By Blacknite13




Diana Prince was walking back to her office after lunch. The tall raven-haired beauty was wearing a red business suit with white blouse. The jacket did little to cover her ample bosom. The skirt fell to her knees but it was obvious she had firm round ass and long muscular legs. The tight bun and glasses did little to hide her astounding beauty. Diana was crossing through the park when tall Africa-American man dressed in a black suit and white shirt stepped in front of her and touched her elbow.

"Agent Ben Arnold, nice to see you." Diana said as she stepped back. "No I just had lunch, I don't drink and I wouldn't be interested in having dinner, going out to a movie or anything else."

"Diana, that's cold. I got the message. You are not interested in me."

"What do you want? It has been over a year since that mess in California."

"Mess?" Arnold said as he fought to keep his eyes on the tall beautiful agent. "I believe we caught the bad guys."

"We caught the hired help. The creep making that new sex drug got away."

"That wasn't my fault."

"I recall you were watching the back door?"

"Could we drop that for now. I need to see Steve not you."

"Sorry, Agent Trevor is out of the country."

"Pity, I needed his help on something."

"A Case?"

"Yes, over the past year almost two dozen women have disappeared."

"I saw nothing in the papers about this."

"The F.B.I. is the only one to put it all together."

"Really? How did you do that?"

"Actually our computer picked up the pattern. Twenty-four cases all with the same M.O. and victims."

"Tell me about the victims."

"Young beautiful women who would be called soccer moms. Stay at home mothers."

"The M.O.?"

"While the husbands and kids are out of town the guy strikes. When the family comes home mommy is gone."

"Serial killer?"

"That's what we thought. There was plenty evidence of forced sexual activity."

"What happen to change your opinion?"

"One the women turned up in a sheik's harem."

"White slaver! Did you get the poor woman out?

"We able to put the pressure on the sheik and he turned her loose."

"So you know its white slavers. What did you find out from the victim?"

"Not much. These guys are using some kind of new drug. She remembers being at home and then suddenly she is on the floor with this guy on top of her."

"One guy?"

"It has a network."

"Is he using Bliss or maybe Meek? Those are the standard drugs of the business."

"Neither. It is something new. The victim doesn't become a sex-crazed bimbo eager to serve her new master. This one is subtler. The first thing it does is takes away the victims strength."

"Leaving her helpless."

"Then as she is molested it arouses her own sex drives. As the rape goes on she submits her attacker. She is tamed."

"I hate that term. Tamed. So demeaning."

"Demeaning or not. Apparently the victim becomes addicted to the drug and sex."

"And submits to her life as a slave to get her get the drug and sex."

"A reluctant yet submissive slave. Some guys would really off on that."

"So what do you need Steve for?"

"We want to use of one of your female agents as a bait."

"What is wrong with your own female agents?"

"We may have a leak. These guys have a pattern. A real pattern. We were able to predict which city sometimes the very neighborhood they would hit."

"Really? Are they stupid or just daring you to catch them?"

"They are not stupid so it would be the later. Three times we had it figured where they would hit down the very street. Three times were able to grab the women right under our noses."

"Three times? You do have a rat. This wouldn't be your way trying to work with me again?"

"Come on, this is all business."

"Sawyer, you are a great agent but nothing can happen between us. I don't have time for romance right now."

"Does Steve know that?"

"We're done. Good luck with the case."

"Okay, okay. How about I hand the case over to you."

"You hand it to me and you will be out the loop. I will be setting up the sting and will only call you after the bad guys are caught."

"Deal, I just want these guys caught."

"Send the files over."


Diana walked around the ranch style house that sat in the middle of an upper middle class neighborhood. It looked the picture of perfection. All the furniture was fashionable but had a little wear and tear from her two kids. The kids' rooms looked like typical for her ten and eleven year old boys. The husband and boys were supposedly still back in Washington D.C. Diana had come ahead to set up the house.

The perfect victim just waiting to be grabbed.

The tall beauty stopped in front of a mirror and studied her refection. She was wearing a denim dress with button up front. Three top buttons so you could see just a hint of the valley between her large round breasts. It was just snug enough to show of her nice ass and short enough to let everyone see her amazing legs. Her longs hair was pinned up into a messy twist and held back by a clip. Diana had left the glasses at home.

