By Blacknite13

Hi guys I saw this picture of Wonder Woman in purple bondage and loved it and decided to write this story. I hope you like it. Blacknite13@live.com






"Hurry it up boys!" The Joker laughed as he watched his men clean out the jewelry cases, "Places to go, people to kill!"

The white-faced villain was dressed in his favorite purple pinstriped suit with its frock coat with tails. He adjusted his jacket and sniffed the flower in his lapel. He did a little dance step across the room and laughed at his reflection in the broken mirror. The Joker rarely did robberies anymore but the fact was he was running low on cash besides Batman might show up and he was always worth a few laughs.

"OW!" One of his thugs screamed as he was thrown across the room, slamming into the wall and crumbling to the ground.

"What a party crasher!" Joker laughed as he watched two more of his men drop to the floor. "Is that you Bats?"

"Not Batman." Wonder Woman said as she smacked the last man to the ground.

Joker looked at the tall Amazon standing in the middle of the jewelry store. Even the insane Joker could see she was a real fantasy. Her costume hugged her voluptuous body, her large round tits almost tumbling out the top. Long waves of black hair floated around her unbelievably beautiful face. His eye lingered on the gold belt and lasso.

"I better be on my best behavior we have a lady in the house." Joker said as he stepped right up to the tall Amazon. "We have never met but I have hear soooooo much about you. Could I get your autograph?"

"What?' Wonder Woman said with a genuine surprise. She had never dealt with the Joker before. Batman had told her stories but these had not prepared her for her first face to face with him.

""Like my flower?" Joker said as he pushed the flower into her face. It sprayed small cloud of gas into her face.

"AUGHH!" Wonder Woman cried as she stumbled back. "ACHOOOO! ACHOOOO!"

"What my cologne too strong?" Joker laughed as she watched the heroine stumble around sneezing over and over.


"Oh I am sorry." Joker laughed as he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at her. "Reach for the sky!"

"Huh! ACHOO!" She gasped and looked up. She kept sneezing but was able to bring up her bracers. The Amazon waited for the shot but there was a pop instead. A flag with the word BANG came out the barrel. Wonder Woman sniffed as the sneezing attack finally stopped. She wiped her eyes and stood up. She jumped back when a white gas sprayed out the gun barrel. The shapely heroine was able to avoid the gas but stumbled over one of the thugs.

"Oopsy!" Joker laughed as he put away his gun. He trotted up to the heroine and put out his hand. "Allow me!"

Wonder Woman was fuming and but grabbed the gloved hand planning on flinging him across the room.

"AWWWWWWWWW!" Wonder Woman screamed as a powerful electrical shock hit her whole body. She tried to pull her hand away but the Joker held on. The shocks kept hitting her body until she fainted.

"Shocking. Simply shocking!" The Joker laughed as he let go of her hand, brought the hand buzzer close to his face and blew on it. "At least I am shocked…are you? Of course you are!"

The Joker's men staggered up and stared down at the fallen heroine.

"Boss, you took out Wonder Woman."

"Get the stuff, boys!" Joker laughed as he slung Wonder Woman over his shoulder. "We are out of here. Its Saturday night and the Joker's got a date!"

The green haired villain happily carried the stunned Amazon out the store.

"Oh my head." Wonder Woman groaned as she came to. She quickly realized she couldn't budge an inch. The mighty Amazon looked around and saw she was chained to a large steel ring. Her hands and legs were stretched out and locked into heavy chains. After getting over the shock of being chained she realized that she had been stripped naked. She looked around and spotted her costume along with her gold belt and lasso piled at her feet. "JOKERRRRRRRR!"

The chained Amazon kept yelling as she looked around the room. There was a bed with a Joker headboard and vaulting horse off to one side. On the floor was trunk filled with ropes, gags and other bondage gear.

"Ah sleeping beauty has waked and without a kiss." Laughed the Joker stepped into the room. He was wearing a purple silk robe with green trim and the Joker's face printed all over it.

"Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly." He laughed as he pranced across the room and stopped in front of the bound heroine. He puckered her lips but the Amazon turned her face away. "And I was so looking forward to our first kiss. Oh! I am being too forward…this our first date?"

"You wouldn't dare! You touch me and I vow that I will hunt you down and make you pay."

"Oh Wondie! You must know I am all about the fun! And to be honest my usual squeeze is well under lock and key until I find the time to bust her out. Blondes are more fun but I'll make an exception in your case!"

"Joker, you have no idea who you are messing with!"

"I do! I do!" Joker laughed, "That is what makes this such fun. As an Amazon you really don't want to be touch by a man and I am the last man you would want touching you. Besides aren't you curious about the old saying I just made up!"

"Joker this is my last warning!" Wonder Woman snarled as she yanked at the heavy chains but without her belt there was no chance in hell she could break them.

"White and green will make you scream!" Joker laughed grabbed her face with both hands and pulled her lips to his.

"MMPHHH!" The chained beauty screamed around the tongue pushing into her mouth. She struggled to get free but the Joker was stronger than her looked. Wonder Woman had no choice but to suck on the tongue whirling around in her mouth.

"Sweet!" Joker laughed as he pulled out some nipple clips with Joker faces on them. Three chains with bells hung from the clips. He happily snapped them on to the huge round boobs. "I should tell you I am into a lot of sex games."

