The Abduction of the Comissioner's Daughter  

By Comix_Fana

The Abduction of the Commissioner's Daughter

Another fanfic I wrote and feared had been lost due to a Malaware attack…recovered! Chronologically, it occurs before "The Search for Batgirl". There may have been references made to Barbara Gordon's kidnapping in other fanfics I submitted to this site; I forget which. Yeah, pulled another Bruce Timm on this one! Batman, Robin and any other Justice League/Teen Titan character mentioned in the following story are copyrighted by DC Comics. The Snake/Steven Quinn is my OC. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

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Chapter 1

"Must we always fight like this? Can't I visit my father without it turning into a fight about what's best for me and that I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself?"

Barbara Gordon's thoughts swirled out of control as the drug from the tranquilizer dart that had hit her was finally clearing from her system. She could remember wheeling herself towards her car after a particularly heated argument with her father; feeling something similar to a bee sting on her neck; and blacking out.

She now was fully aware of being awake, but was unsure of whether or not her eyes were open.

"Hel…hello? Is anybody here? Where am I? Who are you and what do you want?" Barbara asked, her mouth feeling pasty.

The sensation of the tape masking her eyes being pulled made her wince.

"Agh…" Barbara said, clenching her jaws.

A balding, burly man stood before her, giggling.

"Glad you think this is funny, who the hell are you and where am I?"Barbara asked.

The man graced her with a toothless grin, unzipping his pants.

"You can't be serious? Kidnapping a paraplegic for an easy fuck? You're beneath pathetic!" Barbara said, more angry than frightened.

Without a word, the man pulled his limp dick out of his shorts and stepped closer to the chair on which Barbara was tied down. He unbuttoned her blouse, enjoying the sight of her, struggling.

"You piece of shit bastard! I'll enjoy watching Batman and Robin taking turns kicking the shit out of you!" Barbara screamed, furious; as the man tugged her bra upwards to expose her shapely tits.

He was achieving an erection, which due to excess body fat, was limited to 4 inches at best. He squeezed her tits hard, hurting her.


Still giggling, the silent man grabbed Barbara's head with his left hand and held his cock with his right, pointing it at her mouth.

"No way José, not it this lifetime!" Barbara said; teeth clenched.

The silent man tilted his head sideways and smirked at the challenge. He let go of his cock and pinched Barbara's nose. She struggled to hold her breath, lasting as long as 90 seconds, but finally exhaled, gasping for air through her mouth.

The man inserted his cock in Barbara's open mouth, letting go of her nose to allow her to breathe. His victory was short lived as Barbara clenched her jaws shut, biting his cock hard, making him scream at the top of his lungs. She let go of his cock and spat a few times, trying to get rid of the taste of stale urine in her mouth.

"AAAAAHHHHH! YOU FUCKING BIIIITCH!" The man screamed, collapsing on the floor, holding his crotch.

"What's with all the screaming down here?" A commanding female voice said.

She stopped in the doorway, observing the scene gape-mouthed. Barbara Gordon with her blouse open and tits exposed spitting on the floor and the guard collapsed on the floor, holding his crotch. Livid, she unclipped the whip from her belt.

"OX YOU ASSHOLE!" She screamed, whipping Ox across the shoulders, making him scream in pain again.

"The BOSS said MISS GORDON was NOT to be HARMED!" The woman screamed, punctuating every other word with a whiplash, one last neatly severing the top of his right ear.

Bruised and bleeding, Ox began shaking uncontrollably.

"Now get that limp noodle you call a cock back in your pants and haul your ass back to your quarters! The boss will decide what to do with you later!" The woman said.

Sniveling like a brat after getting a spanking, Ox stood up, zipping up his pants and walked out of the room without a word.

"I am so sorry about this Miss Gordon…the Boss was quite clear you weren't to be harmed or there'd be hell to pay." The woman said; re-covering Barbara's tits with her bra and re-buttoning her blouse back up.

"Catwoman…kidnapping isn't your usual MO…thanks for helping." Barbara said.

"I'm just hired help…my employer pays well. Thus far, I'm his first lieutenant. My job is to make sure that the lower-level enforcers know their place…and that you're kept safe, he's adamant about that. Otherwise he's pretty tight-lipped about why you've been kidnapped…a lot of need-to-know info with him." Catwoman said, with a smirk.

"Any chance you'd let me know the identity of your boss?" Barbara asked.

Catwoman leaned over, bringing her lips close to Barbara's left ear, as if she wanted to whisper her boss' identity in her ear.

"No, but I will tell you this much: he has deep pockets. There's a rumor that Star Sapphire and Poison Ivy were also recruited…but I have yet to see either one." Catwoman said, walking to the door.

She stopped and looked at Barbara, almost apologetically.

"After what just happened I'll monitor the intercom more closely. You will not be harmed Barbara, I swear it. I know your father and you are close to the Bat…Batsy and I have had a falling out and I know he loves the Amazon, but part of me still cares for him…you need anything; food drink, help to the bathroom, someone to talk to, call me." Catwoman said.

"Then how about untying my wrists?" Barbara asked.

"Not quite yet…I have a hunch you're still very angry and I'd like to avoid a sock in the jaw." Catwoman said, smiling.

"I probably would too!" Barbara said, grinning.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, an unusual crew had gathered in the Bat-Cave. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Snake were hard at work trying to piece together the mystery of Barbara Gordon's disappearance.

"Well Shayera, you wanted a training mission to better hone Snake's crime-fighting skills; nothing better than a field case. Barbara Gordon - our own Oracle - has been kidnapped. Think you're up to the task Snake?" Batman asked; straight-faced.

"I'll give it my very best Batman." Snake replied.

Shayera cast Snake a proud glance as Batman nodded approvingly.

"Very well everybody, what do we know so far?" Batman asked.

"According to Commissioner Gordon, Barbara's wheelchair was found next to her car in his driveway. He heard no screams, though they'd had a spat before she left. No signs of a struggle either; whoever kidnapped Barb was no amateur." Robin said.

"Would it be possible to review the crime scene? I don't want to step on any toes with Gotham City's finest, but…" Wonder Woman said.

"That can be arranged, are you playing a hunch?" Batman asked.

"Somewhat…as you know, I have a natural empathy with animals. Humans are but highly evolved animals. Under the right conditions I have full-fledged ESP. If I could go over that driveway, touch Barbara's wheelchair, touch her car; it might give me flashes of what happened." Wonder Woman said.

"Well, that would be a start; Robin is right: the kidnappers have done a thorough job at covering their tracks." Batman said.

"I'll get on the horn with Commissioner Gordon; see if anyone's made any ransom demands." Robin said.

"While you're at it, advise him I'm bringing consultants to the scene of the crime. Then, join us there Robin, we can canvass the scene of the crime; go over it with a fine tooth comb." Batman said.

Meanwhile, in her isolation cell, Barbara looked around, hoping to come across some clue that would indicate where on earth she was. In spite of the dust and cobwebs, her cell was brightly lit with neon lights and there was a faint scent of ether in the air.

There was an intercom next to the closed door and from the corner of her eye she could see what looked like a hospital bed. She was strapped to a chair with Hospital quality straps, like the ones used to keep delirious or dangerous patients restrained.

"That settles it; I'm in an old abandoned Hospital…not many of those in Gotham City…Saint-Peter's shut down during the massive merger with Gotham General; and Our Lady of Grace was shut down by City Hall due to several building code violations…" Barbara reasoned, staring at the door.

She nearly called for Catwoman's assistance to go to the bathroom, but elected to wait a bit longer.

"Catwoman said her boss had deep pockets, so I wasn't kidnapped for a ransom. Then what? A vendetta against Dad? A bait to lead Batman in a trap? It's no secret the Gordon's have had a long-term relationship with Batman and Robin…hell, Catwoman herself brought Batman up earlier…" Barbara thought.

"Say, Catwoman, a bit of help please? I'd really hate to piss the chair!" Barbara called; since Catwoman told her that the intercom was on at all times.

"There's no lack of super criminals who would jump at the chance of destroying Batman, paid or not; their reputation would be made. Not long ago, Ra's, Bane and the Joker tried combining forces and failed…I just hope Bruce will bring appropriate backup this time as well." Barbara thought.

The door opened. Catwoman walked in with a wheelchair and set it in front of Barbara.

"I'll undo your restraints-no sudden movements please, the Boss insists you're not to be harmed, but I will defend myself." Catwoman said.

