By Blacknite13

Well here is my first Wonder Woman Halloween story. The idea just came to me one night. It uses some nasty ghosts and my most popular villain after the Hollander Twins, the school bully. Happy Halloween and hope your getting a lot tricks…the ones provided by those lovely ladies standing on the corner. Blacknite13@live.com

WONDER WOMAN/DIANA PRINCE is the property of DC comics. The villains dead and alive are mine.





"Trick or treat!"

Diana Prince opened her front door and smiled down at the small group of kids standing on her porch holding out their candy bags. She began to drop candy bars into the bags.

"Oh my we have a witch, a princess, a vampire and Wonder Woman. You get two!" Diana laughed as she studied the young girl's costume surprised at the detail. She even had gold belt and lasso.

The man escorting the small group was keeping more of eye on the tall raven-haired woman wrapped in black spandex. The tight halter-top and shorts that hugged her hourglass figure like it was painted on. She must have been working out because she looked hot and sweaty which made her look even sexier. He wished her hair hung loose instead of pulled back into a long wavy ponytail. The big glasses resting on her nose didn't detract from her beauty.

Diana closed the door and decided she needed put off her workout. This was the third daddy almost started to lick her rich full body. The beauty was walking to the bathroom when three loud thuds made her look up. She gasped when she saw her beautiful front window was now splattered with eggs. She ran to window and scanned the night spotted three young teenagers running into the night. Diana would have let it go but when they grabbed the candy bags off three small kids.

"This is too much!" Diana said as she began to spin around and around. There was a loud crash of thunder and storm of rainbow colors. Seconds later Wonder Woman stood there in her red and blue costumes with its gold trim. The corset like top displayed her more than ample bosom while the bottom hugged her perfect ass. Red spiked heeled boots on her feet and a gold tiara to hold back her long hair that flowed over her body in an ocean of black curls. A gold belt was wrapped around her slender waist. Her gold lasso hung from the belt.

"Now to teach some bullies a lesson in manners!" Wonder Woman said.

Butch's real name Betty Kellerman was a tall blonde girl dressed in black ran down the street with her two friends right behind her. She looked like a punk rock star with her hair cropped short and streaked with pink. The leather jacket had studs and had the words printed on back: WHO THE HELL CARES!

Mooky, Charles White, was a tall skinny black kid with a baby face ran behind the blond, laughing as he kept looking back. He was dressed in a red and black sweat suit.

Ducky, Douglas Sawyer, a big chubby kid dressed in jeans, t-shirt and green army fatigue jacket that was too big for him. He huffed and puffed as he tried to keep up with his friends while holding onto the bags of candy. He had a round face with big eyes and small nose. Ducky didn't look anything like a duck so where he got the nickname no one knew except Ducky who wasn't telling. Everyone suspected it was his alcoholic father was behind it.

The three eighteen-year-olds were in their last year of high school and were making the most of being the school bullies. At least until tonight, Butch and Mooky had decided this was this night would be their last night as troublemakers. The two bullies were graduating the top of their class even had shots at scholarships to Ivy League colleges. They were smart enough to know it was time to grow up.

Ducky on the other hand was barely going to graduate and true be told the other two only allowed him to hang with them because he could steal beer from his dad's stash.

The three bullies stopped running, panting and laughing. They looked around and slowly walked up the street stopping in front of the old Taylor house. The old Victoria house had been empty for years. The broken windows and fainted peeling paint really did make it look like a haunted house. The picket fence missing more than a few boards, the dirt covered lot with the two dying trees made it look even scarier. Then there was the story of old man Taylor. He had been a real pervert or so they say. The creepy old man had supposedly kidnapped and raped a several college coeds. If you believe the whole story Wonder Woman had caught him. How his life end only added to the myth, creep had got to prison for years and was only let out because he was dying of cancer. He died in this very house all alone with only his porno to keep company. It was a whole week before they found the body.

