Circle of Vengeance

Author: Cliff Secord
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“I’m sorry Miss Nolan, but its still NO.” the middle aged man leaned forward on his desk, eyeing the woman seated in front of him. He brushed his hand over his worried brow and back down his thinning hair. “I’m sorry, but Frank Rosettii is just too dangerous…even for an interview.”

“But warden,” the young girl begged, “I’m working on a full feature story for channel 9, my first feature, don’t you understand how important this is?” She shook her head a little confused. “My editor’s already given me the green light for the promos, wheels are in motion already Warden Jones.” She fell back into the seat of her chair, crossing her shapely legs hoping the slight display of femininity would help her argument. “Besides, I know he’s an intimidating figure, but its not like he’s a super villain, he doesn’t have any threatening powers, he’s just a normal man….and isn’t that illegal to deny him visitors?”

“Miss Nolan, “the Warden eyed her, swallowing slightly at the site of the attractive news reporter but still annoyed at her pushiness. “Let me give you a bit of history on Frank Rosettii…” He put his hand up to signal a stop to her response.

“Things not in the FBI files, that I’m sure you’re familiar with, these are things from the last three years since Supergirl dropped him off at our front door.” He reared back in his chair as if gathering himself.

“For the first year he was inside, he still ran the family from his prison cell. Did his best to try and take some kind of revenge on Supergirl for bringing him in. He had people on the outside trying to find out her secret identity, friends, family, anything about her they could use. When we raided his cell we even turned up a copy of the FBI’s personal file on her….he’s got a special kind of hatred for her in particular, never could stand the thought of one of them costumed caper bringing him in…let alone some girl running around in a miniskirt….anyway, we moved him to a private cell to keep him separate from the regular population, after he ordered a massacre of a rival family.”

“The Gallipsi murders?”

“Yup, but never could prove he gave the order. After that only the guards had access to him, then after a while we had to change guards every three months. He started corrupting the guards, using them to ferry information to his crew and bring in contraband. One ex-guard is now currently living in some remote location in the witness protection program. So now no guard is allowed to speak casually to him or they are instantly terminated.”

“But I would never…”

“You would do it unknowingly.” He cut her off. “Just his answers, his mannerisms, you wouldn’t even see it.” To her surprise the Warden’s pale face cracked into a half smile. “You probably don’t remember the last reporter that came here to interview him? Two months after he came here, that Jerraldo feller convinced the current Warden to give him a one on one interview with Frank. So they brought Rosettii in, all six foot five, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid pissed off muscle, cuffed sitting across from this reporter asking him questions like ‘Did your father sexually abuse you? What did you and your brothers do when he suddenly disappeared? Did your mother entering an asylum when you were twelve have any affect on your life in crime?’ “

The Warden paused for a moment.

“When we finally were able to restrain him, he had fractured that reporter’s skull, broken one of his arms in two places, cracked three ribs and ripped half his mustache right off his lip with his bare hands. The next day they offered me the job after the previous Warden’s car malfunctioned on start up…. They found him in the back seat.”

The woman’s face was blank and white.

“Since then he’s been locked away twenty three hours a day, allowed one hour of outside time in restraints with guards escorting him and guards with live ammo in each picket.” He moved in again closer to her, his eyes meeting hers. “And that means he hasn’t even seen a woman in over two years. No telling what he might try when he sees an attractive girl like yourself Miss Nolan….or how far he might get before we’re able to get to him this time.”

The reporter’s eyes darted from side to side as it seems she was reevaluating the idea, or maybe playing out the possible scene the Warden had described in her mind.

“Um…er….may…maybe we can just pull some archive footage….I , um…I think we could be good with that. .We’ll let you know, thank you Warden.” She said as her clammy cold hands shook his and bolted for the door.

Several hours later, two guards with shock batons wait outside one of the single cells.

“Rosettii, you got the jewelry on? Let’s go!” The tall guard shouted inside the cell giving a nod to his partner on the other side. “Take it easy rookie,” he whispered, “he’s always slow to come out.”

The rookie shook his head confirming that this was the usual routine.

From inside the cell a tall dark haired olive skinned man walked out. His steps hampered by the full set of shackles clamped over his ankles, wrist and waist. The three men exited the nearby electric door and out into the yard. It was seven o’clock; the sun began fading into the west as Frank Rosettii lit up a cigarette, looking up at the usual two guards flanking him on each side high in the towers. His gaze suddenly turned towards the tall cornfields outside the gates where the prisoners daily tendered the crops. A large dark figure stood in the mist of the tall stalks. He squinted to see it clearly when it vanished. He took another drag from the cigarette and suddenly saw the thing again. This time it was at the outside fence line, staring at him, dark and sketchy, almost like a projection of some kind.

“Ok, who’s fooling around?” he sneered as the thing blinked from view again and suddenly was past the second fence and inside the yard. Frank looked at the guards puzzled that they had not reacted to the creature. “What the fuck is going on here? Who the hell are you??”

“Rosettii! Times up.” The guard behind him shouted as the creature now appeared directly in front of him. A sudden rage gripped him as he reached out but the thing vanished into a dark cloud and pushed its way into his nostrils, mouth and eyes.

“Rosettii, you ok over there?” the guard withdrew his baton as he watched the large man fall to his knees. “If this is some kind of trick you wont be seeing the sun for a week!”

The man was choking as an eerie light glowed from this eyes and mouth, as the strange thing seemed to meld itself with him, his skin tingled, coughing until finally it passed. He gasped hard, drawing in air as the shouts of the two guards behind him finally registered.

“Fuck! What the hell was that….” He stopped. The shackles around his wrist and ankles suddenly popped open falling to the ground. He stood up as the restraints dropped to his feet. Looking around him he noticed a veil difference in the space just feet in front of him. The air seemed different somehow; the gravel seemed parted by some invisible force, encircling him in all directions.

“He’s loose!!!” the guard shouted charging him with his baton.

Frank turned just to see the club coming down on him, he caught the stick in his hand, waiting for the certain painful charge of the shock….but none came.

“Faulty equipment sucker? Poor you.” He laughed ripping the stick from the guard’s grip and knocking him cold with it.

“Down! Down! Down!” the second had slipped in behind him jamming the baton into the prisoner’s back but again no charge emitted from the weapon. Frank spun, grabbing the rookie into a choke hold and breaking his neck.

“Officers down! Sound the alarm!!” The men in the pickets shouted as the alarm screamed.

Frank dropped the guard to the ground, as a cell phone tumbled from the lifeless guard’s pocket. He snatched the phone, looking up at the towers just as two flashes burst from the ends of the high powered rifles. He gritting his teeth waiting for the bullets to rip through his flesh, but instead the projectiles dropped just inside the barrier, tumbling harmlessly to the ground.

