Alpha Female - Wonder Woman  

By Bunzilla

Alpha Female - Wonder Woman

A story by Bunzilla

The only character I own is the villainess, Bette Noire, the rest are the sole property of DC comics and possibly others, and their inclusion here is not intended as a challenge to any intellectual property rights they may hold. This is solely a work of fan-fiction. Obviously this version of events and characters do not correspond to current depictions of them, and its something of an amalgamation of several different aspects of them. Bette Noire was deeply inspired by White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension series of RPG products, though I did my best not to include any direct references to their work. Questions and comments can be directed to

The Blackest of Beasts

Diana Prince was having a very bad week. It wasn't any one thing that was going wrong, it was pretty much everything, the small things that were so very annoying. It was misplacing papers she needed, broken nails, not being able to find matching socks, dropping her toothbrush in the toilet, a heel breaking on her shoes just as she started work, and even deleting a 12-page report she had to give to her boss in a couple of hours and having to retype the whole thing. It was as if Murphy decided that she should have his constant attention for the last week running. It wasn't just confined to her work with the Department of Meta-Human Affairs either. It was definitely intruding in her more heroic life as Wonder Woman, though it at least seemed to be confined to even smaller stuff there, like a thug she was chasing getting away, being delayed a few minutes by some distraction and missing someone being mugged, little stuff like that which grated the nerves and proved so annoying.

She was a thus a little worn down and highly annoyed with life when actual disaster struck. Her fights with actual super-villains were fairly rare, as they were for most 'capes' by and large, and they tended to catch heroes off-guard a little when they happened, just because it didn't happen all that often. Which is why the fights tended to go in a couple of stages, the first usually being the 'cape' getting their ass handed to them in an ambush, and once they had recovered, tracking down the villain and kicking their ass in return, usually much more decisively. It was just the rhythm of heroics, and most of them accepted it as gracefully as they could, given the circumstances, and it was almost a game, albeit a serious one, to some of the more powerful among them, including herself. Tonight though was a little different than most when it came to encounters with super-villains. For once, she had the advantage and had caught the villain in the middle of something, unaware that she was even there. Her luck must be changing. Unfortunately she didn't realize it was for the worse.

As she flew through the evening skies of Washington DC, low enough not to interfere with air traffic patterns, she spotted some motion near a nondescript building not far from the Mall, a building she knew to contain a server farm with some very sensitive information on it that was secretly operated by the Central Bureau of Intelligence. It was then that she spotted the costume. It was a deep black affair that looked like a lightly padded catsuit, made out of some fabric she couldn't immediately identify. Matching boots and gloves, a little mask, and some light armor plating, again in black, rounded out the look, and she had to admit that whoever she was, she at least filled out the costume nicely. She'd be a very popular girl in prison, looking like a much more buxom and solidly built Catwoman. She decided to watch for a few moments to figure out what was going on and if there were any henchmen to deal with, and she wasn't surprised when a pair of large men exited the building carrying a metal case of some sort, and soon handed the woman a much smaller case, who slipped it into a pouch on her utility belt that looked designed to carry it. With a sigh, she streaked downwards, already having decided to deal with the thugs first. She caught them both with a clothesline and sent them hurtling into the wall with a sickening crunch before she turned her attention to the woman in the catsuit.

“Is that look standard for all you newbies at the villain thing?” Wonder Woman asked sarcastically as she took the woman in, deciding it was a pity she was evil, as she wouldn't mind seeing what was beneath the suit.

“This old thing?” the villainess asked sweetly in a truly beautiful alto voice, “No, it's just so classic a look, that I felt it was a bit of an homage to my predecessors,” she said with a smile that was dazzling Wonder Woman had to admit.

“You want to surrender now, or am I going to have to do something you'll regret?” Wonder Woman asked, a little impatiently, not really wanting to give anything the chance to go wrong given the week she had been having.

“You gonna tie me up?” the villainess asked with a lascivious tone, look, and smile.

“That was the plan,” Wonder Woman responded in a bored tone as she took her magic lasso in her hand and readied it to toss around the woman.

“Oh, well, then by all means do so, I don't really mind the kinky stuff,” her foe said in a purr, a purr that sent odd tingles through Wonder Woman's spine until they hit her pussy.

“Whatever,” Wonder Woman said, trying to ignore the tingling that was still running through her, as she moved with incredible speed and looped her lasso around the black-clad villainess, still holding the other end firmly.

“Nice rope,” the villainess said, as she took hold of the strand, “I wonder what it looks like from over there?” she pondered, and the next thing Wonder Woman knew, she was the one bound in the lasso as the villainess held the lasso from where she had been standing just a moment ago.

“What in Hades?” Wonder Woman cried, deeply confused, and growing worried as she felt the magic of the lasso begin to take hold of her mind and will.

