By Blacknite13

Hi fans of the helpless heroine, I am back to Wonder Woman. Thanks to my buddy The Master who came up with the distraction used on WW and read the story giving me some great help. Look for his story WONDER WOMAN ENSLAVED IN A SAVAGE LAND. Which I had a small part in. I hope you enjoy it. Blacknite13@live.com

Wonder Woman belongs to DC comics but the villains are all mine.

This story contains adult stuff like bondage, forced sex and more.




It was Friday and any other woman with Diana Prince's beauty and body would be out partying. But Diana Prince was not like other women. For one she was an Amazon Princess and the heroine known as Wonder Woman. To make her life even more difficult she worked for government as an agent for one of it most clandestine agencies. Unlike the FBI and CIA her duties were much broader. Diana had brought some files to look over before catching the red eye on Monday to one of the most corrupt cities in the nation.

The raven-haired beauty changed out of her work clothes and into a pair of shorts and tank top. She braided her hair and went back out to the living.

Diana glanced at the names on two of the files: BRENDA WADE, AXANNA MORGAN. These files had been combined with the Ms Americana and Green Specter files years ago. Her agency had stepped in more than once to save the heroine from white slavers, pimp and other such villains. It wasn't the government really care about what happen to this heroines it was they control two of the biggest business and media empires. The government want to make sure the power of these two women stayed in the hands of Americans.

"Bimbos." Diana muttered as she opened one of the files, "It is bimbos like this that given heroines a bad name. In my opinion they should stay right where they are. Lap dogs to a couple air hair twins who seem to delight in humiliating the heroines in public. "I am need to grab a bite before I get into this."

The tall shapely beauty walked into the kitchen and stopped.

"Oh terrific." Diana swore as she stared at the soapy water filling the sink. "The drain cleaner didn't work. If I was still in my apartment I could just call the landlord…now it falls to me to fix the sink."

An hour later Diana was still staring at the sink as she dialed another number.

"Yes, I have a clogged sink…" Diana said, "I know it is Friday night…hello?"

Diana clicked off her phone and ran her finger down the page of the phonebook. She stopped and clicked on her phone.

"Sweat Hog Plumbing." She read as she dialed, "Anytime, anywhere. I hope so."

"Sweat Hog Plumbing." A gruff voice snapped. "This better be good."

"I have a clogged sink."

"I can fix that…but I charge fifty an hour for emergency calls and I only take cash on Friday night."

"I'll pay you hundred if you get here in a hour."

"I am there! Give me the address."

Doug Martin stood about six foot weighting over two forty and all of it soft fat. With his fat ass and large belly Doug looked liked the typical plumber. He was wearing jeans, tee shirt, work boots and carrying his toolbox. The fat man walked up to the door of the white house with its blue trim, well tended garden and thought he should have charged more. He knocked on the door and it opened. Doug almost gasped at the woman standing in the doorway. She had to be six feet tall with the most amazing ass and legs he had ever seen. But it was her huge round tits that seem to defy gravity that was making his mouth water. This incredible body was squeezed into a pair of pink shorts and tank top that had to be a size too small. What he guessed to be long wavy black hair was braided into two pigtails that dangle around a face that was beyond beautiful. It took Doug all of five seconds to change his plans.

"SweatHog Plumbing." Doug said with his best smile.

"Excellent." Diana said as she looked at the fat man standing on her patio holding a metal toolbox. "Come in, I show you the problem."

Doug didn't like her tone, snapping at him like he was the hired help. He kept the smile plastered on his face as he followed the shapely beauty back into the house. He leered over her firm round ass and mile long legs as she led him into a very modern kitchen with red, white and blue tiles. He looked at the sink, made a big deal of checking the pipes under the counter and then nodded.

"Not a problem." Doug said as he bent down to open his toolbox. "I'll have this cleaned out in no time. You should have got your husband or boyfriend to do this. No big deal and you would have saved a hundred bucks.

"I have neither." Diana said as she bent down and looked at the S shaped pipe under the sink. "But I will just watch you and next time I will know what to do. So the hundred dollars will be well spent."

Doug took out his duct tape, glance back and saw she was in the perfect position. He peeled off a couple of inches of the silver tape, took a breath and threw his entire weight into that perfect ass. Then rolling so his whole weight came down on the bitch.