“Holy shit!” he laughed insanely looking up at the guards in the towers as more of the bullets dropped around him. “How you like that pigs?!” He spat as he ran for the electric gate, looking for a way out when suddenly the gate popped open. He turned to see the yard filling with guards as he headed for the outside fence which opened for him as well.

“I gotta be dreaming!” he laughed pushing his way into the crops towards the highway, flipping open the cell phone he looked back behind him. The gate had again become electrified, locking the guards behind him.

Two days later…

Supergirl drifted easily over the skies of the city, her eyes darting at the streets and busy cars below her. She slipped passed several tall skyscrapers with the casualness of any other person taking a morning stroll. Inside the towers of steel, men in expensive suits swivel in their chairs to watch the agile body of the young girl in the tight fitted, satin blue costume gliding past the windows. A blonde angel in a daring costume soaring in the blue skies of the city, drawing lustful gazes from those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the popular superheroine.

But Supergirl was moving past the trendy parts of the city, passing by the business and upscale parts of the city. Her face fixed on the terrain below, unseen by anyone is the small red beam dusting the street below.

‘I’ve been following the tracks for miles now…but I can almost guess where they lead.’ She thought. After the forty-first street bank had been robbed, the cars used by the robbers were unusual. But ever since she had heard Frank Rosettii escaped, a lot of things had been unusual. Long black limousines pulling up to the bank, a team of men including Rosettii himself caught on video. Taking out the guards, then opening a time release safe that should have been impregnable. Not taking any of the cash. Four pallets of cash untouched, instead they only went for the safety deposit boxes. The bank manager says only one in particular, owned by a lawyer of the former Gallipsi family.

Supergirl slowed as she saw the tracks end.

“So he’s back to the same hideout. I should have known.” Supergirl descended to a narrow alley just behind the building she had been scouting. A large brick building tucked between other smaller businesses with a neon sign of a bikini clad girl loosing her to, her expression going from happy to playful shock. The blinking words “Silk Lounge” flickering beneath the sign hung just above the two red doors at the entrance.

Supergirl knew the club from the last time she had arrested Rosettii. It was a meeting place for high powered members of the mafia. A place they felt safe to do business and socialize, indulging in girls and drinks. She had changed that by dragging him out, sending the ‘King’ to prison right from his castle.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” a voice caught her attention and she saw a man with gun in hand quickly moving towards her.

“Where’s Frank Rosettii?” she asked calmly.

“Screw you girlie!” the man fired several shots that ricocheted off Supergirl. Seeing this, the man stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide with disbelief, he turned to run away but she was on him already. Grabbing the man by his jacket she slammed him face down into a nearby trash dumpster.

“ssshhhhh” she put her finger over perched lips as the unconscious man laid face down in whatever the restaurant served the previous night. She smiled then headed for the back door of the club but stumbled a bit on the way. She looked down at her shoes where a used condom had attached itself to her boot heel.

“Disgusting perverts.” She scrapped the thing off on the cement stoop and entered the back door to the club.

“Same scummy looking place.” She said to herself as she entered. Inside their were two stages, a main one and a smaller one at the center of the room. Long steel poles mounted on each stage where she knew girls in skimpy costumes danced for money for these perverts. The smell of old cigarettes still hung in the air along with the distilled smell of alcohol. The red and blue costumed Supergirl made her way inside, she could see at the far end of the club Rosettii sitting alone, facing her.

“Well there he is, easier than I thought” she said to herself. “Not too clever of you to come right back where I brought you in last time.”

“I been waiting on you.” Rosettii lit a cigar calmly watching her. “You know, there have been a lot of girls come through that door….but none I wanted to see more than you…right now.”

Supergirl moved to the center of the room, her lean sexy body in the short red skirt that swayed and fluttered above her curvy thighs. The glowing black lights of the club shimmered on the blue satin top and made the large ‘S’ on her chest seem electric.

“I’m flattered,“ Her long shapely legs took slow deliberate steps in the red high heeled boots, smiling confidently despite noticing the eight ruthless killers circling around her. “but I hope they kept your cell warm for you when you return.”

Rosettii sneered as he chomped on the cigar and sat back in his chair visibly irritated at the thought of returning to prison.

“Get her.”

All at once the men ambushed her from all sides, closing in on her with make shift weapons in hand. The first to reach her shattered the empty bottle and ran towards her with its jagged edges threatening her neck.

Moving with blinding speed she easily dodged him. The attacker didn’t even see the counter attack as she flung the weapon from his hand.

“Didn’t your mother tell you not to hit girls?” She pulled him in forward and slammed her kneed into his midsection sending him crumpling to the floor just as the next attacker reached her. Spinning behind her, she grabbed the second’s arm flipping him over in mid air and sending him flying into a row of tables.

“What the hell are you guys doing?? Drop her, drop her now!!” Rosettii growled.

A tall lanky man charged her, his eyes getting a quick view beneath her skirt before tasting the slap of leather from her boots across his face.

“Don’t any of you read the comics?” she teased them easily disarming another. “It’s like not even fun when its this easy.” She flipped another pinning him to the floor with the sharp heels of her boots, his arm contorted behind him. The scene seemed impossible, a large muscular men being tossed and easily pinned by a young petite girl. “I don’t have time to waste with these losers.” Supergirl slammed the head of one of the hoods through the wooden table leaving a comical hole of his profile.

“It’s you I came for!!!” She ran across the room headed for the boss. Jumping into the air with her fist aimed at him, she took off, intending to fly over and take him out with a single punch.

“What???” Supergirl jumped into the air but after a few feet she fell embarrassingly into the chairs and tumbled to the ground. “Ouch….what the?” she winched, her side hurting from the fall. She lifted herself to see the man laughing behind his cigar. He stood, tossing the cigar away and approached her.

“Giving up? That’s the first smart thing you’ve ever done.” Supergirl grabbed him in her usual way but his hand clamped down on her wrist. She pulled, trying to drag him off his feet but was unable to move him. A smile suddenly appeared across his face as he ripped her hand away from him.

“What’s going on? How did you get this strong?” Supergirl tried to pull free but to her surprise she couldn’t. His massive hand held her like a vise as he slammed his fist into her stomach doubling over the superheroine.

“AAaaaiiii….nnnggggg” Supergirl felt the air instantly leave her lungs, she gasped in deep breaths as her legs buckled under the pain and shock. She dangled by her pinned arm. “that’s…nnngg…impossible….” She clenched her teeth, disgusted with herself and pulled her arm away. Supergirl spun around, gathering force with her momentum and planted a perfect round house kick on the bruisers face sending him falling backwards. She pressed her attack leaping forward but was suddenly caught from behind by several of the henchmen.

“How is this possible? Let go of me!!” The powerless superheroine struggled as several hands took hold of her, forcing her hands behind her.

“Boss you ok?” one of the men instantly regretted asking the furiously rising boss.

