Quinn the Destroyer  

By Comix_Fana

Quinn the Destroyer

A Justice League/OC fanfic by Comix_Fana

Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman and any other Justice League/Teen Titans character depicted in this story are copyrighted by DC Comics. Snake and his alter ego Steven Quinn is my OC; while Magnet Man a.k.a. Alex Stanson is Vectorphantom's OC. This is pure fan fiction, and I receive no pay or other benefit from it.

Another fanfic that I had believed lost forever but salvaged…enjoy!

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Chapter 1

"How the Hell do I get myself into these messes?" Quinn wondered; dressed in boxing shorts and with taped knuckles and feet.

He stood in the Octagon, concentrating on his breathing technique; trying to stay focused.

"Wildcat mentioned those clandestine fights…but Roulette and her followers were arrested; looks like we have a copycat operation…never thought I'd get my ass kidnapped as Steven Quinn rather than as the Snake…" Quinn reasoned silently.

A beeping sound was heard through the PA system; calling the audience to attention.

"And now, currently in the Octagon, weighing in at 215 pounds, a pupil of Master Akio Takahashi of the Takahashi dynasty, from Metropolis, a rich spoiled brat; Steven Quinn!" A female voice announced.

Looking at ringside; Quinn recognized the owner of that voice.

"Shit, it is Roulette…she managed to finesse her way past the Parole Board…gotta wonder how many cocks she sucked…" Quinn thought; with a wince.

He was on his way to a Shareholders meeting at Wayne Enterprises when he was chloroformed. He woke up fully dressed in fight gear and dumped in the Octagon once the chloroform wore out.

"Immune to poisons and toxins yet plain run-of-the-mill chloroform knocks me out! The irony is staggering! Bruce was expecting me at the meeting; so he'll know something's up…Shareya was expecting me in the Gym for a sparring session…only a matter of time until a Justice League team shows up…" Quinn thought.

"And his opponent, making his way to the Octagon, he hails from Star City; weighing 270 pounds; he's gristly; he's ugly and he likes messing up pretty boys. He's a graduate from the School of Hard Knocks; Crusher Carl Tucker!" Roulette announced.

Looking focused and unusually calm; Quinn observed as Tucker entered the Octagon.

"Carl Tucker; disgraced hit man for Boss Falcone in Gotham City…got his ass handed to him by Batman and Robin before going MIA…looks like he moved to Star City…big, strong guy; also very slow and none too smart…even without the toxin I can handle his lard ass…" Quinn thought; shooting a stone-cold stare at his opponent.

"There are no rules. After the bell rings, fight. Last man standing wins. Ladies, Gentlemen, place your bets!"Roulette announced.

Quinn assumed a defensive stance, anticipating the bell. After the bell rung; Tucker rushed him, attempting to grab him by the throat. Before he knew what hit him, Tucker was greeted by a roundhouse kick to the left temple that sent him reeling. The crowd began cheering, booing, whistling and egging the fighters on.

Tucker shook his head; growling like a mad dog. He threw a wild roundhouse punch at Quinn which connected with Quinn's elbow; breaking his hand.

"Predictable, he telegraphed that punch…not the most honorable defense as Master Takahashi would point out; but I'm fighting for my life here…" Quinn thought; observing Tucker clutching his broken hand against his chest, wailing with pain.

"Finish him off! Finish him off!" The crowd in attendance began to chant.

"Yeah…time to put the poor bastard out of his misery…but I'll do it my way…" Quinn thought; stepping behind Tucker and wrapping his left arm around his neck.

Arms flailing; Tucker tried in vain to break free as Quinn was restricting the blood flow to his brain.

"Apply pressure to the sides of the neck only…don't crush the wind pipe…I ain't trying to kill the dumb son of a bitch…" Quinn thought; applying more pressure to his sleeper hold.

Tucker tried dropping to the floor in hopes of breaking the hold, not realizing it actually gave Quinn better leverage. Finally, his eyes rolled in his skull and he passed out. Quinn released his hold and stood up; casting an angry stare at Roulette and pointing a finger at her as if to say "You're next bitch!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have just witnessed a major upset; the winner of this bout…Steven Quinn, the Destroyer! Please collect your winnings at the cash and get ready to place your bets on the next bout!" Roulette clamored.

"Hey, Tiger Lilly look over here!" Quinn shouted; livid.

"Security, please escort Mr. Quinn to his quarters!" Roulette said; with a mocking grin.

"I'll rip those tattoos off your bitch hide and feed 'em to you! Your guards better be armed 'cause what I just did to Tucker's about to happen again!" Quinn shouted; his eyes focused on Roulette who seemed to find enjoyment in his anger.

Three guards entered the Octagon; armed with shotguns.

"How's this for armed asshole?" The first guard said.

"Fuck you!" Quinn said in a near hiss.

"Just shut the fuck up and walk back to the holding cells unless you want a new asshole torn through you. The two of you grab Tucker and dump him in the trash container." The head guard said.

"Looks like I should have lost…" Quinn thought; as the two other guards strapped their shotguns across their shoulder and lifted Tucker off the mat.

Quinn felt the cold metal of the barrel of the head guard's shotgun in the small of his back; urging him to leave the Octagon. As he stepped through the door, Quinn shot Roulette another dirty look. Defiantly, she stepped closer to him.

"Something you'd like to say to me little man?" Roulette said; gloating.

Quinn shot her a cold grin that made her feel uneasy.

"You win this round, Miss Tattoos…but mark my words; you're gonna pay, through the nose and with interest." Quinn said.

"The way I see it; you're the one who's a prisoner with a gun stuck in his back. Talk is cheap, Quinn…you, escort him to his holding cell but I want him uninjured; he's a good fighter. He'll make us lots of money…so it's your ass if he's injured and unable to perform. Get my drift?" Roulette said.

"Yes Ma'am…" The head guard said.

They walked towards the back; where the holding cells were located.

"You get a bed, a john and three squares a day plus protein shakes and visits to a training facility to keep shape…Roulette seems to see potential in you so you're getting preferential treatment." The head guard said.

"What about a shower and a clean change of clothes?" Quinn asked; fishing for information.

"Yeah, yeah, the cell also has a shower. The stuff you had on you when we grabbed you is all in there too." The head guard said.

Quinn smiled; glad that the guard was behind him.

"Which means that the emergency beacon in my ring will be in there too…only glad to get my pals sign of life!" Quinn thought; smiling.

Chapter 2

From the Bat-Cave, Batman was holding an impromptu videoconference with Shayera, Starfire, Oracle and Martian Manhunter.

"So to recap, both Steven and Dick were a no-show at the Shareholder's meeting this morning; Steven didn't report to the Watchtower and Dick didn't report to Titan Tower." Batman said.

"In a nutshell; yeah Batman." Shayera replied.

"I am quite worried Bruce; it is not like Dick to play the hook like this!" Starfire said.

"Indeed Starfire, Dick knows better than to play hooky; you're quite right. J'onn, do you have any news?" Batman said.

"There seems to be a string of random disappearances of financially well-off men in Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City…in fact, our own Oliver Queen narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt a few days ago; the would-be kidnappers were scared off by Black Canary." Martian Manhunter said.

"Then I better ask Wonder Woman to watch Bruce Wayne's back…Oracle, any info?" Batman said.

"Robin has reported that according to a certain informant named Oswald, several low-level Mafia enforcers have also gone missing. And the DA seems to have approved Roulette's parole a few weeks ago." Oracle said.

"How in Hell did that happen? Anyway…focus people; other than the financial status, what else do Dick and Steven have in common?" Batman asked.

"They're both handsome…" Starfire said.

"They're both sweet, romantic and lovable…" Shayera added.

"With all due respect ladies; I seriously doubt that would motivate a kidnapping." Batman said.

"They're both highly intelligent and athletic." Oracle said.

"They both have a secret identity as crime-fighters; great crime-fighters if I may add." Martian Manhunter said.

"Yes…they both share all of that in common; but what could motivate a kidnapping? Any ransom demands Oracle?" Batman asked.

"None; so unless they're about to be drugged to reveal their bank account numbers, this wasn't about money." Oracle said.

"I'll track any activity from their respective Bank accounts; it might give us a clue." Batman said; typing a few commands from the Bat-Computer's keyboard.

"How on Earth would you know…never mind; I forgot I was speaking to Batman." Shayera said, rolling her eyes.

"I think we may have caught a break…Steven's Justice League emergency beacon just came on." Martian Manhunter said.

Batman nodded.

"Oracle; stay in radio contact, we might still need your guidance. Starfire, would you care to join us at the Watchtower? I have a hunch you would like to join in the rescue mission." Batman said.

"It would be an honor Bruce!" Starfire said; smiling.

"Zatanna and Magnet Man are requesting to link in the videoconference Batman." Martian Manhunter said.

"Thanks J'onn; patch them through." Batman said.

A new window appeared on the Bat-Computer's giant monitor screen; revealing Magnet Man and Zatanna.

"We just heard about Steven and Dick Batman. I owe Dick Grayson my sponsorship to the Justice League and Steven was probably my only friend when I joined…if there's any way we can help…" Magnet Man said; his voice trailing off.

"Looks like you've both volunteered for the Search and Rescue team; along with Shayera, Starfire and myself…by the way, Zatanna? After this, we need to have a chat about your bad habit of eavesdropping on official channels." Batman said.

"Sorry…" Zatanna said; looking sheepish.

"Let us all reconvene in Boardroom 3 at the Watchtower. See you in a few minutes." Batman concluded; terminating the videoconference.

A few minutes earlier, Quinn was being escorted to his holding cell. As he made his way, he came across the next contestant; who was walking groggily towards the Octagon area, followed by two goons.

"No way, they got Dick too? He's still under the effect of the sedative; he's in no condition to fight!" Quinn thought; stopping for a moment to look at his ally, only to be reminded by the barrel of the shotgun in the small of his back that he had no say in the matter.

He entered his holding cell and the door slammed shut behind him. From the other side of the door, his guard addressed him.

"Your stuff's all in there. Good thing you don't carry weapons 'cause they would have been confiscated…there's food in the small fridge; soap, clean towels and bed sheets in the closet; and the shower has hot water." The guard said; taking his leave.

Sighing, Quinn sat down on a corner of the bed and began removing the tape from his left hand's knuckles. He cracked his knuckles and repeated the operation on his right hand. He went through his personal effects and found his ring. He slipped it on and pressed the small electronic switch.

