Wonder Woman in Oradour-sur-Glane :The Evils of War  

By Commandarinpain

Wonder Woman in Oradour-sur-Glane - The Evils of War
By CommanderInPain

Wonder Woman raced onward in haste. She didn’t have much time. Her muscular form sliced gracefully through the carcass strewn battlefields of WWII Normandy. Broken buildings smoldered quietly as she nimbly made her way through the carnage. The smell of burning flesh assailed her nostrils, but her cast-iron glare of determination on her face did not waver.

“I must get back to my plane,” she thought to herself, as she ducked underneath an overhang, and gracefully flipped over a jeep. She landed as smoothly as an Olympic gymnast and sprinted onward without breaking step. Time was her enemy. Time was running out. She knew her plane was close. Her invisible plane, which had flown her to countless missions across the globe. And now she needed it for one more.

The Allied front line had smashed through to the beach, they had done their job well. It would be a landing remembered for a long time, and Diana was proud to have fought with them. But the beachhead commanders had an urgent mission for her not hours after the major conflict. No sooner had they told her where to go had she started for her plane.

Donna was missing. Her dear Donna Troy, on a mission gone wrong. They’d lost all contact with the small band of rangers she was with. Wonder Woman crushed a helmet under her foot as she ran as fast as she could to get to her beloved sister. She knew Donna was tough and could probably handle her own, but this was war.

Suddenly, in an empty field, she jumped high into the air, her strong body arching beautifully and landing inside her cockpit. There was a quiet sound of rushing air as she started the ignition sequence, the magical plane came to life. Not a moment to lose, she ascended into the sky.

Wonder Woman peered down below as she soared in search of her sister. The fighting, the chaos, she ached to be back down there, fighting for freedom against the Nazis. Her blood was still pumping from the fight down on the beaches of Normandy. What a battle, it was what she longed for. Her sister was alone. But she would rescue her, and they would show the male dominated world what two Amazon warriors could do.

She set her plane down, deeper into enemy territory. Wonder Woman knew there would be no way for reinforcements to catch up to her but she had to move quickly, find her sister. The coordinates where her advanced scout team last reported was somewhere in the Limousin region of France. That, she told herself, is where I will find her.

Diana pulled on green camo pants over her long, sturdy legs and put on a combat jacket to cover up her Wonder Woman outfit completely. She tied back her black mane of hair into a pony-tail. She would still stand out as a beautiful, tall, strong female soldier. But for this mission she didn’t want to be immediately sighted as “Wonder Woman”, Pride of the Amazons! She pulled a green cap over her eyes and took out her tracker.

It was a device crafted by magic and the advanced technology of her people. It was a pad of simple controls and a radar screen, however it would find any Amazon within 500 miles. It was almost perfect in design, except the magic of her plane interfered with the signal which made it all the more dangerous for the brave Amazon. “If solders had gotten to Donna and taken off her tiara which had the homing gem embedded,” Diana thought nervously “then I may never find her in time!”

Diana dreaded the thought, that her younger sister might one day be captured, her virginity taken from her by some crude brute. Or worse, if she was stripped and tortured. The thoughts crept into her brain and sent chills down her broad back. That was why time was so critical. Men were pigs, especially the Nazi scum. There was no doubt in Wonder Woman’s mind that they wouldn’t hesitate to abuse her if she was caught.

“I will find you,” Diana swore, as she started off on foot, running in the direction of the signal. The handheld tracker blipped faithfully southward. She gripped the device tightly as she sprinted into the French countryside. She was keenly aware of the risk, the danger of army troops in the area. She gazed with her beautiful brown eyes across the landscape, watching for soldiers, posts, any sign of trouble. All the while, listening to the blips of her tracker.

She didn’t even hear the trigger or feel the click under her red boot as she stepped on the mine. As soon as her foot lifted off, the explosion sent her into the air. Dust flew everywhere. Her leg felt as though it was struck with the hammer of Hephaestus!

“UNGH!” She cried out, her leg went numb and she found herself falling back towards the ground. Her eyes went wide in shock as she suddenly found herself in a minefield. Instinctively she put her hands over her face and prepared for it. She fell headways onto the ground, with her arms crossed in front of her.

*BOOM* went the second mine as her raven haired head was propelled by the deadly force. The explosion was deafening as it sent her limp body into the air again, though not as high as the first one. The force flung her body a few feet to the right.

*BOOM* went the third mine as it ripped into her well sculpted abdomen. The impact assailed Wonder Woman’s perfect, helpless body as she flopped like a rag doll onto the dirt. She let out a small moan, and was out cold.

