By Blacknite13

Hi Guys, I meant to post this before the New Year but I got sick and was laid up for most of the week. I was going to save it for next year but I figured better later then never and besides I think it is one of the best one I have written.

On a personal note Steelerfan I enjoy your story but dude, you left us all disappointed. This is what you do with Wonder Woman when you got her lassoed. Blacknite13@live.com




DECEMBER 30, 2006…. 5:30 PM:

Diana Prince walked down the hall toward her condo, lost in thought. It had been a long day. The tall beauty had been up late trying to break up a white slavery/prostitution ring run by someone called Stella. No last name. Just Stella. She had managed top shut down a brothel working close to the Navy base but no Stella. Apparently she worked out of Los Angeles.

The hookers had all been bailed out in less than an hour. In two hours the house was back in business.

Stella seemed to have deep pockets and connections. The raven-haired beauty spent the rest of the day digging into Stella's background using the computers at her office.

Ralph Burger, the office creep and flirt kept showing up trying to find out what she was up to as an excuse to hit on her. Diana had finally threaten to report him if he didn't leave her allow.

The shapely woman had dug up some data on the woman; She was Stella Switzer born in New York. She had two brothers who were both serving time in a New York Prison for the kidnapping and raping of Susan Storm. That had been five years ago. Since losing her brothers, the raven hair New Yorker had built up an impressive resume of evil. She had one of the largest prostitution rings in the country. She had her fingers into white slavery and was rumored to be responsible for the kidnapping of a few heroines including one called the Ebony Avenger.

"This bitch isn't afraid of messing with heroines." Diana thought to herself as she opened the door to her condo and stepped in. She flung the door behind her and headed for the bedroom.

"MMMMMMMPH!" Diana gasped as a foul smelling rag was thrust into her face. She started to bring up her hands but a strong arm wrapped around her waist pinning her down her arms. The shapely beauty struggled but could feel herself getting weaker. Diana twisted and turned but began to slump as the drug filled her lungs.

Stella kept a tight grip on the struggling bitch while keeping the drug soaked rag pushed into her face. She smiled as the tall Naval officer began to drop her knees. The young villainess let her drop to the floor and stood over her with a wide grin. She leered over the sleeping beauty, looking very sexy in the black uniform. The starched jacket couldn't hide her ample bosom.

"All right my pretty, let's see what you are hiding." Stella smirked as she knelt down and began to unbutton the jacket. She tugged it off and tossed it aside. The matching skirt came off next and the black tie.

"Now we get to the good stuff." Stella said as she unbuttoned her blouse revealing the white bra holding to huge tits. She pulled off the blouse and dropped it as she looked over the amazing body.

Diana's body was incredible. Two massive mounds of soft flesh rested over a slim waist and flat stomach. Well-rounded hips led to two long muscular legs. She let off a low moan as her bra and panties were taken off.

Stella licked her lips in anticipation as he pulled over a large gym bag. She pulled out a coil of white rope and rolled her captive onto her face. She pulled back her arms and bound them back at upper arms, elbows and wrists. Stella rolled her over and pushed a wad of cloth into her mouth. She wrapped a long cloth around her head covering her mouth and tied it off.

"Mmmmph!" Diana grunted as she woke up and looked up at a tall dark haired woman standing over her. Her young full figure was wrapped in a skintight jumpsuit of purple leather. She moaned through her gag as she began to struggle with the ropes binding her arms. She yelped when her captor pressed the tip of her high-heeled boot down on her crotch.

"Relax, sweetie." Stella smirked as she pushed her boot down, "You are in for a long night."

Stella stepped back and knelt down. She pulled Diana to her knees and slowly pulled the pins out her hair, releasing the long thick mane. The young woman patted her face and began to run her fingers through her hair.

"Your friend Wonder Woman is sticking her nose into my business." Stella coolly said, "And you are helping her. I know this because you spent the day on your computer, checking into me. Not that I mind. My life is an open book. But my business is my affair. So I am going use you to send a message to Wonder bitch. Don't worry. It will be fun!!"

