Mistress Barbara - Part 4

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James Gordon enlists the aid of the Caped Crusader Batman to find out what has happened to his daughter. In an effort to salvage her reputation Barbara Gordon holds a press conference.

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James Gordon sat with his head in his hands tremendously depressed when the Caped Crusader entered his office. When he heard the footfalls of his visitor the weary Police Commissioner looked up. The sad expression and the dark circles under the Police Commissioner's eyes indicated a recent lack of sleep to the masked marvel. Although greatly troubled Jim Gordon welcomed Batman with warmth and affection.

"I am sorry to call you in so early Batman but I am in a great deal of trouble." The Caped Crusader swiftly replied,"Think nothing of it Commissioner Gordon" Jim Gordon then remarked,

"Do you know why I have called you here?" The Dark Knight exclaimed,

"I take it that it has something to do with an incident at The Hellgate Club last night where your lovely daughter Barbara announced that she had become a dominatrix."

"You are right as always Batman. I just can't believe it! It can't be true because Barbara would never do anything so outrageous!" Batman declared,

"Of course not Commissioner! It is obvious that some monstrous villainy is currently being perpetrated on your daughter"Wringing his hands the policeman inquired,

"But who Batman? Who would want to harm my sweet Barbara?" The masked marvel then asked his own questions,

"Who, indeed Commissioner? Are all the Super Criminals still locked away?" James Gordon answered,

"All but the Penguin who was released two months ago. But we haven't heard a "Wak" out of him at all." The Caped Crusader replied,

"That's very strange Commissioner! The Penguin has an ego the size of Texas and loves being in the lime light. For him to stay off of the radar screen is most unusual. He has to be involved in some criminal enterprise." In agony Jim Gordon wailed, "But what?" In a flash the answer came to the caped crime fighter.

"You must remember Commissioner that five years ago Penguin tried to force Barbara to marry him so he would be immune to prosecution. Barbara naturally rejected his offer and the fiend took her prisoner. Fortunately Batgirl, Robin and myself were able to rescue her." The Policeman remarked, "Yes you are right Batman!" Batman continued,

"Knowing Penguin's criminal mind as well as I do I am sure he is currently seeking some evil retribution against Barbara for rejecting him. He is undoubtedly using some sophisticated mind control technique on her. What better way to get revenge than to ruin your daughters spotless reputation." Jim Gordon exclaimed,

"You have done it again Batman! What can I do to help?" Batman soberly replied,

"Nothing right now. I will begin investigating the Penguin immediately. I have learned however that Barbara is to hold a press conference at The Hellgate in order to explain her situation. No matter well intentioned things like that can get ugly real fast. I think you need to be there Jim to show Barbara your support as well as your affection."

It was quarter to twelve as Barbara Gordon paced nervously in a small alcove off the main ballroom of The Hellgate Club. Babs had fifteen minutes until she took on the press of Gotham City. She wore her famous pretty in pink outfit which consisted of; pink leather blazer, white satin blouse, pink mini skirt and white knee boots. The outfit and her long shoulder length red hair fitted her overall plan of appearing as a young ingénue and not as dominatrix.

There came a sudden knock at the side door. The red tressed beauty opened the door to find her father James Gordon standing there. In shock she squealed,

"Daddy what are you doing here?" With a look of mild surprise James Gordon replied,

"I have come to support my beautiful and loving daughter in her hour of need" The booted beauty threw her arms around his neck and shouted, "Thank you Daddy! I am"

Jim Gordon cut her off and exclaimed,"Not now darling! We will talk later. Right now you need to concentrate on going out and whipping those people! Now look, when you go out there tell the truth no matter embarrassing it might be. If they catch you in a lie they will rip you apart. Stay calm and stay cool."

At precisely twelve noon Barbara Gordon walked calmly and confidently up to a podium set up in the ballroom and welcomed the press of Gotham City to The Hellgate Club. She was followed by her father who stood a respectful distance behind his daughter. Commissioner Gordon's presence was a complete surprise to the press and taken to mean that if they had any intention of ganging up on his daughter they had better forget it. Jim Gordon had a reputation of being a rough and tumble veteran of the press wars. He always gave as good as he got but was always an extremely fair man.