"No worries Selena, I wouldn't get very far anyway." Barbara said; smirking as Catwoman loosened her restraints.

"Good…I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you know my name, you are the Commish's daughter after all…do you need help getting into the wheelchair?" Catwoman asked.

"I'll be okay Selena…just hold the wheelchair still." Barbara said, hoisting herself from her chair and transferring her body onto the wheelchair with the grace of a gymnast.

"You are one strong woman; I guess it's in the Gordon genes. So what's that I hear about you turning down Gotham's most eligible bachelor-millionaire?" Catwoman asked, wheeling Barbara towards the bathroom.

Barbara sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Dick Grayson and I are good friends; that's all. The size of his Trust Fund won't make me fall in love with him or rekindle whatever puppy love we once had. Besides, he's in love with fashion model Cory Anders, not me. His proposal a few years back happened after he and Cory had a nasty fight…and it reeked of pity. I won't marry him just because he feels sorry I lost the use of my legs; no matter how rich he is." Barbara said, sounding angry.

"Chill out Barbie-girl…I'm just making conversation. I guess Grayson's back with Miss super model then? Need help in there?" Catwoman asked.

"Nope, plenty of safety bars to hoist my butt onto the john. I'll call you to hold the wheelchair still when I'm done though. And yeah, Dick and Cory are back together. I bear neither one of them ill will believe it or not. I'm actually happy for them; Cory happens to be a sweet girl, not at all the Diva the papers make her out to be." Barbara said.

"Poor Selena, if you only knew…turning down Bruce Wayne's love many years ago because you loved Batman, not realizing they're one and the same! Mind you it's all for the best; Diana's much better for Bruce. And Cory and Dick belong together." Barbara thought, hoisting herself onto the toilet.

"You see, spinal cord injuries come in different levels and degrees… in my case, I have an incomplete spinal cord injury; and I've had some nerve healing during the first few years. So I find myself very fortunate to be able to feel when I have to go, and that I can use a bathroom at all, rather than to have to wear adult diapers." Barbara said, from the bathroom.

"What about sex, if I'm not being too indiscrete?" Catwoman asked.

Barbara sighed. She had shunned love and relationships for fear that she would never know for sure whether a man's affections were genuine or out of pity over her condition. Regardless, Catwoman's question was valid; as Barbara felt deep within that sexual release might bring her a certain sense of fulfillment, of being whole.

"Honestly, I've been so buried in physiotherapy and work that I've never given it much thought…being the Commish's daughter you're sort of left with the feeling that masturbation is dirty, regardless of the circumstances… say Selena? I'm done here, could you come in and hold the wheelchair still?" Barbara said, flushing the toilet.

Catwoman walked in, with a mischievous grin. She stepped behind the wheelchair and grabbed its handles, keeping it still.

"Well…if you're _curious…_I have a little device hidden in the hollow handle of my whip that might interest you…if you like, I can lend it to you and see to it that you're not disturbed." Catwoman said, as Barbara transferred over to the wheelchair.

Barbara gave her a curious frown; wondering what she had in mind. Catwoman moved out of the way, to allow Barbara to exit the bathroom first.

"And what, pray tell, might you have?" Barbara asked, smirking.

Catwoman walked next to her and twisted the end piece of her whip's handle off. A small, smooth, pearl colored vibrator slid out. She handed it to Barbara who burst out laughing like a giddy teen.

"Don't let the size fool you Barb; it's mighty powerful. The top setting can feel damned sore if you use it for too long. When I feel frisky and there's no hot male to appease me, this little device does a wonderful job." Catwoman said, with a wink.

"Okay…privacy then?" Barbara asked, giggling, putting the vibrator between her thighs.

Catwoman chuckled, patting Barbara's shoulder as if she was an old friend.

"I'll make sure you're not disturbed…and I'll bring you some chow when you're done!" Catwoman said, smiling, walking leisurely to the door.

Barbara wheeled herself towards the bed looking at the small vibrator she was holding between her thighs.

"What the hell am I doing? I've been kidnapped; the entire Gotham Police Force must be on high alert to find me, Batman and Robin are probably on their way with reinforcements and I'm thinking about…masturbating?" Barbara thought, blushing.

Yet, curiosity was getting the better of her; she needed to know if she could still get an orgasm…or two…or more.

"I just hope the Cavalry doesn't come busting in here while I'm buck naked and playing with myself!" Barbara thought, inserting the vibrator in her cleavage and then hoisting herself in bed.

Chapter 3

"I know better than to question your methods Batman, but asking Wonder Woman to use ESP to find my daughter is unorthodox to say the least." James Gordon said, shaking his head.

"Trust me on this one Jim; Wonder Woman has gifts that might help us track Barbara in a record time." Batman said.

"I've never had much faith in psychics to resolve crimes…" James Gordon said, his voice trailing off.

Wonder Woman smiled at him sympathetically.

"But Commissioner, I'm no psychic. I have enhanced empathic perception. For instance, your own self- loathing is hard to miss at this point." Wonder Woman said.

"I…I should have backed off. Barbara's a grown woman and I'm proud of the way she arose from her spinal injury…but it turned me into an over-protective mother-hen…" Gordon said, repressing an urge to sob.

Wonder Woman nodded, placing a comforting hand on the Commissioner's shoulder.

"Allow me to concentrate; I can pickup stray leftover thoughts and feelings…is this the ramp for her wheelchair?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Yes Wonder Woman, yes it is." James Gordon said, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket with his left hand and removing his glasses with his right.

Wonder Woman took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She put a knee down and touched the ramp with both hands and gasped.

"Anger…frustration…vague images of a man with green hair and a purple suit…gun shot at close range…pain…helplessness…" Wonder Woman thought; picking up random images.

She stood up, looked towards the car and wheelchair that had been left in their places. Wonder Woman touched the wheelchair and got a second vision, letting out a loud gasp.

"More anger…remorse over snapping at father…OUCH…bee-sting sensation…" Wonder Woman thought; touching her own neck at the same spot the tranquillizer dart had hit Barbara.

Wonder Woman straightened up, looked over her shoulder and traced the trajectory of the projectile with her finger.

"Barbara felt a sensation similar to a bee-sting right on this spot on her neck…" Wonder Woman said, returning her finger to her neck.

"Tranquillizer dart…" Snake said.

"No wonder no screams were heard!" Shayera added.

"And that your men found no signs of struggle." Robin added.

"Since Barbara was facing this way when the dart hit her; the shooter must have stood right in that direction." Wonder Woman said, again retracing the trajectory.

Snake and Robin walked in the direction Wonder Woman was pointing, walking as far as across the intersection.

"Wonder Woman's good; check this out: exhibit A!" Snake said, picking up a discarded tranquillizer dart from the pavement.

"And looky here; those tire tracks, like someone hit the gas hard and the tires skidded…" Robin said, pointing at the pavement.

"Yeah, looks like someone was in a hurry to leave; and judging by the width, we're looking at a Minivan." Snake said.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Shayera and Commissioner Gordon had joined them.

"And based on the tread marks; said Minivan prefers Good Years." Batman said.

Robin carefully took the tranquillizer dart from Snake and placed it in an evidence bag.

"I'll take this to the Bat-Cave; dust it for prints and cross-reference whatever I find with the Justice League's Criminal database." Robin said.

"Good thinking Robin, buzz me if you find anything." Batman said.

Robin nodded, put on his helmet, straddled his Redbird and rode off.

"Jim, get some sleep. We'll bring Barbara back to you safe and sound, I promise." Batman said.

"Yeah…I…I guess you're right." James Gordon said.

Wonder Woman was on her knees, touching the tire tracks.

"Any luck Wonder Woman?" Snake asked.

Wonder Woman stood up, brushing the dirt off her hands and knees.

"More disjointed bits and pieces…images of a laundry truck, random thoughts of great monetary rewards…" Wonder Woman said.

"Laundry trucks haven't been in use for the past 15 years, the last place that still used them was Our Lady of Grace Hospital; which has been abandoned for about as long - too many building code violations…they used to send their laundry out rather than having a Laundry room of their own…" Batman said.

"Which could have been a health hazard; you never know what kind of germs and viruses can lurk in dirty Hospital bed sheets!" Shayera said.

"Indeed…" Batman said.

"Our Lady of Grace Hospital …Batman, you don't suppose…" Snake said.

"Let's join Robin at the Bat-Cave; we need to coordinate this properly if Barbara is to be rescued safely." Batman said.

