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Ichabod "Icky" Jones walked down the street toward his Colonial house that sat in one of the upper middle class neighborhoods of Washington D.C. The short tubby man was out for his morning walk/run. It was all part of his new life style. He was on a strict diet and was excising every day. He had lost a little over forty pounds. Two years behind bars had given Icky time to think and ponder which resulted in his decision to change his life. One good thing happen while he was in the slammer. An aunt he never knew he had left him enough money to live quite comfortably for the rest of his life if he didn't go crazy with the cash.

Icky had served the time for supposedly being a running a whorehouse, which was ridiculous. He ran a bondage club, which was nothing like a whorehouse. Club where consenting adults played games and yes had sex and yes they did pay him a membership fee. It didn't make him a pimp. But that was all behind him, the whole bondage world was part of his past. Oh, he still got e-mails from people all around the world because he was considered one of the top rope masters in the country. And yes, he answered the questions and that's all. The bondage world was behind him. There was nothing that was going to suck him back into it.

Wonder Woman watched the small man trot up the stairs to his home thinking he looked slimmer and thought he must be taking care of himself. He still had a full head of black hair that was now salted with gray He must have had nose job since it no looked like bird's beak. The wire-rimmed glasses that made his look larger were new. The Amazon had spent the last hour searching his house and had found no bondage gear whatsoever. It appeared Icky had turned over new leaf. The shapely heroine turned to face the door as it opened.

"What the!" Icky said as he stepped into his foyer and saw the beautiful Amazon standing in the middle of his living room. Her amazing hourglass body was squeezed into her famous red, white and blue costume that really showed off her fabulous ass and long, long legs. Two huge mounds of soft flesh threaten to spill out the top. A gold belt was wrapped around her slender waist. A gold tiara held back her long wavy raven colored hair. It flowed in rich curls down to her firm round ass. "I haven't seen you since you and that bitch Diana Prince screwed up my life."

"Hello, Icky." Wonder Woman smiled as she moved closer to the small man.

"That's Ichabod." He said. "I don't go my Icky any more."

"So Master Icky is no more. You are just a nice guy living off the large lump of cash left to by an aunt who no idea what pervert he was."

"That's right. But I am not a pervert anymore. I see my P.O. once a month and I bet you know I have no ropes, chains and any other stuff in my house."

"You appear to be clean."

"That's right. So get out my house!"

"How would you like to have a clean slate and be off parole?"

"What do you want?"

"What do you know about Tight Knots?"

"Nothing…except what I hear through the grapevine. But that ain't much. I'm not into that life anymore."

"So what you heard?"

"It is a very exclusive club. Membership fees are very high but are waved if you have a rep or prove yourself to be a Rope Master."

"I heard young attractive girls get in for free."

"I wouldn't know about that."

"I am working with an government agent who thinks there is more going on there than bondage."

"I couldn't tell you. I am out the that life."

"You say if someone showed up and proved them to be a Rope Master they get in?"

"Yeah, but we talking expert. Having your agent friend slap on the cuffs is not enough. You would have to tie like a pro. Take the classic tying the wrists to their elbows. The coils of the rope should be perfectly even and aligned. The knots perfectly placed so the slave's fingertips can only brush against them. Teasing them that freedom was so close yet so far. I won't go into the numerous positions, the fancy twirls and twists. The crotch knot must…"

"I get the point." Wonder Woman said, "Could you teach someone to be as good as you?"

"No one is as good as me but I could teach your buddy well enough to get in."

"You would teach me and I would teach her."

"Whatever. I do this and get a clean slate."

"Yes, do we have a deal?"

"Yeah, when do you want to start?"

"How about now?"

"Aside from the gold lasso on your belt did you bring any more rope?"


"I'll need the day to go shopping and set up my basement. Come tonight and we will begin Bondage 101."

"Until tonight."

After the Amazon left Icky sat down at his computer and logged on.