Barbara began by reading a short statement in which she acknowledged that she was indeed a dominatrix. She admitted that she had worn a mask in an attempt to shield her father from public scorn. Babs also acknowledged that wearing the mask had been a serious mistake on her part

The red haired beauty in an effort to educate her audience then described the role of dominants in sexual interplay. A dominate solely provided services for submissive clients who wished to be dominated. The dominant did not set the sexual agenda the submissive client did. A dominatrix only did what was asked of her. Barbara also pointed out that all of this was done between two consenting adults.

Additionally Barbara reiterated Mistress Anita's maxim that domination is not prostitution. She was dominatrix not a hooker and as such did not have sex with her clients. The temptress in pink then recited the services that she would provide and those that she would not. Babs stated there was nothing that would make her perform water sports on a submissive.

There was brief pause as the red tressed beauty finished her statement. Jim Gordon noticed the very favorable reaction of journalists to Barbara's opening piece. On the whole the conference was going well so far in the Commissioner's mind. His lovely daughter was coming off as being young, pretty and very articulate. Barbara had acknowledged that she was not a saint by openly admitting that she had made a mistake by wearing a mask. The easy part of the affair was over however now came the questions.

The initial questions came fast and furious but Barbara took them one at a time. Yes, being a dominatrix was unusual profession. No, the profession was not all about pain and torture. Again she reiterated that she did not have sex with her clients male or female. There were definite rules of behavior for dominant and the submissive.

The reporters tried many times to trip the lovely up by asking a previous question in a slightly different manner but to no avail as Babs avoided all the traps. She was however totally embarrassed about how her actions had brought shame upon her father. One aggressive reporter directed a particularly stinging question at the Commissioner. But Jim Gordon being a wily veteran that he was simply replied, "No comment!"

As the session dragged on the meaningful questions became fewer and fewer. Finally after more than an hour of questions it was over. The press seeing Barbara's honesty and full disclosure of everything felt the story was dead. The general attitude appeared to be, the Police Commissioner's daughter is a dominatrix so what! There are a lot worse things than that.

Jim Gordon was truly proud of his beautiful daughter. She stood up for what she believed in and took on a hostile press to boot. Her performance was a tour de force. She had taken some heavy shots but she always came back swinging. She had been tough when she had too but she also showed great poise and grace when it was called for. The Commissioner was quite sure that tomorrow the Barbara Gordon story was going to be yesterday's news. The proud father then escorted his Pretty in Pink daughter up to her office in The Hellgate Club

If Commissioner Gordon was a happy man across town there was another man who was mad with rage. The Penguin had gleefully tuned into the televised news conference certain that Miss Goody Goody Barbara Gordon was finally going to get her true comeuppance. His plan had been perfect. Everything had happened as planned. He was certain of ultimate victory when Barbara "The Bitch" Gordon was run out of Gotham City on a rail and in total disgrace. But it did not come to pass.

When the press conference was announced Penguin could not believe that Miss Goody Two Shoes would be foolish enough to face the press after being unmasked as a dominatrix. The cagey bird was certain they would rip her to shreds. The fowl bird became uneasy after Barbara read her statement and admitting her errors. During the questions it was all down hill as Penguin saw the temperament of the press shift from against her to for her. When the session ended the waddling crook saw as did Jim Gordon that the story was dead. No one cared what Barbara Gordon had done. An hour later after reflecting his latest defeat from Barbara Gordon the frosty fowl was red with rage. Once again he had failed! Once again "the Bitch" had escaped her rightful punishment. Revenge for the most humiliating moment he had ever suffered would once again be postponed. Once again Oswald Cobblepot would surely descend to the usual depths of despair and depression.

The smashing blow to his ego suffered by the Penguin was as usual predictable. Once again the cagey criminal failed just like his peers like Catwoman, Joker and Riddler had failed and all for the same reason. Due to their arrogance and their egos all of them discounted the value of personal courage.

Barbara Gordon had won because she had the boldness to defend herself as well as her actions before the press. Being as all of the Super Villains were devout cowards they were devoid of bravery. They attempted to overcome their failings by hiring as many underlings as they could. Unfortunately the hirelings were just as cowardly as the Super Villains.

As the now broken bird reviewed the broken dreams of his mental landscape the desire for vengeance and revenge against Barbara Gordon grew to an even more desperate level. His brilliant master plan should have worked but it did not. The stain of his humiliation grew larger each day. Finally Penguin concluded that there was only one way the slate could be wiped clean. Miss Goody Two Shoes Gordon had to die. For the now crazed criminal it was the only way out.