"WHAAATTTTTTT!" Diana cried as she hit from behind sending her to the floor. She let a loud gasp as her attacker dropped his whole weight on top of her, knocking the air of her and making her head spin. Diana tried to suck back in some air into her lungs but could only make a few low grunts. The stunned beauty was helpless to stop the creep from pulling her arms hand back.

Doug kept his full weight down on the struggling woman as he pulled her arms together and began to wind the tape around her wrists. He wound the tape over and over until the silver tape was wrapped from her wrists to her elbows. The plumber climbed off the struggling beauty and rolled her over. He smiled because the bondage had forced her chest out making her tits look like to huge mountains of soft titty flesh.

Diana pulled and twisted around on the cold tile floor as she watched the plumber rip off another strip of tape. Her head had stopped spinning and she gotten her voice back.

"UNTIEMMPHHH!" Diana screamed as the plumber slapped three strips of tape over her mouth.

"We don't want to brother the neighbors!" Doug laughed as he grabbed her huge tits and mashed them around with his fat finger. He panted and gasped as he mauled the soft flesh. Finally his lust over took him and her grabbed the straps of her flimsy top.

Diana screamed again as he ripped right off her body and tossed it aside. She squirmed around as the fat slob leered over her breasts.

"Whoa, these are amazing!" Doug panted as he leered over the two round mounds of soft flesh. He began licked his lips as he began to yank off her shorts down her long shapely legs. The plumber's lust once again overcame him making him ripped the silk shorts off when they became twisted around her knees.

"NAAA!" Diana sobbed as her pink lacy thong was ripped off her crotch exposing the thin strip of curls. She bucked and twisted as the plumber held her down and knelt between her spread legs. The bound beauty whimpered as the fat creep began fumbled with his jeans, yanking them down around his knees. She gasped at the sight of over ten inches rock hard cock. "NA! NA!"

"Geez, bitch." Doug panted as he rubbed his pole, "I ain't ever been this hard. Oh I'm gonna fuck you up good."

"MPHHHHHH" Diana wailed as her captor began to press the long shaft into her pussy. She screamed and wailed as the cock push into her twat. The bound gasped when he lay across her body, crushing her with his weight. Diana wept and screamed as he roughly played with her tits as he planted long wet kisses on her face and neck. The helpless heroine arched up and squealed as the cock began to pump in and out of her young body. "UGHHHH! UGHHHHHH! UGHHH!"

"Oh yeah, you are so tight." Doug panted as he humped his body against the struggling beauty. He coated her face and neck with his hot wet kisses as he continued to mash her tits together, kneading them like dough. The plumber grunted like a pig as he fucked her with slow but steady strokes, loving the feel of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock.

"AUGHHH!" The bound heroine wailed as her the heat in her pussy spread until it felt like he whole body was on fire. She tried to cool the raging fire between her legs but her Amazon lust had been unleashed and would not cool until it had been satisfied. Her boobs were throbbing and aching from his brutal fondling and felt they had swelled to twice their size. She rolled her head trying to avoid the mouth slobbering over face. She squealed when the cock slammed deep into her pussy giving her a small orgasm.

"Oh yeah, baby, we're going now." Doug moaned as he rolled his tongue over her face coating it with spit. He ran the tongue down to her huge mounds titty flesh and buried his face in them. He grabbed onto her firm round ass and began to slam his cock in with increasing lust.

"AUGGGGHHHH!" Diana wailed as she came again but this climax was bigger, making her whole body shake with unwanted delight. Her tits were now throbbing from the hot wet mouth gnawing on them. Huge tears began to stream down the ravished Amazon's face. The bound beauty's ass was lifted up and the cock was driven deep into her body making her scream in unbridled passion. "AIIIIIIIIIII!"

The plumber panted and gasped as he fucked her pussy with all his inner rage against stuck up bitches. He bit and sucked her boobs with the same lust. He dug his hands into her soft ass and began to pull her body toward him, moving it with his fucking. He heard and felt her come and laughed as he continued to slurp on her big tits.

"UGHHHHHHH!" The Amazon wailed as she forced to come again. She bucked and twisted as the orgasms rocked her whole body. Diana closed her eyes and prayed for rescue but knew there would be now. Steve was already in Delta City and there was no hope for Superman to drop since the JLA was off on mission that took them to another dimension. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

Doug dropped back onto his knees, lifted her lower body onto his lap and began to pound his cock into the hot pussy with animal like lust. He grunted as he fucked her long and hard while digging his finger deep into her ass. Then he leaned back his head and wailed as he emptied his cock into her twat.