Needless to say the longer the house stayed vacant the more stories began to pop up about it being haunted by Old Man Taylor. It didn't help that the house sat right beside one of the largest graveyards in the city.

Butch and her friends had got in and spent the night on a dare. They had got almost hundred bucks for that but more important they found themselves a place to hang out where they could drink and smoke.

Butch nodded at her friends and headed into the house. They pushed open the front door and closed it after them. They climbed to the second floor and into the master bedroom. The room was surprisingly clean because the bullies had taken the time to sweep and clean it. The three bullies had stolen a mattress and a beat up chair from Good Will. The mattress was set up in on the old brass frame while the chair now sat in the corner. There was big a plastic ice cooler sitting along one wall. There was closet that had stacks and stack of old bondage magazines. The last of Taylor's collection.

Butch came in and went to the cooler and took out a beer. She opened it as she slumped down into the chair. The blonde bully picked up the bondage mag she had been flipping through last night. She surprised the pictures of bound and gagged woman aroused her. It was the ones where the captives were dressed as heroines that turned her on the most.

Mooky and Ducky came in after her. Mooky got a beer while Ducky flopped onto the bed and began to look through the bags of candy.

"Most of this is crap." Ducky said, "I remember when I was kid I got good candy. Mars Bars, Snickers and stuff like that."

"Quit bitching." Butch said, "It's not like you had to pay for it."

"Yeah Ducky, chill." Mooky said, "You can have my cut."

Wonder Woman trotted up the house and stopped when she spotted the red tip of a cigarette in the second story window. She smiled but stopped when she heard a loud moan come from the graveyard. The Amazon had heard rumors about the Zombie King, a nortorious ghoul villain now ran his ghoul army from here. She also knew the Zombie always looked for a new queen every Halloween. The poor woman would be forced to not only service the vile needs of the ghoul but his fellow ghouls.

"Bullies or the Zombie King?" Wonder Woman said as she watched the graveyard and was sure she saw something moving in the shadows.

The three bullies all laughed until the door flew open and Wonder Woman stepped into the room. Butch jumped up while Mooky backed into a corner. Ducky flew over the bed and hid behind it.

"Nice place!" Wonder Woman smiled as she surveyed the room. She looked over the teenagers and sighed. "Aren't you a little old for egging houses and stealing candy?"

"Its Halloween." Butch said trying to sound braver than she felt. She bit her lip and stepped forward. "What's it to you? The great Wonder Woman had nothing better to do than give us a hard time."

"Yeah, yeah." Mooky said trying to stop his knees from shaking. "We ain't done nothing. Shouldn't you be saving the world or something? We're just having some fun."

"I do have better things to do." Wonder Woman said as she stepped into the room. She took a heroic stance, hands on hips and chest thrust out. "But I cannot stand by and let you steal from little children. Now we will go and find this kids. You will return the candy and apologize. Then we will have you clean up the houses you egged."

"What is we don't want to." Butch said trying to look tough. The eighteen-year-old didn't see the Amazon move but soon found herself lifted off her feet and slammed against the wall. "HEY!"

"I suspect you are over eighteen so you are not minors." The raven-haired beauty said, "So the choice is yours. Do what I say or we visit the police."

Butch was pretty sure the cops wouldn't bust her but it could threaten her scholarship. She would never admit to anyone but she was looking forward going back East to an Ivy League college. It would be the start of new life. She planned on being the good girl. You couldn't stay a bully all your life. It would be best to do what the bitch said.

"All right, all right!" Butch said, "We'll do it."

"Good choice." Wonder Woman said as she lowered the bully and put her hands on her hips.

Everyone in the room froze in place when the whole house began to shake and rock on its foundations. Loud moans and screams filled the rooms. The door began open and close while the windows began to slam up and down.

"What the hell!" Butch cried. She was really scared but damn if she would show it.

"God it's a ghost!" Ducky sobbed as he crawled under the bed.

Mooky pushed himself back into the corner and tried not to scream.

