The Defeat of Wonder Woman  

By Captain Zammo

The defeat of Wonder Woman

based on a role-play by Captain Zammo and Cooteegurl12

In the heat of World War II, the United States was assisted by a mysterious beauty. More beautiful than Aphrodite, stronger than Heracles, swifter than Hermes and wiser than Athena, she exemplified a message of peace in a time of war. Her exploits were legendary. Her name was Diana, but the world knew her as WONDER WOMAN.

General Darnell was extremely frustrated. As head of Military Intelligence, he was ultimately responsible for protecting the development of several top secret military projects. Despite the efforts of his best men, several explosions had happened on US bases. Darnell was pacing in Colonel Steve Trevor's office, pouring out his heart.

"Damn it Steve, I'm worried. So far nothing serious had been destroyed, but Army Intelligence is convinced that saboteurs are involved. The bases they've chosen were are all considered for Project Nightshade. Steve, Nightshade could mean throw the balance of the war in favor of our allies far faster than the Manhattan project. So far the saboteurs have missed the main base, but I'm sure its only a matter of time." Darnell took a puff on his pipe, seething.

"I wish you hadn't broken your leg Trevor, you're my top man and you're not able to investigate." Steve cleared his throat politely. He'd been hurt after flying a test plane, the P65 Cyclone, powered by an experimental jet engine. It had cracked up in flight and Steve had broken free of the cockpit with a broken leg. If it hadn't been for Wonder Woman though, Steve was convinced he would have died. Trevor felt Darnell's frustration, but he also felt unable to do something. Still, perhaps he could offer an alternative.

"Maybe you could send Diana?" he suggested. "After all, she' s helped me sort out a lot of tricky investigations, and I'll bet any saboteur would rather pour his heart out to her than to me." Steve smiled gamely, thinking his offer would rejected out of hand. Darnell, at best was never a forward thinking man, but after a short deliberation, he nodded. "By thunder Steve, you're right. Diana COULD do the job. She's been trained by you, and I'm sure the Navy would love a chance to succeed where the Army has failed." He turned to the sexy WAVE and asked, "Yeoman, would you be willing to go to Forth White? It's in the deserts of west Texas. Not much water for a Navy woman, I'm afraid, but a key component of the Project Nightshade is being developed there. As you can see, all indications suggest its on the hit list. We can't increase security too much though, without tipping off the saboteurs."

Diana nodded, pushing her glasses up her pert nose. "I'll be the very sole of discretion General, you can count on me." She flashed a grand smile at the two officers and left the office in a swish of blue khaki. Two days later, Yeoman Diana Prince arrived at Forth White. It sat in the middle of the Texas scrub, with nothing surrounding it for miles and miles. The Army had purchased several small ranches in the area to keep the secrecy, and several of the closer buildings had been converted to military use. The guards at the airbase jumped to attention as the Jeep carrying the shapely WAVE rolled through. After presenting her credentials to the base CO and stowing her luggage in the visitors barracks, Diana wandered through the base. Two miles from the main part of the camp, Diana saw a lone Quonset Hut. MP's patrolled around the building continuously, and Diana noted special trucks coming and going with food and laundry. All in all it seemed like another typical military base with nothing out of the ordinary.

But as she watched, Diana saw a man in the khaki uniform and silver helmet of an MP come flying through the back door of the warehouse. "Great Hera!" she thought. She disappeared into a small copse of trees, and undid the neat bun which held her hair to her scalp. She began to twirl, concentration intense on her face. There was a flash of light and a sound of thunder. In that short space of time, Diana Prince was transformed from Navy WAVE to the powerful heroine Wonder Woman. She was dressed in a bright red bustier, with golden eagle wings covering her breasts. A pair of blue, high cut shorts filled with a field of stars covered her well rounded bottom. Her raven black hair was restrained by a golden tiara and a matching gold belt trimmed her waist. The bright red boots adorning her feet became blurs as she raced toward the Quonset Hut.

