By Blacknite13

Hi guys, here is a Wonder Woman story that has been in my head for a while. I always wanted her to go up against the Russian mob. Enjoy. bookmamwhb@yahoo.com

Wonder Woman is the property of DC Comic. The villains are mine.

This story is no meant for minors since it contains tons of adult themes like bondage and forced sex.





Diana Prince walked out her condo looking quite stunning in her black business suit and white blouse. Her long hair was pulled up into a tight bun. She put on the glasses she didn't need as she walked out. The tall shapely woman stopped in her tracks when she saw the long limo parked in front of her building. Two giants dressed in black suits stood by the open back door revealing Igor Gorsky.

Igor Gorsky a short squat man but his barrel chest and thick arms showed a love of pumping iron. His iron gray hair was cut into a crewcut, which fit his square face. Two dark almost black eyes glared out from behind wire rimmed glasses. Gorsky was wearing a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt and red checked tie. He leaned out the back door and smile. It was a smile that sent a chill down Diana's back. The raven-haired beauty stepped back and glanced around.

"Do now worry, Miss Prince." Igor said still smiling. "I mean you no harm. But it has come to my attention that you share a close acquaintance with Wonder Woman."

"I have the pleasure of her friendship." Diana said still keeping her distant.

"Could you deliver a message for me?"

"I am not sure that she would have any interest in anything you have to say."

"This will interest her. Tell her I will not forget what she did to my two sons."

"The police arrested your sons for pimping and white slavery. They were kidnapping college coeds and raping them into submission. Then making the poor girl sell themselves on the street."

"Not on the street. Never on the street. All my ladies work in my gentlemen clubs."


"Apples and oranges. The police arrested them but it was because Wonder Woman stuck her big tits into my business."


"Again apples and oranges."

"So you are putting a contract on Wonder Woman?"

"No, I have something better in mind…some much more humiliating."

"Be warned Igor, Wonder Woman does not response well to threats."

"Nor do I…nor do I."


"Its just a simple tail job." Steve said as he handed Diana Prince the file. "We know he is an enemy agent with ties to the Russian mob. He has never been to this country before. All of his contacts are in Europe."

"Which begs the question why is he here?" Diana said as she studied a picture a man with a round face and pug nose. His small eyes hid behind some tinted glasses. His goatee and hair was brown sprinkled with gray. She noted his height was five six and he weighted close to two hundred. "Not a real looker and could stand to lose a few pounds. He appears to like to tie women up. A real charmer."

"Well most guys with the Russian mob are. So stay on him and keep me posted. I will be out of town for a day or two so be careful. "

"Not a problem. I am just supposed to watch the guy….wait he works for Igor Gorsky?"

"Yes, I know you and Wonder Woman had a history with him. Odd he never put out a contract on her."

"Igor has something else in mind for Wonder Woman."

"That sounds nasty."

"He most likely wants to capture and humiliate her in some fashion."

"More than likely. Well keep your distance and stand on your toes."

"I always do."

Diana Prince watched the small fat man walk down the street, glancing back as he did. The tall shapely agent had been following the suspect for the last two weeks. It had been pretty boring because he spent most of the days in his hotel room except when he went out to eat. Twice he caught a movie. But today after dinner instead of going back to the hotel he had caught a cab to the sleazy part of town. The raven-haired beauty had stayed on his tail the whole way. He jumped out of the cab and stood at a newsstand for a few minutes.

Diana hide in a doorway hoping her expensive white linen pants suit and black blouse would not make her stick out in this part of town. She smiled when the newsstand owner took some money off her suspect and handed him what looked like a red card.

The small creep had started down the block glancing at the card as he turned into the alley.

"Where are you going?" Diana said as she followed her down the alley. She ducked into another doorway when the suspect came to a large green door with two huge bouncers. Both the men were huge black men dressed in black. She watched as the man handed one of the bouncers the card and was ushered into through the doors. "Now what?"

One the bouncers put his hand to his ear, smiled and nodded. He looked around and walked right up to Diana. He folded his arms and smiled.

The shapely beauty stepped out and debated her options.

