Jenny and the Adult Shopping Channel  

By Brummie

Wonder Woman

Chapter One - Instigation.

Sebastian Black surveyed the boardroom. The atmosphere seemed to crackle with nervous tension and all but Black fidgeted with barely constrained excitement tinged with fear. Each of the occupants puffed on their tobacco of choice in an attempt to calm themselves turning the air a murky blue with smoke.

The room could easily belong to any of the major corporations. It was a mixture of the old world and the new. Subdued bland walls were broken only by occasional splashes of colour on superbly elegant canvases, dark walnut doors and railings with gold fixtures and fittings. They sat at a superb example of an antique mahogany table that would cost the average annual salary. All of this old world charm was coupled with state of the art computers, electronics and communications equipment.

Black was clean-shaven with a darkly handsome sun tanned and weathered face. His dark blue eyes flashed momentarily under his short prematurely white hair. At six foot two and broad shouldered he commanded the organization as well as the meeting.

'So it is decided. The contract to terminate Mr Papandrovich, the Prime Minister of Dirkadirkastan will be accepted. The operation to be carried out within thirty six hours.'

He stopped to slowly gaze around the table.

'Finally gentlemen' he intoned 'We come to the main topic of the meeting, You each have the report that I prepared in front of you detailing the plan and giving my estimations of the risks and rewards to be gained from this operation. Your comments please.'

Seated on Blacks right was Sangster, the American. He cleared his throat before replying. 'I believe' he began in a mid-Atlantic tone 'that the risks of taking on not only the Police Force of Great Britain but their Secret Service as well are elucidated fully in the report. It is not an understatement to say that they will hunt us to the ends of the earth if we succeed in the enterprise we are proposing. However that said the rewards in intelligence could be untold millions in monetary terms and an equal or even greater amount in influence and power by blackmail.' He paused before finishing 'For that reason I am prepared to back the proposal'.

His sentiments appeared to mirror those of the others present who silently nodded their agreement.

Black, directing has words towards the conference phone in the centre of the table demanded 'Accountant, do you have any comment to make?'

The reply from the phone came in equally clipped English and flat monotone 'You have my full agreement Mr. Chairman'.

Looking round the table at each man Black gave them one final opportunity to raise any objections before saying 'Gentlemen. I will therefore initiate the plan as outlined in the document eight weeks from today. The contract will be placed with Mr. Leonard Figgis and Company who as you know we have used on past occasions and who, so far, have a 100% success rate.'

'If there is no other business' he hesitated for a few seconds 'Then I declare the meeting closed' and gathering his papers together and with a perfunctory nod to each of the others he left the room.

The phone line disconnected.

The silence lasted for a full minute before Sangster quietly asked the remaining men 'Do any of you gentlemen have any reservations about Black or his plan. 'After a few seconds he continued carefully phrasing his words 'I refer mainly to the risks that may accrue from the sexual proclivities he has been rumoured to have displayed and the possibilities of exposure this engenders.'

They looked at each other slightly embarrassed. They each knew of the whispered claims of degrading sexual activities Black was supposed to favour. Sangster was only voicing the thoughts that had occurred to them all at some time.

Finally Bannister the logistics man replied equally carefully 'We've all heard the rumours but given his record of past success coupled with his cultivation of the asset within the Secret Service I am prepared to let them slide for now. Obviously should his extra curricular activities impinge upon our interests that support will be withdrawn very quickly ... and with extreme prejudice.' he added for emphasis.

Sangster nodded. 'We should know fairly soon if the operation is a success. I fully expect the Newspapers and TV news programs of the world will react as if all hell has broken loose when we abduct the head of the British Secret Service. Commander James Holt.'

Chapter Two - Under the Doctor.

Special Agent Jenny Richards knocked on the door of room 213 exactly at the appointed time.

After a few seconds of silence she pushed the door open and entered into a small outer office. A glance showed filing cabinets, a couple of chairs, a desk with requisite phone and computer screen but no sign of an occupant. On the far wall there was a second door with a slot for a name card. Currently it read 'Dr Rodwell'.

Jenny crossed the office, knocked on this door and entered when a quiet 'Come in' came from inside.

This room was not what she expected of a Doctors office. Normally the first impression would come from the antiseptic smell but this room had an aroma more like a library, slightly musty from dozens and dozens of books combined with a couple of large leather arm chairs. Subdued but tasteful decorated with wallpapered walls and hung with various prints of hunting scenes the furniture was dark mahogany and very masculine giving more of an air of a Gentlemen's club than a Doctors office.

The main focus of the room was the large desk currently occupied by an even larger balding man. He rose and coming round extended his hand saying 'Agent Richards. I'm Doctor Rodwell. You're here for your appointment.'

Jenny shook the extended hand noting how it engulfed her own. The Doctor was at least six three and grossly obese but he hid it well under a beautifully cut grey suit and highly polished black shoes. The fast disappearing hair had also been expertly cut to minimise the expanse of bald pate on show.

'Not the usual sort of Doctors office I'm used to' said Jenny.

'No' replied Rodwell 'although I have medical qualifications I'm mostly employed here for my other more psychological credentials. I get inside people's heads rather than there bodies. Please take a seat and we'll get started.'

They sat facing each other in the leather armchairs and Rodwell opened a manila file. 'You have been referred to me by Commander Holt because of an incident a while back during which you fell under the hypnotic influence of a certain Victor Laslo, a vaudeville performer turned criminal, with unfortunate consequences.' (See Jenny and the Champion of the World).

Jenny blanched as Rodwell looked up at her seeming to stare directly at her full soft pink lips. 'Err...yes' she answered coyly dropping her gaze.

He stared at her for a few seconds then seemed to shake himself from reverie and said 'Hmm … yes. Well the Commander has asked me to try to ensure that this does not happen again. We can't have an Agent falling foul of any Tom, Dick or Harry with a twirly coin and suspect sexual proclivities.'

' … ank you' said Jenny in a tiny voice.

'The answer is quite simple really we'll just use hypnotism to stop anyone being able to hypnotise you again.'

Jenny looked up at him quizzically.

Rodwell continued 'I will simply place you in a trance and implant two key phrases and an instruction to resist hypnosis in your sub-conscious unless the correct phrase is given first. The second phrase if spoken to you will snap you out of any hypnotic trance. In this way anyone not knowing the correct phrases will be unable to hypnotise you but we who do know the phrases will still be able to use hypnosis if it ever becomes necessary in the future.'

Jenny nodded 'Thank you Doctor. I can't tell you how embarrassing it was last time it happened'.

Rodwell smiled. She didn't have to tell him it was all in the file in great naked detail.

'Right lets get started. Please stand over here with me.'

Jenny faced the Doctor as he produced a small metal disc on a gold chain. He began to swing the disc from left to right in an arc of about four inches directly in front of Jenny's face. 'Follow the disc with your eyes my dear, follow the disc.' His voice grew deeper and more somnambulant as he repeated the instruction.

'Your eyes are getting heavy, you feel drowsy, your eyelids are closing, closing. Now I'm going to count backwards and when I reach one you will be asleep. Five, four, three, two...' and almost silently now 'One'.

Jenny stood as still as a corpse the only evidence of life the soft rise and fall of her magnificent chest as she took shallow breaths.

Rodwell said 'Raise your left arm to shoulder height.'

Jenny slowly obeyed and raised her arm.

Rodwell nodded satisfied and proceeded to imprint the required instructions onto Jenny's unconscious mind repeating again and again that she would resist with all her strength any attempt to hypnotise her unless the phrase 'Freud's Rules' was spoken first.

He'd selected the phrase as it had to be easily remembered but not be one that was likely to crop up in casual conversation. It wouldn't do to have one of her majesty's agents suddenly falling into a hypnotic trance at a dinner party or while watching the television when someone inadvertently used the phrase. When he was satisfied he then imprinted the second release phrase after giving Jenny the instruction to forget the phrases so she could not reveal them. Finally he used the release phrase to snap her out of her trance.

Jenny blinked as she awoke and looked to the Doctor.

'All finished my dear'.

She felt surprise as she had no memory of anything having occurred. She searched her mind but it just seemed as if she'd only stepped through the office door a minute previously. She could detect no breaks in her memories but checking her watch she realised she'd lost nearly twenty minutes of time.

There's just one more thing my dear' said Rodwell.

'Yes Doctor?'

'Freud's Rules.'

The blonde agent froze and stood stock still staring sightlessly into space.

Very carefully Rodwell approached her and waved his hand before her staring eyes. She didn't move a muscle or respond in any way.

Satisfied he spoke very softly 'Jenny do you know you are in the Doctors office?'.

She murmured quietly 'Yes'.

'And that I am your Doctor?'

'Yes Doctor' again very quietly.

'You have been ordered to attend by our highest commander and he would expect you to do everything I require of you. Isn't that right.'

She appeared to think about this then quietly replied 'Yes doctor'.

Rodwell breathed out slowly. 'We shall begin. Please remove your dress.'

Jenny hesitated and Rodwell again held his breath until slowly she reached round behind her and pulled the zip from between her shoulder blades down to just past her hips. Moving as in a dream she slipped the shoulder straps and let the light summer dress slide slowly down her body.

Had Rodwell not been warned by other male members of staff he would have exclaimed out load 'Jesus H. Christ' as the blonde's fabulous body was revealed. Jenny stepped from her dress and absent mindedly laid it on the leather arm chair before returning to stand upright clad only in white lacy bra and panties garter belt and neutral tan shear nylon stockings and shoes.

He stared at her. Never had he seen such a perfect specimen of womanhood. Her healed shoes gave extra length to her already mile long dancers legs. Her exercises had given her muscular thighs that would crush a man as she pleasured him to death. Only the thinnest layer of her lacy high-sided panties covered her womanhood. Her wide hips narrowed to a tiny waist. A superbly flat stomach led up to a white lacy bra holding in its 42DD embrace two breasts of prodigious proportions. Blonde hair reached down over her shoulders just touching the top of her bosom and surrounded her supermodel face with its elfin features with slightly overlarge almond eyes, her button nose and full soft pink lips.

His voice trembled slightly as he gave his next instruction. 'Jenny, please remove your brassier'.

With less hesitation this time Jenny reached back and deftly unclipped her bra and shrugged it from her shoulders.

Rodwell goggled at the perfect breasts revealed as they jiggled delightfully on her chest before settling. The room was quite warm but Rodwell fell it getting hotter as he stared at Jenny's exposed bosom. Not only the great beach ball like mammaries but also the dark pink areolas that must have been three inches across and the central peak of her nipples currently lying quiescent.

His trembling hand reached forward and settled under her left breast. He lifted it an inch amazed at the weight then slowly brushed his thumb across her nipple. In spite of her trance he felt her body tremble as his fingers contacted her skin causing pleasure to erupted within her tit. He watched astonished as her nipple seemed to leap into life and start to grow.

Mesmerised he scraped his thumb nail over her areola and watched that expand and darken until Jenny seemed to have a lightly tanned breast with a dark areola plonked on the front of it and a huge nipple sticking up proudly from that so the whole breast looked like a cupcake with icing and a cherry in the middle. Definitely good enough to eat.

'Jenny do all of your Doctors do breast exams for you'.

She nodded and replied in a monotone 'Yes Doctor'.

'The men as well?'

'Especially the men.'

'Are they gentle?'

'Yes but some of the women Doctors can be a bit rough.'

Rodwell smiled 'Jealousy no doubt that a female should be given so much by Mother Nature.'

'Do any of them do anything unusual?'

She hesitated then replied uncertainly 'Some of them use their lips.'

'Would you mind if I used that method after all I am your Doctor and I know best?'

Somehow she seemed to consider this. 'No Doctor. I do not object'.

'You should not worry. This is a very sensitive method of detecting any abnormality in your breasts and is widely accepted in the profession. Would you like me to do this for you?'

Jenny replied slowly 'Yes please Doctor'.

'Jenny please remember that I am a medical professional and I am well used to seeing and touching ladies private parts. I will not become aroused but you may find that you do. Please do not be ashamed by this. It is a perfectly normal reaction and you should not hold back your body's responses'.

'Yes Doctor. Thank you Doctor'.

Rodwell moved to stand near his desk then leaned back to sit on the edge. 'Jenny please come and stand before me.' She moved to him. 'Nearer please.' She nudged forward until she stood between his spread legs and her thighs touched his.

Starting the 'examination' he gently ran his finger tips over the blonde woman's spectacular jugs and couldn't stop himself saying 'God you've got have the most beautiful tits ever do you know that?'

'Yes doctor. Many people have said so'.

Did he detect a note of pride in her voice. He couldn't be sure. He breathed out then raised his two large podgy hands and softly took a breast in each hand and dipping his head sucked Jenny's left nipple into his mouth engulfing her flesh in warm wetness. He smirked as he heard her groan. Gently he palpitated each breast as he rhythmically sucked drawing more and more of her breast into his mouth. He sucked harder and stretched her tit flesh until it popped out of his mouth with a wet slurping sound.

Her areolas and nipple had grown even more under his ministrations. He sucked her tit again and again drawing her nipple out until it was fully erect then swapped sides and gave her other breast the same arousing treatment.

Releasing her breasts he dropped his hands to Jenny's butt and gripped her cheeks through the lacy panties while continuing to suck on her tit flesh alternating between circling her nipples with his tongue and nibbling on her puffy areolas.

The tall young blond agents chest turned a deep pink as she became more and more aroused. Her areolas expanded to sit atop her breast each small bump and crinkle becoming darker and darker as Rodwell's sucking drew blood nearer the surface of her flesh. Rodwell worked on her breasts becoming more ardent making her body rock to and fro as he molested her. Releasing her erect nipple from between his teeth he looked up and said 'Jenny you will orgasm. That is an order from your Doctor. Orgasm now.'