"Perfect." Diana said, "Now I just have to wait. According to the computer study I ran this neighborhood should be the next target site. None of the other women are alone this week. I might as well put a bull's-eye on my back."

Diana roamed around the house rethinking her plan. Once the white slavers entered the house she would turn into Wonder Woman and save the day. Once the crooks were caught she would use her lasso to find out where the missing women were. It was perfect…she hoped.

Maybe she should have arranged for some back up or a surveillance team. She hadn't even told Steve where she was. The house had been rent through a dummy corporation that handle all her Wonder Woman's affairs. But it was obvious that there was leak something. It was best she handle it alone. Beside there was no problem Wonder Woman couldn't handle.

The big problem was how did the white slaver drug the victims. There was a number of ways a drug could be administered. She would just have to stay on her guard. She won't touch the food in the cupboards or fridge. She had installed a secret fridge in the basement and only ate food from there.

"Now all I have to do is wait." Diana said as she flopped down onto the sofa and picked up the remote. "I just watch Oprah and then go shopping. Let the villains come me."

For the next two weeks Diana went through the paces of being a soccer mom, shopping, cleaning the house and working in the garden. She thinking of giving it one more day and closing shop. If the villains didn't strike by tomorrow they weren't going to if they kept to their pattern. Diana was wearing a white dress that hugged her firm round ass and left her long legs uncovered. The halter type top crossed her more than ample bosom leaving most the valley between her bare. Her long hair was pulled back into a wavy ponytail. The raven-haired beauty yawned as she went out to mail box. She had arranged for some magazines and other junk mail to come to the house. The shapely housewife picked up her mail and walked back into the house.

"God, Mrs. Connor, you have the best body? I would love to see you in a swimsuit!"

Diana recognized the voice at once and whirled around. She glared at the tall skinny man with fire red hair that hung around his ugly face like long red strings. Roger Watkins was wearing one of his comic book tee shirts and jeans that hung on his thin body. A nasty smiled was spread across the eighteen-year-old face. The raven-haired beauty had found out that Roger was the local dweeb and pervert. Some the ladies in the neighborhood suspected them of peeking into their windows at night. The nasty teenager was always making remarks about bodies of all the women in the neighborhood.

"Roger, you better learn some manners!" Diana snapped. "Or I will be speaking to your parents."

"Go ahead!" Roger laughed, "My old thinks you are totally hot! He is thinking and asking you out. Now that mom has moved out."

"I am married!" Diana snarled not surprised to here the woman had left the two disgusting men. She whirled around and walked back to the house ignoring the wolf whistle.

Diana sorted through the mail, tossing the junk and keeping the magazines to read. She stared at the pink letter with the flowery writing. It came from a spa she knew and smiled as she ripped it open. Inside was a small vial of pink liquid with word "EMBRACE," printed on it. She opened the free sample of perfume and sniffed it. It smelled wonderful and without thinking she dabbed it behind her ears. In mere seconds her head began to spin and all the strength left her body. The young beauty realized too late what had happen.

The perfume was the sex drug and she had walked right into the trap.

Diana staggered across the room, dropping to her knees and falling face down on the plush rug. It took all her strength to roll onto her back. Then it was like she was paralyzed. The raven-haired beauty could only there lie there in the middle of her den. She heard someone come into the house and into the den. The intruder closed the drapes cloaking the room in darkness. Diana looked up as the man walked over and stood over her. The helpless heroine gasped at the sight of her captor.

"Hello Diana." Ben smiled as he pulled off his jacket and tie. He kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt. He knelt down, spread her legs and leaned over his helpless captive. "I have been planning this for a year. The guy behind that new sex drug didn't escape I let him go."

"Ah!' Diana whimpered unable to scream or yell for help. Her limbs felt like dead weight.

"I just had to have to you." Arnold smiled as he traced her face with his finger. "But since then we have made a fortune selling sex mom like you but I knew it was a matter of time before we got caught. So I arranged for my partner to have an accident and I got all the profits. I used them to buy a nice little island. Where you and I will live happily ever after…now how will we kill the time until the sun sets."