"AWWW!" Wonder Woman squealed as her tits were clipped and the bells began to jiggle. She swore at the white-faced villain trying to ignore the bells. "This…oh no!"

The Joker had pulled out a larger purple vibrator with the Joker's head on the tip and a green rubber paddle with his face on it.

"Oh yes!" Joker giggled as he moved behind the helpless heroine and swatted her ass with the paddle.

"OW!" Wonder Woman cried as the paddle kept swatting her ass. "OW! OW! JOKERRRRRR!!"

"You have been a very good girl!" Joker laughed as he kept spanking her butt with the paddle. "Even good girls need spankings!"

"OW! OW! OW! Wonder Woman sobbed as the spanking when on and on. Tears began to run down her face as her ass began to burn. She feebly tugged at the chains knowing escape was impossible. It was made worst by the bells jiggling away. The chained beauty let off a sigh or relief when the spanking stopped.

"Was that good for you?" The Joker hissed as he kissed her neck and then ran his tongue to her ass and began to kiss it. He brought up the vibrator, giggled and then shoved it into her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as her twat was filled with the plastic toy. She gasped as it began to vibrate as the Joker worked the dildo in and out her pussy. "UGH! UGH! S-ST-OPPPPP!"

"I can't do that Wondie!" Joker said as he pushed the vibrator all the way in, "We are both having such a good time!"

"AUGHHHH! UGH!" The helpless heroine sobbed as the toy made her pussy so hot and wet she could feel her own juices splashing onto her thigh and running down her leg. She screamed but the damn bells still filled her ears. "OHHHH! JOKERRRRRRR!"

"Oh my goodness!" Joker laughed as he kept fucking her with the toy, "Looks like you are a good girl after all."

"AHHHH!" The bound beauty wailed as the vile villain kept working the vibrator around her hot wet twat. The plastic toy's vibrating mixed with the Joke's pumping was driving her crazy. The helpless heroine screamed as she was forced to climax. "GREAT HEREAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

"THAR SHE BLOWS!" Joke howled as he stood up but kept working the dildo in and out. He let his robe drop to the floor and kissed her ear. "Now I'll show you my real joystick!"

"AIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman wailed as the green-haired villain shoved his cock into her tight butt hole. She gasped and sobbed as he pushed what felt like a log into her ass.

"OHHHHH" Joker panted as he buried his pole in her butt and used his one hand to grab onto one of her fat tits. He began to fuck her ass with long hard strokes while squeezing her tit. He kissed and kicked her face as her twirled the vibrator around in her pussy. "This is gag has a double punch line!"

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman cried, as she was double fucked by the villain. Her pussy was burning up while her cherry ass had loosened up. The Joker's cock was now giving her unwanted pleasure. "OH! OH JOKER S-STOPPPPP!"

"Couldn't if I wanted to!" He panted as he continued to ream out her ass and pussy at the same time. He grunted as he drove his cock in and out with increasing force. "OH! OH! GOTTA COMEEEEEEEE!"

"AUGHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as his cum flooded her ass. She bucked and twisted as an orgasm shatter her body. She slumped down when the cock and dildo pulled out. The ravished heroine panted and sobbed as the green haired creep moved into front of her. She sobbed as he grabbed onto her tits and mashed them around. "Oh pleasee…no more…"

"You're an Amazon?" Joker laughed as he kissed her long and hard. "You should be able to take a lot more than this. He pushed his cock into her all ready well-fucked pussy.

"AH GAWD NOT AGAIN!" Wonder Woman sobbed as his cock filled her pussy. The chained heroine was soon screaming as she was fucked toward another orgasm.

Two hours later, The Joker walked away from the ravished heroine, singing to himself as he did. The ravished beauty had fainted after the last ass fucking. Just before she past out she wondered how the hell he could kept it up so long. She had lost count of the times he had fucked her. Her body and hair were drenched with sweat.

Wonder Woman woke up when his thugs hosed her down with hot water but was too weak to fight as they unchained her. They carried over to the bed and pushed her down. The defeated Amazon lay there as her arms were tied behind her back with purple and green rope. She was forced to kneel. Rope was tied around her knees and then bound to the bed frame. A green collar was locked around her neck and than hooked to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Wonder Woman found herself bent over with her legs spread wide. She couldn't stop them from pushing a plastic ring gag into her mouth and tying it around her head.

"AHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as a two-head vibrator was shoved into her pussy and ass. She whimpered as the toy began to buzz. The bound heroine moaned as the vibrators did their worst. She could only kneel there as small orgasms rippled through her body. The bound beauty wearily looked up when the Joker flopped onto the bed and moved so his cock pushed up against her face.

"A just little bedtime snack." He laughed as he rubbed his white cock around her face and shoved his pole into her open mouth.

"AKKKKKK!" Wonder Woman grunted as the cock filled her mouth. His hand came down on her head and began to pump it up and down on his cock. The bound beauty miserably sucked on the cock. She kept pumping the cock in and out of her mouth even after his hand left her head.

"Now that's what I call lip service." Joker laughed as he watched the raven-haired head bob up and down on his cock. He sighed as the wet mouth continued to stroke his pole.

Wonder Woman couldn't stop herself from gulping on the cock and suddenly it hit her the Joker had defeated her battle and chained her. The old law: when an Amazon is defeated and chained she would submit to the conqueror. As she ran her tongue up and down the long white pole unable to stop.