"ARUGHHHHH!" Diana screamed as Stella pulled her up by the hair and bent her over the marble coffee table. The cool stone sent cold chills through her body.

Stella ran her hand over the twin moons of tender flesh. She enjoyed the feel of the soft warm body and sighed in delight. Then she raised her hand and brought it down with a loud crack.

"AIIIIIIII!" Diana squealed in shock and horror as her captor began to spank her ass with quick hard swats. She tried to sit up but was held in place by the vile villain. In mere seconds, Diana was sobbing as big tears filled her eyes.

" I like to start the evening with a good spanking." Stella giggled, "It sets the mood. Lets you know who is in charge and besides it is fun.

Diana cried and moaned as the hand kept swatting her behind until it began to burn and sting. She sniffed her tears as her face burned with humiliation. The bound beauty closed her eyes and pulled against the silk cord binding her arms. She sighed in relief when the spanking stopped.

Stella sat back on the sofa pulling her captive along by the hair as she did. She held Diana across her lap and ran her hand over her big tits. The young beauty pinched and squeezed her boobs with sheer delight.

"My, my, my, what big boobs you have." Stella smiled, "I hope you have a big bed. A single bed won't do for what I have planned for you."

"MMMMMPH!" Diana sobbed as Stella ran her tongue over her face while pinching her nipples. She squealed as her captor pulled her up and dragged her into her bedroom.

"Oh, a super king!" Stella laughed as she looked over the huge bed. She yanked off the white comforter, spilling the frilly pillows onto the floor. Stella pushed her victim across the bed and unzipped her stiletto-heeled boots.

Diana rolled over and sobbed as she watched Stella pull off her boots and peel off the jumpsuit. A purple thong was all she worn under it. The bound beauty tried to roll off the bed but Stella pulled her back and straggled her waist. The raven-haired beauty yelped when she was slapped and her tits pinched.

Stella pinched and fondled the big boobs. She squashed then around, digging her nails into the tender flesh, producing the squeal she was looking for. Stella lowered her mouth and began to suck on the tit while roughly fondling them.

Diana could only squirm and moan as the hot wet mouth sucked and bit her tits while the strong fingers mashed them around. She strained against the ropes, trying to break them but it was hopeless. She could only lie there be molested by this awful woman.

Stella lustfully sucked on the nipple while fondling the tit between her fingers. She bit and chewed on one and moved to the other. She felt the boob engorge and stiffen from her attacks. Stella dragged her fingernails down the soft body until they reached her crotch. She sucked in a mouthful of tit while she began to rub her pussy.

"Mmmmm!" Diana sobbed as the fingers stroked her pussy, sending sensations of delight through her body. She felt her pussy begin to heat up and moisten. The bound beauty started to clamp her legs close.

"NO!" Stella snapped as she slapped her face, "Spread them!"

Diana knew she had no choice so she spread her legs apart and gasped in misery as three fingers pushed into her slit. She began to pant as the fingers were expertly twirled around her pussy making it tingle in the nicest way.

Stella watched the eyes slowly fill with lust and delight. She increased the force of her finger fucking. She went back to kissing and licking her tits.

Poor Diana was squirming and sobbed as the woman played her body like an expert. She slumped back and panted when the attacks stopped. The bound heroine lay there panting as she watched Stella reached down into a gym bag and pull out a long plastic dildo.

"UGHHHHH!" Diana screamed through her gag as the huge sex toy was pressed against her pussy.

"OH YOU LOVE IT!" Stella laughed as he worked the dildo into the tight pussy. She forced the plastic cock deep into the twat, laughing as the bound woman arched up and screamed.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as the dildo was fucked in and out her body like a cock. She was panting and squealing in mere moments as her already hot wet pussy hugged the sex toy.

Stella lay down beside her bound captive as she worked the plastic cock in and out with hard steady strokes. She used her free hand to pinch her nipple. After a few minutes she pushed her naked body against Diana and began to kiss her face and neck.