After his meeting with Commissioner Gordon the Caped Crusader returned home to the Batcave. During the journey Batman considered several courses of action all of which he was forced to reject. Always the main stumbling block was Barbara Gordon's knowledge of Batman's secret identity. The only solution was that Bruce Wayne was going to have to handle this job by himself.

Armed with the Penguins current address from the Commissioner Bruce Wayne donned the disguise of an elderly home extermination technician. After he arrived at the townhouse rented by the fowl fiend Bruce Wayne quietly surveyed the building and surrounding area. He then gained entry to the house while the Penguin was out and conducted a basic home treatment of the premises. While in the process the bogus technician managed to tap the main phone line as well as place listening devices in every room. With the task completed he then retuned to the Batcave

The placing of listening devices while not quite legal was certainly very ethical. Within a short time Bruce Wayne was able to identify the Penguins unknowing agents. The main dupes were; Abigail Billingsly, Elaine Jones, Steve Hoskins, Ralph Ward and the wily Monsieur' Jacque. However unknown to the great detective was the fact that there was a Penguin operative working in The Hellgate Club. His exclusive job was to report on Barbara's actions on a daily basis.

Upon identifying the major players in the game Bruce Wayne deduced the basic plan of the Penguin. Barbara's performance at the press conference however suddenly changed the rules of the game. With his plan to embarrass Barbara completely foiled the Penguin was going to have to devise a new one. Bruce reasoned that this would take time. In the mean time the billionaire decided it was vital that he discover the mind control technique being used on the Commissioner's lovely daughter. This necessitated a visit to the red tressed lovely at The Hellgate Club. After he had informed his manservant Alfred Pennyworth on his progress so far in the matter Bruce Wayne battled late afternoon traffic as he returned to Gotham City. On his arrival at the club the billionaire was quietly escorted to Mistress Barbara's second floor office. Barbara wore a gleaming red leather pant suit when she warmly greeted Bruce and gave him a warm hug.

The two friends talked for almost an hour as they caught up with what was happening in each other's life Bruce was greatly impressed with the great vibrancy that Babs now displayed. Previously she had always seemed extremely shy and withdrawn. It did not seem possible that so great a change had come over her since the last time he had seen her.

Bruce then offered an invitation to diner at the finest restaurant in Gotham City. The young beauty politely declined stating that because of her news conference today it might not be wise for a pillar of Gotham society to be seen with her. Bruce replied that was totally absurd and that he would have diner with whom he damn well pleased.

Barbara touched by Bruce's loyalty toward her had an alternate proposal. As this was going to be a slow evening at the club Babs proposed that they have a quiet diner here in her rooms. The billionaire who now found himself somewhat smitten by the lovely in red leather instantly agreed.

The two friends enjoyed a leisurely diner where Bruce discreetly probed for useful information. He mentioned her new hairstyle and Barbara described the incident of the falling sand, her introduction to Monsieur' Jacque and the advertising campaign that followed. Bruce then followed up with several veiled references to Batgirl and the Caped Crusader. The red haired dominatrix seemed to have no idea at all what he was talking about.

To Bruce Wayne the total lack of recognition of Batgirl and Batman was incredible. For almost a year the two caped crime fighters had been involved in an affair of unbelievable passion. The romance was so strong and intense that they decided four months ago that a trial separation was necessary in order to save their sanity. The wealthy industrialist knew deep in his heart that the one emotion Barbara Gordon would take to her grave was her never ending love for Batman. How could this deep feeling have been totally erased and replaced by a desire to be a dominatrix? The billionaire now became determined to find out.

As the two sat enjoying their after diner coffee Bruce began a subtle examination of the events leading up to Barbara's conversion from a beautiful caped crime fighter to an equally lovely dominatrix. She again mentioned the sand incident and Jacque's agreement to cut her hair for free. She also described her new passion for sexy outfits that she made or bought at Elaine's Erotic Boutique. The more Babs talked about her recent experiences a basic pattern began to emerge. Barbara was definitely under some form of mind control and the key appeared to be Monsieur' Jacque.