"Na!" The helpless beauty sobbed as he undid her top and pulled it down around her waist. Diana whimpered as he unsnapped her bra and took it off freeing her two huge fat tits. She could do nothing as his hands grabbed her boobs and began to tweak her nipples. Her blur eyes widen as his lips came down to her lips and his tongue pushed into her mouth. "Mmmmmph!"

"MMMMMMM!" Ben moaned as he kissed his captive full tongue as his hands fondled the big tits. He began mash the boobs around as he kissed her face and neck. The big man worked down to her neck and began to suck on her neck. "Once I get you warmed up your sweet ass will be all mine."

"Nooooo." Diana sobbed as her tits began to throb and swell. Her frozen body began to tingle with sexual pleasure. In mere seconds her heated up and her pussy began to get hot wet. The helpless beauty gasped when she felt her panties start to get wet. Diana felt some strength return to her body but she was still weak as a baby. She began to squirm around under as he attacker kept molesting her body. "Ohhhpleasenoooo!"

"You may and just lie back and relax, baby." Ben whispered in her ear as he licked and nibbled her lobe. He darted his tongue into her ear as he pinched and tweaked her tits. The big black man planted sloppy wet kisses on her face, kissing her full tongue a few times before dragging his tongue down her face, neck and to her tits.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" The raven-haired heroine gasped as the hot wet tongue ran down her body and began to lick her all ready aching tits. The helpless beauty moaned as the hands and mouth worked her boobs into swollen balls of hard flesh. Her whole began to burn especially between her legs. Her panties were soaked with juice that was splashing on to her thigh. "Pleasestopppppp!"

"Not a chance bitch." Arnold grunted as her fondled the boobs, kissing, licking and biting the sweet mounds. He dropped one hand down and pulled her dress up over her hips. Ben stopped molesting her body long enough to rip off her wet panties. He sniffed them and rubbed them around his beautiful captive's face. The big man went back to sucking and fondling her boobs.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!" Diana gasped as her whole body burned with a sexual heat like she could never have imagined. Her tits were throbbing hard balls of flesh while her pussy was a gushing hot of hot sex. She really needed to be fucked. Diana knew it was the drug but didn't care. "OH GODDESSSSSS!"

"I'll give you what you need, slut!" Ben laughed as he yanked off his shirt and dropped his pants. He grabbed onto her thighs and thrust his cock into the hot wet hole.

"AUGHHHHHH!" The helpless heroine squealed as the cock pushed deep into her pussy. She instinctively brought up her legs and dug her fingers into the thick carpet. Diana gasped and screamed as the huge pole began to fuck her with long hard strokes. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGHH!"

"Oh God I have imagined this for years!' Arnold laughed as he fucked his drugged captive with all his pent up lust. He moved his hands up to her soft mounds of flesh and crushed them between his fingers. He caught a nipple between his teeth and chewed. The big man kept bucking his cock into her young body so hard each thrust lifted her firm ass off the floor.

"UGH! UGH OHGODDESS STOPPPPPPPP!" Diana gasped as the long pole slammed in and out of her body driving closer and closer to a climax. The hands and mouth only added to the fire burning inside of her. The drugged beauty began to bang her fists on the floor as her body exploded with an orgasm. "AIIIIIIIIII!"

Arnold laughed around his mouthful of tits when he felt her come. He squeezed and twisted the tits as she ran his tongue back up to her neck. Ben clamped his mouth around the soft flesh and began to gnaw on it.

"UGH! UGH! OH GODDESS SAVEEEEEEEE!" The ravished beauty wailed as she came again. She couldn't stop from bringing up her legs and wrapping them around his hips. Diana sobbed and panted as she began to move with the cock fucking her. The hands mauling her tits had turned them into aching mounds of flesh. The hot wet mouth sucking on her neck was driving insane. Diana could fight the drug and the powerful fucking she was getting. She came again. "AUGHHHHHH!"

"We going now slut!" Dan grunted as he fucked her like there was no tomorrow. He grabbed onto her sweet ass and lifted it so he could fuck her at a better angle. He found her lips and clamped his mouth over hers as thrust down into her pussy.

"MMMMPHHHH!" Diana screamed around the tongue in her mouth as she came again. The lust filled beauty pushed against the cock slamming into her body and brought up her hands. She began to claw at his back as she came again. "AUGHHHH!"