"Mr. Clark would like to invite you inside." He said with a big smile.

"I don't know Mr. Clark." Diana said with a small grin. "I don't know what this place is?"

"It is called the Dark Basement. A private club for men and women. Mr. Clark runs the club."

"Nice. How did Mr. Clark know I was here?"

"We have this whole alley and both of the streets wired. No one comes or goes without us knowing it. Our clientele demands privacy."

"It sounds like something illegal is going on inside."

"Define illegal?"

"I should go?"

"Then go or accept Mr. Clark's invite."

"I accept." Diana said and swept past the huge man. She walked up to the door and the other bouncer pulled it open. The shapely woman stepped into the dark hallway. She could hear people yelling and laughing and some other sounds she didn't recognize. Diana started to walk toward the sounds but the bouncer touched her arm and pointed up some stairs. "Thank you."

Diana trotted up the stairs came to a hallway with several doors. All the doors were closed but she could hear muffled sounds mixed with laughter coming from behind the closed doors. A set of double doors opened at the end of the hall and a thin man in a white suit and black shirt stepped out.

"I am Mr. Clark." He said, "Please join me in my office."

Clark watched the young woman walked up to him and was thrilled to see her body was even better than he thought. Her black hair was pinned up into a tight bun that showed off her high cheekbones. He hoped it was long thick and wavy. She was wearing glasses but they didn't detract from her stunning beauty. He waved her into the room and closed the door.

Diana heard him lock the door and then took in the room with its thick red carpet and dark oak walls. The desk was made of the same dark oak. There was a big red leather office chair behind the desk. Two chairs, a wet bar and a large cabinet were the only other furniture in the room. There were several monitors mounted on the wall. All the screens were all dark. Diana stopped in her tracks when she saw two young women kneeling by the desk. White togas barely covered their rich full bodies. Their heads were bowed which made their long red curls fall down around their faces. Their hands were clasped in their laps. The last thing she noticed were the gold chains dangling from the gold collars around their necks.

Clark moved behind his desk and sat down without giving the two women a glance. "Please sit."

"I think I will remain on my feet for now. Do you friends have names?"

"Not friends….employees. Amber and Angel say hello to the nice lady."

The two women didn't looked up as they meekly said, "Hello nice lady."

"I see…I have a pretty good idea what kind of club this is."

"Excellent, you are not dumb." Clark said as he picked up a remote and pointed at the monitors. They all clicked on. One the monitors showed a young naked woman standing on a stage surrounded by tables and chairs. Red cords criss-cross her body binding her hands and feet. A ring gag held her mouth open into a wide oval. A leather collar was locked around her neck. A large muscle bound man stood by the bound beauty. He tugged on the collar and the girl dropped to her knees.

Diana watched in horror as the bound captive began to kiss and lick the boots of the man. She saw the other monitors showed men and woman in small rooms with slaves, some bound and gagged, others not. But they were all meekly servicing their masters. All the slaves were all beautiful with huge tits and nice asses.

"This is a sex club!" Diana spat.

"More than that." Clark said, "We offer a bondage show and if you feel inclined to take one of our employees upstairs, willing employees, you can."

"Willing?" Diana said as she studied the kneeling slaves.

"Yes." Clark said as he glanced over at his computer when it beeped.

"As you can see, Miss Prince we only use the most beautiful women."

"How did you know my name?" Diana said nervously.

"Facial recognition software."

"You use that on all your guests?"

"Yes. But it really wasn't necessary since the man you have been following had orders to bring you here. We have decided to employed you at our club."

"WHAT!" Diana gasped, "You can't think for a moment that I would even consider humiliating myself in such a manner."

"We love strong independent women. Don't we boys."

Diana glanced back and saw the two more huge men had stepped into the room through a secret panel.

"People will come looking for me. People you don't want to meet."

"You haven't checked in. One of our geek tapped into your phone. You have made no phone calls today. Mr. Trevor is out of town following a false lead we gave him. So I don't think your people know where you are. I know you are not carrying a gun. We scanned you as you came through the front door. You may have some martial arts training but so do we."