“Oopsy, were you not expecting that one my dear?” the villainess asked sweetly, “I'm so sorry.”

“Not as sorry as you're going to be...” Wonder Woman growled as she struggled to get the lasso off of her, figuring her will was strong enough to overcome the woman and remove herself from the lasso's grip.

“Stop,” the villainess commanded, and Wonder Woman felt her muscles freeze up, her hands releasing the lasso from their grip, as she stood to attention, “Better, now kneel.”

“I swear you'll pay for this,” Wonder Woman growled again as she dropped to her knees in the alleyway, “By Hera, you will pay dearly.”

“Perhaps,” the woman said casually, “So I guess I better make what I do to you count then, don't you think?” she said with a wicked grin, “Otherwise it just wouldn't be worth it,” she added as she licked her lips sensually.

“Release me now and I won't be forced to maim you permanently,” Wonder Woman said imperiously, focusing all of her will into the words to try to reverse the flow of the lasso's magic, which was possible if she was strong enough.

“Tempting,” the villainess purred, “But no, I don't think I'm of a mind to do that,” she said calmly, apparently unfazed by any of Wonder Woman's efforts, “You might as well stop my dear princess, you're just outclassed when it comes to will,” she informed her, with a sweetly innocent smile on her face, “I'm a mage dear, not some two-bit Catwoman rip-off, despite the look.”

“A mage?!?” Wonder Woman said with alarm, thinking it explained how she ended up bound by her lasso, though Circe never managed to pull that trick off, “What sort of trickery is this?” she demanded.

“Oh, you know, the usual, capture the heroine, take her stuff, enslave the heroine, blah, blah, blah,” the villainess said, mockery thick in her voice, “You can call me Bette Noire by the way, or just Mistress if you prefer,” she said off-handedly, smiling.

“Never will I call you Mistress,” Wonder Woman said fiercely, desperately thinking of a way out of her predicament, counting on her superior knowledge of the lasso's workings to gain some advantage.

“With a lifespan like yours, I'd be very careful when using the word 'never' my dear,” Bette said with a purr, “And do keep in mind that your current defiance of me is something I have chosen to allow, and something which I can take away in an instant,” she said with a firm edge to her voice.

“Do your worst miscreant,” Wonder Woman taunted her foe, hoping to goad her into making a mistake, “But know that I shall have my revenge upon you.”

“Sticks and stones my dear, sticks and stones,” Bette said with a tinkling laugh, “You don't yet realize it, but you lost this fight before it even started,” she said, clearly amused, “As soon as you start letting the last week bother you and undermine your confidence and will, you lost,” laughing at Wonder Woman's confused expression, “Oh, yes, that was indeed my opening attack, your last week of Murphy's Law in action,” she said, laughing at the heroine's expense.

“You? How could you...” Wonder Woman exclaimed, pondering Bette's words and wondering how she could have missed that it was an attack rather than just bad coincidence.

“Probability manipulation, a healthy dose of it, to wear you down and piss you off enough so that you marched into things without fully thinking things through,” Bette said with a chuckle, “Not even taking time to notice how stiffly my 'men' moved, just looking at them and reaching a conclusion you didn't bother questioning,” she said with a bit of a sneer, “Never asking yourself why anyone who looked like me with thugs like that would want anything in there, without so much as a getaway vehicle in sight.”

“Oh, Athena...” Wonder Woman gasped as she realized the mistake she had made, seeing the truth in Bette's words.

“It's a little late for that my dear,” Bette said with another sweet smile, “Boys, time to put Final Notice into effect, take your places,” Bette commanded, and the two thugs rose to their feet as if they hadn't been pounded into a wall, and stood to either side of Diana.

“They're robots...” Wonder Woman cried in amazement, seeing the metallic parts exposed from their impact with the wall.

“Technically, they're cyborgs, with trace elements of your DNA to make it look like you died in this alley,” Bette said calmly, as Wonder Woman looked at her in horror, “It will make it much less likely that Batman or Superman come looking for you once we leave, or that sister of yours,” the villainess observed, “But I'm sure it will be a lovely funeral, even though you failed to keep a couple of blocks of the Nation's capital from being blown to smithereens, given that you kept it from going nuclear,” she explained to the speechless heroine.

“You're a monster...” Wonder Woman gasped, realizing that this had been an elaborate set-up from the start, and realizing this mage was much more dangerous than she looked if she could arrange all of it so easily.

“Well, that is why I call myself Bette Noire,” the villainess observed, “The Blackest of Beasts,” she said with a sinister smile.