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana gasped her body was driven toward an orgasm. Her tits were aching from the fondling while tongue running over face was making her body even hotter. Her pussy was hugging the massive plastic cock like an old friend. Suddenly she screamed from the orgasm hitting her. The bound beauty arched up and wailed sheer bliss.


Diana shook head and sobbed as another climax built up in her hot body. She frantically pulled at the cords, thinking if she could get free she could stop this nightmare of pleasure and humiliation. She stopped struggling as another orgasm his her.

"You got yours, now for mine." Stella laughed as she yanked out the dildo. Her hand pulled out a double-headed strap-on. She pushed one dildo into herself and then buckled the strap around her.

"NAGHHHH!" Diana sobbed as Stella moved between her spread legs and watched the dildo move toward her pussy. She wailed as the long sex tool pushed into her body. In seconds she was bucking and screaming as Stella fucked her with lust filled passion.

"OH YESSSSSSS!" Stella panted as she raped the bound beauty. She grabbed onto her tits and began to fondle her tits. The young rapist watched her victim squeal and gasp from heated delight. Stella kept pounding the pussy for a good ten minutes until Diana's eyes were filled with lust. She pulled off her gag and lay across the hot sweaty body.

"PLEASE I MMMPHH!" Diana begged but the tongue filling her mouth cut off her cries. Without hesitation she began to suck on the tongue while grinding against the plastic cock.

The two bodies bucked around in the bed while both women panted and moaned in heated lust. They came together filling the room with their screams of sheer bliss.

Stella pulled out and took off the sex toy. She sat back against the headboard and spread her legs. Grabbing Diana by the hair, she pushes her face into her crotch.

"Lick you fucking slut!" Stella growled as she held the face down.

"MMPHHHH!" Diana miserably sobbed as she began to lick and suck on the pussy, lost in her whole lust.

"Oh, Oh, Oh." Stella gasped as the tongue lapped against her slit. She dug her fingers into the thick mane, closed her eyes and leaned back. It only took only seconds for the first orgasm to hit.

Diana sucked and licked the tasty pussy, praying this was start of her life as a sex slave to this bitch.

DECEMBER 31, 2006...8:00AM:

Diana was hogtied in her own kitchen, watching Stella, dressed in her jumpsuit sip coffee in her breakfast nook. She tugged at the ropes, trying to forget the nightlong rape session. Her mind was filled with images of her being abused and force to service the bitch in dozens of ways.

"Listen up, slut!" Stella smiled as she stood up and came over. She knelt down and grabbed Diana by the hair had yanked up her face, "You tell your buddy Wonder Woman to back off or she will find her good friend working one of my whore houses, or maybe a sex slave to a drug lord or some other nasty person. You think about what life would be like as a whore and then convince her to leave me alone!"

Stella put a knife down by her face and patted her face.

"Ta ta slut." Stella laughed, "Thanks fore the memories."

Diana just lay there watching Stella walk out. She rolled around until she wrapped her fingers around the knife. Ten minutes later, she was free.

"No one humiliates a Amazon!" Diana snarled, "No one!"

"Mistress Stella, are you sure Wonder Woman will come?"

"I am counting on it." Stella smiled as she leaned back in the plush seat of her private jet, "Wake me when we get home. It is going to be a long day. An even longer one for Wonder Woman."

"Shaft called. They have the package."

"Excellent. This time tomorrow. Wonder Woman will officially Wonder Whore."

DECEMBER 31, 2006…8:00PM

Wonder Woman stood on top of the high rise overlooking Los Angeles. She had arrived a little over an hour ago. The tall heroine was a little nervous. L.A. was not her town. She had no contacts here. She wasn't even sure what super heroes worked in L.A. New York seemed to have dozens while Los Angeles seemed to sorely lacking defenders of truth and justice.