Chapter 4

"Goddamn it Robin, ever heard of using a phone? Your impromptu visits are bad for business!" The man formerly known as the Penguin protested.

Arms crossed, Robin indulged in a subtle smile; showing his former foe no signs of fear or intimidation.

"I was on my way to the Bat-Cave and thought I'd drop in and say hi first…Barbara Gordon's been kidnapped, have you heard?" Robin asked in a calm voice, looking straight into Oswald Cobblepot's eyes.

Cobblepot adjusted his monocle and nervously looked down.

"Yeah, so I've heard…tragic really; first the poor girl gets crippled by that butcher the Joker, now this…but what's it got to do with me?" Cobblepot said, puffing on a cigar.

Robin stared at the band in the ashtray on the table and grinned.

"Havana I see, nothing but the best for you…but aren't those illegal in the States Ozzie? Not good for your parole." Robin said.

Cobblepot sighed, putting his cigar in the ashtray.

"Okay point taken, what do you want?" Cobblepot asked.

"You must have heard something, anything; I'll even settle for a stray rumor." Robin said, now straight-faced.

"Well…and this is third hand information at best; rumor has it that there's a certain Arab out there who's still pretty pissed that his idea of joining forces with a certain steroid-enhanced goon and a certain green-haired freak back-fired on him so badly." Cobblepot said, reaching for his Scotch on the rocks.

"Do tell Oswald!" Robin said, nodding.

Cobblepot took a sip of his Scotch, put the glass back down and took a puff from his cigar.

"The rumor goes as far as saying that this time; he's the sole commander of this operation. He's offered sizable amounts of cash for hired help; as long as they vow total loyalty to him. We're talking snipers, low level thugs, higher profile criminal artists…_I myself was offered 4 millions in gold bullion to participate…which I've _politely declined of course." Cobblepot said, with a smirk.

"Of course; you would decline such a tempting offer out of the kindness of your heart!" Robin said, also smirking.

Cobblepot's face turned red.

"Look bird boy, I make no claims of being a saint. Plenty of people out there squawking that I never should have made parole or been allowed to open a business. As it stands I so much as spit on the pavement and I'm back in the slammer; so what's the point in multi millions if I'm behind bars?" Cobblepot said, with a disgusted grimace on his face.

"So help me, I actually believe you! So our 'Arab friend' is still plotting a vendetta against Batman?" Robin asked.

Cobblepot grinned and touched the tip of his nose.

"He was pretty tight-lipped about who's on board; but Batsy's got plenty of enemies who'd do it for free. If I were you, I'd tell him to watch his step." Cobblepot said.

"I'll relay the message; thanks for the rumor Oswald." Robin said, getting ready to leave.

"One more thing kid…I'm not sure how significant this is, but the contact was made through my cell phone. The signal was very poor, lots of static; and a background 'beep beep' sound…as if the call was being bounced from one satellite to another so it couldn't be traced." Cobblepot said.

"Likely still in hiding…I don't think he would risk setting foot in Gotham City so soon after his last scam failed so badly and Batman's still on the lookout for him…" Robin said, pensively.

Cobblepot nodded, reaching once again for his Scotch on the rocks.

"Sounds right to me; probably pulling the strings from one of his hideouts across the ocean." Cobblepot said, taking another sip of his Scotch.

Robin nodded and gave his former foe a sympathetic smile.

"This conversation never happened, I haven't seen you today, I've heard nothing. No strings can be pulled against you from wherever our culprit may be." Robin said, taking his leave.

"That's appreciated." Cobblepot said, putting his glass down.

Robin walked out of the Penguin's Nightclub, ignoring the dirty looks given to him by patrons. He put his helmet on and climbed onto the Redbird. He rode off, turning on his helmet communicator.

"Robin to Batman do you copy? I have a major scoop from one of our informants." Robin said.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile, trembling with anticipation, Barbara Gordon had hoisted herself into the Hospital bed and was lying down on her back. She unbuttoned her blouse, opening it up as wide as she could, the small vibrator sticking out from between her firm breasts; held in place by her bra. She reached underneath her back and unclasped her skirt; wiggling it loose with her hips.

"I should have removed it before getting in bed…unless…" She thought, frowning.

"Er…Catwoman? A bit of help please?" Barbara called.

A few moments later, Catwoman walked into Barbara's makeshift cell; casting her a quizzical glance.

"What's up?" Catwoman asked.

Barbara blushed, embarrassed.

"Well…I was so eager to try out your little friend that I climbed in bed before I fully undressed…now I can't remove my skirt; could you help me take it off?" Barbara said, rolling on her side so Catwoman could access the zipper.

Grinning, Catwoman walked closer, removing her gloves.

"Of course Barb! I'll take the gloves off; they make handling small things such as zipper tabs hard to handle…pantyhose and panties too?" Catwoman said.

"Yes please, that would make things a lot easier for me!" Barbara said, smirking.

Catwoman unzipped Barbara's skirt; wrapped her left arm around Barbara's waist and lifted her up, pulling the skirt past her hips. She then pulled the skirt all the way off. She repeated the operation again for Barbara's pantyhose and panties.

Giggling, Barbara rolled onto her back, Catwoman looking at her with a growing sense of lust - Barbara was beautiful, laughing. Her blouse was wide open, her breasts were covered with a lacey bra that let the color of her nipples show through; and she was stripped naked from the waist down. And the small vibrator still stuck out teasingly from between Barbara's breasts.

"You…you know, you have a great body…that spinal injury hasn't atrophied your legs too badly, you're a hot number Barbara!" Catwoman said.

Propping herself up with her arms; Barbara sat up, smiling.

"Other than the hairy legs and bush I guess, yeah…I haven't exactly maintained my 'feminine grooming' since giving up on sex…but if I get out of this alive, the first thing I'll do is indulge in a wax job! By the way, you have a hot bod too!" Barbara said, grinning.

"You will come out of this alive I swear it, I…" Catwoman said, her voice trailing off.

No longer able to help herself, Catwoman planted a hot kiss on Barbara's mouth. Barbara tried to say 'what are you doing?', but caught in the moment, kissed Catwoman back; their tongues touching, licking and teasing each other. They broke their lip lock, staring lustfully at each other.

"Sorry…I don't know what came over me…I haven't been with a girl since College…I prefer men but…you're one sexy piece of ass Barb." Catwoman said.

"Ditto here…had my fun with girls in Private School but I also prefer men…and I haven't had sex since the Joker shot me…you are one sexy, sultry chick Selena…" Barbara said, panting.

Slowly, Catwoman stripped; belt, boots, mask and bodysuit. Whistling and clapping, Barbara cheered on.

"Woo-hoo, I'm getting a private strip show!" Barbara said.

"Like what you see Ms Gordon?" Selena said, pushing her firm B-cuppers together.

"Very sexy Ms Kyle, I like what I see very much indeed! Now how about helping me out of my blouse and bra? Of course you realize that if your boss gets wind of this you're in trouble!" Barbara said.

"His orders were that you were not to be hurt or molested…this is consensual…isn't it?" Selena asked, climbing in bed next to Barbara.

"Definitely!" Barbara said, smiling.

"Then I'm following orders, besides I'm also supposed to assure your safety…no better way to do this than in bed with you!" Selena said, helping Barbara out of her blouse, tossing it aside.

She took the small vibrator from Barbara's cleavage and placed it next to the pillows.

"Pure genius!" Barbara said, as Selena unclasped her bra.

Barbara slipped out of her bra and dropped it to the floor. She lay on her back, her long red hair fanned across the pillow. Selena sat next to her and bent over to kiss her again; her lips, her neck, her nipples and drew a long line with her tongue from Barbara's fleshy C-cuppers down her smooth, flat abdomen; stopping short of her pubis.

"Hmm…you tease…" Barbara said, smiling, enjoying Selena's caresses so far.

Selena reached for her small vibrator and turned it on to its lowest setting. She spread Barbara's pussy open with her left hand and gently slid the tip of the vibrator around Barbara's clit, making her gasp.

Selena increased the setting; teasing Barbara's clit with the vibrator, going up and down, left and right, and then following a clockwise motion, making Barbara moan and coo with delight.

"Hmmm yesss….definitely pleasurable…moan…looks like…gasp…sex is still in the cards for me!" Barbara, running her left hand fingers through Selena's hair and fondling her own breasts with her right.