"AHGAWDDDDDDDD!" Diana squealed as she had the best orgasm. The ravished Amazon was unable to stop herself from moving her own body with his fucking until the climax past. She slumped back and sobbed in humiliation. The ravished beauty whimpered as he rolled her over and pulled her up onto her knees.

"I am still hard, slut." Doug laughed, "Yeah like a iron spike. By the sound of your last scream you really enjoyed it and want more. Let's try out your amazing ass."

"Na! Na! Na!" Diana whimpered shaking her head, knowing she was helpless to stop him and unsure if she wanted him to. It was happen over a year since she had a really good fuck, so her body was sex starved. The bound beauty tugged at the tape binding her hands as the bastard began spread her ass cheek. Diana closed her eyes and gasped when the cock began to press into her butt hole. "AUGHHHHHHHH!"

The plumber held onto her ass as he forced his cock into her ass inch and inch, amazed hot tight it was. He gritted his teeth and drove his cock deep into her hole. Doug held the bucking bitch down as he held his cock in and savored the tightness of it. Then he began to fuck her with strong steady strokes.

"AWW! AW! AW! AW!" Diana tearfully wailed as the long pole began to ream out her ass with the same lust she had just been raped. She lifted her head and screamed as the cock was buried in her butt.

"OH YEAHHHHHH!" Doug roared as he drove his cock all the way in, then pulled it back and plowed it deep into the ass with full force. Each time he did, she would squeal and sob which was music to his ears. He was soon fucking her with everything he had.

"AUGHHHH! AUGHHH!" Diana wailed aloud, as she came not once but twice. She dropped her face down on the cool tile, which was now slick with their sweat and her pussy juices and his sperm. The bound beauty sobbed and squealed when he grabbed both her tits, mashed them together as he pulled her up until she was pressed against his fat stomach.

"YES! YES! YES!" Doug yelled as he held her against his body while fucking with heated lust. He pulled and twisted her tits with the same passion as he ran his tongue up and down her face and neck.

"AUHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as she came again. Her tits were in agony and her face sticky with his spit and her own sweat. Her ass clamped around his cock increasing the unwanted pleasure. The bound beauty squirmed against her attacker, looking like she was trying to escape but was really trying to increase her pleasure. She leaned back her head and wailed as she came inside her ass. The hot cum giving her the best orgasm.

Doug let her drop to the floor and got up, debating what to do. He noticed her Blackberry on the counter top and picked it up. The plumber smiled as he pulled up his pants. He grabbed the ravished beauty by the back of her neck and pulled her up.

"UGHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to stand on her wobbly legs. She whimpered as he started to force her toward the bedroom.

"Looks like you are free for the rest of the night." Doug sneered as he pushed her down across the pink and white comforter with butterflies. "I got not plans and since I am still horny."

"NA! NA! NA!" Diana wept as the plumber closed the bedroom door and began to undress. The bound beauty rolled away as the naked fat man climbed onto her bed and reached for her.

Diana lay back across the messy bed with her head leaning out the edge, her mouth wide open. The ravished heroine just lay there as Doug pumped his cock deep into her mouth. The hours of rape and abuse had left her exhausted and defeated. She just lay there let the bastard do what her wanted.

"AHHHHH!" Doug grunted as he emptied his cock into her mouth and spray the last few drops into face and hair. He smirked as he used her silk sheets to wipe off his cock. The plumber left the room and came back a few minutes with a glass of water. He grabbed her the neck and literally poured it down her throat.

"AUGHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she gulped down the cool refreshing water. She gasp he dropped her back on the bed. The ravished beauty licked her lips and wondered why the room was getting darker.

Doug dressed as he watched her drop into a deep sleep and smiled. "You gonna wake up with a no idea what a great time you had."

The plumber cut the tape off her wrists, balled it up with strips he had used to gag her with and thrust it into his pocket. He rolled her off the bed and yanked off the sheets. Doug found some silk sheets in the closet and remade the bed. He pulled back the sheets and slipped his victim into bed. He found a washer in the back of the house, stuffed the sheets in and hit wash.