“I’ll rip her fucking tits off!!” he screamed pushing past them.

“Need your boys to fight for you?” Supergirl looked up at him struggling against her captors. She braced herself as he lifted his hand to slap her but instead a smile appeared on his face. She watched in disgust as his eyes looked her over.

“Tie her up.” He ordered and rope was brought out.

“No, no, you bastard!” She tried to get free but somehow they were stronger than her. They turned it into a game as she was forced down on her knees and made to cross her wrist behind her back.

“Let go of me!!” She couldn’t understand it, but she couldn’t break free as the ropes tightened on her, she felt her freedom slipping away with each knot they tied until finally her hands were soundly bound. How did he do this? She wondered as she found herself on her knees looking up at the sordid group. Dressed in her famous red and blue costume helpless, as her ankles were pulled together and more rope was now being wrapped around them.

“You’re not going anywhere. I’ve been waiting three years to have you like this. “

“What are you planning?” Supergirl felt them finishing tying her legs. “What are you going to do with me? Why wont my powers work?” she struggled when suddenly a long piece of leather appeared in front of her, a small black plastic penis stood on the center of it.

“Gag her.”

“No, don’t you dare!!!” Supergirl turned away from the strange thing, “get that thing away from me! No…” but they forced her head back, pinching her nose, cutting off her air until her mouth dropped open, gasping for breath but only finding the gag filling her mouth.

“mmmmffffffmm…fmmmffffbasssddarrrmm…..” she moaned as the plastic cock kept her quiet, her eyes pierced them with hatred.

They pushed her head forward and lifted her long hair, buckling the gag in place. She felt so strange, so vulnerable, and unable to stop them from doing anything they wanted to her. She tugged at the ropes holding her, unable to break them, her movements restricted, held in place…captured! At this, a strange tingle of excitement seemed to wet between her legs, her eyes looked around guilty, hoping no one noticed her blushing face.

“We’ve got a party planned tonight, just like old times.” Frank looked down at the capture superheroine he so hated. “and you’re going to be the entertainment. I’ve invited a lot of old friends, I’m sure you’ll recognize a lot of them.” He smiled broadly. “Pick her up and keep her close to me, I don’t want to loose site of our new girl.” He glared at her, “Now let’s get her ready for tonight.”

Supergirl felt one of the goons scoop her up, then turning her up over his shoulder, she could feel her skirt flip upwards giving the now gloating men a clean view of her uncovered ass.

“Oowwmmmm..oowwwmmmm….” she moaned as she felt sharp playful slaps across her exposed ass. She was being carried away, unsure of what plans they had for her.

Chapter 2: Stage presence

Supergirl was brought into the back of the club, behind the large stages where the dancer’s dressing rooms held large mirrors and makeup areas. Several of the girls had just arrived, and were slipping on various erotic costumes.

Supergirl looked up, her eyes seeing the dancers staring at her.

“Looks like they found a new girl…and look who she’s dressed as!” One girl’s in an erotic schoolgirl outfit pointed at the bound and gagged Supergirl as she was being carried past them.

Just then another girl with large breast, dressed as a harem slave leaned over, careful not to let any others hear, and whispered in the schoolgirl’s ears. The woman’s eyes grew wide and locking on with Supergirl’s glances.

“The real one??” the schoolgirl clasped her hand over her mouth stifling a series of giggles. “Frankie’s really outdid himself.” The girl laughed as if she had been told a hilarious joke, giggling with her friend she blew a playful kiss at Supergirl as she continued to get dressed.

Through another door they carried her into a large open area with plush couches and empty Champaign buckets at the ends of each. A grand chandelier hung in the center of the room with dim track lighting and spools of silk drapery. To the end were two French doors to another room. Right away she knew this was the VIP lounge, away from the regulars where special guest were allowed with the girls.

With Frank still leading, they opened the door to a room just in the corner of the lounge. Inside this room was a large executive desk, where Frank plopped down.

“Get her strapped on one of those.” He ordered them pointing at the two chairs facing the other end of his desk.

Supergirl was lowered; she struggled against the ropes, mumbling in her gag, unable to understand why she had last her strength.

“mmmmggggffff” She was placed on her bound feet, still unable to move as two of the men undid the ropes around her wrist. They grabbed the arms of the fighting Supergirl, forcing her to hop forward into place, and sat her down into the chair.

Supergirl screamed in her gag, unable to get any sound or words past the plastic cock still hard in her mouth. She resisted as they forced her hands down to each arm of the chair and began tying them again. She stomped her bound heels furiously like a spoiled child, it was the only thing she could do.

‘How are they doing this?’ she wondered. ‘All of my powers are suddenly gone! Could it just be a coincidence? Did my powers somehow just go on the fritz? Why is this happening to me??’ The two henchmen soon went to work on her legs, untying them as well but then spreading her ankles apart and binding them to the legs of the chair. Supergirl struggled but it was useless, her eyes looked down and caught the men stealing glances under her shrinking skirt. One of them looked up at her, smiled and then again between her legs.

“MMMffff!!!!” she shouted, squirming as they finished binding her before turning her heated gaze on Frank, seated at the other end of the desk.

While they had been tying her to the chair, he had been on the phone. Despite not having her powers, he was close enough that she had heard the conversation.

“….make sure you contact all the buyers, I have the key from the box…..yeah my father’s key… don’t fuck it up!”

He hung up the phone looking at the struggling girl. She watched him as he walked over to her.

“My star for tonight.”

Supergirl shook her head “no” as she felt his hand come over her back and began stroking her breast.

“MMmfffffggggg!!!!” she struggled as he cupped her breast, her satin costume allowing him to slide easily over her body. Behind her she heard the door open and suddenly the girls she had seen before came in. The one dressed as a school girl with short skirt and thigh stockings smiled broadly as her friend in the harem costume handed over what looked like a needle to her.

“Where is she?” one girl in a thick long island accent appeared in front of her.

“Nnnooo….nnoooo!!!” Supergirl screamed as Frank’s hands suddenly forced her head sideways. Supergirl stretched her eyes to see the girl bringing the needle to her neck. At the same time, the harem girl moved in front of her, removing the top off something she held and kneeled between Supergirl’s legs.

Supergirl felt a small prick in her neck and then a strange taste of the drug seemed to appear in her mouth. Below her the girl slipped her hand beneath Supergirl’s skirt and pulled the panty part of her leotard to the slid her hand inside. Supergirl could feel the girl’s long fingernails as she smeared the film over her bare pussy, just sliding it along her crease.

“Don’t worry sweetie, “she said as if she had done this many times over, “all the new girls just need a little extra to get going, you’re gonna love it… Just think of it as a nice rufie someone just slipped in your drink. After a while you’ll be on cloud nine.” She laughed a bimbo-ish laugh as both girls smiled at the gangsters in the room and stepped back behind them.