Fortunately her raid had produced two L.A. addresses. One in the downtown area, the other in a city called Malibu. She guessed the Malibu address might be Stella's private home. That was for later, the other address was strip club. Wonder Woman was surprised how big it was. She was more surprised at the flashing neon lights and the right carpet out from. She had been watching the front for an hour. High priced cars and limo kept pulling up.

"I think it will best to check out the house in Malibu first." Wonder Woman said, "Too many people with connections are enjoying Stella's house of filth."

Less than an hour later, Wonder Woman was standing on the beach in front of a huge beach house. Large glass windows and doors faced the beach. She could see someone walking around inside. The heroine leapt up to the wrap around patio. Wonder Woman pushed open the patio door and stepped in. She stopped at the sight of Stella standing in the middle of the expensively furnished room.

Stella was wearing hot pink and black spandex shorts and tank top. Her long black hair was tied into a single braid. She flexed her fingers and smiled. All she needed was for the bitch move right in front of her. Her eyes fell on the gold corset wrapped around the slender waist, a gold lasso hung from the corset. Stella took a second to appreciate the tall heroine. Her famous costume barely covered her large round tits, firm round ass and long legs. Long thick wave flowed over the rich full body. A gold tiara held back the black lock.

"You raped my friend!" Wonder Woman snarled, "Did you think you could molest her and just fly home!"

"It is the New Year!" Stella smiled, "One the busiest days of the year. Had plans. People to see and stuff to do."

"They can visit you in prison!"

"Did Diana tell you how much she enjoyed our night together? After midnight it no long was rape she was…."

"SILENCE!" Wonder Woman growled as she moved right into Stella's face, "I am taking you down. You have come a long way from shaking down your fellow classmates for their lunch money."

"Me? I would never." Stella grinned as she slowly brought her hands around to her front and wiggled her fingers.

"I read up you. You and your two brothers were the school bullies. Punks!"

"Yes, we were the school bullies and my brother did shake the kids down. I on the other hand had other talents. I preferred to leave my rough stuff in the bedroom. I used brains and my God given dexterity to get money."

"I failed to see…."

"I am a great pickpocket!" Stella laughed as she jumped back and held up her prize.

"GREAT HERA!" Wonder Woman cried at the sight of her gold corset and lasso in Stella's hands.

"How tough are you without the belt" Stella smiled as she tossed the corset and belt out into the hallway."

"Fool I am a Amazon!" Wonder Woman screamed as she charged.

"And I have a black belt." Stella laughed as she watched the fist come toward her face. She pivoted and let the fist fly by her face. She wrapped her hand around the wrist while slamming her fist into the heroine's gut.

"UGHHHH!" Wonder Woman gasped as the air was knocked out of her while she was expertly flipped over Stella's hip. She landed with a loud grunt. The dazed beauty shook her head as she twisted onto her stomach. She grunted as a knee was pushed into the middle of her back and her arm pulled back.

Stella held the Amazon down as she slipped a leather cuff on to her wrist and snapped it close. She pulled back the other hand and locked to the other hand. The young beauty grabbed a leather collar with studs and locked around the slender neck.

"NOOOOO!" Wonder Woman screamed as she realized she was bounded and now being collared. She could feel her warrior spirit slipping away. If an Amazon was defeated, caught and bound, she was a step away from being turned into slave to her victor.

Stella snapped a chain leash to the collar and yanked on it, pulling Wonder Woman back onto her knees. She held the bound heroine tightly and kissed her neck as she cupped her tit.

"UNBIND ME!" Wonder Woman cried, "OR YOU WILL KNOW MY WRATH!"

"Not going to happen, bitch!" Stella whispered in her ear, "Let me tell you what is going to happen. At exactly twelve midnight you will be servicing your first client as a whore. MY WHORE!"


"It is going to happen. I plan on fucking you into submission with the help an associate and old friend of yours. If that doesn't work…there is always your magic lasso.

"NOOOO!" Wonder Woman cried, realizing Stella knew the power of her lasso. Unless she escaped in less than she would be a turned into a whore…willingly and happily tamed by her own magic lasso.