"Okay what did I forget?" Doug muttered, "Naw I got it covered. She'll know something happen but won't pin it to.

The plumber grabbed his toolbox walked right past the clogged sink and left the house with a small smile.

Diana slowly woke up and ran her hand through her hair. She pulled it back wondering why her hair was so sticky. The shapely beauty stared at her hand and frowned.

"Was the?" Diana thought realizing her whole body was sticky with sweaty and something else. She forced herself out the bed, noticing there were several small wet patches on the silk sheets. "Great Hera what has happened to me? I never use these sheets unless I am sharing my bed with someone."

The Amazon walked into her front room and stared at the sun shining through her front window.

"I have lost a whole night and obviously been ravished by someone. How could this happen? Most likely he slipped me some ruffies or some other kind of rape drug."

The raven-beauty stumbled into the kitchen and stopped at the sight of her still clogged sink. Her eyes fell on the open telephone book. Diana went to her phone and hit the button.

"Sweathog Plumbing!" Diana snarled, "FOOL! You did not realize you were dealing with an Amazon Princess! I remember all now! And you shall pay for this rape!"

Doug Martin did not live in the part of Washington that you saw on postcards nor a travel agent talking up as a place to be seen. His street was made of one of the first housing developments in the city but over the years Green Haven gone from an upper middle class neighborhood to what some people would call a white trash slum. All the houses looked like they not only needed a paint job but also would fall over with a good shove. Not one home had a green lawn but dirt patch with weeds sprouting up. Almost every one had some kind of broken furniture, appliance or some other junk scattered around the front yard. Several had at least one rusted heap of a car sitting in a bed of weeds. One had an old city bus parked out front.

The fat plumber parked his old Ford van and listened to the engine choked to a stop. He glanced back at the cloud of black smoke sputtering out the tailpipe as he climbed out. Doug yawned as he walked up to the front door of his house that was more gray than white. The plumber was pissed because in his hurry to leave the bitch's house yesterday he had forgotten to check wallet for cash. Now that he thought about it, she should have a hundred bucks at least.

More than beer money.

"Too late now." He muttered as he pushed the door open, walked right into his house, thinking he would really have to fix the front door lock. He glanced at the bills lying under the mail slot and swore. The fat man walked through his living room that was only furnished with a recliner, coffee table, TV with a built in VCR/DVD player from another century and a bookcase filled with his porn collection of magazines, tapes and DVDs. There were tools, clothes, some baseball and other junk lying around on the thin bare carpet.

He was thinking a beer would be great as he dropped his toolbox down with clunk. Then suddenly there was pain and he was flying across the room. Doug slammed onto the floor and looked up in shock. Standing over him clad in a red, white and blue costume that hugged her hourglass figure was Wonder Woman. Unable to help himself, Doug glanced at her more than ample bosom barely covered by the shoulder less costume. She looked like a fantasy with her long raven-colored hair flying around her face and body like there was a breeze in the room.

"Did you think there would be no justice for you!" Wonder Woman snarled as she stepped into the room, grabbed Doug by the back of his jacket and flung him across the room. "No my fat friend, it is time to pay the piper!"

"What are you talking about!" Doug sobbed as he crumbled onto the floor, "I never touched the bitch, Diana Prince!"

"Then how do you know I am speaking of Miss Prince? No, I am afraid your lies will not help you!"

Wonder Woman pulled him up and gave him a few punches in the gut and then threw him across the room. She put her hands on her hips and smiled. "I think you should get a taste of your own medicine."

"Listen, you got no right." Doug sobbed as he rolled over and spotted his old baseball bat. He glanced back and saw Wonder Woman was kneeling over his toolbox.

"AH!" Wonder Woman smiled as she found his duct tape and began to pick at the edge. "I will take you in bound up with your duct tape!"

Doug watched the Amazon fiddle with the roll of tape as he wrapped his hands around the bat. He slowly stood up as Wonder Woman muttered as she kept trying to peel off the end of the tape.

"Great Hera!" Wonder Woman swore, "How do you get this stuff unwrapped!"

Wonder Woman was so focused on the tape she never saw the blow that sent her to the floor.