Skin Deep Domination

Wonder Woman soon found herself in a small room painted black, with strange runes and glyphs painted onto the ceilings, floors, and walls with some thick luminescent paint, which glowed brightly in the black light that illuminated the room. She and Bette had arrived alone, leaving the two cyborgs behind to whatever fate Bette had in mind for them, still in the position they had been in while they were in the alleyway, Bette standing over a kneeling Wonder Woman, holding her fast in her own lasso. Though she was loath to admit it, Wonder Woman was now seriously worried. This woman was breaking all the rules of the game, and she was having a really hard time seeing how she was going to get out of this one.

Bette curtly ordered Wonder Woman to her feet, which she had no choice but to obey, and marched her into a hallway, and through a door not too far away. Shackles hung from the ceiling, and were bolted to the floor as well, and Wonder Woman was ordered to bind her own ankles first once she had removed her boots, deeply humiliating her, before she was told to shackle one of her wrists as well, and then to position her other wrist within the other shackle, which closed around it almost immediately. It was only then that Bette removed the lasso from around her, smiling at her as she immediately began to test the strength of the metal holding her. She could only watch as Bette reached out and removed her girdle with a smile.

“So, the famous magic girdle of Wonder Woman,” Bette said with a smile, “So how many of your foes still think your power comes from this thing?” she asked knowingly, obviously aware that it had nothing to do with Wonder Woman's physical prowess, which were gifts from the gods themselves, not something bound up in silly trinkets.

Wonder Woman simply glared at her captor, refusing to speak and locking her face in an impassive expression.

“Oh ho, it's like that now, is it?” Bette said, obviously amused by her once more, “Well, let me show you one of the little tricks I came up with just for you then,” she said with a vicious smile as she coiled the rope around her hand tightly, letting the loop hang freely.

A blindingly fast motion of her arms soon followed, and Diana screamed as the magic lasso struck her squarely on her right breast, and a moment later on her left breast, bringing another shriek from her lips. It hurt like nothing ever had before, and Wonder Woman was left gasping for air, unable to speak from the shock of the blows. She didn't notice Bette approach her, and barely registered that she had touched her hair, much less taken a strand or two. It took her several minutes to regain her composure enough look up at her captor once more, her arrogance gone, and real fear in her eyes.

“Oh, don't worry Diana,” Bette said with a strange smile, “I don't plan on torturing you to break you or anything, that would take away my fun far too much,” she said as she busied herself with the lasso, doing something Wonder Woman couldn't quite figure out, “I want you to realize how much you hate me, to remember your old life, and what you believe in,” she said, her voice amazingly cold suddenly, “But I don't want you to be able to do anything about it, hence...” she explained, holding up the strands of hair she had taken from Wonder Woman as she was recovering.

“Why are you doing this?” Wonder Woman asked, almost in a whine, unable to put the pain she had just experienced out of her mind.

“Because I can, because I want to, because Australia really pisses me off...” Bette said with a smirk, “I could give you a million reasons, but honestly, would it really matter?” she asked, seemingly rhetorically, “Haven't you learned by now that the human mind can justify and rationalize just about anything? At best it would offer you a glimpse into my particular psychosis, but in the end, it doesn't change any of it, so why bother?”

“I... I want to help you...” Wonder Woman said, trying to reason her way out of this, but feeling a little strange as the words tried to come out of her mouth.

“No, you want to get out of this situation, that isn't the same thing as wanting to help me, don't confuse the two,” Bette said with a laugh, “And in case you're wondering, that strange feeling is called the establishment of a sympathetic resonance, between you, me, and this very handy lasso of yours,” she said, gesturing to punctuate her words as she spoke.

“What? What are you talking about?” Wonder Woman gasped as the sensation of being caught in her lasso once more took hold of her.

“In layman's terms, I'm taking a strand of your hair, representing you, wrapping it in the lasso to create the bond, and inserting a token of myself at the 'control' end to symbolize my holding of the lasso to exert control upon you,” Bette explained simply, smiling because she knew that Wonder Woman hadn't thought anything like that possible with her lasso.

“How can you do something like that? It's impossible...” Wonder Woman cried, trying to shake the feeling of control that was beginning to overwhelm her.

“Obviously it's not impossible, otherwise it wouldn't be happening,” Bette said wickedly, “As to how, let's just say I probably know a lot more about magic than you and leave it there, okay?” she laughed out condescendingly, “Suffice to say, I can also add others into the mix by simply sliding their hairs in between the loop, right next to yours,” she added with a smirk, “And don't worry about them coming loose and getting lost, I've got a way to make sure that doesn't happen.”

“Fiend! Undo this foul magic of yours, it is an offense to the gods to tamper with things beyond your comprehension!” Wonder Woman cried out, hoping to scare Bette into abandoning this plan.

“Please, if it were beyond my comprehension would I be able to do it?” Bette asked with a laugh, “Just because your lot never figured it out doesn't mean that more clever minds can't see the possibilities it offers,” she said derisively, before briefly closing her eyes for a moment, and the lasso simply vanished.