All the time that Bruce Wayne attempted to get critical information from Barbara Gordon which he hoped he could use to eventually free her from mind control he also battled very deep emotions. He wanted her and he wanted her badly! It had been almost four months since he had made love to her. Granted it was as Batman and Batgirl but he could not forget the memory of that evening. They had been in Barbara's boudoir and she had worn her special purple leather costume that drove him mad with lust.

As they continued to talk Bruce could barely keep himself under control. Barbara looked so incredibly lovely in her leathers. Finally he could stand it no longer. He rose from his chair and took her hands in his and pulled her to her feet. Instinctively they wrapped their arms around each other and shared a kiss of deep passion. When they broke the kiss Babs wickedly exclaimed, "Want to play?" Bruce replied, "Very much!"

The red tressed lovely walked him over to a door and remarked,

"This is my playroom. I want you to go inside, take off your clothes and wait for me. I have to go change. Remember we are in my sandbox so my rules apply!" Bruce kissed her again and Barbara inquired,

"What color do you want me in red or black?" Bruce replied, "Black of course!"

When Bruce Wayne stepped into the playroom he did not know what to expect. It was a large room well furnished with bondage furniture and equipment. There was a Saint Andrew's Cross, Bondage wheel and several spanking benches. There were whips, quirts, riding crops and Cat o nine tales lining the walls along with straight jackets and spreader bars. It seemed every possible device for bondage and discipline was in the playroom.

The billionaire did not wish to anger Mistress Barbara so he began to remove his clothes as directed. Off came his jacket, tie, white shirt, trousers, shoes, socks, undershirt and finally his briefs. As he stood stake naked Bruce expected to be chilled but the room was quite comfortable. Suddenly he could hear the distinct thud of spike heeled shoes approaching.

The door opened with a start and in stepped a goddess encased in a black patent cape with the edges trimmed in red. Mistress Barbara had her gorgeous red tresses piled seductively on her head and wore a black patent domino mask also trimmed in red. The beauty in black patent smiled wickedly before she pulled open her cape. Underneath she wore a pair of open breasted black patent tights that had to have been painted on her as they hugged her every curve. In addition a pair of black patent lace up crotch boots trimmed in red as well as shoulder length black patent gloves.

All the wealthy socialite could do was stare with great lust at the dominatrix's lush size 36DD breasts. As many times as he had seen Barbara bold and beautiful in the awesome shimmering Bat Suit nothing in the past could compare with lovely figure now before him. She was incredibly beautiful and he wanted her now more than ever.

Barbara's entire air had completely changed. Bruce was used to the wild impetuous ways of the ultimate adrenalin junkie Batgirl. Now before him stood a calm, poised and very mature woman of incredible beauty. The boldness of her costume was completely balanced by the unstated confidence of her manners. It seemed that Barbara Gordon had been born to play the role of the dominatrix.

Bruce Wayne on the other hand was about to portray an entirely new sexual role. He was about to enter the world of the submissive. Through out his entire life the billionaire had always taken the dominant position whether it was in business or sexual matters. In the boudoir the socialite called the shots. While there were occasions where he shared dominance with his partner these had been trysts with Batgirl and Catwoman. Both women were very feisty and determined not to be dominated by any man.

This time however would be completely different. He would have to instantly and completely obey the commands of Mistress Barbara. If he angered his mistress he could expect punishment that would be immediate as well as painful. This would all be new to him but he was willing to give it a try.

As Mistress Barbara approached him Bruce Wayne dropped to his knees. This was his first act of submission and was duly noted by the patent clad dominant who exclaimed,

"Very good slave! It appears you know your place." Bruce answered, "Yes Mistress!"

Mistress Barbara reached inside her cape and pulled out a full black patent bondage hood which she dropped at the knees of her slave. She then remarked,

"Put it on slave as I do not wish to see you face. I like my slaves hooded and helpless!"

Bruce Wayne immediately picked up the shimmering bondage device and pulled it down over his head. Mistress Barbara made a few minor adjustments before she locked it into place. The bold dominatrix then had her slave place his hands behind his back in order to be handcuffed and then pushed him flat on the floor with a boot. The boot then appeared next to Bruce's mouth as he received the command to,

"Kiss and lick my beautiful boot slave!" The billionaire reverently began to kiss and lick the gleaming spike heeled thigh boot. The novice slave enjoyed the pungent smell of leather as he performed "Boot Worship" for his lovely mistress. After five minutes of work she substituted her other dazzling boot which he also kissed and licked. With Boot Worship completed Mistress Barbara ordered her slave to his feet and over to spanking bench which he then mounted. With his creamy white butt now high in the air the bold beauty began to spank her slave with the flat of her hand. Bruce found his first spanking not at all painful and highly erotic as his manhood began to grow.

