk. I invited you here for three reasons"

"Yes, I am not a big fan of Earl Grey. I do love a good conversation with tea. You were saying? The three reasons?"

"Tea makes things seem more civilized." Sawyer said pouring her cup of tea. "Milk and sugar?"

"A drop of milk and one cube of tea."

"The first reason is just curiosity." He said handing her a cup. "As I said I have heard you and your adventures. So I simply I wanted to meet you. As you know I deal in information. I came across some information concerning you."

"Me?" Diana said talking the cup and sipping it. She nodded her approval.

"Yes, it seems you have caught the eye of a sheik and he wants to add you to his harem. He will pay a small fortune for you. Now I see you I can understand the man's desire to have you. I would be on your guard. That was free."

"Nothing in our business is free."

"Too true. It is a peace offering. I have something to sell."

"Information or product?"

"Both. The product is a new drug about to come on the market."

"A drug?" Diana said sipping more of her tea and suddenly feeling a little warm.

"In the wrong hands it could be quite dangerous. Young ladies such as yourself could be jeopardy."

"So what is this new drug?" Diana said suddenly feeling a little strange she finished the tea. She just let the cup drop to the floor. "What does it do?"

"It is an interesting drug." Sawyer said studying the beautiful sitting across from him. "The inventor worked on it for years. He was looking for a love potion because he was in love young lady who didn't share his feelings."

"L-love potion." Diana muttered her whole body feeling numb and suddenly felt afraid. She wanted to leave but couldn't move. The stunning beauty realized too late the tea had been drugged.

"But instead of a love potion." Sawyer said taking off his blazer and tossing it aside. "He came up with this new drug but what does basically is puts the user into deep trance making them very open to suggestion. Very open. Someone could be completely brainwashed to become someone's slave. You see the danger?"

"I…I…see…" Diana said but for some reason she could find the words. It was like her brain had been frozen. The raven-haired beauty tried to move but couldn't and suddenly she had this deep need for someone to tell her what to do."

"Can you hear me, Diana?" Sawyer said leaning forward.

"Yes, I can." Diana said in a small monotone voice.

"You can only hear my voice and will obey every command I give you."

"Yes, I will obey." Diana said screaming in her head trying to get up but more important trying to break the control he seemed to have over her.

"You will now call me master because you are now slave. A meek submissive slave who only wishes to please her master."

"Yes master, I will obey." Diana said but screaming over and over in her head but couldn't disobey. "I am your slave. I only wish to please you."

"You are a sex slave who loves sex. You can't get fucked enough and the idea of sucking cock makes your mouth water. Yes, slave you will be nothing more than a sex crazed slut."

"Yes, master I loved to fuck and suck my master." Diana said knowing she was lost the drug because her mouth was watering at the idea of sucking his cock and suddenly there was warm wetness between her legs. She let off a small gasped as her panties became wet. "Oh."

"When I snap my fingers you will come out the trance but you will still be my slave. You will drop to your knees, call me master and ask how you may serve me."

"Yes master." Diana said with a small moan her body now full aroused.

"Now lets see the drug works." Sawyer said and snapped his fingers.

Diana blinked her eyes and looked across at Sawyer. She slid off the chair and dropped to her knees. "How may I serve you master?"

"Crawl over here slave, take off my shoes and kiss and lick my feet."

"Yes, master." Diana said swearing like a sailor in her head as she got on her hands and knees. She crawled over to the old man, sat back and carefully took off his shoes and socks. Then she lifted on barefoot up and began to kiss and lick it. The taste of his filthy toes made her even hornier Diana now under control of the drug held his foot with both hands as she ran her tongue up and down it. She licked up to his tongues and began to suck the big toe. The drugged beauty moaned as she slurped on his toe for while and then moved to the next toe, pushing her tongue between the toes.

"That's a good slave." Sawyer sighed as he watched the kneeling beauty slurp his toes. He watched her lick and suck his toes. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off as Diana moved to his other foot.

Diana wailed inside her head as she ran her tongue all over the foot and giving each toe a good long sucking. After while she placed both feet to the floor and began plant kisses on them. She glanced up at the sound of zipper and licked her lips at the sight of his long hard cock.