Supergirl felt her heart racing, something was happening to her. She couldn’t understand why her powers had deserted her, why suddenly the drugs were not being rejected by her system. She seemed to slip away into a dream…a wet dream. Her body felt hot and tingled all over, she felt excited and sexy. Even the ropes that restrained her to the chair and held her legs apart seemed to excite and arouse her. She looked around at the men their and tried to smile, she wanted them to touch her, to encourage these new growing desires.

“Mmmm, I think she’s ready.” Frank smiled; his hatred for her was feeding on his plans. “Remove her gag.”

One of the men pushed Supergirl’s head forward, undid he buckle and pulled the small black cock from her mouth.

“mmmmmmmmmmm…” As the gag was being pulled out Supergirl’s tongue danced on the tip of it, smiling drunkenly. “What else you want me to have?” she asked giddy, laughing, she swiveled in the chair. “What else do you boys plan on doing to me…hummm?” Her expression faded from the sly grin back to one of confusion.

“No…that’s, that’s not what I meant to say....what’s wrong with me…I…mmmmmm”

Her body tingled all over; every part of her body seemed extra sensitive. She felt more sexier than usual in her own costume, she seemed to suddenly recognize how sensual it tapered on her body, how it pulled snugly at her round breast and how the material pulled up tightly between her legs. She felt a build of excitement welling there as she stared longingly at one of the tall men who had the advantage over her.

She struggled with her thoughts but her feelings were overwhelming.

“Untie her, you two make sure she’s…stage worthy” Frank said and the two strippers stepped up towards Supergirl.

The hoods untied her wrist and legs from the chair, lifting her roughly to her feet. Supergirl staggered a bit, not knowing why she stood in place, waiting for them to order her. She looked down at her fist, angry that her powers had not yet returned.

The two strippers looked her over.

“She already looks like a fucking cock tease in that costume already, going to take my regulars away.” The schoolgirl sneered. “But maybe that needs to be shorter.” She pointed to the skirt.

Frank motioned to one of his men who took out a knife.

“What are you doing? Let go of me….”

Two of the henchmen took her by the arms to keep her still as a third man cut away an inch of her skirt making it so short that it hung just above her squirming ass.

“Lets add some accessories.” The other girl kneeled to Supergirl’s legs, she looped a small gold anklet over one of Supergirl’s boots. She then pulled out a pair of short silk blue gloves with cut lace on the ends and put them over Supergirl’s hands. The frilled lace met the end of her costume like a perfect match.

“This needs to be snugger, tighter.” The other girl pointed at Supergirl’s back.

Supergirl suddenly felt someone push her forward against the wall, her gloved hands pressed against it like a criminal being searched.

Her mouth dropped open as he touched her, her breath hot and quick. A cold sweat hit her as her panties seemed to moisten again. The man’s fingers slipped in between her firm ass and the leotard, he pulled it higher, showing more of her lush white ass and peaking mound that now hung snug in the blue satin material between her legs.

“mmmm….yess…..” Supergirl moaned, she felt so slutty, she loved it. Something inside her wanted to be his whore, wanted to fuck all of them. Her fingers dug into the wall, fighting these thoughts.

“Right, now I’ll finish her.” She heard Frank’s voice behind her, coming closer, just behind her now. Something passed in front of her eyes, and then right on top of them. She looked through the eye openings of the red mask that he had placed on her, a half mask that partially disguised her, similar to the ones she had seen on robin or black canary.

“We want to keep your secret while you’re entertaining our guest, while still giving them something …authentic, haha. Besides if they found out you were the real Supergirl, you’d be dead as soon as you stepped out on stage.”

“You bastards!” she said though clenched teeth as he tighten the mask over her eyes and spun her around.

“On stage?” the words finally hit her with a clumsy excitement.

Behind the mask she felt like a different person, she felt even sexier, hidden, her hands fell down to her skirt, her fingers running over the shortness of it and over her clit. She moved forward, just inches from his mouth, her breath hot and panting, she wanted it…wanted more, she wanted to be their slut dancing on the stage for them.

‘No…no….what’s happening to me?’

“We’re going to lead her onstage with a big introduction…our feature for tonight.” Frank smiled, enjoying the effects of the drug mixture on her.

“I…no….don’t…” Supergirl turned away for a moment, but the big thug took her by hands, pulling her arms forward.

“The last accessory.”

In his hands were a set of pink fury cuffs, the kind sold at local sex shops for bedroom play.

She felt the soft bindings over her wrist snap into place.

“Ready for your stage debut?” He laughed circling her, looking her over.

Supergirl stood in the shorten miniskirt, her hands bound in front of her and a mask to hide her, to make her seem like some low rate imitator of herself for their show.

They pushed her towards the stage. She could hear just past the large draped curtains the noise of a large crowd with the DJ talking over the dance music. Frank pulled the curtain back and peeked out. She could see dozens of mob bosses, some of the most powerful underworld figures in the city seated near the stage as their bodyguards sat just behind each one.. The smell of cigars and cigarettes gave off a light mist of smoke that wisped throughout the dimly lit room as she spotted a man in a uniform who was speaking with one of Frank’s henchmen.

One of the dancers quickly rubbed oil down Supergirl’s legs giving them a slight shiny sheen, making them smooth and easy when moving along the pole onstage.

Colored lights beamed towards the stages where two girls on stage entertained the small group of men in the club, a small pile of money lay at their feet. Frank signaled the DJ and the music suddenly stopped as the girls left the stage.

“Coming to the stage for your entertainment, a tasty attraction beyond your wildest dreams,” Artificial thunder and rain effects boomed in the club as the DJ’s voice echoed on the speakers, “compliments of the one and only, Mr. Frank Rosettii.” The crowd cheered and toasted.

“Oohhmmmmm” Frank walked up behind her. Supergirl could suddenly felt the barrel of a gun in her back. She gasped, she knew without her powers she was vulnerable, she felt helpless, forced to obey…but energized also. She felt erotic behind the mask, like one of the girls who had been on stage before her. She bit her lip, and lowered her head as her hair fell down around her. She stepped out on stage gracefully, her long legs taking deliberate steps in her tall heels. Her head bowed, playing her part of the captured heroine, like the princesses of Troy enslaved by their Greek conquerors being led away to ships for their new life. Her face blushed red with shame as the thrill of it wet her pussy.

The DJ’s face lit up as he saw her enter.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen!!!” he shouted through the microphone

Supergirl strutted out to the center of the stage; she looked up in the mask, past her long dangling hair at the men in the audience who stared at her awestruck.

“Holy shit!” one of them said looking at her intensely, watching her every move, his mouth gaping as his eyes followed her past, he leaned close to the stage, catching a fabulous view under her skirt.

“Here for your lusty pleasure, our newest girl, Lexus is the most powerful superheroine in the world, captured and brought to her knees just for you, the once mighty…now just hottie….. SUPERGIRL!!” The DJ trailed off her name like a ring announcer.