When the spanking was complete the next stop for the new slave was the Saint Andrew's Cross. Bruce was first securely chained to the X shaped device and then Mistress Barbara began to explore her slave's superbly toned body. She gently and slowly caressed his massive chest. Bruce adored the cool feel of her patent gloves before they moved lower to stroke his rock hard abdominals. The final portion of this delightful torture was the slow ascent and descent of her dazzling thigh boots along his long powerful legs. Her patented Boot Caress drove him mad with passion.

The mistress could see the effect of her work on Bruce's steadily growing shaft. She however decided to torture the slave some more by leaving him chained to the cross while she monitored the activity in the club. The socialite was crest- fallen as his mistress blew him a kiss as she left the playroom. Severe bondage was not something Bruce Wayne was not familiar with. He faced it many times in the guise of his other persona Batman.

The billionaire had to admit that he was enjoying the role of a submissive. The great beauty and style of his mistress made him desperately want to please her. Bruce Wayne was mad with lust for his mistress. In an extremely short period of time he had become totally enamored with her and would do anything she commanded. All he wanted now was to be with her and to satisfy her every wish.

After she satisfied herself that the club was running smoothly Barbara Gordon returned to the playroom. She felt that the preliminaries were over and it was time to move on to more serious matters. Given the hunky nature of Bruce Wayne it was obvious that the no sex rule was inoperative for tonight. The man had a fantastic body and she planned on exploring every inch of it until the sun rose.

Mistress Barbara released her new slave from the Saint Andrew's Cross and escorted him from the playroom to her very plush boudoir decorated in black and red. After assuming a prone position on a huge four post bed she placed handcuffs on his wrists and ankles. This was done to enforce the idea that he was completely helpless and totally in her power.

Barbara then moved to the back of the bed and made a pile of several satin covered pillows for her to lean against. She then pulled her hooded slave up even with her chest and then opened the shimmering black patent cape. With her breasts bared Bruce Wayne now began to kiss, suck and nuzzle the melon sized orbs of flesh. As the new slave feasted on her chest the Mistress was thrilled by the cool feel of the patent hood against her skin.

After "Breast Worship" was completed Mistress Barbara removed the handcuffs on her submissive. Bruce was then placed spread eagled on the bed and chained by his wrists and ankles to the four bed posts. With her slave now completely helpless Mistress Barbara now went on the attack. She took his shaft and began to kiss and lick it. As it began to stiffen she then took his manhood in her mouth

Bruce Wayne was now in absolute ecstasy as his beautiful mistress played with his cock that he began to moan. As it continued to turn rock hard the new slave begged and pleaded for sexual relief from the goddess. It wasn't to be as she turned, got up on her hands and knees before she lowered her labia into his face and commanded, "Eat me!"

Bruce Wayne now on fire with desire instantly complied with the demand. Her strong musky smell filled his nostrils. The new slave's efforts soon brought results as fluid soon flowed from around her clit. The billionaire was then driven further into mad passion as she reversed her position and lowered her perfect butt on to his face. She then ordered her prisoner of passion to, "Lick my ass!" The command was instantly obeyed.

As his tongue penetrated the crack in Mistress Barbara's fabulous butt Bruce Wayne was reaching overload. He would do anything his mistress said but he was now desperate for sex with gorgeous dominatrix. He began to plead and beg,

"Please Mistress, please do me! I can't take it anymore please do me now!" The pathetic plea was music to the dominant's ear She taunted her new slave,

"No, you are not ready yet. You have a long way to go!" The socialite's plea for sexual relief now became louder and more desperate,

"Please Mistress, please have mercy on me! I can't wait any longer. Please don't torture me!" The beauty in black patent finally relented and mounted Bruce Wayne's vertical manhood. Once the love shaft was in her canal she began to move slowly up and down filling her captive and herself with unbelievable passion. For over ten minutes the bold beauty slowly brought a massive climax to herself as well as prisoner. A thunderous orgasm washed over both dominant and slave. When the effects of the climax were gone Bruce Wayne immediately began to urge another round of love making

The new slave got his wish as Mistress Barbara took him on a sexual rollercoaster for the rest of the evening. Where he would be raped on one occasion and gently caressed on the next. When finally mistress and slave where near exhaustion the long passionate lovemaking came to an end. The mistress released her slave from the bed chains and handcuffed his wrists behind his back The dominatrix then wrapped her prize in her shimmering patent cape and pulled him close to her They shared several passionate kisses before sleep overcame them.