"Pull off my pants and then you may suck my cock, slave." He said rubbing his cock.

"Thank you master." Diana panted as she yanked his pants down around his ankles. She pulled them off, knelt up, and wrapped her hand around the cock while cupping his balls with her other hand. Then unable to stop herself, Diana began to kiss and lick the cock with increasing lust. The raven-haired beauty was soon slurping on the cock with full delight.

The old man sighed as the tongue rolled over his cock. He giggled when the prim looking beauty licked down to his balls. "I think I have unleashed the inner slut."

"Yes, master you have." Diana panted as she worked down to his balls and began to give them a good tongue licking. The shapely beauty rolled her tongue over the twin sacs coating them with her spit. Then with a small laugh she wrapped her lips around the balls and began to suck. She gobbled on the balls like they were tasty treats. Wagging her tongue around them as she did. "MMMMM!"

"Ohhh, you missed you calling Diana." Sawyer moaned as her balls were expertly sucked. "You nothing but a whore."

Diana's face blushed with anger and shame but kept sucking on the balls for a good five minutes and then hungrily kissed and licked the whole cock. She used both of hands to fondle the cock and balls. The drugged heroine ran her tongue up and down the long hard cock and then pushed the cock deep into her drooling mouth.

"Now we are getting down to business." Sawyer moaned in sheer bliss as the hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock and began to suck. He smiled as he watched the raven-haired beauty's head begin to bob up and down in his lap. "Well I can tell you have done this before. Maybe Steve taught you this trick."

Diana fumed and screaming inside her head, the words stinging like darts. It wasn't Steve that taught her about sex. It had been her several masters who had tamed her in the past. It was a mostly unknown around the world that the great Wonder Woman had be caught and tamed by her own lasso. She had been a sex slave to two villains and a whore to a nasty pimp. Twice she escaped by sheer luck and the last time Batman had saved her. Once again thanks to her magic lasso the villains and Batman had no memory of her slutty past. Even as she had these thoughts and shame filled her mind she could stop from sucking on the cock filling her mouth. Diana used her hand to pump the cock deep into her throat and out again. She wagged her tongue around the pole as she slurped away.

"OHHHHH!" Sawyer gasped as his cock swelled and ached to explode. He closed his eyes and having seconds thought about selling the slut to the sheik. He really had more than enough money but a really talented cocksucker was hard to find.

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" Diana grunted as she gobbled away on the cock trying to make her master come so she could enjoy the taste of his seed. She snaked her hand under her skirt and began to finger her already hot wet pussy. The kneeling woman really hoped her master would fuck after she finished his blowjob.

"OH! OH! OH!" The old man cried as he came in her mouth.

"MMMPHHHHHH!" Diana gasped in delight as her mouth filled with the sweet taste of his cum. She rubbed the cock trying to empty it into her mouth while trying to make herself come at the same time. The beautiful agent swallowed the cum like it was sweet candy and then licked his cock off with loud smacks. "How else may I serve you, master?"

""Stand up and strip…slowly." Sawyer said.

"Yes, master." Diana cooed now under full control of the drug. She stood up and panting in heated lust. The tall beauty slowly slipped out her jacket and let it drop to the floor. The seductively she undid her vest thrusting out her more than ample bosom. Diana let the vest drop and then licking her lips she unzipped her skirt. She wiggled her butt as she slid the skirt down her long shapely legs. Dian playfully kicked it away. The raven-haired beauty sighed in sheer bliss as she undid her blouse slowly revealing her black silk French bra. She smiled as the blouse fell off her shoulders and down around her ankles. Then with a small smile she unhooked her bra and freed her two huge tits. Diana tossed it to her master and then cupped her own tits.

Sawyer laughed as he caught the bra and sniffed it, almost becoming intoxicated with the smell of her perfume. He continued to sniff her bra while he watched her play with her fat tits. Perfect tits that didn't sag an inch.

Diana pinched and squeezed her tits enjoying the feel of her own soft flesh. After making her own tits swell and ache she ran her hands down to her black panties. She hooked her thumbs in the silk thong and slowly pushed them off her firm round ass. She uncovered the thin strip of black curls of her twat and pushed the panties down her long legs. Diana tugged then off her feet, sniffed them and then tossed them to her master.