"There…it may take them a while to pinpoint our location but we'll be traced. I just hope Dick will be all right…he did not look well at all." Quinn thought; worried about his friend.

He crossed his right leg and started unraveling the tape around his right foot.

"I didn't really feel the kick because of the adrenaline rush…it sure throbs now! I'm gonna have one hell of a bruise there…" Quinn thought, massaging his right foot.

He then crossed his left legand removed the tape from his left foot.

"Unless they have an airwaves scrambler; the cavalry should be arriving sooner or later…I might as well be clean when they do." Quinn reasoned; pulling down his boxing shorts.

Upon closer look, he noticed that they were made of an intricate silk weave; and had the Takahashi dynasty crest embroidered on the left leg.

"Red silk trunks with yellow trim and the Takahashi crest…I'm impressed Roulette; you've done your homework…and I'm wearing a jock strap to boot! Did one of your goons dress me up or was that your perverted pleasure you tattooed freak?" Quinn mumbled as he stripped naked.

He grabbed a bar of soap and turned the shower taps. He stepped under the warm stream of water and showered.

"God I hope Dick's okay…" Quinn wondered; secretly praying that the Search and Rescue team would hurry.

Chapter 3

Standing in the Octagon and trying his best to snap out of the anesthetic, Dick Grayson analyzed the situation the best he could.

"Okay…MMA style Octagon, dressed in boxing shorts; hands and feet taped…looks like I've been volunteered to prove my manhood…" Dick thought; as the effects of the chloroform gradually wore off.

A beeping sound was heard through the PA system, once more calling the audience to attention.

"And now Ladies and Gentlemen your following contest; currently in the Octagon, he hails from Gotham City though he has been calling San Francisco home for the past few years. He is a former Circus acrobat turned to playboy millionaire as well as the Luscious Cory Anders' lover. He weighs a lean 200 pounds; another rich spoiled brat, Dick Grayson!" Roulette announced.

"Roulette, how'd she make it out of Prison so soon? Well, now it's beginning to make sense…she's gone from clandestine fights between Crime Fighters and Criminals to Super Heroines; and now this…rich privileged men against one another, or maybe…" Dick thought; now completely clear-minded.

"And his opponent, making his way to the Octagon, hails from Blüdhaven. He weighs 300 pounds and used to bust kneecaps as a hobby; Mighty Mack Mahoney!" Roulette announced.

"And he used to be one of Blüdhaven's dirtiest cops…that answers my question. This is meant to amuse other rich spoiled brats…take a pretty boy rich kid and pit him against a less wealthy man with a chip on his shoulder…not that I consider myself a pretty boy but…" Dick reasoned; his eyes never leaving his opponent as he entered the Octagon.

Mahoney shot Grayson a furious look.

"Your pansy-ass is mine Grayson! You're the reason I was discharged from the Force!" Mahoney shouted.

"You were discharged because you were on the take Mack. You brought this upon yourself." Dick replied, calmly.

"Once again Ladies and Gentlemen there are no rules. After the bell rings, the contestants fight. Last man standing wins. Ladies, Gentlemen, place your bets!"Roulette announced.

The bell rang and Mahoney approached Dick with his fists up; like a boxer.

"Come on Grayson, put up yer dukes! Lemme see what you're made of!" Mahoney shouted.

Dick raised his fists, faked a left jab but kicked Mahoney in the gut with his right foot; doubling him over. Dick followed through with a spinning heel kick which hit Mahoney on the right side of the jaw; stunning him. Mahoney put on knee to the canvas; trying to regroup.

In a show of sportsmanship, Dick backed off to allow Mahoney back on his feet; obtaining boos from the crowd.

"What are you doing? Finish him off!" One angry fan shouted.

"You…you fight clean Grayson…I still hate you but I appreciate it…" Mahoney said; gasping for air.

He threw a roundhouse punch meant for Dick's jaw; but that hit him in the shoulder instead, knocking him sideways. All of a sudden; Mahoney became pale and sweaty, and vomited all over himself. Mahoney collapsed, gasping for air.

"I'm done for Grayson…finish me off…" Mahoney mumbled.


The bell rang, indicating the end of the match.

"And your winner, by technical knock out; Dirty Dick Grayson! Please collect your winnings at the cash and get ready to place your bets on the next bout!" Roulette clamored.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GET A STRETCHER IN HERE!" Dick screamed; knelt beside Mahoney.

"I…had you all wrong kid…you're all right." Mahoney mumbled, with his dying breath.


"Gentlemen, escort Mr Grayson to his quarters…uninjured please…looks like we found ourselves another prize fighter!" Roulette said.

The shotgun armed guards entered the Octagon; surrounding Dick.

As he exited he looked at Roulette; fuming.

"First Quinn gives me attitude and now you want a shot too Grayson?" She said; with a mocking grin

"Quinn's here too?" Dick said, surprised.

"Take him away boys; and remember; I need him in fighting condition." Roulette said; sternly.

In the Watchtower's Boardroom 3, Batman, Wonder Woman, Shayera, Starfire, Zatanna, Magnet Man and Martian Manhunter were sharing notes.

"Oracle, can you hear us?" Batman asked, through the intercom.

"Loud and clear Batman." Oracle replied.

Batman nodded and turned his attention to Martian Manhunter.

"J'onn, did you manage to pinpoint Quinn's signal?" Batman asked.

"Indeed I have, and it makes no sense: it seems to originate from the middle of the New Metro Mall in the outskirts of Metropolis…you would think a kidnapper would use a less public place to hide his hostage." Martian Manhunter said.

"Said Mall was built around the old Metro Amphitheater J'onn…sporting events used to be held there, but it's been abandoned for years." Oracle said.

"Yes, I've seen pictures…the architects literally built that Mall like a gigantic fence surrounding the old Auditorium…there were talks of turning it into a Cineplex for the Mall but the project fell through." Zatanna said.

"Large abandoned building …a perfect place to hide hostages I'd say!" Shayera said.

"And get this, I'm looking over the Mall's blueprints; the underground parking lot has several exits leading to the old Auditorium, likely in preparation for the Cineplex until that project fell through…it would give access to that building without drawing too much attention." Oracle added.

"Then what are we waiting for, we must come to their rescue at once Batman!" Starfire said.

Batman's eyes widened under his mask as a wild hunch flashed through his mind.

"Abandoned auditorium where sporting events used to be held, rich men and goons disappearing and Roulette gets paroled…that's too convenient a coincidence…" Batman reasoned.

"Batman are you okay?" Wonder Woman asked.

Batman nodded.

"Oracle, might Robin's informant Oswald have any information on a new clandestine Fight ring?" Batman asked, his mouth feeling dry.

"Give me a minute to check…" Oracle said; the clicking of her keyboard being heard through the intercom.

"Oh my God Batman…" Oracle said, sounding worried.

Chapter 4

"The man formerly known as the Penguin has indeed heard of a clandestine Fight ring. A few goons bragged to Cobblepott that there was good cash to be made fighting at the New Metro Mall, the very spot from which Steven's signal is originating." Oracle said.

"Okay; before we go barreling in there, let us keep in mind that innocent people may be hurt if we're not cautious. What we need is a pair of scouts…" Batman said, turning his attention to Magnet Man and Zatanna.

Magnet Man and Zatanna looked at each other quizzically and returned their attention to Batman.

"A rich out of town couple, coming to watch the Gladiators fight like the Romans used to; and perhaps place a few bets." Batman said; finishing his sentence.

Smiling, Zatanna pulled her magic wand out of her jacket pocket and waved it in the air.

"Egnahc sehtolc!" Zatanna said.

Magically, Zatanna and Magnet Man changed clothes; Alex dressed in a three-piece suit and Zatanna in a slinky dress, her hair tucked in a French Braid.

"Whoa!" Alex exclaimed; looking at Zatanna.

"Why thank you!" Zatanna replied; with a wink.

"If you're both quite done flirting; take the next transport to Metropolis. Call Deluxe Limousine Services - Wayne Enterprises owns it- and have the Limo take you to that Mall. I'll make sure a thick wad of cash is in the glove compartment - admission to those Clandestine Fights is usually in the four figures." Batman said.

"Is he always such a killjoy Diana?" Zatanna asked.

"You have no idea!" Wonder Woman replied; giving Batman a teasing pout, making Shayera and Starfire giggle.

Batman rolled his eyes and continued.

"Gain entrance, stay in radio contact and observe; don't attempt any heroics until we know what we're up against. While Dick and Steven can hold their own, the same might not be true of the other hostages; and we mustn't jeopardize their safety." Batman concluded.

"You're right Batman; I apologize for the jab…" Zatanna said; looking sheepish.

"Limousine and cash…wow…" Alex said.

"A quick phone call and I'll have everything ready. There's another call I need to make too…make sure our pal the Boy Scout is okay with this." Batman said.

"Why would Kal-El mind?" Wonder Woman asked, with a curious frown.

"Just a matter of courtesy; Metropolis is Superman's backyard. I prefer to have permission before playing in my friend's backyard." Batman said; with a smirk.

Alex and Zatanna stood up, and he offered his arm to her in a gentlemanly fashion. They walked out arm in arm, making their way to the nearest transport pad. Batman pulled a cell phone from his utility belt and called the Limousine Company.

In the holding cells, Dick Grayson tried to assess Steven Quinn's whereabouts.

"Steven? Steven are you there?" Dick called from behind his cell's door.

"Dick? I'm over here!" Steven replied knocking on his door.

"SHUT UP BACK THERE!" One of the guards shouted, from the entrance leading to the holding cells.

"Cool man…sounds like you're just across the hall from me. Are you okay?" Dick asked; in a conversational tone of voice.

"Mild bruise on my right foot; otherwise I'm fine, you?" Steven replied.

"Minor bruise on my left shoulder; but no major injuries otherwise." Dick replied.

"Thank God, you looked so out of it when I saw you in the hallway that I thought you'd get killed!" Steven replied.

"Potent crap that chloroform… fortunately, my head was fully clear when my opponent was announced; the timing couldn't have been better." Dick replied.

"I'm glad…I'm also glad that the ring that my red haired angel gave me was still with my personal belongings…a symbol of hope that things will get better!" Steven said; hoping that Dick would take the hint.

"That's excellent news indeed my friend; I have great confidence that Justice will be done!" Dick replied; indicating that yes, he had taken thehint.

"I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP BACK THERE!" The guard at the entrance leading to the holding cells shouted again.

"NO, YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Quinn shouted back.


"Well…just…just…just shut up okay?" The guard said; in a hesitant voice.