She ran up to the guards lying unconscious on the ground, checking their pulses. The men were injured, but not life threateningly so. Wonder Woman started at the sounds of destruction coming from inside. She ran to the door, racing inside to stop the carnage. She heard gunfire chattering, and the now all to familiar sound of bullets ricocheting As she looked in, a soldier came flying out of the back room. A moment later, a broken machine gun followed him.

Wonder Woman flew into the back room, ready for a fight. She saw a man in Gold Armor, with his back to her. A long crimson cape flowed down his back, and he was holding a frightened scientist by the lapels. "I will ask you one more time. Are these the final plans for Project Nightshade?"

The frightened scientist stammered and shook in the armored man's crimson gloves, finally nodding in agreement. Terror was written all over his face. "And there are no other complete plans?" This time the scientist shook his head, stammering a "n-n-no." Wonder Woman decided she had seen enough.

"Stop," commanded Wonder Woman. She landed gently putting her hands on her hips, "Put him down, now."

The man in the golden armor chuckled. "I am surprised it took this long for the Americans to send someone like you in a futile attempt to capture me." He adjusted his grip on the flailing scientist. "If you want me to put him down, then catch, woman!" He threw the scientist at Wonder Woman at a high speed. The little scientist screamed like a school girl.

Wonder Woman flew back a little and caught the man, moving so the impact wouldn't hurt him. "Be still," she said to him soothingly, "You're safe." The scientist's shrieks became whimpers, then he nodded. She set him down and he immediately ran off.

Wonder Woman turned back to face the mountainous man in the armor. "Who are you," she demanded. "What do you want here?" She studied his face, but a solid golden mask left her only able to see cold blue eyes behind his eye slits.

"Who am I? I am terror, I am your worst nightmare, fraulein. I am Baron Blitzkrieg." He ran toward Wonder Woman with a surprising speed and slammed into her waist with a heavily armored shoulder.

Wonder Woman had been waiting for just such an attack, though. In her braced form, she rode the attempted tackle, bringing bring both fists down into his shoulder blades. Her fists struck like a hammer, denting his shoulder armor, but the momentum carried her into the corner of a table, slamming deep into her back. Wonder Woman gasped in pain as the the sharp wood gouged into her spine.

The table was collapsed beneath them. Rolling out from the falling spy, Wonder Woman immediately got into a fighting stance. "You're strong," she admitted, '"But I'm afraid of no man." In that moment she looked like a vision of amazon power. Her golden tiara was gleaming, her perfect black hair was shining and her beautiful blue eyes intense. "I will defeat you and you'll see American justice for the men you've killed."

Blitzkrieg studied the statuesque beauty with admiration. "You speak brash words madchen. But of course you would require a show of strength. Very well, then...If I lose, I have dishonored myself and will deserve to die at the hands of your military. But I shall not lose. And I will receive great honor for bringing in America's secret weapon--and even more for bringing in their great heroine" He advanced slowly testing her resolve.

Wonder Woman stood her ground, daring him to advance. Baron Blitzkrieg grabbed a steel lunch box and a heavy wrench on a workbench. With a fluid motion, he threw the lunch box at her. Wonder Woman knocked the lunch box aside, then flew at Blitzkrieg swinging her fist at the German's armored face. He rode the punch, staggered by her blow. The two stalwarts crashed against a wall. But with surprising speed, Blitzkrieg grabbed the Amazon's arm with his left hand. With the other hand, he brought the wrench down into the small of the mighty heroine's back.

"NGH!" she cried out, nearly falling to her knees from the blow. She caught herself and whirled, sweeping with her leg in an attempt to trip Blitzkrieg. Wonder Woman's foot caught him and he fell to the side. "Ach!" he cried. Wonder Woman rose to her feet and swept a hand through her dark mane.

"All you have is tricks, You'll need more than that to defeat an Amazon!" said Wonder Woman, with pride. She grabbed Blitzkrieg by his shoulders, her painted nails clasping the crimson cape around his neck. With a swift move, she slammed a knee into Blitzkriegs stomach. Wonder Woman winced a little in pain, but she managed to keep from crying out. The armor dented as she kicked.