"MPH!" Wonder Woman moaned as he came to and shook her head. Her head cleared and she looked up. She wanted to wipe the drool running down her chin but the ballgag stuffed in her mouth and the heavy chain was wrapped around her hands binding her to a rafter made that impossible. The Amazon saw she was not only was she dangling a few inches off the floor but had been stripped naked. She spotted her costume, boots, bracers and more important her gold belt with her golden lasso stuffed into an old milk carton. The bound heroine looked around and realized she was being held prison in a basement with cold cement walls and floor. There seemed to be junk and boxes piled everywhere. There only light was one bare bulb hanging from a wire. Her eyes fell upon what looked like a tool bench but instead of tools this one was covered with rope, chains, leather strips, various gags, handcuffs and other bondage gear. "Sweet Heavens I have fallen into the hands of a real pervert….I wonder where my captor is. I know what he has planned for me?"

The chained heroine twisted her head around as the sound of voices. She blinked in shock when Doug came down into the basement followed by two other men. One was an older man with a few strings of white hair across his head, a huge nose and an almost toothless grin. A stained tank top undershirt, sweatpants and flip-flop sandals were all that covered his bony frame. The other man was black man as big as Doug but his body was hard muscle from years of hard labor. He was wearing the gray uniform of security guard.

"Here she is." Doug smiled as moved beside the hanging heroine and patted her ass, Wonder Woman, chained and helpless. Leo, Zeus, what do you think? You want some Amazon pussy?"

"This bitch put my dad in the can." Zeus said as he stepped up and began to squeeze her huge tits. "I'm up for this…gonna fuck her ass until she can't walk straight."

"Hell, it has been so long since I got some pussy." Leo cackled as he moved beside the heroine and rubbed her ass as he kissed her cheek, "I'll fuck anything about now."

"Before we get this party started." Zeus said as he squeezed her boobs together, "We got talk about what we do with her later. You just can't keep this whore chained up down here and I ain't into murder. I don't want to spend the rest of my days looking over my shoulder for Superman or worst Batman."

"I got it figured out." Doug said as he began to kiss and lick her face. "That's why I asked Leo in on the fun. He's got that old trailer in his yard. We hook that baby up, stuff the bitch inside. We take her to Delta City and sell her to Super Pimp."

"Or maybe those twins that tamed those other heroines."

"Oh yeah, yeah." Leo said, "I saw them on TV. They were leading around Ms Americana and Green Specter like they were dogs. Making them beg, roll over and fetch. It was a hoot."

Wonder Woman could do nothing but hang there as her body was rubbed and licked by the three men while listening to them talk about their plans for her. She would either end a whore or the sex slave to the very people she was suppose to investigating.

"Okay, We go to Delta City and get the best offer." Zeus said as stepped back and began to undress, "Now let's show this whore what she can look forward to."

"Now you are talking!" Leo laughed kicked off his sandals and let his sweats drop down around his bony legs. "Oh I am going to enjoy this…we should take pictures or something."

"Forget that." Doug smiled as he stripped," Last thing I want is have pictures of your skinny white ass. I am taking her pussy since Zeus wants her ass."

"Oh yes, gonna fuck her ass." Zeus said as he went to the bench and selected a small red whip with seven lashes. "Gonna whip her ass first."

"MMMPHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as Doug moved in front of her and finger her pussy with two fingers while Zeus moved behind her. She looked over her shoulder and sobbed the big black man was flicking the whip while Leo stood there and rubbed his cock. She screamed when the leather went across her ass. "AUGHHH!"

"You liking that, whore!" Zeus sneered as he whipped her ass.

"Oh she is liking this." Doug said as he finger fucked her pussy, "She is already wet….just about ready for my cock."

"Oh man, oh man." Leo panted as he continued to jack off while his buddies continued to abuse the heroine, "This great…I so glad I took my blue pills."

"AUCH! AUCH!" Wonder Woman wailed as her body was whipped and her pussy was finger fucked. Her thighs were already wet from her own juices. She pulled at the heavy chain holding her but it was hopeless.

Zeus smiled as he lashed her ass and back with now slick with her sweat.

"Okay, okay, time to fuck this whore!" Doug panted as he pulled out his fingers and spread her legs.

"You got that right." Zeus tossed down the lash, grabbed her ass and thrust his twelve-inch spike right into her ass.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The chained beauty wailed as she was impaled onto two rock hard cock. Her eyes flooded with tears as the two poles pushed deep into her body.