Chapter 5

Taking their seats facing the North side of the Octagon, Zatanna and Magnet Man, under the assumed names of Alexei and Zoya Zatarowich, surveyed their surroundings.

"How quaint darling, complimentary Champagne!" Zatanna said; with a mock Russian accent.

She took a sip, looking the part.

"I am glad you like my precious!" Alex replied; also with a mock Russian accent, leaning over as if to kiss her neck.

"Armed guards at every exit and near the fighters' entranceways…" He whispered.

He sat back and also took a sip from his glass of Champagne.

"Da my darling, I like very much!" Zatanna replied, bringing her lips closer to his; and kissing him.

"And five grand a pop to get in here…Batman wasn't kidding…" Zatanna whispered; and kissed him again.

"I could learn to like those scouting missions!" Alex whispered again; with a wink, making Zatanna snicker.

A loud beeping sound was heard through the PA system, calling the audience to attention. The raven-haired woman in the red silk dress holding the microphone could not be mistaken for anyone else.

"Ladies and Gentlemen for the following contest; making his way to the Octagon, one of the major surprises of the preliminary round. He hails from Metropolis and weighs 215 pounds. He is a star pupil of Master Akio Takahashi of the Takahashi dynasty; I give you Quinn the Destroyer!" Roulette clamored; as Quinn entered the Octagon with a disgusted look on his face.

"Roulette…" Zatanna mumbled; only for Alex to hear.

"Batman was right; again…the man's sharp!" Alex mumbled back.

"You have no idea sweetie…poor Steven, look at the hateful look he's giving Roulette!" Zatanna mumbled again.

"He's got one hell of a physique; I didn't realize how ripped he was! That Snake suit doesn't do him justice!" Alex mumbled back.

"And his opponent; hailing from Japan and weighing a lean 175 pounds, he was a mercenary and is rumored to be a Ninja. Rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated; he is the Shadow Warrior, Kyodai Ken!" Roulette announced.

"Shit…the one foe Batman had so much difficulties defeating…how he managed to escape a volcano eruption is beyond me…Master Takahashi don't fail me now…" Steven thought; his eyes never leaving his opponent as he made his way in the Octagon.

"Bah, this is a waste of my time! Masa Takahashi was nothing more than a glorified buffoon! You're in over your head gaijin!" Kyodai shouted at Steven.

"I know Batman said no heroics…but I'm not getting a good vibe about this…" Alex mumbled; with Zatanna nodding in agreement.

"By succeeding in this contest, you have made many enemies young Quinn-san. Not by any wrong doing of yours; but you have bested men who grew up with the Martial Arts as a religion. Already the word is spreading that to regain honor, the gaijin must be defeated; humiliated. You must be cold and calculated, fast and lethal; like a snake." Master Takahashi had told him; so many years before.

"How prophetic…he didn't know about my immunization regimen; yet he sensed it…snakes could no longer hurt me, I would become one." Quinn thought; his eyes fixed on his opponent's, like a cobra about to strike.

Kyodai smirked and nodded.

"Your Ki is strong gaijin; you might be a worthy opponent after all!" Kyodai said.

"Ki, Qi, Chi…call it what you like tough guy; your insult of Masa Takahashi will not go unanswered." Steven replied.

Kyodai laughed dismissively; trying to infuriate his opponent further but failing.

"Gentlemen if the trash talk is over; once again Ladies and Gentlemen there are no rules. After the bell rings, the contestants fight. Last man standing wins. Ladies, Gentlemen, place your bets!"Roulette announced.

"Holy shit, is she kidding?" Alex said; worried for his friend.

"You saw the security around here…she's not. And somehow Steven's survived one round of this already." Zatanna said.

The bell rang and screaming a loud Kiai; the disgraced Ninja threw a leaping sidekick at Steven, who sidestepped and ducked. Bouncing off the Octagon's grille panel; Kyodai managed a sweeping chop with his left hand which struck Steven across the shoulder blades, resulting in a loud slapping sound, which made everyone in attendance gasp in unison and made Steven clench his teeth.

Kyodai landed on his feet and shot Steven a contemptuous grin.

"You have good reflexes gaijin; that kick should have decapitated you, and that chop was meant to break your neck!" Kyodai said.

"Then I'd say your aim was way off!" Steven said; launching an offense of his own.

First, he threw a standing front kick with his left leg which Kyodai blocked; but was meant as an opening for a roundhouse kick to the left side of Kyodai's head, which connected.

Cursing in Japanese for falling for such a simple strategy; Kyodai Kiai'ed once again, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks at Steven, which he managed to block but forced him to step back until he was touching one of the Octagon's panels.

"Move Steven, move!" Alex thought; anxiously.

"I am the snake…slithering away…" Steven thought, as he baited Kyodai into punching him in the face.

Steven ducked by dropping to the canvas on his rear end; and Kyodai's fist connected with one of the steel post that supported the Octagon's panels, making him grimace in pain. Steven got back to his feet and followed through with a stiff elbow to Kyodai's ribs and then shoved him away.

With bruised knuckles and cracked ribs; Kyodai never noticed Steven stepping behind him and catching him in his sleeper hold. Screaming and cheering the crowd began chanting "Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer!"

Kyodai slowly collapsed as his sight went blurry and finally passed out. Steven dropped him to the mat like a rag doll. The bell rang, indicating that he'd won again.

"Goddamn that was a close one…" Steven thought.

As he looked through the crowd, he smiled.

"Alex and Zatanna…the Cavalry is about to come to the rescue!" Steven thought.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this bout, Quinn the Destroyer!" Roulette clamored as the crowd broke into a standing ovation.

"Remind me never to piss him off!" Alex mumbled to Zatanna; making her giggle.

Chapter 6

Excusing herself to go powder her nose; Zoya Zatarowich went to the ladies room. Making sure she was alone; she locked the door behind her and pulled a compact from her purse. She opened it up and spoke into it in a low voice.

"Zatanna to rescue team; did you get all of that?" She said.

"Batman here Zatanna; good job blending in and spotting the armed guards…hang tight, we'll be coming in as discretely as possible. Maintain radio silence; J'onn will give you the next instructions telepathically." Batman said.

"Understood; I'll update Alex…unbelievable tech that lapel pin wireless camera you left in the cash envelope for Alex to wear!" Zatanna said.

"I believe in being prepared! I knew Quinn had a solid background in the Martial Arts on top of his tech-savvy and knowledge of poisons and toxins…but disposing of Kyodai Ken so decisively and publicly…I'm impressed!" Batman said.

"So am I!" Shayera's voice was heard saying in the background.

"And Alex and me both…what's the Rescue team's ETA?" Zatanna asked.

Batman sighed.

"That might take a bit more time; Superman himself has requested of Metropolis PD to evacuate the Mall; just in case. In order to avoid a panic it's proceeding slowly." Batman said.

"Must we still avoid heroics?" Zatanna asked.

"Wait for J'onn's go ahead; but if Dick, Steven or any other of the kidnapped men are in any danger…use your powers as discretely as possible so you don't jeopardize your secret identities." Batman offered.

A loud knock was heard at the door.

"Sounds reasonable…gotta go; the other female patrons are getting antsy to use the bathroom!" Zatanna said; shutting the compact and terminating the communication.

She flushed the toilet and turned on the taps; wetting her hands to make it look like she actually did need to go and had washed her hands. There were more knocks at the Ladies' room door.

"Da, Da, hold your horses!" Zatanna said; getting back in character.

She dropped the compact back in her purse and unlocking the door.

"Geez; glad to see you didn't flush yourself down the toilet!" A fat, drunk woman said; barging in the bathroom.

"Bah, try some Imodium you crazy Yankee!" Zatanna said; assuming Zoya Zatarowich's identity again.

"Why don't you stay in Russia where you belong; you Commie bitch?" The fat drunkard yelled; slamming the door behind her.

"Why you racistDoolf!" Zatanna said; under her breath.

The female drunkard shrieked behind the closed door as the toilet she was sitting on had momentarily turned into an indoor Geyser. Chuckling, Zatanna regained her seat next to Alex. Pretending to nibble his ear; she whispered.

"Radio silence from this point on baby-doll; J'onn will give us our instructions telepathically." She whispered.

Alex smiled, turned his head to look at her and kissed her lips.

"Gotcha…what's taking so long?" Alex asked; in a low voice.

Smiling and nodding to make it look as if Alexei had made the sweetest suggestion to her; Zatanna replied in a low voice.

"They're evacuating the Mall; as a safety precaution." Zatanna said.

"Cleaning staff to the Ladies' Room!" A voice called through the PA system.

Zatanna laughed heartily, Alex giving her a curious frown.

Back in his holding cell, Quinn once again removed the tape from his hands and feet; and looked at his bruised right foot, wincing.

"Kick with the ball of the foot, not the instep; I should know this…" Quinn mumbled, limping towards the shower.

He turned on the cold water tap and stuck his right foot in the stream.

"Mother-fucker…" Quinn cursed; clenching his teeth.

"That Japanese prick's got a thick skull…I could really use Shayera's healing touch…those massage sessions we have are so…relaxing and therapeutic…and sexy, and, arousing…massage and sex…true healers!" Quinn thought; his bruised foot feeling numb from the cold water.

He turned the tap off and walked back to his cell's bed. He lay down; inhaling deeply.

"Rest…concentrate…allow your body to heal…the pain will subside…" Quinn mentally repeated; like a mantra.

Standing near New Metro Mall's security Office, Superman was chatting with Head of Security Joan Davis.

"We're nearly done Superman, some of the shop and boutique owners are squawkin' a bit; I mean, most had to give out complimentary gift certificates to placate the shoppers, but otherwise, the evacuation has been proceeding in an orderly fashion." She said.

"Thanks Ms Davis. Superman to Rescue team; Mall evacuation is nearly complete. If you need my assistance I'm available for backup." Superman said; smiling.

"Great news Superman; please standby, we just might need your help if things get out of hand." Batman said.

"How big is the Rescue team?" Superman asked.

"We have Zatanna and Magnet Man on site as scouts; then Shayera, Starfire, Wonder Woman and yours truly." Batman said.

"That's a team of six; more than adequate for a mission like this one." Superman said.

"You may just make it lucky seven; old friend. Stay posted; Batman out." Batman said.

"In the immortal words of Sherlock Holmes, the game's afoot." Superman said; looking at Head of Security Davis.