Icky carefully laid out the ropes in perfect circles and then lined up the gags like little soldiers. He ran his fingers over the chrome and leather. He closed his eyes and sighed.

Wonder Woman walked up to the house and was almost to the door when it swung open. Icky stepped out wearing a black jogging suit and a big smile.

"Right on time." He said, "I just finished setting up the room."

"Excellent." She said as she followed the small man into his home and to the back the house and down some stairs. She came into the basement and stopped in her tracks.

There was cross bar of chrome set up in the middle of the room. A padded vaulting horse was set up beside it. A large round table with a padded top and rings mounted into the rim sat in a corner. There were coils of rope lying on the floor along with chains, leather and metal shackles. A spread bar, long strips of leather. About dozen different gags were laid out.

"You have been busy." Wonder Woman said as she wandered over to the bondage gear.

"I assumed you were in a hurry." Icky said. "Okay, I didn't call in a model because I assume you wanted this kept secret."

"Correct." She said as she knelt down and fingered the rope, thinking they felt very soft.

"So the best way to do this is I tie you up and take pictures. You go back to your buddy and practice."

"Not going to happen." Wonder Woman snapped as she jumped to her feet.

"Then how do you suggest we do this?"

"I tie you up."

"Really? How can you do that when you don't know the first thing about bondage? Look secret or not we need a model. I know several girls…"


"Look, you are in no danger since I have seen you snap chains like they were made of paper."

Wonder Woman thought about it for a moment, debating her options, and then nodded.

"Very well but don't try anything."

"Never cross my mind. I a changed man." Icky said as he picked up some ropes. He moved behind the tall beauty and gently pulled her hands back. He wrapped the silky cord around her wrists, loving the feel of the rope and her soft skin. His skillful fingers tied off the knot and he closed his eyes, savoring the moment. "How does that feel?"

"What?" Wonder Woman asked as she tugged at the ropes holding her hands behind her back.

"Nothing." Icky said as he stepped back and picked up old Polaroid and took several pictures of the bondage. "Okay, go the shots."

"Good." She said as she waited for him to untie her. "Icky…"

"We're done." Icky said realizing he was getting a stiff one. He ignored it picked up another length of rope. "I am going to tie your elbows together. That would be the second step of this bondage."

"Very well." The raven-haired beauty said as she stood and let him tie her elbows together.

The rest if the evening was spent tying up Wonder Woman's hand in various ways with rope, leather and chains. Icky would take pictures with the old Polaroid instant camera.

"Can we move on, please?" Wonder Woman said. "I need to learn all aspects of this."

"This is an art form." He snapped, "You just don't get learn everything in one night. You weren't expecting to become an expert in one night. You can forget it."

"You better not be yanking my chain."

"It's late and lets call it a night."

Wonder Woman turned and glared at the small man. She sighed and realized he was right.

"I apologize. It is late."

"When do you want to come back?"

"I'll be back tomorrow. We are under the clock here."

"We sure are." Icky said as he watched the Amazon strut out of his apartment taking the camera and pictures with her.

The next night was spent on more elaborate hand and foot bondage. Icky tied and retied the ultimate fantasy woman. Each time he tied her up the small man found himself getting hornier and hornier. He began to remember his life, the bondage, and the slaves. He was missing it all.

Over the next few nights Wonder Woman learn more about binding hands and legs that she thought possible. She learned to hogtie, frog leg and other numerous other positions that left her barely able to move. She could have easily broke free from the bondage with her super strength.

One night Wonder Woman was lying on the floor, rope was wrapped around her ankles, knees, thighs, upper arms, elbows and wrists. More rope criss-crossed her chest while a knotted cord was stretched across her crotch. Her legs were pulled back and tied to the elbows. A wad of cloth was jammed into her mouth. A length of rope was pushed into her mouth to hold in the gag. The rope was pulled back and tied to her feet. If not for her super strength the Amazon would have been completely helpless.