“What have you done?!?” Wonder Woman cried out in shock, wondering why she still felt the bonds around her mind if the lasso had just vanished.

“Put it away silly,” Bette said, lifting up her arm and coming closer to the bound heroine, “Right there,” she said, pointing to a tiny golden tattoo of a lasso now inhabiting space on her wrist, barely noticeable, “So now I always have it near me, without risking the hair coming loose or getting lost,” she said, with a grin on her face that send ice through Wonder Woman's veins and a shiver down her spine.

Wonder Woman could only gawk in horror as her mind raced at the implications of being permanently bound by her own magic lasso to this evil woman. She would be forced to take her every word as a command, and could do nothing about it, and Bette's earlier words of her knowing what was happening while being unable to stop it were echoing back and forth in her thoughts. She would be a slave to her new Mistress, but still able to remember her freedom, making it all the worse, her suffering magnified even as she submitted to Bette's will and commands. She was rapidly losing hope, and falling ever faster towards despair.

“Now, where to begin I wonder...” Bette mused, breaking Wonder Woman's reverie and bringing her back to the here and now, “First off, you will not allow anything to occur, by action or inaction, that would result in my harm or injury, nor will you ever attempt to escape from your status as my slave, and will effectively be my new bodyguard so long as you serve me,” she said sternly, as she waved her hand, instantly freeing Wonder Woman from her bonds.

“Yes... Bette,” Diana said haltingly, unable to bring herself to use the term Mistress, making Bette smile slightly.

“Secondly, you will be unable to achieve orgasm unless I give you permission to do so, no matter how much sexual stimulation you receive, and you will refer to me as Mistress in sexual situations henceforth,” Bette ordered, with a wicked smile.

“Hera grant me strength...” Wonder Woman whispered to herself, as the magic took hold of her.

“Third and last, if anyone approaches you to discuss betraying me or doing me harm of any variety, you will pretend to go along with any such plan, but report the treachery to me as soon as possible without arousing suspicion of your duplicity,” Bette said with another sweet smile, making Diana cringe inside.

“I think that ought to do it for now,” Bette said, her voice and smile sweet as honey once more, “But I'm sure I'll think of more later.”

“Yes Bette,” Wonder Woman said, her eyes cast downward, her posture submissive.

“Good girl, now come along, we have lots to do now that you're here,” Bette commanded her, as she began to exit the room at a brisk pace, and Diana slavishly followed behind her, her head down, “We can't stay here much longer, I doubt that my little distraction will fool Batman for long, and soon enough he'll have the whole JLA out looking for us,” she said without sounding too worried about it.

“But I thought you said...” Diana started to say, recalling Bette's words in the alley.

“Yes, I did, but then I realized that there's only so long you can fool a man like Bruce Wayne, and I didn't get where I am by making the sorts of mistakes he exploits so very ruthlessly,” Bette observed pointedly, “So it's better to move on to the next phase of my plan and not linger when every moment delayed is another he can use to find us,” she explained, “There will be time enough to enjoy my conquest of you once we arrive in our new home, and besides, it give me time to savor the thought of your sexual humiliation that much longer,” she said with an evil laugh.

“Yes Bette,” was Wonder Woman's only response, though her mind was recoiling in horror at the idea of what this woman had in store for her, “May I ask where we are going?” she asked, trying to think of something other than her growing despair.

“Oh, it's a lovely little place called Delta City,” Bette said happily, “Where I'm sure we'll find all sorts of lovely new playmates for both of us to enjoy,” she said with a sinister smile and an even more sinister tone.

“I've never heard of Delta City,” Wonder Woman said, confused, “Where is it?”

“Oh, it's in the United States, on one of the alternate realities that litter the omniverse,” Bette explained casually, “Where I'm sure the local heroines will just love the sort of skin-deep domination that you've enabled me to engage in,” she said, her smile cruel, as the very air around them shimmered and glowed with arcane power.

Dominance and Submission

Once the light-show of Bette's magic had subsided, Diana couldn't discern any difference to their location, making her guess that she had taken the entire building with them when she shifted them across realities. Not an easy feat of magic by an stretch, and the fact that she had not only done it on a whim, combined with the sheer difficulty of moving entire buildings across reality sent Diana's brain into a spiral of despair at the sheer amount of power and will that must have required, and yet she had not felt so much as a twinge in the control that Bette exerted over her. It began to dawn on her that there might just not be an escape this time, and that she was doomed to life as a slave to this mage.

