By Blacknite13

Hi guys, I hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving story. Keep your eyes open for my Santa story with several heroines for him to play with. Blacknite13@live.com




Diana Prince brushed out her long thick hair and then carefully pinned it up into a tight bun. She slipped on her glasses and studied the reflection. Her uniform snuggly fit her full rich body. Her well-endowed chest pressed against her blouse and jacket. The skirt fell to her knees but didn't hide her well tones leg. The beautiful Amazon bit her lip, closed her eyes for a second and then walked out to join the party.


It was Thanksgiving and Diana was looking forward to a quiet day alone. Steve was away on another mission.

Thankfully. He still did get. She had moved on.

The members of the Justice League were spending the holidays with their family and friends.

Even Bruce Wayne was busy. The Joker.

Pity, she would have enjoyed spending the day with him. He did promise to call if he got back in town.

The tall Amazon pulled back her hair and used a ribbon to tie it into a wavy ponytail. The red shorts and white tank top hugged her amazing body. Diana wandered out into her living room and was debating between TV, a book or maybe a walk. The doorbell ringing made her frown. She walked to the door wondering who was at the door. Diana peeked through the eyehole and sighed.

Elmer Rogers, the owner of her building and several others in the city. It was hard to believe the short skinny man with the wire rimmed glasses and crew cut was one of the richest men in the city. Elmer lived on the top three floors of her building. The only way to get to the penthouse was to take the private elevator. The short millionaire had hit on her since the day she moved in.

Diana had a pretty good idea why Elmer was here. She took another breath and pulled open the door. The raven-haired beauty plastered a smile on her face.

"Elmer, this is a surprise." Diana said.

Elmer was always stunned how beautiful Diane was and her body. Talk about a walking fantasy. He had to stop himself from licking his lips. The small man had to stay focused if he was going to pull this off.

"Diana." Elmer said, "I am so happy to find you at home. I wanted to invite you to Thanksgiving. Just me and two of my friends."

"Thank you, Elmer but I have plans."

"I hope you would reconsider….Wonder Woman."

"What!" Diana gasped, "Elmer have you been drinking?"

"No, not yet." Elmer said as he held up some pictures. "There is a nice shot of you changing into Wonder Woman. And another one. Oh, here is one Superman AKA Clark Kent. And this…"

"You have camera's in my condo! How dare you!"

The enraged Amazon stepped forward raising her fists.

Elmer jumped back and held out a small remote.

"One more step and these pictures and more will be sent to every major new agency and some not so major. Green Lantern, Flash…everyone."

"H-how?" Diana gasped. "Why?"

"The how is. I have had you followed for the last year. I would think the why was obvious."

"Elmer, you can't believe for a second that I would agree to sleep with you because of some pictures."

"I expect you to do more than that. You agree to come up and party with me and my friends. Or this time tomorrow the world will know you and your heroic friends secret identities.

The Amazon clenched her fists but could only glare at the little creep.

"No? I guess I figured wrong. Your pride and virtue are more important than your friend's safety. I mean you can go back to Paradise Island live happily ever after being Queen and all. Superman will be all right. Batman has the bucks to create new life but…"

"You little slime. I should…"

"Don't even think about it." Elmer said as he held up the remote. "Here's the deal. You come up dressed in that sexy uniform, the Navy one and come upstairs. Then spend the day, fucking and sucking us as Diana Prince. At midnight I take you to the computer. You smash the computer and then use your magic rope to erase my memories of the identities. Not out time together. I'll even move you to any building you want. Free. I just want the memory of one day with you."

"How do I know you will keep your word?" Diana asked.

"Diana, I can use these pictures to blackmail you for one day maybe two but eventually you or one of your super friends will come calling."

"It seems I have no choice."

"Now you may say yes now, thinking I will drop the remote and slam bam, I out cold. You grab your rope and that is all they wrote. "

"Very well, you win. I will come upstairs and, and…party with you and your friends."

"Swear you will leave your Wonder Woman costume and rope in your condo and that you will be submit to all our sexual demands. Swear if as Queen of the Amazons."

Diana saw that Elmer had done his homework but worst had planned it out. He was smart enough to know that he couldn't blackmail her for long. She had no choice but to humiliate herself but after midnight. Wonder Woman would have her revenge. That would be a vow she would keep.