"If you think this is good, wait until I really get busy!" Selena said, grinning, spreading Barbara's legs open and lying on her stomach between her legs.

She brought her mouth to Barbara's pussy.

"OH GOD SELENA THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Barbara screamed; grabbing Selena's hair with both hands as Selena had begun licking her clit, slowly and sensuously, while teasing her labia and vulva with the vibrator.

"Nnnnh…oh yes…OH YES! SELENA DON'T STOP!" Barbara begged.

"Hmm…you taste good!" Selena mumbled in a sultry voice, feeling Barbara's love juice beginning to ooze from her pussy.

"Stick a finger in me...please…I haven't had a cock in me for way too long and the vibrator's too small…" Barbara begged.

With a wicked grin on her face, Selena first inserted her index finger into Barbara's wet cunt, obtaining a loud, appreciative groan. Still licking Barbara's clit, Selena's middle finger joined the index, and then her index, middle and ring fingers were fucking Barbara's pussy.

"HOLY SHIT SELENA, YESSS!" Barbara screamed in ecstasy.

Selena began wiggling her fingers as she finger-fucked her; still sensuously licking Barbara's clit; who felt like she was about to explode.

"Oh Guh…oh Guhh…nnngh…cumMMIIINNNG!" Barbara screamed; reaching an orgasm she had believed to be impossible until then.

Selena licked Barbara's pussy clean, getting protesting whimpers from her.

"Stop…oh please Selena stop…too sensitive!" Barbara said.

Smiling, Selena sat up; pushed Barbara's legs together again and lay beside her, putting her arms around her. They kissed.

"Thank you…you just restored my faith in sex, pleasure and eventually relationships!" Barbara said.

"My pleasure; I enjoy being in control!" Selena said.

"I want you to cum too though; I want to give you pleasure just like you gave me!" Barbara said, smiling.

"There's an offer I can't refuse!" Selena said.

Chapter 6

In the Bat-Cave, Batman, Robin Wonder Woman, Shayera and Snake were reviewing a 3-D holo-rendition of the Our Lady of Grace Hospital.

"Most of the windows are boarded shut. The main entrance, the ER entrance and most service entrances are padlocked shut; other than this side entrance where maintenance crews come in and out. Realtors and investors have been bidding on that old Hospital to build condos or a luxury Hotel; but no concrete offers have been made to City Hall as of yet." Batman said.

"Our informant said that Rà's has hired snipers, enforcers and higher profile criminals to do his dirty work." Robin said.

Batman nodded.

"The old gauntlet game; if it were anyone else than Rà's I wouldn't worry this much. The snipers are only meant as a diversion; our gear is bullet-proof so they can't do much damage." Batman said.

"Unless they use Teflon-coated bullets; can't those go through bullet-proof vests?" Snake asked.

"Good point Snake; those bullets definitely can and would penetrate Kevlar if they ever hit one of us …" Batman said.

"Shayera and I can draw sniper fire while you, Robin and Snake enter the side entrance." Wonder Woman said.

"No sweat, they'll be wasting their ammo on Diana's bracelets and on my mace!" Shayera added.

"That could save us precious minutes Batman." Robin said.

Indulging in a tight-lipped smile; Batman nodded, liking the idea.

"All the same; be careful. The likeliest spots for snipers to hide would be here and there; and then from this window missing its board." Batman said, pointing at the top level balconies and a top floor window above the side entrance.

While Batman and crew were planning her rescue, Barbara was experiencing round two of her sexual reawakening.

For sakes of simplicity, Selena was kneeling on the pillow with Barbara's head between her legs rather than swapping positions; which would have been awkward given Barbara's paralyzed legs.

Fondling her breasts, Selena was enjoying the feel of Barbara's tongue exploring her pussy and of her hands fondling her buttocks as she reached around Selena's pelvis.

"Hm…as much as I enjoy being in control, I'm enjoying this just fine; you have a wicked tongue Miss Gordon!" Selena moaned.

"Thanks, I love your bikini shave and body spray by the way…a nice, fresh, fruity fragrance!" Barbara said, before resuming her lip service.

"Cit...ungh…Citrus Breeze by the Rain Forest Company…gasp…helps me keep…ooooohh that's right… feeling…hmmm…f-f-f-fresh under the Cuh…Cuh…Cat suit!" Selena said, moaning and gasping as Barbara was teasing her anus with the small vibrator and sensuously licking, nibbling and sucking Selena's clit, pussy lips and wet opening.

"Wanna get kinky?" Barbara asked, gently inserting the small vibrator in Selena's ass.

"Nnnnhhh yeah you KNOW it! First time I oooohhh have it in the butt… feels gasp surprisingly nice!" Selena said, as Barbara resumed licking her pussy.

Focusing her tongue on Selena's clit, Barbara pushed the vibrator in a bit deeper, resulting in a deep grunting moan from Selena.

"Oooohhh what're you trying to do? Make this Catwoman purr?" Selena asked in an ecstasied voice, rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as Barbara sent waves of pleasure through her body.

Seeing that the vibrator was staying put in Selena's rectum and wasn't slipping out, Barbara gave Selena's pussy lips a teasing bite and dug her fingernails in her muscular buttocks.

"OW! No biting or clawing Miss Gordon I'M Catwoman here!" Selena exclaimed, giggling.

"Lemme make it up to you!" Barbara said, wrapping her arms around Selena's waist, pulling her against her in a 69 position.

Barbara rubbed her smooth face in Selena's crotch, getting her love juice all over her face and began darting her tongue in and out of Selena's pussy.

"OH GOD YEAH, TONGUE-FUCK ME!" Selena screamed, pressing her body against Barbara's.

Encouraged by the sensation of Selena's firm tits against her lower abdomen, Barbara resumed licking Selena's clit; finger-fucking her with her left hand's middle and forefingers and butt-fucking her with the vibrator.

Overtaken by an increasingly intense sensation as her orgasm was building up in her lower belly; Selena firmly grabbed the bed sheets and allowed her orgasm to explode with a loud grunt.

"Oh Barb you're making me CUUUUUUUUMMMM!" Selena screamed, as Barbara savored her love juice.

Trembling from the intense orgasm, Selena squeezed the vibrator out of her butt, impressed by the sensations it had given her.

"I'll have to clean this in rubbing alcohol…" Selena thought.

She lay down next to Barbara again, giggling like a Schoolgirl.

"Does that mean we're going steady?" Barbara asked, making Selena laugh even harder.

"Whatever my boss may think, we both know it's very likely Batman will outsmart him…and then it's back to the slammer for me." Selena said, sounding a bit sad.

"You kept me safe against Ox and you kept me company during my abduction. I can't erase your criminal record; but I will tell Batman you were helping me." Barbara said, putting an arm around Selena's shoulders.

"Thanks Barb, I appreciate that! I better get dressed and check in with the Boss…he gets antsy if my reports are delayed." Selena said, smiling.

She kissed Barbara again, more as a gesture of tenderness towards a kindred spirit than anything else. The likelihood of her and Barbara becoming a hot item once the crisis passed was slim to none.

"And besides, we both prefer men…" Selena thought, getting out of bed.

"Will you need help getting dressed Barb?" Selena asked, picking up her leotard from the floor.

"No thanks Selena, I'll be fine…just hand me my clothes from the floor? And thanks for the orgasm…I needed it worse than I thought." Barbara said, sitting up.

"No Barb, thank you! Toys are fun but nothing quite replaces the human touch!" Selena said, slipping into her suit.

She picked up Barbara's discarded clothes form the floor near the bad and handed them back to her. She kissed Barbara one last time, on the cheek, and took her leave.

Chapter 7

In the old Dean of Medicine's office which served as the kidnappers' HQ, Catwoman was getting the latest updates from her boss.

"The final recruits should report to you shortly. I want the snipers in place right now. I don't want to make things too easy for the Detective." Rà's voice said from the speaker-phone.

"Very well, who can I expect?" Catwoman asked.

"My higher-ranked goons count Copperhead, Killer Croc and Scarecrow. I want them to take one station each. They have strict orders to wear out Batman and whoever he brings with him, but not to kill him." Rà's said.

"Forgive my curiosity but…" Catwoman said.

"And you know what curiosity did to the cat Ms Kyle…yes, I know your name. The entire gauntlet will be filmed; as was your little lesbian escapade with Ms Gordon by the way. Fortunately for you, she wasn't hurt; and seemed in excellent spirits afterwards." Rà's said in a cold tone of voice.