Jenny's hands gripped Rodwell's head forcing his mouth back on to her breast. He opened his mouth as wide as he could sucking in as much of her breast as possible as he sucked and sucked on her flesh and filled his large hands with her panty clad buttocks Jenny shuddered as an eruption of warm pleasure exploded in her genitals.

Gradually Rodwell slowed his sucking as Jenny's orgasm subsided until he released her breast leaving it reddened and still shiny with saliva. He looked up at her face. Her cheeks were pink and she was breathing a little harder than before but she still stared sightlessly into space waiting for his next instruction.

'Jenny. You've been a very good girl.'

Strangely this compliment elicited a warm glow in Jenny's belly even under the hypnotic influence she still responded to his voice. This had always been part of her psychological make-up. She had always been a susceptible to the voice of authority.

'And good girls are always given a reward by the Doctor. Do you like Popsicles?'

'Yes Doctor.'

'O.K. well you'll have to eat this one here so please kneel down.'

She obeyed his command and knelt before him waiting expectantly for her reward.

Rodwell unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock, which after his molesting of her breasts was as hard as a rock. 'Here it is Jenny and you will find it is the best Popsicle you've ever tasted. Now hold it in your hand and lick it.'

Her tiny hand gripped his thick gnarled shaft and dipping her head she extended her pink tongue and licked the head of his penis.

Rodwell's hands held on to the edge of his desk with a death like grip as the blonde licked his cock-head again and again. She obviously loved the taste as saliva began to drip from the corners of her mouth.

'Now suck it Jenny.'

Jenny opened her mouth and fed his dick between her soft pink lips into the warm wet interior and sucked and sucked.

His hips bucked as she worked on his cock slurping and sucking as her head bobbed forward and back. Her tongue swirled around his helmet as she tried to suck the juice from the best Popsicle she'd ever tasted.

'Jenny' Rodwell's voice gasped 'you're going go receive a lot of Popsicle juice any second now and I want you to savour it as it spurts into your mouth then I want you to swallow every drop.'

Jenny nodded and it was enough to set Rodwell off as his balls emptied through his shaft and spurted rope after rope of semen into Jenny's hot sucking mouth. After six or seven jerks he finished coming and Jenny sucked the last drops from the eye of his cock then sat back and swirled his ejaculation round her mouth a look of exquisite pleasure on her face. Then with one gulp she swallowed the lot.

Rodwell recovered slowly while the blond agent stayed kneeling before him waiting her next instruction. He zipped himself up and ordered Jenny to stand and re-dress herself. Once she was dressed as she had been when she entered he commanded her to forget the breast examination and her Popsicle reward then spoke the releasing phrase.

Jenny seemed to wake and looked round a little confused then her gaze settled on Rodwell.

'All finished now my dear. You can report back to work.'

She thanked him and left his office. It was only when she exited the outer office that the thought crossed her mind that this hypnosis lark was very hard on the knees and seemed to have left her with a very unusual taste in her mouth.

Chapter Three - Taken.

The news hit the Agency like a bomb blast. Rumour mixed with truth swept through the departments like wildfire.

Jenny received the call from the duty officer and was soon being taken along with three other agents in one of the company vehicles down the A21 to the county of Kent in southern England where just outside Royal Tunbridge Wells Commander Holt lived alone in a large Georgian pile.

The grounds of the house were awash with police diligently searching every nook, cranny, tree, bush and pot plant for any possible clues. Jenny was escorted into the house and introduced to Chief Inspector Draper of Scotland Yard.

The two shook hands while checking each other out. She saw a copper of the old school who went by the book and showed little or no imagination. He saw nothing but a beautiful face and body and automatically assuming she was as thick as your average supermodel filed her under annoying and irrelevant.

Brusquely he informed her that Commander Holt had been abducted earlier that day. The staff which consisted of an aged cook and an equally aged gardener had seen very little apart from the two men in the plumbers van who had responded when it was found the main sewage pipe was blocked. The police were currently working on the assumption that the plumbers were responsible and that they and there van were being sort.

Jenny asked 'What about the CCTV cameras?' Holt was head of MI6 and as such there were some security precautions although he was considered as a low risk as there existed a gentleman's agreement between the major countries agencies that there respective heads were out of bounds.

Draper looked down his nose at her as if she was a child. 'First thing we checked miss. Every one erased. We suspect some sort of Electro Magnetic Pulse device was used.'

Jenny asked another couple of questions but it became obvious Draper was becoming bored with her and eventually they parted. She decided to take a look round the house even though the police had already done so.

Nothing seemed out of place in the kitchen or dining room so she tried the main sitting room. Holt's naval past was evident on all sides. Prints of Royal Navy ships covered the walls including some ships he'd served on. Other naval bits and pieces like a brass compass and a wooden steering wheel were dotted around. The bookshelf was almost entirely filled with books about ships or biographies of sailors such as Lord Nelson and Sir Francis Drake.

Jenny was just about to move on when she spotted a small white card sticking out from beneath a sofa. She bent and picked it up but before she could study it a hand reached past her and snatched it from her fingers.

'I'll take that miss' stated Draper then studied it himself. Jenny looked over his shoulder as he read 'Adult Shopping Channel' from the card.

After a few seconds thought he threw the card down on to a nearby coffee table saying 'Nothing of interest here'.

Jenny stared at him amazed. 'Inspector, how can you dismiss this so easily. Surely it should be checked out?'

Again Draper looked at her with distain. 'Miss' he began as if addressing an infant. Holt was a widower of five years. I understand there is no other female in his life at present and it is not unusual for a single male to amuse himself in this way. There is absolutely no evidence that this card has any connection to the kidnappers. Now if you don't mind I have proper Police work to keep me occupied.'

Jenny watched Draper leave then bent to retrieve the card. She knew Holt and she was positive he wasn't the sort of man to subscribe to a sleazy Shopping channel that catered to lonely pornography obsessed men.

'Well Commander the Police don't think the ASC needs investigating but I bloody well do so I'm going to do what ever is need to find you.'

Chapter Four - Jenny goes shopping.

The incongruity of a terrorist organisation using a high profile TV station as cover didn't seem to cross Jenny's mind. Google provided her with more information about the Adult Shopping Channel. It was a station that broadcast on satellite from 12:00 midday to 2:00 in the morning each day and despite the title sold most of the things all the other similar channels sold. Dresses, electronics, jewellery, shoes. It got it's name from the fact that they didn't sell toys or kids stuff and occasionally late at night they would sell proper 'Adult' items including lingerie and the euphemistic 'Marital Aids'.

The channels web site gave her the address of the studio and details about applying for a job with them. The site also had pictures of some of the products they sold some of them being modelled by young women. Jenny thought for some time about this and made her plans.

The next afternoon she parked her car and tightening the belt on her trench coat walked the short distance to the studio. She hadn't got an appointment and had decided just to play it by ear to see if she could pick up any 'vibes' from the place trying to determine if anything dodgy was going on and if they were indeed involved in Holt's disappearance.

A bored secretary took her details and asked her to wait. She sat on a plastic chair in the dingy office for 10 minutes before a door opened and a man emerged. He was tall, over six feet and good looking with a broad smiling face, a shock of white hair and a fit body.

'Jenny?' he asked. She nodded. 'I'm Max.' and extended his hand which she shook while he gave her a quick once over. At his beckoning she followed him through the door he'd entered by into the interior of the building. Once in his office he perused the short form she'd filled in then looked up.

'So Jenny have you appeared on Television before?'

'Err ... No I'm afraid not.'

'You've done promotional work before though?'

'Err ... No nor that.'

'I see. How about modelling. Have you done any photo shoots, commercials, music videos, any stuff like that?'

'Err...' Jenny thought back to her time in the Photographic Studios of 'Oily' Harris and thought she'd better gloss over those activities. '...I have done some photographic work.'

'Hmmm … well to be honest Jenny you don't seem to have any experience and we have no shortage of young women looking for work with us. Sadly I don't see any reason why I should employ you.'

Jenny silently rose from her chair and slipped the belt on her coat.

'Would this help' she asked sweetly and pulled the coat open.

She'd given a lot of thought to her appearance before she'd driven to the studio. She'd made up her face with full war paint as if going out on the town and done her hair. Then she'd gone through her entire wardrobe trying to select a dress. Finally she's come to the inevitable conclusion that she had to get the job no matter what so there could be no half measures. Under the coat she wore ... stockings.

Max nearly swallowed his tongue as Jenny posed before him.

Silent seconds ticked by as his hot gaze bore into her full high breasts then slowly his gaze moved down her flat stomach to her broad hips. She was standing in the classic 'Venus on a Half Shell' pose with one leg crossed over in front of the other which coyly hid her womanhood but Max could plainly see her pussy was shaved. Finally he coughed and said 'Yes I can see now you have all the qualities we desire here at ASC. Welcome my dear. Can you start immediately?'

Jenny closed her coat and shook his outstretched hand. 'Thank you Max.'

'If you would just sign this Job Description form' he said pushing a four-page document towards her.

She scanned it quickly and signed her name on the last page. She didn't read it. She was hardly going to quibble about terms of employment having been offered the job as she didn't intend to work there for more than one day.

'I need to give you the talk first about how we work then I'll take you to meet the other girls and they'll get you set up for your first session. We tend to work an hour at a time so we'll do an hour of Ladies dresses followed by an hour of Ladies and Gents watches and so on. Each girl is expected to model any of the products required so it might only be your arm on show with a wrist watch or you may be asked to model a dress or jumper. We also do proper Adult items, I hope you have no objection to modelling underwear or stockings.'

'As you can see, not at all' replied Jenny.

'The adult hour is really popular and to be honest it's one of our biggest sellers. During that hour the girls are not only required to model any clothing such as latex or rubber wear but I'll also ask you to give your opinion on various items whether it be how the clothes feel or if you think various items would be suitable for use by people engaged in err ... that sort of activity. In all cases, no matter what, you say every item is the best you've ever worn or tried or operated or felt. Do you understand? Under no circumstances do you offer any sort of criticism of the product you only say it's the best ever. Alright?'

Jenny nodded. 'I understand'.

'Also you should be aware that a large number of the patrons who tune in do so for the girls alone and have very little interest in actually buying any of the products. That's why we also sell advertising on the screen. To keep these viewers happy it's up to the girls too not only demonstrate the products but to put on a show as well. You'll be expected to flash lots of flesh and interact with myself and the other girls. During the 'Adult' hour we generally have at least two or three working at the same time.

The blonde hesitated then nodded not really understanding just what he meant by interaction.

'Good. I'll take you to meet the girls now'.

A little further along the corridor Jenny followed Max into a dressing room. Inside a couple of women were sitting chatting. They fell silent as Jenny entered and studied her closely.

'Girls this is Jenny who will be joining us today. I expect you to take her in hand and show her the ropes, not literally Ophelia. Jenny this is Ophelia' said Max introducing the first woman. She nodded to Jenny who saw a good looking brunette, good looking if you liked a sharp face with high cheek bones a thin nose and thin lips. She was wearing just pants and bra that allowed Jenny to see the large tattoo of an eagle emblazoned across her back. Other smaller tattoos were dotted around her arms and on her ankle. Her ears, lip and tongue were pierced.

'And this is Lileth' he said turning to the second girl. She also nodded to Jenny. This time the girl was black haired although her roots showed her natural mousy brown beginning to grow back. She was tall and boney with long fingers and big feet. She didn't have any tattoos but her steady gaze still gave her the look of a tough cookie.

Looking at them Jenny thought both names were false. Each woman looked foreign possibly mid European in origin and they'd definitely not been speaking English when they'd entered the room.

'I'll leave you girls to get acquainted. We start at 8:00 tonight. Lileth you can take the first hour and Ophelia the second. Jenny you stand off camera and watch everything that goes on and if you're confident you'll go on at 10:00 when I think we're doing jewellery. Until then I'll leave you to get washed and made up ready.'

'Washed?' queried Jenny.

'Yes' said Ophelia. 'We need to shower all over and get made up. The bright studio lights emphasise any blemishes. We have all the facilities here. We're just about to start getting ready so you will join us, yes?'

Jenny nodded hesitantly.

'The shower is through there' Ophelia pointed to a door at the back of the room. You go through and we'll be in soon.'

The shower room was like the changing room of a gymnasium with benches and lockers and a huge walk in shower with three showerheads. Jenny didn't have to do much to get ready as she was only wearing a coat, stockings and shoes. She stripped naked, entered the shower and holding out her hand manipulated the temperature control until the water was warm enough to allow it to cascade over her body.

Soap and shampoo had been provided and she washed herself luxuriating under the warm water as her hands spread the soapsuds over her body. Ophelia and Lileth stood silently at the shower room door watching the blonde as she ran her hands over her shimmering lightly tanned skin. They smiled at each other then quickly stripping off their clothes entered the shower.

Both women began washing themselves as Jenny rinsed the soap off herself leaving her body gleaming under the lights. Every muscle of her splendid physique emphasised.

With a calculating look Ophelia said 'You need to do your hair as well my dear'.

Jenny stopped and said 'Are you sure? Is that really necessary?'

'Yes dear but you not worry we have hair driers that'll have you dry in no time'.

Sighing Jenny stepped back into the shower and selected the bottle of shampoo. She squirted a big dollop of the gloopy blue unguent into her palm and stepping under the water applied it to her long blond hair. Suds covered her head as the shampoo lathered up and she vigorously washed her locks.

Ophelia watched her then silently she picked up her own bottle of shampoo and with Jenny's back turned to her carefully squirted more of the soap on top of Jenny's head. The blonde felt nothing and carried on washing. The lather doubled and began dripping down over her face. Ophelia smirked and added yet more shampoo. Jenny's head was soon covered in lather and she had to close her eyes to stop the soap getting in her eyes.

Suddenly Jenny felt another body close to her's. She stopped as Ophelia said 'Let me help you my dear. Your back needs doing'.