Her green uniform was in tatters from the brutal force of the landmines. It was shredded, revealing her star spangled outfit. Fortunately, the power of the Amazons and her magic suit protected her. A small trickle of blood flowed from her aquiline nose. And in her hand was the tracker, crushed after she had reflexively squeezed it when the first mine went off. Wonder Woman’s flawless skin was covered in small scratches and mired in muck. Yet her face was calm as she slept peacefully, blissfully knocked out by the devious weapons of war.

“Oooh, my head”, she groaned, as finally she began to stir. She opened her eyes slowly, blinking even seemed to hurt. Something was not quite right. Instead of the field she was in before, she was on a bed. There were yellow curtains on the windows, and a half eaten loaf of bread on the table next to her.

Adrenaline shot into her as she sat up quickly. Her unforgiving body punished her rashness as it reminded her quickly of all the places she hurt. She grunted, grabbing her side where the last mine had struck.

Someone had taken her green uniform. She was in her world famous star spangled bathing suit, with her golden brassiere proudly holding her bountiful breasts. She wasn’t bound, which was good as it meant she still had her strength, although the blasts had weakened her considerably.

“Um…hello?” She said cautiously, as she slowly got out of bed. Her leg, the one that had landed on the mine, felt like rubber. She could barely use it as she hobbled out of the room.

“Bon jour,” a petite old woman said with a smile. She was a frail woman, sitting on a chair in the kitchen of their little French country cottage. “You should not be in such a hurry, I am amazed you survived the mine field.” She spoke with a sweet French accent.

“Yes,” Wonder Woman said with a smile, “I need to find someone, it’s rather urgent. H…Have you seen my tracker? It is a small device, should be blinking?”

“Oh dear, that thing didn’t look like there was much left of it when we cleaned you up. I believe Jean through it out along with those ruined clothes you had covering up that beautiful body you have,” the old woman said plainly, smiling brightly at Wonder Woman. “I’m Marie.”

Wonder Woman found herself blushing at both the compliment and her lack of manners. The ringing was still in her ears but she shook her head to shake off the feeling. “My apologies, I am Diana. Diana Prince.”

“I wonder if you are looking for the same people the last lass who came through here was looking for. She looked like you, except without the baudy leotard. Unless she too wore it under her uniform.” Marie sipped her tea and looked up at the flustered Amazon. “Dear, would you like some tea? I imagine you were thirsty after being out for so long.”

“Why, how long was I out for,” Wonder Woman asked, as she sat down next to Marie. It felt so good to sit.

“Four days dear,” Marie said. “We had the doctor examine you and he found little wrong except you weren’t waking up. Are you sure you don’t want some tea?”

“WHAT?!?” Wonder Woman stood up violently. The action jarred her leg and she stumbled, grabbing the doorway for support. “Four days? The woman, the one from before, do you know where she went?”

Marie spilled her tea in response to the violent explosion of her house guest. “Oh no dear, she only stopped by to help Jean get a plow out of the mud. Such a strong lass she was.”

*BAM* Wonder Woman spun her head around, looking at the door as it flung open. A man wearing overalls and an old hat slammed the door open.

“Marie, eet is not safe, the Germans are here, we must get her to the root cellar” the man, Jean, said.

“Oh dear,” Marie said, and looked to Wonder Woman. “You had best go hide down below.”

Before she could protest, Marie and Jean were leaving the cottage. There was an advancing column of Germans coming down the road. Three Tiger tanks, armed jeeps, and a white car led the procession. Wonder Woman peeked from inside, watching what was going on. She was still feeling the effects from before, and taking on so many Germans at once did not seem like a good idea.

The people in the small village all exited their houses. As they congregated onto the green she understood why. One of the jeeps was circling the area, with a German calling out instructions to the people.

“Emergency! Emergency! You MUST come out at once and join the others in the town square. COMPLY AND YOU WILL NOT BE HURT!!” The speaker proclaimed to the town. “This is not a drill, please come forward with your papers to the town square!”

Wonder Woman watched as approximately 650 people were herded into the town square. Women, children, all terrified of the massive German presence. A terrible feeling went into her stomach as she felt something wrong was going to happen. She had to figure out what to do and fast.

“YOU!” A voice screamed at her from the doorway. It was a German soldier, with a gun drawn and pointed at her. “You must come with me, it is the orders!” He barked at Wonder Woman.

She raised her hands and said coyly. “OK,” and walked towards the soldier. She stared at him, and as she advanced he made the mistake of watching her as she walked, albeit with a limp, ever closer to him.