"Oh shit, that's all I needed..." Catwoman thought.

"I want Batman publicly disgraced and unmasked. I want him to live to see his disgrace. You have the final station. In spite of your bending my rules, you are still one I trust the most. By the way, you have disposed of that piece of filth named Ox like I asked you?" Rà's asked.

"Yes, as you requested. The liquid Nitrogen was quick and thorough in disposing with his disgusting body." Catwoman said.

"Excellent. Here's your final task; once Batman's beaten and bruised body finally reaches you, you are to remove his cape and cowl. One of my operatives will collect it and bring it to me; my ultimate trophy." Rà's said.

"Understood…what of his associates and Miss Gordon?" Catwoman asked, keeping her voice cool.

"His associates are of no concern to me, and Miss Gordon is free to go unharmed. I see no point in hurting her any more than what that nimrod Joker has already done; in fact you can both shack up as a same-sex couple for all I care…as long as I get my prize." Rà's said.

"Very well; I'll page the snipers right away." Catwoman said.

"Good." Rà's concluded, terminating the link.

"Fuck you, you old goat…barking orders from the other side of the world while we do your dirty work…if the pay wasn't this good I would have escorted Barb back home myself!" Catwoman thought, fuming at the same-sex couple jab.

Catwoman pressed the intercom button and took a deep breath.

"Snipers to your posts; this is not a drill." Catwoman said.

She released the intercom button and sighed.

"If the old goat thinks Batman will really be beaten and worn out by the time he gets to the final station he's delusional…he's likely to show up with Robin and extra reinforcements from the Justice League or something…and if Rà's thinks I'll put up a fight against an entire team of Leaguers on my own he can keep his stinking money!" Catwoman thought, with an angry grimace.

Catwoman walked up to the office's mini fridge. The electricity had been restored after greasing a few palms at Gotham Power Corp. As Rà's had promised, the fridge was indeed fully stocked.

"If those twits don't show up soon to get their instructions, I'll bring Barb some lunch first…poor thing must be starving by now!" Catwoman mused.

Meanwhile, still in the afterglow of her orgasm, Barbara Gordon was daydreaming.

"I can still have sex and reach orgasm…that changes the complexion of my day-to-day life! Agreed finding someone for whom the wheelchair and being Oracle won't be obstacles will take some doing…but I can still have sex!" Barbara thought, wheeling herself aimlessly around, giggling.

" I owe my physiotherapist an apology…the TENS treatments weren't a waste of time…they likely helped with the nerves healing and kept my glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves toned…no wonder Selena said my legs hadn't atrophied too badly! First thing I do once I'm out of here…take time off as Oracle, have my legs and pubes waxed and then a nice physio session complete with TENS treatment…then …" Barbara reasoned, smiling.

Her mind wandered to her former lover Dick Grayson and her rival Cory Anders. She shook her head.

"No, I wouldn't dream of coming between them. My own fault for rejecting Dick; and Cory's a nice girl. She's always been kind and supportive, and her help as Starfire is priceless…though…now that I know I'm officially bi…I got to wonder if they'd be open for a threesome?" Barbara thought, giggling some more.

Chapter 8

Standing at a discreet distance from the condemned Our Lady of Grace Hospital; Batman, Robin, Snake, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl discussed strategy.

"So you guys are positive you can neutralize the snipers?" Batman asked.

"Don't fret Batman; those low-level goons won't know what hit them!" Shayera said; grinning.

"She's right boys; we'll have them neutralized in no time!" Wonder Woman said, smiling.

"I know you're fully capable, but do be careful. I'd be awfully upset if you were injured Diana; and I'm certain Snake would be equally distraught if you were injured Shayera." Batman said.

Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl smiled.

"I would most certainly be distraught…do be careful!" Snake chimed in.

"Don't we have a pair of sweethearts Shay?" Wonder Woman said; with a wink.

"Absolutely Diana; but don't worry so much about us, you boys be careful too. We'd also be pretty upset if either you got hurt." Shayera said.

Robin rolled his eyes.

"Ah great...two pairs of flirts and me still nursing a broken heart…let's get busy already!" Robin thought; feeling annoyed.

"Come my sister; let's get that diversion started!" Wonder Woman said; smiling.

Meanwhile, in the Dean of Medicine's Office, Catwoman was assigning Gauntlet stations.

"Tucker, Rex and Gunner, you have the first station. Don't screw up, you're being filmed. The boss wants Batman and his associates worn out; not dead. Remember what happened to Ox!" Catwoman said, sternly.

Tucker, Rex and Gunner nodded silently and walked to their station; near the service entrance.

"Scarecrow, Rà's heard that you've developed a new toxin; guaranteed to weaken our targets, is that right?" Catwoman asked.

"He has heard right; I have a special treat in store for them…He! He! He!" Scarecrow replied; with a chilling giggle.

"Very well, you have the second station - The ER's Observation room. The corridor connecting to the service entrance leads straight to you. Same instructions apply to you or there'll be hell to pay." Catwoman said.

"It will be a pleasure to mess with Batman and company's heads…trust me; they'll be a mental mess by the time they get to station three!" Scarecrow said, leaving for his station.

"Copperhead, you take station three - the connecting door to the Observation room leads to a service elevator leading to the next station. Your job is to guard the elevator, again, just wear them out." Catwoman said.

"Not much fun…but for the money I'm getting paid, you're on!" Copperhead said, leaving for his station.

"Croc, you take station four; the O.R. The elevator will have directions for Batman to follow…to make him think that Barbara Gordon is being held in the O.R." Catwoman said.

"Yeah, yeah, don't kill 'em or there'll be hell to pay; then what?" Killer Croc said, sounding annoyed.

"Once they're battered, bruised and worn out; hand them this envelope. That's where I'll be waiting for them." Catwoman said.

Killer Croc took the envelope and left, making his way to the O.R. Catwoman sighed. Her intuition told her that Rà's plan would backfire, badly; and that if she had any smarts at all she would get going while the getting was good.

"No…I can't leave…I promised Barbara I'd keep her safe…Bats and his friends wouldn't hurt her; but Rà's operatives might if I abandon my post…" Catwoman thought.

She pulled a plate of meatloaf and mashed potatoes from the fridge and popped it in the microwave oven on the shelf above the fridge.

"Poor Barb must be starving by now…" Catwoman thought.

She pulled the steaming plate from the microwave and left for the Intern's quarters in the Hospital's first basement.

As Catwoman brought food to Barbara Gordon, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl took flight, heading towards the sniper stations. The first bullet whizzed towards them, and was swatted from thin air like an insect by Wonder Woman as it hit her right bracelet.

"Firing shots at girls? Not nice!" Shayera screamed, brandishing her mace.

"It would seem that those men are in need of a lesson in manners, don't you agree my Sister?" Wonder Woman said.

"Amazon; now you speak my language!" Shayera replied, grinning as they swooped in closer.

Robin looked on, awestruck.

"Those girls are amazing!" Robin said.

"You haven't seen anything yet!" Batman said, smirking.

They began circling the building, hovering closer to the snipers who were now firing at will; ignoring Batman, Robin and Snake who snuck in through the service door.

"Having fun punks? Haven't yet clued in your bullets aren't touching us?" Shayera said in a powerful voice; deflecting another bullet with her mace.

The snipers reloaded, looking paler by the minute. They reopened fire, wondering why their aim was so off.

"I don't think they care Shay!" Wonder Woman said, grinning.

Wonder Woman took off her tiara and threw it, boomerang-like at the sniper closest to her, knocking his gun out of his hands, bending the barrel out of shape. After deflecting two more bullets; Shayera charged the sniper closest to her, knocking his gun out of his hands with a powerful swing of her mace.

Shayera then bolted at the sniper that faced her. Shocked, he didn't even move; watching gape-mouthed at the young woman flying his way. She leveled him with a stiff jab to the face, knocking him out cold.

Wonder Woman used her magic golden lasso as the sniper she was facing had decided to make a run for it; but fell on his face as he was lassoed by the Amazon Princess.

"Sleep!" Wonder Woman commanded; using her lasso's power.

"One sniper neutralized." Wonder Woman thought.

She reached for the communicator located in her earring.

"I have one sniper down Shay, what's your status?" She said.

"Ditto here Diana; stealth search to locate the third sniper?" Shayera replied.

"Indeed my sister; the quieter we are, the better." Wonder Woman replied in a low voice.