Jenny froze as Ophelia pulled her so they stood facing each other then reaching round Ophelia began running her hands up and down Jenny's back using the lather from the shampoo to wash her back.

Jenny slowly relaxed as the brunette's hands gently massaged her back and shoulders. 'Lileth why don't you do our new friends legs' said Ophelia and Jenny tensed again as a new pair of hands began soaping her calves.

'There you are my dear. What are friends for if not to help each other' continued Ophelia in a quiet friendly voice. 'Why not put your hands up here on my shoulders and relax' and so saying she moved Jenny's arms so they rested over her shoulders. Jenny felt her body relaxing once more as the soft female hands gently smoothed over her skin.

Ophelia stroked Jenny's back pulling her to her until their breasts gently touched against each other. Jenny's face reddened as she felt the other woman's flesh rubbing hers. 'Don't be shy my dear' said Ophelia 'we're all girls here and you have the most beautiful bosom, so big and firm and bouncy. You're a very lucky girl. I bet all your boy friends can't get enough of these.' and so saying she gently brought her hands round Jenny's body until they rested on the outside of her breasts.

Jenny tensed as the brunette's hands gently pressed her breasts together squashing them against each other. Ophelia rolled her hands pressing one of Jenny's tits upward and the other downwards softly rolling them against each other then as Jenny's head bowed applied her thumbs across the big pink nipples drawing a gasp from the blondes lips.

As the girls gently massaged the blond agent gradually drawing her into a trance like state of warm water and gentle caressing hands the changing room door silently opened and Max stepped through. He gazed in rapture at the scene before him as the two dark haired women caressed and fondled the tall slender blond.

He quietly tapped Lileth on the shoulder and she nodded to him stepping aside.

Max applied his big hands to Jenny's calves gradually massaging them then moving higher to work on the back of her thighs. Jenny was in a world of her own as the hands worked on her breasts and thighs and she jerked only slightly as Max's hands rose to slid over her plump butt cheeks.

He used his fingers and thumbs to work the soap into her ass massaging her flesh round and round.

Gradually Ophelia worked her leg between Jennys and slowly raised her knee until her thigh contacted the blonde's pussy. Behind her Max gently but insistently pushed on Jenny's butt moving her hips forward so her pussy slid all the way along Ophelia's wet thigh.

The entranced blond groaned quietly as the pleasure flowed through her vagina. Max pulled her hips back once more rubbing her pussy along the brunettes thigh again until between them he and Ophelia set up a rhythm rubbing Jenny's now spreading pussy lips up and down Ophelia's thigh. Jenny's breath began to come in gasps. Her clit was becoming erect as it rubbed against Ophelia skin. The tattooed brunette gripped the blonds breasts harder kneading her flesh more deeply and roughly running her thumbs over their fully erect and hard nipples.

Jenny's pussy rubbed over Ophelia's thigh until Max hardly had to push or pull her hips any more as she was doing most of the work herself. Her gasps were coming closer together as she ground her pussy into Ophelia's leg harder and harder.

Max spread Jenny's butt and pressed his thumb to her little butt hole. Jenny jerked as he ground his thumb round and round her hole. Ophelia dropped her leg and speared three fingers into Jenny's cunt and began pumping them deeply into her body while using her thumb to rub her rock hard clit.

Within seconds Jenny's body went rigid just as Max forced his thumb into her asshole. Trembling all over her teeth ground together as her pussy erupted in orgasm and gripped Ophelia's fingers inside her. For fully twenty seconds the blond jerked and shuddered as the pleasure erupted from her womanhood suffusing out through her entire body. Ophelia marvelled as Jenny just seemed to keep on coming and coming.

Gradually Jenny's tumultuous orgasm subsided although she did give another jerk of pleasure and a little 'Oh' escaped her lips and Max extracted his thumb from her butt and Ophelia dragged her fingers from the hot liquid depths of her still spasming pussy.

Ophelia turned Jenny and left her still covered with lather propped against the wall of the shower and the two dark haired women left the blond to recover.

A little later Jenny sheepishly emerged from the shower having rinsed all the shampoo from her hair with her body wrapped in a big fluffy towel.

Ophelia greeted her smiling and planted a kiss on her cheek. 'Well I hope you enjoyed yourself. That's the best initiation ceremony we've ever had. Welcome to the company.'

There was nothing she could say but 'Err ... thanks.'

Ophelia showed Jenny their wardrobe and together they selected a dress for her to wear for her first appearance. As it was to be jewellery she was modelling she wouldn't have to keep changing her clothes. Then she followed Ophelia out to one of the studio's from which they broadcast the programs. There were two studios. While one was being used the other was being prepared with products being brought from storage for the presenter to show and talk about.

Jenny watched Lileth do her stuff as Max kept up a steady spiel about each different product encouraging the public to buy while stocks last. It was always while stocks last as he tried to generate anxiety in the audience so that if they didn't part with there money as quickly as possible they might miss this golden opportunity to buy this or that piece of complete tat.

Occasionally Jenny slipped away on the pretence of a toilet break or to get a drink and tried to look around as much of the offices and rooms as she could. She didn't think there was any chance that Holt was here but you never know what would provide a clue until you saw it.

Her first stint modelling jewellery went well. Mostly she simply put the item on and stood still while Max cajoled the audience. The camera interested Jenny as modern electronics had replaced the old sit upon cameras she'd seen at the BBC and the cameraman had something that was little bigger than a camcorder. Mostly it was placed on a tripod but occasionally it could be carried to get close-ups and do tracking shots.

Just before 1:00am Max came to Jenny and told her she'd be working the final hour with both other girls and it was to be an 'Adult' hour. 'Go see Lileth and she'll give you your first costume. Remember this hour is a little different to the other hours. It's not just the types of product. During this hour we sell advertising because the type of customer watching is watching as much for the show put on by the girls as for the stuff we're trying to sell. You take your lead from Lileth and Ophelia. You'll find there's a lot more interaction between both of them and me as well. So you just giggle a lot, act sexy and give the punters a show. O.K.'

'Err ... O.K. Max.' said Jenny not quite sure yet what he really getting at.

Her first costume soon gave her a good idea what he'd meant. The baby doll nightie could have come straight out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue. It was a soft mauve with a semi transparent lacy top that she had to work hard to stuff her breasts into, fake fur trimming and tiny matching panties. She was also given some high heel shoes that elongated her already long legs. The other girls wore something similarly revealing.

As the time of the broadcast drew near the three girls stood off camera while Max started the show. He first introduced Lileth who walked out onto camera and approached Max. As she passed him she stopped and kissed him quickly on the lips and then giggling trotted past as his hand goosed her.

Ophelia followed with much the same result and then it was Jenny's turn.

Max gave her a big introduction 'and now a newcomer to the Adult Shopping Channel. I hope you'll all enjoy seeing Jenny.'

On cue Jenny walked out like she'd seen the catwalk models doing and approached Max. He placed his right hand on her shoulder and bent to kiss her on the lips. Just as there lips touched his other hand landed flat on her butt and he swung her round so her back was to the camera. While he kissed her for a little longer than the other girls the camera zeroed in on his other hand as he fondled her ass cheek.

Jenny giggled as required and pushed him away then joined the other girls.

Max flashed his big smile and white teeth and worked the audience while the girls undulated and twirled showing off the skimpy underwear they had on.

The show continued with another couple of sets of lingerie each more skimpy than the last. Jenny was wearing a bra and Panties set that were shear black and slightly see through. Both her nipples could be plainly seen under the hot lights and all the displaying herself was having an inevitable and interesting effect on the peaks of her breasts. When she'd come out this time Max had placed his left hand across her shoulders while describing the lacy garments she was wearing.

'Jenny is modelling this set for us tonight. As you can see the bra is lace gossamer trimmed with black'. As he said this his right hand rose and stroked across the base of Jenny's breast touching the lacy material with his finger tips and amazingly he felt her body tremble slightly. It seemed her breasts were incredibly sensitive.

'So Jenny how does this bra feel to you. I can say with some certainty folks that it feels just great to me' and laughed out loud as if inviting the audience in on his joke.

'It feels fantastic Max. I'd recommend this to any of the ladies watching or any of the men who'd like to see there ladies looking this sexy.'

'Well said Jenny' replied Max. 'How about these?' And as he said it his hand stroked downwards until it touched the top of her panties.

Jenny froze. What the hell would he do? Finally she gasped out 'Just fine thanks Max. Very comfortable.'

'Spin round Jenny please'.

She turned and with her back to the camera he stopped her. 'Well folks as you can see' he said sweeping aside Jenny's hair 'the bra straps are very thin and leave the maximum amount of skin exposed' and so saying he ran his hand gently from Jenny shoulder down her superbly long and slender back. 'Also as the panties are of the thong variety we have maximum butt exposure.' The camera zoomed in until the frame was filled with Jenny's butt just as he slapped her cheeks gently before giving each a good fondling. Jenny grimaced but played her part giggling like a bimbo.

Max swung Jenny back round until she was again facing the camera and he moved to stand behind her. Over her shoulder he said 'Also isn't it right that this lingerie set has another trick up its sleeve Jenny?'

'Err … yes Max' she agreed not understanding where he was going with this.

The bra is a front loader isn't it Jenny' and so saying he reached round and seizing the clasp between the over filled bra cups snapped it open.

Jenny froze as Max held the two sides of the bra. Then he whispered in her ear 'smile for the customers dear' and agonisingly slowly pulled the bra apart.

Jenny stood rigid her face a rictus as Max exposed her magnificent breasts to the entire television audience. It was bad enough to have her superb softly tanned bosom exposed to the girls and more so to the camera man and Max but the worst was to the many thousands or even tens of thousands of the channels viewers who she thought were probably disgusting sad old men who were tuning in more in the hope of ogling young flesh than of ever buying any of the products on sale. Only God knew how many of them were sitting in their darkened rooms staring at her bounteous tits with there darkened areolas and erect nipples while dribbling down there chins and playing with themselves.

Max felt her hands begin to rise automatically to cover herself but he clamped his forearms tighter to hers holding her still. 'Steady' he whispered. For perhaps twenty seconds Max held her bra wide open while the cameraman zoomed in and lovingly moved his lens over a mortified Jenny's exposed chest giving the punters a view from every angle of her gently trembling boobs while she felt sick at the thought of what many of the audience were doing at that point.

'And this garment has yet another trick' said Max as he flipped the top of each bra cup inward effectively halving the size of the cup. Slowly to Jenny's relief he drew the sides of her bra back together but as he snapped the clasp shut Jenny once again nearly groaned as it became clear that the bra cups were now so small that they had no chance of covering her nipples.

Once more she stood grinning fixedly as the camera roamed lovingly over her chest. The bra now served only to hold her tits up high presenting them to the viewers with her nipples and areolas plainly in view over the top of each cup.

'As you can see viewers you get two for one with this product. One a very nice bra and panty set that could be worn with most evening gowns and also a second that would make it plain to any prospective lover that you really meant business.' And so saying he stroked his fingers down over Jenny's exposed breast flesh and gently took each of her nipples between thumb and finger and pinched them.

'Isn't that right Jenny?'

Jenny tried to answer him but he began twisting her nipples making each react dramatically quickly becoming even darker and more erect.

'Yessss' she managed to gasp as he gripped each tit hard and pulled them outwards.

Finally he released her tits and they sprang back to there normal shape but with each nipple plainly engorged and more pointed than before still peaking over the tops of the bra cups. Jenny quickly skipped back to join the other girls who simply smirked at her blushing cheeks.

'Our next product for this first half of the show is Fruit Flavoured Lip Gloss. Girls lets make this a contest shall we to see who can identify the different flavours. Jenny come forward please.'

Like a sacrificial lamb Jenny approached warily this time having a good idea that he was going to have some sort of plan that she wasn't going to like. He held her chin and applied a small tube to her lips liberally covering them with a layer of gloss.

'Lileth. See if you can identify the flavour please.'

The tall boney black haired woman came up to Jenny pulled her close. Then she touched their lips together. The camera zoomed in to catch the action as Lileth kissed Jenny. The kiss seemed to go on and gradually became more passionate until Lileth was sucking Jenny lips like a full on lesbian.

Jenny gasped as Lileth released her having sucked most of the gloss from her lips and the saliva from her mouth.

'Cherry' said Lileth triumphantly.

'Correct' shouted Max. 'Don't forget viewers. The numbers on the screen so start dialling to buy this product.'

'Now Ophelia you try' and once again he applied more gloop to Jenny's mouth.

She thought she was ready for Ophelia but she was mistaken. As soon as there lips touched Ophelia forced her pierced tongue forward and slipped it right into Jenny's mouth and began sucking and slobbering there lips together. All Jenny could do was bare the brunette's assault as she kissed her like she would a lover. Ophelia had gripped Jenny's bare butt with one hand holding the blond in place while her other seized her tit and fondled the big fleshy orb while pinching the erect hard nipple.

Eventually Ophelia released her and left her standing stunned with her cheeks and chest turning the deep pink of arousal and her breathing coming in quick gasps.

'Correct' shouted Max again as Ophelia identified 'Raspberry'.

'Finally, one more for both you girls'. By now he was standing behind a slightly shocked and flushed Jenny. Suddenly he reached round and applied the lip gloss to her already erect left nipple rubbing it round and round Jenny's dark pink areola and back and forward over her nipple. Then he applied a second flavour to Jenny's other tit.

'Lets see you identify these ones girls.'

Jenny stood mesmerised as the girls moved to each side of her dipped their heads and started to suck the lip-gloss from her nipples and areolas. The quiet of the studio was broken only by the wet slurping of the dark haired girls as they mouthed the increasingly erect tips of Jenny's mammaries. The camera zoomed in once more to capture Lileth gripping Jenny's nipple between her lips and stretching it out Jenny jerked as Ophelia did the same but used her sharp front teeth nipping Jens budding nipple. Slowly Jenny's eyes closed and her lips parted as waves of pleasure flowed through her bounteous breasts. Both of the girls then started to suck rhythmically on Jenny's tits seeming to work in unison until the blond agents breath started to quicken.