"I'M COMING!" Arnold roared as he came inside the ravished beauty, mashing her tits as he did.

"AHNOOOOOOOOOO!" The helpless heroine wailed as the hot seed filled her young body and forced her come again. She bucked and clawed at her captor as the orgasms exploded through her whole body. "UGHHHHHH!"

"I always knew you were a whore." Ben laughed as he pumped his cock dry. He pulled out the ravished beauty, flipped her over and ripped off her dress. The big black man smirked as he used his handcuff to lock her hand behind her back. "I think its time to give something you been needing."

"I will make you pay for this." Diana sobbed trying to fight to the drug and lust that controlling her body. She whimpered as the big man grabbed her by her long ponytail and pulled her up. "UHAND ME AND I WILL LET YOU LIVE!"

"Come here bitch!" Ben snarled as he sat down on her sofa and forced the bound beauty across his lap. He rubbed her firm round ass and then gave it a swat. "You need to learn your place!"

"OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!" Diana wailed as she was spanked. She was too weak to fight and the handcuffs only made her more helpless. Hot tears quickly filled her eyes as her ass began to burn and stink. She could believe her pussy was still aching to fuck. Diana squealed with each swat of the hand. "OH GODDESS YOU WILL PAY!"

"Not to day you slut!" Arnold laughed as he kept spanking the bound beauty. He would stop to rubbed her butt and then swat it again. He gave it a few more swats and the pulled her up. Ben forced her to kiss him full tongue.

"MPHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she sucked on the tongue in her mouth. She screamed as she was pushed back down and the spanking started again. "OW! OW! OW! OW!"

"We got to get this ass hot and ready for my cock!" Ben snapped as he kept spanking the bound beauty.

"Oh goddess." Diana sobbed as the hand finally stopped hitting her butt. She whimpered as her captor pushed her panties into her mouth and her bra to hold them in. The bound beauty feebly struggled as he pushed over his lap and made her kneel on the sofa with her huge tits hanging over the back. The raven-haired heroine whimpered as Arnold moved behind her and ordered to spread her legs with a swat on her burning ass. The ravished beauty grunted as he pushed his cock in and out her pussy a few times. Then pushed it into her cherry ass. "AIIIIIIIIIIII!"

"Come Diana, you know want it!" Ben grunted as he pushed his cock inch by inch into her butt hole. He held onto her hips as he forced the cock deeper and deeper. Arnold could tell her ass had never been fucked before and smiled at the thought of being the first to butt fuck the great Diana Prince. "Just think bitch I am going to be doing this anytime I want."

"AUGHHHHH!" Diana sobbed as her tight ass was violated by a man she hated yet the drug was already making her enjoy the feel of his cock inside her body. She gasped in delight as he began to fuck her with the same lust he just raped with. "UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGHHHH!"

"I always knew you had a tight ass!" Ben panted as he reamed out the perfect ass. He kept slamming his cock into her butt as he reached around grabbed her tits. Arnold crushed them between his hands while licking and biting her neck. The huge laughed as he kept butt fucking the bitch. "OH LORDY YOUR ASS MEANT TO BE FUCKED!"

"MPHHHHHHH!" Diana wailed as the brutal ass fucking went on and out making her come. She arched up and squealed as the orgasm shook her whole body. The bound beauty bounced around on the sofa as a man fucked her into submission. Her only hope was to transform into Wonder Woman and hope her belt would undo the damage to her body. Another orgasm hit her body making her arch up. "AHGAWDDDDDD!"

"Oh yeah, you are going to be a great sex slave!" Ben laughed, as he drove is cock deep into her ass and shot his wad. He sighed in sheer bliss as he unloaded his cock. He felt her body come and laughed. "Come on whore!"

"MPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was pulled by her long ponytail into the bedroom.

