By Blacknite13

Okay, to really appreciate this story. You really had to be a fan of the old WONDER WOMAN series. I suggest you watch the episode WONDER WOMAN MEET NAZI WOMAN. Probably the best one of the whole season. Admit Lynda Carter best Wonder Woman ever. I hope you enjoy it. Blacknite13@live.com




Diana Prince fumed as she read the flyer. The beautiful woman was sitting in her well-furnished room. She was sitting back on her sofa. The white tank top and shorts showed off her full rich body. Her long black hair was pulled back into a wavy ponytail. Diana kept staring at the pink flyer.


Come see the famous super heroine

Great feats of strength

Come one, come all for a good cause.

Friday 8:00 PM


"I don't mind lending my name to a good cause but I can't tolerate some imposter running around town." Diana said, "I think the real Wonder Woman will made a surprise appearance."


Wonder Woman watched from the back of the stadium and smiled when a woman walked out wearing her trademark costume along with red, white and blue cape she rarely wore. The woman filled out the costume quite nicely but she was no Wonder Woman. The only odd thing was the phony Wonder Woman was wearing a gold mask.

"A feeble attempt to conceal her identity." Wonder Woman muttered.

The mighty Amazon threw back her shoulders and started toward the stage noting the heavy barbell that had been set up on the center stage. As she walked she was thinking there was something familiar about this whole set up. Wonder Woman frowned as she leapt onto the stage.

The crowd went wild at the sight of two Wonder Woman.

The host was a young man with blond hair and a handsome face. He was dressed in a tuxedo. The young man studied the stunning beauty walking onto the stage. The skimpy costumer hugged her perfect hourglass figure. The shoulder less low cut suit showed off her amazing bosom and mile long legs. Long raven colored hair flowed over her body reaching down to her thin waist. A golf tiara held back the hair while he stiletto heel boots made her legs look even sexier. He noted the bracers on her wrists, the gold belt wrapped around her slender waist and the gold lasso hanging from it

"Well, looks like we have two Wonder Women!" The host laughed, "That means we have an imposter! Only one-way to find out who is the true Amazon! A test of strength!"

Wonder Woman eyed the barbells and smirked thinking she could lift it with one hand.

"I think we should allow the new arrival to go first." He yelled, "Wonder Woman if you please."

The mighty Amazon strolled up to the barbell and smiled as she touched it with one hand. She paused for moment trying to remember something. It was like an itch she couldn't scratch.

Something out of her past.

Suddenly she was falling through a trapdoor.

As Wonder Woman fell through the trapdoor. The old memory came back to her like a lightening bolt. This was exactly how Fausta "Nazi Woman" Grabel had caught her during World War II. The mighty heroine hit the floor and sure enough just like before someone grabbed her from behind and pushed chloroform soaked into her face. She struggled against her attacker and the fumes filling her lungs. But like before she was beaten. Wonder Woman already weak from the drug she felt him grabbing at her gold belt. She slumped into darkness just as her belt was stripped off her waist.

"FOOL!" Wonder Woman moaned, "Falling for the same trap twice! I deserve to be caught!"

"Well so much for the imposter!" the host laughed, "Now lets start the show!"

The host glanced down into the open trapdoor just before it closed. He caught a glimpse of the Amazon being chained up.


Wonder Woman shook her head as she slowly woke up. The mighty Amazon sat up and stopped when she felt the cold chains wrapped around her body. She could feel the cold metal wrapped around her wrists and elbows. There were more steel links wrapped around her waist and criss-crossed her chest. Wonder Woman strained against the chains but they held tight

"I won't bother, my dear. If you look over here you will notice I am holding your magic belt and lasso."

Wonder Woman stared at a young beautiful woman in her twenties. Her long blond hair was pulled into a loose bun. The white blouse and skirt hugged her rich full body. Her eyes were bright blue and her cheekbones high. All in all she was perfect in every way.

The Amazon pulled at the chains but stopped when she saw her bracers, belt and lasso sitting in her lap. It was like history was repeating itself.

"Who are you?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Ah, our lovely guest is awake." The golden haired host said as he walked up and sat by the young lady.

"You speak perfect English but I can pick up a trace of a German accent."