"I, Diana Queen of the Amazons and ruler of Paradise Island vow to service you and your friend's sexual demands. I also swear I will leave my Wonder Woman costume and lasso in my condo. If I break this vow may the Gods curse me. IF you don't keep your part of the deal. You will regret the day you were born. Trust me, you don't want to see a really pissed off Amazon."

"Excellent." Elmer smiled as he picked up a Victoria's Secret bag, "Shower and put on these under the uniform. Wear your hair up and the glasses. We will expect you in an hour."

"An hour." Diana said as she caught the bag.

The mighty heroine watched Elmer walk up and then slammed the door. She stumbled into her bathroom and stared into the mirror. The beautiful woman weighted her options and saw no way around it. She reluctantly stripped and climbed into the shower. The raven-haired beauty washed and shampooed. Diana dried herself off and put on some make up. She went back to her bedroom and dup the contents of the bag onto the bed. Wonder Woman stared at the sexy under garments. She picked up the black silk panties that had a rose embroidered on the crotch and slid them up her long shapely leg. The black bra with red ribbon trim came on next. It wasn't until she got it on that she realized that it was a half bra. It held up her huge breasts but left her nipples uncovered. The matching garter belt was soon around her slim waist. The black stockings with the rose patterned were snapped on.

Diana turned and looked at the woman in the mirror. The sexy lingerie made her look cheap and slutty. The Amazon went to the closet and got her dress uniform. She dressed and pinned up her hair.

Diana walked out her apartment and stopped. She stared at Elmer and waited.

"I didn't want you to lose your way." Elmer said as he walked up, put his arm around her slender waist and clamped his hand on her perfect ass.

"ELMER!" Diana snapped and tried to pull away.

"WHAT?" He growled, "You breaking your word?"

"No." Diane whimpered and let him pull her right against him and continued to grope her ass.

The might Amazon had no choice but allow Elmer led her down to his private elevator. She watched him punch in the code. The Amazon sighed as the doors open. Diana hesitated for a moment when she saw the coil of rope on the floor.

"IN!" Elmer snapped as he pushed her into the small elevator. He hit the button, let the door closed and waited two floors until he pulled the red stop button and smiled.

"Elmer, I thought we were going up to your place." Diana said.

"My buddies can wait. I wanted to spend some alone time with you. Turn around."

"El…" She started to say but stopped. Then turned around. The powerful heroine let him pull her arms back.

Elmer wrapped the rope around her wrists and elbows, binding them together.

"You don't have to tie me. I gave my word. I…"

"Shut up! I am into bondage. Now behave, slut!"

"I am not a slut!"

"You are today!" Elmer growled and swatted her ass.

Diane bit her lip and let her captor wrap rope around her waist and above her breasts. She grunted, as the rope was pulled tight. The bound beauty let him spin around and push her against the wall.

"I have dreamed about this forever." Elmer panted as her grabbed her boobs. He mashed them around and leaned into for kiss.

Diana turned away to avoid the kiss but a swat on the ass made her turn back. She gasped as his mouth clamped out hers and his tongue pushed in.

"MMPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she was forced to give Elmer a long wet kiss. She tried to ignore the hands roughly fondling her breasts.

Elmer kissed her long and hard as he mauled her tits. He released her lips and began to kiss her face and neck while he slowly unbuttoned her jacket and blouse. The small man kissed down.

"Mmmm" Diana moaned as the hot wet mouth worked down to her tits. She whimpered when her jacket and blouse were pulled down around her waist.

Elmer stopped kissing so he could look over the two huge twin mounds of soft flesh. He cupped the magnificent tits and squeezed. Elmer pushed his face into the valley between her boobs.

"Ohhhhh!" Wonder Woman gasped, "As the tongue lapped over her breasts while the fingers rubbed them. Her boobs began to tingle and throb. She sucked as his mouth sucked in one of her nipples.

Elmer rubbed his face around the huge tits. He sucked and licked the big tits. The small man kept slobbering and fondling the boobs while he reached down and grabbed her crotch.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Diana gasped the surprisingly strong fingers began to caress her crotch. She closed her eyes and panted as the hand slowly rubbed her pussy. The heroine was shocked and humiliated when she felt herself becoming hot and wet. She tugged the ropes but Elmer knew how to tie a woman up.

Elmer gnawed a nipple while mashing the other tit. He pushed aside the panties and slipped his finger into the already wet hole. He chuckled at the sound of her squeal and began to twirl his fingers around.