"I do appreciate your enthusiasm, my dear." Joker laughed enjoying not only the feel of a hot wet mouth around his cock but that is was Wonder Woman doing the sucking. "But you must realize this is just a one night stand for me. I have fear of commitment! HA! HA!"

"MMPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her mouth filled with his cum. She drank it down with loud gulp. As the cock slipped out of her mouth she wondered what next humiliation the Joker had planned.

"AUGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sighed now in a semi-conscious state. The once mighty heroine was bend over a padded bench. Chains wrapped around her waist kept her bend out. Her arms were pulled back and locked into chains hanging from the ceiling. Her ankles were chained to the legs of the bondage device. A ring gag kept her mouth open wide enough so the plastic cock mounted on device in front of her kept pumping it in and out her mouth. It would occasionally spray sticky white milk into her mouth, face and tits. It had been doing this for the last few hours so now her face and tits were covered with the stuff. It was now running down her belly and thighs. The two-headed vibrator was still buzzing away in her ass and pussy making her come again and again. Her only escape from the torment was when she fainted.

"Good morning!" Joker said, "I slept like a log! You?"

"Mph!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the Joker stopped the cock from spraying into her mouth and took out the vibrator. She collapsed to the floor when she was unchained. She whimpered and curled up into a ball when he began to hose her down with warm water.

"You need to clean up your act!" Joker laughed. "You really do!"

Once she was clean the Joker stepped up and studied the heroine.

"I really need to figure how what do with you." Joker said. "I need a really good punch line for this gag. I need time to ponder this…boys keep the lady amused while I ponder her fate!"

"Oh nooooo!" Wonder Woman whimpered as three of the Joker's men dragged over to a bed and forced her down. She was too weak to fight as they forced on her hands and knees. She grunted when one the men pushed his cock into her pussy while another one began to fuck her ass. The last man moved in front of her and pushed his cock into her gasping mouth. The ravished and exhausted heroine couldn't stop from sucking on his cock. The defeated heroine moaned and groaned as she serviced the three cocks.

The Joker's thugs laughed as they fucked the heroine. The four bodies bucked and bounced around on the bed unaware the whole gangbang was going out on the Internet.

Wonder Woman had been allowed to sleep after the four-hour gangbang. Then she was showered and dressed in her costume. Her long raven colored hair fell around her face and body in waves of silky curls. She was kneeling on the floor with heavy chains holding her down on the floor. The steel links were wrapped around her wrists, ankles and neck, which were bolted to the floor. Even though she was now wearing her gold belt she couldn't break the chains. The defeated Amazon wondered if had something to do with the old law.

The Joker was sitting in a chair a few feet the helpless heroine, twirling her lasso as she watched her.

"What to do. What to do." Joker sighed as he kept twirling the lasso like a cowboy. He tossed it, looped it around her neck and pulled it tight. "Yahoooo! I done roped me a big one! Tell me what do you think I should do with you."

"I think you should let me go." Wonder Woman gulped as she stared at the lasso.

"Oh that is so dull. If you were me what would you do?"

"If I were you I would think of some way to humiliate me over and over even after you set me free."

"Yes but how could I do that? Once you are free there is no way to force you to do that."

"NOOOOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed inside her head as she opened her mouth. "You could use my magic lasso. You can give me orders that I will obey even after I am free."

"Magic lasso?" Joker smiled as he looked at the rope and slowly smiled. "So I could order you to go out and destroy Batman and you would."


"I could turn you lose on the heroes and really have some fun….Mmm. But I am a hands on kind of guy. I could use this on Batman too."


"Oh that's no fun. A mindless Batman would be boring….no. I think we should keep this between you and me…or is that I? I can never remember. OH I GOT IT!"

"Oh great Hera save me!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the Joker leaned back in his chair and he began to laugh.

Wonder Woman sat up with a gasp and looked around. She was lying on a lumpy bed in what was obviously a cheap motel room. The Amazon jumped up and checked herself. Her costume was on. Even her belt and lasso was in place. She pushed back her long black curls and frowned.

"The Joker just let me go?" Wonder Woman said, remembering she had been helplessly chained. After that everything was a blank. Batman had told her that the Joker was unpredictable. His motives and crimes rarely made sense. Sometimes he would stop a crime because it no longer amused him or he just got bored. "Maybe I just got lucky."

Wonder Woman walked to the door and pulled open the door, vowing to get revenge on the Joker. She could remember how he had raped and abused her. The tall heroine vowed to make him pay for this humiliation.

"Damn, you new down here bitch? If you looking someone to handle your business I am your man."

The tall Amazon turned to find she was looking at a small skinny African-American dressed in a lavender suit with a matching hat, pink shirt and black boots. Several gold chains hung around his neck; there were rings on all his finger and a large gold watch on his wrist.

"Are you implying that I am a prostitute!" Wonder Woman snapped, "I am Wonder Woman!"

"You definitely got wonderful tits!" Danny said, "I am Danny the Duce. I think that you and me need to talk."

"I think not!" Wonder Woman growled and stepped forward.

"Let's take this inside my office!" Danny said as he pushed open a door and easily shoved the heroine into the room and slammed the door close.