The tall woman was waiting her options when the two men started toward her. Diana knew she had no choice and spun out their grasp and kept spinning. There was a clash of thunder and blast of bright light. Diana Prince was gone and Wonder Woman stood in her place. Her hands on her hips and her more than ample bosom thrust out. The red, white and blue costume hugged her hourglass figure leaving her long muscle legs bare. Her long black hair seemed to float around her face and body.

"Now you will feel the wrath of an Amazon!" Wonder Woman snarled and charged the two men. She grabbed one man and tossed him across the room like a rag doll while slamming her fist into the face of the other one. The huge man dropped to the floor like a sack of cement. The door flew open and four more men ran in. "FOOLS!"

Clark watched as the mighty Amazon punched and kicked the huge men. Three were thrown across the room and ended up in a pile in the corner. Clark jumped up and pulled a pistol out his drawer and began to fire.

Wonder Woman saw the gleam of his pistol and brought up her bracers. She began to deflect the bullets as she walked up to the desk. When the mighty princess warrior reached the desk she grabbed the thin blond man and pulled him across the desk.

"SO YOU WOULD DEMEAN AND HUMILATE WOMAN FOR YOUR OWN SICK PLEASURE!" Diana snarled as she punched Clark in the face and flung him to the floor. She was about to kick him when she was grabbed from behind. Wonder Woman grabbed one of the arms and flipped her attacker over her shoulder. She was shocked to see it was one of the slaves. The tall woman turned and pushed the other slave away. "Can't you see I am here help? AWWW!"

Wonder Woman dropped to the floor when the other slave tackled her around the knees. She fought to get the woman off when the other one landed on top of her. She wrestled with the women trying not to hurt them until someone grabbed her hair and pulled back her head.

"SUCK ON THIS BITCH!" Clark growled as he pushed a chloroform soaked rag into her face.

"NNAAAAAA!" Wonder Woman screamed into the foul smelling cloth trying to kick away her attackers but two of the huge bouncer joined the fight. The mighty Amazon could felt her strength fading making it impossible to push all the bodies off. Trapped Wonder Woman couldn't push Clark away and was forced to suck in the foul fumes. As she struggled the last of strength left her and darkness came over her.

"That's right bitch suck it up!" Clark snapped as he held the cloth over her face. He watched his men climb to their feet. "Get the chains…the heavy ones."

Clark dropped the sleeping Amazon to the floor and grabbed his phone. He hit speed dial and waited. "Yes sir, we got her but you are not going to believe this…"

Clark studied the gold belt, lasso and bracers sitting on his desk. He glanced up at the chained heroine kneeling in the middle of the room.

The Amazon was kneeling in front of a small steel bar. The small bar was pushed into the small of her back, which forced her chest out. Her arms were pulled back over the bar and held in place by heavy chains criss-crossing her chest. Short heavy chains mounted to the base of the bondage device bound her wrists and elbows together. Two more chains ran up her back to the thick metal collar locked around her neck. Another heavy chain was wrapped her thin waist twice and over her crotch then locked to the base. The mighty Amazon's feet were pulled back and locked to the base by thick metal bracers. A ring gag pushed into her mouth completed her bondage. A long thick dildo was pushed between her spread lips.

Clark noticed the bound beauty was waking up.

"Watch her." Clark said as he motioned to four of men holding gas guns to surround the chained heroine. "If she starts to break free. Hit her with the gas."

"Ohhhh!" Wonder Woman groaned as she came to, realize that she had been sucking on something and drool was running down her chin. She then realized she was chained so tightly she could barely move. The helpless heroine looked around and strained against the chains but they held tight. She spotted her gold belt on the desk and her heart felt. A fear filled her soul; she had been defeated in battle and now was chained. If this happen to an Amazon they would soon submit to their conqueror as slaves. Diana whimpered at the thought of being a slave to this pervert. Her fear exploded when Igor Gorsky stepped into the room with a huge smile on his face.

"Well we meet again Wonder Woman." Igor said as he walked right up to the chained heroine. "That is that last time I shall call you that. From this moment on you will be Wonder Whore. I know not very creative but it will suit your new life."