Walking silently, Wonder Woman and Shayera met at the end of the adjacent corridor. Smiling, they located the remaining sniper at the un-boarded window, who seemed to be wondering where they had both disappeared to.

Grinning, Wonder Woman cleared her throat loudly, making him jump. He turned around, firing a salvo without aiming; out of sheer desperation. Swatting the bullets away with bracelets and mace; Wonder Woman and Shayera were closing in on him, with a disgusted wince on their otherwise pretty faces.

Panting loudly, the remaining sniper dropped his gun to the tiled floor, looking sickly. Wonder Woman grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket and lifted him off the floor.

"Enough wasting our time, Barbara Gordon, where is she?" Wonder Woman growled.

"I don't know anything about her I swear; we were just paid six grand each to take positions on the top floor and fire at the costumed freaks and leave!" The sniper said.

"Then you're of no use to us." Shayera said, punching the sniper in the jaw with a stiff right hand; knocking him out.

A few moments earlier, Batman, Robin and Snake were sneaking into the service entrance while Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl distracted the snipers.

"Needless to say, be on your guards. There might be a welcoming committee right behind that door." Batman said, anticipating Rà's first move by kicking the door open.

Standing too close to the door, Tucker took the brunt of the swinging door right in the face; breaking his jaw and knocking him on his back.

"Son of a BITCH that hurt!" Tucker mumbled, holding his jaw and spitting out fragments of his dentures.

Repressing an urge to laugh, Robin took Rex down with a textbook Judo throw. Snake dodged a flapjack blow to the skull from Gunner; retaliating with a stiff right hook to the ribs and a left jab to the jaw. Rex tried to pull a knife from his boot but Robin stomped on his wrist, making him drop it.

Batman pulled three sets of Bat-cuffs from his utility belt and shackled the three goons; ending the first gauntlet station.

"You must be getting soft Rà's, sending three amateurs my way!" Batman said, knowing they were being watched.

"Look Batman, that note on the wall!" Robin said.

Batman took the note, recognizing Catwoman's handwriting.

"To find Barbara Gordon, follow this corridor to the ER and observe." The note read.

"In other words, the next station in this Gauntlet is the old ER's Observation ward.

Chapter 9

Oblivious to all the action happening, Barbara was enjoying her meal.

"Hm, thanks for that Selena, I didn't realize how hungry I was. The meatloaf and potatoes really hits the spot, ditto with that Fresca." Barbara said, between bites.

"Don't mention it Barb…if what the boss told me is true, you'll be sent home unharmed in a few hours. At this point in the ballgame I guess there's no harm in letting you know it's a gauntlet my boss has setup for Batman. This is the final station; I'm supposed to remove Batman's cape and cowl and hand them over to one of my boss' operatives…who ain't here yet." Catwoman said.

Barbara nodded as she chewed.

"Of course you know that since Batman's become more and more involved with the Justice League, he's likely to come with reinforcements…and we both know how that's likely to end." Barbara said.

"I know that and you know that, but the boss is vehement to see Batman dishonored publicly, unmasked and exposed to the world. Truth is; I've been tempted to get the hell out of Dodge pronto…" Catwoman said.

"Yet you're still here…how come?" Barbara asked looking up from her plate and straight into Catwoman's eyes.

"Without sounding too corny, I swore I'd keep you safe and I intend to keep that promise. I like you Barb, a lot. Under different circumstances I'm sure we could have become BFF's, trading secrets and swapping boyfriends… but I'm a criminal, you're not." Catwoman said, gently touching Barbara's hair.

"And I promised I'd tell Batman you kept me safe; I will keep that promise. And I agree; if we weren't on opposing sides of the fence I'm sure we could be friends!" Barbara said, smiling.

Meanwhile, making their way down the east wing's staircase, Wonder Woman and Shayera came across the O.R. floor.

"Ugh, smells like a swamp around here!" Shayera said in a low voice, with a disgusted expression on her face.

"You're right, it really reeks." Wonder Woman mumbled, pinching her nose.

"Swamp smell in a Hospital?" Shayera mumbled; nonplussed.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Wonder Woman muttered back, smirking.

"It's a safe bet that Killer Croc is somewhere on this floor; only he could stink like a swamp." Shayera whispered.

"So how about we run the gauntlet in the opposite direction and meet Batman, Robin & Snake halfway?" Wonder Woman whispered.

"I like it!" Shayera said.

As they were getting ready to tackle Killer Croc, Batman, Robin and Snake had made it to station 2.

"Scarecrow…alone? I'm disappointed in you Rà's; don't you know we have an antidote to the fear toxin?" Batman said.

"Ah, but this is a different toxin you flying rodent! I've been experimenting with pheromones as of late…" Scarecrow said, spraying the toxin at Batman, Robin and Snake.

Batman and Robin reached for their filter masks a split second too late, while Snake took a whiff of the toxin head tilted to one side, wondering what the big deal was.

Batman's vision overtook him. He was chained to a post and his Kevlar reinforced suit was torn to shreds.

"Just an illusion, I'm not really shackled and my dick isn't really exposed to the world…Snake will administer the Bat-antitoxin and I'll be fine soon…" Batman thought, trying to stay objective.

Dressed in loincloths, barefoot and topless; Selena Kyle, Andrea Beaumont and Vicky Vale danced around the post like primitive tribal warriors.

"But not **Amazons…**in fact, Diana isn't part of this vision…I'm disappointed! Visions of lust, not love…" Batman thought, indulging in a smirk.

Interrupting their dance, Andrea dropped to her knees in front of Batman; her face right near his crotch. Her eyes were glowing a fiery shade of orange, and her pupils were oval rather than round; almost cat-like. As she opened her mouth, Batman could see razor-sharp fangs.

"Sexual nightmare using women I once loved, perhaps seeking retribution? Another surprise is that Talia's not part of it then…no matter…I'm about to get a blow job with sharp teeth it looks like…" Batman thought, analyzing the vision.

The wild version of Selena put one hand on Andrea's shoulder and fondled her right breast with the other, with a creepy smile on her lips. Vicky placed a hand on Andrea's other shoulder and fondled her left breast.

"Sensuous and deadly…somewhat like that scene from Bram Stocker's book, when the female vampires try to seduce Harker before feeding off him…only in this case I don't think it's my blood they're interested in!" Batman thought; feeling more amused than frightened.

Indeed, the wild version of Andrea engulfed his erect cock in her mouth, deep throating him.

"Yes…the same sweet sensations of those few times Andrea and I did have sex once upon a time…nowhere as good as Diana but pleasurable no less…I'm almost going to be disappointed when the antitoxin kicks in!" Batman thought; chuckling.

Robin's vision went a little differently. He was standing alone in a dark room. The lights went on and he realized he was standing there naked.

"Just a vision…hopefully Snake gives me the antitoxin and it will kick in soon…" He reasoned; feeling a bit freaked out.

"Not bad Timmy Drake, you have a nice body." A familiar voice said.

"Cassandra?" Tim said aloud.

Out of thin air, Cassandra Cain stood before him, dressed in a long black silk gown which exposed her cleavage all the way down to her navel. Her breasts looked several sizes bigger, her raven hair was much longer and her demeanor was uncharacteristically sultry and sexy. Her characteristic speech impediment was gone.

"Cass' boobs were never this big and her speech impediment's gone…but good God she looks hot in this vision!" Tim thought; feeling aroused.

"Yes Timmy, it's me…I heard you and your girlfriend broke up…I had to come out of hiding. I was always attracted to you Timmy." Cassandra said, smiling.

"Attracted to me? You tried to kill me once!" Tim said.

"I've always been attracted to you Timmy… if my parents hadn't brainwashed me I never would have tried to kill you…and after I was reformed I always wondered how things would be if you were my boyfriend…how your lips would feel against mine… how your tongue would feel touching mine…how your hands would feel all over my body… how your cock would feel deep in my pussy…but you were taken. So I want you now Timmy…right or wrong I want you now!" Cassandra said, reaching for Tim's boner.

"A shame…you're smoking hot! But this is just a vision induced by Scarecrow's new toxin…a sex toxin this time rather than a fear one." Tim said.

The sultry version of Cassandra moved in closer and began fondling Tim's balls, making him moan.

"Good God that feels real…never realized that could feel so good either…done wrong it can be excruciatingly painful!" Tim thought, as Cassandra was now jerking him off with her right hand and fondling his balls with her left.

"A vision am I? Can you not feel my hands pleasuring you?" Cassandra said, grinning.