Icky moved around the bound beauty taking more pictures that he should but couldn't stop himself. He was horny the sweat was running off his face. He had taken to wearing baggy pants so she would see his hard cock. He stopped taking pictures when she began to grunt loudly.

"Okay, I think that's I for the night." Icky said as he put down the camera and began to untied the Amazon. "I think we are looking at one many two more nights. You may want to consider letting me bring in a model so you practice on your proficiency. It is not enough you know how to do it. You have to make it look easy."

"I will consider it." Wonder Woman said as she was freed from the ropes. She stood up and stretched her aching muscles. "I have to apologize again Ichabod. You are really taking this seriously. Get me a list of names of models. I will need to check them out."

"I'll have it for you next time." Icky said as he picked up the photos and camera. He held them out for the tall beauty.

"Excellent." Wonder Woman said as she took the camera and pics. "I have business tomorrow so we will have to do it on Saturday unless you have plans."

"No, no, I am free." Icky said, "Well night. See you Saturday."

"Night." Wonder Woman said as she walked out the basement.

Icky followed her out and made sure she was before he went back to his den. He clicked on the TV. A huge plasma TV screen filled with images of Wonder Woman wiggling around on the floor, pulling and tugging at the ropes wrapped around body. The several cameras he had hidden around the basement showed every angle of the bondage session. He watched the images for about an hour and then went to his computer. Icky logged onto into one of his old chat rooms.

Icky: His guys…

Bully: OYG!! Master Icky! Where you been!

Icky: Living the quiet life.

Snoop: No way!!! You were the master of the ropes.

Bully: I heard you did some time.

Icky: Old news. Is Tight Knots everything I heard?

Snoop: Dude, that place is the best. Only the elite get in.

Bully: I barely past the audition. You thinking of joining?

Snoop: Oh man you would get in just on your rep.

Icky: What can you tell me about Wonder Woman.

Bully: TOTAL BABE!!!

Snoop: The ultimate fantasy woman.

Bully: She comes from an island filled with mega babes who like to

tie each other up.

Snoop: that is such bull.

Icky: She is a super heroine. Does she have a weakness?

Snoop: You like Superman and Kryptonite?

Icky: yeah, yeah, something like that.

Bully: I have heard rumors.

Snoop: So have I…that's nice belt she is wearing.

Bully: OH! OH! Don't forget that whole Amazon thing about being


Icky: What Amazon thing?

Saturday night Wonder Woman showed up right on time and waited while Icky laid out the gear. She wandered over to the crossbar and looked it over.

"So when do we move onto these stuff?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I was thinking tonight." Icky said as he picked some chain and moved behind her. "It could be your showpiece. Get your buddy into Tight Knots."

"Excellent." Wonder Woman said as she let Icky gently pull her arms behind her back and begin to wrap the cold links around her wrists. "So this will be out my last lesson."

"Yes, your last lesson." He said as the locked off the chain and then bound her elbows together. He moved her between the bars and bent her over at the waist his fingers brushing her gold belt. He bit his lip and looped some more chain through her bound elbows and tossed it over the crossbar.

"That's tight." Wonder Woman grunted as she was bound in the uncomfortable position.

"Just relax it will loosen up." Icky said as he locked the chain to the bottom of the device. He chained her boots to the legs of the crossbar. The small man stood up and moved beside her. "How's that?"

"Not very comfortable." The bound beauty said as she tugged at the cold chain links. "It is still not loose."

"Sorry, let me loosen them a bit and we'll take some pictures." Icky said as he fingered the gold belt and quickly snapped it off. He jumped back clutching the belt to his chest.

"GREAT HERA!" Wonder Woman cried when she felt her powers leave her body. She strained against the chains holding her but without her super strength she was totally helpless. "Icky! What do you think you are doing!"

"It true." Icky laughed, "Without your little belt you just another bitch."