"Unhand me!" Wonder Woman gasped surprised how easily the pimp had shoved her into the room. "Big mistake!"

The might Amazon raised her fist and charged the pimp but some how tripped on her own feet. She landed face down on the carpet and started to get up but Danny landed on top of her. Wonder Woman struggled but the pimp got her hands pulled back and was wrapping rope around her wrists. She struggled to get free but her strength seemed to have vanished.

"Now lets get down to business!" Danny said as the pimp yanked down her costume, "Git you naked."

"Stop I am Wonder Woman!" She cried as her large round tits spilled out.

"Shut up bitch!" He said as she slapped her and forced her to kneel. "You are Wonder Whore now. More important! You my whore!"

"I am not!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the grabbed a handful of her thick hair and held her in place as her unzipped. He pulled out ten inches of hard cock and rubbed it around her face.

"Wrap those lips around this and git sucking!" Danny snarled as he yanked on her hair and whacked her face with his cock. "Open bitch! Open or I will beat you silly!"

"NO MMMPHHH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the cock was shoved into her mouth. She was shocked when she began to suck on the foul pole. The mighty Amazon couldn't stop herself from pumping the cock in and out her mouth and rolling her tongue around it.

"That good little slut." Danny laughed as he grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and began to pump her head up and down on his cock. "You learning who the man is and who the whore is. I'm gonna fuck you for a while and then call my boys over and you gonna fuck them. Then we put that fine ass and big tits out on the street to make me some money."

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" Wonder Woman grunted as her face was pushed into his smelly crotch and pull out. She could stop herself from sucking on the cock. The bound heroine strained against the ropes that should have been snapping like wet noodles but held her wrists together like steel bands.

The pimp kept pumping the Amazon's mouth up and down on his pole while hurling insults at her. After a few long minutes he let go of her head and watched her raven hair head bob up and down on his cock. He could feel her lips tighten around his cock while her tongue twirled around the tool.

"MMPPPPPPPH!" The helpless Amazon sobbed as she struggled to get free but still couldn't stop herself from sucking on the cock like it was the tastiest thing in the world. Her defeat was made worst by the warm wetness forming between her legs.

"Go baby! Go!" Danny panted as the hot wet mouth gulped on his cock filling the cheap room with loud slurps. The pimp gasped as his cock began to ache ready to shoot. He thrust his cock into her mouth, burying her face in his crotch.

"AUGHHHHH!" The bound beauty moaned as her mouth filled with cum. She sobbed as the sweet seed flowed down her throat dribbled down her chin.

"Drink it down, baby." The pimp said as he emptied his cock into her mouth. He pumped his cock dry and pulled out. Danny pulled the heroine up and stripped her costume down around her knees.

"Wait! Please don't!" Wonder Woman screamed as the pimp shoved her back down on the bed. She kicked and sobbed as her boots off were pulled up along with her costume. The helpless heroine tried to twisted and turned off the bed as Danny slowly undressed.

"Okay honey, time to really break you in." Danny laughed as he moved her to the middle of the bed. He pinned her down and spread her legs with his knee.

"NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman wailed as she pulled at the ropes as the pimped grabbed on to her tits and crushed them between his fingers as he shoved his cock into her hot wet pussy. The mighty Amazon arched up and screamed. "AUGHHHHH!"

"Damn bitch, you are a slut! Your pussy is soaking!" Danny laughed as he began to fuck her with short powerful strokes as he pushed and twisted her boobs around. He began to run his tongue up and down her face, slurping and panting as he did.

"UGH! UGH! PLEASEEEE! UGHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the long hard pole slammed in and out her pussy with increasing force. Her tits were already in agony from the vicious fondling. In mere seconds they had swelled into hard balls. She shook her head as the wet mouth kissed and licked her face. His tongue pushing into her mouth cut off her cries. "MMMPHH!"

"MMMM!" Danny sighed as he continued the hump the helpless heroine with all his lust and hate. He pushed her tits together as he chewed on her lips while rolled his tongue around her mouth.

"OH SAVE MEEEEE!" The mighty Amazon sobbed as the hot wet moved down to her throat and began to gnaw on it. The powerful fingers mashed her boobs around as the relentless cock pounded in and out her hot body. Each thrust of the cock lifted her ass off the mattress making her squeal in horror and lust.

"WE GOING NOW BITCH!" Danny howled as he fucked her with all he had. He caught her nipple with his teeth and bit as he drove his cock deep into her pussy. "AUGHHHH" "AIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman squealed as cum filled her twat making her climax. She bucked around on the bed until the orgasm faded. The ravished beauty panted and sobbed as the pimp pulled out and rolled off the bed.

"I am going to call some friends and we're going to have a real party." Danny said as he bent over began to look through his pants for his phone.

"NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed not in anger but fear. Terrified the bound beauty kicked out both of her feet hitting Danny in the ass.

"FUCKKKKK!" Danny yelled as he flew across the room and slammed into the wall. He crumbled to the floor in a heap.

Wonder Woman rolled off the bed, her heart pounding with fear as she struggled with the ropes binding her. Some how she managed to get free and quickly got dressed. Her whole body was shaking as the heroine stumbled out the hotel room.