Sawyer caught the panties, fingering the wet thong and then sniffing it. He looked up at the magnificent body now only covered by her black garter belt and stockings. "Loose the glasses and let down you hair slave."

"Yes, master." Diana panted as she took off her glasses and dropped them. She reached up and pinned her hair letting the black curls fall out. The raven-haired beauty shook out her silk locks until it fell over body in luscious waves.

"Now come to me my slave." Sawyer said having decided to keep the tasty bitch for himself. "Sit on my lap and ride me like the whore you are."

"Oh yes master!" Diana giggled as she trotted over to her master, saddled his lap and began kiss him full tongue. She sighed in delight as he grabbed her tits and began fondle them. She kissed him full tongue over and over feeling his cock stiffen, she lifted herself up and pushed it into her burning hot pussy. "OH YESSSSSS!"

Hours later, Diana sat up in the messy bed pushing her sweat drench hair from her face. The images of the afternoon fuck session filled her mind filling her with shame but also gave her craving for some more sex. The raven-haired beauty rolled out bed and fought the urge to find her master. Diana realized the drug might not be as powerful as Sawyer thought. She suddenly had a thought. The tall beauty began to spin around and around. There was clash of thunder and a storm of color. Seconds later Wonder Woman stood in the bedroom clad in her skimpy stars and stripes costume. Her gold tiara held back her long thick hairs. The gold belt wrapped around her slender waist not only filled her with power but cleansed her body of the foul drug. "Great Hera I am free! Now for some revenge!"

Sawyer was steering the Janus out the marina still debating if he was going to keep Diana as sex slave. The sheik and he had agreed on a price but she was so good in bed. He stopped to remember the afternoon of sex that left him wanting even more. At this thought his cock stiffen and he was about to call the captain to the bridge when he was grabbed and tossed onto the floor.

"Did you really think you could kidnap and rape a government agent and just sail away!' Wonder Woman snapped as she grabbed the man and lifted him up. "Think again foul villain!"

Suddenly the captain and three crewmen charged onto the bridge. Wonder Woman tossed aside the man and turned to meet her attackers. The might Amazon slammed her red glove into the captain face sending to the floor. She punched and kicked the last three men with full fury. It was short battle that left only the Amazon standing.

"So much for this pleasure cruise." Wonder Woman laughed as she turned to and grabbed the wheel of the ship.

Wonder Woman watched as Steve and his men take Sawyer and his men away. Once again thanks to her lasso the men had all confessed to their crimes. She smiled as Steve walked up.

"Thanks Wonder Woman." Steve said. "Thanks to you we will be able to round up all of Sawyer's gang and his connections. It is going to be a long night. Did you happen to see Agent Prince today?"

"Yes, it turns out some nasty sheik wishes to add to her harem. I believe she is trying to find out which one. But I am sure that she will contact in a short time."

"Well just wanted to be sure she was all right." Steve said. "I heard the same rumor. I was considering putting her in protective custody."

"No need for that. Diana can take care of herself." Wonder Woman said with a smile. The tall Amazon gave him another smile and walked off into the night. Once she was out of sight Wonder Woman changed back into Diana Prince. Now clad in a yellow summer dress that buttoned up the front Diana sighed and rubbed her head trying to ignore the buzzing inside. She fumbled with her phone and dialed Steve. After a short but heated conversation Diana agreed to go home and get some rest. The tall beauty hung up and sighed thinking she did need some sleep. Her head felt like it was filled with cotton. "Even Amazons need sleep."

Diana made the short drive home parked in her driveway and sighed when she saw her next store neighbor standing on her porch. Walt Jones was a bear of man who stood as tall as Diana. The huge African-American was fat but it was hard fat mixed with muscle. His iron gray hair was cropped close to his head giving him a nasty look.

Walt and Diana had not liked each other since the day she moved in but his dislike of the bitch has not stop him from having fantasies about fucking her. He watched the young woman climb out her car and walk toward him. He took in every luscious curve of her body especially the huge tits. Walt couldn't help but his lips.

"What is it now, Walt?" Diana said pushing past the big black man and unlocking her front door. She stepped into her foyer and turned to face him.