"I demand you release me at once!" Wonder Woman snapped as she pulled and twisted at the chains holding her prisoner. "I will make you pay."

"Now we get to see if it is true if after Amazon is defeated and chained will submit to her conqueror."

"Never you little weasel!" The Amazon growled but she could all ready feel the fear filling her stomach. The little creep had defeated and now had her chained. Granted it wasn't epic battle but she was still helplessly chained and at his mercy.

"Now Wonder Whore." He laughed as he moved behind the struggling heroine. "I have always wanted to call you that! Lets take your lessons to the next level!"

"NOOOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed as Icky peeled her costume down her body, down over her perfect ass and down around her knees.

"Oh my God." Icky said as he watched the most amazing breasts spill out and then he sighed he uncovered the most perfect ass. "We are going to have a such a good time."

"You foul fiend!" The chained beauty cried as her body was laid naked. "I will make you pay!"

"You really are spoiling the mood." Icky said as he walked over to gags and selected a red ball gag with a strap. He came back to the helpless heroine. "You remember this. I think it was your favorite."

"Don't you dare! I will…MMPPPH!" She gasped as the ball was pushed into her mouth and the strap was buckled around her head. She could only grunt and moan, as the gag was pulled tight. "MPH! MPH!"

"Now there's a good girl." Icky said as he patted her head and ran his fingers through her long silky hair. He slowly moved around the chained beauty, stroking her soft skin. "You body is amazing. So soft."

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her body was rubbed and patted. She shook her head as the creep played with her body.

"Oh these are astonishing!" Icky said as he knelt down and grabbed her tits. He gently played with the tits as he ran his tongue over her face.

"NAAAAAAA!" The chained beauty screamed and turned her face away as the wet tongue lapped over face. She sobbed as her kissed on her gagged mouth. The chained beauty fumed as he kissed and fondled her tits. She frantically pulled at the cold steel binding her but there was no escaping the hands and mouth.

"Oh Wonder Whore." He laughed, "I am about to have the ultimate male fantasy. He kissed and fondled down to her crotch. He ran his tongue over the black curls as he poked his fingers into her twat.

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as her pussy was licked and stroked. She twisted and turned as her body began to get hotter. The bound beauty let off a sigh as a wave pleasure went through her body.

"You all nice and wet." Icky said as he stood up and moved in front of the helpless heroine. "But I am not going to fuck you…yet. Taming and training a slave is art. Just like bondage. The key is for the captive to feel completely helpless."

"NA!" Wonder Woman moaned as her captor pulled a small bag from behind the round table and dumped several vibrators and dildos out on the floor. She whimpered as he picked up a long thick black dildo and came back over to her.

"Now lets try out this toy." Icky said as he moved behind the bound beauty and patted her butt. He clicked the vibrator and then pushed it into her pussy.

"AUUUUUGHHHH!" The helpless heroine squealed as the plastic toy filled her pussy. She began to squirm around as he worked the toy in and out her twat. "UGGHHHHH!"

"You enjoying this slave." He laughed as he twirled the buzzing the vibrator around her now soaking wet pussy.

"AUGHHHH!" Wonder Woman gasped as the toy stroked her twat in the best way. Her pussy was on fire, her own juices running down her thighs. The chained beauty arched up as orgasm hit her. "AIIIIIIIII!"

"You are loving this!" Icky laughed as he continued to fuck her with the sex toy, making come two more time. He pushed the vibrator all the way in and left it in. The small man ran his hand over her two moons of soft flesh. ""I just gave you some pleasure…now for some pain."

"AW!! AW! AW!" The bound captive squealed as the hand began swat her ass. She bucked around as Icky spanked her butt with his open hand. Wonder Woman sobbed and wailed as her ass began to burn and sting.

"Nothing shows a slave who her master is like a good spanking!" Icky laughed as he kept swatting her ass. He watched her white flesh begin to turn pink from his spanking. He stopped hi spanking and enjoyed the moment of his victory over the great Wonder Woman. "Don't worry my pet. I will be fucking you next."