"BE STILL!" Wonder Woman yelled as she watched window and door slam close and close. As an Amazon and heroine she was well aware there were such things as ghosts. Most just wander around old houses booing and such. Being more of an annoyance then a threat. But there was the occasional ghost.

Then suddenly Wonder Woman was lifted off her feet and flung across the room. The Amazon landed on the bed with a grunt. Her hands and legs were pulled out; rope came out nowhere and tied then to the bed frame. The shapely beauty opened her mouth to scream but a was of cloth suddenly filled her mouth and a strip of red tape slapped across her lips. "MMPHHH!"

The room went quiet and three bullies watched as her gold belt came off and flew into the corner of the room. Ducky crawled out, ran to the door and began to yank on the doorknob. Butch and Mooky just stood there in fear and shock.

"IT WON'T OPEN! IT WON'T OPEN!" Ducky sobbed as he kept trying to open the door.

"W-what the hell just happen?" Mooky said as he ran to door and began to help Ducky with the door. "Butch, this thing is really stuck!"

"GUYS! GUYS!" Butch yelled as she watched a white cloud come out the floor and slowly take on the shape of an old skinny man in baggy clothes. Get over here!"

"AWWWWW!" The two bullies screamed and ran over to Butch and hid behind her.

"Okay this is some kind of trick!" Butch said a she fought to stay calm. "Some guys have set this all up. That is not Wonder Woman just some bitch they hired…and that is not a ghost! Ghost aren't real!"

"I GOT YOU NOW BITCH!" The ghost laughed as it floated around the bed, rubbing his hands and leering over her the bound heroines. "You ruined my life. I never thought I would get a chance to get some payback!"

The three bullies watched the ghost float around the bed, swearing and mocking the heroine. They jumped back when it turned to them.

"YOU PUNKS GET OVER HERE!' The ghost said, "I've been watching you. You're pretty nasty kids. Nasty enough help to me get back at this bitch."

"Y-yeah, maybe." Butch said as she pulled her cigarettes and lit one with shaking hands. She blew out some smoke and watched the ghost sniff the cloud with sheer delight. "D-d-depends on what you want? Y-you Old Man Taylor?"

"That's right." Taylor smiled as he motioned the bullies over to the bed. "I promise you it will be fun."

"Y-Yeah, we're into fun." Butch said as she slowly moved up by the bed. She realized Mooky and Ducky were still in the corner. She angrily waved them over. "S-so what you got in mind?"

Mooky and Ducky stumbled over by their friend. They gasped when Wonder Woman's costume ripped right off her body revealing her voluptuous body with its huge perfect tits and sweet looking pussy. Butch noticed some sex toys including a couple of hand held dildos and a strap-on had appeared on the floor by the bed. There were some gags and handcuffs

"Ooookay I can see where this is going." Butch said as she moved closer to the bed. The eighteen-year-old had figured out she swung both ways a year ago. She enjoyed men and woman. But looking over the bound beauty she realized that she might have other sexual desires like domination She was surprised her fear was gone and she was talking to the ghost like he was real. "I am guessing you can't fuck the bitch."

"Not physically but I can on another level." Taylor said seeing the blonde was getting into the plan. "If you and your two friends gangbang the bitch I can enjoy every sensation."

"WAIT! WAIT!" Ducky cried, "You want us to rape Wonder Woman. That is wrong. We will go to jail."

"Yeah, Ducky has got a point." Mooky said as he tried to take his eyes off the huge tits but couldn't. He felt his cock getting stiff. "Look if we do this. She is going to run for the cops once we are done. Unless this guy plans of…"

"No I am not going to kill the bitch. I want her to be alive and humiliated. She is an Amazon. Rape is the worst thing that could happen to her. After you done with the slut, I will arrange it so she can't ever tell the cops."

Taylor glanced over at the golden lasso and smiled. He didn't want these punks to know what it could do. A magic lasso in the hands of bully was not a good idea.