"NAAAA!" Wonder Woman grunted through the gag as she pulled at the chains holding her down. She whimpered when the Russian began to unbuckle his pants and pulled out his cock.

"The plan was to use Diana Prince as bait." Gorsky smiled as he wagged his cock on her cheeks. You come to her rescue and we capture you. Much to our surprise Diana Prince turns out to be Wonder Woman. But no matter, the result is the same. Wonder Woman is now my prisoner."

"MMMPHHH!" The bound beauty screamed around her gag as Igor pulled the dildo and pushed his cock into her mouth. She could help but slurp on the cock was pumped in and out.

"Have your first taste of cock, Wonder Whore." He smiled as he worked the cock around her mouth, "You will get use to the taste and feel of cock in your mouth. I promise you from this day forth you will suck and fuck more cocks that you could ever imagined. Yes, Wonder Whore, this is a start of a new and sleazy life."

"NAAAAA!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the cock pushed into her throat forcing her to gulp on it. She closed her eyes and moaned as the cock moved back and pushed in again.

"Here is the best part." Igor said as he pulled out his cock and whacked her cheeks. "The world will watch you fall into depravity. Tonight you will be the main event on stage. I will personally tame and train you while the world watched. While I bind you in several different ways, humiliate you, fuck you and force you to suck me off the images of your defeat will be sent out on pay for view on cable and internet."

"MPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as the cock pushed back into her mouth forcing her to suck it. The bound beauty grunted as the cock pumped in and out with increasing speed.

"That's my chained beauty." Igor panted as he fucked his cock in and out her mouth. He grabbed to fistful of hair and began to pump the cock in and out with heat lust. "Yes, yes, from this moment on I control your life. You will fuck and suck me everyday and you will love it. You will kiss my feet and call me master!"

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as her mouth was fucked. It was made worst by the mocking tone of Igor's voice telling about her new life. Defeated and chained the might Amazon could feel her inner strength and will failing. She pulled at the chains in a desperate effort to escape the dire fate he planned for her. "UGHHHHHH!"

"AWWWWW!" Igor grunted as he shot his wad into her mouth, letting his load fill her mouth and then pulled back to let the last drops of cum spray in her face.

"AUGHHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned as she swallowed the vile seed with more hot cum spattered on the face. She felt it run down her face and drip down onto her chest.

"Make her watch the monitors for the rest of the day." Gorsky said as he wiped his cock off on her hair and put it away. "I want her to see what her new life will be like."

Wonder Woman whimpered as her new owner wandered over to the desk and began looked at her gold belt, bracers and lasso. She prayed he didn't know their powers.

"I know this bracers can deflect bullets." Igor said, "I wonder what this belt does. Could it be the source of your powers…those chains are strong…and this lasso? Gold?"

The bound beauty watched her captor slump down behind the desk and finger her belt and lasso. She tried to look away when the Russian looked over at her.

"These are important to you." He said, "But why? Bring me some coffee and food. I will stay her for a while and think. Turn the whore toward the monitors."

"NAAA!" The chained heroine whimpered as two bouncer turned to face the monitors even moving her closer so the bottom screens were inches away from her face. The images of women being bound and gagged and force to submit were all she could see. Wonder Woman began weep when she heard Igor chuckle. She knew even if he didn't realize the powers of her belt and lasso, she was very well doomed to life of a whore.


The Dark Basement was so packed with customers; people were sitting in the aisles and standing along the walls. This was not a typical audience it was a mixture of the notorious, famous and rich and power. Pimps and thugs were sitting with some of Washington's most powerful. A famous actor and his girlfriend an equally famous singer was sharing as table with three of the most powerful crime bosses in the country. They had been drinking and eating for the last hour when the lights dimmed and the room became silent. Lights came on revealing the stage where several bondage devices were set. A table was covered with gags, ropes, chains and other bondage gear. Amber and Angel the two redhead slaves were now dressed in black hip boots and corsets stepped onto the stage. Their long red curls flowed over the full rich bodies in an ocean of fire making them look like wild sexy beasts. Then Igor stepped onto the stair wearing boots and leather pants. He held a riding crop in his hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know why you are here." He smiled, "Not to see me or these beautiful young and willing slaves!"