"Well done." The girl smiled, "You are not a dumb as we were led to believe. Of course not that smart. Falling for the same trap twice."

"My dear Helga." Hans said, "We are forgetting our manners. I am Hans Grabel and this is my sister Helga. As you can see we are twins."

"Grabel?" Wonder Woman gasped, "Any relation to Fausta Grabel?"

"Our grandmother." Helga smiled, "It is excellent that you remember her. Since she is the reason you are here."

"I don't understand. Your grandmother and I parted friends."

"Yes, we know." Han said, "We read all about you in her diary. How she supposedly helped you escape and later joined the underground."

"Yes." Wonder Woman said, "She became a great war hero."

"In your country." Helga said, "In our country she was seen as a traitor. The government tried to take away her title and wealth but Allies stepped in and since you won the war."

"I don't understand." Wonder Woman asked.

"Our family kept our wealth and title but lost its honor." Han said, "It took decades to regain it."

"We also read all about your magic lasso in our mother's papers." Helga snapped, "You used it to turn our grandmother against her own people."

"I did not!" Wonder Woman gasped, "I would never such a thing!"

"I told you she would deny it." Han smiled.

"It doesn't matter." Helga coolly said, "We will have a our revenge."

"Hans, Helga." Wonder Woman said, "Your grandmother and I parted friends. There is no reason for revenge!"

"Shut up, bitch!" Helga yelled, "Your days of using your magic lasso to mess with people's head are over."

"Of course," Hans chuckled, "It will be use one last time on you…"


"Not to worry, my dear." Helga evilly smiled, "my brother and I are students of bondage and discipline. Your trick rope will be used to seal the deal…much later after Hans and I have had our fun. I bet you lick a mean pussy…an island full of women. You got to do something to past the time."

"You shall not tame me!"

"According to what I have read about Amazons," Helga said, "We are two thirds of the way there. We have defeated and chained you. The next part is the fun part."

Wonder Woman gulped when she realized it was true. They had caught and chained her. There was a good chance they could rape her into submission."

"Enough of this talk." Hans said, "We have a big comfortable bed in back with all kinds of toys. How long is the flight?"

"Ten, eleven hours if the pilot takes his time."

"Come my little whore, time to start your training." Helga said as she stood up.

"UNHAND MEEEEEEEEE!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the twins took by her arms and pulled her toward the back of the plane. The once mighty Amazon fought but her two captors were surprising strong. The struggling beauty was pulled through a door and shoved onto a large round bed.

"Let's get the slut naked." Helga laughed, "I want to see those big tits."

"Great minds think alike." Hans laughed as he grabbed her kicking leg and unzipped her boot.

"NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed as her boots were pulled off. She twisted and turned as they peeled her costume off. The chained beauty sobbed as it was tossed aside and her tiara was yanked off.

Helga and Hans stopped to leer over the naked body with is huge round tits. Her red nipples pointed straight up. Her slender waist and flat stomach ran down to the most perfects. A thin strip of dark curls ran up her crotch.

The raven-haired heroine rolled off the bed and backed into the corner as her two captors began to undress.

"Where do you think you are going, you dumb bimbo?" Helga laughed.

"Magnificent tits and that ass." Hans smiled as he tossed down his shirt and undid his pants.

"SWEET HERA!" Wonder Woman cried as the two naked twins moved toward her. She fought as they pulled her over to the bed and tossed her onto it. She landed with a low grunt.

The twins climbed onto the bed and shoved her back on the bed. Hans grabbed her boobs and began to fondle them while running his tongue over them.

"AHHH!" The bound Amazon sobbed as her tits were molested.

Helga lay down by her head, grabbed a handful of her thick mane and held her head in place. She pressed her lips to Wonder Woman's full lips.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed she was forced to kiss her captor. She squirmed around on the bed trying to escape the twin. The chained heroine felt her tits begin to throb and tingle, which made her, gasp, making her suck on the tongue rolling around in her mouth.

Hans sucked and bit the boobs while mashing them around with his fingers, loving the feel of her hot flesh.

"AUGGHHHHH!" The Amazon wept as her nipples were chewed on and yanked apart.

Helga began to chew on her lips as she ran his fingers through hair. He pulled back and smiled down at her chained captive.