"Unnnh," Blitzkrieg moaned. With an powerful effort, he broke her grip on his shoulders just as her knee clanged against his all to solid armor "I have more than tricks, Wonder Woman, so much more." With a deft motion, Blitzkrieg caught the Amazon's arms as they fell away from him. He pulled her arms together front of her. He began spinning, lifting Wonder Woman's feet from the floor. Blitzkrieg threw the heroine like a hammer and sent her spinning wildly into the workbenches.

"Suffering Sappho!" Wonder Woman had just enough time to look surprised as she felt her arms jerked together and her body spun. She crashed hard into the workbenches, breaking one into pieces. Wonder Woman staggered uneasily to her feet, still a bit dizzy. She tried to work through the dizziness, suddenly realizing how good Blitzkrieg was. She knew she couldn't afford to make mistakes. "Hera help me," she thought. "I must defeat him and swiftly. He's by far the most powerful being I have ever faced."

But the savage saboteur pounced like a tiger, grabbing the woozy Wonder Woman by the waist. His crimson gauntleted thumbs latched onto her belt. Then using his weight, he dragged her to the ground. Caught off guard, Wonder Woman barely managed to catch herself. She threw a wild kick at Blitzkrieg. Her boot struck his chin with another clang, snapping his head back. Blitzkrieg staggered back, still dragging Wonder Woman by her belt.

Wonder Woman grabbed at Blitzkrieg's wrists, holding onto them and keeping Blitzkrieg from falling. "Great Athena, keep him from realizing the belt is the source of my powers, and WHUUUFFFFF!!!!" As Wonder Woman whispered her silent prayer, Baron Blitzkrieg slammed a heavy boot into the amazon's firm stomach. She dropped to her knees gasping for breath.

Blitzkrieg quickly got to his feet, "Bah, I'm wasting time here. I have the plans I need, and the prototype." He stepped toward the back door of the Quonset hut. Wonder Woman struggled to her feet, desperate to take the offensive. To her dismay, Blitzkrieg was already on his feet. She saw him get outside the door. Swifter than thought, Wonder Woman pulled the tiara from her flowing raven tresses and threw it at Blitzkrieg's retreating back. It hit against his cape with a soft ping, but the power was enough to stagger the villain forward. Blitzkrieg stumbled, trying to recover his balance. Wonder Woman flew after him, slamming him hard in the back. He fell forward to the ground, but landed in a tuck and roll, throwing Wonder Woman underneath his massive and heavy back. Her breasts were crushed against her by all that armor.

"UNGH!" grunted the Amazon as some of the wind was knocked out of her. "Mighty Nike grant me strength to bear this and come to victory!"

Wonder Woman struggled to get to her feet as fast as she could, but Blitzkrieg was faster. He reached down, grabbing Wonder Woman and wrapping his powerful arms around her trim waist and ample chest. Lifting the flailing heroine like a ragdoll, Blitzkrieg began squeezing the helpless amazon. Her eyes bulged with shock as Blitzkrieg's arms wrapped around her like pythons and began crushing her.

"This is impossible... he can't be better than me... no one can best an Amazon, except..." Wonder Woman ignored the thought and fought, struggling, using every trick she knew. She was unable to gain leverage however and Blitzkrieg's arms kept drawing tighter and tighter. As Wonder Woman felt the breath being squeezed out of her, she also felt a hand running down the gold of her belt, then running slowly along the soft satin of her shorts. Wonder Woman's eyes got wide as she felt Blitzkrieg's hand running down, down the smooth satin of my uniform to her butt. She was kicking convulsively, her body straining, gasping for air. "The monster!" she thought. "He's not even concerned I could break free. It's almost as though he believes me to be already defeated!" Wonder Woman could feel herself weakening, the air being forced from her lungs. It just kept getting tighter, the pain was horrible. Blitzkrieg leaned forward, putting his weight onto the Amazon's back, using gravity to assist in squeezing the life from her. Her lungs felt like they were on fire. "No," she said. "This can't be happening to me." Wonder Woman was about to cry out in anger and humiliation, but her voice was cut off as Blitzkrieg squeezed her even tighter. Then suddenly she felt herself running as Blitzkrieg lunged forward, slamming her ebony tresses locks into the thick concrete wall of the Quonset hut, jarring her head down to her shoulders.