The crowd laughed and clapped.


A curtain in the back opened and two dwarves dressed as court jesters came out tugging on a two chains as they walked to the front. Then out of the dark doorway staggering came Wonder Woman. A heavy stock made of wood metal rested on her shoulders. Her hands and neck were bound to it with heavy chains. A thick iron collar was locked around her neck. The two chains the small men were pulling on were attached to the collar. Another chain ran down from the collar between her bosoms and was pulled tight over her crotch. It then ran back up to the collar. A chain ran down from her crotch chain to the heavy leg chains she was wearing. The chain bound to her legs was barely over a foot long so she was only able to shuffle along. A huge red ball gag with a gold star was stuffed into her mouth spreading her lips impossibly wide. Drool ran from her open mouth down her chin and dripped onto her amble bosom. Her boobs and the front of her costume were stained with her spit.

The bound heroine staggered forward and yelped and sobbed. Two more dwarves also dressed as jesters came up behind her and were whipping her firm round ass with small whips. The four small men taunted and laughed as they forced the mighty Amazon forward. Calling her whore, slut, bitch and other vile things as they did.

The very people in the room who last week would have cheered and hailed the heroine jumped up along with the pimps and other scum, clapping and cheering along with the pimps and other scum joining in on small men's insults and taunts.

The room was a blur and the voices only echoes in the mighty Amazon's head. Wonder Woman wore her belt but it did no good, Igor had shot her full of drugs that zapped not only her strength but must some hypnotics in them. She found it impossible not to obey the dwarves. It was like she was in terrible dream world. The chained heroine whimpered when she felt wetness between her legs. The chains rubbing her crotch and most likely something in the drugs was arousing her body. The drugs and bondage only sped up her submission. The once proud princess could feel her old self slipping away. The old law was coming into play. She had been defeated and chained now she must bow before her master.

"No!" Wonder Woman screamed in her head, "I am Diana, Amazon Princess and Wonder Woman. I have proved my worth over and over. I shall not be defeated… not like this.

The chained beauty yelped and sobbed the whips lashed across her ass and as she was tugged along. Wonder Woman stumbled along as the small men pulled on her collar and whipped her ass until she reached the stage. She stopped for moment and stared at the three steps, wondering if she had the strength to climb them. The three steps onto the stage could have been Mount Everest. But tormentors pulled on her chains and whipped her ass forcing her to lift her high-heeled boot. The short leg irons making the simple task seem even more impossible. But some how she managed to reach the stage. More tugging and whipping made her stumble over to Igor who had his arms folded across his chest and triumph smile on his face.


It was exhaustion not defeat that made Wonder Woman drop to her knees. She was all ready drained by the drugs, the heaviness of the chains and stock and the long afternoon spent on her knees, chained and being forced to watch the monitors. For hours she watched the images of young woman bound and gagged. Then raped, spanked and forced to serve their clients. Several times Igor hand forced her to suck his cock. Needless to say by this time the once proud princess was too weak to put up much of a fight.

"On your knees." Igor smiled, "You will get use to this and the feel of rope and chains…you will learn to use your amazing body to pleasure not only me but whoever I tell you to. Yes, Wonder Woman is no more. From this moment on she are Wonder Whore! To prove this by the end of the show you will have fucked and sucked everyone in this room including your little friends!"

Wonder Woman heard the room explode into cheers and laughter. She used all her strength to look up and sobbed as she saw the lust in every face. The chained princess couldn't stop herself from rubbing her thighs together. These made the chain between her legs stroke her pussy, which was making the twat hotter and wetter by the second. Even in her drug induced state she could see there several cameras set up around the room. As Igor promised the world would watch her defeat and humiliation.

"Now lets get the whore naked and in a more comfortable position." Igor laughed, "I need easy access to her pussy and ass."

Wonder Woman heard the crowd laugh and sighed in relief as the dwarves unlocked her chains. She slumped as the heavy stock was lifted off her shoulders. The drugged heroine almost fell face forward but the two redheaded slaves caught her. The girls lifted her up and moved her between two poles with a crossbar. Before she realized it her hands were locked into heavy leather shackles. The helpless heroine sobbed as Igor walked up and hooked finger into the top of her costume.