"You called the cops on me!" Walt snarled stepping into her house realizing this was the first time he had been inside. "I was just having a party."

"That woke the whole neighborhood up." Diana said trying to ignore the wetness between her legs and the buzzing in her head. "Not to mention the hookers."

"They were strippers and none of your business! " Walt growled trying to keep his eyes on her face and not her fat tits.

"That is where you are wrong. It is my business. I have no interest in living next store to a pig!"

"I know what it is. You just jealous that you weren't invited."


"I know what you need."

"As if!"

"I know your kind. Stuck up bitches who only need a good fucking!"

"You are not man enough to try!" Diana said unable to stop the words out her mouth. Her pussy was not soaking wet and her head was going blank. Then it hit her. The drug was still in her body. Her gold belt hadn't cure her just protected her. Now with her belt gone the drug was reasserting itself. "G-get out!"

Walt smiled when he saw the look in her eyes and then slammed the door close. He grabbed the raven-haired beauty and pushed her against the wall.

"Get your hands off me!" Diana cried as she was held against the all. The touch of his hands on her body sent shivers through her whole body. She remembered that Sawyer had programmed her to be a slut. The shapely beauty tried to scream but his mouth clamping over her mouth cut it off. She couldn't stop herself from sucking on the tongue filling her mouth.

Walt held the snotty bitch against the wall as he chewed and sucked on her lips and tongue. He forced her to kiss his until he realized she was returning the kiss. He let got her hands, grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it open.

"MMMMMPH!" Diana screamed around the mouth gnawing on her lips as he body was uncovered by the vile man but she was still unable to control her own lustful desires. The mighty Amazon wasn't completely under the control of the drug but Sawyer's programming making her slut apparently was still working. Diana let Walt push her against the wall loving the feel of his hand on her soft body.

Walt stopped kissing her long enough to rip off her yellow lace bra and panties. He laughed at the sight of her naked body with is huge tits and sweet looking twat. He grabbed her boobs and began to mash them around and then buried his mouth in her throat.

"Oh nooooo!" Diana gasped as he gnawed on her neck with the same lust he was fondling her tits. Her tender mounds were all ready starting to swell and harden. The raven-haired beauty began to squirm against the wall as Walt molested her body. Poor Diana was powerless to stop the vile man from having his way with her. Her desire to stop was fading as the drug kept seem to gain more and more control over her body. "No…no…no!"

Walt kept her pressed against the wall and he sucked and chewed on her neck. He could believe it. For the last year this stuck up bitch had done everything to make his life miserable. Now she was letting him give her the fucking he knew she needed and loving it. He used his knee to spread her legs and then ripped off her yellow panties. The big black man fumbled with his pants letting them drop down around his ankles. He felt his long hard pop out and then pushed it up into her pussy. He wasn't surprised to find the pussy hot and wet.

"OHSWEEEETHERAAAA!" Diana screamed as she was impaled on what felt like a log. She pressed her head back against the wall and wrapped her arms around his neck. The ravished beauty gasped and wailed as he began to fuck her with brutal force. Each thrust banging her against the wall. Her pleasure was increased when his mouth began suck on her fat tits and his hands began to fondle ass. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!'

The huge man grunted and panted as he gnawed on the huge tits as he fucked the bitch with all he had. He dug his fingers into tender flesh and squeezed the cheeks together. All his anger and lust were being put into his fucking. Her loud squeals and moans of delight only added to his lust.

"UGH! UGH! AWGAWDDDDDESSSSS!" Diana screamed lost in her own lust that was being fueled by the drug that was now racing through her body. Her tits were throbbing and aching from the rough sucking. The raven-haired beauty closed her eyes and brought her legs. She wrapped her long legs around her rapist's hips. She began to claw at his back as the pounding cock drove her toward a climax. The orgasm hit making her scream in sheer bliss. Her mind was storm of mixed thoughts the desire for more fucking and the need to escape. "AUGHHHHHH!"