"AHGADDDDD!" Wonder Woman sobbed as he gave her ass a few more swats. She whimpered as the little creep moved in front of her and began to undress. She had no choice but to watch him strip and gulped at the sight of his surprisingly big cock. The bound beauty pulled at her chains as he stepped right into her face and began to rub his stiff cock around her face.

"See how hard you have made me, slave." He laughed as he smacked her face with his cock. "I haven't been this hard for years and its all yours slave."

"NAAAAAA!" Wonder Woman screamed as he moved back between her spread legs. She felt his hands on her hips and then the tip of his cock press up against her pussy. She wailed as the cock was pushed deep into her pussy, breaking her cherry with on thrust. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"Damn you are virgin!" Icky laughed, "That is a big surprise. I should mention virgins tame a lot easier than sluts! You gonna remember this for the rest of your life."

"AUGGGHHH!" The bound Amazon sobbed as she got her first fucking. It hurt like hell at first. The long hard plow plowing deep into her untried twat and out again. But as the fucking went on the pain was replaced with unexpected pleasure. Wonder Woman sighed in unwanted delight and moan. She closed her eyes and tried to regain control of her body but her mighty Amazon spirit was close to being broken. First caught and chained, then abuse and now the lost of her virginity. Once her spirit was broken it would not take long for her to submit to her master. The raven-haired beauty grew angry at the thought of being Icky's sex slave and her Amazon rage began to rear its head. But even this was fighting the relentless pounding the cock. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!

"Wow! You are the best fuck ever!" Icky grunted as he fucked his cock in and out with an unbridle passion. He rubbed and swatted her ass as he kept driving his cock deep into her tight hole and out again. "You are going to be the best slave!"

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as she has her full rich body exploded with a wonderful bliss that made her curl her toes. It took a second for the Amazon to realize she just had her first orgasm. She grunted and moaned as the long hard pole kept slamming into her, giving pleasure that she had thought possible. She could feel a cold sweat forming on her body but it didn't cool the lust. Her pussy felt a like a pool of hot wet sex, throbbing, sending more and more waves of ecstasy through her body. Another orgasm hit making her scream. "AIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"That two for the master, slave!" Icky laughed as he kept driving his aching cock into her tight twat. He needed to come so bad his cock felt like it would explode. He held his load wanting to make this first fuck last as long as possible. Finally unable to hold it any longer his cock erupted spilling his seed into her twat.

"AUGHAIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman screamed her lungs out as his hot seed gave her another orgasm. The bound beauty bucked and twisted around as the climax shook her body.

"MMMMM!" Icky sighed as he emptied his cock and pulled out. He wanted to fuck her again but wanted to watch her face. He unchained her from the crossbar leaving her wrists bound. He grabbed a leather collar with silver spikes and buckled it around her neck. He snapped on a leash and led the ravish beauty over to the round table.

Wonder Woman still in a daze from being caught, raped and the several orgasms followed him over like a little puppy. She let him push her back on the table and before she realized it her hands were unchained and pulled over her head.

Icky quickly used so red cord to bind her hands to two rings above her head. He pulled one leg up and out and tied it to a ring few down from her hands. The other hand followed.

Wonder Woman found herself lying on her back with her hands bound over her head and her pull up and spread wide. The uncomfortable position lifted her ass up off the table. Once again she was helpless to stop her captor from kneeling between her spread legs. She gasped as Icky grabbed her tits and began to squeeze and pull them. She grunted as he roughly played with her tits, squealing when her began to kiss and lick them.

"Mmmmm!" Icky sighed as he slurped on her boobs, stopping to chew on her nipple. He mashed the tits with hands, pushing the together and then pulling them apart.

"MPHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the little man sucked and chew on her boobs while kneading them into aching balls of flesh. Few men had seen her naked breasts none had ever touched them until now. They seem to respond his touch, swelling and aching with delight. She let off a squeal as his teeth chewed on one nipple and then the other. His talented fingers continuing to play with the two mounds of soft flesh. Then without warning his cock pushed in her already hot and wet pussy. The once proud Amazon came at once. "AIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"That's the ticket!" Icky laughed as he buried his cock in her pussy and held it there, loving the look of horror and delight in his captive's face. He slowly mashed her tits together as he began to fuck her with a slow but strong stroke.

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" The helpless heroine grunted as she was raped for the second time in less than hour. Wonder Woman sobbed and screamed as the small man had his way with her. His hands and mouth worked her tits into aching mounds of hard flesh. The long pole thrust in and out her pussy sending waves of unwanted pleasure through her body. The bound beauty arched up and squealed as another orgasm hit her.

Icky sucked on her fat tits while he mashed her tits around, loving the feel of her hot flesh between his fingers. He bucked his cock in and out her pussy over and over, savoring the tightness of her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman wailed as she came again. She shook her head as the fucking when on and on. She could feel her Amazon spirit fainting away. The bound heroine whimpered as she felt herself being broken and tamed. Yet another orgasm hit her making her strain against her bonds. She heard the foul fiend grunt and then felt his cum filling her pussy. The exhausted and ravished heroine came again.

"OHHHHHHHH!" Icky growled as he spilled his seed into her pussy and pulled out. He wiped the sweat off his brow and glanced down at his still hard cock. He smiled and grabbed onto her thighs and pressed his cock against her butt hole.

"AHGADNAAAAA!" Wonder Woman screamed in horror when she felt the cock being pushed into her cherry ass. The heroine struggled and twisted trying to escape the pole being shoved into her butt. She arched up and wailed as the cock pushed deeper and deeper. Sweat began to run off her body as the cock began to pump in and out her body. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

"God your ass is tighter than your pussy!" Icky howled as he drove his cock into her ass over and over. He lay across her soft body, grabbing onto her tits and began to kiss and lick her face. The small man began to grunt as he continued to ream out her ass. "Your crushing my cock…it is wonderful!"

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted and panted, as her ass was royally fucked. Her aching tits felt like swollen balloons. The fucking had hurt at first but her butt had loosened up and the pole easily slid in and out her hole. Each stroke of the cock was giving inconceivable delight. The bound beauty could believe being rape in the ass would be arousing her body. The helpless heroine screamed as she came again. The whole time the Amazon rolled her face around as the wet mouth and tongue assaulted her face. She wiggled her nose as the wet tongue lapped over her face. Tears began to full her eyes as she felt her spirit failing. Wonder Woman screamed as she came again, praying that some how she would escape the clutches of her captors.

"There will be no escape for you, bitch!" Icky laughed as if reading her mind. "YOU ARE MINE!"

"NAAAAAAA!" Wonder Woman screamed as she came again.

Icky whistled to himself as he washed his breakfast dishes. He placed the last dish in the rack to dry and wiped off his hands. The small man poured himself another cup of coffee and walked down to the basement. He unlocked the door and stepped into the room. Icky smiled at the sight of his captive.

Wonder Woman was hanging from the crossbar. Her hands were locked into leather shackles attached to the top bar. Her legs were pulled up and her ankles were locked by the sides of her head in similar shackles. Her ruby red lips were wrapped around a rubber cock. A tube ran from the cock up to empty glass jar. Three chains with several fish weights clipped to her nipples dangled between her large round tits. Two large vibrators buzzed away in her pussy and ass. The once proud and mighty Amazon moaned in exhaustion, her head drooped down making her long sweaty hair fall around her face like wet strings.

