By Blacknite13

I have decided to have a little fun with Diana Prince today. I hope you enjoying watching the raven-haired beauty learn to serve. blacknite13@live.com


This story contains forced sex, bondage and other nasty stuff so it shouldn't be read by minors.




Diana Prince sat at her desk going over the file Steve had sent down. The raven-beauty was wearing a blue pinstriped suit with a white blouse that did little to hide her hourglass figure. Even though her long wavy hair was pinned up into a tight bun and black framed glasses rested on her nose it was obvious she was a stunning beauty. She turned the page of the file and but looked up when a familiar laugh echo from the hallway.

"Good heavens no." Diana muttered as she turned her attention back to the file. The shapely beauty sighed at the sound of the quick knock on her door.

Dave stepped into the office without being asked, laughing as he did. He wasn't handsome but he wasn't ugly either. He just looked like the guy next store. The Italian suit that he was wearing as made his soft body look better than it was. The fact was if not for his money and family name Dave would just be another guy.

"Diana, looking good as usual." Dave Baron said as he leaned against the wall. Dave had a title, an office in her department but no real duties. He had gotten the pretend job because of his rich family and the fact his uncle was an ambassador to Great Britain. Steve had told he was being groomed but was unsure for what. Dave came to the office every day and with no real job he became the office Romeo and joker. He had hit on and dated almost every woman in the building. Diana was one on the short list of the unimpressed women and had become his latest target. But the more she resisted the more he pursued her.

"Look I got tickets for a play." Diana smiled, "Some kind of musical. I think it won an award. You, me, dinner and a show?"

"I am busy tonight." Diana said without looking up from her file.

"You always busy."

"Dave, some of us have work to do. I am trying to be polite but I wish you would stop asking me out. I am not interested."

"So you are not really busy tonight."

"I don't lie. I am working tonight."


"Dave, you know I can't discuss my cases with you."

"Oh yeah, that whole security thing."

"Yes, that whole security thing. I need to get back to this."


Dave gave her a smile and a wave as she walked out. A few minutes later Steve walked into the office and smiled. "You ready for tonight?"

"It should be a breeze." Diana said, "I walk in, make some talk and dance a couple of dances and then make my way to the master bedroom. Open the safe behind the painting hanging on the west wall and photograph the files and then waltz out."

"Diana, be careful. This is embassy once you are inside you are on foreign soil. If you get caught."

"Steve, its not the Russian or Chinese embassy. They are suppose to be one our allies. If they catch me it will only be embarrassing than dangerous. I figure the worst will happen I will get fired."

"I just hope this tip is good. If that safe is empty."

"Relax Steve. It's all in the bag." Diana smiled as she put a small camera in her bag.


Diana stood in the embassy ballroom looking stunning in her black cocktail dress. It was short enough to show off her long legs, which looked, incredibly good in the black fishnet stockings and the spike heel shoes. It had spaghetti straps and a scoop neck that gave just a hint of her more than ample bosom. Her long raven hair was pinned up into elaborate style with twists and curls. The shapely woman was listening to a small fat man brattle on about something or other. She had spent the last hour blending in and was about ready to make her move. Diana waited for the boring man to move on.

Finally he was called away and Diana waited for the light to dim for the next waltz. She stepped back into the hallway and walked to the rear staircase that few people knew about but she did since she had spent hours studied the floor plans of the embassy. The raven-haired beauty snuck up the stairs, came to the third floor and counted off the doors to the room she wanted.

"Bingo." Diana smiled as she stepped into the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and moved toward the painting. Suddenly a hand clamped a rag over her face while another one locked down her arms. Diana recognized the smell of chloroform as she sucked in the foul drug. "MMMMPH!"

Caught off guard the young beauty screamed into the cloth sucking in the nasty stuff. The effects were already weakening her making her slump back into her attacker. Diana succumbed to the drug in seconds and slipped into darkness.

"MMMPHHHH!" Diana screamed through the ballgag jammed into her mouth. The young beauty was spread eagle across a bed with a canopy. Red cords wrapped around her ankles and wrists held her down on the bed. Diana had woken to find herself bound and gagged and helpless.

"I bet I am the last person you expected to see." Dave said as he walked up to the bed and smiled down at his helpless captive. "You always looked down at me. I bet you don't even remember the first time we met. It was a year ago at that cocktail party at Senator Bellows. Never even gave me a second look. You never suspected that I was smarter than I looked. I graduated from Harvard. Bottom of my class but still Harvard. Have you figured it out I set you up."