"By the way," Stella chuckled, "I know this won't be our first time, Diana. You are going to love being a whore."

Wonder Woman stopped struggling and gasped in horror. The bitch knew her secret identity. This woman was holding all the cards.

"I BEG YOU HAVE MERCY!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "I will leave and never return…."

"Oh sweetness, we are beyond that." Stella smirked, "Once I have you totally tamed and humiliated. We are going to have a long talk about that lovely little island filled with all those beautiful bimbos."

"Never!" Wonder Woman sobbed, "I mmmphhhh!"

Stella pushed the ballgag into her mouth and pulled it tight. She took off her Amazon's bracers and tiara. Tugged off the boots and then sat back. Stella blew her a kiss while she slowly peeled the costume off. She sighed as the amazing tits spilled out.

"MPHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as her costume was pulled off and tossed aside. She whimpered as Stella kissed her face and neck.

"SHAFT!" Stella yelled as she sat back and pulled off her spandex top.

Wonder Woman gulped at the sight the biggest black man she had seen. The seven-foot man had a massive body that was ripped with muscles that pressed against his tank top and jeans. His baldhead and sunglasses made he look even more sinister than any villain she had fought.

"Miss Stella, at your service." Shaft smiled.

"This is Shaft." Stella smiled, "One of my most valuable employees. Some of my employees call him the bitch breaker."

Shaft chuckled as he moved into the living room.

"Oh Shaft, please show her what God blessed you with."

Shaft smirked as his undid his jeans and let them drop around his ankle.

"AUGHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as twelve inches of massive cockmeat popped into view.

"Oh good, you're excited!" Stella said, "SHAFT FUCK HER LIKE SHE HAS NEVER BEEN FUCKED!"

"My pleasure, Mistress Stella" Shaft smiled as he knelt down and easily spread her legs. He grabbed onto her thighs and shoved his cock forward.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman wailed, as she was impaled on the biggest cock she had ever seen. The bound heroine arched up and screamed her lungs out as the huge pole began to fuck her.

"Don't you love those big fat tits?" Stella laughed.

"Oh yessssss!" Shaft laughed as he grabbed on to the tits with his gigantic hands and began to maul them while clamping his mouth around the tasty flesh.

Stella watched the action with huge eyes while she kiss the bound beauty on the face and neck. She watched her employee slam his cock into the pussy; each blow lifted the Amazon's body off the carpet. Each thrust making her squeal.

"UGH! UGHHHHHH! UGH!" Wonder Woman wailed as the cock continued to fuck with long hard strokes.

Shaft sucked and chewed on the big boobs while he grinded his cock deep into the tight pussy. He loved the tightness of the twat and the sweet taste of her flesh. He grunted and moaned in sheer animal lust.

The bound heroine screamed and sobbed as the huge cock slammed in and out with incredible force. Her tits were in agony from the brutal treatment while pussy had begun to gush like a broken water pipe. Her body began to burn like fire.

Stella knelt down, loving the sight of the once mighty heroine having her brains fucked out. She stuck out her tongue and ran it up her face. She darted her tongue in and out her ear between kisses.

"MPHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman wailed as an orgasm hit her body like a freight train. She pushed her body up while the orgasm hit but the massive body held her down.

Shaft laughed when he felt her come and then drove his cock all the way into her body. He arched back and roared in triumph when she came again.

Wonder Woman sobbed and screamed as multiple orgasms shook her body. She blinked away the hot tears streaming out her eyes. The bound beauty rolled her head around and moaned in heated lust.

"Okay sweetie," Stella laughed, "Time for mama to get some more!"

Stella took out the ballgag and yanked off her shorts. She blew Diana a kiss as she swung her leg over her head and planted her pussy on the beautiful face. The beautiful lady squealed as her tongue lapped across her pussy.

"MMMMPHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed unable to stop herself from licking the pussy pushed into face. The combination of the big cock fucking her and the mouth chewing on her boobs was more than she could handle. Her whole body was burning with a lust like she could never have imagined. Unable to control herself, she thrust her tongue into the slit and began to suck. In seconds she was slurping on the pussy like it was the tastiest thing in the world.

"OH! OH! OHHHH!" Stella panted as her body filled with a raging heat. She ran her hands over her own tits, enjoying the feel of her hot flesh. The horny woman ran her tongue around her lips as she grinded her pussy down. Stella squealed on sheer bliss as an orgasm hit her.

"MPHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as she had her own orgasm. The cock slammed in again and again, giving her pleasure like she could never have imagined.

"OH BABYYYYY!" Shaft yelled as he shot his wad into her pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana wailed as the hot seed filled her twat. Her whole body exploded with a powerful climax.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Stella screamed as she climaxed from the mouth sucked on her pussy like a vacuum cleaner.

The three bodies slumped down onto the carpet. Stella rolled off the panting heroine. She crawled over to the sofa and sat back. Shaft sat back and laughed as he patted the pussy.

Wonder Woman lay there panting and sobbing from the spirited rape. She looked up at the grinning giant and whimpered at the sight of his still hard cock.

"Round two?" Shaft asked as he leered over the ravished beauty.

"Yes, but try out that tight ass." Stella laughed as she reached over and pulled Diana over to her crotch, "Put that tongue back to work, whore!"

"No, please I beg…" Diana sobbed as her face was pushed back into the pussy.

Shaft mover behind the defeated heroine and pulled her up to her knees. He gave her ass a hard swat and then spread her ass cheeks.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman shrieked in horror as the mammoth pole pushed in her virgin ass. She tried to twist away but the big hands held her in place. The bound beauty's eyes began gush huge tears as her tight hole was forced to accept the cock. Her screaming mouth made her tongue lap over the pussy.

"OH BABYYYY!" Shaft grunted as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into the ass. He took a breath and began to fuck her ass with the same lust he had raped her pussy.

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Diana gasped as she was forced to take a cock in a way she could never believe. Each thrust made her gasp and suck on the pussy.

Stella leaned back and enjoyed the tongue licking her pussy in the best way. The sound of her squeals and the sight of her enforcer ass fucking the haughty heroine increased her pleasure.

Wonder Woman sobbed and screamed as she licked the pussy with loud slurps. Her ass was getting to the huge pole and the pain was being replaced by unwanted pleasure. Suddenly she squealed in delight as she came. The bound heroine arched up enjoying the climax.

Shaft held onto her ass as he fucked his cock in and out with loud grunts and moans. He bucked against the ass with all each had. The big man could feel his cock swell and then explode.

"AUGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as the cum filled her ass, making her climax.

"OOOOOOOOOO!" Stella gasped she climaxed herself.

The young woman pushed the ravished beauty away and walked out the room. Shaft emptied his cock and pulled out. He stood up and waited for his boss to return.

Diana just lay on the floor in heap, sobbing and gasping from the gangbang. She could feel the cum dripping out her ass and pussy. Her mouth was still filled the taste of Stella's pussy.

Stella walked back in, twirling the lasso in her hand. She looped it around her captive's neck and smiled, as Diana's face became a blank.

"Kneel slave." She snapped.

Unable to disobey Wonder Woman climbed to her knees and bowed her head as Stella took off the leather cuffs. She patted her head and evilly grinned.

"ROGER!" Stella yelled.

Roger Burger a short dumpy man with a comb over stepped into the room. The off the rack suit didn't hide his spare tire. Beady eyes and a too big nose gave Roger an ugly face.

"Diana, you know Roger." Stella smiled, "He is the fellow agent who ratted you out. Because of him I was able to figure out Diana Prince and Wonder Woman were the same bitch. Now his reward is you are going be his sex slave for the next hour while Shaft and I get ready for the New Year Eve party at my club. Don't worry sweet thing, you will partying too. Roger."