"AH! AH! AH!" Diana panted as the hands and mouth continued to torment her body. The mighty Amazon leaned back against the wall, closed her eyes and sighed in unwanted pleasure. Her body was so hot and her pussy was so, so wet. Suddenly the attacks stopped and she was shoved down to her knees.

"Okay, time for you to step up, bitch." Elmer said as he unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock.

"Good God!" Diana gasped when she saw the ten inches of cock wagging in front of her face.

"That's right God was good. He didn't make me tall but he did give me this bitch tamer! Now you know the drill."

"You, you, want me to give you a blowjob."

"That's right. You telling me you have never been on your knees before."

"OF COURSE NOT! I am an Amazon Queen! We don't kneel before men."

"You're gonna do more than kneel today, slut. Now open those ruby red lips and wrap them around my cock."

Diana closed her eyes and took a moment then opened her mouth. She pushed her lips around the big shaft and began to swallow. The kneeling beauty pushed the cock deep into her throat and began to suck.

"Surprise, surprise!" Elmer sighed, "The Amazon is a natural cock sucker. Who knew."

The once proud heroine's face burned with shame as she began to pump the cock in and out. She licked her tongue around the pole, hating herself for enjoying the taste. Diana found herself sucking the cock increasing pleasure. The Amazon tried calm her hot body but it seemed to have a mind of it own.

Elmer put his hands on the walls to steady himself. He gasped and panted as the hot wet mouth worked on his cock in the most astonishing way. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. His cock felt like it was about to explode. Elmer forced himself to hold back his wad.

Diana pumped the cock in and out with lustful zeal. Her slurping and pants filled the elevator. She felt the cock swell and force her lips wider apart. The bound heroine tugged at the cords binding her hand, wishing her they were free so she could fondle the cock.

"OH YESSSSSSSS!" Elmer yelled as he shot his wad into her mouth.

"MPHHHHH!" Diana moaned as her mouth filled with cum. She drank it down before she realized it. The horny heroine sucked the cock dry and then fell back, panting and sobbing, trying to ignore her throbbing pussy.

Elmer wiped off his brow and pulled the humiliated heroine up. He pushed her against the wall and tugged her skirt up over her hips. The lust filled man peeled down her panties and lifted up one leg. He grabbed onto her ass and shoved his cock into the wet pussy.

"OHHHH NOOOOOOOO!" Diana screamed as the huge cock pushed deep into her wet twat. She felt her pussy wrap around the cock in the most wonderful way. The bound heroine sighed in delight and gasped from the small orgasm hitting her.

Elmer began to fuck her with all her had while squeezing her tits. He buried his mouth in her throat and began to gnaw. The lust filled man thrust up into the tight pussy. It held onto his cock like soft vice. He sucked and licked her soft flesh.

"UGH! UGH! UG!" Diana gasped as she was slammed against the wall over and over. Her body was hotter than she could ever have imagined. She could feel the sweat beginning to run down her body. Her pussy was gushing like a broken dam.

"MPHHHH!" Elmer sighed as she continued to fuck her like an animal in heat. He rolled the boob around in his hand, feeling it harden and swell. The rapist pushed her leg up against her, giving him a better angle for him to fuck.

"OHHH! OHHHH"" The bound beauty panted as she felt a climax building inside of her. She shook her head and screamed in horror and delight as the orgasm erupted. Her whole body shook like a volcano.

"UGHHHHHHHH!" Elmer cried as he buried his cock in her pussy and filled it with his hot seed. He pumped his cock in and out a few times and then let her slump to the floor.

The ravished heroine sat on the cool tile floor, sobbing and panting. She looked up at her rapist and wept. She just sat there as Elmer untied her.

"Get up and fix your clothes." Elmer snapped, "My buddies are waiting. Move bitch!"

Diana struggled to her feet and pulled up panties. She smoothed down her skirt and pulled her jacket and blouse back on. She buttoned up her blouse and adjusted her jacket.

"Good whore." Elmer smiled as he restarted the elevator.

"Must you call me names?" Diana sighed.

"Yes, because this time tomorrow. I will have to start calling you Diana or Miss Chambers."

Diana just nodded and bit her lip as she watched the floor numbers change. She almost jumped when the bell rang and the elevator doors opened. The Amazon let Elmer push her out the elevator. She walked into a foyer with redwood walls and floors. There were three nice paintings of New York City.