"Good morning slave, I suspect I slept better than you." Icky laughed as he walked over to his bound captive. He stood in front of her for a moment enjoying the sight of body drenched in sweat, hanging helpless from the bar. He reached out and tugged on her nipple chains and chuckled at the sound her whimpers. Icky pushed her head up and studied her face. He took off the cock gag and let it drop to the floor. "Do we remember our lessons from last night slave?"

"Y-yes…yes…m-master." Wonder Woman whimpered, "I…I…am your slave…I…will…obey…your…every…command….I…"

The might Amazon fainted. The small man slapped her face until she grunted and wearily raised her head.

"I let you sleep for an hour or two my dear." Icky said, "Then we go back to your training. A few more hours of fucking and bondage, one more night of the more bondage and my special mixture you will be mine."

Even in her drugged and exhausted state the defeated Amazon could hear his mocking words and knew they rang true.


The large dimly room was filled with several tables and chairs, made of dark wood with red satin cushion seats. White tablecloths and napkins with real silverware decorated the tables. The same dark wood with red velvet flock wallpaper covered the walls. A dark red plush carpet covered the floor. The only light in the room seemed to be the candles on the table and the large candle crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There was a small stage with velvet curtain at the front of the room.

Several waitresses clad in leather corsets that held up their naked ample bosoms. Tight micro-skirts hugged their firm round asses and black fishnet stockings covered their long legs. They easily walked around on their six-inch stiletto heels. Each wore a leather silver studded collar with a small nametag. Their long hair was pinned up into loose buns with several curls dangling down. All the young women had the same defeated and submission look as they rushed around serving drinks and meals. Two of the waitresses had crawled under two of the tables appeared to being serving the customer's cocks.

The customers were men and women dressed in their finest evening clothes. They were all of various ages and races but all had the same smug look. Most had a young woman kneeling beside them. The young slaves wore different costumes but all had the same defeated look.

"So what is the show tonight?" A blonde woman asked as she patted her Chinese slave's head.

"No idea." An older man sighed as he enjoyed the feel of the waitress' mouth wrapped around his cock.

"I heard Master Icky is on the stage tonight." Another man said.

"Master Icky!" said the blonde. "We are in for something really special. Master Icky is a legend."

"Oh we are about to find out." The older man said as he pushed the waitress away.

The curtains opened revealing Icky dressed in a tuxedo complete with white tails, top and tails. He held a chain leash that ran over to the figure that was covered from head to toe with a black robe. The two figures stood in front of a padded bench and table covered with all kinds of bondage equipment and sex toys.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." Icky smiled, "I thank you for coming for my little show. I think you will all be quite pleased with my performance. But first allow my to introduce my new slave who will serve me not only tonight but for many years to come. Is that not right slave?"

"Yes master." Wonder Woman said as she let the robe drop to the floor. She was not clad in her famous costume. She was wearing a leather version of it except her large round tits were bared. Her own gold tiara held back her long flowing curls. Red fishnet stockings and stiletto heels made her mile long legs looked amazing. Her gold belt now useless was wrapped around her waist. A high stiff collar that kept her chin up was locked around her neck. A leash ran from the collar to Icky's hand. "I am ready to serve you in every way."

The whole audience jumped to their feet, glasses were dropped and broke on the floor. The usually calm crowd pushed and shoved to get a better look at the heroine.

"It can't be her!"

"It is some kind trick!"

"No! No! It's her she busted me once. Its Wonder Woman all right!"

"Kneel Wonder Whore." Icky said with a tug on the leash. He watched his slave drop to her knees. "That's right people, I call her Wonder Whore because that what she is! I shall put her through her paces and then she shall crawl on around the room, serving each and every one you!"

Wonder Woman knelt there with her head bowed waiting for her next order. The defeated Amazon glanced up seeing the lustful glee in all the faces looking up at her. It seems her utter defeat would now be paraded around in front of the very scum she had hoped to bring to justice. The very scum she would soon be sucking and fucking all because her master ordered her to.

"Are you ready to begin Wonder Whore?"

"Yes, master…I am ready."