"Now lets see those famous tits!" Igor said as he tugged down the tight costume freeing her two huge mounds flesh. "You know men have fantasized about your big fat boobs and more…now the fantasy ends and reality begins."

Igor pulled it down until he reached the gold belt. He smiled and unsnapped her belt and tossed it onto the table.

"MMPHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed because it was like a freight train hitting her body. All her powers were zapped from her body leaving it to take the full power of the drugs. The chained beauty screamed as the drugs zapped the last of her resistance making her whole body burn with heated lust. The helpless heroine tried to fight the fire between her legs but to no avail.

The crowd clapped and hooted as they watched the Russian pulled her costume off her rich full body. They became even more rowdy when the black curls of her pussy were unveiled.

Wonder Woman could do nothing as her famous costume was pulled down her long legs and off. Now only her red boots were left to cover her body. She forced her head up and watched through drug haze eyes as Igor spun her costume around and then flung it into the crowd. It was like throwing a scrap of meat into a pack of dogs. She sobbed as the audience ripped her the silk costume into shreds, keeping the tattered rags as souvenirs. The chained beauty watched the dwarves spread her legs and lock them into heavy leather shackles.

"Now where do we begin with such feast?" Igor laughed as her began to tweak her tits. He watched her eyes widen with delight and a low squeal escaped her lips. " I suspect you are a virgin so I will have the honor of breaking your cherry. But I can see the lust in your eyes. Let's get heat up that fire between your legs. Amber, Angel kneel and pleasure the Amazon slut."

"Yes, master." The twins cooed as they moved in front of the bound beauty and knelt down between her spread legs. They leaned forward and began to lick and kiss the black curls.

"MMMMPHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as the two tongues began stroked her all ready wet pussy. She pulled at the shackles as her waves of pleasure swept through her body. She leaned back her head and moaned in unwanted delight. The once mighty Amazon gasped as the two women hungrily licked her. The pleasure increased when Igor began to squeeze and suck on her tits. It was all too much and she screamed in heated lust. "AUGHHHHHH!"

Igor squeezed the huge tits as he chewed on her tits, loving the taste her sweet flesh. He mashed them around as he sucked on them with loud slurps. He grunted and moaned in sheer delight as he continued to molest the famous heroine.

"MMPHHH! The bound heroine squealed as the three mouths forced to climax. Wonder Woman stained against the bonds as she body erupted with sexual bliss. Then she yelped when there was sting of pain on her ass. She glanced back over her shoulder and watched one of the dwarves lash her butt.

The Russian stepped back and opened his pants, freeing his long hard cock. He pushed the girls out the way, nodded at the dwarf. The small man stepped back and watched his boss grab onto most amazing ass he had even seen. Igor squeezed her ass and pushed his cock into her hot wet pussy.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed as the long hard pole pushed right into her pussy and right through her cherry. The bound heroine screamed as she lost her virginity. She pulled and twisted as the cock plowed into her untried hole. The bound heroine was shocked how quickly the pain faded and was replaced with unexpected pleasure.

"OH YESSSSS!" Igor laughed as he ran his tongue up and down her face. He roughly fondled her ass as he pumped his cock in and out her tight twat. "I Igor Gorsky had stolen the virginity of Wonder Woman! Now I shall tame and train the mighty Amazon to serve me!"

"UGH! UGH! UGH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the cock stroked her pussy making even hotter and wetter. The Amazon couldn't stop herself from coming. Once again she pulled on the leather holding her in place.

Igor mashed her ass between her his fingers as he kept thrusting his cock in and out with increasing lust. He pushed his mouth into the mountains of jiggling tits, biting and licking them with the same heated passion.

"UGHHHH! UGHHHH!" The nasty Russian ravished the bound beauty wailed as her body. She had not idea that sex could be so rough yet passionate. She whipped her hair around as the body exploded again. Wonder Woman screamed as she lost control of her own flesh.