That wasn't all she had to bare. Max was still stood behind her and he was giving her plump buttocks another good fondling.

At last Max called for the girls answer and both identified 'Orange and Grape'.

'Well done ladies. I see we have sold out of the flavoured lip-gloss so well done indeed girls. We now come to the final products for this half of the 'Adult' hour viewers and I've decided we will do a blind testing for your amusement. As Jenny is the new girl I think it should she who is given this honour.'

Jenny still stood were they'd left her gently swaying her eyes half closed in reverie with her cheeks and chest a deep pink. Her breasts were on fire and she could still feel the teeth of the two women were they had used then on her rock hard nipples.

She only just caught what Max had said and it occurred to her that this might not be the sort of honour she would prefer although she did feel a quick knot of fear and excitement I her stomach.

'Blindfold her' ordered Max and before she could react Ophelia slipped a leather blindfold over her head covering her eyes.

Jenny's hand flew upwards to the blindfold but Ophelia quickly and firmly gripped her wrists and pulled them back to Jenny's sides.

'Kneel' ordered Ophelia this time and pulled Jenny down forcing her to kneel on a folded towel Lileth had placed before her.

'Now Jenny' Max began 'for this demonstration you will not be allowed to use your hands so please place them behind your back.

She followed his instructions just as Ophelia whispered in her ear 'and keep them there dear or I'll be forced to put a rope on you.'

Jenny felt the knot in her stomach twist even tighter at Ophelia's words and it was accompanied by a gentle throbbing in her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet.

'Right folks we're ready for the first test. Jenny you will give your opinion on the following object for taste, size, comfort and most importantly how life like it is. We have three items to test and you will pick the one that you feel fills all the criteria the best. Do you understand.'

Jenny nodded her blindfolded head.

'Lileth the first item please.'

Unseen by Jenny Lileth held up before the camera six inch red dildo. It was slim and shaped exactly like a male penis with a pronounced helmet and veins along it's sides.

Lileth presented the dildo to Jenny's mouth just as Ophelia pulled back on her hair. Jenny's mouth opened and Lileth pressed the six inches of plastic forward.

Jenny jumped and her hands rose to grip the rod that had been forced into her mouth. Ophelia grabbed her wrists again and roughly jammed them back behind the blonds back.

'Move them again and I'll hogtie you.' Ophelia rasped in her ear.

Jenny could only say 'Mmmmmph' as Lileth had begun sliding the dildo forwards and backwards into her mouth. She could feel the head of the plastic on her tongue. It felt very realistic just like many of the cock's she sucked but it was hard and didn't feel like a real penis.

Lileth withdrew the dildo now covered with Jenny's saliva.

'What do you think Jenny? I'm sure with your extensive experience of having gentlemen's cock's in your mouth you are eminently qualified to give an opinion' said Max smiling at the camera.

'Cheeky bastard' thought Jenny. There hadn't been that many cocks that had slid between her soft pink lips. Well less than twenty that she knew of anyway. She gathered her thoughts and said in a quiet voice 'Quite a good shape and size but it tastes of plastic and it is just to hard. Real ones are softer and have more give in them' she finished tailing off as she realised what she was saying.

'I see' said Max. 'A very professional assessment. 'Lileth the next item please.'

Jenny felt the next dildo press against her lips and sighing slowly opened her mouth. Lileth pushed forwards forcing Jenny's mouth wider and wider and the giant black cock filled her mouth.

Jenny gagged as Lileth pressed forwards and tried to pull her head backwards away from the massive lump of plastic but Ophelia gripped her hair holding her head firm.

Thankfully Lileth relented and eased the pressure allowing the black monster cock to come back a little.

Jenny moaned, Her jaw was split as wide as it could go and her mouth was fast filling with gobs of saliva.

Lileth removed the dildo allowing Jenny to cough and splutter. Wet saliva dribbled down from her mouth onto her breasts making them shine under the studio lights.

'How was that one' asked Max when she'd finished retching.

Miserably Jenny said 'Far to big for comfort' then remembering she wasn't supposed to criticise any of the products quickly added but very life like, (if you were a donkey) and no plastic taste.

'Jolly good. Now this last item is something very special that we've never shown on TV before. It's the latest invention new in from Japan and is claimed to be the most life like human phallus ever created. So I expect you to be suitable impressed with this one Jenny.'

Jenny knelt blindfolded with her hands gripped by Ophelia behind her back listening to Max.

Suddenly she felt something soft and warm touching her lips so once more she opened her mouth and accepted the rod as it slid forward into her wet warm orifice.

She was amazed. He was right. This one felt just like the real thing as it slipped in and out of her mouth. It was warm and not like cold plastic, it tasted just right and not of any chemicals and the outside was soft and pliable as her lips moved up and down it. She sucked gently and circled the very realistic head with her tongue.

The camera zoomed in close showing Jenny's sucking lips. It was clear she was lost in the moment and was enjoying the rod being thrust into her mouth.

With an audible pop the cock was withdrawn leaving Jenny sucking on air.

Max said 'Well Jenny you appeared to be enjoying that one.'

'Err … Yes Max' she answered bowing her head realising the entire audience had seen her seemingly suck cock on live television.

'I said' he continued 'that this one was the latest invention and they have added one function that the other items didn't have.'

He hesitated building the tension. 'This one can ejaculate as well.'

'So this time Jenny you get to do a proper taste test.'

Before she could say anything the warm rod once more speared between her lips and deep into her mouth. Automatically she began sucking while Ophelia pushed and pulled her head back and forth sliding the cock deeply into her mouth.

It didn't take long, Suddenly the dildo spurted a long rope of something over her tongue. Five or six more times it spurted filling her mouth then slowly withdrew leaving a trace of white cream on her lips.

Max said 'Savour the taste my dear.'

Jenny swirled the contents around her mouth thinking this tastes just like the real thing.

'Swallow' he ordered her.

Jenny swallowed allowing the wonderful substance to flow down her throat.

'What did you think my dear.'

'It was very near the real thing Max. Warm and soft, large without being to big for comfort. My only criticism would be that the cream they've used tasted to nice. In my err … limited experience most men taste flatter and not nearly so good.'

'Thank you Jenny. Well folks, that's the end of the first half of the show. We'll see you after these messages' and the little red light on the camera faded indicating it had ceased broadcasting.

Behind him Ophelia released Jenny who prized the blindfold off leaving her blinking in the studio lights. As she was doing this Max zipped up his fly and smirked at the other two girls.

Max turned to Jenny saying 'Great show Jen. Just what the punters love seeing, the girls getting it on, lots of flesh and the girls revealing embarrassing details about themselves. Here let me give you a hand there' and so saying he pulled her bra cup out and with the other hand stuffed her breast back into its lacy holder while taking the opportunity to give the great soft mound a good squeeze first. Jenny was just about to object when he did the same to the other one before patting her butt and pushing her towards the dressing room. 'Back in five girls.'

He watched Jenny disappear after the other girls thinking 'Wow. What a find. Already the sales figures are going through the roof'.

Suddenly he felt the vibration of his mobile phone indicating he had a text message arriving. As he read it his face turned to stone.

It read 'Blonde is MI6. Restrain ASAP. LOL. Dr.'

Chapter Five - Uncovered and uncovered more.

The break between the first and second halves of the show was so short Jenny had no chance to indulge in any more snooping. She and the other girls barely had time to change into there new costumes.

Jenny saw Ophelia had been given a simple black leather look bikini and black leather boots. A menacing black mask covering her eyes and what looked like cats ears, which sat atop the brunette's head, topped off the outfit.

Lileth was putting on green tights and a dark green swimsuit with accompanying green boots and a green mask.

Jenny's costume seemed to consist of a small red bustier adorned with gold trim across the bosom, very brief blue panties with white stars on them and thigh high red and white boots with four inch heals. This was topped of with a gold headband with a red star in the middle and gold wristbands. The bustier was tight and by the time she had struggled into it her tits were bulging over the top. The panties were equally snug and indecently small leaving most of her butt exposed while the front was so narrow it was just as well she had no hair on her pussy because if she had it would have been peaking out of each side.

It was only as she and the other girls were making there way back to the studio to begin the second half of the show that she realised they were all dressed as superheroines. Well one superheroine and two super villains.

As Jenny headed to the studio Max appeared and held the two other girls back. Quietly he gave them new instructions and all three turned to stare at the blond agent.

Max started the show giving the viewers an idea of what was to come when he introduced the girls once more. 'Viewers. Here we have the evil Cat Woman, the villainous Poison Ivy and the beautiful Wonder Woman.'

Jenny followed their lead and posed as the camera roamed over all three women's costumes and just as importantly the smooth and supple flesh they revealed.

Max was still speaking. 'Well viewers as you can see we have two villains and one heroine and as you can see on your screen each costume can be purchased in a number of sizes, just pick up those phones and buy, buy, buy.'

'While you are doing that I'll explain how this part of the show will work. We're going to let you, the viewers, decide how we continue. You just send us your ideas of what you'd like to see and we'll do our best to accommodate you. So pick up those phones and call us on the number on the screen, or text or e-mail us'. This was also a good money earner for the channel as the phone lines were premium rated so cost the caller a ridiculous amount of money.

'And we have the first text from Pete of Brighton. Pete says 'the two villains would fight with Wonder Woman and overpower her. Having defeated her the first thing that would be needed would be some form of restraint'.

'Well Pete you're a man after my own heart so girls if you'd each select a form of restraint from the table and hold the out for the customers.'

'Now viewers we will be selling these items for the next 60 seconds and the item that sells the most will be applied to the hero holding it so pick up those phones once more and buy either the Japanese silk bondage rope being held by Catwoman, the ankle spreader bar held by Poison Ivy or the fluffy pink handcuffs being shown by Wonder Woman.'

During the minute Max gave a commentary as if he was watching a horse race. 'And it's a good start as the rope takes an early lead, followed by the spreader, the cuffs bringing up the rear. The spreader drops back as the cuffs move into second place, The rope is leading but the cuffs are gaining, will it be the rope, the rope's lead is being cut and at the line by the narrowest margin it's the cuffs. The cuffs have won'.

Jenny's smile was a little fixed now as Max took the cuffs from her, unsnapped them and held out the open cuff to her. Hesitantly she stared wide-eyed at them. They looked pretty simple with a short chain joining the two cuffs, which were booth covered with soft pink fur. They looked like they came from a joke shop. Slowly she held out her wrist and Max snapped the cuff shut clicking the ratchet until the circle of metal was snug around her slim wrist. Then he quickly swung Jenny round and snapped the second cuff closed around her other wrist securing her arms behind her back.

The camera zoomed in showing the viewers how Jenny was now restrained as she worked her wrists in the handcuffs. In spite of their comedy look they seemed to be damn secure and she wasn't able to find any movement in them.

Max had returned to addressing the audience. 'Well folks we're doing a great job tonight as we've sold out of the Wonder Woman costume, the cuffs and the rope.'

Max once more address the camera 'We have another text this time from Bob in Newcastle. He says 'Once defeated there's always mocking and humiliation and I don't think one pair of handcuffs is enough to restrain Wonder Woman'.

'Bob you're right. OK girls, do your worst.'

Ophelia eagerly leapt forward and with Lileth helping used her rope to quickly cinch Jenny's elbows tightly together. The blond Wonder Woman grunted as the rope was pulled cruelly tight fixing her arms together.

Lileth then stooped and buckled the spreader bar to the blonds left ankle then forcing her feet about two feet apart tightened the other buckle around her right ankle leaving Jenny tottering trying to keep her balance as Ophelia tugged and tightened the rope knots.

Once they'd added the extra restraints Ophelia stood Jenny facing the camera to allow it to pan up, down and around her now tightly bound and helpless figure.

The camera returned to bring Jenny's front into focus Ophelia slipped her hands under Jenny's bound arms and unclipped the red and gold bustier and with a flourish whipped it off the blond leaving her topless, her great globular breasts exposed and bouncing.

Jenny shrieked as she was stripped of her clothing but she was powerless to cover herself as the camera again zoomed in on her magnificent heaving and shimmering mammaries. She writhed in her bindings, which only made her beach ball breasts slosh and sway across her chest all the more providing even more entertainment for the watching viewers. Before she could do anything the two villainous girls advanced on the tied blond. Lileth slipped behind her and slid one hand around her slender white throat pulling her head back and with the other hand held on to the rope binding her elbows. This left Ophelia with free reign. There was nothing Jenny could do to stop the dominating brunette as she began slapping, grabbing and pinching her tits. Pulling on her nipples, digging her nails into the soft pillowy flesh leaving long pink trails in her flesh and smacking them left and right.

Max allowed them to continue abusing Jenny for a minute before calling them off by which time Jenny was gasping and her tits were a darker pink were they'd been slapped and her nipples erect and aroused after being twisted, pinched and tugged out as far as they would stretch.

'So viewers we now seem to have sold out of all the restraints that Jenny and the girls have so ably demonstrated. Lets see if we have another text. Steve of Manchester says restraint is all very well but the villains always punish the Superheroine for wrecking their nefarious plans and trying to capture them. Yes Steve and it just so happens that that's what we have next for sale. Ladies if you would prepare the demonstration please.'

Ophelia stepped off camera and quickly re-appeared with a padded bench, which she placed behind Jenny's, roped and cuffed figure then she gabbing the restrained blonds arms she swung her round.

Jenny hissed 'You can't do this. Please stop it I beg you.'

Lileth smirked. 'You should have read the contract. It says that you agree to any form of sexual practice that the management sees fit to sell the products so we can do anything we want to you.'

Jenny was stunned. Damn that contract.