"MMMPHHHH!" Diana screamed through her gag as Dave pulled off his jacket and tie. She whimpered when he began unbutton his shirt.

"The moment I saw you I knew I had to have you." Dave said as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. "Not as a girlfriend or wife. No I wanted you at my beck and call. As I got to know you I wanted you more and more. There is just something about you. So I plotted and planned. I arranged for you to get the tip so you would sneak onto into this embassy, the ambassador owed me a huge favor. I got him out a little trouble with a cheerleader. Best place to grab you. A foreign country and I don't even have to catch a plane."

"NAAAAA!" Diana sobbed when she realized what Dave had planned for her.

"Once I got the embassy set up I move on to the next step of my plan." He said as he dropped his pants leaving only his boxers, "A couple more favors got me the job in your agency where I became the office Romeo and fool that no one took seriously. So when you vanished I would be the last person they would suspect. So here we are at last part of the plan."

"AUGHHHH!" The bound beauty screamed as Dave climbed onto the bed and lay down beside her. She tugged at the ropes holding her down as he cupped her tit with one hand.

"You and I are going to pass the time in this bed." Dave smiled as he ripped the front of her dress uncovering her black bra. "Fucking like rabbits until the party is over. It will be so much better with all those rich snots downstairs."

"NAAAAA!" Diana sobbed as he freed her tits from the bra and began squeeze them as he kissed her face and neck.

"When the time is right, I stuff you into the trunk of my car and drive off into the night. I have a house in Maine. Dave whispered as he nibbled on her ear. "It is by the coast quite isolated. You and I will have complete privacy. No one to interfere with your training. But enough talk or plots and plans."

"MMMMPH!" The raven haired beauty squealed as her dress was yanked up over her hips exposing her lace black panties. She sobbed as the flimsy panties were ripped from her body. "NAAAA!"

"Oh yes, Diana." Dave hissed as he ran his tongue over her face savoring his first look at the black curls covering her pussy. He began to rub it with his fingertips while kissed down to her tits.

"AUGHHHH!" Diana sobbed as the small man began to suck and gnaw on her tit while pushed two fingers into her twat. Diana arched up and squealed as her captor began to finger fuck her. The helpless woman squirmed around on the bed as the pussy and tits both began to throb.

Dave sucked on the boob squeezing it as he did. He pumped his fingers into her pussy and twirled them around. He chuckled when her pussy began get wet.

"MPHHHH!" The raven-hair captive moaned as her pussy got hot and wet from the fingers stroking it. Her boob began to swell from the sucking. She whimpered as Dave moved his mouth and hand to her other tit.

"You are so ready to fuck." Dave laughed between sucks. He worked on the pussy and tits for another few minutes. He pulled out his fingers and wiped them off on her thigh. He rolled on top of the bound beauty and squeezed her tits with both hands. "You are ready for this!"

"NAAAAA!" Diana screamed as the stiff cock pushed into her pussy making her come at once. The helpless beauty was soon grunting and panting from Dave's spirited fucking. His hands mashed her tits around while he kissed and licked her face and neck.

"GOD I HAVE DREAMED OF THIS!!" Dave panted as he slammed his cock in and out of her tight twat. He ran his tongue over her face and then buried his mouth in her neck. His fingers mashed and twisted the boobs as he sucked and fucked her sweet flesh.

"UGH! UGH! UGHHHHH!" The ravished beauty screamed as an orgasm exploded in her body. She squirmed and twisted under her rapist. Her tits had swelled and ached from passionate fondling. She rolled her head around trying to escape the mouth and tongue attacking her.

Dave kept fucking and molesting her body with increasing lust. Lost in the fact that he finally had Diana in his clutches but could now do what he wanted with her. His cock felt like a huge steel spike, harder than it had ever been. Each thrust gave him unbelievable pleasure.

"AUGHHHHH!" Diana wailed as she came again. She couldn't stop herself from pushing his pussy against the cock as her own lust took over her body. The bounded beauty's tits felt like they had swollen to twice their size. Even the hot wet mouth lapping over her face and neck was giving her pleasure. Another climax slammed into her body. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"AHGAWDDDDD!" Dave gasped as he shot his entire load into her pussy. He arched up and enjoyed his climax.