Wonder Woman flopped back against Blitzkrieg; dazed for a moment. She was gulping air as she leaned against him; her body relieved at no longer being squeezed. But her momentary reprieve was short lived as Blitzkrieg grabbed the Amazon by her belt and hoisted her into the air. His second hand held her at the top of her bustier. Blitzkrieg then began swinging the hapless Amazon back and forth, slamming her repeatedly into the wall of the Quonset Hut.

Wonder Woman grabbed in futility,trying to pull free, only to be slammed into the wall again. "I...I can't be defeated like this, I'm an Amazon," she thought. Just as she recovered from the second blow, she was slammed into the wall again. And again and again. When Blitzkrieg was finished, Wonder Woman was beginning to see star in more places than her shorts. Most of the fight had been beaten out of her. Wonder Woman's face was dreamy and simple, blinking dumbly. Blitzkrieg held her limp form in the air by her belt. Her arms and legs hung akimbo, pointing uselessly toward the ground.

Blitzkrieg smiled grimly as he saw Wonder Woman's lasso dangling along the side of her leg. He reached for it, snagging the golden rope and tugging at it. With a counter tug on Wonder Woman's belt, the lasso came free. Wonder Woman's belt came loose at the same time and the stunned beauty dropped to the ground. Her head shifted to one side and Blitzkrieg could see blood seeping from her forehead and lip. The groggy heroine slowly struggled to get to all fours, dizzy and feeling sick. "Great Hermes, grant me strength, do not allow me to pass out." She wasn't sure she could stand. Wonder Woman felt like everything in the world was moving except her. She was so dazed, she was unaware her magic belt of power was gone.

Blitzkrieg knelt down beside the Amazon, and deftly whipped her lasso around her bruised shoulders. He chuckled, watching as the lasso fell unresistingly over Wonder Woman's perfect breasts and pinned her arms to her side. Wonder Woman flopped onto her face in the sandy soil. Blitzkrieg kicked her cruelly and she rolled onto her side.

The repeated blows had made it difficult for Wonder Woman to think straight, but some semblance of understanding dawned on her as she felt the golden links of her lasso around her arms. "My... lasso.." She struggled to say. She looked up with unfocused eyes at Baron Blitzkrieg. The Baron was satisfied when he saw the cowed look on the defeated heroine's face. He rapidly bound her bracelets with the lasso, then wrapped it tightly around her now ungirdled waist. Blitzkrieg then looped the lasso through between her legs and through her crotch, snugging it up through the waist loop, and then finally cinching it tight around her neck, forming a nice mobile bondage and sex collar.

Wonder Woman put up a token effort, barely managed to resist as Blitzkrieg trussed her up; her strength gone and her battered body completely spent. Every little movement she made rubbed the golden lasso against the soft flesh mound of her womanhood. She stood still, and stared dully at her captor. "I've been in worse situations," she thought. "I just need to stay calm." Her concentration was slowly coming back as she faced her captor.

Blitzkrieg stood in front of Wonder Woman holding her lasso in one hand. He thought a moment, then asked, "I have read your lasso forces men to tell the truth. Tell me Wonder Woman, truthfully, how can I keep you helpless? Not just for a few hours or a few days, but forever?"

She struggled to resist compulsive powers of her magic lasso. It had been the question she had been dreading all along. Still, the words came tumbling out before she realized what she was saying, "If an amazon is taken into a man's bed by force," she slurred, tears forming in her eyes, "her powers will be gone and so will her fighting spirit, forever." Her mind cleared as she made this declaration, but Wonder Woman was convinced that she hadn't given herself away completely. "I can still win," she thought. "He's not the one to conquer me, he won't be the on to defeat me forever, not Blitzkrieg!"