Chapter 7

With her wings retracted and dressed as a civilian, Shayera, accompanied by Starfire, walked towards the old Auditorium's entrance. They were dressed in short skirts and tight T-shirts; almost looking like twin sisters, with their hair in pig-tails.

"Can I help you young ladies?" The guard at the entrance said.

"Maybe you can handsome…my sister and me are looking for the fights!" Shayera said.

"But we're kind of low on funds…can we still get in?" Starfire said; looking coy.

"I…I'm really not supposed to…my boss'll have my ass in a sling if I let you in without paying…it's five grand a pop!" The guard said; feeling a bit hot under the collar.

"Aw come on…we'll make it worth your while!" Starfire said; seductively.

"Ever fantasized about being the meat in a redhead sandwich?" Shayera asked; giving the guard a look that made him feel weak in the knees.

Staring gape-mouthed; the guard followed Shayera and Starfire obediently away from his post, with a budding boner that felt uncomfortable in the crotch of his pants. Once they were out of the closed-circuit camera's scope, he was swiftly knocked out by a Tamaranian power beam; courtesy of Starfire.

Shayera snickered.

"Sorry Charlie, not today! That was quick and quiet Star; I'm impressed!" Shayera said.

"Why thank you friend…or should I say sister Shayera!" Starfire said; smiling.

"Redheads to Big Brother, the main entrance is wide open." Shayera said; speaking in her communicator.

"Boy Scout to Big Brother; I've fused all of the emergency exit's doors to their frames so the only way out is through the front." Superman said.

"Well done everyone. Big Brother to Manhunter; please standby to give Zatanna and Magnet Man the word on my signal. Once Metropolis PD is in position, you may join us at the front entrance Boy Scout; we'll be going in at that point." Batman said.

"Copy that." Superman and Martian Manhunter replied in unison.

A few minutes earlier; Dick Grayson was being introduced to his next opponent.

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is your following contest; the first contestant is currently in the Octagon. He is another major surprise from the first round; formerly from Gotham City but currently residing in San Francisco, weighing 200 pounds; Dirty Dick Grayson!" Roulette announced.

"Dick's one of Batman's pupils; I pity his next opponent!" Zatanna whispered in Alex's ear.

Alex nodded; also impressed with his Justice League sponsor's physique.

"And now making his way to the Octagon; from parts unknown, though he has lived in the Himalayas and the UAE; Rà's al Ghul's former man-servant and bodyguard, weighing a solid 275 pounds, UBU!" Roulette said.

Looking furious, Ubu stomped his way into the Octagon. Being Rà's former bodyguard, he shared some of his knowledge. He immediately recognized his opponent.

"INFIDEL! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I WILL EXPOSE YOU!" Ubu screamed, pointing an accusatory finger at Dick.

"That might be a problem…" Alex said.

"Indeed; Ecnelis!" Zatanna muttered under her breath.

Suddenly, Ubu's vocal cords became paralyzed; silencing him. Panicked, Ubu tried his best to talk and shout, holding his throat, wondering why his words could no longer be heard.

"Nice save baby!" Alex whispered to Zatanna; giving her hand an affectionate squeeze.

"Sometimes I surprise myself!" Zatanna replied; snickering.

"All right then…moving right along Ladies and Gentlemen, once again there are no rules. After the bell rings, the contestants fight. Last man standing wins. Ladies, Gentlemen, place your bets!"Roulette announced.

Too angry to be thinking straight; Ubu charged Dick who used his momentum to take him down with a textbook drop-toehold. Ubu hit the canvas hard; getting the wind knocked out of him. Dick followed through with an ankle lock, which had Ubu writhing in pain; arms flailing.

"Last man standing…no one said he had to be unconscious…" Dick said; exerting extra pressure on Ubu's ankle, which finally snapped with a dry sound.

Dick stood up and looked at Roulette.

"Last man standing right? I'm standing, he's not!" Dick shouted.

Looking angry, Roulette stood up; watching Dick Grayson standing victorious while Ubu was lying on the canvas, holding his injured ankle.

"Ladies and Gentlemen…" Roulette started.

"Alex, now…magnetize the guards' shotguns near you; Zatanna, try to neutralize the weapons of those guards watching the hostages." Martian Manhunter said, telepathically.

Zatanna and Alex nodded.

"Egnahc!" Zatanna said; changing back into her Magician's suit and Alex back into his Magnet Man uniform.

They stood up.

"…your winner…" Roulette continued; oblivious to what was happening behind her.

Magnet Man extended his arms; magnetically snatching every shotgun in close proximity form the guards' hands and making them levitate in midair, while the four guards watching the holding cells saw their guns transform into doves as Zatanna said "Mrasid!"

"What the…" Roulette said; puzzled, as a hovering shotgun nearly hit her in the head.

"Oops!" Magnet Man said; grinning.

"You bad boy!" Zatanna said; smiling.

"Who…who let those two in?" Roulette screamed.

Magnet Man aimed a focused bolt at the Octagon's door, opening it; allowing Dick to exit.

"Snake, your gadgets work wonderfully!" Magnet Man mumbled.

As Magnet Man locked the magnetized shotguns in the Octagon; Roulette noticed who else had just stepped into the Auditorium.

"Enohporcim!" Zatanna said; making the mic disappear from Roulette's hands and reappear in Batman's hands.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please remain seated. The exits are blocked and the Auditorium is surrounded by Metropolis PD. To avoid injury, I repeat, please remain seated as we apprehend the crooks." Batman said; dropping the mic to the floor.

"I'll make sure no one tries to sneak out." Superman said; smirking, arms crossed, blocking the entrance.

"Starfire and I will free the prisoners." Shayera said, expanding her wings back to full size.

"I'll handle Roulette…I have a score to settle with her!" Wonder Woman said.

"That leaves me with the guards…how many, 10? Great…" Batman mumbled, indulging in a tight-lipped smirk.

Starfire and Shayera took flight, making their way towards the back of the Auditorium. Starfire recognized Dick making his way to the holding cells. They landed next to him.

"Star, Shayera, am I ever glad to see you!" Dick said; wanting to hug and kiss Starfire but holding back to avoid compromising his secret identity.

"The prisoners, where are they?" Shayera asked.

"This way…Steven's fine." Dick said in a low voice so only Shayera and Starfire would hear.

Chapter 8

"We'll free the prisoners; go help Batman!" Starfire said.

"Will do…the pigtails and short skirt look suits you Star…I like it!" Dick said.

"Then I might keep it for later!" Starfire replied; with a wink.

"Let's go, sister!" Shayera said; snickering.

Laughing; Shayera and Starfire made their way towards the holding cells, dismissively shoving two guards out of their way.

Dick looked towards the entrance and saw Wonder Woman chasing Roulette through the rows of seats and Batman holing his own against 4 guards while Superman shoved 2 other guards back in as they were trying to escape. Wonder Woman took flight, annoyed by some patrons trying to run interference.

"Do you think we should help?" Magnet Man asked Zatanna.

"Nah…Batman and Wonder Woman are having too much fun! Hey YOU; BACK IN YOUR SEAT!" Zatanna said; smiling, first to Magnet Man and then to a patron trying to sneak out.

The patron nervously regained his seat.

Dick jumped into the action as a guard was approaching Batman with a crowbar. Dick slapped a half-nelson on that guard making him drop the crowbar and then elbowed him in the ribs.

"Mr Grayson, so good of you to join in!" Batman said; knocking one guard out with a right cross to the jaw.

"Well, I'm fully warmed-up and dressed for combat…hey, aren't you the one who held a shotgun in my back?" Dick said; addressing one of Batman's opponents.

Too punch drunk to care, that guard stopped trying to fight Batman and came after Dick.

"I don't need no shotgun to whoop your ass; shorty!" The guard said.

A swift front kick to the face knocked him out; leaving him with a bloody nose and upper lip.

"Shouldn't have called him shorty!" Superman said, smirking; tossing another guard trying to escape back inside.

"Great Hera, make this easy on yourself Roulette; stop running and I won't get violent with you!" Wonder Woman said; catching up with Roulette.

"Like Hell, I've heard that one before! Got me beat to a pulp in Prison and then gang-raped by guards!" Roulette said; panting.

"Then I'll personally see to it that they face charges; not every Prison official is corrupt." Wonder Woman said; landing in front of Roulette, blocking her way.

Roulette stopped in her tracks; panting heavily.

"You would too…after the last stunt I pulled, I feel lucky it was Huntress I faced…if it had been you or any other Leaguer I'd be eating through a straw right now…permanently." Roulette said; trying to catch her breath.

Wonder Woman tied her in her Magic Golden Lasso and led her back to the entrance.

"I resent you and despise what you do; profiting from other people's suffering. But it didn't make what happened to you in Prison right." Wonder Woman said.

"I did get some measure of retribution…men are so predictable…I became my Parole Officer's sex slave and threatened to have some of my operatives tell everything to his wife…I regained my freedom pretty easily." Roulette said; under the effects of the Lasso.

Wonder Woman rolled her eyes and sighed.

Still lying in bed, Quinn was meditating when the noise from the corridor got his attention.

"Out this way gentlemen; the police will escort you to safety!" A familiar voice said.

Quinn sat up.

"That sounded like Starfire's voice; which means the cavalry just got here…" Quinn thought.

His door swung open and Shayera stepped in. Her hair was in pigtails and she wore a short skirt and a skintight T-shirt; a far cry from her usual Hawkgirl suit. He noticed that the collar of her T-shirt hung loose around her neck as it had torn in the back when she had deployed her wings.

"Mr. Quinn I presume?" Shayera asked; smiling.

"Shay, you're a sight for sore eyes! A shapely, sexy sight…" Quinn said; getting up.

She walked closer to him and they hugged.

"My champion! Alex was wearing a wireless camera; we saw you beat the crap out of Kyodai Ken, I'm so proud!" Shayera said; kissing him.

"Are you sure it's safe to kiss me? There might be hidden cameras…" Quinn said.

"Already been dealt with; the security system was remotely knocked out by Batman before we came in. So as long as we're not kissing in public, your secret identity and our relationship is safe…Steven, your foot!" Shayera said; noticing his bruised right foot.

"Just a bad bruise from my neglecting proper technique when I kicked my opponents in the head…a bit of ice with a bit of your healing touch and I'll be right as rain!" Quinn said; smiling.

Shayera smiled mischievously and closed the cell's door by leaning forward against it to keep it closed; sticking out her butt. She wiggled it teasingly, knowing the effect it had on Steven.

"Well then, how about a sample of healing touch before we join the others? Dick said that the pigtails and short skirts looked sexy…" Shayera said.