"AIIIIIIIII!" Diana screamed as she was forced to another orgasm. She bucked and twisted, as her body was flooded with unexpected pleasure. The ravished beauty slumped down when the cock pulled out.

Dave lay across the panting beauty, kissing and stroking her body as he got his second wind. He smiled as his cock quickly stiffened again. He kissed on the face as he pushed his cock back into the well-fucked pussy.

"AUGHHHHH!" Diana squealed as she came again as the cock returned to her already wet pussy. She endured another quick fuck and then was untied from the bed. The ravished beauty was too weak to fight as Dave pulled her up and quickly tied her wrists to her elbows. She whimpered as he buckled a collar around her neck and snapped on a chain leash.

"Time to let your hair down, baby." Dave laughed as he unpinned her hair making it tumble out over her body in thick waves. He ripped off her dress and bra leaving only her stockings to cover her legs. He replaced the ballgag with a ring gag. Dave began to rub and fondle her rich full body as he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

"MPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to kiss her captor and rapist. She squirmed around as he chewed on her lips and his hands rubbed and pinched her soft flesh. Poor Diana could do nothing as the little creep kissed and molested her body.

"I am hard again, baby." Dave panted as he bent her over the edge of the bed and spread her legs. He gave her as swat and then pushed his cock into her butt hole.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The helpless heroine squealed as her cherry ass was fucked for the fist time. She sobbed and screamed as the creep buried his cock in her ass and began to pump it in and out. It was made worst by his hands playfully spanking her butt. "AW! AW! AW! AW! AW! AW!"

"God your ass is tight." Dave grunted as he reamed out her ass while he swatted it with his open hand. "I bet my cock is the first to fuck it. Tell me you love it bitch!"

"AWWWWWW!" Diana whimpered and wailed as her was fucked and spanked. She had never been so humiliated in her life. She had been caught before by her foe and even raped but none dared rape her in the ass. Each thrust of the cock had been painfully at first but as the fucking went on it faded and began to give her unwanted pleasure. "UGHHHHH! UGHHHH!"

Dave swatted and squeezed the firm round ass as he increased the force of his fucking. He grunted and gasped as really began to ream out his ass, spanking it as he did.

"AW! AWWWW!" Diana sobbed as the fucking and spanking went on and on. Her virgin ass had loosened so the cock was now stroking her in ways she had never expected. The ravished beauty arched up and screamed as she came. "AIIIIIII!"

"OHHHHH!" Dave growled as he filled her ass with his cum. He held his cock in the tight hole until his wad was blown. He gave her ass a few more swats and then pulled out. He reached around her body grabbed her fat tits and pulled her up against his body. He kissed and bit her neck while he mashed her tits around. "Just think Diana, this is just the start of a beautiful relationship."

"NAAAAAAA!" Diana sobbed as her tits were roughly played with and her neck sucked on. She whimpered as he force back onto the bed and spread her legs again.

A couple hours later and several fuckings the helpless beauty found herself lying on the floor tightly hogtied. Rope was wrapped around her elbows, wrists, thighs and ankles. More rope was wrapped around her upper body with two knotted lengths pulled across her pussy and over her ass. Her legs were pulled back and tied to her hands. A thick wad of cloth was stuffed into her mouth. Rope tied to her elbows was looped around her head and over her lips to hold in the gag. Diana was completely helpless and could only squirm and grunt while Dave lay on the bed drinking beer and munching on some sandwiches.

"Relax sweetheart." Dave laughed as he drained his beer, "I know you are in a hurry to get on the road and to your new home but the party is going late. I think I'll take a shower and maybe fuck you again before we leave."

"MMMPHH!" Diana sobbed as she struggled to get free but to no avail. A short time later the bound beauty found herself stuffed into the trunk of a car. She gave off a muffled scream as Dave slammed the lid closed sealing her fate.


"STOPPPPPPP!" Diana screamed as the ice cold water was sprayed over tits and then down to her crotch. She had been stuffed in the car trunk for hours until Dave had pulled her out and carried her into what appeared to be a secluded old beach house. Her captor and dumped her on the floor and decided that she smelled and untied her legs; the bound beauty was force into a large shower and had been tormented with a hand held showerhead. "PLEEEEAEEEE!"

"Just getting you cleaned up for your date tonight." Dave laughed as he brought cold spray up to her tits and held it there as he adjusted the temperature of the water. He switched the head from spray to massage.