Blitzkrieg pressed the issue, "So you would forever become a helpless slave?"

"I would belong to you alone, completely." She realized what she had said, and shuddered. Wonder Woman struggled to maintain her composure, still mostly confident that she could still come out good out of this.

Blitzkrieg nodded in satisfaction. He spoke again. "For now Wonder Woman, I command you to go to sleep. You will not awaken until I command you again."

Wonder Woman was still thinking of escape, "I can still..." The order had an almost immediate effect on her and She felt her lids growing heavy. Wonder Woman's baby blue eyes closed and she slumped to the ground, fast asleep. Blitzkrieg lifted her helpless and sleeping form from the ground and slung it over his shoulder. Wonder Woman's body flopped unceremoniously over his shoulder, her head covered by the long dark locks of her hair. He dropped his slumbering captive into the passenger side of the MP's jeep. Swiftly, he drove across the desert to the opening he'd cut in the fencing. There, he pressed a button near the outside of the fence, setting off a series of explosions all around the perimeter of Fort White. Grunting in satisfaction as the Quonset hut exploded in the distance, Blitzkrieg then carried his slumbering burden far from the army base to an abandoned farmhouse, several miles away. In the nearby barn, an airplane was carefully hidden.

The unlikely duo arrived at the farmhouse just as dawn was breaking. As Blitzkrieg had carried Wonder Woman, his hand idly caressed the soft satin of her shorts, rubbing all along her backside, and even prodding a bit between her thighs. The sleeping Wonder Woman hadn't resisted the touching, her unconscious body almost consenting to this impromptu inspection. Blitzkrieg looked at the gathering dawn and said, "I will await the night before we fly out to Mexico, fraulein. From there, we will meet the submarine that will return us to Germany, with me in triumph and you in chains."

Blitzkrieg turned into the farm house and carried his sexy captive to a bedroom in the back. He dropped her slumbering form onto a ramshackle bed and used two longer ropes to tie her feet into an open "V "on the bed. Eagerly, Blitzkrieg began pawing at her wonderfully plump breasts, through the soft fabric of her famous costume. Each movement of his hands caused the golden lasso to rub against Wonder Woman's sex. A soft moan issued from her lips.

Wonder Woman was turned to the side. Her pouty lip was split open and her face was swollen and bruised. Her dark hair had lost some luster, it was messy and roughed up. Blitzkrieg continued to watch the Amazon's breathing, rough and heavy. Wonder Woman's body was jostled a little as Blitzkrieg felt her up all over. Her muscles were soft and relaxed, but still powerful. Her legs were perfectly formed, her skin smooth. Blitzkrieg stared at the magnificent form, eager to possess such a treasure for both the Fatherland and for himself. She was completely at his mercy, unaware of her perfect body being eyed. He continued to molest her nubile body, all the while pondering her earlier comment.

He pulled the gauntlets from his hand and reached out to Wonder Woman's cheek Her flesh was warm and he felt an electricity he hadn't felt in a long time. "Not since before...before my accident." He felt ugly beneath the armor, and knew that Wonder Woman would be appalled by his features. He allowed his hand to slide down Wonder Woman's chest, stopping at the edge of her bustier. Blitzkrieg pulled the top of the bustier down from Wonder Woman's large rounded breasts, exposing the dusky rose areolae.

"Magnificent," He muttered in astonishment. "Her breasts are absolutely perfect. And to make her completely powerless, she must be taken unwillingly," muttered Blitzkrieg. "My great triumph would be capped by the fact that I could then keep America's greatest heroine as my personal toy." Blitzkrieg made the decision to keep the hapless Amazon for himself.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind, Wonder Woman felt her bustier being slipped down, too far. It was almost a relief to have her chest bare and free, but something felt wrong about it as well. Her breasts fell to the side as Blitzkrieg slipped her top down. He squeezed Wonder Woman's freed breasts, kneading them with hard hands. He felt her nipples becoming erect from his attentions. Wonder Woman's face didn't react as Blitzkrieg cupped his prize, playing with the defeated Amazon's body in ways no one else ever had.