'Now bend forward over the bench please' said Lileth sweetly.

Jenny stood erect until Ophelia pushed her forward and it was either bend or fall. She bent until her stomach rested on the leather top of the bench presenting her perfect plump buttocks and mile long legs to the camera. On the other side her huge tits hung down gently swaying.

Max meanwhile had selected three items, which he proceeded to show the audience.

'This viewers is a patent leather riding crop. He held up the crop for them.

'As you can see it has a leather handle, it is about two feet long and at the business end we have a three inch leather pad.'

He swished it through the air a couple of times before handing it to Lileth.

'And this is a new item to the Adult Shopping Channel. It is a realistic spanking hand modelled from top quality rubber. Again it has a two foot handle and leather grip but the other end is a model taken of a real hand and attached to the crop.'

Again he swished it menacingly through the air then handed it to Ophelia.

'So folks while we demonstrate the items lets have you on those phones and buy, buy, buy'.

'Girls if you are ready. Let the chastisement begin'.

Ophelia smiled broadly and brought the rubber hand down on to Jenny's upturned butt with a heavy THWACK.

Jenny jerked as the rubber hand slammed into her butt then Lileth swung the crop. It gave off a louder and more spiteful slapping sound. The girls swung alternately like railroad workers driving a spike.

Thwack, slap, thwack, slap. Jenny began to wriggle as her butt turned pink then red. One particularly hard slap drew a gasp from the restrained blond. This seemed only to encourage the girls more as they competed to see who could elicit the most pitiful sound from there victim.

Max watched for a minute as the sales figures went higher and higher then decided there was one more humiliation that could be heaped on the unfortunate blond.

Holding up his hand he stepped forward stopping the vigorous spanking and slipped his thumbs into each side of Jenny's blue bikini bottoms.

Time seemed to stand still for a few seconds then with a quick tug he pulled Jenny's blue and white panties down around her knees. The blond shrieked as her nether regions were exposed. The camera zoomed in once more on her reddened butt checks now with her ankles forced apart her hairless pussy was on full display.

Max took the opportunity to run his hand over the bound blondes hot butt and let his fingers trail over her pussy giving it a firm massage until Jenny began to writhe and moan. Then he drew back his hand and let fly with a huge spank of his own.

'Aaarrggh' Jenny gasped as his hand slammed into her now tenderised buttocks then again and again as he spanked her. Finally he stepped back and nodding to the girls allowed then to resume their cruel and vindictive ministrations.

Jenny's was now groaning and crying out as each implement smashed into her butt until her ass was on fire. But no matter how much she shouted, begged and shrieked the girls kept swinging there arms aiming carefully until the whole of the blond's buttocks were a fiery red. Then just for laughs they switched to Jenny's thighs and moved down slapping and thwacking her perfect tanned thighs above the tops of the long red boots until they were also red and hot.

After a full five minutes Max called a halt. The sounds of leather and rubber on flesh ceased leaving just a quiet moaning and sobbing coming from the abused blond. Quickly he roughly pulled her upright and turned her to face the camera.

Before she knew what was happening he pulled a ball gag from his pocket and with Ophelia's help slipped it between Jenny's teeth and tightened the buckle behind her head. The shocked blond could only give out a muffled groan as she stood tottering before the camera which once more proceeded to pan over her tear stained, gagged face, down over her abused and aroused breasts, further down over her exposed hairless pussy as her panties were still pulled down then finally around her back to show her red and hot buttocks and thighs.

'Well viewers I hope you've enjoyed our little show just as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you. So it's good night from Ophelia.' Catwoman gave a girlish little curtsy, 'and goodnight from Lileth.' Poison Ivy saluted jauntily. 'And it's goodnight from Jenny.' The blond just stood there looking miserable as the pain from her well-spanked butt and thighs filled her world. She couldn't even summon up the strength to groan or object. 'And it's goodnight from me, your host, Max. Please tune in next time.'

With that the red light on the camera winked off. Both girls headed back to the dressing room and Max left with the camera man leaving Jenny standing there, bound naked and racked with pain.

She stood for a couple of minutes not sure if they were going to release her when it began to dawn on her that she's somehow managed to do it again. She'd gone investigating, managed to infiltrate the gang but ended up bound and helpless and in this case well spanked into the bargain.

Max returned with two other men in tow. They both looked to be of Arabic origin, swarthy, tallish and slim with shiny black hair small black beards.

To Jenny utter consternation and confusion he said 'So Special Agent it seems we're going to have to dispose of your troublesome ass. Take her out and secure her for transport' he instructed the henchmen then left them to their task.

Chapter Six - Moving Violations.

The Lorry was of a medium size, bigger than a transit but not the full furniture removal type. The back was seven feet tall, eight feet wide and about fifteen feet deep.

The two henchmen dragged a struggling Jenny into the back of the lorry not caring to much how they did this or were they put there hands to do it. They had secured her and jumped down just as Max entered then they closed and locked the two rear doors.

The back of the lorry was thrown into pitch-blackness until he clicked a small switch and two dim lights in the roof illuminated the scene.

The henchmen had tied the blond agent so she was standing facing the back of the van. The lorry sides were made up of a lattice of wood to allow any cargo no matter what size or shape to be securely tied to stop it sliding about whilst they were in motion. Jenny's feet were still held apart by the spreader and additionally roped to either side. She was free of the rope and cuffs the girls had put on her but these had been replaced by more rope secured around her wrists so her arms could be retied to the sides so she was standing with them spread out at two and ten. The tension in her arms gave evidence to just how tight the ropes had been made giving her very little movement. Finally and most gallingly a rope had been tied round her throat and fixed to the roof forcing her to stand upright so she was giving a good impression of Da Vinci's Vitruvian man.

Max perused the bondaged blond a smirk passing over his features. She still wore the thigh high red boots and the metal headband but the panties had gone leaving her as good as naked. The ball gag had been removed but still hung around her neck.

Jenny tested the bonds but found next to no play in any of them as she watched the tall white haired TV host approach her.

'Well my dear' he began as if in light conversation. 'It seems you have gotten yourself into a proper predicament.' He quickly held up his hand as she made to object. 'Don't trouble yourself to deny it Miss Jenny Richards of MI6 your cover is blown and no protestations on your part will change that.'

'Bloody hell' she thought as she fell silent. 'How the devil did they spot me?'

'We are going to be on the road for a hour or so.' he said as he stepped ominously forward until he was almost touching her. 'What say we become a little better acquainted?'

'Don't you touch me you bastard' yelled Jenny until he roughly forced the gag back into her mouth. Then all she could do was just stand there and stare back at him with sullen defiance.

The blond agent shivered as he began to run his hands over her body. Not roughly but insistent enough to dig his fingers into any soft pliable areas. He cooed over her athletic thighs both front and back and gasped in admiration as he filled his hands with her plump buttocks. Her muscular back fascinated him as he played his hands up and down feeling her muscles moving like well oiled springs beneath her flesh. Predictably he spent quite a while filling his hands with her breasts making her 'Mmmmph' in indignation as he dipped his head and availed himself of there pointed peaks with his lips and teeth.

She tried to swing her shoulders to throw him off but the movement allowed her was so limited it only served to increase the sensations coursing threw her chest. The lights shimmered off her saliva-covered tits as he finally stopped molesting her and stepped back laughing.

Jenny stood watching him practically hanging from her restraints the breath rasping in her throat.

He began slowly removing his clothes.

She'd have bowed her head if the rope around her neck had allowed it but she couldn't so she had to watch as his body was revealed. Tall and well muscled. Long arms with large hands and as his last garment hit the van's floor sporting an impressive and hugely erect penis.

He ducked past her bound arms and banged his palm on the front wall of van and after a few seconds the engine burst into life and with a jerk they moved off.

Keeping himself upright in the swaying lorry he returned to stand directly in front of the bound blond. He gripped his shaft and pointed it at her naked defenceless pussy and pushed forward.

She might not have had much movement in her feet, shoulders or head but her hips weren't so restrained and she deftly moved to the side so the head of his cock bounced off he hip. He sighed and once more took aim. The result was the same and the next time and the next as they played there game of 'Dodge the Cock' for nearly a minute.

Suddenly he stepped back and slammed a fist into her ribs. The grunt was hardly diminished by the gag as pain exploded in her side. He punched her again then again.

The game was over now. He stepped in close and this time his cock found it's target and slid smoothly inside her hot liquid vagina.

He waited enjoying the feeling of her warm depths around his member as she gasped from the effects of the blows and the invasion of her most tender place.

Suddenly the lorry hit a pothole. Her body jerked upwards and then slammed back down drawing a grunt from her as her downward movement buried his cock to the hilt inside her.

He chuckled. 'My, my, the roads are just terrible these days don't you agree my dear. I think I'll just stand here and let the terrain do all the work for me.'

There bodies swayed and jerked, as the van seemed to hit every manhole cover, drain, bump and pothole it could. There was nothing Jenny could do to stop his cock jerking and sliding back and forth within her soft warm tunnel of love.

If they found a smooth section he amused himself with her tits or ass until the next inevitable rough part began their bodies moving against each other once more.

It didn't take long. She could only look into his grinning face denied even the opportunity to head butt him by the rope around her throat as he tightened and lunging upward emptied his load into her jerking each time he ejaculated.

Sadly she didn't match his orgasm, not that he cared, as her ribs would be aching for many hours yet so she simply tried to appear bored and stared back at him stonily.

Max laughed. 'Don't worry my dear plenty of time yet. We'll be on the road for about an hour and at half way there's a long section of cobbled road. That should be fun. I'll be banging your cunt like a fucking woodpecker. Now shall we resume?' and once more he stepped forward his erect cock aimed at her hairless and defenceless pussy.

Chapter Six - Double take.

One of the Arabic henchmen who had been driving the lorry swung the back doors open. Inside Max had released the rope from the roof and retied it to the blonds left ankle after loosening the bindings holding her arms. This left her bending forward a better position for what he was doing to her. With a grunt he finished and picking up his clothes instructed the man to 'Put her in with the old man'.

Jenny was in no condition to resist as she was released then dragged from the lorry into the back door of what from the quick glance afforded her looked like a large Manor House. It was still dark and she could detect no lights away from the house.

A long cold stone corridor lead to an extensive basement area with various rooms off it. Finally they stopped at one with a sturdy wooden doors broken only by a small barred grill. The henchman opened it with a big key and roughly pushed her inside before slamming the door shut and re-locking it.

Inside she staggered upright and in the semi darkness looked at her prison.

At about twelve feet by eight the cell had rough bare stone walls and a hard packed dirt floor. In one corner there was a galvanised bucket covered by a cloth in another a small bed with a thin mattress and no bedclothes. There appeared to be a collection of rags on the bed.

As she slowly moved foreword she realised the rags were a figure lying hunched up in the foetal position. The person wore a simple white shirt, now scuffed and smudged with dirt and black trousers. He had no socks or shoes.

She laid her hand on his shoulder which caused him to jerk and desperately try to scrabble away from her.

As he cowered she realised who she was looking at. It was Commander Holt.

Gently she spoke to him. 'It's me Sir, Jenny Sir. Jenny Richards'.

Slowly he looked up at her and groaned. His face was bruised and cut where he'd been beaten and she could see further marks on his arms presumably caused as he'd tried to defend himself.

'Agent Richards' he gasped out painfully clutching his stomach. 'Oh God. You as well.'

She looked at him sadly 'Yes Sir. But don't despair every policeman and every agent in the country is searching for you. It's only a matter of time.'

It was the truth but she didn't tell him that everyone had dismissed the one clue they'd uncovered by herself and currently they were looking everywhere but in the correct place.

They spent the next hour swapping their experiences. He told her of his kidnap and transport to there current home and his treatment since he'd been taken. It appeared they were prepared to work slowly gradually breaking him down with beatings while save for water he was being starved of food and kept in this freezing cell. The alternatives like drugs might have been quicker but less reliable and it seemed that for some reason they were confident that they were safe from detection.

Jenny in turn gave her account of finding the Adult Shopping Channel card that she repeated must have been dropped by one of the kidnappers, he remained silent and didn't contradict her, and how she'd infiltrated there operation but somehow they had discovered her identity and trapped her before she could find out that they were using it as a cover. She glossed over how she'd been captured, it wouldn't do his confidence in her any good if she revealed how they had tricked her and trussed her up on a live television show. She also said nothing of the degrading events that had taken place in the back of the lorry.

It was during her tale that she realised he was endeavouring not to look directly at her. Then she realised she was wearing a headband and the red boots. Apart from that she was stark naked. It had been so long she'd stopped noticing. He unsteadily stood up and removing his shirt he wrapped it round her shoulders.

She nearly burst into tears. Here he was bruised and beaten, cold and starving and he had the presence of mind to offer his last protection to her.

She looked at the bed. There was a thin mattress over a wire frame with just a small pillow barely thick enough to warrant the name.

'Sir if we snuggle together we can at least share some body warmth.'

He nodded and Jenny lay down and beckoned him to lie with his front towards her so they were spooning. Then she spread the grimy shirt over them both and they tried to sleep as best they could in the cold and the danger.

They were left alone the following day. Still no food but at least the bucket was emptied and the water ration increased. There was nothing to do but she made sure she hid the metal headband she's still been wearing and then searched the cell minutely but found nothing.

Again they slept during the time they thought of as night. As they had nothing but artificial light and little contact with the outside it had to be a guess as to what the exact time was.

Suddenly the cell door burst open and two men rushed in and grabbed Holt and dragged him outside. The door slammed shut just as Jenny got there. All she could do was to grip the bars and shout at there retreating backs.

An hour later she sat brooding on the bed her head in her hands. She looked up as the key rattled in the lock and the cell door once more opened and Holt was propelled through to crash against the opposite wall.

Jenny went to him as the wooden door once more slammed shut.