With a swift motion she grabbed his rifle with both hands and pulled it out, throwing the gun into the house. She swung back, and backfisted the man five feet into the air and he landed on the ground with a thud. She checked him quickly, squatting down to make sure he was dead.

The Amazon warrior looked about quickly, and made her way quietly towards another building. She looked around cautiously, and heard a gun cock behind her. The sound made her freeze as she glanced behind her. He was smart, too far away for a quick kick to end it.

“So, The Wonder Woman, hmm? You should leave sneaking around to one of the other heros, like The Batman hmm?” The German chuckled and waved to two of his unit, who came quickly over.

Wonder Woman wasted no time, she lunged at him, blocking the bullets with her bracelets as she tackled the man, and pummeled him into submission. With pantherine speed she lept at the other two, and dealt with them swiftly. She kicked one in the head, and chopped the other in the throat, almost simultaneously.

She could sense the swarm of troops as they were alerted to the conflict. Shouts, orders, even the rumbling of the great Tiger tanks began stirring through the small French village of Oradour-sur-Glane. As Wonder Woman prepared herself for the glorious battle, one voice on loudspeaker silenced the German war machine.

“Enemy soldiers! You are commanded to come out now or risk the lives of all those in this village!” The voice declared, and Wonder Woman could hear the shrieks and gasps of terror from the 650 people in the square. “Come out and there will be no further violence today!”

Wonder Woman bit her lip and walked proudly out into the town center. The man with the loudspeaker looked in awe at her beautiful, feminine form and spoke. “Is that it?” he asked, to which Wonder Woman nodded her head. Satisfied with this, he gave a signal.

Wonder Woman heard a boom, and then a massive pain spread through her whole body. The shell drove into her back and she felt something inside her crack. She was airborne again, thrust into the sky by one of the Tiger tanks. They had shot her with a tank!

“AARGH!” She screamed as she landed into the ground. The crowd of hostages solidified into a mass of terror as they looked upon the heroine, lying on the ground in agony. The mighty warrior woman gritted her teeth, and put one hand on the ground as she strove to get up.

“You pig, you said there would be no” but her words were cut short by another powerful blast that pounded into the beautiful superheroine’s midsection. She gasped in pain like she had never experienced before in her life. Her body went numb, and she felt the sweet release of unconsciousness draw near. She put a hand on the dirt, to prop herself up as she strove to stand.

In the agony of the process she watched a soldier, a tall, muscular soldier walk up to her. It was the man with the speaker. He raised his fist as she slowly tried to stand and brought it down on her cheek. Her head snapped around, and she crumbled to the ground.

She awoke to smelling salts under her nostrils. “I had understood you to be tough, but not invincible. Tell me,” a voice demanded, “how is it you managed to endure two shots of my tanks?”

Wonder Woman had difficulty getting her bearings. She was tied up, certainly. She could feel the bindings dig into her wrists and ankles so she was in a prostrate position before the speaker. Her head was still swimming from the recent assaults that she had endured.

“It is my uniform, the Wonder Woman mantle brings with it certain magical defenses against attack. Your two shots struck me square in the back and the midsection, which are thusly defended.” Wonder Woman swore on the inside. The rope around her neck must be her lasso. She had to clear her head, reassert her will before he learned any other Amazon secrets.

“Is that why you always block bullets with your bracelets?” He said, clinking the two trinkets in his hand idly.

“Yes,” she said weakly, closing her eyes, as she tried desperately to get the ringing out of her head. If only her head was clear, she would have the will to fight back.

“I see. Guards, remove her outfit.” He barked, and two burly men grabbed her, and began undoing the bindings which kept her Wonder Woman uniform pressed against her well muscled body. Wonder Woman tried to struggle, but found her strength sapped by the bindings and also from the trauma she had endured.

They removed the brassiere, and her gorgeous, large breasts were revealed to the chuckles and murmurs of the German soldiers. Due to her position, they slid the bottoms down her legs. They enjoyed the process as they manhandled the captured heroine, taunting her with future embarrassments.

“This feel good bitch? You will get more later,” they hissed as they turned her over onto her face, her ass sticking up in the air so they could rip the bottoms down to her knees.

“You’re going to pay for Henrik’s death, you American whore,” they cursed her as they rolled Wonder Woman onto her back so they could slide the bottoms to her ankles.

“That is enough, the Amazonian warrior woman has been sufficiently declothed,” the apparent man in charge commanded as they put her back on her knees. “You see these people?” He said, as he leaned down and grabbed her neck, forcing her to look at the crowd of people. They were surrounded by soldiers with rifles, and armed jeeps.