Hours later, Diana lay on a bed that was wet with the sweat of two bodies and cum. She was still handcuffed and gagged. The ravished beauty rolled over and tried to untangle herself from the twisted sheets. She listened to Ben singing in the shower and her first reaction was to join him so she could get fucked again. The raven-haired woman fought the urge and rolled off the edge of the bed. She kept rolling until she was free on the sheet. Diana staggered to her feet fighting all the urges to got fuck her master and began to spin. There was clash of thunder and lighting and seconds later Wonder Woman stood there. Now clad in her famous costume that hugged her hourglass figure. Her huge breasts threaten to spill out the low cut top. A gold belt wrapped around her slender waist held her golden lasso. The mighty heroine stood there for a long while feeling the power of her belt heal her body of the nasty drug. She could hear Ben muttering and swearing as he climbed out the shower. Wonder Woman easily broke the handcuffs binding her wrists and tore off the gag.

Dan had heard the loud crash and wondered what the hell was going on. Still naked and wet he ran into the bed and glanced at the empty bed. The huge man turned and stopped at the sight of Wonder Woman. A second later he was flying across the room slamming into the wall. He crashed to the floor and barely had time to catch a breath before he was pulled up.

Wonder Woman hit the man twice in the stomach, once in the jaw and tossed him across the room again. She watched him crumpled to the floor and knew he was done. She really wanted to pound him some more but the battle was over. The tall shapely heroine walked over taking off her lasso and wrapped it around the fallen man. "Do you know where all the women you sold are?"

"Yes." Ben said in a monotone voice. "I have all the locations on my Blackberry."

"Don't move." Wonder Woman snapped as she went to his jacket and found his small device. She pushed the keys and smiled. "Excellent. Now lets call your buddies at the FBI so you can confess."

A short time later, Wonder Woman watched two FBI agents take away Ben who was happily confessing to all his crimes. He was also telling them that he had come here to kidnap Diana Connors but found Wonder Woman waiting for him. The raven-haired beauty smiled and walked back into the house. She locked the door and looked around. "It will take a couple of days to close this place up but first a long hot shower to wash that scum off my body."

Wonder Woman stood under the hot spray letting it relax her body and mind. After a long while she began to wash her hair and body. The tall beauty only stepped out the shower after the water became cold. She toweled off and brushed out her hair. Wonder Woman went back to the bedroom and quickly dressed. She wrapped her gold belt around her waist and stopped. "My lasso!"

Just as she said these words the gold rope dropped overhead and pulled tight. The raven-haired beauty gasped when she felt the magic hit her body.

"Don't move."

"Oh Goddess no!" Wonder Woman gasped when she lost the will to move. She could move a finger and sobbed as Roger stepped in front of her laughing as he pulled on the lasso.

"Hello Mrs. Connor, no not that, its Wonder Woman, no its not that…its now Wonder Whore. I know it is trite but it so fits." Roger giggled as he used the rope to pull her closer to him. "From now on you are my personal sex slave. From this moment on you will obey my every command and service my every need…oh! Oh! You won't like it but you will still obey me with a big smile on your face. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes master, I will obey you and serve you in every way." Wonder Woman said as she screamed and sobbed inside her head. "I am here to serve you."

"Good, now you got money?"

"Yes, master."

"Enough money to support us for life?"

"More than enough master." Diana said hating the idea of being this creep's slave.

"You own this house?" "Roger said as he looked around the bedroom. "This would be such a cool clubhouse for the Comic Conans. That's my comic book club."

"Yes, master I own it."

"Great, oh yeah, who knows you are here?"

"No one. I am undercover. My boss is out of town."

"You can quit your job and tell your super buddies that you are going home to Paradise Island…that's right I know all about you."

"GODDESS SAVE ME!" Diana screamed in her head.

"But that is for tomorrow right now strip and show me those huge boobs and that Wonder Pussy." Roger giggled as he pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants.

"Yes master." Wonder Woman whimpered with a big smile as she took off her belt, tugged off her tight costume and pulled off her boots. Then she took off her bracers. The helpless heroine reached up and pulled off her gold tiara letting her long black curls fall around her face. "How else may I serve you master?"

"Kneel, crawl over and show some Amazon loving to my cock." Roger said as he slumped onto the bed. He wagged his cock at his new slave, laughing as she dropped to her knees and began crawl toward him."

Wonder Woman fumed as she obediently crawled on her hands and knees to her new master, screaming inside her head as she did. The helpless heroine knelt up and smiled up at him as she wrapped her fist around his cock. She began to run the pole while rolling his balls in her other hand. The tamed Amazon gave him another smile and then began to lick the cock all over.