"And he's right; you're hotter than hell, but have sex here and now? You're crazy; Starfire and the others could walk in looking for us!" Quinn said.

"Then that should keep things exciting! Don't waste time Steven; the longer you hesitate the higher the risk we'll get caught!" Shayera said; smiling.

"Your wish is my command…" Quinn said; dropping his shorts and jock strap to the floor, releasing a hard on that was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

He lifted Shayera's skirt and pulled her panties down. He slid his cock in her pussy; surprised that it was already this wet. He caressed her wings with a smooth, open handed stroke that made Shayera hum with appreciation.

"Nice…I never had my wings caressed before…feels nice…combined with the feel of your cock in me…" Shayera moaned; as Quinn began thrusting his cock in her tight pussy harder and faster, his hands caressing her wings, back, waist and buttocks.

"Oh Steven…OH STEVEN…OH STEVEEEEN!" Shayera said, clenching her teeth; trying not to scream as the spontaneity of the quickie was exciting her to the brink of orgasm.

"Oh God Shay I'm so close…" Quinn said, panting.

"Do it Steven; CUM IN ME, I'm about to cum too…" Shayera moaned.

"So soon? God I'm good…" Quinn grunted; making Shayera laugh.

"It's the risk of being caught…so help me it…it…turns me ON! I'M CUMMIIIING!" Shayera moaned; in a long sustained note.

"UNGH! Cummin' too…" Quinn said; exploding in Shayera's hot, wet pussy.

Panting; Quinn pulled out of her and she turned around and hugged him tight.

"The bruise might not be gone but I sure feel great right now!" Quinn said; making Shayera laugh.

"Let's get you dressed and join the others before they get suspicious!" Shayera said.

Chapter 9

Walking with a slight limp and dressed in the suit he wore before being kidnapped, Quinn followed Shayera out of his holding cell. They came across Starfire who was carrying Dick Grayson's suit and personal effects in a bag.

"So there you both are; what took you so long, sister?" Starfire asked.

"Sister? Oh my God, you do look alike in that getup!" Quinn said; gape-mouthed.

"Steven's right foot is badly bruised; it made it awkward for him to get dressed." Shayera said; too embarrassed to admit they had just had a quickie.

"Poor friend Steven! The prisoners have been safely released, Roulette has surrendered quietly to Wonder Woman, but Batman and Dick are still enjoying themselves beating up the guards." Starfire said; as they walked back to the Octagon area.

"What about the patrons? They're equally guilty for betting on the fights! Ditto with the goons we've been facing!" Quinn said.

Starfire nodded.

"Superman has requested a few Wagons of Patrick to come to the Mall and pick up Roulette, her guards, her goons and the patrons." Starfire said.

"Wagons of Pat…oh, paddy wagons! I don't envy Metropolis PD and the headache they'll have booking everybody." Quinn said.

"What we need to do now Mr Quinn is to get you examined by a Doctor and have that right foot of yours treated." Shayera said; avoiding calling him "Steven" in front of the patrons.

"No arguments here…though I'd love to put my hands on the guard who threatened to tear me a new asshole." Quinn said.

"What?" Shayera and Starfire replied in unison.

"My sister, I propose we escort Mr Quinn to the lobby where Batman and Mr Grayson are amusing themselves with the guards." Starfire said.

"Star, you must have read my mind!" Shayera said.

From the crowd, two voices began chanting "Destroyer! Destroyer! Destroyer!"

Quinn, Shayera and Starfire looked up and saw Zatanna and Magnet Man standing, clapping and chanting.

Smiling, Quinn saluted them and took a bow. He then proceeded to the lobby; followed by Shayera and Starfire. In the lobby, four guards were knocked out; two were getting their hides tanned by Batman and Dick while the other four kept trying to sneak past Superman who kept tossing them back in the lobby.

Getting back to his feet to try and sneak out again, the guard who had threatened to shoot Quinn saw him standing at the entrance to the Octagon level; flanked by Shayera and Starfire.

"I didn't mean it man I swear! I was just following orders; I wouldn't have pulled the trigger, I…" the guard pleaded; stepping closer to Quinn.

"Don't worry; I won't raise a finger on you…" Quinn said; and then knocking out the guard with a stiff head butt.

Shayera looked at him with a quizzical glance.

"What, my head isn't a finger!" Quinn said; making Shayera and Starfire chuckle.

Wonder Woman joined them, with Roulette in tow in her golden lasso.

"Are you boys quite through? We need to wrap-up here; Mr Grayson and Mr Quinn may need medical attention and the police are waiting outside!" Wonder Woman said; smirking.

"Okay Princess…I think they got their due." Batman said; with a nod.

"Gentlemen; I believe the parcels are ready for pickup!" Superman said to the Chief of Police who was waiting outside.

Later, at the Watchtower's Infirmary, Steven Quinn and Dick Grayson were being examined by a rookie Doctor named Jennifer Young; with Shayera and Starfire observing.

"Well, you can both be glad you keep in good physical condition; other than a few bruises you're both fine. No cracked ribs or broken bones. Ice and rest and you'll be right as rain." Dr. Young said.

"Is it safe to come in? I heard there's a Destroyer in the Watchtower!" Magnet Man said; from the Infirmary's entrance.

"Yeah Alex, come on in!" Quinn said; chuckling.

"Zatanna's on duty and I'm on the standby list…but before I'm called to duty I just wanted to say…wow. Watching the two of you fight in the Octagon…I'm humbled. I would love to spar with either one of you…that is if Shayera and Cory don't mind." Magnet Man said.

"I don't mind!" Starfire said; smiling.

"Me neither; in fact it would be cool if the six of us could book a training session!" Shayera said.

"Six?" Starfire asked; with a curious frown.

"Yes, MM and Zatanna are a couple; Steven and I are a couple…" Shayera said.

"And my Richard and I are a couple as well! That would be glorious!" Starfire said; smiling.

"Do you feel like you've just been drafted?" Dick asked; his eyebrows arched.

"We can only hope the lovely ladies take it easy on us!" Steven replied; smirking.

Magnet Man chuckled and the intercom chimed.

"Magnet Man, please report to the Monitoring Womb." The voice of Mr Terrific said.

Magnet Man sighed.

"All right you guys; I'll catch you later, duty calls!" Magnet Man said.

"See ya 'round Alex!" Quinn said.

"Until then…I think our men could use our special healing touch; do you agree Cory?" Shayera said; winking.

"That is a grand idea, sister Shayera!" Starfire replied; smiling.

Steven and Dick looked at each other with excited looks while Dr. Young looked on nonplussed; missing the joke.

Chapter 10

In Steven Quinn's apartment, incense and candles were lit in the Master bedroom as a naked Shayera Hol massaged her also naked man.

"My champion…I've been attracted to you from the day you accidentally gave me the Snake bite…it took me very little time to fall in love with you…" Shayera said; smoothing massage oil all over the back of Quinn's body.

"The feeling was mutual…it still is, baby girl!" Quinn said; enjoying Shayera's warm, smooth hands.

Smiling, Shayera bent over and kissed the nape of his neck. Using her hands, forearms, feet and knees, Shayera proceeded with an intense deep-tissue massage that had Quinn grunting with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Man…that's intense!" Quinn said.

"It will straighten your spine, flush the lactic acid from your muscles and oxygenate them by bringing in fresh blood. Other than an extra vertebra that supports our wings' skeletal structure, human and Thanagarian anatomies are nearly identical." Shayera said; smiling, feeling aroused by massaging Steven's naked body.

"Hmmm nice…agreed there are a few more differences…your endocrine system for instance secretes a hormone that prevents Thanagarian women from becoming pregnant if they don't wish to become pregnant." Quinn said.

"A fact I'm sure you fully appreciate!" Shayera said; reaching between Quinn's muscular thighs and gently tickling his balls, making him moan.

"True…also, Thanagarian muscle fibers are much denser than the average human's; explaining how such a petite, attractive woman such as yourself has the strength to fly…and to kick the crap out of the strongest human male." Quinn said; his voice muffled by the pillows.

Snickering, Shayera straddled his hips and applied pressure on his shoulder blades. The sensation of Shayera's wet pussy in the small of his back did not go amiss.

"Getting excited Ms Hol?" Quinn asked; smirking.

"You know it Casanova; you?" Shayera asked; smiling.

"Put it to you this way, lying on my stomach is beginning to feel uncomfortable!" Quinn said.

Laughing, Shayera slid off Quinn and kneeled next to him.

"Okay Steven, turn over…yes, yes…oh my; you are very excited!" Shayera said; admiring Quinn's boner as he rolled onto his back.

She teased his cock with the tip of her fingernails and stopped with a wicked grin.

"Just a sec…" She said, getting out of bed.

She rummaged through her clothes on the floor and pulled out a small jar from a bag she had retrieved from her quarters before they transported to Quinn's apartment.

"Remember this? Kum'phar nut ointment; I promise this will help your foot heal faster!" Shayera said; opening the jar.

"Also a great lubricant for anal sex…" Quinn said; giggling.

"Are you trying to tell me something Mr Quinn?" Shayera said; grinning as she rubbed the ointment on Quinn's bruised foot.

"You mean, other than 'you're making me incredibly horny'?" Quinn said; making Shayera giggle.

She closed the jar and placed it on the night table. Sensually, she brushed her fingers from Quinn's foot, up his shin, then his thigh and stopped at his balls. She gently tickled them again; making Quinn moan in pleasure. Shayera retracted her wings and laid her upper body across Quinn's legs, pressing her breasts on his muscular thighs and bringing her face near his boner.

"You have that hungry look on your face…" Quinn said; breathing heavily.

"That's because I am!" Shayera said; and then engulfed his cock in her mouth, making him gasp.

Quinn ran his fingers through her hair as she passionately sucked his cock.

"Hmmm Shay…sensation overload…your firm titties against my legs…your warm wet mouth on my cock…gasp… and now your smooth left hand holding my balls…unnnh GOD! That's too good!" Quinn moaned loudly.

All of a sudden, Shayera stopped; casting Steven a passionate, lustful look.

"I want you in me!" She said in a breathy, sensual voice.

Before Quinn could move; Shayera was already repositioning herself on top of him; grabbing his cock with her right hand and directing it towards her vulva. She sat down; sliding his hard shaft all the way in.

"UUUUUUH YEAAAHHH…" Shayera moaned loudly; pausing a few moments to feel the throb of Quinn's cock in her.