"Hey, I thought I got her for more than an hour?" Roger grumbled, "We had a deal. I get her as my sex slave."

"Of course, Roger but first the party. Diana show Roger a good time."

"Yes, mistress." Diana cooed.

Stella and Shaft walked out as Roger pulled off his suit without taking his eyes off Diana. He stripped down to his boxers and flopped down onto the sofa. The dumpy man pulled out his cock and stroked it.

"All right whore," He snapped, "Get those ruby lips over here and wrap them around my cock."

"Yes sir.' Diana cooed as she crawled over and knelt between his legs. She licked her lips as she wrapped her hand around the cock. The defeated heroine began to rub the base as she licked the cock.

Roger sighed as the hand massaged his cock while the wet tongue lapped around his cock. He leaned back and moaned as she coated his whole cock with her spit. The little creep giggled as he watched her work her tongue down to his balls and give them a good licking.

Wonder Woman rolled her tongue over the sacs while she continued to pump the hard cock. After few minutes of bathing his tongue with her tongue she ran it and gently nibbled on the head. Then the defeated Amazon without a thought spread her lips and swallowed the whole cock. She clamped her lips around the meat and began to suck while twirling her tongue over it. The whole time her hand pumped on the base while her hand fondled his balls.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Roger panted as the woman who had made it clear that he was a disgusting pig in her eyes sucked his cock. Now here was the Queen Bitch. On her knees, sucking him off like the whore she really was. Roger gasp as his cock grew even harder, ready to explode. He watched her head bob up and down on his cock, loving the sight of it.

Diana sucked and licked the cock while using her hand to work it deep into her mouth and out. She felt it swell and closed her eyes as she gave it one long suck.

"OH GOD YESSSSSSS!" Roger cried as his wad blew.

Wonder Woman took the whole load into her mouth and gulped it down. She ran her tongue over the cock, licking up the last traces of cum up. Then she knelt back and waited for her next order.

"Get up here and ride me, slut." Roger panted as he ran his hand over his sweaty head.

"Yes, sir." Wonder Woman said as she climbed onto his lap and planted herself on his still hard cock. She put her hands on his shoulders and began to ride his cock like the whore she now was.

Roger grabbed onto her jiggling tits and buried his face in them. He sucked and chewed on the tender mounds like a rabid dog. His fingers mashed and pulled the already hard stiff boobs into aching mounds.

Wonder Woman ignored her the pain and just kept bouncing up and down on the cock filling her hot wet pussy. She leaned back her head and gasped as a small orgasm hit her. Diana increased her pace hoping to increase her pleasure. It took a while but Diana finally made herself come.

"UGHHHHH!" Roger grunted like a pig as he spilled his seed into the hot wet cunt.

"OHHHHH!" Wonder Woman cried as she climaxed.

For the next hour, the Amazon did most of the work but managed to have several orgasms. She was just giving Roger his third blowjob when Stella and Shaft walked into the room.

Stella was wearing a skintight silver gown that fell to her ankles but had two slits that showed off her long well toned legs. It had a scoop neck that displayed her ample bosom rather well. Her long hair was pinned up into an elegant twist and her make was perfect.

Shaft was wearing a tuxedo that was obviously made to fit his massive frame. The sunglasses still rested on his nose.

Stella twirling the lasso in her hand walked to the center of the room and stuck out her sliver stiletto heeled shoe.

"Wonder Whore, kneel before for your mistress." Stella snapped.

Wonder Woman forgot all about Roger's cock and scrambled over to her mistress. Without being told she kissed the toe of the shoe.

"Excellent." Stella smiled, "It is now ten forty-five, slave. You will go into the bathroom and shower. You will find your new clothes. Put them on and don't forget the makeup I have put out for you. I want to leave at eleven ten. Go!"

"Yes mistress!" Diana squealed and ran out the room.

Roger pulled on his pants and watched his sex slave dash out the room.

"I get her after the party, right? Roger snapped as he tugged on his shirt.