Igor threw back his head and howled as he emptied his cock into her pussy. He pumped it in and out until his seed was spent. He stepped back and waved Amber over. The young redhead was now wearing a strap-on. She moved in front of the bound Amazon, grabbed her hips and pushed the red plastic cock into her sopping wet pussy.

"AUGHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed as her still hot twat was filed again. She squealed and sobbed as the dildo began to fuck her.

The Russian mobster was not done with her as he moved behind her and reached around and grabbed her huge boobs. He mashed them between his fingers as he pushed his cock into her butt.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" The ravished beauty squealed as she was violated on both ends. Wonder Woman sobbed and screamed as hard cock pushed deeper and deeper into her ass. The helpless heroine screamed as again as the dildo and cock began to fuck her. She leaded her head back on Igor's shoulder and wailed.

The audience was on their feet cheering and screaming, pushing and shoving to get better look at the action on the stage even though there were six big screens mounted around the room. Men and women began kiss and fondle each other as they watched the sex show.

Igor and Amber bucked Wonder Woman back and forth between them as they fucked her. The Russian was mashing her tits while he kissed and licked her face and neck. Amber caught one of the nipples in her mouth and began to chew.

"AUGHHHHH!" Wonder Woman panted and sobbed, as both her holes were royally fucked. She screamed as another orgasm hit her. Then she squealed in delight as hot seed filled her ass.

Amber and Igor pulled out and stepped back. The Russian unlocked her hands and let her drop down to the knees. He moved in front of her and grabbed a fistful of her long hair. He took off her gag and waited for her to gasp.

"MMPHHHH!" Wonder Woman grunted as her mouth was filled with hard cock. The pole began to pump in and out of her mouth before she realized it. The horny woman couldn't stop herself from sucking on the cock.

Igor began to move her head up and down his pole as he bucked his hips into her face. He grunted when he felt her lips tighten around his cock as she twirled her tongue over it.

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" Wonder Woman grunted as she sucked on the cock as she rolled her tongue around it. She wanted to bring up her hand but they felt like lead weights. The once proud Amazon stayed on her knees servicing the man who was now her master. It took her a second to realize that she had been tamed. As she gulped on the cock, Diana wondered what other humiliations Igor had for her. She soon found out.

After she swallowed her master's seed, the might Wonder Woman let them bend her backward over a low padded bar. Her legs were bent back and her ankles locked into the base of the bar. Her arms were pulled out and bound with rope to two metal rings in the floor. A ring gag forced her mouth into a wide oval. She could only lie there as one the dwarves walked up and push his cock into her mouth. She grunted as he began to fuck her face. Another dwarf began to fuck her pussy with long hard strokes. A third dwarf climbed on to belly and wrapped her tits around his cock. He mashed her boobs toward and began to pump his tool through the soft warm flesh.

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" Wonder Woman grunted as the three small men turned her body into her plaything. It was made all more humiliating because it was more than roomful of people watching the fall and disgrace of an Amazon princess. The bound beauty could only lie there and let all four dwarves fucked her three holes, twice. Then Amber and Angel got their turn.

After the bouncers had their turn, she was bent forward over a three-foot high bar. Her legs were spread wide and tied to rings in the floor. Diana's hands were pulled back and tied to bar. The bound Amazon glumly watched as Amber carried out a large glass bowl. Angel walked out and dipped her hand into the bowl. She pulled a ticket and laughed. "NUMBER 39!"

A huge black man jumped up and ran up to the stage. He dropped his pants and wagged his cock at the helpless heroine.

"Pick a hole my friend!" Igor laughed as he watched the man run around to back of the bound beauty.

"I have always been an ass man!" He laughed as he grabbed onto her ass and pushed his cock into butt hole.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Wonder Woman squealed as her ass was once again filled with cock.

"Number 23!" Angel yelled and laughed as a tall blond woman walked up to the stage. She moved in front of the helpless heroine and pulled up her red skirt revealing her lack of panties and gold curls.

"I hear you come from a island filled with woman." The blonde laughed, "I bet you are one hell of a pussy licker….Show me."