"Guys, this is so wrong." Ducky whimpered.

"Ducky." Butch said as she pulled of her jacket and tossed it down. She went to the bed, picked up a dildo that was mounted on a handle and sat by the helpless beauty. "I don't think we get to leave until we fuck the bitch."

"NAAAA!" Wonder Woman screamed as the blonde ran her hands over her tits and began to play with them. Her tits began to tingle as the girl pinched and tweaked her nipples. "NA! NA!"

"You're liking this." Butch smiled as she cupped both boobs and began to mash them between her hands. "Yeah I can see it in your eyes. Could be Wonder Woman is nothing more than a whore."

"YESSSSSSS!" Taylor sighed as he followed up into a corner to get a better view of the room. "Come on suck the tits."

"You really getting off on this?" Butch laughed as she watched the ghost. She smirked and straddled the bound beauty's body. The bully mashed her tits around as he began to kiss and lick them. "Oh yeah, Wonder Whore I am going to show you a real good time."

Mooky and Ducky watched as their friend fondled and sucked on the bound beauty's tits. Mooky cock was now so stiff there was tent in the front of his pants. Ducky realized he was rubbing his crotch and didn't know when her started.

"NA! NA!" Wonder Woman screamed around her gag as the bully worked her tits into aching balls. She could feel them swelling and worst her pussy was getting wet. "NAAAAAA!"

"Enough foreplay, slut." Butch laughed she climbed off the helpless heroine glancing up at Taylor who looked like he was in his own sexual bliss. She slipped her fingers into the pussy and laughed when she felt how wet it was. The bully pulled out her fingers and wiped them off on the bound beauty thigh. "You fucking whore. I'll give you what you want!"

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as the blonde bully pushed the dildo onto her hot wet twat and began to fuck with it. She gasped and sobbed as the rubber cock pumped in and out of her hot body. "UGH! UGH! UGGHH!"

Mooky moved by the bed and watched his friend rape the helpless heroine with the sex toy. He looked down at his hard cock that was aching to explode. The tall kid licked her lips and moaned as Butch made the Amazon come.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the little bitch made her come. "UGH! UGH!"

"Fuck it!" Mooky said as he yanked off his clothes and climbed onto the helpless heroine's belly. He wrapped her tits around his cock and began to pump it back and forth between the warm soft flesh.

"We just getting you warmed up slut!" Butch laughed as she continued to ram the dildo in and out. She licked her lips as she watched the Amazon come while Mooky titty fucked her. "I have you licking my pussy soon!"

"AUGHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman wailed as she came again. She could take her eyes off the cock sliding back and forth through her tits. A couple of times it pressed right up against her taped mouth.

Everyone including Wonder Woman looked up when the ghost screamed in sheer delight.

"You enjoying this you old pervert." Butch smirked as she forced the bitch to another climax.

"YESSSSSS!" Taylor howled as he floated around the bed.

Ducky found his courage and moved closer to bed. His cock felt like an iron spike and he could take his eyes off the big fat tits Mooky was fucking.

Butch couldn't help but notice her own panties were getting wet. The blonde need be taken care of quick. "Mooky finish up. I need her mouth."

"I AM COMING!" Mooky gasped as he sprayed his cum into the bound heroine face. He laughed and rolled off the helpless beauty. "Time to try out that heroine pussy!"

"OHGAWDDDDDDD!" The ghost wailed as he began to fly around the room.

"You got that right' Butch laughed as she stripped down to her black bra and panties. She stepped out her panties and sat the big tits. "Don't you boys get any ideas!"

"Not me!" Mooky laughed as he settled down between her spread legs. He grabbed onto her thighs and thrust his still cock into her pussy, gasping when the hot wet twat wrapped around his cock. "DAMN!"

"AUGHHHH!" The helpless heroine screamed as the cock began to fuck her. She let off a yelp of pain when the tape was ripped off her lips. Wonder Woman spit of the wad of cloth and opened her mouth. "STOP! RAPE IS A CRIME…UNTIE MMMMPPH!"