“That’s how I like my Supergirls!!!” someone said from he audience.

Supergirl walked past the front of the stage. She raised her cuffed hands and took hold of the long steel pole as if she were chained to it. She wrapped one leg around it, pressing the cold silver against her sex, sliding down it sensuously as if she were moving down one of them, her costume pulling upward at the crotch, giving them a glimpse of just the side of her fat mound.

She spun around so that she faced them, her hands above her, again holding the pole. Her eyes cut over to Frank who was just off stage. He mouthed over to her ‘you’re a natural’. She turned away angrily, her long hair spinning with her, dropping down the pole, her legs opened, giving them a clear view up the front of her skirt, the powder blue costume pulled snug against her soft mound, glistening against her gleaming legs. Her eyes felt heavy again, her body heat went up as she flung her hair back. She could feel the effects of the drug again as she unconsciously slid her hand down her body and between her legs.

“That’s the Supergirl I know.” One of them laughed.

“What do you think the real Supergirl would do if she saw this?” another asked smiling, never taking his eyes off of her.

“What are you talking about, that’s her right there.” Both men laughed hard not noticing the sudden worried look of the girl behind the red mask.

She looked down at the man wanting, her stare lusty and hot.

They watched as the Supergirl stripper moved down the stairs from the stage into the dim audience. The men sat at tables with large lounge chairs, drinks and cigs smoldered in ashtrays at small tables next to them.

“Do you want me? Do you want Supergirl?” she asked in a dreamy state. She knew him; he was a mob boss from uptown who ran the gambling in the east part of the city. She threw her arms around his head, her gloved hands massaging his neck as she pushed her soft silken breast into his face. Her body climbed on top of his, straddling his lap she could feel his hard cock beneath his pants and she maneuvered herself on top of it, moving her hips in long deliberate strokes over his cock as the men around him watched enjoying the site of the Supergirl imitator.

She felt her body amp up as she moved close to him, the smell of hard liquor coming from him. Her lips teasingly close to his; she could feel his hands behind her knees, locking her in, in forced simulated sex.

She rocked her hips with the music, finally pushing away from him she spun to the next table. The man there grabbed her and pulled her down hard across him, he split her legs with his own, locking her down.

“Hahaha, Supergirl come here!” he pulled up her skirt and spanked her ass hard.

“Oowww…mmmmmnnnn…ooowwww…” Supergirl squirmed; she was still weak, unable to break free from him as each slap seemed to arouse her more. There was something thrilling about the sudden shock and sting of the blows, punishing her.

Frank looked on from the stage, a smile turned to suppressed laughter as he watched the men enjoying his the masked Supergirl.

“No, nooommmmm…” she moaned, her boots pointing to the ceiling, a quiver mounting in her sex. She could feel herself dripping softly inside her costume. She struggled with the growing idea of wanting to be fucked by them, but she somehow had to resist….she couldn’t give in.

The man finally released her, wild eyed he said. “Fuck, you know how many times I wanted to do that to that slut?”

Supergirl turned to him, looking fierce behind her mask.

“How dare you spank me.” She said sexily as she climbed him she gently rubbed her lips just over his. The man’s face burned, he swallowed hard as a dark stain pooled outside his trousers. Supergirl smiled and walked away, back towards the stage she passed them, the uniformed man caught her eye as he was nodding and smiling with Frank’s henchman.

She took the stairs back up to the stage feeling the bass from the music as she passed the large speakers.

Frank stood at the end; several of the girls behind him watched her with a distasteful look on their faces. He lit a cigar, watching her sternly.

As she moves back up to the stage, her steps brush away the lingering cloud crawling onto the stage by the fog machine. She spun on her toes, her skirt whirling with her, she gripped the pole, grinding hard against it as her cuffed hands loosened her belt. The men cheered in the crowd as the yellow belt tumbled behind her. She looked again at the gangster behind the stage and then down at her skirt.

The group of men called up to her.

She turned her back to them, and with a slow smooth motion she slowly lowered her skirt, pushing it down just to the top of her legs and then letting it float down around to the floor. She bent down, showing them the soft triangle of her mound, unaware that it now displayed a long wet stain centered between her lips. The bosses looked on licking their lips.

She stepped out of the skirt, modeling the altered leotard, turning back to the pole, her ass out, her hands to the pole teasing them with, she eyed the man who had spanked her and winked at him.

“I want the masked girl.” She heard someone say as she walked off the stage.

Without a word she looked up at Frank who suddenly pillowed a cloth to her face. Supergirl could smell the chloroform heavy in the cloth as her eyes fluttered and closed.

Two henchmen caught her under each arm, her feet dragging behind them as they pulled her behind the stage.

Supergirl felt something soft and cold below her. She opened her eyes to see herself inside a large bedroom. She had been re-tied. Her hands now behind her cuffed with the stupid furry pink cuffs. A rope now ran past the center of the cuffs and down to her bound ankles. Her feet were crossed, the ropes tied tight binding them together and the center rope looped through the cuffs, keeping her legs pulled behind her in a classic hogtied position. She squirmed, moving easily on top of a bed dressed in soft silk sheets. They had dressed her back in full costume, her skirt and belt returned to her. She still wore the mask, disguising her.

“mmmmmmnnnnggg….” She moaned, she could tell they had drugged her again, she felt aroused, her sex tingling, wet and ready, even as she struggled the cold smooth feel of the silk bed sheets seemed to excite her more, even the slight touch against her mound.

“nnnggg…what..what did they do to me?” she moaned to herself trying to fight the feelings. Just then the door of he room opened. Frank walked in smiling, behind him was a man in an army uniform. Tall blonde man with blue eyes that darted right to her.

“General, Chris.” Frank clapped his hand on the soldiers shoulder. “As I promised, just for you.” He motioned towards the masked superheroine bound on the bed. “She’s the closes to the real Supergirl you’ll ever see.” He secretly winked at Supergirl, grabbing her by her boots he spun her easily on the silky sheets to show her body off more to the General.

“mmmggggg….” Just the friction of the sheets against her mound seemed to key her up more, as Frank forced her over, parting her knees.

“This girl was so excited to even dress as that super slut, when we brought her the costume she got so excited thinking she was going to be playing Supergirl, she really got into the part. Well you can see for yourself.”

Frank gently rubbed his finger right between her legs, right up the middle of her costume.

“nnnoonngggg….oohhh…you bastard..mmmm” Supergirl’s body squirmed uncontrollable, her hips grinding, the desires overtaking her.

The General watched as the satin blue costume showed small spots of wetness beneath it. Supergirl tried to pull away, to hide. Her body was so hot she could barely control herself, she had no resistance to the drugs.

“Enjoy yourself.” Frank slipped past him and exited the room closing the door behind him.