Elmer pulled his captive down the hall and into his den. It was a large round room with an amazing view of the city. All the furniture was dark wood and burgundy leather.

Ralph and Sam stood by the large window, enjoying the view and a glass of wine. Ralph was a fat slob of a man, wearing a baggy black sweat suit and sneakers. Sam was tall skinny man with a baldhead. He was wearing a jeans, tee shirt and old leather jacket.

"Well, look who we have here." Ralph smiled, "Little Miss Navy bitch from downstairs. Too good to give me the time of day."

"She'll be giving you a lot more than the time of day." Elmer laughed.

"You don't mean?" Sam asked with an eager look.

"Oh yes, go on whore. Say hello to my buddies." Elmer growled and swatted her ass."

Diana swallowed the last of her pride and walked over to the two men. She moved close to Roger, forced herself to smile and then gave him a long full tongue kiss. The heroine finished the kiss and then gave one to Sam.

Roger moved behind Diana and grabbed her ass. He ran his hands over it and then pressed his body against hers.

Diana wanted to pull away but Sam grabbed the lapel of her jacket. He pulled his lips to his and pushed his tongue in. She moaned four hands began to fondle her body. Ralph mouth began to suck and bite her neck. Diana sobbed as two hands grabbed onto her tits and began to mash them around. Two more hands grabbed onto her ass and fondled it.

Elmer watched as Diana was sandwiched between his two friends. The three bodies grinded against each other. Their panting filled the room.

"Come on guys, get a room." Elmer laughed, "Hey slut, invite then into the bedroom. DO IT!"

Diana pulled back and panted, "Let's go into the bedroom. Come on."

"Yeah, yeah!' Ralph gasped.

Diana let the two men pull her down a hall and into a bedroom. There was a large bed sitting by itself in the windowless room. Ralph and Sam began to undress while watching Diana meekly stand by the open door.

"Close the door, whore." Sam ordered, then strip…slow."

"Yeah, real slow." Ralph laughed.

Diana just nodded and pushed the door close. She stepped close to the bed and slowly slipped the jacket off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then one by one she undid the buttons on her blouse.

Sam and Ralph stopped pulling off their shirts as the she uncovered the sexy bra holding her big round tits. They licked their lips as the blouse joined her jacket on the floor. The two men leaned forward and watched her unzip her skirt and slid it down her long shapely leg.

Diana stepped out her skirt and let it drop. He unsnapped her bra and slipped it over her shoulders. The beautiful Amazon held it out and let it drop. Taking a deep breath, she peeled off the panties and just tossed them down.

"Leave the garter belt and stockings on!' Sam ordered. "Get rid of the glasses and let you hair down, baby."

Diana took off her glasses, looked around and then tossed them onto her pile of clothes. She reached up and pinned her hair and shook it out.

The two men watched her incredibly thick and wavy hair tumble out to her ass. They yanked off their pants, panting and grunting as they did.

"Yeah, and get those big fat tits over here." Sam gasped. "MOVE!"

Diana stumbled over to the bed and waited as the two men took off their boxers. She gasped as they pulled her onto the bed. The beautiful heroine let them push her back on their soft bed. She sobbed as each man took a tit.

Ralph and Sam sucked and chewed on her boob while squeezing them. Both man slurped and grunted like dogs in heat while mauling her tits. They rubbed their cocks against her thighs.

Diana just lay there trying to ignore the men molesting her body and control the lust building inside. She balled her hands into fists and closed her eyes. The once might heroine began to squirm around as the mouths and hands continued to molest her.

Sam stopped his attacks and moved up by her head. He turned her face toward his cock and smiled. He began rub the cock around her face, loving the way she wiggled her nose.

Ralph rolled on top of the soft body and used is knee to spread her legs. He pushed his cock into her already wet pussy.

"Ahhhhhh!" Diana gasped as the cock pushed into her.

Sam took advantage of her gaping mouth and pushed his cock in. He grabbed a fistful of her thick black mane and began to pump his cock in and out.

Ralph grabbed onto the two boobs and squeezed them together as he began to fuck the Amazon with unbridled passion.

"MPH! MHP! MHP!' Diana sobbed as she was forced to suck on the cock while a second cock pound into her body like a jackhammer. Her tits were in agony from the brutal fondling.

Ralph had always suspected this bitch had a tight pussy but nothing like this. The twat was wrapped around his cock like a tight sweater. He mashed her tits around and then clamped his mouth on one of her nipple.