She let go of Tim's cock and balls and slipped out of her silk gown. She stood in front of Tim, stark naked, allowing him to admire her shapely, muscular body.

"I know I'm talking to a figment of my own imagination, but I'll be disappointed when the antitoxin kicks in…this toxin is different…but you look absolutely hot! I might just search for the real you once Barb's been rescued!" Tim said.

Sultry Cassandra pressed her naked body against his. It felt warm, smooth, firm and soft. She slipped her tongue in his mouth, seeking his, finding it and sensuously caressing it. She squeezed his right buttock with her left hand and resumed jerking him off with her right.

"So you're being sexually molested by a vision then?" Cassandra asked; smirking.

"As…as much as it disappoints me, this is just brain stimuli imitating sexual sensations." Tim said as calmly as he could; enjoying the feel of Cassandra's caresses regardless.

While Batman was being assaulted by cum-vampires and Robin was being fondled by Cassandra Cain; Snake's immunity to poisons and toxins had protected him from the mist.

"They're like putty in my hands Master Rà's, wherever you may be! My new sex toxin is really doing a number on them!" Scarecrow gloated.

"Not quite!" Snake said; his voice an angry hiss.

Before Scarecrow's brain could register what was happening; Snake was delivering a leaping roundhouse kick to Scarecrow's head, knocking him on his back. He pinned Scarecrow to the floor with one foot on his chest.

"Surprise straw-for-brains; that's what you get for attacking my friends!" Snake said; realizing that Scarecrow was unconscious.

He walked towards Batman and reached for his utility belt.

"Let's see…Bat-a-rang, Bat-rope, Bat-cuffs, Bat-plasma torch, Bat-penlight, Bat-filter-mask…looks like there's Aspirin in this tube…Bat-smoke screen capsules…ah, here; those small epipens…" Snake said; taking two antitoxin epipens.

He pulled Batman's right glove off, dropping it to the floor. He rolled up his sleeve and gave him his dose of antitoxin. Next, Snake walked up to Robin, glad that he wore short sleeves. He gave Robin his dose of antitoxin.

Batman snapped out of it first; feeling embarrassed at the wet, sticky sensation in his crotch. Robin snapped out of it next; pulling at the crotch of his pants with a disgusted wince. Batman rolled his sleeve back down and bent over to pick up his glove.

"Gentlemen, this has never happened; understood? If you wish to discuss the time Scarecrow gave you a freaky wet dream you can go ahead Robin; but I was never here, am I being clear?" Batman said; feeling humiliated.

"Crystal clear Batman; but weren't we being filmed?" Snake said.

"We'll take care of that; I understand you're a skilled hacker?" Batman asked.

"Message received; I'll handle it!" Snake said, with a smirk.

"I don't think I'll be bragging much either…" Robin added.

"Cassandra Cain? Really? I mean…I did find her kind of cute but…really?" Robin thought; confused.

Batman tossed a set of Bat-cuffs to Snake who shackled Scarecrow's right wrist to his left ankle from behind his back; leaving him squirming on his stomach as he began regaining consciousness.

"This way, we know you'll still be here when Jim Gordon's men show up." Snake mumbled.

"Look, another note taped to the wall." Batman said.

"To find sweet Barbara don't despair, take the corridor and the elevator to the O.R." The note said.

"Needless to say, stay on your guards…the going's likely to get even tougher from this point on." Batman said.

"I wonder how our lady friends are doing." Robin said.

Chapter 10

In the O.R., Killer Croc was fuming, mumbling to himself.

"I get a chance to even the score with Bat-breath and bird-boy and they tell me not to kill 'em…bunch of pussies…I don't give a shit who the big boss is; I could crush him like a bug too, given a chance…" Killer Croc mumbled, oblivious to the fact that he was being observed.

Coming out from the shadowy corridor, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl were now walking closer to the scaly behemoth that had his back turned to them. Killer Croc turned around and became startled; tripping over his own two feet.

"WHAT THE F…OW!" Killer Croc yelled as he fell flat on his back.

"Just stay down Croc…as unbelievable as it may seem, you wouldn't want to fight us. You see, that would piss us off; and when we get pissed off, we get violent." Shayera said, brandishing her mace.

"HA! HA! HA! HA! Good one! You pip squeak cunts took me by surprise, but truth is I could wipe my ass with the two of you with an arm tied behind my back!" Killer Croc said, getting up.

"Oh no he didn't! Pip squeak cunts? That sounded an awful lot like fightin' words, didn't it Wonder Woman?" Shayera said.

"Indeed it did my Sister; so it did! Yet I can't help but feel sorry for the ugly bastard!" Wonder Woman said.

"Hey, who're you calling ugly you snooty bitch?" Killer Croc said, taking one angry step towards Wonder Woman.

He stopped in his tracks as Wonder Woman's iron grip painfully grabbed his balls; sending searing pain through his entire body.

"AAAAAHHHHRRRGGGHHH!" Killer Croc screamed in agony.

"Wipe your butt with us you say? The way you smell I don't think you've wiped it in about ten years! With an arm tied behind your back? You couldn't give me a small bruise with both hands!" Wonder Woman said in a cold voice.

She lifted Killer Croc in the air by the balls single-handedly; making him pass out. As his body went limp, Wonder Woman released her grip, letting Croc fall to the floor with a dull thud.

"I told him he should have stayed down!" Shayera said; with a smirk.

"Shay look, that envelope sticking out of his waistband…" Wonder Woman said.

She pulled the envelope and opened it. She read it aloud.

"The time has come for you to reach the final station; first sub basement in the old Interns' quarters, there lies the Commissioner's Daughter…we got to take this note to Batman." Wonder Woman said.

"You're right, we don't know how many more stations this gauntlet has and our friends may need our help…." Shayera said.

Arriving at Station three, the elevator; Batman shook his head and once again addressed Rà's, suspecting that they were being observed.

"I swear Rà's, I know you're trying to stay original but…useless snipers, three amateur thugs, one failed attempt at messing with our heads with Scarecrow and now another flunky guarding the elevator? I don't know how much you paid your hired help but…" Batman said.

"I don't much appreciate being called a flunky…but Bats makes a point Rà's; they were supposed to be messed up physically and mentally…what I'm facing here is three fit men! That 5 million in gold bullion had better be in my Grand Caiman account! I can slow them down all right, but I'll get my ass handed to me in the process; so you better make it worth my while goat face!" Copperhead barked at the hidden cameras and microphones.

"Just make it easy on yourself Copperhead step aside, let us rescue Miss Gordon and I'll give you a five minute head start." Batman said.

"Sounds good…but there's only a problem with that; if I step aside, I don't get paid. So…" Copperhead said, suddenly pouncing on Snake, biting his shoulder.

"OW! Son of a…" Snake yelled, getting Copperhead off him with a stiff head butt.

Copperhead reeled backwards holding his head, only to be greeted by a punch in the jaw by Robin, which knocked him on his ass.

"On my butt as expected, but I've accomplished what I set out to do: I've weakened your team! Unless your poser friend in a snake suit gets the appropriate vaccine, he'll die a slow, agonizing death!" Copperhead said, getting back to his feet.

Batman and Robin looked at each other, chuckling.

"What, aren't you concerned about your friend's well-being?" Copperhead asked.

"Your fangs barely dented by bullet-proof suit…but you do have a hard bite I'll give you that much; I'm gonna have a nasty bruise there!" Snake said, making Batman and Robin chuckle some more.

Copperhead looked at his rival, looking a bit paler.

"And even if you had managed to get that venom of yours in me; I'm immune." Snake said.

"In fact, our friend Snake has a venom of his own!" Batman said.

"Say Batman, wouldn't it be cool to see a venom versus venom showdown?" Robin said, smiling.

"I'm game, are you fang face?" Snake asked, removing his right glove.

Copperhead charged Snake again; aiming for Snake's outstretched gloveless hand. Snake grabbed onto Copperhead's forehead; delivering a dose of paralyzing toxin straight to Copperhead's brain. Copperhead collapsed face first to the floor.

"And the winner of the venom challenge; the Snake!" Robin said, as Snake was putting his glove back on.

"Poser huh?" Snake said, stepping over Copperhead's unconscious body.

The elevator door opened, and Wonder Woman and Shayera got out of the elevator.

"Oh thank Hera we found you!" Wonder Woman said.

"Are you guys okay?" Shayera asked.