He lay groaning half propped up against the rough stone wall until she gently helped him upright and walked him to the bed. He slumped down heavily and lay on his back.

Blood seeped from the corner of his mouth and his upper body was now covered with more bruises. As she tried to move him into a more comfortable position he cried out at every movement of a limb or joint. It appeared they had someone who was conversant with pressure points and nerve clusters.

She dipped the shirt cuff into there water and cleaned the blood from his mouth. At least a couple of his teeth appeared to be loose and his speech was slurred.

There was little she was able to do except gently massage each of his limbs to try and ease his pain and encourage blood to circulate allowing the body to heal itself as best it could. He was an old man in his early sixties. He may have once been a tough sailor in the Royal Navy but he'd been behind a desk for ten years and the rough physical nature of the torture would eventually have the required effect.

Eventually they slept in their accustomed position.

The next morning Jenny gradually awoke. There was something amiss. Holts right arm was draped over her.

'Sir' she said quietly. 'Are you awake?'

She felt him stir and murmur 'Yes'.

'Sir where is your hand?'

'Down by my side' he responded mussily.

'Your other hand Sir.' she persisted.

He seemed to think about this for a while then replied 'It's between two pillows.' (This sounds familiar. Ed).

'Those aren't pillows Sir.'

'Oh. Err … sorry.'

There was silence for a few seconds.



'Can you remove your hand please.'

'Oh yes of course' he replied then very slowly pulled his delightfully warm hand from between Jenny generous breasts. He did this as slowly as he could taking as much pleasure in the feel of her soft skin as he could. Christ they were both going to be lucky to get out of this alive so if he could have a little pleasure before he went who would begrudge him that.

About two hours later the cell door opened and this time a tall white haired man accompanied the two henchmen into the cell.

'Time for your next treatment Old man' he said amiably as if inviting Holt for a days rest cure.

Suddenly Jenny jumped up and stood tall and proud between the two men.

She fixed him with a stare. 'Max wouldn't you rather I came with you this time'.

He stared silently regarding her. She was standing tall with her hands on her hips showing him all of her assets inviting him to drink in her high breasts, slim waist long athletic legs and the dark confluence of her thighs. Displaying her femininity in all it's glory.

He considered for a minute. 'Am I to understand you are offering yourself in place of Mr. Holt?'

'Yes I am' she answered trying to sound confident and haughty daring him, challenging his masculinity in front of the henchmen.

He considered then said 'You will partake willingly?'



She furrowed her brow. If you want enthusiasm then I want something in return.'

'You're hardly in any position to make conditions.'

'It's up to you. It's not much to ask for when you consider the returns.'

'What do you want?'

'A hot meal for both of us and a blanket.'

Behind her Holt was screaming inside. This slip of a girl was offering her body to protect him not for friendship but because it was her job. Also she wasn't doing it for the food, she wasn't doing it even to save him from the torture. She was doing it to give them the one thing that could save them both and that was time. Time for something in there situation to change, time for him to recover to allow him to bare another session of torment and time for the authorities to follow every lead and clue they could find. Inside he screamed but outside he remained deadly silent.

'Agreed' he finally said 'But if you fail to satisfy it'll be all the worse for both of you.'

Not sure just how worse it could get she nodded her agreement.

The white haired man turned and instructed the nearest bruiser 'Take her to the playroom and give her a meal, also provide the same for him. In turn you' he said to Jenny 'eat your food and then take a shower and prepare yourself'.

The blond nodded and with as much dignity as her nakedness allowed followed the henchman out of the cell while Holt stood and sadly watched her retreating back.

Chapter Seven - Train

The meal had been simple but hot and filling and raised her spirits no end. She finished it cleaning the plate of every scrap of food then sighing rose and taking off the ridiculous red boots walked into the en-suite bathroom. It was big and modern with strangely two different doors. The second one was locked. A big walk-in shower took up one side of the bathroom but first she brushed her teeth as she'd been so long without a toothbrush her mouth had started to taste like the bottom of a parrots cage.

She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. When it reached a comfortable temperature she stepped under the cascade and luxuriated as the warm wetness flowed over her skin. She poured liquid soap all over her body and washed herself until she felt fresh and clean then washed and washed her hair.

As she rinsed her hair and twisted it to rid it of as much water as she could she suddenly stiffened. Someone else had silently entered the shower and stood close behind her.

Sighing and realising the inevitable was about to happen she slowly turned round.

Max stood there. His body the familiar one she'd seen in the lorry, tall, muscular, long arms and big hands. The only difference was this time his penis was flaccid.

She opened her mouth to speak but suddenly he placed his finger against her lips to silence her. OK if he didn't want to talk it made no mind to her.

He switched off the water then simply stared at her wet and glistening body. His cock twitched as his gaze flowed over her breasts, washboard stomach and naked hairless vagina.

Still without a word he reached for her breasts and with a surprisingly gentle touch caressed her until her nipples in spite of herself began to respond. Stepping in close he moved his hands round to her back to caress that then quickly down to grip handfuls of her plump butt pulling her body against his.

He kissed her. His lips were soft and skilled. He didn't simply thrust his tongue into her mouth he seemed to wait for her and only slipped his tongue between her lips when she seemed ready to accept it. Eventually they were kissing each other ardently.

He took her wrist and moved her hand to his cock, which was more than semi erect now. Jenny realised she had to keep her part of the bargain so took hold of him and began massaging his shaft until it reached it's full majestic length.

He didn't hang about. As soon as he was fully hard he stepped forward and thrust himself inside her. Jenny couldn't stop herself from moaning as he penetrated her. Once he was fully inside her he draped her arms over his shoulders, gripped her butt and began a slow but powerful thrusting motion.

He didn't maul her, didn't grab her tits or handle her roughly he simply concentrated on thrusting his eight inches of man meat in and out of the liquid warm depths of her vagina.

'If only more men would do that' she thought instead of pulling her about, pinching, twisting slapping her. Just stick it in and fuck her properly.

There lips met once more and they kissed deeply.

She could feel herself building which surprised her, as she really hated this man for all the things he'd done to her in the back of the lorry but here he seemed almost to be a different person, as he displayed none of the nastiness he'd shown before.

Suddenly he whispered 'Are you nearly there?'

She was staggered. He was concerned for her not just taking his own pleasure with no regard for her.

'Nearly' she gasped. 'Just a little faster.' And he'd obeyed quickening his pace plunging his cock into her pussy a little harder and deeper.

'Yes, yes' she breathed in his ear. 'Harder now please, harder.'

True to her word he gripped her butt and began slamming his hips forward and upwards pounding her pussy with his cock gradually shortening the strokes until almost as one they seized, grimaced and orgasmed together.

He slowed his thrusting until the tremors left her body then withdrew and stepped back.

'Clean yourself then go and wait in the bedroom. You'll find some things to wear. Put them on' he instructed.

She did as he said taking a towel to dry her hair as he closed the bathroom door behind her.

Jenny dried and combed her hair then looked at the items laid out for her to wear. They consisted of a pair of shear black stockings, a black suspender belt, a pair of black shiny high heels and a full-length black evening gown, no panties had been provided. She slid the stockings up her mile long legs then clipped the belt round her slim hips and clipped it on to the tops of each nylon. The shoes were a reasonable fit and added three inches to her height. The gown was of a light lace material and slid perfectly over her curves. The lack of a bra meant her still erect nipples poked out noticeably.

Twenty minutes later the bathroom door opened and he came in to the bedroom. For some reason he'd put socks on but otherwise he was as naked as he'd been when he'd taken her in the shower. She rose from the bed where she'd been waiting and stood so he could look at her.

His gaze moved over her body then he stepped forward and said 'Please pull back your hair.'

She hooked her long blond hair so it hung back behind her shoulders.

The slap took her completely by surprise and was hard enough to spin her round throwing her face down onto the bed.

'Stand up' he ordered.

Slowly with her hand to her stinging cheek she stood to face him again.

He stared at her steadily.

'Pull your hair back' he instructed once again.

Even slower she pushed her hair to hang down her back and watched him intently tensing herself for a repeat of the blow.

Instead he walked slowly round behind her. Suddenly he seized her by the throat and squeezed hard enough to cut off her air.

She didn't make a move yet and gradually his grip lessened until she could take a breath.

He whispered roughly in her ear 'this is what will happen. You will squat like a ten-dollar whore and suck my cock. It will be the best cock sucking you have ever done in your slutty life. You will suck until it spews hot milky jism down your throat. If you spill a drop I will flay the skin from your ass and it will go hard with the old man as well. Then you will do it again and again until you get it right. Do you understand.'

Jenny nodded as best she could and slowly he released her from his grip.

Rucking up the dress she turned toward him and knelt down. His cock hung down before her face so she took him in her small hand and began to slowly pump him until he began to harden. Once he'd reached a reasonably firm erection of near his full eight inches she opened her soft pink lips and fed him into her hot wet mouth.

She felt him jerk as his cock moved over her tongue and her lips clamped down on his shaft. With her hand still holding him she began bobbing her head applying her tongue vigorously to his helmet. She could hear his breathing quickening and his hips started to push forward.

'Deeper' he ordered.

Jenny removed her hand and allowed his cock to thrust further into her mouth until his purple head touched the back of her throat. She swallowed trying to avoid gagging but the fullness of him forced her body to respond create more and more saliva, which started to drip from the corners of her mouth.

He gripped her head taking hold of clumps of blond hair and pulled her forward until his entire cock was buried in her mouth and pushing into her throat. Her breathing was blocked as he held her steady then slowly he pulled back allowing her to draw a rasping breath through her nose.

He shoved forward again then drew back until only the head of his penis was between her lips. He pulled her head forward until all eight inches had penetrated her mouth. Gradually his rhythm quickened. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as he forcefully face fucked her with ever increasing urgency.

He pushed forward and held her hard then with a jerk ejaculated sending his first stream of sperm down her throat. She desperately tried not to choke as his second jerk sent more cream over her tongue. He pulled back and jerked once more giving a taste of his flat salty jism then one last time emptying his balls into her mouth.

He pulled himself out of her mouth and watched to make sure she followed his orders. He saw her convulse and as if taking poison forced herself to swallow his spunk.

He pushed he head sideways throwing her to the ground and silently walked back into the bathroom.

For a couple of minutes Jenny lay miserably on the carpeted bedroom floor still tasting his ejaculate in her mouth. What the hell had changed? He was like a different man. In the shower he'd been gentle and considerate then he'd changed like Jekyll to Hyde and treated her like a cheap whore. The word schizophrenic entered her mind. Could he be a split personality? Could there be multiple people inhabiting the same body that emerged at different times. Different people with different sexual leanings, one nice and gentle the other violent and wanton. She thought about it.

Suddenly someone grabbed her by the hair a hauled her to her feet. He once more stood before her staring at her tear stained face.

'Remove your gown' he stated baldly.

Sighing Jenny flipped the dress from her shoulders and let it slip to her ankles. She picked it up and laid it over a near by chair.

He studied her then from a draw took out some lengths of white rope.

'Turn' he ordered. 'And place your wrists behind you'.

She had no option. She turned to face away from him. The rope felt soft as it encircled and tightened about her wrist, which he lifted and tied it to her opposite elbow.

She noticed he took his time not like the usual men who tied her up. They rushed the job trying in their excitement to bind her as fast as they could. He seemed to be relishing the experience making sure every strand of rope was positioned just right, winding rope multiple times round her upper arm so that each loop was perfectly placed to the next one. He did the same to the other wrist until her arms were helplessly pinioned behind her back.

With her standing arms restrained he reached round her and filled his large hands with her breasts moulding and massaging them. He started off gently but gradually gripped her flesh harder and herder until he was sinking his fingers deeply into her mammaries making her groan and writhe beneath him.

At one point it felt like he was going to try to lift her off the ground using only his grip on her breasts but thankfully he satisfied himself with just lifting her huge mammaries as high as he could. As he lifted one of her breasts he dipped his head over her shoulder and took her erect nipple between his lips and sucked on it. Before releasing her erect nubbin he gently bit down on it with his sharp front teeth drawing a gasp from her open mouth.

Finally he released her and turning her round pushed her back onto the bed. Taking up another length of rope he slowly tied her ankles together winding the rope around her lower legs until eight loops circled her ankles. As he bound her she watched his rapt face. He looked entranced as he took extra care to place each loop of rope exactly against to it's neighbour.

As he worked she noticed he was getting an erection just from the act of tying her up.

Next he added more rope around her knees until she was completely restrained and unable to move without help.

He stepped back and perused her bound body. Her face and chest were flushed. The rope binding her arms forced her shoulders back and therefore her chest forward presenting her big round breasts with their now dark and erect nipples to him. Her thighs were forced together by her bondaged legs but her bare pussy still peeped out. He stared at her still seemingly in a trance.

Slowly he reached for her and rolled her over until she was face down. Again he stepped back and perused her immobilised body relishing in the control over her he felt.

Her arms were immoveable while the rope fixed her legs together. Her buttocks drew his gaze. Two large perfect plump spheres. Both were half tanned a soft brown and a softer pink where her bikini had stopped the sun caressing all of her flesh.

He raised his hand and brought it down on her butt spanking her.

She gasped out as his hand slammed into her butt making the flesh ripple like a stone tossed into a pool.

He spanked her and spanked her until her butt turned pink then red. Each blow a little harder then the one before until his hand began to sting and sweat broke out on his brow.

The room echoed to the slaps on her buttocks and her cries of anguish.

Suddenly he stopped.

The only sound was her rasping breath and quiet moans.

He grabbed her and threw her into the centre of the bed. Turning her onto her back he flung his leg across her torso and sat on her stomach. Inching up her body he gripped her breasts and laying his penis between them jammed them together trapping his shaft between her soft mounds. With no regard for her he began thrusting himself forward and back fucking her tits. His grip on her soft pillows of flesh hurt as he roughly slammed his cock forward.