The next morning the two awoke to the same situation. Barbara was the dominant and Bruce was the submissive. The billionaire was thrilled as he was allowed to slowly remove his mistress's fabulous dominatrix costume. Bruce Wayne had come to the club as dear friend of Mistress Barbara but when he left the next morning he was her devoted slave.

When Bruce Wayne returned to The Hellgate Club the following evening he was hoping for some more sexual bondage and discipline from his lovely mistress. But Barbara Gordon had other ideas for her new slave. Tonight would be a heavy dose of feminization for the billionaire. He was relieved of his street clothes was given a black wig and the costume of a French Maid.

After he donned the wig and the skimpy black satin costume he applied some make up and voila the female servant Collette was born. Bruce found that wearing black fish net stockings and walking in high heeled pumps was a real challenge. Later Barbara changed his persona to that of a hooker when she dressed him a pink satin blouse and red patent hot pants. Still in all the socialite found portraying a woman to be a very erotic experience.

Mistress Barbara introduced her new slave to other practices of the dominatrix such as flagellation, verbal humiliation and anal penetration. These did not spark any interest in the billionaire and were quickly abandoned. Bruce's favorite domination pastimes were sexual bondage, feminization and some occasional role playing. The role playing however never involved his alter ego Batman.

After several days with Mistress Barbara Bruce Wayne was now totally smitten with his mistress. He would do anything for her. It was not a case of lust because the billionaire was satisfied just being with her. His time away from the red tressed lovely was the hard part.

The tycoon found he was barely able to function in his office as all he could think of was the next time he would be with her. He constantly day dreamed about the fabulous costumes that she wore. He especially liked her two play suites of red and black pvc. They were essentially a jump suit with cut outs for Barbara's breasts, crotch and butt.

Mistress Barbara had led however to something that previously was totally unthinkable. In his pursuit of the woman he now adored Bruce Wayne totally abandoned his alter ego Batman. The blue-black satin cowl and cape now hung unused because their owner had found something else to engage his passion. The seemingly lifelong war against crime and evildoers had it seemed come to an end.

The nightly presence of Bruce Wayne at The Hellgate Club did not go unnoticed by the Penguin's secret operative whose task it was to report on the club's new manager. He reported daily on her activities to the crooked criminal. Penguin still smarting from the failure of his plan to totally embarrass the lovely Barbara Gordon now hit upon a new plan. The fowl fiend then called his three feathered finks together. Fiona inquired,

"What's going on Penguin?" The cagey crook then exclaimed,

"Well my fine feathered finks, wak, wak I now have a plan for the elimination of the one person in the world who totally humiliated me Miss Barbara Gordon. I have decided that since our last effort against her failed that she must die. For the last few days I have struggled to find a means to accomplish that end. Fortune however has just now smiled on me!" Flock immediately inquired, "What happened Boss?"

"My secret operative who has been reporting on "The Bitch" informs me that she has just taken up with Bruce Wayne the Billionaire Joy Boy." Flight replied, "Yeah so what?"

The Penguin then snarled as he blew a puff of smoke from his cigarette holder and looked disapprovingly at his tiny band of followers before declaring,

"You dunce! Wak, Wak, Don't you see Bruce Wayne will be the instrument of Barbara Gordon's demise. We will give him the same treatment as the others and then tell him to kill her. He kills her and then goes to prison. We kill two birds with one stone."

Fiona was now the doubting bird as she inquired,

"How are we going to get Bruce Wayne to kill her?" The fowl bird shouted,

"Wak, we make Bruce Wayne jealous that's how! We tell him during the treatments that Barbara is cheating on him. Then we set it up so Bruce Wayne sees her with another man and boom he snaps. He then kills her in a jealous rage. It' perfect wak,wak I tell you it can't fail wak, wak!"


Bruce Wayne has fallen completely under the spell of Mistress Barbara. With Batgirl and now Batman out of action who will save Gotham City from the criminal element.