"Yeah, that's this ticket, Wonder Whore." Roger sighed as the hot tongue lapped up and down his cock while the rubbed it. "I forgot to tell you I saw everything that moron did to you. I was going to call the cops when he was done but then you turned into Wonder Woman and I remembered the whole magic lasso thing. And well here we are. Me the master and you my sex slave."

The once mighty Amazon glumly but meekly ran her tongue up and down the cock knowing she was doomed to serve this little creep. Not even Superman could break the magic of her lasso. The raven-haired heroine licked down to his balls and began rolled her tongue over them. The whole time she kept yanking on the stiffening pole which to Diana's surprise and horror was bigger than Ben's.

"Oh man, you have done this before." Roger moaned as his balls were given a long tongue bath and the sucked on.

Wonder Woman had both balls in her mouth and sucking on them while lapping her tongue around them. The helpless heroine did this for a good five minutes and then worked back up to the cockhead. She sadly wagged her tongue over the tip and then began to swallow using her hand to feed herself the cock.

"OHYEAHHHHHH!" The redheaded creep gasped as the hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock. Through half open eyes he watched his beautiful slave gobble down his cock inch by inch. Roger smiled thinking he was small in statue but for some reason he was hung like a horse. The teenage gasped as Wonder Woman's head began to bob up and down in his lap.

"MPH! MPH! MPH!" Wonder Woman grunted as she used her hand to pump the cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked and licked the pole with the small growing lust. It was then Diana realized the damn drug was still in her system. All her belt had down was suppress it. It was now rearing its ugly head. Her pussy was getting hot and wet as it throbbed, needing to be fucked. Wonder Woman realized the combination of her magic lasso and the drug she would not only obey her new creepy master but enjoy being fucked by him. She would hate being his slave but need to be fucked. Huge tears began to flow down her face at the harsh fate that lay before her. The once proud Amazon kept right on sucking with loud sobs and slurps. "MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"YOU GO WHORE!" The eighteen-old-year punk gasped as the kneeling beauty rubbed and sucked on the cock with increasing lust. His cock had swollen and was aching to go but wanted to hold in his wad to make this longer. "OH! OH!"

Wonder Woman couldn't stop from pumping the cock deep into her mouth while rolling her tongue around it. The raven-haired beauty's head bob up and down with increasing speed. She heard her new master moan and gasping and knew he was about to come.

"OH GOD COMINGGGG!" Roger gasped as he shot emptied his cock into her mouth. He listened to his new slave gulped down the sweet stuff.

"MMMPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman sobbed as her mouth filled with his cum. The beautiful Amazon gobbled down the sweet like it was the sweetest candy. She sucked the cock dry and then licked it clean. Then the new slave knelt back and asked. "How may I serve you master?"


Roger was sitting on a big over stuffed chair squeezing and sucking the tits of his personal slave. He now had six slaves who serviced him and his friends but only he fucked Wonder Woman. The sexy Spanish teacher from high school, Miss Sanchez was on her knees in front of the chair sucking and licking his balls while the sexy Amazon rode his cock. He looked over at Wendy Wiggins the head cheerleader from high school on her hands on knees. The blonde coed was sucking on his best friend while Fat Wally fucked her ass. Two other girls from high school, Kellie Lang, home coming queen and Kim Nelson the sexy brunette he had a crush on were upstairs fucking and sucking so more members of his comic book club. Frankie was somewhere in the house fucking the hot redhead lawyer from up the street. The last slave was Sally Lockhart a nosey blonde who called herself a detective. She just showed up at the door demanding to know what was going on. She was now in the back bedroom taking care of Greg the geek who was a fan of the bitch.

Wonder Woman bounced up down on her master's lap enjoying the feel of his cock but screaming in her head. The beautiful heroine was wearing bright orange lace up corset that held up her huge round tits. The spike-heeled hip boots matched her top. Her hair was streaked with orange to match her outfit. She streaked her hair every day to match his clothes. The mighty Amazon knew she was in big trouble. Roger had used the lasso on the first cops to show up and the gone from house to house. Now no care about what was happening at the Connor house. She had resigned from her job and called the JLA to tell them she had to return to Paradise Island for quite while. So it appeared Wonder Woman would be fucking and sucking Roger for a very, very long time.