What made it worse is that she had enabled her to enslave others through her own stupidity and arrogance, and that was what truly broke her heart, her mind, and possibly her soul. And she would help her do it, and protect her from anyone who tried to stop her. For a moment she considered just giving in and giving herself completely to Bette, it would make things so much easier... but she dismissed the notion even before it had fully formed. If she did that she truly would be betraying her people, her friends, and her goddesses, and while her actions might make her do so, if her heart did not, then she was capable of being redeemed and purified, no matter what Bette did to her. It also occurred to her that was part of Bette's plan for her from the beginning, giving her hope, something to cling to, something that made her suffering so much greater than if she just folded.

Wonder Woman's most immediate threat though was her being turned into Bette Noire's sex slave. Deep down, she had to admit that she did find Bette incredibly sexy, and nearly irresistible in her beauty and charms. Normally she would have jumped at the chance to take a woman like her to bed as her lover, without hesitation or resistance. But now it was being forced on her, and that was the part that made her skin crawl, even as it dampened her pussy just thinking about having sex with Bette. She wondered if it would be rough, with Bette utterly dominating and humiliating her, or perhaps gentle and soft, or even just pure carnal fucking. She was startled out of her thoughts by the sound of Bette laughing, making her look up, and realizing she was in a different room that she didn't recall walking to. It was filled with computer screens and immense monitors that made it look like she was in some sort of NASA facility.

“Can I pick 'em or what?” Bette asked no one in particular, “This is freaking perfect,” she mused with a chuckle, “These bitches are going to be even easier to break than you,” she said wickedly.

“What?” Wonder Woman asked, as her eyes went to the computer screen that Bette was scanning.

“The heroines here,” Bette said with a laugh, “Take a read my dear, and learn about the Aphrodite gene.”

Wonder Woman did as she was bid, and while some of the data was a bit technical and dry, the conclusion made her gasp in horror. They would indeed be easy prey for Bette's manipulations and depredations. She desperately wanted to warn them, but that would violate the directives that Bette had given to her, so all she could really do was try to ease their suffering once they were in Bette's grasp. Her eyes began to well up with tears as she thought of what would happen to them, but then a thought occurred to her, that perhaps if she was a good enough slave to Bette, then she wouldn't feel the need for more. She had to try at least.

Bette had changed out of her catsuit into a skirt and blouse that suited her much better, a sort of 40's or 50's pin-up affair that made her look very desirable. Wonder Woman got to her knees, and crawled over to Bette, and placing her head beneath her skirt, began to pull down her panties with her mouth, and though she couldn't see Bette's reaction, she figured she approved since she wasn't stopped. Once she had gotten them down and Bette had stepped out of them, she started to go to work with her mouth on Bette's pussy. It struck her at once that she was getting incredibly turned on by Bette's scent and taste, more than she ever had in her entire life, and she wondered if she secretly harbored some desire to be submissive and servile.

As she got more into her task, she found that Bette's taste was almost like honey and strawberries, with a hint of something muskier that she found delicious, like how she imagined ambrosia would taste. It took her perhaps five minutes to bring Bette to orgasm with just her tongue and lips, and she lapped up all of her cum that she could, savoring its sweet taste and finding herself wanting more. She just could not stop eating her Mistress out, and over a ten minute span, she gave her three more orgasms from the sheer enthusiasm and joy she felt as she sucked, nibbled, and licked her Mistress. After Bette's fourth orgasm, she gently pushed Diana's head away, and with just a quick pull tore all of her clothes away in a single pull without damaging a thread.

Bette took Wonder Woman's hand and without warning, they were both in a lavish bedroom, still facing one another, Bette naked as the day she was born, while Wonder Woman was still in her full costume. Wonder Woman found herself being pushed down to the bed and pushed further up it, and without bothering to remove the bottom of her costume, Bette began to eat out Wonder Woman's pussy with such skill that it was driving her mad that she couldn't cum until given permission. Within five minutes, Wonder Woman was almost mad with desire and lust, her need to cum nearly painful as it consumed her.

“Please Mistress... oh goddess... please Mistress, may I cum...” Wonder Woman begged as she dug her nails into the comforter, “Please Mistress, I'll do anything you want, just please let me cum...” she moaned as Bette relentlessly assaulted her pussy with her mouth, “I can't take anymore Mistress... please, I beg you, let your slave cum Mistress...” she pleaded as she thrashed about, desperate for relief.

Wonder Woman let out a scream of both pain and pleasure when she felt Bette's finger roughly push past her sphincter and plunge deep into her ass, fingering her anus as her mouth kicked into high gear, making Wonder Woman too frenzied to speak.

“Sit up slave, and on your hands and knees,” Bette commanded, and even with the lasso's magic, it took her a few seconds to respond and sit up and kneel before her Mistress.

“Oh my goddess...” Wonder Woman gasped when she saw a rather large cock begin to grow from her Mistress' crotch, growing larger and larger until it reached perhaps an 11” length and a 2” girth.