"OH GOD I WILL KILL YOU!" Diana sobbed as she curled up in the corner of the tub with her teeth chattering. She let off a loud sigh as the water gotten warmer and began to heat up her shivering body. The bound beauty squealed as Dave pulled her up against him and grabbed on her tits. "BASTARD!"

"Just getting you warmed up, slave!" Dave laughed as he mashed her tits with one hand as he pushed the shower massager into her crotch.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana squealed as the showerhead over her crotch, the warm water gushing over and into her twat. She turned her face away as her captor began to kiss and lick her face. Her tits ached from the long night of abuse but still swelled.

"You liking that, slave?" Dave laughed as he worked the water tool around her pussy as he bit her neck. He squeezed her tits with her one hand as he rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass.

"I-I-I NOT YOUR SLAVE!" The helpless heroine sobbed, as her body was abuse and used to satisfy his youthful lusts. She sobbed as he grabbed her hair and twisted her head back. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she was sucking on it before she realized it. The bound beauty screamed around the mouth crushing her lips as the damn shower massager made her climax. "MMPHHHH!"

"MMMPHH!" Dave sighed as he forced her to kiss him full tongue as he worked the water around her pussy, feeling her body quiver from an orgasm. He freed her lips after kissing her for long minute, pulled away the water and forced his slave down to her knees. Dave waited for her to gasp for air and pushed his cock into her mouth.

"AUGHHHH!" Diana gasped as the huge cock plowed into her mouth. She could stop her lips from clamping around the pole and gulping on it. The bound beauty grunted as the cock began to pump in and out her mouth.

"That's good girl, you suck on that!" Dave laughed as he adjusted the showerhead to a spray and held it over her face.

"MPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she began to suck on the cock knowing she had no choice. She closed her eyes as the warm water sprayed over face and ran down over her body. The kneeling woman whimpered as she rolled her tongue over the pole while pushing deep into her mouth and out again.

"There you go." Dave gasped as he watched the head bob up and down on his cock. The water running over her body made her looking incredibly sexy. He leaned back against the cool tile and enjoyed the feel of her hot wet mouth slurping on his cock.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" The bound beauty grunted as she gobbled on the cock knowing her best chance to escape was to act like she was broken and tame. Then wait for a chance to escape. But the problem was she was beginning to enjoy the feel of ropes on her body and the taste of his cock in her mouth. Diana tried to figure out what was happening to her body. Then she remembered her lessons as a child by her old teacher.

"Remember if an Amazon is defeated and bound she will submit to the one who has bound her. Even the mightiest of our warriors will kneel if she is conquered and chained. Know this, One an Amazon is taught to serve…the lesson cannot be unlearned."

"GREAT HERA!" Diana sobbed around the cock she was sucking on as the words sunk in. She tried to pull her mouth off the cock but could bring herself to stop gulping on the cock with loud slurps. The bound heroine strained against the ropes holding her prisoner but they held time. She heard Dave grunt and her mouth filled with cum. Diana swallowed the sweet seed with loud gulps and sobs.

After the shower Diana was moved into the bedroom and chained to the overhead rafters. Long chains had been bolted to the beams and hung down. The young beauty arms were pulled out and the chain wrapped around her wrists. Diana was held in place with her arms stretched out. A spread bar with leather shackles was locked around her ankles. Three chains dangled between her large tits held up by two nibble clamps.

"Damn you Dave!" Diana moaned as she struggled with the chains holding her. "You just can't kidnap me and hold me prisoner! I will be missed. My people will come looking!"

"I thought we went over this." Dave said as he came back into the bedroom holding a tall glass of milk. "We both know they won't come looking here. Besides do you really think Steve's boss is going to let the world know they sent a spy into a friendly nation's embassy?"

"Steve will look for me!" Diana said knowing what Dave was saying was true. Her agency would never admit to such a violation. She would be written off just like other agents lost in the field.

"But Steve is one man and has the same low opinion of me."

"Please just me go. I won't tell…"

"Just drink your milk." Dave smiled as he held the glass up to her lips. "You'll need your strength to escape…or fuck and suck your new master."

"YOU ARE NOT MY MASTER!" Diana spat but gobbled down the milk to fill her empty belly. She had drained the glass before she realized it tasted too sweet. Her head began to buzz and her pussy suddenly became burning hot. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?"