Diana sat up in her bed and looked around her bedroom. She looked around the pink and white wall that matched her comforter. The heroine shook her head wondering how she got home. She remembered getting caught by the Joker and then being raped in a motel room. But it was like some blurry nightmare. What she did remember was the fear and no not fear. A feeling of helplessness. The raven-hair beauty realized she was sucking her thumb and quickly pulled it out.

An hour later, Diana was dressed in a white business suit. The jacket tailored to show off her amble bosom and the skirt just short enough to display her long legs. Her long hair was pinned up into a tight bun. She put on her glasses and walked out.

Down the hall Elmer, her disgusting neighbor who seemed to be at her door whenever she left. The fat little man ran a couple of porn shops and would always make comments about Diana's body as she walked out.

"Looking good, Diana." Elmer said as he watched the shapely beauty walk by his open door. "That ass is something…you wearing panties or thong?"

"I-I-I am not afraid of y-you!" Diana said trying to ignore her pounding heart and the queasy feeling in her stomach. She gulped as she forced herself to walk up to the short fat man with the balding head. Diana tried to ignore that the tent in the front of his old sweats. "I-I want you to stop…this…I am not afraid even though we are standing alone in this empty hallway and no one knows where I am. I-I am still not afraid."

"WHAT?" Elmer thought as he leered over the shapely beauty. "Is she saying what I think she is saying?"

"I am not afraid…" Diana said unable to stop the words from coming out of her mouth. "I would be helpless to stop you from grabbing me right now and having your way with me. But I am not afraid."

"This bitch is really asking for it. Elmer thought as he moved closer to Diana just to see what she did.

"Leave me alone." Diana whimpered wanting to run but her feet seemed frozen in place.

Elmer sensed something different in Diana. He looked in her eyes and instead of hate and arrogance he saw fear. He had seen it before in a couple of the girls he had raped before. He looked down and saw her hands were shaking. A small smile spread across his unshaven face and he knew. "You sound scared to me."

"I am not!" Diana said as she started to step back but Elmer grabbed her wrist. "Let me go!"

"Why?" Elmer said as he glanced around the hall and evilly smiled. "Maybe you are afraid of what you will do if we got together. I think you want to spend some time with me."

"Never! That is too disgusting to even ponder." Diana whimpered as she feebly tried to pull back. "I-I am leaving…."

"Come on baby time to party!" Elmer laughed as he pulled Diana into his apartment. He kicked the door shut as he whirled her around twisting her arm behind her back. He clamped his hand over her mouth as he moved her into his messy living room.

"MMPH!" Diana sobbed as she struggled to get free of the small man surprised how strong he was or how weak she was. She whimpered as Elmer forced her into a backroom that was filled with bondage gear. A pull up pole of chrome was set up in the middle of the room.

Elmer forced Diana over to the pole and yanked her hands up. He struggled with the bitch as he locked her hands into leather shackles dangling from the crossbar.

"UNHAND MEEEEE!" Diana screamed but her cries for help were cut off a plastic ring gag being shoved into her mouth and tied around her head. She fought as the little man spread her legs and locked them into padded bracers mounted on the two support poles. "MPHHHH!"

"Now lets get a good look at these." Elmer laughed as he grabbed her bosom and began to fondle them. He leaned in and pushed his tongue into her open mouth. He twirled his tongue around while chewing on her lips.

"MPHHHHH!" The bound beauty sobbed as she was forced to kiss the little creep while he fondled her boobs through her white blouse. She could do nothing as Elmer stepped back and grabbed a long sharp knife. The bound beauty could only stand there as he sliced off her jacket and skirt. Her blouse he ripped open and then cut it off.

"Whoa." Elmer panted as he leered over the white lacy bra, panties and garter belts holding up her silk stockings. He flicked the knife: the bra and panties fell to the floor. The short fat man dropped the knife as her looked over the most amazing body he had seen. Her tits were huge and round with bright nipples that stuck right out. The amazing orbs of flesh didn't sag an inch. Her incredibly long legs ran up to a firm round ass.

The bound beauty pulled and twisted as he took off her glasses and tossed them down. She screamed as her grabbed her tits and began to squeeze them while he happily sucked on a nipple. Diana leaned back her head and screamed as the little creep kept mashing her tits while chewing on them.

Elmer was lost in his lust fantasies. He had wanted to fuck this bitch for years but she always had this air about her. A don't fuck me or I will kick you in the balls and then kick you when you are down. But not today. Today she was acting like the perfect victim. Some how he knew that he could do what he wanted and not worry about the cops.

Diana sobbed and whimpered as she boobs were mauled and gnawed into aching mounds of hard flesh. She closed her eyes as the creep kept fondling her tits and began to run his tongue over her face, sticking his tongue into her open mouth.

The nasty man moved behind the helpless woman and grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed it. He kissed and licked her neck and back as he pinched her butt.

"NAAAAA!" Diana sobbed as the finger dug into the ass and squeezed it. She tried to ignore the hot wet mouth licking her back.

"I am going to fuck you in the ass." Elmer hissed as he fondled the great ass, "But first a spanking for being such a cock tease!"

"AW! AW!" The helpless woman squealed as his hand swatted her butt over and over. The bound heroine tugged at the shackles trying to escape the spanking. Hot wet tears filled her eyes as the swatting went on and on. She felt her ass begin to burn and stink. Diana breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped swatting her butt.