“Suck it slave,” Bette ordered her, and Wonder Woman scrambled to comply, taking the cock in her hand and placing the tip of it against her lips as she began to slip it inside of her warm mouth.

Soon all that could be heard in the room was the slurping sound of Wonder Woman sucking cock, along with her muffled moans and cries, though it didn't take long for Bette's moans to be heard as well. Soon, Bette was giving the inexperienced Amazon instructions on how to best suck the cock in her mouth, and she was eagerly applying herself to the effort. It didn't take long for her to be sucking cock like an old pro, largely due to the lasso's magic more than any inherent talent for it. Within ten minutes she was taking the whole 11” into her mouth, deep throating Bette's cock as her throat bulged from having cock shoved down it. Another ten minutes went by and Bette pulled the cock out of her mouth, ordering her to open wide, and a few seconds later she had thick, hot cum spewing all over her face and into her open mouth. Wonder Woman was panting heavily, trying to regain her breath, as she licked as much of the cum off of her face as she could, swallowing it by the mouthfuls.

As she was completing her task, Bette got up and moved around behind Wonder Woman, placing her hands firmly on her fleshy hips and pushing her costume to the side as she began to tease the Amazon's pussylips with the head of her cock. Seconds later, Wonder Woman began to moan and cry out, as she felt her pussylips parted and the cock begin to enter her with incredible slowness.

“Wonder Woman, are you a virgin?” Bette asked with a wicked glee to her voice.

“Yes Mistress, I am a virgin,” Wonder Woman replied nervously, realizing that soon, she wouldn't be, and that it would be Bette Noire who would take it from her.

“Slave, I want you to beg me to take your virginity and fuck your virgin pussy,” Bette said, “But only if you want me to. If you say that you do, I give you permission to cum as much as you like for the next twenty-four hours,” she said with a seductive purr, allowing her slave to say no, but paying a price if she did.

“Hera grant me strength...” Wonder Woman pleaded as she tried to hold out, to deny her Mistress, “Please Hera...” she begged, but no such strength came to her.

“I'm waiting Slave,” Bette said with some impatience, but she'd wait as long as she had to, just to hear Wonder Woman give in to her lust.

“Oh Goddess Please...” Wonder Woman whimpered, tears streaming down her face, “Oh Goddess Please” she wailed as she felt the head of Bette's cock start to stroke against her clitoris with agonizing gentleness, until finally she could take no more, “Please Mistress, Take My Virginity, Fuck My Virgin Pussy, Make Me Your Whore!!!” Wonder Woman cried out with a combination of lust and despair, her body nearly vibrating with need.

Without a word, Bette began to thrust her large cock into Wonder Woman's pussy, and she instantly orgasmed, crying out with lust and passion, repeatedly begging her Mistress to fuck her virgin pussy. Each inch of cock that slid into her brought another massive orgasm, and it was taking forever for it to enter her fully, until finally she felt Bette's hips bump into her ass, as her testicles grazed her clitoris, sending her into yet another orgasm. Bette fucked her gently at first with a slow pace, more forced by the tightness of Wonder Woman's cunt than anything else, but within twenty minutes she had loosened up enough for Bette to start fucking her at a more reasonable pace. Orgasm after orgasm swept over Wonder Woman's body, and she soon felt Bette's hands close around her dangling tits as she picked up the pace, squeezing and fondling them through her costume.

“Tell me that Wonder Woman begs her Mistress to fuck her,” Bette said with an evil smirk on her face as she started to fuck her Slave even harder and faster.

“Oh Goddess... Wonder Woman begs... begs her Mistress... to fuck her... fuck her tight pussy... fuck her like... a whore...” Diana cried out, until she started to repeat it again and again, as her orgasms began to come at a rapid-fire pace, one after the other, slamming into her like the ocean itself.

Wonder Woman began to scream out even louder as Bette began to spank her ass, and soon she was begging her Mistress to keep fucking her, to keep spanking her like the whore she was. It was all to much for Bette by now, and with a triumphant roar, she sent hot, potent seed deep into Wonder Woman's cunt by the gallon, triggering the most massive orgasms of Wonder Woman's life, making her collapse on the bed in delirious exhaustion, her eyes heavily lidded as she rode out her climax.

“Thank you Mistress... for taking my virginity... and fucking my pussy...” Wonder Woman gasped out, falling asleep, still in her costume, as soon as the words were out of her mouth, her Mistress' cock still buried deep in her cunt.