"OHHMANNNN!" Doug sighed as he began to fuck her with hard strokes as he grabbed onto the tits and mashed them around.

"God tight!" Zeus grunted as he grabbed onto her hips and buried his cock deep. He held the pole in and enjoyed the tightness if. He could feel Doug's cock slamming into her pussy. He began to kiss and lick her back as slowly began to fuck her.

"Give to her good!" Leo panted, "Hurry, I need to fuck her. My cock is already to explode."

"UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman panted and squealed as she was squeezed between the two men fucking her rich young body. She rolled head as Doug roughly fondled her tits while sucking on a nipple. Zeus was rolling his tongue up and down her back and biting it with his sharp teeth. Her whole body was throbbing with a burning lust, her tits tingled and ached while her pussy was now a hot wet swamp. Wonder Woman gasped as the two long hard cocks kept plowing into her two holes over and over. "AUGHHHHHHHHH!"

Doug and Zeus roared as they both felt the heroine climax. This caused them to increase the force of their fucking. Doug was pulling and twisting her boobs while gnawing on them. Zeus had worked up to her neck and was now sucking on her throat with low grunts.

"NAAAAAAAAA!" Wonder Woman squealed as she came again. Her whole body bucked making her pull against the chains binding her. She could feel the sweat running off her body but doing nothing to cool it. The hands and mouths abusing her body were adding to the fire burning in her loins. The chained Amazon wailed as she came again. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"OH! OH! OHHHHHHH!" Doug grunted as he emptied his cock into her. He felt and heard her climax and laughed. The panting plumber stepped back and let Leo jump in.

Wonder Woman squealed as Doug's Leo's replaced cock. Zeus was still raping her ass with gnawing on her throat. She squealed when Leo began to chew on her nipples like hungry dog, his strong fingers pinching and pulling her all ready aching boobs. "AIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

The chained beauty sobbed and wailed as he came again as Zeus shot his was into her butt hole. She arched up and enjoyed the orgasm rolling through her body. Wonder Woman sighed in relief as the cock pulled out. She got two breaths but Doug slammed his cock into her ass. Once again two men were raping her.

All three men took two turns at her ass and pussy but unchaining her and forcing her to knee. Doug chained her arm behind her back, wrapping it around her elbows and wrists. The ravished heroine licked her lips after they took out the gag but then Zeus filled it with his cock.

"Best suck bitch!" he snarled, "Or I will really whip your ass."

Wonder Woman knew she had no choice so glumly began to suck on the pole with low slurps. She gasped when one of her captors began to fuck her in the ass. A second later her pussy was filled with hard cock. The chained Amazon was twisted and turned as the two cocks fucked her while she miserably gulped on the cock.

"Damn, this bitch is a whore." Zeus laughed. "At least she sucks like one."

"Yeah, yeah." Doug panted as he reamed out her ass, "We might be able to retire on what we get for this slut."

"Too...too…bad we gonna to sell her." Lou gasped as he fucked her pussy while squeezing a tit with one hand. "Br swell to have this whore around to fuck when we wanted."

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as she sucked on the cock, rolling her tongue over it. Her head was light headed and she wondered how much more abuse she could take. Without her golden belt she was just like any other woman. She heard all three men grunt and all three holes filled with cum. The bound heroine swallowed the cum with squeal as she came twice. The three men switched places and she was soon servicing three cocks again.

After what seemed years the three men left her alone in the basement. But before they left, the Amazon was forced down on a rubber dildo mounted on a piece or metal. Leather strips wrapped around her thighs and knees to hold her down. Doug locked a spiked dog leash around her neck and snapped a chain onto it. He tossed the chain over a rafter and pulled on it until the collar almost choked the heroine. Leo clipped some nipple claps with chains onto her tits. He playfully tugged on them.

"Something for that tight ass!" Zeus smirked as he shoved a long vibrator into her ass and then plugged it into the wall. "That will keep you hoping."

"AUGHHHH!" The ravished beauty sobbed as the sex toy came to life in her ass, making her wiggle and squirm around on the dildo. She blinked away the tears and found a TV sitting in front of her. A man fucking a woman filled the screen.

"Consider it visual training for your future career." Doug laughed as they walked out the basement.