It didn't take long. Within a few minutes releasing her abused tits and grunting spurted ropes of white sticky cream all over her face.

Breathing hard he climbed off her abused body to stand staring down at her.

'Well' she gasped at him. 'I hope you've had your fill of me.' Surely he would be satisfied. By her count he'd cum three times in the bedroom and the times he'd orgasmed in the back of the van on the way here. That must be enough.

He stared at her then laughed. 'No my dear, we still have the big finish to come. I think you'll really get a bang out of this.'

With that he turned and opened the bathroom door.

She watched with her mouth agape as a second identical white haired man strode into the room. He was equally naked except he still wore his socks.

My name is Sebastian Black said the bondage freak and turning to the second man he announced 'and I think you have already met my brother Maximillian.'

Jenny just stared stunned. So this explained the differing personalities or did it.

A third man entered. Again white haired, again identical. No socks. Triplets.

'And this is Lancelot, sometimes known as the Accountant. We are all members of the group known as the Elemental Four.'

Elemental Four. One of the most secretive criminal organisations in Europe. They specialised in Industrial and Governmental espionage taking on contracts from individuals, groups and Governments for high prices. The kidnapping of Commander Holt would be just the sort of caper they would take on.

While she was thinking this Max emerged once more from the bathroom with a wet face cloth which he used to clean the sperm from Jenny's face. Then with a laugh he dived on her full length and wrapping his arms round her rolled until she lay on top of him. Then taking her face in his hands he kissed her hard mashing their lips together and forcing his tongue between her teeth. While he did this Sebastian released the ropes from her Ankles, knees and arms and spread her legs apart.

Max pushed Jenny's head upwards and stared at her stunned face as he reached down and pulled her legs forward until she rested on her knees then aiming his cock thrust upwards into her pussy.

Her eyes opened wide and she rocked gently as he thrust into her body.

Lancelot climbed onto the bed and took over holding Jenny's face, which freed Max's hands. Immediately they flew to the blonds hanging breasts and began to molest them.

Lancelot looked at her with a sad expression his face as his brother penetrated her.

Finally Sebastian also mounted the bed positioning himself behind her.

'Now my dear for the big ending.'

Jenny braced herself expecting any second to feel a touch at her spread buttocks and exposed anus.

Instead Max withdrew his cock until just his helmet was between Jenny's puffy and blood engorged pussy lips. Sebastian pressed his cock to her lips and as one they surged upwards penetrating the big busted blonds pussy with both of there eight inch cocks.

Jenny's head flew upward and she cried out as her pussy stretched to its limit to accommodate the double penetration.

Sebastian held her hips, Max gripped her tits and both men slammed themselves in and out of the struggling blonds body. She jerked and shrieked as the two cocks embedded themselves deeper and deeper into her abused cunt until both men's cocks were as deep in her as they could go.

'Shut the bitch up for Christ sakes will you Lance' gasped Sebastian.

Lancelot caught Jenny's flying head and pulled it down. Then as her mouth opened once more to cry out he thrust his cock forward burying it deep in her throat cutting off the sound and her air.

Sebastian and Max didn't care they just kept on pounding away at the blonds pussy while Lance slowly pulled back allowing Jenny to breath but keeping her mouth occupied so she stopped shouting out.

The three cocks surged forwards as one entering the blond who could now only moan as her body was penetrated and abused.

Max gripped her breasts and dragged them down until he could take her teat into his mouth. He began sucking the life from her mammaries swapping sides every-so-often.

Sebastian true to type was swatting her ass making the already red butt even more hot and painful.

All three men had orgasmed within the last hour so they were able to last longer than normal but there abuse of the blond agent tuned them all on so soon the cocks penetrating her pussy began to shorten there strokes.

It was Lance who came first spurting over Jenny's tongue. Quickly Max and Sebastian followed suit grunting and filling her vagina with a double load of there cum.

Max pushed a shocked and well fucked Jenny off to the side leaving her lying almost comatose on the bed as all three cocks were extracted from her sweat covered body.

Her half lidded eyes opened and she groaned as she felt the three men once more begin to move on the bed. Her ordeal wasn't over yet.

Chapter Eight - Lefty

Jenny and Holt spent a restless night in the freezing cell for different reasons. Jenny not surprisingly felt abused and dirty after the three men had used her time and again bending her body into any outrageous and uncomfortable position they could think of.

Holt was worried. When she'd returned the ropes had been removed but he could still see the marks around her wrists arms and ankles so he could easily guess some of what had happened to the young woman. He decided that the last thing she needed was another man pressed up against her naked body after her ordeal so he had covered her with his shirt and had sat up all night with his back against one of the cell walls.

He didn't know why but they were left alone for all of the next day and night. Perhaps they were waiting for the meal to wear off or maybe the men were sated by their sexual escapades. What ever they stayed in the cell talking little and waiting for the next move from the kidnappers.

It came the next day when they took the blond away once more.

In the small room the two Khaled brothers, Saif and Suliman changed into their black clothes.

'Is good ve get to use ze voman' said Saif in a very dodgy North African accent which some people might mistake for a comedy German. Both brothers were originally from Algeria but they had stowed away as boys and travelled to Italy across the Mediterranean. Eventually they made their way to Calais in France and then to England via the back of a refrigerated Lorry.

They'd quickly found a home with the criminal fraternity with there pick pocketing skills until eventually they'd been recruited by Elemental Four to act as general muscle and enforcers.

'Vat ve do?' asked Suliman the bigger of the two men. Both were thin and supple while gym work had given them fitness and supple strength.

'Ve do ze James Bond scene viz Mr. Figgis.' answered Saif.

'Vat Lefty? Ze von viz ze missing ...'

'Zat is correct' finished Saif.

Suliman smirked. 'Zen ze voman is in for a big surprise.' And both men burst out laughting.

Saif continued 'She has already had a hard day I sink. Zey gave her to ze two vomen zis morning. Ze hard faced bitch Ophelia and Lileth.

Suliman's eyes opened wide. 'Let us hope zay left some for us.'

'I saw zis morning they filmed the 'Airport Security scene' said Saif.

Suliman thought 'Ze von vere zey strip ze woman and insert all zos instruments?'


'Zen use ze sings zey strap on to penetrate at front and back?'

'Zat is correct. Ze blond vill be sore I sink.'

'Zat not all' continued Saif. 'Zen Zey did the burglarising vone. Ze vone vere girl is asleep and ze two vomen break in as robbers. They tie ze voman and try to make her tell vere is ze safe viz ze money and jewels. She no tell so zey hurt her.'

Suliman looked sad. 'Voman not going to be much fun for us after zat. I once saw Ophelia try to unscrew nipples viz pliers. She one big bitch zat one.'

Saif answered 'We OK. Ophelia told to cool it. Zere is more miles in voman yet. Zey say she good for many more times as she best looking voman anyone ever see so not do permanent damage. Not yet anyway.'

The two men finished dressing and made there way to the bedroom Jenny had been held in two days before. A film camera and lights had been set up. Ophelia was doing the direction and she was talking to a tall white man who had his right hand deep in his jacket pocket. He was tall and stick thin with a pale face, pencil thin moustache and slick black thinning hair. If this had been the twenties he'd have been the one tying the woman who couldn't pay her rent and had refused to sleep with him to the train tracks then standing there twirling his moustache and gloating as the train approached.

Jenny was also there. She had been dressed in a black leather jacket, a black vest, black trousers and boots. Underneath this she still wore the stockings and suspender belt now with a pair of semi transparent black panties but still no bra.

Ophelia explained the scene and told them all to take their places.

The Khaled brothers and Jenny stood outside the door then at the shout of 'Action' they grabbed her arms and wrestled her into the room. Figgis was seated, looked up as they entered and smiled at seeing the blond agent.

He stood up and looming over Jenny intoned 'So we meet again Miss Bond.'

'Well, well I thought I detected your stench Dr. De'ath. I can't believe you and the Grimm brothers were able to capture me. I'll tell you nothing you miscreant.'

'Miscreant? Such witticisms Miss Bond choose your next one carefully it could be your last' (Again a bit familiar Ed.)

'As to the information we will extract from you there is no need for your bravado we have purchased at great expense the secret of your weakness.'

Jenny blanched and struggled in the grip of the henchmen as called for in the script. She did as she'd been told as yet again there treats against Holt gave her little option.

Dr. De'ath laughed cruelly and said 'Gentlemen prepare her for her ordeal to come.'

The brothers roughly ripped the leather jacket from the blond agent then Saif held her arms and Suliman pulled off her boots and snapping open her trousers pulled them down her legs.

Together they threw her onto the bed. Cuffs were snapped around her left wrist and passed through the sturdy metal headboard then clamped on to her right stretching her arms above her head.

Both brothers climbed onto the bed on either side of the trapped blond then making sure the camera was in the right place as one they tugged down the neck of Jenny's black vest until her huge bra-less tits popped out. Easing out all of her full breasts they released the stretched vest so it pressed both mammaries together.

The camera captured the full scene as both massive bosoms were exposed and once it had zoomed in and around capturing every detail Ophelia gave the signal and both brothers dived in and covered the breast peaks with there mouths.

Jenny struggled and jerked as the Arab's molested her tits. The microphones picked up every wet sucking sound and moan as the men worked on her tits arousing her as fast as they could. With her arms trapped they could use their hands and they clamped them around each giant gland and squeezed and moulding her breasts kneading them like dough. Both tits turned darker pink and the nipples erected to point upwards. Each one was captured between thin lips and sucked and stretched. Then they nibbled on them with there sharp teeth.

Jenny couldn't stop them molesting her and she was becoming tired after a very hard day in which she'd been raped and abused repeatedly so eventually she just lay back as they accosted her tits.

Suddenly she jerked once more as Saif inserted his hand down the front of her shear black panties and thrust two fingers into her pussy.

They molested her until Ophelia finally called a halt and signalled 'Lefty' Figgis to play his next part in the scene.

The brothers grabbed Jenny's Legs and hauled them upwards until her ankles were level with her elbows. This pulled her butt upwards and bent her supple back until her gusset was positioned little more then twelve inches from her face.

Lefties face and the camera lens swan into her view as he knelt and looked down between her spread legs. Placing his left hand on her thigh he stroked her smooth soft flesh.

'It was expensive Miss Bond but we eventually purchased the secret you have so long sort to keep from the intelligence community. The secret that you can't refuse to answer any queries truthfully once in the throws of the most utter sexual bliss.'

'And you think you've got what it takes do you Doctor' said Jenny reciting her lines.

'I have a little trick up my sleeve so to speak that may entertain you' he smirked while both bothers chuckled.

'I don't think so' she taunted him.

'We shall see.' he replied with distain.

So saying he used his left hand and hooked his fingers into her panties and pulled them aside exposing her pussy, which because of her stretched and spread legs was spread apart like an open flower giving him and the camera a view at the pink moist inside of her pussy.

She tried the wriggle and struggle but she was held firm. Then Lefty Figgis dived down and buried his face into her pussy penetrating her with his tongue.

No matter what she did she couldn't shake his sucking mouth from her vagina as he delved inside her and then licked upwards and over her clit giving a satisfied smirk as he felt her body shudder as his rough tongue slashed across her sensitive nubbin.

Ophelia let him eat Jenny's pussy for nearly ten minutes as the camera zoomed in from all angles switching from her wide-open abused cunt to her shocked face.

Eventually Ophelia called a halt and Lefty rose with his lower face covered in pussy juice while Jenny was left groaning and trembling.

'So Miss Bond what are the codes for the defence computer?'

'Jenny's half closed eyes looked up at him and the camera then she gasped out 'Get stuffed you limp dicked freak. You've failed. I told you you didn't have it in you.'

'Hmmm' he mused. 'Well we'll just have to use the secret weapon then won't we. Do you know why they call me Lefty.'

'No' she replied quietly.

He extracted his right hand from his jacket pocket and showed it to her.

Jenny looked at it but failed to see anything unusual until suddenly it dawned on her. The hand was almost perfect but now she could see it was made of plastic. He was called lefty because he had lost his right hand and replaced it with a false one'.

He smiled as he saw she had realised the truth. He waited a few seconds then began to remove his jacket. Once off he unbuttoned his shirt and took that off. His upper body was as emaciated as the rest of him to the point were his ribs were obvious below the pasty white skin and long thin arms hung down from thin skinny shoulders.

His right 'hand' was held on with a cup over the stump, his real arm ended at the wrist and the cup was anchored with a leather strap that reached up to and wrapped around his upper arm.

He unbuckled the strap and pulled the false hand off.

Jenny looked up shocked at the stump at the end of his arm. The Doctor who had done the operation hadn't been very good. The end of the stump was lumpy and the skin pulled tight and stitched together so it looked like a part of Frankenstein.

'I told you I had a trick up my sleeve my dear. Well here it is.' And with that he slammed his arm down forcing the stump into her wide-open and slick pussy.

Jenny screamed as a couple of inches penetrated her vagina. He pushed again forcing another inch into her as she writhed and surged trying to free herself of this agonising insertion.

There was nothing she could do as the brothers hung on to her like grim death. Figgis stood up and with his full weight behind it pressed his stump down. Gradually his thin arm entered her. He twisted it and looked on in amazement as the Blond orgasmed. Her internal muscles gripped his forearm for ten or fifteen seconds as her body shuddered and trembled then gradually relented.

He shoved again penetrating another couple of inches. Jenny groaned piteously. Still he pushed and pushed. He got nearly twelve inches inside her before he felt the entrance to her womb then twisting again he began slowly pulling out. She came again her body bucking and writhing in ecstatic agony.

He drew his wet slick arm almost all the way out then pushed downwards once more. She moaned and gasped out. 'Please I'll tell you anything. Take it out. God take it out.'

He smirked cruelly as he realised this wasn't one of the lines she'd been given.