"MPHHHH!" Diana sobbed as she sucked on the cock. She could feel her tits swelling and throbbing into hard balls. While her pussy was burning pool of sex which spreading through her body. Suddenly she gasped as small orgasm hit her.

"I told you this bitch was a slut!' Ralph laughed, "She getting into it. Ain't you, you fucking whore!"

"Don't worry slut." Sam sneered, "We'll be giving you all the cock you want!"

The heroine glumly sucked on the cock while the huge pole kept slamming into her body making her gasp and moan. Her body was inferno of sexual heat. The once proud Amazon could believe mere men could be doing this her.

Ralph gnawed on the boob while loving the taste of her sweet flesh. He grinded his cock all the way in and pulled it back. He held just his tip in and then slammed it back in.

"UGHHHHH!" Diana squealed as the cock plowing into her pussy made her come. She lost control and began to suck on the cock with loud slurps.

"YES! YES!" Sam laughed as he sprayed his cum into her mouth.

Lost in her own lust Diana drank the cum down. She screamed around the cock as her other rapist filled her pussy with cum. The horny heroine sucked and bucked until the two cocks left her body. She slumped back and sighed but the ravished beauty didn't get a chance to rest. Ralph pulled her mouth around his cock and laughed as she began to suck. Diana sighed in delight as Sam's cock pushed into her all ready hot pussy.

"YESSSSSS!" Sam laughed as he began to fuck her with wild abandon.

"Suck it, baby." Ralph sneered, "Suck it!"

Diana sucked the cock and grinded against the cock, increasing her pleasure. She loved it when strong fingers began to fondle her tits. The ravished Amazon serviced the two men until both men came together.

"Okay, " Elmer sneered, "You can take two cocks. How about three?"

"Wait, just let…mmphhh!" Sam's cock pushing into her mouth cut Diana's pleas. She whimpered as Ralph lifted her leg and slid under her body. She grunted as he thrust his cock into her pussy.

Elmer moved behind her and patted her ass.

"We both know this ass is cherry." Elmer laughed as he pushed his cock into her tight ass.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana screamed as cock pushed into her butt. It was nothing like anything she could have imagined. She began to weep huge tears as the cock began to fuck her ass. The other cocks continued to fuck her other two holes. The Amazon arched up and screamed as an orgasm crashed into her body.

After that it all became a blur for Diana. She was forced to service the three men for what seemed years but it was only three hours.

"Get up slut!" Elmer ordered, "Go shower and put this on. Move!"

Diana caught a bag and looked inside. She choked back her tears as he stumbled into the bathroom. The beautiful heroine climbed into the shower.

Elmer and his buddies were sloughed around the den. They looked up and smiled.

Diana stood by the door. The only thing she was wearing was a black garter belt, fishnet stockings and six-inch stiletto heels. A lacy apron and small maid's cap completed her outfit.

"All right, slut." Elmer said, "Kitchen. Get the dinner served. Move bitch!"

The ravished beauty walked into the kitchen and found a turkey in the oven and various pans simmering on the stove. Diana pulled on some oven mittens and sighed.

For the next two hours, Diana served the three men Thanksgiving dinner. Needless to say they pinched her body and swatting her ass. Her tits were groped and she gave them long full tongue kisses.

Diana cleared the table and brought out the pumpkin pie and whipped cream. She put the pie and the can whipped cream on the table. The heroine gasped as Elmer pushed her down on the table. He grabbed the can and sprayed the sweet treat over her pussy. He smacked his lips and began to lick.

Ralph grabbed the can and sprayed whipped cream over his cock and held it in front of her mouth.

"I have a tasty treat." Ralph laughed, "Eat up."

The squirming beauty opened her mouth and began to lick the cock. She shivered when she felt the whipped cream spraying onto her tits. The defeated heroine gasped as Sam began to suck and lick her big mounds. She shivered as the tongue lapped across her pussy.

"Happy Thanksgiving Diana!" Elmer laughed.

The gangbang went on for hours. She was fucked and forced to suck in the dining room. They moved into the den where Diana gave each man a long blowjob and then straddled. She rode all three to huge orgasms. They ended up in the bedroom where she was raped and abused until she fainted.

Diana pushed herself up and looked around the dark room. The horrible day came flooding back and she sobbed. The ravished beauty forced herself up and stumbled out of the room.