"A little cooperation would be good, my dear." Helga smirked as she glanced at her brother working at the tits.

"Never!" Wonder Woman snapped, "I may be down but not OW! OW!"

Helga slapped her face a few times as she yanked on her hair.

"Stick out your tongue, bitch!"

"OW! OW!" The chained beauty sobbed as the slaps and hair pulling kept up. Finally she opened her lips and stuck out her tongue. Wonder Woman sobbed as Helga pressed her lips to hers and began to suck on her tongue. She dejectedly began to return the kiss, sighing and squealing as her tits were mauled and chewed.

Han was lost in his own lust was he gnawed on a mouthful of tit while mashing her boobs around. He worked on one and then moved to the other one. The young German panted and grunted as twisted her boobs around. He pushed his face into the mountains of flesh.

Helga sighed and grunted as she full tongued kissed her over and over. She could do this all night but there was so much more to play with. She finally released her lips and kissed down to her throat.

"Ahhhhh!" Wonder Woman whimpered as she ran her tongue over her sore lips, trying to ignore her aching boobs and the hot wetness between her legs. She stained against the chains but without her belt it was hopeless.

"Let's get this whore really hot." Helga panted and moved down by her legs She forced them apart and lowered her mouth onto the pussy.

"OH NOOOOOO!" Wonder Woman gasped when she felt the tongue lap over her slit. She began to squirm and twist as her pussy was licked. Her body already hot from Hans sucking and fondling her tits began to really burn.

Helga spread the pussy lips and pushed her tongue inside, lapping it around.

"OOOOOOSTOPPPPPP!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "I…I…I OOOO!"

The chained heroine gasped and sighed in unwanted delight as she squirmed around on the bed, reeling from the twin's torments of her body. Even the cold chains wrapped around her hot body were beginning to feel good.

Helga lapped and sucked on the juices flowing from the pussy. She let off a moan of delight as she savored not only the sweet drink but also the start of her domination of the great Wonder Woman. Since the age of ten she had waited and dreamed for this moment.

Hans was enjoying the same feeling as he chewed on the nipple while he mashed her tits around. His cock felt like an iron spike. He glanced down and was surprised how big his tool was. He looked down at his sister and watched her lick the slut's pussy.

"Helga, my dear sister." Hans panted, "My cock is about to explode."

Helga looked up and smiled at her twin.

"Lucky for you, her pussy is hot and ready to fuck." Helga smiled, "Fuck her hard, dear brother. My pussy is hot and ready too."

Helga rolled over and lay by the chained Amazon and began to stroke the huge boobs. She watched her brother moved between their captive's legs. The young German sucked in her breath and licked her lips as Hans pushed his cock in.

"AWWWWWWWW!" Wonder Woman screamed as a huge cock slammed into her pussy. The bound Amazon shook her head as the long hard pole pushed deeper and deeper into her body.

"My God, this whore is tight!" Hans grunted as he worked his cock into her hole. He grabbed onto her thighs and squeezed them while he worked the cock in. He sighed n delight when his shaft was buried up its hilt. Hans pulled back his cock until it was almost out and then slammed it back in.

"UGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the gigantic pole began to pump in and out with increasing force.

Helga watched the chained beauty gasp and pant, relishing the look on her face. A mixture of defeat and lust. The blonde woman leaned into her heaving chest and clamped her mouth around one of her tits. She cupped the two boobs as she began gnaw on the tender flesh.

Han watched his sister suck and chew on the tit and laughed. He ran his hands around to her ass and grabbed onto it. The young German lifted it up and began to pound his cock down into the bound heroine.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the cock slammed down into her pussy over and over. Her tits were really aching from all the sucking and fondling. She should her head as an incredible heated desire swept over her body, which made her pussy, wrap around the cock.

Helga ran her tongue over the twin mounds as she squeezed them between his hands. She wagged her tongue over the nipples and looked down at her face.

"Ohhh, someone is having fun." Helga giggled as she sat up and threw her leg over the twisting body. She blew the bound beauty a kiss and lowered her pussy down on Wonder Woman's face.

"NO! NO!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the golden hair pussy cam down, "NO MMPPPPPHHHHH!"