Dawn Of A New Day

When Wonder Woman awoke, her pussy was throbbing and aching. Bette Noire had taken her virginity last night, and to make it worse, she had begged her to do it, called herself a whore, asked her to keep fucking her. She had done it for a good reason, to try to save the heroines of this new world she was on, but that didn't take away the shame and humiliation she felt at having begged an enemy to defile her womanhood. Worst of all though was that she had enjoyed it, and craved more. Her final orgasm, as her Mistress had seeded her, was shattering, and she knew that it wouldn't take many more of those to truly make her a whore for her Mistress, her own personal play-thing. She looked around for Bette, and was a little surprised to notice that she was lying in the bed next to her asleep.

As Wonder Woman got up to complete her morning routine, she felt a little wobbly from the sensations coming from her aching pussy, and had to steady herself on the bed to keep from collapsing for a moment. Once she got her balance back, she made her way to the bath, and when she sat down to use the toilet, she noticed something new on her body. Just above her small pubic patch was a tattoo that read 'Property of Bette Noire' in delicate black script, as though it had been written with a pen, albeit a thick one. Unable to hold back her emotions, she began to sob uncontrollably, despair and humiliation seeping deep into her soul.

It took her twenty minutes to regain control of herself, and as she looked in the mirror, she saw her eyes were red, her skin blotchy, and her hair limp and lifeless. She looked like crap. Remembering her plan to distract her Mistress from the other heroines, she took a deep breath and started to undress, and within a few minutes was standing beneath the hot spray of a magnificent shower that washed over her and seemed to take her troubles and worries down the drain with the water. She scrubbed and cleaned herself, taking care with her hair and face, and when she stepped out of the shower, she looked like herself once more. Her eyes were still red from her crying, but that would clear in time. She had to look perfect for her Mistress if her plan was to succeed.

“Good morning Diana,” Bette said pleasantly as she walked in and began going through her own morning ritual, “And how are we this morning?” she asked conversationally.

“Fine, Mistress,” Diana replied, her eyes downcast and her stance submissive, “And you, Mistress?” she asked, trying to stay calm.

“Oh, just ducky!” Bette replied in a chipper voice, “I greatly enjoyed taking your virginity last night, and look forward to doing it again soon,” she said sweetly, as though she had just told Diana she had gotten her a present or something.

“I enjoyed it too Mistress,” Diana said submissively, “But I don't know how you could take my virginity again,” she said, sounding a bit puzzled by the thought.

“Oh my dear, your ass is still very virginal, and I plan on shoving my cock up it once I'm done here,” Bette said, smilingly cheerful.

“Oh,” Diana said, her eyes going wide and a fearful look crossing her face, “Yes Mistress. Do you want me to put my costume back on then?” she asked quietly, doing her best not to tear out her own hair and smash her face into the mirror.

“What a lovely idea,” Bette said sweetly, “Yes, do that, and then get on the bed and play with your pussy to get yourself properly ready to take your Mistress' cock,” she added with a smile.

“Yes Mistress,” Diana said softly, as she picked up her costume off of the floor where she had left it and walked into the bedroom to do as she was instructed.

When Bette walked back into the room, Diana's fingers were rubbing her clit and plunging themselves deep into her pussy, and she was obviously quite wet from the obscene sounds her pussy was making as she fucked herself with her fingers. Bette simply waved at her to carry on, and she walked out of the room. Diana sat on the bed masturbating while she waited for Bette to return, and gave herself three quiet orgasms by the time Bette returned carrying a tray.

“Keep at it Diana,” Bette commanded as she began to spoon feed Diana porridge, which Diana had to admit was actually quite good, though hard to eat given what she was still doing.

“Thank you Mistress,” Diana gasped as she felt another orgasm building, eating spoonful after spoonful of her breakfast.

It was easily the most humiliating thing she had ever done, and made last night's activities seem merely embarrassing. That she had cum twice while being spoon fed only added to her humiliation. By the time she was done eating, she was amazingly aroused, and more than ready for her Mistress to fuck her. She hated to admit it, but she really did want to be fucked by Bette. She almost felt like she needed to be fucked by her, as if it was some unfulfilled primal urge she never realized that she had.

“Mistress, can I...” Diana started to say, as a blush came over her face, “Can I suck your cock again?” she asked, blushing more deeply with each syllable of the question.

“You most certainly may Diana,” Bette said with a smile as she began to grow her magical cock once more, “Just like I showed you how to yesterday,” she added with a moan as she grasped a handful of Diana's hair and guided her down to her cock.

“Thank you Mistress,” Diana managed to say just before her lips wrapped around the head of Bette's cock and she began to gobble it up greedily, her head bobbing up and down in Bette's lap as she went.

Diana once more began to deep throat the cock in her mouth, and she found she was actually starting to enjoy the sensation of having it so deep inside of her. She worked the cock slowly at first, wanting to draw things out a bit, savoring its texture and taste, but soon Bette's hand on her hair began to urge her to speed up. She was slurping and moaning loudly as she sucked the cock faster and faster, until she felt Bette push her down as far as she would go as the cock began to thrust into her as Bette pumped her hips for several seconds before sending huge amounts of hot cum deep down her throat and into her belly. Bette's orgasm persisted long enough for her to pass out for lack of air, and she began to choke and cough as soon as she was lifted off of the cock that had been filling her throat.