Wonder Woman sobbed and whimpered as the light clicked off leaving the TV as her only source of light. The chained heroine couldn't stop herself from grinding and squeezing herself on the sex toys buried in her body. The Amazon screamed as she came again. At one point she fainted in sheer exhaustion.

Cold water splashing on her body brought her back to life. She shook her head and moaned. The chained Amazon gasped as Zeus pulled back her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Suck was all he said. The heroine began to suck on the cock with weary sobs. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Doug and Lou waiting their turn.

"Looks like we got this bitch just about broken." Zeus sneered, "I thought this whore was suppose to be a bad ass. You know maybe we should keep this slut. Put her to work."

"I don't know." Doug said as he watched the heroine suck the big man's cock. "I think we should go with the original plan. We ain't no pimps."

"Look, I figure this bitch has money. We get her to clean out her accounts. We use that cash to move and set ourselves in Vegas."

"That's a great idea." Leo said, "Just think we can move out this craphole of a neighborhood. That realtor made us an offer."

"Half what the houses are worth." Doug said, feeling a little scare but excited by the prospect of leaving Green Havens.

Wonder Woman kept sucking on the cock while listening to the men argued about whether to keep her or sell her. Her mouth filled with his cum and she drank it down. Lou took Zeus' place because Doug was pacing around the basement still arguing with Zeus. A painful tug on her hair made her begin to suck on his rancid cock. Thankfully the old man came quickly.

Zeus and Leo unbound her from the dildo and chain hanging from rafter. They snapped a leash onto her collar and led her over to a sofa bed that had been unfolded. The big man bent her across his knee and gave her ass a good swat.

"You want to be our whore, right!" Zeus laughed a he began to spank her.

"OW! OW! OW!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her ass was swatted, "PLEASEE! STOP! OW! OW! OW!"

"Just sat yes!" He said as he kept spanking her.

"ALL RIGHT!" She wailed, " Anything! I surrender!"

"Good!" Zeus snapped as he pushed her onto the floor and stuck out his shoe, "Lick my shoe, slave…and call me master…DO IT OR I SPANK!"

"Yes, m-master." She sobbed and stuck out her tongue. The defeated heroine began to roll her tongue up and down the black boot.

"I don't like it." Doug muttered as he watched the great Amazon clean his friend's boot. "Enough of that. Get back on the bed, I need to fuck her while I think about this."

"You heard him slut." Zeus snapped, "Get on the bed and fuck your master. Move whore!"

"Yes, master." Wonder Woman whimpered as she climbed onto the bed, lay back and spread her legs. She waited for Doug to mount her, gasping as his now familiar cock pushed into her pussy. "AHHHHHHH!"

For the rest of the night, Diana took the men in several positions. The ravish beauty rolled off Doug and sobbed as she wiped the cum off her lips. Wonder Woman watched as the three men talked over the bed.

"It's agreed, we put her to work for us." Zeus said, "Whore, go into the bathroom and get cleaned up. I want to see you clean and in costume. Move."

Wonder Woman glanced at her costume as she went into the small bathroom. She turned on the shower and watched the water dibble out. The shapely woman climbed under the small shower and cleaned off the cum and sweat as best she could.

"Don't make a day of it whore!" Zeus yelled.

The Amazon climbed out the shower and used a very small towel to dry off. She wearily walked out the bathroom and over to the bed where her costume was laid out. Diana slipped into the corset like costume, tugging it out her large round tits. Her boots and tiara came next. Wonder Woman put on her bracer and then picked on her belt with its lasso.

"Come on, bitch." Zeus yelled, "Put it on. I want you in full costume when you lick my boots again."

"As you wish, master." Wonder Woman said as she snapped on her belt and felt her powers come back. She waited for Zeus to step up and then let lose with a punch that sent him flying.

"AWWWWWWWW!" Zeus screamed as he slammed against the wall and crashed to the floor.

Doug and Lou had not chance to react before the full fury of an Amazon was unleashed upon them. Wonder Woman punched and kicked the two men until they dead to the world. Zeus charged her but soon found himself lying by his friends.

A short time later, the three men were at the police station confessing to all their crimes except the rape of Wonder Woman and Doug's rape of Diana. The mighty Amazon stood outside the police station patting her magic lasso.

"Well that takes care of that." Wonder Woman smiled, "After those vile villains the Hollander Twins will be a piece of cake."