Poor Wonder Woman gasped as the cock pushed back into her pussy, which made her suck on the pussy. She squealed when a small orgasm hit her. The might Amazon moaned as the climax shook her body. Wonder Woman tried to clam her body but could stop herself from licking the pussy.'

"AHHHHHHH!" Helga sighed in delight, "Oh yes, this bitch really is a whore! Oh, oh, brother she is going to make an excellent slaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Helga pressed her pussy into the tongue and lips as she came from the licking. She reached up and pulled out the pins holding her hair up. It tumbled out in golden curls that fell to her ass. Helga began to thrust her pussy into the talented tongue as she played with her tits and hair.

"URGGGGGG!" Wonder Woman squealed as she came again. The Amazon began to thrust against the cock pounding her body. She wagged her tongue over the pussy licking in the sweet juices.

The three bodies bucked and bounced on the bed as their lust took over their body. Helga and Hans rode their bound captive like she was a bucking bronco. Hans began to pant as he fucked his cock in and out with all he had.

"OH YESSSSSS!" Helga squealed as she came again.

"MMMMMMPHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed into the pussy as she came again.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" Hans yelled as he shot his wad into her pussy.

The bound beauty came again and began to buck around on the bed until the orgasm ended. She slumped down onto the bed, panting and sobbing as the twins climbed off her hot sweaty body.

"No rest for the wicked, Wonder Woman" Hans laughed as he pulled the ravished Amazon up be her hair. He held her in place as she sat down on the bed. "Getting ready, sis."

"Ja, I am almost ready." Helga laughed as she strapped on a long dildo. She adjusted the straps and nodded at her brother.

"Come here, Wonder bitch!" Hans laughed as he pulled her lips to his. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and sucked on it while he groped her tits.

"Mmmmmphhh!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she forced to suck on the tongue rolling around her mouth. She squealed as he pinched her nipples. The chained beauty gasped when Hans freed her lips and forced her down onto her knees.

"Kneel my little slave." Hans laughed as he pushed her face into his lap.

"Noooooooo!' Wonder Woman moaned as her face was pushed around his crotch. She wiggled her nose as the cock rolled around her face.

Helga laughed as she walked over and knelt down behind the wonderful ass. She almost pushed her dildo in but stopped. The young German smiled up at her brother as he handed her a leather-riding crop. The blonde beauty rubbed her hand over the twin moons. Helga closed her eyes as she raised the crop. She waited a second, enjoying the moment, opened her eye and brought it down with a crack.

"OWWWWWW!" Wonder Woman screamed as the leather crop kept whipping her ass.

Hans grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her mouth to his. He forced his mouth over hers and began to chew on them.

"AW! AW! AW!" The chained heroine sobbed as her ass was whipped. She wretchedly sucked on his fat tongue.

Helga whipped her ass with the crop as she watched their captive glumly kissed her brother.

Hans pulled back and smiled into her tear-streaked face. He patted her face and laughed.

"Time for a WONDERFUL BLOWJOB!" Hans said.

"OH PLEASEEEEEE!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "OW! OW! OKAY! PLEASE STOP!"

Helga stopped her punishment and watched the defeated Amazon lower her face into the crotch. She tapped the crop in her palm enjoying the sight of the great Wonder Woman opening her mouth so she could suck a cock.

Wonder Woman whimpered and sobbed as she spread her lips and pushed them over the cock. She wrapped her mouth around the cock and began to swallow.

"Very good." Hans sighed as the hot wet mouth began to massage his tool.

The blonde German watched her head bob up and down on his cock. He reached around and began to fondle her tits. He winked at his sister who was grabbing onto her hips.

"Ready Wonder Woman." Helga laughed as she pushed the dildo into her pussy.

"ARUGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed around the cock filling her mouth.

Helga began to pump the plastic cock in and out the tight pussy while she watched the once proud heroine gobble on the cock filling her mouth. The blonde winked at her twin brother, who just laughed.

Wonder Woman couldn't stop herself from sucking on the cock. She sighed in unwanted delight from the hard fucking Helga was giving her. It was she realized the old saying was coming true.

If an Amazon meets defeat.

Chains on her hands and feet.

A slave she will be

For all eternity.