Once she had recovered, Bette ordered her to lay down on her stomach with her hips raised by a couple of pillows, and she complied with the command as fast as she could. Once in the proper position, Bette moved her costume briefs to the side and applied a healthy bit of lube directly onto her ass, sending a shiver through Diana as the cold hit her most sensitive of orifices. She was told to lay with her legs spread wide, while her hands were grasped by Bette's, who started to pull her up, making her arch her back painfully as she felt Bette's cock tickle her sphincter. Diana let out a moan of fear and anticipation as Bette shifted her grip on her arms, releasing her hands, grasping her wrists instead, making her bracelets dig in painfully on her wrist.

“Tell me you want me to take your anal virginity Wonder Woman, I want to hear the mighty Wonder Woman beg to have her ass fucked by her Mistress,” Bette hissed as she continued to tease her sphincter.

“I... Wonder Woman... begs her Mistress...” Diana gasped out breathlessly, “begs her Mistress to take her... take her... oh goddess please... to take her anal virginity... please Mistress... fuck my ass... with... your big cock...” she gasped, as a dam broke in her mind, making her realize that she was actually getting off on saying these things, that she did indeed want her ass to be fucked by her Mistress, “Please Mistress, Wonder Woman Begs You To Fuck Her Ass And Take Her Anal Virginity!!!” she cried out at the top of her lungs, her eyes wide open and staring into nothing.

Diana let out a long scream as she felt the massive cock penetrate her ass and start pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. It was such a forbidden sensation that it was driving her mad with lust, and once she stopped screaming, she began to beg her Mistress to fuck her ass once more. Her admission was making her orgasm every few seconds as some part of her lust unleashed itself and let her feel her passion freely and unhindered. She was loving every second of her ass being taken, despite the pain, and as the pace picked up, she was wailing her lust as loud as she could. She felt her Mistress release her wrists, but a moment later she felt fingers grasp her nipples and pull back on them far to the side, making her shriek in a combination of agony and pleasure. Her Mistress was using her nipples to pull herself forward with each thrust, and the pain was exquisite for Diana, and making her orgasm harder and harder, no longer quite able to tell the difference between the two sensations.

Soon enough her Mistress released her breasts and let her fall forward, landing face down on the bed as her ass was pounded without a trace of mercy. Soon she felt Bette's body nearly lay down on top of her as she continued to thrust deeply, in and out, until she took hold of Diana's hands once more, pinning her to the bed with them as she sped up her thrusts and made Diana wail.

“Does my Slave like having her Mistress deep in her ass?” Bette asked huskily as she began to grind her hips, Diana still pinned firmly beneath her.

“Your Slave loves her Mistress deep in her ass Mistress...” Diana cried out, a look of lust and abandon on her face, “Your Bitch Begs You To Fuck Her Ass!!!” she screamed and panted over and over, as she submitted utterly to Bette's dominance of her.

Bette did just that, and Diana was lost in her own lust, begging to be fucked, completely submissive to her Mistress. Once more, she felt Bette's shaft go rigid, and as she felt hot cum shoot inside her bowels, she had another orgasm that dwarfed her final orgasm of last night. She nearly went into convulsions she was cumming so hard, and she was screaming out for her Mistress to fuck her bitch. As the orgasm began to subside, Diana fell unconscious as her Mistress slowed her pumping and collapsed herself, right on top of Diana's prone body. They lay there for quite some time until Bette stirred once more and removed herself from Diana, heading to the bathroom to clean herself up once more. For her part, Diana was just laying there, eyes partially open but glassy, as if the lights were on, but no one was home. She was breathing heavily, her face blank and sagging. Finally she began to stir as Bette came back into the room, who smiled as cum leaked out of Diana's no-longer virgin ass.

“Thank you... Mistress... for taking... my virginity... again...” Diana moaned out, almost in a whisper.

“You're welcome Wonder Woman,” Bette said with a wicked grin, taking glee in referring to her slave by her heroine name after such a humiliating defeat for her, “One wonders what tomorrow will bring,” she said suggestively, “Or even tonight,” she added in a purr.

“Whatever my Mistress desires,” Diana moaned, eyes now shut as she just lay there, feeling half dead.

“Good answer my pet,” Bette said with a smile, “Just think, tomorrow is the dawn of another day, and despite your plan, we're going to go and get ourselves another heroine tomorrow,” she said, making Diana's eyes go wide as she realized that her plan was a complete failure despite her sacrifices.

She had given herself and her dignity for nothing.