She then lay on top of him, resting her head on his muscular chest and deployed her wings.

"Hmm I like this…your body's so warm and smooth…and so firm and muscular…" Quinn said; enjoying the sensation of Shayera's naked body against his.

She began grinding her pubis against his; stimulating her clit.

"Oooh hard!" Quinn said; caressing Shayera's wings.

"Uncomfortable?" Shayera asked.

"No it's okay, keep going." Quinn said.

"Pump your cock in me while I grind into you…" Shayera asked.

Quinn complied, still caressing Shayera's wings.

"Yeaahhh…so good…my pussy…my clit…my wings…whatever you do Steven don't stop!" Shayera said; moaning and gasping.

Quinn began pumping at double speed; wanting Shayera to cum.

"OH STEVEN! OH YES STEVEN LIKE THAT! IT'S SO GOOD! SO GOOD! CUH-CUH-CUMMMIIIIIIIING!" Shayera screamed; reaching a thunderous orgasm.

Trembling and wings quivering, Shayera raised her head; her hair messy and covering her eyes.

"Wow…" Shayera whispered; panting.

"Did I pleasure my baby?" Quinn asked; brushing her hair away from her eyes with his fingertips.

"And then some…what an orgasm! Your turn now!" Shayera said; smiling.

Shayera slid off Steven's cock and rolled next to him in bed. He tried to sit up but she pushed him back down with a mischievous grin. He gave her a curious frown but then stared at her gape-mouthed as she resumed sucking his cock; firmly stroking his shaft with her right hand.

"Cum in my mouth!" She said; temporarily interrupting her lip service to tell him and then resuming her blowjob.

Bobbing her head on Quinn's stiff shaft; Shayera cupped his balls with her left hand, making him grunt loudly. She then focused on the head of his cock; tasting its pre cum, licking it and sucking it, jerking him off with her right hand and tickling his balls with her left.

"Oh Shay...oh Shay slow down!" Quinn begged; resulting in Shayera doubling her speed with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.

"Oh GOD I'M GONNA CUM!" Quinn shouted; exploding in Shayera's mouth, who swallowed his love juice with gusto.

She lay next to him in bed, smiling.

"Nothing's too good for my champion!" She said; kissing his chest.

Catching his breath, Quinn rolled on his side to face her and put his arms around her. Shayera retracted her wings and snuggled up against him.

Chapter 11

In Barbara Gordon's Gotham City apartment, Dick Grayson, Cory Anders and Barbara Gordon were chatting while sipping tea.

"You can credit Roulette with doing her homework; Metropolis PD seized multiple files - records on each man they kidnapped; their background and such. Every man kidnapped had a sizable Trust Fund and training in amateur Wrestling, Boxing, the Martial Arts…she knew exactly who to kidnap for an entertaining tournament." Barbara said.

"The way Dick handled himself in the Octagon…maybe it's my Tamaranian warrior heritage; but it really…excited me. I've always known that Richard was a great warrior both as Robin and as Nightwing…but this was the first time I saw him fight as Dick Grayson…he fought cleanly, with honor. Very few Tamaranian women have been as fortunate as I. I feel we must celebrate; don't you agree Barbara?" Cory said; with a mischievous smirk.

"Okay, I could do with some celebrating; what do you guys have in mind?" Barbara said.

"I feel he deserves the warrior's reward…remember when we had our threesome a few months ago?" Cory said; smiling at Barbara.

Barbara chuckled uncomfortably.

"Yes, it was great…I've never felt so good before; both physically and emotionally." Barbara said; smiling.

"I have to admit it felt amazing…it was like everything in the Universe was right and in perfect harmony." Dick said; blushing a little.

Cory gave Dick's hand an affectionate squeeze and turned her eyes to Barbara.

"I felt so safe sleeping with the two of you after we made love…as crazy as it may sound; it felt natural like it's the way it was meant to be…I'm sounding like a naïve Schoolgirl…" Barbara said; shaking her head.

"Not at all, I too felt the same way. I love my Richard and will do anything for him. And after making love to you, I confess I feel some affection towards you as well…so why question it if we all feel the same way?" Cory said; giving Barbara a warm smile.

Barbara smiled and nodded; her eyes looking down.

"Yes; of course I'd like to! And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wouldn't mind it if we had our threesomes more often!" Barbara said; looking sheepish.

Smiling, Barbara put her tea cup down on the table and wheeled herself back so she could lead them to her bedroom.

"Wait my redheaded sister; let me help you!" Cory said; putting her arms around Barbara and picking her up from her wheelchair.

Smiling, Barbara looked up at Cory and closing her eyes, tenderly kissed her.

"Redheaded sister…I like that!" Barbara said; in a low voice.

"Wow…I'm getting a bit hot under the collar over here!" Dick said; aroused by the sight of Cory carrying Barbara in her arms and kissing.

"Then you'd better hurry up and join us in the bedroom…we might get started without you!" Barbara said; teasing.

Dick clumsily walked around the table, stumbling on Cory's chair. Giggling, Cory carried Barbara to her bedroom as Dick tried to keep up with them. When he got into Barbara's bedroom, Cory had already laid her down in bed and was sensually undressing her.

"Warrior's reward indeed…I'm really learning to love Tamaranian customs!" Dick thought; feeling his pulse increase and his pants feeling a bit too tight.

"Are you just going to stand there staring with a bulge in your pants? Get undressed and join us already!" Barbara said; stripped down to her bra and panties and unbuttoning Cory's blouse.

"Warrior obeys…" Dick said, in a funny voice; pulling his T-shirt off.

Cory and Barbara giggled, now both stripped down to their bras and panties.

"Hurry up you lazy Grebnack; we're almost naked!" Cory said; snickering as Dick struggled with a stubborn knot in his shoelaces.

Dick pulled his shoe off with a frustrated grunt; sending it flying over his shoulder. The second shoe proved to be a lesser opponent and came off without a struggle. In one fluid motion, pants and briefs came off; quickly followed by his socks. Dick looked on with fascination as Cory was making sweet love to Barbara.

Cory's tongue passionately licked Barbara's nipples while she wiggled her right hand's index and middle fingers in Barbara's pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb.

"Nnnnhhh…Cory that feels so good…hard to believe you come from a warrior race; your touch is so gentle…you're such a great lover!" Barbara moaned; making Cory chuckle.

"Tamaranian women have a history of entertaining each other when they need a gentler touch…agreed I get aroused when Dick shows his warrior prowess; but with a woman I prefer a softer, gentler touch!" Cory said; smiling sweetly and increasing her finger pressure on Barbara's G-Spot.

"OH GOD CORYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Barbara screamed as an orgasm was overtaking her; courtesy of Cory's expert touch.

Gasping and her face flush; Barbara grabbed Cory's face between her hands and brought her closer to hers; and kissed her passionately.

"Sit on my face girl; I want to make you cum just like you did for me!" Barbara said; breathless.

Smiling; Cory complied and noticed that Dick was just standing in front of the bed, staring with a lustful look on his face.

"Don't just stand there my love…gasp..._this is your… _moan… warrior's reward…_yelp…_come to buh…bed; make the…_groan…_love to us!" Cory said in an ecstasied voice; as Barbara's tongue teased and caressed her labia, vulva, clit and anus.

Dick drew in a sharp breath and climbed in bed. Facing Cory who was sitting on Barbara's face; Dick spread Barbara's legs open and spat in his hand to lubricate his cock. Gently and slowly, he slid his cock in Barbara's pussy and bought his mouth to Cory's right breast.

Cory moaned as Barbara licked her pussy and Dick sucked on her nipple; Barbara moaned as Dick's cock pumped into her pussy increasingly hard and fast; and Dick moaned from the sensation of Barbara's hot wet and tight pussy.

"Hmm Dick keep going I'm gonna cum again!" Barbara moaned from between Cory's inner thighs.

"Ask and ye shall receive!" Dick said in a grunting voice; increasing his cadence.

"That's it my love; pleasure her good! OH! OH YES BARBARA, STICK YOUR TONGUE IN ME!" Cory said; first to Dick and then to Barbara; feeling the fire of a budding orgasm in her lower belly.

"Keep it together Grayson…make Barb cum and then satisfy Cory…I wonder if they'll go for the same finish as last time!" Dick wondered; the memory of Cory and Barb snuggled together, check to cheek and with their mouths wide open and tongues sticking out to accept his orgasm.

Barbara's right hand slid to her crotch and she began masturbating furiously as Dick fucked her and as she ate out Cory. She was very aroused; approaching sensory overload.

"HMM OH GOOOD I'M CUMMING AGAIIIN!" Barbara screamed as a second orgasm shook her body.

She placed her arms around Cory's hips and buried her face in her crotch; literally French-kissing her pussy, darting her tongue in and out, tasting Cory's love juice beginning to ooze.

"Oh…OH…OOOOHHHH…so pleasurable…so glorious…Barb's tongue in my _kitty…_Dick's mouth on my nipples…my insides feel on fire...so GOOOOD!" Cory screamed as she reached her first orgasm.

Gasping, Cory stood up and moved to Barbra's left side and laid down next to her; smiling at Dick who still pumped his cock slowly in Barbara's pussy.

"I'm getting a bit sore big guy…I came twice; pay Cory some attention, she's ready for some cock action!" Barbara said; trying to catch her breath.

"Yes my love; I need my warrior's Gorka in me!" Cory said; with a teasing smile.

Smiling, Dick pulled out of Barbara and moved over to Cory who spread her legs open for him. He inserted his cock, still wet with Barbara's love juices, into Cory's hot, dripping pussy. Barbara rolled on her left side and fondled Cory's firm breasts, kissing and licking her right nipple; making Cory coo with pleasure.

"Uuuuhhh…ooooohhh…Hmmmm…Oh yes Richard, FASTER…HARDER! You too Barb, squeeze my titties, I LOVE IT!" Cory screamed in ecstasy; reaching a sensory overload of her own.

"Want to…want to share Richard's love juice?" Cory asked Barbara, gasping.

"OH YES I DO!" Barbara shouted; excited.

Barbara snuggled up to Cory, cheek to cheek like they had done the last time. They opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues, knowing it triggered Dick's orgasm like a shotgun.

"Not…not yet…I want Cory to cum first…" Dick moaned, thrusting his cock into Cory's pussy at double speed.

With a mischievous grin, Barbara reached for Cory's pussy and gently rubbed her clit for good measure.

"OH YES I'M CUMMIIIIING!" Cory screamed; her eyes taking an intense green glow that faded as the orgasm overtook her body.