Wonder Woman knew she had no choice and stuck out her tongue. She began to lick her the blonde pussy. The bound beauty glumly ran her tongue up and down her slit.

"Oh baby, you can do better than that." She snapped, "I may have to tell Igor to have your little lovers spank your ass until you get it right."

The defeated Amazon pushed her face into the pussy and began slurp on it, lapping her tongue over it. She was not grunting and moaning as the huge cock reamed out her ass, She yelped when she felt a swat on her ass. Wonder Woman whimper as someone was spanking.

The crowd and the millions of paid for view customers watched as the mighty Wonder Woman licked a blonde's pussy and was fucked in the ass by a black man while a dwarf spanked her ass.

Diana licked and slurped on the pussy pushed into her face, grunted and sobbing as the ass was spanked and fucked. She heard the blonde squeal in delight and the man behind her grunt. She had a powerful orgasm as cum filled her ass. The blonde and black man left the stage. Two more numbers were called out and a infamous pimp made her suck his cock while a famous pop singer strapped on a long curved dildo and fucked her ass again.

So it went on and on, Diana slowly fucked and sucked her away the entire audience. Every so often one the dwarves would throw a bucket of cold water on her to wash off the cum and sweat. The cold shower would wake her up and bring her back to the horrors of her defeat. Wonder Woman was positive she had drank gallons of cum. She felt like she was going to throw up. Finally the train of pussy and cocks ended and Diana fainted from exhaustion.

Igor walked up to the unconscious heroine untied her from the bar and let her drop to the floor. He grabbed her by her long thick mane and pulled Wonder Woman to her knees. Diana's head hung down and her arms hung limp at her sides. Her body stained with cum and sweat, her usually wavy hair hung around her face and body in dirty strings. The mighty heroine looked the picture of defeat.


The crowd clapped and cheered as they enjoyed the sight of the ravished and defeated Amazon.


Mr. Clark whistled as he walked up to her office, his head filled images of Wonder Woman being at his beck and call. He didn't have the chance to fuck the Amazon last night but was looking forward to spending a good part of the DAY enjoying her amazing body. He stepped into his office and stopped at the sight of Igor sitting behind his desk with his dream woman straddling his lap. She was kissing his face and neck with obvious affection.

"Oh master, I live to search you." Diana cooed as he stroked his chin and kissed him full on the lips.

Wonder Woman wearing a black short leather dress, fishnet stockings and hip boots. Her long black hair flowed over her body in waves and waves of curls. She was wearing a gold collar around her neck.

It took Carter a second to realize Igor had fashioned her gold tiara into a collar. Her gold lasso had been entwined around the collar and the rest served as a leash, which Igor playfully tugged on it.

"Who is your master?" Igor smiled as his slave kissed her neck and face.

"You are my master." She cooed again, "I only live to serve you. Command me…I will obey."

Ironically Igor had no idea the lasso had put the nail in Wonder Woman's coffin so to speak. By wrapping lasso around her neck, he had placed the magic rope around her thereby making her his willing slave.

It only after he got over the shock of seeing Wonder Woman being totally submissive to his boss he noticed his goons were cleaning out his safe and files. He turned to his boss and casually smiled.

"You are returning to Russia?" Clark asked.

"I have no choice." Igor said, "It now the daytime and the world will wake up and come to its senses. They will realize what I did to Wonder Woman was a crime. It is only a matter of time before the police and most likely one of her super hero friends will come crashing through the doors or walls. No Wonder Woman and I will be safer in Russia. I am will be taking Amber and Angel too. The rest of the girls will be moved to other locations."

"You're closing the club!"

"I thought I made that clear. This place is too dangerous. Don't worry. You will be taking over my New York club. It is bigger and well in New York. Well I have a plane to catch."

"Come my little slave." Igor smiled as he gently pushed her off his lap and stood up.

Clark stood there and watched the woman of his dreams follow his boss out like a lovesick puppy. He stood there for a long, long time and moved to his wet bar. He poured himself a tall glass of whiskey and gulped it down. Clark had polished off the bottle and was working on a second bottle when the door opened. The drunken man looked up and laughed at the sight of the tall muscular man standing over him.

"Nice cape."