Blitzkrieg studied his captive. The lasso was still framing her sex, leaving a wonder cameltoe. Her hands were still bound in front of her. Wonder Woman's body lay beneath Blitzkrieg, defeated. "You're ready to be taken at my leisure. The Mighty Wonder Woman, finally brought down. You will be remembered forever as the greatest conquest of Blitzkrieg.'

Blitzkrieg carefully pulled the golden armor from his body, everything except his helmet (which hid a horribly scarred face) He pulled Wonder Woman's shorts to one side, leaving her half dressed and fully tied. He tugged at the lasso,saying, "Fraulein, wake up..." He then knelt on either side of the Amazon's long legs, his firm cock poised above her smooth open pink pussy.

Wonder Woman's eyes fluttered open, and she rolled to look at Blitzkrieg. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock as she saw the scarred naked form of the man perched and poised; ready to penetrate the hapless heroine.

"No!" She cried out, squirming, the lasso rubbing harder against her crotch, arousing her more. This was the moment Wonder Woman had feared. She had been told as a little girl what happened to amazons who were with men, but it couldn't happen to her! Yet battered as she was, and without her belt of power, she was as helpless as a newborn kitten. "No, dont...I swear to you..." She shouted.

The tip of Blitzkrieg's cock pressed between her thighs, forcing open the most precious and private part of any amazon. Wonder Woman gasped, as the tip tickled against her trembling labia. She felt a bit of pleasure, the incredible feeling sending a shiver down her spine. "This can't be right!" she thought, "Only the man who has utterly defeated me can..." The massive cock entered her, Wonder Woman felt more of her resistance draining away. Blitzkrieg slowly and methodically forced himself on the hapless heroine ; the panic continuing to rise in her.

"No don't! Don't! You can't do this to me, Please!" she cried in fear. "I beg you, let me go!"

Blitzkrieg laughed. "I defeated you amazon, in exactly the way the Germans will defeat your decadent nation. And now I will enjoy the fruit of my spoil!"

"nnnnGGGHH!' Wonder Woman's body spasmed as Blitzkrieg slowly plowed into her virgin field. She could barely hear what Blitzkrieg was saying, all the blood was rushing to her head, her senses were screaming with pleasure and agony. She would not offer a rebuttal to Blitzkrieg's comment.

Blitzkrieg's hands gripped her perfect breasts and he used them as leverage to force himself into battered Amazon. He felt her back arching as he entered deep into his captive's exposed pussy. Wonder Woman's body contorted, writhing in ecstasy and agony, like a worm on a hook. She was helpless; a bound slave to every move Blitzkrieg made.

Deep inside of her, Wonder Woman felt each unwanted thrust of the Baron's savage rape. "! I this. I must break free!" But bound as she was, the Amazon princess was unable to escape the intrusion of her very soul. Her body contorted in pain, but she felt her body beginning to betray her, moving in sequence with with the Baron's. Her hips rose eagerly toward his thrusts eagerly expecting his charges.

"No, Aphrodite, NO! I don't love him. So helpless, NNNNNN..... NNNAAAAHHHH!!!!"

Beneath him, Baron Blitzkrieg felt Wonder Woman's body surrendering to the pleasure of his hands and rough manhood, taming her. He listened intently as her pathetic and helpless pleas became whines, then whimpers, then moans of pleasure. Wonder Woman's pillow music indicated how her powers were fading with each thrust of Blitzkrieg's powerful thighs.