Gasping, Cory resumed the cheek to cheek stance with Barbara; the two of them opening their mouths and sticking out their tongues again.

"OH YEAH THAT DID IT; I'M CUMMING!" Dick shouted; pulling out of Cory and standing up in bed.

He knelt next to their faces and shot his load in their mouths; which they greedily swallowed. Cory then took Dick's cock in her mouth, making sure she got the last drop of his essence; and then shared her findings with Barbara, French-kissing her. Spent, Dick collapsed in bed next to Cory; face first.

"Cory, would you mind if I lay between you and Dick? I just felt so safe and secure when we did it last time…" Barbara asked.

"Of course I don't mind! Please lay on the other side my Richard; let's make my redheaded sister feel loved and safe." Cory said; smiling.

Smiling, Dick complied.

Chapter 12

While the Redheaded Sisterhood of Shayera, Cory and Barbara were busy rewarding their respective Warrior Champions, two Raven-haired beauties were having some fun of their own with their respective lovers.

In Wayne Manor; a giddy Diana was leading a blind-folded Bruce by the hand towards the stairs leading to the Master's Bedroom.

"Come on Diana, this is silly…" Bruce said; curious but uncomfortable from not being in control.

"Do you trust me Bruce?" Diana asked with a teasing voice.

"With my life Diana; you know I do. But if Alfred catches us playing blind man's buff I won't hear the end of it!" Bruce mumbled as they climbed the stairs; making Diana chuckle.

"Don't be such a stick in the mud; I thought Bruce Wayne was the good natured part of your split personality!" Diana said, smiling; as they reached the top of the staircase.

Bruce grinned. Diana had been in a romantic mood since she had made him her initiate and was becoming increasingly sexually spontaneous when they were off-duty.

"No Diana you're my good-natured part…it's like the weight of the world is lifted from my shoulders when you're with me…" Bruce said; interrupted by a firm kiss on his lips.

"I love it when you talk that way! Now sit down, and don't remove your blindfold until I tell you to." Diana said; guiding Bruce to the edge of the bed.

He sat down and waited, wondering what she had in mind.

"I can hear the sound of clothes rustling…she's undressing, that redefines 'blind man's buff'. I've seen her naked before; what is she up to? Agreed, I must admit the anticipation is half the fun…I am quite aroused!" Bruce reasoned.

"Okay Bruce, now; you can remove your blindfold!" Diana said; her voice taking a low, smooth, sensual tone that gave him goose bumps.

Diana was striking a pose, dressed only in a black leather cincher that made her DD breasts look one cup size larger and high-heeled leather boots that went up to just above her knees. In her right hand, she held a multi-strand leather whip. Bruce smiled and applauded.

"Leather dominatrix, I love it; it makes make you look smokin' hot…then again you're always smokin' hot…" Bruce said.

Diana gently put the whip to Bruce's chin, giving him a severe stare.

"The slave only speaks when spoken to! I shall forgive you this insolence this once, for the compliment the slave gave his Mistress pleased her. Say 'thank you Mistress' and wipe that smirk off your face." Diana said; role-playing.

"Thank you Mistress." Bruce said; using every bit of self-control not to giggle.

"Good slave. And now…I want you out of those clothes and on your hands and knees before me. You may say 'yes Mistress'." Diana said.

"Yes Mistress." Bruce said, smiling subtly; getting into the game.

He stood up and began stripping, noticing the satisfied smile on Diana's face.

"She's enjoying this isn't she? Fortunately I know Diana's no real dominatrix and that she'd never intentionally hurt me." Bruce thought; now naked and on his hands and knees.

"Good slave; your Mistress is pleased with your obedience. As a reward, you have permission to eat your Mistress' pussy. You may say 'thank you Mistress'". Diana said.

"Thank you Mistress…" Bruce said, crawling to Diana and burying his face in her pussy.

He licked, sucked and gently bit her labia and clit. He darted his tongue in her pussy a few times and returned his focus to her clit; making his Mistress coo with delight. She gently moved his head back and turned around.

"The bum hole now…slave, eat your Mistress' pussy and lick her bum hole…" Diana said, bending over and spreading her legs to expose both her anus and pussy; leaning on the side of the bed.

"Now this is new…I didn't realize Diana was curious about anal pleasure…this is becoming interesting!" Bruce thought, as his tongue got to work; first licking up and down from Diana's wet slit to her anus, then focusing on her pussy, and then on the anus; back and forth.

"Mmmmh yessss…deliciously perverse and sensual…your Mistress enjoys this slave; do not stop!" Diana moaned; rubbing the cool handle of her whip on her clit and caressing her nipples with her free hand as Bruce's tongue worked its magic.

"Fingers in my pussy; don't stop licking!" Diana commanded, her voice hoarse; feeling an orgasm about to explode, overtaking her will and her body.

Bruce inserted his left hand's index and middle fingers in Diana's pussy, that was dripping wet at this point; making her moan a loud "HMMM YEAHHH". As he finger-fucked her, he kept circling her anus with his tongue making it wet as well.

"Don't STOP slave…more tongue! Finger your Mistress harder! FASTER! AAAAAAAHHH!" Diana commanded as an orgasm electrified her to the core.

Her knees buckled and ended up on all fours at the side of the bed, her back turned to Bruce; shaking in the aftermath of her orgasm.

"She didn't invoke Gaia or Eros…either the orgasm wasn't up the snuff…or based on her physical reaction I'd say it was too intense, to the point where she can't think." Bruce reasoned; still role-playing, awaiting permission from his mistress to make his next move.

Catching her breath and regaining her composure, Diana slowly stood up.

"Good…good work salve…your Mistress is happy… now lie on your back in bed; keep still." Diana commanded; still panting.

Bruce complied obediently, sporting a massive boner.

"What's this slave? You've grown an appendage…" Diana said; teasingly brushing the leather strands of her whip on Bruce's lower abdomen, cock and balls.

Bruce shivered, trying hard not to beg her to give him a hand job or a blowjob.

"Who am I kidding? I'm enjoying this as much as she is!" Bruce thought; as he admired Diana teasing him, the lustful look on her face, her Raven hair partly covering her face as she was looking down at his crotch.

"It's quivering, how interesting my slave…as if it wanted to be touched…" Diana said; gently cradling his balls in her left hand.

The feel of Diana's warm, smooth hand on his scrotum made Bruce's skin break out in goose bumps. In spite of his famed self-control; Bruce emitted a deep appreciative moan.

"Oh, the slave enjoys the feel of his Mistress' hand? Well why not; after all you did pleasure your Mistress!" Diana said; tossing her whip to the floor and wrapping her hand around Bruce's cock.

Her massive breasts hung down as she slowly jerked him off, her nipples brushing against his thigh. Bruce shivered, breathing deep and hard.

"What is the matter? Is there something else my slave wishes? You may request!" Diana asked.

"Y-your mouth my Mistress…p-please put my unworthy cock in your mouth…" Bruce said; gasping.

"Impudent slave; dares making such a vile request of his Mistress? Very well then, your request intrigues me…_I _will put your unworthy cock in my mouth…but you're not permitted to cum yet!" Diana said; bringing her sensuous mouth close to the head of his cock.

She slowly slid her mouth down his hard shaft; observing his reactions. Bruce's eyes were rolling backwards, he was breathing through his mouth and his entire body shook.

To his credit, he was keeping still as she had commanded; resisting the temptation to just grab her and take her with the passion of a horny teenager.

"Putty in my hands Mr. Wayne…I want you hot, horny and out of control for what I have in mind!" Diana thought; feeling her pussy dripping between her thighs.

After slowly bobbing her head up and down Bruce's cock and tasting his pre cum; Diana resumed jerking him off, licking the head of his cock as if it were an ice cream cone.

"Remember; you're not permitted to cum yet!" Diana said; in a sultry voice.

"Reaching breaking point…concentrate Bruce…don't fire your load in her mouth…" Bruce thought; closing his eyes, overwhelmed by Diana's magic touch.

Meanwhile, in Zatanna's Watchtower's quarters, a passionate Alex Stanson was busy pleasing his Raven-haired lover; giving her a soothing foot-massage.

"Hmm…Alex…where did you learn this? I know my feet often get tired wearing those shoes; but I never realized how tired or how sore until now…oooooh that's so good!" Zatanna said; dressed in her red silk robe, sitting in the easy chair next to the bed.

"Just been doing my homework baby…I've read-up on erotic massage and there was an entire chapter on how an effective foot-rub can give near-orgasmic sensations." Alex said; giving Zatanna's right foot a kiss.

"Oh you got that right! But don't you go thinking you're off the hook making love to me!" Zatanna said; with a mischievous grin.

"I wouldn't dream of it!" Alex said; now massaging Zatanna's calves.

"You pamper me so much…be careful I don't get used to it!" Zatanna said; smiling.

"What's so wrong with that?" Alex said; smiling as his hands moved from Zatanna's calves to her shins, sliding upwards to her thighs.

Zatanna snickered.

"That's an odd foot massage; involving touching of the thighs…" Zatanna said; grinning.

"Erotic foot massage, supposed to lead to sex…besides; it's your own fault for having such a shapely body, how do you expect me to keep my hands off?" Alex replied; smirking as he spread her legs open, caressing her inner thighs with a smooth, open-handed stroke.

"Hmmmh, you know just what buttons to push don't you? Smooth hands and smooth-talker!" Zatanna said; smiling as she tugged on her robe's silk belt, unraveling the knot.

The robe slid open, revealing Zatanna's flat abdomen and shapely breasts.

"The fascinated look on his face…almost as if he'd never seen me naked before; he's so sweet!" Zatanna thought.

"What's the matter Mr. Stanson; cat got your tongue?" Zatanna said, teasingly.

She gasped as Alex replied by kissing her clit, pubic area, navel, each nipple, her throat and lastly her lips. He wrapped his arms around her, breathing hard.

"Your beauty never fails to take my breath away…good God Zatanna, I love you so much…" Alex said; in a low voice.

Zatanna kissed him, parting his lips with her tongue; their tongues colliding in a fit of passion. Still kissing and eyes closed, they stood up; Zatanna's hands busy pulling down Alex's Magnet Man pants.

In a few swift movements, they were both naked and fell sideways into Zatanna's bed. She rolled on top of him, pinning his wrists above his head on the mattress.

"I love you too Alex…" Zatanna said; staring deep into Alex's eyes.

"And I don't have a problem having you on top!" Alex said, with a wink.