The General removed his jacket, his eyes gleaming at her. He grabbed her by her bound ankles, pulling her down the bed towards him.

“OOOohhhhhhmmmmggg….” Supergirl’s hands wiggled in the cuffs, she was trussed up tightly, there was no escape, she was at his mercy.

“So you want to be Supergirl?” General Chris slid his hands down her shapely legs, admiring the perfect body in front of him.

“Help me….I’m a prisoner here….I am Supergirl!”

“So what makes you think I’m going to help you?” The General smiled, his hands tossing up her skirt to show her firm ass.

“mmmmm…mm” Supergirl could feel his hands on her ass, groping her. She strained against the fur lined cuffs, still weak, still helpless. Feeling his hands rake her sex, pushing against her plump pouting mound, his finger teasing over the tight blue satin rise of her costume.

Supergirl convulsed with each touch, her sex wet and dripping.

“You should never have been snooping around here Supergirl” The General tugged at the rope that bound her ankles, undoing the knots.

“I had to find Rosetii before he hurt more people,…so you believe me?…” Supergirl said out of breath, feeling her legs free, she began a sigh of relief but then suddenly the man’s hands grabbed her waist. He pulled her to the end of the bed.

Kicking her legs open, he spread her feet apart and angled her ass up.

“Now you will tell me why you were snooping here?” His hand slapped her ass hard.

“wha…noo….” She felt him running his hands along her thigh, tugging at the center of her costume, pulling it to the side. Her glistening moist pussy appeared, he could feel the heat from her. “I...i told you…”

“So, you want to be coy? Fine!” he said roughly as he pushed her down flat to the bed, he moved to the dresser removing a large pink vibrator.

“No, don’t touch me with that thing.” Supergirl tried to turn over but he pushed her back down.

“Keep still,” he slapped her ass with the device.

“Owww…no, wait…I am Supergirl…really”

“Really? Then where’s your super powers Supergirl?” he laughed.

“I…I don’t know, they disappeared….its never happen to me before.”

“And it happened just as you were snooping here looking for my secrets, weren’t you?” He turned the whirling device on, sliding it on her crotch.

Supergirl’s body trembled, she clenched her teeth, trying to control herself.

“You know how long I wanted to do this to her?” he said as Supergirl moaned, the hard vibrating dildo pressed hard against her clit, threatening to enter. Her hips rocked against it, half trying to resist, half teetering on the edge of ecstasy.

“I met Supergirl before, walked in with that skimpy costume, like she owned the world…I wanted to fuck her right then. Now a little slut like you wants to play superheroine?”

She struggled as he moved between her legs, he pinned her hands to the small of her back, the vibrator’s tip buzzing along her lips. She could feel the cold metal of it sliding down her glistening clit, teasing her.

Somehow her mind drifted, she saw his face again, entering the room with Rosettii and then she saw him again, seated behind a large circular table with other heads of state, a massive video wall behind him, tracking satellites.

“Ohh..mmm…I…I do know you!” she said squirming.

“…it …it was the Patterson case…the soldier who was the spy…”

The General’s eyes cut towards her, partially distracted by what she had said. He remembered the case; the boy had been caught sending info to Afgani terrorist.

“..we suspected…mmm” Supergirl shuttered, “ he was passing ….info to the Afga…OOOhhhhhmmmmmm……” Supergirl’s mouth dropped open, feeling the cold smooth plastic cock as he pushed it inside of her. Her hands behind her back still cuffed, she tried, out of reach to pull it from her.

“nnnmmmgggg…re…remember…he was caught in the film library…OOhhhHHHH….” The vibrator was pushed in deeper, its round end just peaking out from between her. Her body stiffened, as her back arched, squeezing the device tightly in her pussy.

The General’s brow furrowed. He looked around nervously, eyeing her, watching the aroused beauty in front of him, determined to fulfill his own lust.

“…we …aaaahhhhh….wwee…aaahhhhhh” Supergirl felt him forcing it in her each time she tried to talk. She could feel the vibrator’s rumble increase as he flipped the switch oh high.

“please…please…..i can prove ..mmmfffffff” Supergirl pushed against the soft silk covers, pushing her mask down her face until he could now see her.

The General’s face dropped for an instance, then quickly he moved up to her.

“shut up bitch!” He gagged her with his hand. He pulled her costume over the protruding vibrator’s end, using her own costume to hold it in place as it spun.

He reached over to her, taking a hankerchif from his pocket he stuffed her mouth, then pulling the mask up, he cleave gagged her with it.

“mmmm…mmfffffffffff!!!!!” he pushed the cloth into her mouth, pulling it tight.

“mmmfff” he pushed her head forward then tied it behind her head.

“I’m not paying to hear you talk, slut.” He said roughly then pushed her costume hard against her dripping pussy. “Got it?!”

“aaaaiiiiiii!!!1mmmmggggggg…..” Supergirl’s body shivered as a build of excitement seemed to rush inside of her.

“mmmm…oooohhhh….” Supergirl moaned, she tried to scoot away from him, her body burning.

“Come her slut.” He pushed her ass up, pulling the costume to the side, he slowly pulled the dripping vibrator from her. Supergirl squeeled, her bush holding small drops of her own juices as the toy came out with a sloshing sound.

He moved in behind her, his long cock hard and ready. He threw up her cape over her head that it draped around her, hiding her from view.

“MMmm, you’re tight for a stripper, guess you are new.” He pushed in her, slamming against, sliding out and back in again. “Good thing you’re so wet.”

Supergirl’s toes curled, her body tensed as she felt him moving slowly in her pussy. The General slammed against her in slow deliberate strokes, enjoying her feel. He looked down at the masked girl in the costume smiling, she was the perfect Supergirl.

Supergirl’s body shook with each pump, she could feel him pushing deep inside her, she could hear the smacking of his pelvis against her ass as he doubled up then slowed, enjoying every minute of her, his fingers dug hard into her tender ass.

“Mmmggg..ffffff….” She moaned out of breath her body being rocked by the rhythm of each stroke.

The man’s eyes looked down at her, his pelvis still moving against her, she felt so good to him, he couldn’t stop. He reached down, cupping her tits in his hands, choosing to ignore her he pulled her into him as he pushed far into her warm sex, his hard cock still throbbing in her pussy.

He wasn’t going to stop now, somehow, somehow he wanted to fuck her and he wasn’t going to let her stop him. This was a once in a million opportunity, to have the real supergirl helpless and spread. He smiled at his luck as he pounded her, stroking her gorgeous legs, he grabbed her ankle, pulling it up behind her as he moved in small circular stokes.

He couldn’t stop; his dick craved her now even more. An exhilaration erupted inside of him, his heart pounded in his chest as he pushed her ass up now, high. He loved the look of her in the costume, how it hugged her body, the smooth blue leotard creasing along her curves.