Butch laughed and then sighed as when she pushed her blonde pussy into the Amazon's face. The bully began to grind her crotch into the mouth, sighing in delight as the bitch began to lick her.

"MPH! MPH!" Wonder Woman sobbed because she couldn't stop herself from licking the pussy resting on her face. She gasped and moaned as the other bully fucked her with all his youthful lust. It was made worst when the third punk began to suck and fondle her tits.

Ducky's lust gave him the courage to kneel down by the bed and buried his face and hands in the mountains of soft titty flesh. He mashed the boob between his fingers while he sucked and bit them like a dog in heat.

Mooky hadn't had a lot of pussy but he was sure this bitch had the best pussy in the world. The way is hugged his cock and the fact the horny slut was moving with his cock. He could hear her slurping away on Butch's pussy. Mooky was thinking she had a real nice ass and great tits but he would never consider touching her. Butch would kill him. He laughed as he watched Ducky slobber over the big boobs while he pulled and twisted them.

"OH! OHHHHH!" Butch gasped and panted as the tongue lapped over her pussy sending waves of delight through her whole body. She had begun to plan with her own tits as she kept pushing her twat into the Amazon's face. "OHYESSSSS!"

"MMMPHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as she came at the same time as Butch. This made her push her tongue into the slit and hungrily suck on the blond curls. The cock was driving her toward another orgasm. The hands and mouth on her boobs was only adding to the fire in her body. It was made worst by the damn ghost flying around the room howling like he was fucking her.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!" Taylor howled as he zoomed around the room wishing her could fuck the whore but this would have to do.

"OHGAWDDDDDYESSSS!" Butch screamed as she had the best orgasm.

"AWWWWWW!" Mooky grunted as he emptied his seed into her pussy.

"AIIIIIIIIIOOOOO!" Wonder Woman wailed as the cum gave her another orgasm. She bucked around on the bed until it past. The ravished heroine just lay there as the boys untied her from the bed. The blonde was giving then orders as she pushed one end of the strap-on into her pussy and snapped it around her slender body.

Mooky and Ducky rolled Wonder Woman over and tied her elbows to he wrists and pulled her up onto her knees.

"Okay Ducky get naked and lie on the bed." Butch said, "Time to make you a man."

Ducky didn't have to be told twice. He ripped off his clothes, dropping his pants to uncover twelve inches of hard cock.

"Damn Ducky!" Butch gasped, "Your huge!"

"You got small feet?" Mooky laughed, "Where that come from?"

"Shut up man!" Ducky snarled as he lay on the bed. But his mood changed when Butch and Mooky lifted the Amazon up and moved her over the monster cock.

"GREAT GODDESSSS!" Wonder Woman cried as she stared at the long hard pole she was about be planted on. "NOOOOO!"

"You are going to love this!" Mooky laughed as he helped Butch pushed the helpless heroine down on the steel tool.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The Amazon squealed as the massive cock filled her pussy. Her body still arouse from the first rape came at once. "OHSAVEEEEE!"

The fat kid squealed delight as he lost his virginity to Wonder Woman. The hot wet pussy wrapped around his cock giving him pleasure like he could never have imagined. Ducky had never imagined sex would be this good and he hadn't even started to fuck her.

"No! Wait! You can't!" Wonder Woman sobbed as Butch moved behind her and pushed forward, raising up her ass. She whimpered as Ducky began to suck and fondler her boobs. Then she screamed as Butch pushed the plastic cock into her ass. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"YES! YES! BUTT FUCK HER!" Taylor wailed as he moved by the bed.

Mooky climbed onto the bed and grabbed a fistful of her the Amazon's thick mane. He pulled her mouth onto to his cock and smirked when the whore began to suck on it.