Walt bucked his whole body against the ravished beauty sucked and slobbering over her large round mounds of soft flesh. He used his hands to pull her pussy into his cock with the same lust. Unable to hold his load the huge black man shot his wad.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as the hot seed filled her pussy giving her a hug orgasm. She twisted between the wall and her rapist. When his lips came to hers she kissed him full tongue. The ravished beauty whimpered when Walt pulled out and dragged her back into her house.

Walt pulled her through the house until he found her bedroom. He literally ripped the remains of her clothes off her and shoved her onto the bed. The huge black man undressed and then smiled. He pulled his phone out his jeans and hit speed dial. "Hey its me. Grab Eddie and come to the bitch's house. The door is open. She is ready to party."

"Ho no." Diana whimpered as crawled back on the bed as the naked man climbed onto the bed and pulled her under him. She screamed as his twelve inches of cock slammed back into her pussy. The ravished beauty came at once and was soon screaming and sobbing I heated lust as he fucked the hell of her. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" "We going to party whore!" Walt laughed as he pounded his cock deep into her tight twat making her come. He grabbed body her tits and mashed them together. Walt enjoyed the sound of squeal, savored the fact he was dominating this bitch and then forced her to kiss him full tongue.

"MPHHHHH!" Diana screamed around the tongue filling her mouth. She began to return the full tongue kiss with the same passion. The drugged beauty was once again clawing at his back with animal like lust. Her bed began to squeak and groan from the spirited fucking. Diana moaned in heated lust as Walt worked down to her tits and began to suck on them. Through half open eyes she saw two men walked into the room.

Joe the fat slob of a man who lived across the street who constantly made comments about her tits and ass. The retired factory worker was living off a pension. The tee shirt and shorts looked to small for his tubby body. His last few strands of hair were combed across his balding head. He laughed at the sight of Walt fucking the hell of the tasty bitch with the big tits. He began to pull off his clothes.

"Damn." Eddie said as he took the sight of Diana being fucked. He had a face like weasel. A long narrow face with long nose and squinty eyes. His sweat hung on his skinny body. He pushed back his long brown hair and began to undress.

"Oh goddess nooooo!" Diana whimpered when she realized she was going to have to service three men for goodness knows how long. Walt was married but separated. Eddie was single and Joe was married but his wife was hardly ever home because of her charity work. Walt came inside her making her come again. "AUGHHHH!"

Walt rolled off the panting beauty and pulled her up. He motioned his buddies over.

"Who was this sweet pussy?" Walt said as he fondled her tits and kissed her face and neck. "I am going to fuck her ass."

"I don't mind sloppy seconds." Eddie laughed climbing onto the bed and laying back his stiff cock sticking right up. "Just plant her on my cock!"

"Oh please wait…UGHHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she lifted up and pushed down on Eddie's cock. She gasped in delight loving the feel of cock in her pussy. The ravished beauty moaned as Walt bent her forward. She bit her lips when she felt his hands spreading her ass cheeks. "Oh noooo"

"Time to loose up this tight ass." Walt sneered and pushed his still hard cock into the tight butt hole.

"AUGAWDDESSSSSS!" Diana wailed as her ass was filled with rock hard cock. She began to squeal and gasp as the two men began to fuck her at the same time. The raven-haired beauty was rocked back and forth between her two rapists. "UGH! UGH! UGHHH!"

"I bet this bitch can suck like a whore." Joe said climbing onto the bed and grabbing her a fistful of her hair. He waited for her to squeal in delight and pushed his cock into her open mouth. The skinny man laughed as the bitch wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck. "You go slut!"

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" Diana sobbed unable to stop from sucking on the cock filling her mouth. She gulped and slurped on the pole as the two huge cocks kept slamming into her hot body. Her head began to spin around and around as her lust grew. The raven-haired beauty could feel herself falling into a whirlpool of lust. The mighty Amazon began to ride back cocks while sucking the third cock with the same lust. "MPH! MPHHH! MPH!"

"I told this bitch was nothing but a whore!" Walt laughed as he continued to ream out her ass. He happily began to swat the butt as he fucked the hell of her tight hole. "I think we got ourselves a real slut…I figure we can train her to be our personal sex slave!"

"Sounds good to me!" Eddie grunted as he pushed his cock up into the hot wet pussy loving how it felt around his cock. He grabbed onto her dangling boobs and mashed them together. The skinny man caught a nipple between his lips and began to suck.