Beneath him, Wonder Woman felt the light inside of her fading, being snuffed out. Her powers were going as her body betrayed her. She was barely able to resist, so tired of fighting. Her body was hard now, every muscle in her body tense Her mouth let out long moan of agony and pleasure. With the first orgasm, she lost all desire to resist, she felt her muscles go slack in the restraints, and with that Wonder Woman surrendered her body and soul. "I...can't....I'll what...he... wants... so tired.."

Blitzkrieg could feel Wonder Woman's body weakening with each thrust. He had conquered the Amazon; her body seemed to become less and less dynamic. Her body was glistening with sweat and Wonder Woman cried out raggedly at one particularly violent thrust. He felt his body getting harder, the moment was at hand. But he knew she had to be brought to climax as well.

Beneath him, Wonder Woman slowly closed her eyes, drowning in this feeling. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she let out a long cry, a broken wail, the final cry of an amazon warrior. Her body thrust up violently, every muscle straining and as she did all of her might and power drained out of her in an instant. Wonder Woman didn't feel it, the pleasure was too much. At the moment of her wail, Blitzkrieg released as well, hot semen filling her virginal womb.

Wonder Woman looked at her reflection in the golden mask of Blitzkrieg, realizing that she would never see more than this as the face of her conquerer. She collapsed, falling back on the mattress, exhausted and breathing hard. She wanted to close her eyes. Tears filled them instead as she began weeping for her lost maidenhood and power.

As Blitzkrieg stared at her though, he noticed she seemed somehow different. She looked soft and tractable now, still athletic and firm, but not defiantly so, not any more. She didn't look like a woman any more, she now seemed almost girlish. Her confident manner was gone, her arrogance. She seemed helpless now, soft and untested. Blitzkrieg was aware how very small she now seemed next to his powerful body.

Blitzkrieg smiled. "Now you belong to me," he laughed. He tugged her lasso...pulling it tight around her throat again. Wonder Woman felt the burning sensation as her lasso burrowed deeper into her still numb pussy. Blitzkrieg hissed "It was good for me, fraulein, and for you? Tell me honestly, Wonder Woman--do you have your powers any more?" He watched intently as her she took a deep breath. Her perfect breasts rose and fell.

"No," she said meekly in a weary voice.

"And so you are now nothing more than a worthless girl?

"Yes..."she said, all defiance gone from her voice. Her costume was matted, filthy and covered in sweat, dirt, grime and semen. Her bracers, tiara, and lasso had all lost their sheen, looking less like trappings of office and more like silly costume jewelry now. She allowed herself to close her eyes, she was desperately tired.

Blitzkrieg smirked, "You'll make a grand addition to my dungeon. You'll be the trophy I've dreamed of, far better than any Iron Cross." He fondled the helpless woman again, eager to taste her pleasures a second time, but torn by duty and the need to get then out of the country first.

Wonder Woman listened to every word, and she realized that it was all true. She was almost numb, so much feeling all at once. She could almost feel Blitzkrieg's lewd thoughts as he look her over, feeling her body again. She was eager for the man to take her again and again, to be used for him as nothing more than his pleasure device. She realized he was working on a way to get her to Germany, where she would remain the rest of her life as his slave. And surprisingly she didn't care. "I'm so tired of fighting, I just... it's time I lost and faced the consequences" she thought numbly.

Leaving his bound hostage on the bed, Blitzkrieg found a length of chain in the barn. He returned to the house and wrapped it around Wonder Woman's neck then brought it down and locked both ends around each of her wrists. After this, he grunted in satisfaction and removed the golden lasso from Wonder Woman's body, coiling it and placing it in his briefcase, with the notes and prototype for Project Nightshade.

Wonder Woman slowly look up at Blitzkrieg, ashamed, as she felt him chaining her. She felt ashamed for fighting her new master, thinking she should have just walked up with her hands at her side, not defending herself. "I should have let him just take me," she said in her depression. She smiled at this. "He would have been surprised at that, I'm certain." She studied her captor a bit longer. "He would have worn a sneer on his face like that one. A sneer of triumph and delight," she thought. She almost missed Blitzkrieg's words to her in her reverie.