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" The Amazon grunted as she double fucked by her captors. Each thrust the cock and dildo gave her unwanted pleasure which made he suck in the cock with loud slurps. The bound beauty's eyes filled with tears as she continued to service the three cocks. She pulled at the ropes holding her arms but they held tight. She started to use her fingers to feel around for the knot but an orgasm made her squeal in sheer delight making her forget all about the knots.

"Who would had thought Wonder Woman would be such a whore!" Butch laughed, panting as she kept fucking the firm round ass. He gave the butt a few swats and laughed as the heroine squeal. "That's it bitch squeal for me!"

"She sucks like a whore!" Mooky panted as he watched the raven-haired head bob up and down on his cock. He gasped and moaned as the wet mouth sucked on his pole. "OH YEAH! OH YEAH! SUCK! SUCK!"

"Aw Gawd this so fucking great!" Ducky moaned as he kept pushing his gigantic cock into the tight wet hole. He mashed and sucked the huge tits dangling in her face with the same lust he was fucking her with.

The ghost wailed and laughed as he hovered over the bed. He panted and moaned in delight.

UGH! UHHHHH!" The bound beauty wailed in a mixture of pleasure and defeat. Wonder Woman screamed over and over as the cock and delight drove her toward orgasm and orgasm. Lost in her own lust the Amazon pumped the cock in and out her mouth with sucking on it with loud grunts. Drool started to run out the sides her mouth and down her chin. Wonder Woman bucked and thrashed as the double fuck went driving toward another powerful climax. She squealed in sheer bliss as it hit. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"UGHHHHHHH!" Ducky howled as he emptied his cock into her pussy. He kept bucking into her pussy until his load was done.

"OHYESSSSSS!" Mooky gasped as he shot his wad into her mouth.

"MAKE HER DRINK IT!" Taylor yelled as he twirled around the room.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as she came gulping down the sweet stuff, letting it flow down into her mouth and down her chin. She could stop from drinking the cock dry. The ravished beauty whimpered as her three rapists switched places. Mooky took the ass while Butch fucked her pussy. Ducky got his first blowjob.

"YES! YES!" Taylor said as he came back to the bed. "Another triple fuck! Make her beg for it! Turn her into the whore she is!"

"AUGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed around the massive cock filling her mouth. She whimpered and screamed as Butch and Mooky double fucked her. The helpless heroine endured another three way and once again the bullies switched places. After the third go around she was untied and laid crossways over the bed so her ass and head hung over the edges. Her hands and feet were pulled out and tied to the frame.

Butch stood over her face and pushed her pussy down. She sighed as the Amazon began to lick and suck her pussy. Mooky fucked her pussy while Ducky titty fucked her. Once again Wonder Woman serviced the three bullies and then was made to bend over a chair with ass sticking up. Her ankles were tied to the front legs and her neck tied to the back.

Butch moved behind the bound beauty and began to spank her with an open hand.

"OW! OW! OW!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the blonde bully spanked her. "PLEASE STOP I'LL BE GOOD!"

Taylor was howling laughing as he watched the Amazon get spanked.

Mooky moved in front of the helpless heroine and rubbed her cock around her all ready cum stained face.

"Who's the whore, bitch!" Butch laughed as she kept spanking the firm round ass.

"I AM! I AM THE WHORE!" Wonder Woman cried as her ass began to burn and sting. It was made worst by the fact she could see her gold belt over in the corner. Through her tear filled eyes she saw the other kid pick it and studied for a while. "OW! OW I'M THE WHORE!"

"Well whores suck cock!" Butch laughed as she swatted the now red ass. "I don't see you sucking cock!"

"OKAYYYYY!" The sobbing heroine wailed as she wrapped her lips around Mooky's cock and began to suck it like it was the tastiest thing in the world. Poor Wonder Woman sucked and sobbed wondering if this Halloween nightmare would ever end. She could still hear the ghost laughing and panting as he fly around the room.

After what seemed years Wonder Woman was finally pushed to the floor and left alone. She watched the three bullies dress and laugh about how much fun it had been to fuck the great Wonder Woman. Now in a daze he heard the ghost tell them they could come back and fuck anytime they wanted. There was a way to make it happen.