"Just sweeten up your milk with something I found lying around the labs. I think it was called XT-30."

"NOOOO!" Diana screamed in horror as her body began to burn with unbelievable lust. "XT-30! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?"

"Oh yes, I read the label. It is the sex drug that you tried to get your agency banned but they ignored you and just improved it. You can feel it can't you. Turning you into a sex craze bimbo. But that will past after a few fucking….your body will calm down but you will be a changed woman. You will be meek little sex slave."

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Diana screamed as the drug took control of her body and mind. The room vanished in a cloud of red as an overpowering lust swept over her.


"Yes, Steve I think is all for the best." Dave said as he leaned back in and sipped his morning coffee and looking out his window that overlooked the ocean. "I was really doing nothing at the agency and I have found something else to past the time with. Say good-bye to Diana for me."

Dave smiled as he listened to Steve prattle on, sighed and looked down at the woman sitting between his knees.

Diana was kneeling at his feet her mouth wrapped around his cock happily sucking on it. She was wearing a hot pink corset that laced up the front. It made her all ready amble bosoms look huge. Two silver chains with bells ran from the corset up to the clamps clipped to her nipples. Leather straps from the corset held up her hot pink skintight hip boots. Diana's long thick mane flowed over her body in thick curls reaching down to her naked ass. Pink floppy ears stuck out of the thick hair. A long pink tail stuck out her ass held there by the vibrator shoved into her butt hole. It was turned off now but Dave had a remote that being it to life sending waves of delight through her sex starved body. Her hands were locked in front of her with heavy metal shackles. Naturally there was pink collar and leash around her neck. The chains weren't necessary but Dave liked to keep her chained.

"Oh really?" Dave sighed as the mouth slid up and down on his pole, the tongue twirling around it, and the sound of bells filling his ears as her tit jiggled the chains. "Diana took a leave of absence? Well that is surprising. So unlike her. Well I can tell you are busy so I just e-mail you my resignation. Excellent. Bye, Steve."

Diana heard what Dave said but didn't care; all that matter right now was pleasing her master by sucking on his cock. She heard him grunt and her mouth filled with cum. She swallowed the sweet seed with loud slurps and smacking of her lips. The kneeling slave licked the cock clean and then moved to his balls.

"Kiss my feet, slave." Dave said as he finished his coffee.

"Yes, master." Diana cooed as she dropped her head down and began to plant kisses on his bare feet. She ran her tongue up and down his feet and even sucked on his toes without being told.

Dave remembered how Diana looked in her old life, all prim and proper and so high and mighty. Now here she was dressed like a whore and sucking his cock and toes. "Who's my fuck toy?"

"I am master." Diana cooed, "I am your fuck toy!"

"Come fuck toy." Dave said as he stood up and tugged on her leash, "Come fuck toy. I want play a game with you something nice and demeaning."

"Whatever you want master. I am here to serve you."

"We need to think up a nice demeaning name for you. I can't just call you fuck toy. Maybe Bimbo Babe…Slutty Susan…I need to give it some thought."

"Yes, master. I will love any name you give me."

Diana crawled on her hands and knees with her head bowed and her bells jingling as she followed her master out the room.

A short time later Diana was dressed her old Navy dress uniform that Dave had some how gotten from her condo along with all her clothes. The tight jacket and skirt hugged her full rich body. Her long hair was pinned up into a tight bun and her glasses rested on her nose. She looked like the old Diana Prince but under the starched uniform she was wearing bright red sexy underwear complete with garter belts holding up her black stockings. The only thing out place was the black leather collar with spikes around her neck.

Dave was leaning against the wall holding a leash that ran down to the collar of his slave that was kneeling behind him. He sighed and gasped as Diana continued to service him.

Diana had her face buried his ass so she could kiss and lick his butt hole. She slurped and moaned as she rimmed his ass with her tongue. Her hands were playing with his cock and balls. As the cock came it sprayed cum onto her hands which dribbled down her fingers and down onto the clean black sleeves of her jacket.

"Oh Dave, you're the man." Diana cooed between licks and kisses. "I just love kissing your ass. You are such a stud. How could I not want to fuck and suck you…"

As the once mighty Amazon continued to play out the humiliating game Diana's old life became more and more of a faded memory and she became more and more a slave…ready and eager to serve her master.