His arm bottomed out again and giving it a hard twist he began pulling. She came yet again gripping his arm painfully.

Her violated vagina loosened enough that he could speed up his rape and he plunged down once more then back out, in, out, in, twist, out. She screamed and came again.

A nod from Ophelia and the brothers started in again on her breasts chewing and biting her mammaries while Figgis plunged his arm in and out of her writhing body.

Ophelia showed no mercy.

Figgis showed no mercy.

Jenny screaming orgasmed like a train yet again and fainted.

Chapter Nine - Wire

They carried her back into the cell and dumped her on the bed. Holt painfully crawled to her. While she'd been away they'd come for him and he'd suffered another 'treatment'.

She was covered with sweat and other sticky substances so he used the sleeve of his shirt dipped in water to gently wipe her face. She slowly opened her eyes but stayed silent.

He propped her head up and gave her a drink then allowed her to lie back and she closed her eyes without a sound.

It was a long day in the quiet cell.

She woke took more water then slept still without saying a word. Holt didn't press her.

The cell door swept open and the brothers Khaled entered followed by Sebastian Black. He gestured to Holt to follow them once more and the old man rose ready to go with them resigned to his fate.

Suddenly Jenny staggered up from the bed and interposed herself in front of Black.

'Take me' she offered.

'No.' came the reply but it wasn't Black it was Holt who'd answered. He stepped up beside her and said 'No, not this time it's to much to ask.'

Jenny looked at him sadly. It was her job. She gently pushed him behind her and faced Black again.

'Take me. You enjoyed it last time why not again.'

Black looked at her then replied 'Not this time my dear, maybe next time. We have business to conclude I think this time with the good commander.'

He made to brush the nearly naked blond aside when she kicked him full in the testicles. He dropped like a stone. Immediately Jenny was on them. She lashed out at the nearest brother who only just ducked in time. The second brother, Saif, received driven straight fingers just below his right eye. A fraction higher and he'd have been blinded. She was playing for keeps.

Suliman advanced and she smashed his knee with a side on kick. He dropped and she was just about to finish him off when with fire in his groin and fury in his heart Sebastian clubbed her to the ground from behind.

All three men stood wheezing nursing their injuries.

Black recovered enough to order the brothers to 'Take her and string her up.'

Holt could only watch as they dragged the unconscious blond from the cell. Black turned and just before he slammed the door he said 'Nobody does that to me. Both of you will live to regret it. I'll see to that'.

Holt gripped the bars as Black staggered away down the corridor.

An hour later Sebastian Black entered the bedroom they'd been using for the Porn filming. In the centre of the room Jenny hung from her wrists. Leather thongs had been put on her and attached to a hook in the ceiling. Her toes just reached the floor and her own weight had already caused the leather to cut into her wrists.

Black stared at her. She was still wearing the black panties, stockings and belt but the shoes had gone.

He never said a word. The whip was short and vicious looking.

The beating began. Slowly he worked his way round her body starting on her back. The stripes began as soft pink as he paced himself. Twenty strokes later he was down to her butt. That received a full twenty harder now as the whip ripped the panties apart.

The stockings got the same down the back and then up the front until they were shredded and hanging in tatters while her thighs beneath were criss-crossed with striations.

He stopped and sat on the bed for a minute letting his arm recover while Jenny swung gently from her wrists which were on fire now and hurt more than the marks left by the whip.

He grabbed her ankle and using rope tied around it hoisted her leg upwards and tied it off to another hook. The undignified position left her exposed pussy completely unprotected.

He applied the whip to her stomach going higher and higher approaching her breasts but he didn't touch them. Instead he returned and laid into her legs again. She cried out as he slashed the leather into her soft inner thighs.

He stopped and threw the whip onto the bed and picked up a crop. Again short and leather it had a flat piece at the end.

Taking up position he whished the crop through the air. Jenny closed her eyes and waited.

Pain exploded in her pussy as he slammed the crop into her most sensitive flesh. She though she was going to vomit. He waited a full three minutes then thrashed the crop into her pussy again. She cried out. He hit her again revelling in her pain as she shrieked and sobbed.

She thought it would never end but it did. He sat on the bed and waited.

Eventually the pain subsided to a dull ache and she opened her eyes. He stared at her. 'Oh god. He hadn't finished.'

He held up his hand. She took a few seconds to recognise what he held.

'You can't be serious' she said 'dear God no.'

'It's you or the old man. I'll give you the choice.'

She swayed gently then eventually said 'Me.'

Holt lay on the bed staring sightlessly at the ceiling. He struggled trying not to let any images enter his mind but how do you stop yourself think about the only thing that is in your head. Almost impossible.

The cell door opened. He looked up and like a little old woman Jenny walked slowly and unsteadily through and stopped. The door slammed shut.

Jenny just stood there unmoving in the dim light. Holt rose and approached her.

He didn't understand why she just stood there then he detected that around her upper body she appeared to be wearing a bra. He came closer and realised the bra seemed to be made out of strips of metal. Someone had wound wire around the blonds back over her shoulders and round and round her breasts.

Slowly he led her over to the bed and she unsteadily sat down as if in great pain. He could see the whip marks all over her body but that wasn't what was causing her so much pain. The wire had been wound tightly round her. Each breast had at least a dozen loops pressing into the flesh leaving soft skin bulging out between each strand. Even that although not nice wouldn't cause the pain she seemed to be in.

He began looking for the end of the wire to attempt to unravel it and it was during the examination he realised what was causing her such agony. If Black had used ordinary wire that wouldn't have been such a problem but he hadn't. The wire he'd used was barbed.

Jenny had at least a hundred merciless steel barbs piercing her back, shoulders and breasts and it was this that was causing her wretched suffering.

The ends of the wire had been twisted and he couldn't unravel them. His fingers bled but still he failed to free the ends. He felt nothing but the deepest despair. Jenny was in excruciating agony and there was nothing he could do to help her.

Suddenly there was a noise at the cell door, a soft metallic knocking. Holt rushed to the door and looked through the bars. He could make out a mop of white hair in the darkness outside.

'I'm sorry for what my bother did' said a quiet sad voice.

'Who're you' asked Holt in an urgent whisper.

After a pause the voice said 'Lance, err … Lancelot' and he pushed a pair of wire cutters between the bars.

Holt took them and said a heartfelt 'Thank you'.

He heard him start to move away. 'Wait' he said urgently.

Lance paused and returned 'What'.

'Thanks for these but she needs more. She could die of infection. She has hundreds of cuts and that wire doesn't look that clean. Do you have any antiseptic cream?'

'I don't think so' he replied in the dark.

'Look did you bring her bag here. There's some in there'.

'I don't know.' Lance responded and after a few seconds 'I'll look.'

Holt returned to Jenny who had begun to shiver and with the cutters began to snip through the wire everywhere he could. When he thought he could he began to prize a small length of wire away from her skin but as he moved it she reacted and stiffened gritting her teeth.

He sat thinking what he could do when she reached out and took his hand and pressed his finger to the side of her neck.

'Press here' she said so quietly he hardly heard her. 'Carotid artery. Few seconds'

He hesitated.

Her voice still nearly silent 'Please.'

He placed his fingers were she'd shown him and pressed. Her brain was staved of oxygenated blood she slowly relaxed and slumped back onto the bed.

He worked quickly. Snipping and pulling wire free being gentle when a barb caught. Twice she stirred but he pressed on the artery again and put her back to sleep.

Just as the last wire came free he heard a soft bump by the door as a small white tube was pushed through the bars. It was the Professors healing cream. He wiped as much blood off as he could with his shirtsleeve and applied the cream. Under other circumstances this would have been a very pleasant way of passing the time but the erotic connotations never even crossed his mind.

He also smeared cream over any of the whip marks that appeared serious then lay her down on the bed and covered her with his shirt.

Chapter Ten - Escape

Jenny awoke in the early morning and looked round. Her body felt OK with little more than aches and throbbing. Holt was asleep sitting against the wall.

Quickly she rose and shook him awake. He murmured and opened his eyes.

She placed her finger against his mouth to stop him speaking then in her quietest voice asked 'How did you get the wire off?'

He got up and snaking his hand under the pillow produced the wire cutters.

Her eyes lit up and she grabbed them. Then snaked her own hand under the pillow and pulled out the metal Wonder Woman tiara and headed with her prizes for the cell door.

She studied the lock once more as she'd done many times before and began using the wire cutters on the tiara. Eventually she cut something that looked like a lock pick and began working on the door lock.

It wouldn't budge.

She sat back and thought then looked round the cell. Under the bed were the remnants of the wire that had been wrapped around her. Quickly she selected the longest piece she could find and snipping off most of the barbs applied the tiara and the wire to the lock.

It took a couple of minutes but suddenly there was a click and the door was open.

Silently she took Holts hand and they started their escape.

They turned left out of the door and headed for the rear entrance they'd originally been brought in by a long five days ago now.

The corridor was nearly thirty yards long and they both expected a shout of discovery any second. The discovery came from exactly the opposite direction that they'd expected. As they neared the back door it opened and as large as life there stood Dr Rodwell.

He made to open his mouth when Jenny leapt forward and kicked him in the stomach. All the air in his lungs wheezed out as he slowly collapsed to the floor. Quickly she gripped his collar and raised his head. Her fist started forward to knock him unconscious. There could be no good reason for the Doctor to be here unless he was part of the kidnap plot and thus part of the gang. The mystery of her discovery was solved.

With his last breath Rodwell rasped 'Freud's Rules'.

Holt watched amazed as Jenny froze then straightened to stand staring into space.

Slowly Rodwell got up and still grasping his belly looked at Holt.

'So old man it seems you lose' he gloated

'Rodwell. What are you doing here' asked Holt playing desperately for time.

'I'm working for Elemental Four. My inside knowledge and position was instrumental in helping them to arrange your kidnapping' he replied as his voice and wind recovered. 'I was also able to warn them that they had this delectable creature within there midst and unsuspecting as she was they were able to capture her without any problem.'

So saying he reached out and cupped Jenny's breast. 'Ah still as perfect as I remember' he said as he fondled her in front of his now ex boss.

Then just like all bad guys who think they are superior instead of calling for help he began to monologue.

While Rodwell gloated and boasted Holt tried to think about what had happened. Jenny had just been about to finish him when she froze. What had he done? He hadn't touched her until now so it must have been the phrase he'd uttered. What the hell had it been? 'Freud Rules? Well if that was the phrase that put her into a trance then there must be a phrase to reverse the effect.

Rodwell was still in full flow all the petty slights and jealousies coming out as the reasons why he had committed treason while still molesting the young blonds huge mammaries.

Holt continued to think hard. 'Freud Sucks? Schopenhauer Sucks? Wait, the phrase was Freud's Rules, not Freud Rules. Why does that ring a bell. Where does that come from? Holt racked his brains and tried to visualise the bookcase in Rodwell's office.

Suddenly it clicked. The big green book on the second shelf was entitled 'Freud's Rules of Dream Interpretation'. That was were the phrase had come from. He had to take a gamble.

Putting on a defeated air waited until Rodwell stopped for breath and said 'Dr Rodwell. I must say the last few days have been like a dream. Interpretation of the situation would seem to suggest you have won'

Rodwell looked at him quizzically trying to work out the unusual phrasing Holt had used. He realised what Holt had done just a second to late as Jenny smashed her fist into his throat rupturing his larynx then as he gasped clutching himself she smashed his head into the cellar wall knocking him senseless.

Holt reacted quickly grabbing Rodwell's coat and flinging it to Jenny to put on then he searched his pockets finding his car keys and mobile phone.

Outside he pointed the blipper at the assembled cars and they headed to the one that flashed its lights. Once inside while Holt drove. Jenny used the Satellite Navigation on the cars dashboard to determine their exact location, which a quick call passed to MI6 and the Police.

After a couple of miles with no lights appearing in their rear view mirrors they both let out a whoop of freedom.

Chapter Eleven - Cleanup and Promises.

Later that night after the intense debriefing they both endured Jenny volunteered to drive Holt back to his home. On the way they spoke little after there ordeal but eventually Jenny said 'I'm not to keen on having to give evidence at the court case Sir. You know, after everything that's happened. It could be very embarrassing to us all. I mean not just the things that happened to me but the fact that you were kidnapped so easily. That's not showing the department in it's best light is it.'

'You need not worry about that Agent Richards. There isn't going to be a court case.'

'Err ... why not Sir.'

'We sent cleanup teams to the Manor House and the Television Studios. Unfortunately we weren't quick enough. Elemental Four sent their own teams first. Every person we came into contact with who could have provided any connection or clue to Elemental Four was eliminated, one with prejudice.'

'With prejudice Sir?'

'In this case the bullet was delivered from the front so Sebastian was looking down the barrel when he were executed. He could see it coming. All the others got it in the back of the head.'

They completed the rest of the journey in silence both lost in there thoughts.

Jenny made a simple meal for them during which both were nearly dropping off. Any sleep they'd had in the previous week had not been very good. They climbed the stairs together and to his surprise Jenny came into his bedroom. She found his pyjamas and turned her back as he stripped and put them on. Then she helped him into bed.

Holt slowly lay back on the soft welcoming mattress and closed his eyes. There was a rustling noise then he felt the bed bounce. A warm body nestled close to his. He turned on his side and found himself spooning with the young blond agent just as they had done in the prison cell. She was again completely naked.

'Err...Agent Richards do you think this wise?' he asked hopefully.

'Just go to sleep Sir you'll need your strength.'

Holt closed his eyes again then felt her reach back and taking his right wrist pulled his arm across her body. He gasped as she placed his hand between her warm tender breasts.

He squeezed her soft pillowy tit and she giggled.

'Wait till the morning you naughty man. Now conserve your strength because you're going to need it.'

Holt sighed contentedly and falling into the arms of Morphious dreamt of what exquisite fleshy delights the morrow would bring.

The End