"I don't know." Butch said, "Its one thing to fuck with her on Halloween and stuff but holding as a sex slave. Dude, how long do you think it would be before the cops or worst one of her super friends showed up. I'll past."

Taylor howled and screamed as the three bullies quickly left him alone with the ravished beauty.

Wonder Woman watched the ghost rant and rave and knew this was her only chance. She rolled over onto her power belt and felt her powers return. The Amazon easily snapped the roped holding, jumped up and dove right through the glass window. She fly into the air did a double flip and landed on her spike-heeled boots with a grunt. Wonder Woman turned smiled up at the ghost swearing in the window. She knew enough about ghosts that Taylor couldn't leave his haunted house. The mighty heroine realized she was still naked and twirled around. In a clash thunder and lights she was once again Diana Prince. She was back in her tight skimpy spandex. Her body was still sticky with cum and sweats but she could jog home. The mighty Amazon was about to run off when she stopped. Had her lasso been on her belt? She had been in such a hurry to leave than she hadn't noticed.

In answer to her question the gold rope looped around her waist and pulled tight.

"Don't move."

"OH!" Diana cried a she froze in place.

"This rope can make you my slave, right."

"Yes." Diana whimpered.

"Turn around and tell me how."

The helpless heroine turned and sobbed at the sight of her captor. Then began to tell him everything about the rope and how to use to control her.


The day after Halloween Butch and Mooky watched the news but there was no mention of their rape of Wonder Woman. They had both changed that night. The two bullies knew they had crossed the line and needed to make up for it.

The entire school noticed the first day Butch showed up in a short tight skirt with her hair curled. Mooky showed in a Dockers and a white shirt. They insisted that everyone call them by their real names and made it clear they were no longer the school bullies. Naturally no believed them until a couple weeks past and the two really seemed to trying to change. The two ex-bullies even joined the chess club, scholastic society and several other student groups. Charles started to work with the school yearbook while Betty became a photographer for the school paper.

Without Butch and Mooky to back him up Ducky became one of the countless faceless students. There was an awkward moment when Ducky tried to hang out with Betty. The shapely blonde had to tell him the days of hanging out together. She and Charles were no longer bullies. Sadly she had to slam him up against the wall a few times to drive the message home.

By the end year Betty had graduated top of the class with Charles right behind her. They stood side by side accepting their diplomas. The shapely blonde noticed Ducky was nowhere to be seen. The next day they found out their old friend had been arrested for trying to grab the sexy Spanish teacher Miss Gonzales. He didn't make the ceremony because he was in jail.

"Charles, You ever wonder what happen to Wonder Woman?" Betty asked.

In the middle of the oldest graveyard sat a huge mausoleum that was made of marble and stone. The stone tomb had been in the cemetery for centuries. There were several old crypts inside but one was empty. It was staircase that led down to a massive round chamber that had old stone throne sitting in the center. A figure of rotting flesh sat on the throne. There was a gold crown on his head. The Zombie King laughed and yanked on the heavy chain in his hand.

The chain ran from his hand to the heavy iron collar wrapped around the slender neck of his Zombie Queen who was on her knees sucking the cock of one ghoul while taking it up the ass and pussy.

"MPHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed and moaned as she gulped on the rancih cock in her mouth. She grunted and squealed as the two other cocks ravished her body. The mighty Amazon was not tamed or even a mindless slave. The only commands the Zombie King had given her was she would obey his very command and never try to escape. So the helpless heroine had no choice but to stay and fuck and suck the countless zombies. The worst was she shared the crypt of the king every day. Stuck in stone coffin all day with the foul smelling ghoul that she had to fuck and suck. Of course since Wonder Woman was a Amazon and her gold belt healed her body of the daily abuse. She knew she would be a slave of the Zombie King for a long, long time.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as her three holes were filled with their vile cum.