Elmer looked up when the naked beauty walked into the room and steady herself against the wall. He smiled and stood up.

"A deal is a deal." Elmer said, "Why don't you go down to your condo and clean up. You may want to put on the Wonder Woman costume. We're going to a bad side of town. I'll meet you in the hallway."

"Very well." Diana said, "If you don't keep your word."

"Look I got what I wanted. Put your magic rope around when we meet if you want."

"Give me an hour." Diana said, looking at the cum and sweat stains covering her body. He touched her sticky hair and grimaced.

The tall heroine quickly pulled on her clothes and left. She rushed downstairs and was pulling off her clothes as she entered her condo. Diana came into the bedroom and quickly laid out her red and blue costume. She laid her gold corset, tiara and lasso by the costume. Her boots were tossed by the bed. Wonder Woman took a long hot shower, trying to wash away the day's humiliation and smell of sex from her body and hair.

After the shower, Wonder Woman brushed out her long black hair. She rushed out to the bedroom and quickly donned her tight costume. The low cut front and skimpy outfit barely covered her full rich body. She pulled on her boots and pushed the tiara into her thick hair. Diana stood up and put of her gold corset. The beautiful heroine looked down and frowned.

Suddenly something gold looped around her waist and pulled it tight. Diana gasped when she realized it was her lasso.

"NO!" Wonder Woman gasped.


Wonder Woman couldn't budge a muscle. She could only stand there as Elmer came up behind her and cupped her breasts.

"I got you now, bitch." Elmer whispered into her ear as he kissed it. "You are not longer Wonder Woman. You are now Wonder Whore. From this moment on your whole life will be dedicated to keeping me happy in every way. You are going to be nothing more than sex-crazed bimbo who thinks about nothing but fucking and sucking me. Here is the best part. You will remember your old life. How good and decent you were. How noble and virtuous you were. You will be embarrassed and humiliated by what you have become but you will still serve me with all your heart and soul. Understand Wonder Whore?"

"Yes master." Wonder Woman said.

Elmer took the lasso off and saw the change in Wonder Woman instantly. The proud and noble Amazon vanished. Diana shoulders slumped and she began to lick her lips. He watched her run her thighs together, knowing she was trying to cool her hot pussy. Her tits perked up like big balloons.

Wonder Woman found herself panting and moaning as her body filled with burning lust. Her face burned with humiliation as images of her former life filled her head but all she could think about was fucking and sucking her new master.

"Come on Wonder Whore." Elmer snapped, "Leave your clothes, you won't need them."

"Yes master." Cooed Wonder Whore as she meekly followed her master out her condo.

A short time later, Wonder Woman was kneeling between Elmer's knees happily sucking his cock.

Elmer sat his desk, working on his computer. He looked up at the clicking sound of stiletto heels on the floor.

Wonder Whore stepped into the den and meekly waited by the door. Her high heels were red with a blue tip. There was a star on the toe. Blue Fishnet stocking ran up her long legs to the fluffy panties. The tight French maid uniform had a red top so low cut that if she leaned over her big tits would spill out. The ruffled shirt was blue with white stars. Diana's long thick hair was pinned up into a loose bun with a few strands falling around her face. Her lipstick was bright red and her heavy eye makeup was bluish. All in all she look just like her new name.

"Did you make the phones calls, Wonder Whore?" Elmer asked.

"Yes, master." Diana cooed, hoping since she had been a good little slave Elmer would fuck her.

For the last two hours, Diana had been calling all her friends and fellow heroes. She had told them there was a crisis on Paradise Island and she was needed there. She couldn't go into detail because it was personal matter concerning Amazons only. Diana would be moving out her condo because it would take months probably longer to resolve.

"Did they it."

"Yes master."

"Even Superman?"

"Yes, he said he understood. He was leaving himself. So silly problem on another planet or something."


"Of course."

"Excellent. First you are going to give me a blowjob and then you will go online. I want to buy yourself the sexiest, sluttish clothes and lingerie you can find. You will only were garter belts. Stockings, silk, fishnet in all colors. Well you get the idea."

"Yes master, you want to look like Wonder Whore. That will be fun!"

"Now you mouth over here." Elmer said, as she undid his pants. "Do a good job and I will fuck you in the ass and pussy."

"YES MASTER!" Wonder Whore giggled and ran to her master. In seconds she was on her knees sucking his cock.

Months later, The Justice League accepted Wonder Woman's resignation for personal matters.