"Before we depart Wonder Woman, there's one thing more I need from you." He motioned to the costume, which seemed loose on her body. "You must remove that. A slave has nothing of her own, only that which the master gives her."

Without even thinking, Wonder Woman reached down and slipped her uniform down and from her legs. She looked shamefacedly at the floor, then back at Blitzkrieg. "I..I can't take off the bracelets and the'll have to..." She closed her eyes, hoping he wasn't angry.

Blitzkrieg laughed an evil laugh. " I plan to leave you the tiara and the bracelets; after all you need to have some memento of your past life."

Wonder Woman nodded, then reached down to take off her boots.

"Nein, keep them for now."

She looked away. She felt the words forming, and said,"I'm...I'm sorry I fought... I should have.. surrendered myself to you.. I am but a worthless slave who should have known the face of her true m...master" Her voice caught on that last word. Wonder Woman couldn't bear to look Blitzkrieg in the eyes as she made her confession. She was no longer the Amazon princess, but Blitzkrieg's sex toy now, a travesty of what she had been.

As the sun began to set, Blitzkrieg forced Wonder Woman into the airplane, and tied her the seat. He used her lasso to compel her to sleep. She trembled, but fell asleep, aware of her final destination but helpless to do anything about it. Wonder Woman was blissfully unaware of the passage of time as she was transferred from plane, to submarine to plane again.

Several days later, a small Dornier was landing at Templehof Airport. In one of the passenger seats, Wonder Woman was still asleep,the lasso forcing her unnatural slumber. As the plane touches down she heard the call for Berlin. Wonder Woman slowly opened her eyes, and looked out the window. She saw a crowd from the German High Command waiting outside. Blitzkrieg dragged his unresisting captive to her feet and led her to the doorway of the plane. Someone pointed at her and everyone turned, staring in shock. Wonder Woman looked at my booted feet, her hair falling down in front of her face

"She's...she's not wearing anything" came a startled cry. In response, Blitzkrieg held up her matted and stained costume in triumph. He forced Wonder Woman's chin up as well.

Wonder Woman didn't resist as her master's hand forced her chin up. "To think that I once thought I was so strong and untouchable," she thought stifling a shudder.

A small man with a toothbrush mustache came forward, a large smile on his face. "This is a great day for the Reich. Congratulations Herr Baron, you have done well. And this is the American hero called Wonder Woman? She doesn't look too powerful now, nein?"

His riding crop touched Wonder Woman's firm butt, forcing her to stand straighter. She stood upright, a hollow nothing behind her eyes as he peered at her, cruelly. She stared back, humiliated and defeated. "How could I ever have thought I could win? Its all so clear now and OWWW!!!" Wonder Woman winced at the embarrassing pain as Hitler's crop slapped at her bare breasts. Tears formed as she realized she could have endured that and more easily when she still had her amazon powers.

"Ve should execute her!' a woman cried out, her eyes wild, her fist shaking.

Hitler smiled gamely, "No no--she's worth far more as a propaganda tool, wouldn't you agree Herr Baron?"

"I vant her bracelets!" a man cried out.

"Ve should give her tiara to the fuhrer!' another excited voice exclaimed.

Someone appeared with a camera to take pictures of the event. "Smile Vonder Voman, this may be your last press conference," laughs Blitzkrieg. Wonder Woman looked at the camera but couldn't force a smile. Knowingly, the Baron wrapped her lasso around her hands and ordered her to smile. Unable to resist, Wonder Woman smiled pleasantly, as though she were happy to be nude, captive and helpless in a strange land.

Blitzkrieg gave an evil command to the helpless Amazon, "Show them your favorite pose Vonder Voman, mit your hands on your hips und spread your legs." She obeyed instantly, flashing her crotch at the photographers. The crowds shouted approval and the flashbulbs popped at the grinning, naked heroine.

Finally, though, Blitzkrieg led Wonder Woman to a covered truck. The truck drove off into the dark, and the Amazon was never seen again.