He moved closer to her, sliding in again, raw, taking her all in, the costume, smiling over her hidden cape head, the feeling of knowing he was fucking the true Princess of power…fucking the Supergirl who so many would be envious of his position.

Supergirl could feel the new sensation, the feel of his friction, the unsheathed cock now sliding against her vagina.

With renewed vigor he slid past her panties again, his long hard staff moving past her valley and deep into her tunnel.

“mmmfff..plllmmsss..MMMMM!!!!” Supergirl’s started to protest, but her eyes grew wide, she felt one of his fingers poised just on her anus. She waited, afraid to scream again as he pulled back then in her again, his hard manhood sending sudden wails of pleasure to her. Her thighs trembled as he pushed deep inside her, his hands now pressing her ass together to futher the sensation of screwing her tight pussy. She could feel the slow moving pre-cum dripping down her legs as he moved in faster, his hand moving around to her front, stroking and massaging her bush. Supergirl’s eyes closed tight.

‘no…no…no…’ she tried to fight against it but her body burst into a climax, giving up her sweet juices.

“OOhhhnnnngggg….” The General came at the same moment, a satisfaction of fucking the girl of steel ran through his thoughts as he pulled free of her.

Glistening in sweat Supergirl fell forward limply, her exposed ass shook as she hit the wet bed sheets, still cuffed, still gagged she could only look at the man.

He looked over at her, cutting his eyes away then back at her. He turned away from her to hide his own guilt.

“…what did you say?” he turned to her, moving slowly until he was close enough to remove her gag.

“mmmgg….the Patterson case…you were there…the Pentagon…’

“Oh my god.” He said as if an actor reading lines for a part. “it…it is you!” He quickly move to nearby table and opened a drawer removing the key to the cuffs.

“He told me it was here…just in case I needed you…um…well...that is, I don’t know what to say Supergirl…I thought…..” He leaned in and whispered.

“Just undo the cuffs.” Supergirl finally felt her wrist freed, “its ok….they lied to you…I know.”

“Right, this is a bit embarrassing…” The General suppressed a smirk, “what happened to your powers? Shouldn’t you be able to tear these apart?”

“I don’t know, my powers suddenly disappeared, I don’t know when…or if I’ll get them back.”

The General’s expression turned grim. “I have something to tell you, I’m not one of these people.”

Supergirl’s expression turned cold.

“No really, I didn’t know Frank had escaped until some of his people came to pick me up this evening, said he was celebrating something. You see, Frank’s father and my father, knew each other. They were raised in the same neighborhood, but my father escaped crime by joining the Navy. He was in the navy when his ship went down in the Atlantic, he and two others were the only survivors.”

“I see, so you’re old friends.”

“No Supergirl, I think you need to hear the whole story…I think I know what Frank’s up to.” He looked around nervously. “When my father’s ship went down in the late 60’s, it took five nuclear warheads down with it. The Navy figured it had sunk too far to retrieve them, but my dad was the navigator. Frank’s father contacted him, bribed the coordinates from him and hired a team to retrieve them. He locked the nukes away somewhere in France I think, told my father he’d kill all of us if he ever mentioned it.”

The General paused, he could hear footsteps scrambling outside the door, but they soon disappeared.

“Frank’s father was planning to sell them for billions to foreign interest, but the Gallipsi family found out about it. They nabbed Frank’s father, tortured him, but even after they killed him, they only had the key but didn’t know where the nukes were being held. Frank found out who had murdered his father and he wiped them out. Afterward he found out where the key was, and I think he knows the location.”

“The day you arrested him, I think he finally knew the location. He didn’t trust anyone else, it had to be him to retrieve it…but all that time he was locked away. Because of you, Supergirl, you kept him away from billions by putting him away.”

“I have to stop him.” Supergirl’s eyes grew wide with horror. “If those devices find there way into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous.”

“You have to promise me Supergirl, if I call in the authorities that you will tell them we were working together, that’s why I was here.” He picked up the cuffs from the bed. “or I could cuff and gag you again and take my chances on my own.”

Supergirl sneered at him, without her powers she had to take the chance.

“Ok, do you have a cell?”

“Good choice,” he said dialing, “get me the chief of police…”

He passed the phone to Supergirl who immediately gave the chief a brief run down just as the door burst open. One of Frank’s henchmen held a gun pointed at the duo.

“Get Frank out of here, they’ve already tipped the cops off!!” The man’s gun exploded, hitting the General in the chest. The man dropped dead to the floor, as the henchman turned the gun on Supergirl.

“Like to see the cops faces when they see you’re dead body here, haha.” He fired, hitting Supergirl in the chest. She flinched, waiting for the bullet to rip through her. But instead the lead ricocheted off her harmlessly.

“Back! I’m back!!!” Supergirl jumped to her feet as several bullets bounced off her form. She grabbed the man’s gun crushing it in her hand. “Murder!” she jammed her hand between the man’s legs lifting him by his scrotum and throwing him into the whirling ceiling fan.

“AAAAAIiiiiiiiiiiii!!!” the man spun falling into through the wall and crashing to the ground.

Supergirl quickly ran out of the room, everyone in the club was scrambling for the doors. She hurried out the front door, pummeling Frank’s men as she made her way through. She bolted out of the building, seeing the colored lights of the police headed her way, but also seeing a long black car speeding down the street. Right away she knew it was Frank.

Supergirl took a breath, then in a leap of faith she jumped into the air. She drifted upward, she felt the fullness of her powers returned. She soared upward, elated with the ability to fly again. But her focus turned again on the fleeing hoods. She had lost site of the car as the police below her crashed the doors of the club, leading many of the girls out in cuffs as well as the left behind henchmen.

Supergirl zoomed in the direction of the car, she zipped past buildings until she could see the men, speeding down a main street. She quickly found a bulldozer at a nearby construction site. She lifted the massive piece of steel and tossed it just in front of the speeding car.

The car’s breaks squealed as it crashed head first into the falling bulldozer. The driver crashed through the front window and tumbled over the hood of the car.

Frank bolted from the car with several of his men. He saw Supergirl hovering several blocks away and he lifted his middle finger at her.

“I’m going to shove that right up your bottom you scum!!” Supergirl zoomed towards him she wanted to wipe that stupid smile from him…but again she felt out of control, she felt herself falling from the sky, her momentum pushing her forward still at a great rate of speed.

“No…no…whats happening?!!!” The men quickly scurried out of her way and she crashed into the stalled car, crashing into the driver’s door, shattering all the glass from the vehicle. She lay bent over on the door of the smashed car, her legs dangling outside the car.

“nnnnggg..why…how….” Supergirl said groggy, she lay in pain, her body weak again.

“Stupid bitch.” Frank laughed. “You can’t touch me. Not with your powers anyway.” He ripped the wiper blade from the front of the car. He went over to her, lifting her skirt he whipped the rubber across her ass.