"A bit shaken but we're fine, snipers clear?" Batman asked.

"Yes, all clear…" Wonder Woman said.

"And we came across Killer Croc in the O.R., all clear there too." Shayera said.

"We found two notes, one in Killer Croc's waistband and the other stuck to the wall of the elevator cab." Wonder Woman said.

"The one in the elevator guided you to the O.R. where Killer Croc waited for you and the one in Croc's possession says that Barbara is being held in the first basement, where the Intern's quarters used to be." Shayera said.

"Well then, to the old Intern's quarters." Batman said.

They all got in the elevator and made their way to the first basement.

Chapter 11

The door swung open in Barbara Gordon's makeshift cell.

"Well it's about sweet time you got here!" Barbara said, smirking.

"Couldn't be helped Miss Gordon; traffic was hell and Rà's Al Ghul's flunkies kept us busy." Batman said, indulging in a subtle smile.

"So Rà's was your boss with the deep pockets! I see you brought the Cavalry with you Batman!" Barbara said, addressing Catwoman and Batman in turn.

"Catwoman…and here I thought Selena Kyle had hung her tights for good and dedicated her life to Animals Rights…I'm disappointed." Batman said.

"With all of the Charities needing assistance, the big pockets are more likely to donate to Cancer research or Lupus or AIDS… so when someone offers you 6 million in gold bullion for one last job; it's hard to resist." Catwoman said, quietly.

Batman nodded. He proceeded with introducing his team.

"You already know Robin, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. The gentleman in the skintight suit is our new associate, Snake…" Batman said.

"Formerly known as the Snake Bandit, fully reformed…I do believe one of my former heists resulted in a 1.5 million donation to your Animals Rights Charity about a year ago Miss Catwoman." Snake said, bowing courteously.

"Was that you? Thank you so much! We were able to afford a bigger space for our Animal Shelter and to buy medical supplies, pet food and hire two full time Vets thanks to you!" Catwoman said, smiling.

"Yes, Snake was a regular Robin Hood!" Shayera said; discretely grabbing Snake's gloved hand.

"Am I coming in at a bad time?" A male voice with a thick Arabic accent said.

They turned around to see a balding man clad in a tan suit with a graying beard.

"No doubt Rà's operative to whom I was supposed to give Batman's cape and cowl." Catwoman said.

Batman nodded, giving Rà's operative a scrutinizing look.

"I know you…it was a long time ago; before I became Batman, before I knew that Henri Ducard and Rà's al Ghul were one and the same…when I still believed that Henri Ducard held the key to my quest for justice…Hassan Al Muhammad…am I right?" Batman asked.

"You have a good memory Detective…I must say I am impressed. And while Master Rà's is quite upset with you; he does respect a worthy opponent." Hassan replied, in a pleasant tone of voice.

"What shall we do with him, cuff him and let the Commissioner's men book him?" Robin asked.

"What for, he was only being an errand boy and committed no crime. Am-scray Hassan, get out of here." Batman said.

Wonder Woman and Shayera gave Hassan a dirty stare. He bowed respectfully and left.

"Ditto for Catwoman Batman, she saved me when that bastard Ox tried to rape me; she guarded me and kept me safe…" Barbara said.

"And it sounds like her big payoff has been cancelled…" Batman said.

"Oh you are so right Detective! All assets have been frozen since all of my hired help has failed me!" Rà's voice crackled through the dusty intercom speaker.

"I was wondering when your ego would make you chime in!" Batman said.

"I still have an ace up my sleeve Detective…my goal was to have you beaten, bruised and dishonored for the world to see; and then, I wanted you unmasked on film." Rà's voice said.

"ON FILM!?!" Barbara screamed sounding enraged, casting a furious glare at Catwoman.

Catwoman blushed, tears beading in her eyes.

"Oh, don't be too harsh on your lesbian lover Miss Gordon; she wasn't aware of the cameras until much later. I'll settle for Batman unmasking in front of the cameras. So it's up to you Batman; either the world gets to see you unmask on Youtube; or the world will be privy to Miss Gordon's sexual escapade with Miss Kyle." Rà's said.

Barbara could feel all eyes fixed on her at the mention of the lesbian affair; but as she looked up, blushing, she realized all eyes were actually fixed on Batman. From the corner of her eye, she could see Snake hard at work typing on his Smart Phone.

"Don't do it Batman; he'll expose you to the world and still post the sex footage!" Barbara said in a sobbing voice, tears running down her cheeks.

Snake moved closer to Batman.

"Stall for time…I'm tracing Rà's signal…trying to hack into his system." Snake mumbled, only to be heard by Batman.

Batman nodded silently.

"Miss Gordon makes a point Rà's, what guarantees do I have you won't air both clips regardless?" Batman said.

"None; but for what it's worth, you have my word of honor that I will keep my word." Rà's said.

"Your word of honor nearly got me killed several times; so you'll forgive me if I don't take it at face value. Besides, you know my secret identity, why go through all the effort?" Batman said.

"That's what you get from turning on your teacher! You've had a few stand-ins assume your mantle; so no one would believe me if I simply said who you really are. Unmasking you in front of cameras however, would prove to the world I'm right and retire Batman permanently." Rà's said.

"And once Batman's retired, then what? You take over the world? Batman's made a lot of friends in the Justice League. The only reason we haven't come gunning for you is that Batman actually respects you. If Batman retires, there won't be a cave on this planet where you can hide." Wonder Woman chimed in.

There was a long, tense pause. Snake grinned; nodding. He put his Smart Phone back into the compartment in his belt.

"We are wasting precious time Detective! Your Amazon girlfriend might have a point, but this is a matter of principle; the mask or the sex footage!" Rà's said in an angry voice.

"Begging your pardon Mr Al Ghoul; but how do we know there is any footage? Electronic equipment can be so…unpredictable!" Snake chimed in.

"You are new to this game, so I'll forgive you the doubting of the seriousness of my threat…and mispronouncing my name." Rà's said.

"He makes a point Rà's; I may have been embarrassed at first, but fact is I'm bisexual. And up until Selena and I had our little calisthenics session; I didn't think I'd ever be able to enjoy sex again since the Joker crippled me. If you do have Selena and me on tape eating each other out, prove it! I'm not ashamed of what I did, and if you're gonna blackmail Batman for it, let's see the goods!" Barbara said loudly, with a touch of anger in her voice.

Catwoman looked at Barbara and smiled.

"Prove, prove, prove…what is it with the younger generation? All right, I'll upload the MPG clip onto Catwoman's PDA…" Rà's said with a sigh.

Catwoman's PDA chimed. She pulled it from her belt and opened the enclosure…and burst out laughing. She passed her PDA to Shayera, who also burst out laughing. The PDA changed hands to Wonder Woman, Robin, Barbara and finally Batman, who were all laughing to tears.

The naked bodies could not be identified as the clip had been hacked into and edited, superimposing a picture of Rà's face on Barbara and Selena's faces.

"Like my work?" Snake asked, laughing.

"Ab…absolutely!" Barbara said, laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" Rà's said.

"You…hee…hee…you really should look at that clip again Rà's!" Batman said.

"WHAT THE…" Rà's screamed, punctuating with a few curses in Arabic, and terminating the link.

"That was amazing hacking and editing on the fly Snake!" Batman said, still chuckling.

"His whole tape library's been wiped clean Batman, I just wanted to have a bit of fun at Camel Breath's expense!" Snake said.

"All right Catwoman, you kept Barbara safe, so you've earned a get out of jail card; take a powder." Batman said.

Catwoman nodded, kissed Barbara on the cheek and left. Batman pulled his communicator and called Commissioner Gordon.

"Batman here Jim, Barbara's safe and sound. Send a paddy wagon to the old Our Lady of Grace Hospital, there's a whole smorgasbord of criminals to pick up." Batman said.


Barbara Gordon was at her favorite Beautician getting a manicure, a pedicure, as well as her legs and pubis waxed; while getting a soothing shoulder rub.

"Since theBlüdhaven police corruption case closed, Dick's moved in with Cory in San Francisco…I'll invite them over for dinner, explain to them what happened with Selena…and see how they'd react if I offered to have a threesome…" Barbara thought, smirking, oblivious to the body hair being pulled off her skin through waxing.

"I don't know much about Tamaranian women; but I do know that Cory's a sweet girl…she might have a temper…like me…it's a redhead thing I guess! But she loves Dick so much that I might just talk her into it!" Barbara thought; dreamily.