"No." Stella coolly said as she flipped the lasso over his head and pulled it tight. "You were just part of the humiliation process."

Roger's face went blank.

"Now you will forget about everything that happen here tonight. You will forget about me, Shaft and where Diana Prince really is. You will return to Washington and go about your business. When the FBI shows up and they will show up. You will confess to selling Diana Prince into white slavery. You will take them to the warehouse on First and Main. Where you will tell them you met the Collector….no wait, it might be best not anger him."

"How about the Slaver?" Shaft suggested, "Or the Dragon Queen, that way they will think Diana is in the East somewhere."

"Excellent suggestion." Stella smiled, "You met with the Dragon Queen and sold her Diana. Now finish dressing and leave."

Stella took off the lasso and poured herself a drink while Roger dressed and walked out with a dazed look.

DECEMBER 31, 2006…11:45:

Wonder Woman wore a tight red leather dress with two circles cut out on the sides leaving her waist bare and giving anyone a good glimpse of her large round breasts. The hem fell on inch past her perfect ass. Her mile long legs look amazing in the red fishnet stockings and red stiletto heels. Thick black curls fell around her beautiful face, reaching down to her ass. Her eye makeup and lipstick matched her outfit perfectly. The tall Amazon was standing on the corner with Stella and Shaft.

"You look like the perfect whore." Stella smiled, "Now to make my revenge complete."

The raven-haired villianess looped the lasso around her new whore smiled.

"Listen to me. You are now Wonder Whore. You will work your ass, pussy and mouth off for me. When you are not sleeping, you will be working. Except when I want to amuse myself with your big tits and pussy. Now this is important. You will be my hard working whore but you will remember you were Wonder Woman. You will be ashamed of what you do for me but you will do because you are my slave. And a slave wants to keep her mistress happy. Understood Wonder Whore?"

"Yes, my mistress." Wonder Whore cooed.

Stella took off the lasso and studied the look in her face. She could see the look of submission in her face but her eyes were filled with sadness.

"Perfect. Now every whore needs a pimp. Oh Steve,"

Steve Trevor stepped out from around the corner. He no looked like the All American hero. His uniform had been replaced with a black leather jacket and pants. His blond hair was slicked back and an earring dangled from his lobe. The bright red silk shirt was open almost to the waist and several gold chains dangled around his neck. But the biggest chain was the look on his face. He had the hard look of street pimp.

"All right Wonder Whore, Steve is you pimp." Stella grinned, "You will do everything he tells you. EXCEPT! You will never, never ever fuck or suck him in anyway. Understand, Whore?"

"Yes, Mistress, " Wonder Woman cooed, "I will obey Steve but never fuck or suck him."

"Steve what are your orders."

"I will pimp out Wonder Whore every night but I will never lay a finger on her. I may watch but never touch her."

"You have always wanted to fuck her, right Stevie?"

"Yes, Mistress. I always to make love…."

"NO! You want to fuck her brains out!"

"Yes Mistress I want to fuck her."

"Now you never will but you will watch. Her room has been wired so you can watch from the room next store and you will watch every disgusting thing she does for me."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now Wonder Whore will be with her first client at exactly twelve midnight. I want her with her first paying customer at the start of the New Year. Understood."

"Yes, Mistress." Steve said.

"One last thing. Her rate will be five hundred an hour, a hundred for a blowjob in the alley or back of the car. BUT her first client will pay two cents for a blowjob. Make sure Wonder Whore is in that alley on her knees sucking cock at twelve O one for two cents. Got it!"

"Yes Mistress."

"You have your phone?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I want video of the whole thing."

"Yes Mistress."


Steve stood at the end of the alley, holding up the phone.

Wonder Whore was on her knees sucking off the cock of a fat slob who hadn't bathed today. The once proud heroine sucked on the cock with loud slurps, hating every second of it but couldn't stop herself. This is what her mistress wanted her to do and she must obey her mistress. Diana clutched two pennies in her hand as she continued sucking.

Her first payment for sex.

She was officially a whore.