"Let get down to the real fun!" Elmer said as dropped his sweat pants freeing his long hard cock. He licked his lips as he spread her bright red ass cheeks and began push his cock into her tight hole.

"AUGHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as the cock pushed into her tight ass. She gulped and sobbed as the pole moved deeper and deeper. The bound beauty wished she could grit her teeth but the plastic ring in her mouth would only let her lick her lips.

"OHYEASSSSS!" he sighed as he buried his cock up to the hilt and held it there. He grabbed onto her firm ass and slowly began to fuck her slowly increasing the speed of his fucking. He began to kiss and bite the nape of her neck as he kept thrusting into her butt hole.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana grunted, as her ass was royally reamed out. She closed her eyes and moaned as the long pole slammed in and out her ass. The helpless heroine tried to twist her head away as the hot wet mouth sucked over to her face. "AUGHHHHH!"

"Oh we are going now baby!" Elmer panted as he increased the power of his fucking when he felt his cock begin to swell. "Oh baby I am coming!"

"AIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana wailed as her ass was filled with hot cum. She bucked and twisted around an orgasm shook her body. The ravished heroine slumped when the cock pulled out. The bound beauty wondered what he had planned next when there was a loud crash. The room was filled with cops yelling as they shoved Elmer to the ground. The dazed woman let the police unchain her and lead her out the room. Diana soon found herself lying on a paramedic's stretcher. As she lay there she overheard the cops talking about how they had Elmer under surveillance. As they rolled her out she wondered why they hadn't rush in when he first pulled her into the apartment.

Hours later Diana was driven home after being taken to the E.R. and giving several statements. Then signing a complaint. The tall beauty stood in her apartment wearing a green hospital gown and paper robe. She walked to the window and watched a small pack of bikers roar by her building. Fear filled her body as she watched the pack race off into the night.

"What is this!" Diana said as she looked at her shaking hands. "My hands are shaking like leaves. This is unheard of! An Amazon doesn't know fear!"

Diana began to spin around and around and was soon engulfed in a storm of lights and clashes of thunder. Seconds later, Wonder Woman stood in the room.

"I shall fight this fear!" Wonder Woman snarled as she opened the window and leaped down to the street below. She ran off into the night, hoping to find some evildoers.

The shapely Amazon ran into a park down the street from her apartment. She trotted down a bike path and stopped when she heard some laughing. Wonder Woman snuck up to a tree and spotted three homeless men sitting around a small fire, passing around a cheap bottle of wine. She gulped when body filled with fear. Her heart was pounding and a cold sweat began to form all over her body. The mighty heroine was about to back up and she was hit from behind. The blow sent the Amazon to her knees. She grabbed her spinning head and cried when the attacker grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder.

"PUT ME DOWN!" Wonder Woman cried as another homeless man carried her into the camp and slammed her down on an old smelly mattress. The heroine tried to get up but the other homeless men grabbed her arms and legs and pinned her down. Wonder Woman tried to shove them off her but her Amazon seem to have left her. "LET ME UP!"

"Fuck look at this bitch!" One the men laughed. "She looks like Wonder Woman."

"She ain't Wonder Woman." Another said. "Wonder Woman would be kicking our butts without working up a sweat. This is some dumb slut who got drunk and left the costume party too early."

"She didn't leave the party!" A third giggled, "She came to the party! Let see those tits!"


"NOOOO!" Diana screamed as several hands began to rip and tear at her costume until she was naked. The helpless heroine was so terrified she barely noticed the stench of her captors. She screamed again when her legs were spread and one the homeless guy knelt down.

"Gonna fuck this bitch good." He laughed as he dropped his pants.

"GREAT HERA NOOO!" She wailed as the smell man lay across her soft body and began to suck on her tits. One the men grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up. The bottle being pushed into her mouth cut off her cries. She gagged as a burning liquid filled her mouth and ran down her throat.

"This will help you relax, baby!" said the one forcing her to drink the nasty brew.

"MPHHH!" The heroine sobbed as the cheap wine filled her belly and began to make her head spin. She gasped as the creep on top of her but bit her nipple while he mashed her tits around. Then she screamed long and loud as his cock pushed into her pussy. The helpless beauty gasped for air when the bottom left her lips. "UGH! UGH! PLEASE NOOOOO! UGH! UGH!"

"Give it to her good!"

"YEAH! YEAH! Fuck her!"

"Hurry it up! I need to some of that fine ass!"

"Chill man, we got all night!"

"I just remembered this whore got a mouth."

"UGH! UGH! NOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed as the homeless man kept fucking her while he sucked and fondled her tits. She sobbed as her head was twisted around and a rancid cock was pushed into her gasping mouth. The helpless heroine thought she would throw up as the filthy cock pumped in and out her mouth. "MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"Yeah this party is going now."

"Yeah, lets not forget she got a ass that need fucking."

"MPHHH! Wonder Woman sobbed as she was forced to service two cocks. She grunted with each thrust of the cock, which made her suck on the cock. Hot tears flowed out of her eyes and down her cheeks as the two men had their way with her.

"OHHH! I AM GOING NOW!" Grunted the man fucking her while he gnawed on her fat tits squeezing them between his fingers. He loved how tight her pussy was. It had been a long time since he had some pussy and now he was fucking some rich bitch and this bitch had some fine pussy. It was hot and wet and crushing his cock like velvet vise.