"She is almost there!' Joe moaned as the hot wet mouth gobbled on his cock. He happily watched Diana's head bob up and down on his cock. He leaned back and imagined what it would be like to have this big titted slut at his beck and call. He reached down and began finger her silky hair. "She sure sucks like a whore."

"MPHHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as she came from the two cocks fucking her. The orgasm made she suck in the whole cock savoring the sweet taste of it. As she fucked and sucked the three men Diana sobbed at the thought of being these three creeps sex slave. Each with the drug racing through her whole body the Amazon hated the idea of being a slave to mere men. Another orgasm slammed into her body pushing the images from her head and filling it with images of fucking and sucking.

A three hours later a naked Diana was on her knees in her own den sucking the cocks of the three men who just fucked to countless orgasms. After the gangbang she had followed them crawling on her hands and knees. Once the men had sat down she sucked off Walt and then moved on to Joe. She had been sucking them off for the last hour. The three men were sitting on her sofa watching the game, eating pizza and beer they had bought with her credit card. Diana dejectedly serviced the men wondering how she was going to escape the creeps. She wasn't sure if she would have to strength to change into Wonder Woman.

It was well after midnight before the three men left the ravished beauty lying on the floor of her bathroom drenched in her own sweat, cum dripping from all three holes. Diana rolled onto her back and whimpered. It took her a second to realize they had chained her to the toilet. She fingered the steel links wrapped her neck and then ran down the base of the toilet. Fortunately the chain was long enough for her to stand. Focusing all her strength Diana spun around and around. There was the storm of thunder and colors and she became Wonder Woman. The mighty heroine grabbed the chain and pulled. The chain didn't snap. She pulled and pulled but the chain held tight.

"Great Hera, why can't break this!" Wonder Woman cried still yanking on the chain. After as several minutes she gave up and slumped onto the floor. Then it hit her. The oldest of the Amazon laws: When an Amazon was defeated and chained she would become the slave of her conquers. "Oh sweet goddess I am doomed!"

Wonder Woman sobbed aloud as she curled up into a ball realizing she was now the slave of the three men. From this point on she would have to obey they every command.

Diana checked her make up and refreshed her lipstick as Walt showered across the hall. The raven-haired beauty tossed the sweaty red camisole into the hamper and put on a black negligee with matching garter belts, fishnet stockings and spike heels. She combed out her long hair until it fell over the voluptuous body in thick black curls. Her fingers brushed the gold collar locked around her neck with the words: PRIVATE PUSSY. Diana pushed back the tears and walked down stairs. She stepped into the den and looked over the dozen men who were now her masters.

Once Walt and his buddies had completely tamed her they had brought in the rest of the neighborhood guys. They had turned her house into their own private clubhouse where they could drink, smoke cigars, watch the games, play poker and of course have their personal sex slave fuck and suck them. One of her new masters was an accountant and had found her secret funds. So the money that was supposed to be used to fight evil was now use to fund their club. Naturally Diana had quit her job so she could service her masters 24/7. At least two of the men stayed the night to make sure their fuck toy stayed where they wanted her.

Diana wasn't going anywhere. About a week after she had been tamed one of her fellow Amazons had shown up and taken her costume, gold belt and lasso. They barely spoke; Diana could tell the Amazon no longer saw her as a princess but something beneath her. She had left with out a word and leaving Diana to serve her male masters.

"I am up!" Greg said getting up from the sofa with a grunt. He was in his forties with a beer gut, balding head but worst he had bad breath and body odor. "Let get going slut. I am really horny."

"As you wish master." Diana whimpered with a big smile. She took a breath and kissed him full tongue trying to ignore his hands squeezing her ass. A quick slap on her ass made her led her master up to the master bedroom. The defeated Amazon brought him into the bedroom and closed the door. "Now how may I serve you master?"

"We'll start out with a blowjob." Greg said dropping his baggy shorts and wagging his cock at her. You can crawl over here and kiss my feet first"

"Yes, master, I am here to serve you." Diana whimpered dropping to her knees and crawling over to her master. Just like she had in the past and would again and again and again…