"A match made in Heaven! Enin-Ytxis!" Zatanna said; making her body levitate and turn around, landing back onto Alex in a sixty-nine position.

Alex buried his face in Zatanna's crotch, lapping her pussy with a hot, wet tongue.

"Yeaaah…and now I'm getting a tongue massage!" Zatanna said; jerking him off with a firm grip.

Zatanna then engulfed Alex's cock in her mouth; repaying each wet sensation his tongue gave her with wet sensations of her own. Moaning with pleasure, Alex caressed Zatanna's buttocks and shoulders.

She interrupted her blowjob to whisper "Ytivarg Orez". She resumed her blowjob and they began floating in midair.

"What the…" Alex mumbled from between Zatanna's thighs.

"Ever dreamed of having sex in zero gravity?" Zatanna asked in a teasing voice.

"Kinky, I'm willing to try as long as I don't bash my skull against the ceiling!" Alex replied.

They resumed eating each other out. After a few minutes, Zatanna broke their embrace.

"Time to get creative Alex; let me drift away, come after me, and whatever position we're in when you catch me is the position in which we'll make love, okay?" Zatanna said; grinning.

"I love it!" Alex said; laughing.

Zatanna pushed herself off; floating on her back, her hair flowing sensually.

"Like swimming under water and still being able to breathe…though we can't exactly swim in thin air…" Alex said, waving his arms in an effort to catch up with Zatanna; but only managing to throw himself upside down.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Is the great Magnet man stuck? Can't catch up with the naked woman?" Zatanna said; laughing.

"Don't tease Zatanna…" Alex said; playing along.

"Oh don't be that way! I said you should get creative; have you no powers at all?" Zatanna said; giving Alex a hint.

"Why didn't I think of that? Each floor has electro-magnetic rods which are used in the application of artificial gravity…" Alex thought; generating a low-intensity magnetic field.

"If I calculate the polarity right, rather than dragging me back to the floor it should give me a push…" Alex thought.

The positive against positive jolt propelled Alex in Zatanna's direction.

"How's that for creative?" Alex said.

"Took you long enough! Too slow!" Zatanna teasingly said; pushing herself sideways using the wall for leverage.

"Keep it up Miss Wisenheimer; this might result in rough sex!" Alex said; magnetically guiding himself towards Zatanna, nearly catching her ankle.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! You mean you would dare cause me pain? Or is it just a Ralph Kramden idle threat?" Zatanna said; laughing, knowing that she couldn't elude Alex much longer and turned on by that fact.

Alex finally caught her from behind; wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her body against his.

She gasped; feeling his breath down her neck and his boner between her thighs.

"Idle threat…you know I could never hurt you." Alex whispered in her ear.

"Looks like we found our position…zero gravity doggy…" Zatanna said; her voice trailing off.

She looked over her shoulder, reaching for his head with her left hand to bring his face closer to hers and began French-kissing him. Alex reached down and spread her legs. She arched her back a bit to move her pelvis at the right angle.

Alex slid his cock in her pussy nice and slow; savoring the sensation. He grabbed her wrists and began rocking his hips back and forth, pistoning his cock in Zatanna' tight pussy.

"OHHH YEAHHH…now THAT's creative baby!" Zatanna said in a moaning, ecstasied voice.

Back in Wayne Manor, things were getting hotter and heavier in Bruce Wayne's bedroom.

"That's right slave, pull on that leather lace and undress your Mistress!" Diana said; as Bruce helped her out of her cincher.

Bruce admired Diana's flat abdomen, glistening with sweat. She tossed her cincher to the floor.

"The boots now slave; they're too hot for your Mistress. Pull them off!" Diana commanded.

Pre-cum oozing from his cock and balls aching from delaying his orgasm; Bruce stood at the side of the bed and grabbed Diana's right boot by the instep and heel and pulled. The boot came off without much effort; revealing a shapely leg and foot that also glistened with sweat.

"Sweaty skin…so sexy…" Bruce thought.

Unbeknownst to him, Diana pulled a tube of lubricant from her left boot.

"Hera he's shaking with lust…almost there Bruce my love!" Diana thought.

Bruce now grabbed Diana's left boot by the instep and heel and pulled. That boot also came off without much effort; and Bruce admired his lover, glistening with sweat, breathing hard. With a teasing smirk on her lips, Diana lay on her side and brought her legs closer to her body; pointing her shapely ass at Bruce.

"According to Black Canary this position is the most comfy for near-painless anal sex…I hope Bruce is horny enough…" Diana said; her pussy still dripping-wet from anticipation.

"And now my slave, anything goes. My pussy, my ass, my mouth are yours for the taking. Go wild." Diana said; handing him the tube of lubricant.

"You're the greatest…Mistress!" Bruce said; climbing back in bed.

Bruce licked Diana's right foot and moved his tongue to her ankle, calf and stopped at her knee.

"Eww! My feet are all sweaty!" Diana said; giggling.

"Then again I was having him lick my bum hole…how much worse can my sweaty feet be?" Diana wondered silently.

"Mistress tastes like leather…slave likespussy first…" Bruce said in a near-hypnotic drone; sliding his cock in Diana's wet twat.

"Nnnnh…Hera that's so good…your fingers felt great but…nothing compares to my Bruce's cock deep in me…" Diana said; moaning with pleasure.

"Bruce…not slave any more?" Bruce said in a hoarse voice; felling a bit disappointed that the role-playing was over.

"Ro-_nnnh…_role play's oh…oh…over! Go wild Bruce, my body's yours!" Diana moaned loudly.

Bruce began pumping with all his might; making Diana sing quite a cantata to sexual pleasure. He gave the tube of lubricant a lustful look and was overtaken by his deepest, darkest fantasy. He gave Diana one hard thrust and grabbed the tube of lubricant.

"I'd be lying if I told you I never fantasized about anal sex Princess…but this might hurt; are you sure you're up to it?" Bruce said, entranced by Diana's ecstasied face.

"DO IT! I'm curious to experiment with it; your tongue certainly felt delicious on my bum hole…the …girl talk club says that if done right, anal sex can trigger a g-spot orgasm…" Diana said.

"Okay…I promise I'll be gentle. Regardless of your high pain threshold and fast healing capacities a sore anus can't be much fun." Bruce said; pulling out of Diana's pussy and lubricating his cock.

"I love you Bruce…such a considerate lover; even when you're horny out of your mind!" Diana said, smiling.

"Here goes…" Bruce said; pressing his slippery cock against Diana's anus and applying pressure.

Diana inhaled deeply as Bruce's manhood sank deep in her rectum. The pain was negligible to her Meta physique, but was the sensation pleasurable?

"Okay Bruce, start pumping…let's see if you stimulate my OHH!" Diana yelped as Bruce pushed in a bit deeper; hitting her fabled G-spot.

"You okay?" Bruce asked, concerned.

"Better than okay…looks like you found my G-spot!" Diana said; gasping.

Smiling, Bruce began pumping into Diana's ass.

In Zatanna's Watchtower quarters, things were becoming hot and heavy as well, albeit in zero gravity. Fucking Zatanna doggy-style in mid-air allowed for multiple-stimuli otherwise not possible under normal circumstances.

"Yeah Alex, FUCK MY CUNT! Fondle my tits! Lick my neck! Rub my clit! Oh God Alex YOU'RE MAKING ME CUUUM!" Zatanna screamed in a high-pitched voice; Alex's left hand squeezing her right tit and his right hand caressing her clit.

"That's it baby, cum for me; let Alex make you feel good all over; cum Zatanna, cum!" Alex mumbled; egging her on.

"Sooo good…oh stop Alex, stop…too sensitive…let me catch my breath…" Zatanna said; grabbing his right hand and moving it away from her clit.

Alex's hands cupped Zatanna's breasts, feeling her hard, erect nipples.

"Don't pull out yet Al, okay? This just feels so good…afterglow of an orgasm, floating in zero gravity with your hands on my boobs and your cock in my pussy…you didn't cum yet did you?" Zatanna asked.

"No…I'm close though." Alex replied.

"Good; I'm up for a cum shower on my chest, would that turn you on?" Zatanna asked, grinning.

"Er…you…I…yeah, it would turn me on!" Alex stammered; shocked that Zatanna was into cum splashing.

"Good…surrender to your Zatanna's expert touch!" Zatanna said; sliding off Alex's cock and using his legs to pull herself lower.

She rubbed her tits in his crotch, then licked the head of his cock, then took it in her mouth. Licking and sucking, Zatanna looked up at Alex's face.

"He's about to burst…do it baby-doll; shoot your load!" Zatanna thought.

"Oh baby, oh baby…careful I'll shoot it in your mouth!" Alex moaned.

Zatanna released Alex's cock and began jerking him off vigorously.

"Do it Al! Shoot your load on me! Make Zatanna's tits all sticky with your cum!" Zatanna commanded; with a lustful look on her face that made him lose all self-control he may have had left.

"Oh baby…UNH! UNH! HELL YEAH! UUUUHH GOD!" Alex screamed as his orgasm erupted in the zero-gravity room; his cum beading up in mid air rather than hitting their target.

"Oops…I didn't think of that!" Zatanna said; catching Alex's cum beads with her hands and rubbing them on her tits and abdomen.

Alex chuckled and held her tight, not caring that he was smearing his own cum against his body.

In Bruce Wayne's room, another Raven-haired beauty was nearing another orgasm; her lover on the verge of cumming as well.

"Oh mighty Eros, who knew anal sex could feel so GOOD?" Diana cooed with delight.

"Oh Princess I'm close… so close!" Bruce moaned.

"Oh yeah Bruce, cum with me…do it; cum in my ass! Cum in your Diana's tight ass! CUUUUM!" Diana begged; in prey of an orgasm of her own.

"Oh yeah, oh YEAH…thank you Aphrodite I'm CUMMING!" Bruce shouted; to Diana's surprise and delight.

Bruce pulled out of Diana's ass and lay next to her in bed, wrapping his arms around her.

"Thank you Aphrodite Bruce?" Diana said; in a teasing voice.

"Well yeah…it is thanks to her that we can be together…and that I get to live as long as you!" Bruce said, holding her tighter.

"I love you Bruce Wayne…even if your faith in my Deities isn't all that genuine I know your love is; 100% genuine!" Diana said; smiling.

"That it is Diana…if I'm sure of anything in this mad world; it's that I love you, with all my soul." Bruce said.

Diana grabbed Bruce's right hand from her waist and kissed it. They fell asleep.