"You better start sucking whore!" snapped the man who was fucking her face. "I got a knife!"

An uncontrollable fear swept over her and the mighty Amazon couldn't stop herself from sucking on the cock filling her mouth. She whimpered and sobbed as she gulped on the cock twirling her tongue around it. The terrified woman began to move her lips up and down the pole.

"There you go! This bitch sucks like a whore. We are really in for a party."

"Come on guys hurry it up! My cock is aching here!"

"You waited months for a fuck you can wait a little for this fine rich pussy!"

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she kept sucking on the cock out of fear and the lust filling her body. She was grunted and gasped each time the cock slammed into her pussy. Her tits seemed to swell and were throbbing from the brutal foreplay. The ravished beauty screamed as an orgasm slammed into her body.

The homeless man kept humping the heroine with eager lust, panting and grunting as he sucked and slobbered over her tits. He suddenly arched up and howled as he emptied his cock.

"AUGHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as the hot seed gave her another orgasm. The cock in her mouth exploded filling it with cum. She wretchedly swallowed the nasty stuff. The ravished beauty sucked in a lungful of air after the two cocks left her body. She sobbed as she was pulled up and whimpered as one the men lay back on the mattress. Two the men planted her on his cock making her squealed. She squealed again with another cock pushed in to her ass. A third cock pushed into her mouth cut off the loud squeal. Wonder Woman grunted as the two cocks began to pound her. It took a second for Wonder Woman realized her hands had been tied behind her back with her own lasso.

"Come on whore you can suck better than that and move that ass!"

"MMMPH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as she obeyed the command and began to suck the cock with loud slurps and grunts and move her lower body with the two men fucking her. She blinked away her tears as the triple rape when on and on. "MPH! MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"I told you this bitch was slut!" One the men laughed as he pumped his cock in and out her ass with animal-like passion.

"You got that right!" The man panted as he drove into her pussy as he began to suck and bit on the boobs jiggling in his face. "We got a real whore!"

"She sucks like one." The last man gasped as he watched the raven-haired beauty mouth slid up and down his pole. He loved the feel of her lips and tongue on his cock.

"UGHHHHH!" The helpless heroine screamed as the two cocks gave her another orgasm. She strained up as the powerful climax swept through her. The orgasm made her push the whole cock into her mouth and hungrily suck on it. Her loud slurps and gulps made the three men begin to taunt her and call her vile and disgusting names.

All three men came together filling her ass, pussy and mouth with the cum. She gasped as the three men pulled out. The ravished heroine barely had time to catch her breath before three more cocks pushed into her body. It was during this brief pause that Wonder Woman realized there was now more than four homeless guys.

The gangbang went of for hours as the Amazon fucked and sucked what seemed like an endless line dirty smelly men. She pushed and twisted into different positions. The final insult was when on the men put a collar and leash around her neck and forced the heroine crawl around on all fours in the dirt, stopping to kiss and lick the disgusting feet of her captors. Then came the blowjobs, she took cock after cock into her mouth, sucking them all until they came in her face or onto her tits. Soon her face and tits were coated with cum that dribbled down her body.

Fortunately her captors put her gold belt back on while not giving her back her strength it did let it heal her battered body and give her give her the energy to outlast the homeless men. As the sun rose over the park, Wonder Woman still on her knees with the collar around her neck found she was the only one not sleeping. She took off the collar and snatched up the remains of her costume. Having no choice she used a smelly blanket to cover her naked body.

Some how Wonder Woman made it home and into her shower. She just knelt in the shower letting the water rinse away the pains and humiliation of the night. Diana wasn't worried about catching anything because her belt would heal her body. It was while she was in the shower that it hit her.

"THE JOKER!" Diana growled, "He used my lasso on me! What did he do? I have to find him!"

Joker was sitting in a large purple chair in his underground lair deciding on what kind of mayhem he would cause tonight. He was still mad at himself for not keeping Wondie's lasso. He could have done some fun things with that thing. Turn Batgirl into Batwhore. That would put a knot in Batman's tights. The green haired villain heard the bang on his metal door and smiled. He slowly twirled around in his chair and watched the door bent and buckle.

Wonder Woman punched the door one last time sending it to the floor. She stepped into the room and charged the villain who was casually sitting in his chair.

"Joker!" Wonder Woman yelled as she raised her fits ready to pummel the Joker into a bloody pulp until he told her what he did to her. "WHAT DID YOUDO TO ME!"

Joker folded his fingers together and rested his chin on them, watching the mighty Amazon run at him with almost indifference.

"I…!" Wonder Woman snarled as she came with inches of him but then frozen in place. Her arms and legs snapped together turning her into a living statue. "Great Hera!"

"Something wrong, Wondie?" Joker laughed as she stood up and began dance around the helpless heroine. "A little stiffness in the limbs? OR is it something else?"

"What did you do?" Wonder Woman said through lips that were sealed shut.

"Oh well first, I used your lasso to give ensure there would be no hitting the Joker. No, no. Anytime you think of hurting me you turn into a statue. So just think happy thoughts and you will be fine."

"That's not all you did to me." Wonder Woman muttered through her clenched lips.