The chained heroine pumped the cock in and out her mouth while twirling her tongue around it. She grunted and slurped with each gulp of the cock. She pushed her face into his hairy crotch and sucked it deeply.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Hans sighed in sheer bliss as the hot wet mouth caressed his cock in the best of ways. He began to stroke her silky hair was he watched it bob up and down on his pole.

"Take it bitch!" Helga growled as she worked his strap-on in and out with hard short strokes. She laughed when she felt her body shiver and knew the whore had come.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman gasped as another orgasm hit her. She strained against the chains binding her body. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the climax.

"OH YESSSSSS!" Han grunted as he spilled his seed into her mouth. He gasped when her mouth around his cock and hungrily sucked on it.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sighed as she drank his cum. She sucked and swallowed with loud gulps. The bound beauty sucked the cock dry and let it drop out her mouth. She sighed and then screamed when another orgasm hit her.

Helga pulled out the dildo and took it off. She climbed onto the bed, leaned against the backboard and spread her legs.

"Get that's whore's talented mouth up her." She smiled.

"Awww!" Wonder Woman sobbed as Hans grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her onto the bed. He dragged her over the bed and pushed her face into his sister's pussy.

Wonder Woman sobbed but began to lick and suck the pussy without being told. She squealed when Hans pushed his cock into her tight ass. The defeated heroine knew her days as a heroine were over.

Ten hours later a dazed and completely defeated Woman staggered off the plane. She stumbled after her master and mistress towards a limo. The once mighty Amazon was naked except for chains wrapped around her body and the silver studded dog collar wrapped around her neck.

Helga tugged on the leash attached to the collar and looked back.

"Come! Come Wonder Whore!" Helga snapped, "You must not keep your masters waiting!"

Wonder Woman trotted up and waited by the limo. She waited as their luggage was loaded.

"Put the slut in along with our luggage." Helga smiled.

The chained beauty let the chauffer lift her up and lay her by the suitcases. She looked up at her smiling captors and began to weep as the trunk closed.


The slave woke up, kissed his face and stroked his face.

"Later, slut." He muttered still half asleep.

The slave rolled out the bed careful not to wake her master. She crept down the hall and showered. After the shower she put on the heavy makeup and red lipstick. The tall beauty pinned her hair up into a loose bun letting a couple of strands dangle down around her face. The slave with to the closet and studied the colorful costumes. She picked the bright pink one. The shapely beauty put on bright pink garter belts and panties. The matching fishnet stockings and bra came next. Then the slave tugged on the short tight maid uniform. The scoop neck left her large breasts almost bare. After she pulled on the fluffy petticoats, her skirt was lift up revealing her pink garter belts and panties. The hot pink stiletto heels completed her costume.

The shapely maid walked down the hallway to her mistress' room. She stopped at the display case as she did every morning. Inside was a wax figure clad in her old costume.

Her mind filled with images.

Wonder Woman was naked and kneeling with her head bowed. Her new masters stood before her. Her mistress was holding the lasso that was wrapped around her neck.

"You are our slave." Helga said.

"Yes, mistress." Wonder Woman cooed, "I live to serve you."

"Yes you do. Now every morning you will dress as we tell you and you will go to the case that holds your costume. You will look at it and your whole life will fill you head. All your happy memories from your past. Then you will remember what a fool you were dishonor our grandmother. You will then vow to serve us. It will be the only way you will find peace and happiness. Serving us in every way."

"Yes, Mistress."

Wonder Woman remembered her happy life on Paradise Island, her days as a heroine. She smiled to herself, feeling happy. Then it was gone, she remembered how she betrayed the Grabel family and how she must make amends for her foolishness. The once proud heroine wiped away her tears.

"I vow to swear to serve my mistress and master in every way." She said and then walked into Helga's room.

Helga rolled over and smiled at her beautiful slave kneeling by her bed. She threw back the covers and pulled up her camisole.

"I had the dirtiest dream last night, slave." Helga smiled, "Now I all horny. Get to work."

"Yes, Mistress." Wonder Woman said as she climbed onto the bed, gave Helga a long full tongue kiss and then began to lick her pussy.

Helga sighed as the talent tongue lapped over her pussy.

"Revenge is not a dish best served cold." Helga thought, "Revenge is getting your pussy licked by your enemy every morning. Nothing cold about a hot wet pussy."