“OOOwwwhh..oowwwhhhh….stop…ooowwwhhhh” She screamed as one of the henchmen entered the car through the passenger side. He grabbed her hands, crossing her wrist and pinned her so that she was unable to pull herself free.

Again Frank smacked the rubber across her ass, a red glow appear as she kicked feeling the stinging of each blow. Tears welled in her eyes as he again spanked her, she felt the hard rubber slam down on her tender ass again and again, grazing her pussy in painful threaten blows.

“You know my plans don’t you?” he threw the blade away and reached under her skirt. He pulled at her costume and tore the bottom portion of it. “But there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it.” He reached inside her costume and pulled at her panties, pulling them down until they stretched between her knees.

“Danny, put something in this sluts mouth!” he said as the henchman inside the car laughed. He undid the zipper on his pants.

“no…no…” Supergirl struggled against the rape but the man held her easily, he pushed his cock to her face, pressing his gun to her head.

“suck it hero.” He ordered her.

Supergirl took his cock into her warm mouth, she slid her tongue along his shaft, sucking it under protest just as she felt the boss’s hand sliding along her pussy.


“keep going slut.” He pushed the gun to her head again as now Frank took her hands behind her back. Supergirl’s head bobbed up and down on the man’s cock, tickling the tip with her tongue as it filled her wet mouth.

She could feel the bosses hand find her opening, he pulled her apart and slowly slid his staff inside of her. He clasped her hands behind her back as he pumped her in the street, raping her in front of several onlookers.

“You see, you see your Supergirl.” He laughed as her feet dangled, the panties stretched abnormally still between her knees.

“Fuck, you’re a tight little whore.” He said pulling her into him as she also sucked off his man. Frank slapped her ass as he slid in and out of her, he lifted her legs straight and continued.

“You feeling Super now Supergirl? You left me in that cage for years.” He pushed hard inside her, driving home his point as she shuttered. Inside the hood pulled his cock from her mouth, his white sticky seed sprayed on. Supergirl turned away but the cum dripped down her, his ejaculation stained her costume and hair.

“I’m going to kill you..oohh…mmmmmjggggg….” she shuttered as Frank exploded behind her, her mound dripping his cum from her wetness. He pulled from her, taking her flimsy red skirt and wiping the tip of his cock.

“Jimmy pass me that rope.”

Supergirl felt him bind her hands behind her, he tied her up and pushed her forward, her posed ass and peach still bent in the door of the car.

“Freeze!!!” a voice called behind them.

Frank turned to see a young blonde cop with his revolver pointed at the group.

“Move away from her! Move now and keep your hands where I can see them!” he ordered them.

“Jimmy, Clay, take this fool down.” Frank said calmly lighting a cigar.

“Don’t fucking move!!” the cop screamed as he closed in on Frank he could see the others men and Rosettii walk towards him.

His weapon fired, his aim was dead on, just at Frank Rosettii’s chest. But the bullet drifted down, rolling to the ground. The bewildered cop look as another of his shots simply dropped with no momentum.

“What the hell!!!” He started to run but the two hoods grabbed him, placing their own gun to his head.

“You wanna see what happens when I fire mine?” one of them laughed.

The cop gulped hard as the men dragged him over to their boss.

“You little shit.” Frank pulled his own gun and placed it under the man’s chins. “Drop your pants.”

The cop looked confused and scared. He slowly undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles.

“Over there.” Frank motioned him over to Supergirl. “Put it in her.” He pushed the gun to the man’s head.

The cop, sweating looked down at the bent over Supergirl.

“I….” he started to protest as the gun cocked behind his head. He pulled his cock out, and then pushed it in the beaten heroine’s dripping clit. “I’m, I’m sorry Supergirl.”

“oohhhmmmm…no….no….aaahhhh” she moaned feeling his hard cock penetrate her. The boy was muscular and well hung, filling her with his massive member, she felt him stretching her.

“Fuck her, you got it? Keep fucking her even when we’re gone.” Frank said as the cop pumped her.

“I’m going to leave a man just down the way, if he sees you stop, he’s going to send a bullet right into that greasy scalp of yours. You got it?”

“Yes…..yes…” the cop said moving in and out of her.

“And here, take this.” One of the hoods pushed a taser into his hand. “If she resist, you better use this if you wanna live kid.”

The boy looked confused, watching as the men turned to leave.

“Lets get out of here before the real cops come.” Frank laughed. “Remember kid…we’ll be watching you.”

“No…no don’t them….” Supergirl said between his strokes.

“please Supergirl…don’t move…just…just until we get …nnngg…we get help.”

“No…get off…let me….AAAAhhhhhh!!!!” Supergirl screamed as the shock of the taser hit her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ I’m sorry,…..” the boy cried, his cock still moving in and out of her as the heroine fell meekly. “Please don’t move again…please...nngg....god you’re so fucking tight…..” he struggled to control his own urges.

“ooohh…oohhh…oohhhhhh….” Supergirl’s body shook, she wiggled as she felt the stun gun against her again.

“p..Please Supergirl…don’t move…I…I can barley hold it…don’t……don’t make me….” Her body was so soft, so sexy he tried to look away. He didn’t want to look at her, he didn’t want to cum….couldn’t cum, he kept telling himself.

“You idiot! Nnnggg…let me go….get away….they’re gone” She tried to kick at him.

“Stop…you’re going to get me killed!!!” he begged her then shocked her again.

“AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIii” she screamed, the painful bolts subduing her, she fell forward gasping.

“…I’m sorry..nnngg….sorry Supergirl…” the cop seemed to be struggling as he fucked her, his cock was dripping from her, he was scrambling struggling to control his impending shot. Tears welled in his eyes as he looked down at her, hoping she was ok.

“aaahhh…ahahhaahhaaa….” He moaned as tears streamed down his face, her body was too tight, the friction was too arousing. Her tight mound seemed to suck his cock in hungrily.

Red and blue lights whirled behind him as cars of police zoomed to the scene.

“nnngg…no…damn…dammnnn….” He screamed as he came suddenly.

Supergirl lay submissively, feeling the warm cream dripping down her legs and into her boots as the boy exploded. The slow moving cum drizzled down her thighs, she could feel it oozing inside her boots. She felt like she had been covered in their semen all night.

“No…” he cried ducking to the ground, covering his head, waiting for the hidden bullet to kill him.

“Son what the hell?” Another cop quickly got to him as he explained.

“Search those alleys, get me a perimeter check and get me an ambulance here now!!!”

Supergirl ripped the ropes from her. She slowly righted herself, her powers returned. She looked at the row of cops piling from their cars and at the weeping half naked cop at her feet.

Her blood boiled, she picked up the taser in her hand and crushed it, then took off skyward, away from their prying eyes. Frank had gotten his revenge…but she would find him again, there was nothing that could keep her away now.