"Oh yes, that! Well, you are the greatest heroine in the world. A mighty Amazon afraid of nothing. I simply whispered into your ear that you now a weak helpless victim."


"I wasn't sure what would happen but I knew it would be hoot especially after what I saw happen with Danny the Duce. Did you have some more fun adventures?"

"YOU! YOU!" Wonder Woman yelled through her clamped lips.

"Wondie, you got to relax." Joker giggled as he took her lasso and began to twirl it like a cowboy. "Think happy thoughts or you will stay like this. I guess we could prop you up in the corner use you as a coat rack."

Wonder Woman started to take some deep breaths through her nose trying to quiet the rage inside of her body. She closed her eyes and focused her mind. Slowly her anger faded and her body began to loosen up. The raven-haired beauty cracked her neck and twisted her body loosening up her muscles.

"There you go, Wondie." Joker said as he began to spin the lasso over his head. "So spill. What misadventures have you had?"

"You vile villain!"

"Tell you want. You tell me in detail what happen and I will use your lasso to turn you back into Wonder Woman."

"Like I would trust you?"

"Wondie, I gave you my word. Besides it will be more fun having you as a heroine. I mean I could have used this lasso to have some laughs with Bats."

"No tricks? I tell you and you undo the damage."

"I get you my word that you will not harm me. As a matter of fact you will leave this fair city and not return for…lets say a month."

"Agreed. But after a month all deals are off."

"Done. Now tell me everything." Joker laughed as he slumped into the chair and carefully coiled the lasso. Shall we have tea?"

"No." Wonder Woman snapped as she ran her hand through her long wavy hair. Then for the next hour the Amazon told the villain in about Elmer and the gangbang by the homeless. She blushed and fumed as the Joker laugh and slapped his knees.

"That was well worth it." Joker said as he stood up and let out the loop of the lasso. "And a deal is a deal."

"No tricks."

"You have my word that you will fully and completely Wonder Woman, the mighty Amazon. But you will leave town."

"Agreed." Wonder Woman said as the Joker put the lasso around her waist.

"Trust me." Joker said as he tightened the rope.

Wonder Woman felt the magic flow over body and her mind become a blank.

"JOKER!" Wonder Woman screamed when she came to and found herself on her knees with her arms pulled behind her neck and locked to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Worst her costume including her magic belt was gone. She was now dressed a dark purple leather bondage costume. Double leather straps were wrapped just below her bosom. Two more straps with steel rings that were wrapped around her nipples ran up to a collar. Two more straps ran down to a ring. Another strap ran from the ring over her crotch and up her ass then back to the collar. Wonder Woman's long legs were squeezed into skintight hip boots spike heels. Leather opera gloves covered her arms. The only thing left from her costume was her gold tiara holding back her long hair. The boots and gloves had thick straps with rings around the ankles and wrists. The chain holding Wonder Woman's arms back was snapped onto the wrist rings. The mighty Amazon was completely helpless.

"What's wrong Wondie?" Joker laughed as he walked up and began to play with her tits. "A little hung up on the new costume?"

"We had a deal!" Wonder Woman yelled as she fought to get free of the chains.

"The deal was I would change you back to Wonder Woman which I did. I don't recall anything about me letting you go."


"Don't worry, I will let you go after awhile. Here is the best part. When I let you go you have no choice but to leave town. At least for a month. Unless you are going break your word…wait! Amazons can't break their word."

"Joker I will not be your leather clad pet!"

"Oh but you are. Not too worry. Just relax while I go pick up your play dates. But don't worry the boys will make sure you don't get bored."

"NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman cried as four of Joker's men walked into the room.

"Just get her warmed up boys." Joker laughed as he left the room twirling the lasso. "The lady is looking at a long night."

Catwoman dressed in her skintight jumpsuit scampered across the rooftop her long silky hair flowing behind her. The shapely beauty skidded to a halt when she saw the tall redhead standing in her way. Batgirl was dressed in her tight costume that showed off every luscious curve. Her long cape flapped behind her.

"Fancy meeting you here?" Batgirl said as she flexed her gloved hands.

"Nothing fancy about it." Catwoman said as she clicked her claws.

Suddenly a golden lasso dropped down around them and pulled tight.

"WHAT!" They cried as the two bodies were pulled together. They struggled but when someone yelled freeze. They froze in place.

"Hello Cats!" Joker laughed as dropped down from the ledge above, "Good to see you Bat Babe. I know this last minute but I was thinking we just don't spend enough time together. You know some real quality time."

"Joker this is not funny!" Catwoman hissed as she struggled but could move a muscle."

"Joker, where did you get this lasso?" Batgirl said recognizing Wonder Woman magic lasso.

"A gift from my new squeeze." Joker laughed as he moved around the helpless woman. "You have got to meet her…oh maybe Bat Babe all ready has. So maybe you have already gotten naked with my new girl."

"NO!" Batgirl gasped.

"Well maybe not…but here is the good news. You and Cats will tonight. But here is the better news the world will be watching."

"WHAT!" They both cried in horror.

"That's right we all going into the porn biz! I figure people will pay big bucks to see some girl on girl action between you two and Wonder Woman."

"Oh God we are so screwed!"

"Not yet but soon." Joker laughed as he tugged the lasso. "Now you will come along. Like nice little girls."

Both of the young beauties screamed in their heads as they meekly followed the Joker into the night.