“You will be valuable to us, however we cannot let anyone know we have you, not yet anyway. These people…we were going to take their papers and make sure they were not hiding any insurgent French scum. But now,” he said, and waved his hand.

Wonder Woman flinched as the first guns went off into the screaming crowd, and then a seething anger boiled inside her as she watched helplessly as the people were massacred. Uneasy, the men around her pounced on her to keep her from getting free.

“YOU MONSTERS!” she howled as she watched. She saw Marie and Jean, the sweet old couple who brought her in, gunned down mercilessly.

She felt them pawing at her, squeezing her breasts and laughing as the slaughter continued. One went so far as to put his finger against her anus, and penetrate the sphincter while she frantically fought against them, bound as she was. Wonder Woman was livid, tears streamed down her cheeks as she howled like a woman possessed.

“HOW DARE YOU! THEY ARE JUST WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!” She screamed, her voice becoming sore as the last of the bullets was fired. The man who was anally raping her with his index finger pulled out, and wiped it against her face. Her body felt weak with exhaustion and pain, as she continued sobbing.

“Shut up, bitch” the leader commanded, as he pummeled her with the butt of his rifle. She was out cold again.

Wonder Woman woke up again, this time on the back of a jeep, face down. She felt something inside her, penetrating her vagina roughly. She tried to scream but her voice was gone. She tried to fight but her body was numb and still bound. He grabbed her by her long, raven black hair and pulled her head up as he rammed into her from behind.

“Ungh” was all she could say, as they had stuffed her mouth with her underwear. They had removed her bottoms completely, and with her belt and other effects she could see were neatly folded a foot away from her. Even her tiara, was put on top of it all. Germans, ever efficient.

“Fwah!” the man said triumphantly as he came inside her. As he pulled out, she could feel his sticky goo on her sore pussy lips. She whimpered into her gag as he let go of her hair. The pain in her back was incredible.

“Is it my turn then?” The leader said, as he looked up from his paper. The subordinate nodded, saluted his commander and pulled his pants back up.

As he went to man the gun, the leader slapped Wonder Woman’s upright posterior. The well toned ass barely jiggled, but left a red swell where he had struck. She winced and tried to look back at him, but could barely get a glimpse of him as he stood there behind him.

“You are property of the German army. As we go up to Normandy to push back the would-be liberators, I think I shall have you dangle on the side of one of my tanks. “No doubt the Americans, who oddly consider you one of theirs, will see this as another symbol of German superiority. You, whore to the Germans, will be seen as a symbol of our glory and the greatness of the Hitler’s army. ”

Wonder Woman screamed into her underwear that was stuffed into her mouth. Never before had she been so humiliated in combat. She had never had an experience as horrifying as to have been forced to watch, stripped, as hundreds of people died because of her. She had been raped, repeatedly by these sadists while unconscious and it would likely continue until they reached the battlefield. Where she would face her most embarrassing trial yet, strapped to the side of a tank!

What a failure she had been. The once mighty symbol of righteousness and honor, degraded like some base prostitute. She considered the countless deaths she failed to prevent. Jean, Marie, those sweet people who carried her out of the minefield, into their own home. She should have gone to the root cellar. What a fool she was, she thought helplessly as she was trussed up like a prize pig in the back of the jeep.

Wonder Woman hung her head while the leader unzipped his pants, and flopped his cock against her exposed pussy. The dripping orifice was bright red with abuse and sticky with countless loads of semen.

He spit onto her ass, and it fell onto her asshole which had been finger-raped earlier. She recalled that now, for some reason. He spit a couple more times, and she realized what he was trying to do. She struggled vainly against the bonds, but he just slapped her again and laughed.

“Stupid cunt, you should fight before you lose, not after” he said with a laugh as he pressed his hard cock against her moist anus. “I am grateful to my soldiers, they saved this one for me.” He said with a sneer and gripped her waist firmly with his hands.

Then suddenly the jeep screeched to a halt, and the cock rammed home inside her in one painful thrust. Wonder Woman howled, quaking at the instant invasion into her tiny asshole. The man fell forward, grunting and slamming into Wonder Woman. She gagged as she started to vomit into her underwear.

She couldn’t hear much except for shooting, and a lot of smashing. But Wonder Woman breathed a sigh of relief once the leader regained his balance and pulled out of her. Something was going on…a rescue!

The fight seemed like it went on forever for the Amazonian warrior woman as she lay on her beautiful chest, her sore ass in the air. Then the inevitable silence as the last gun was fired marked the end. Wonder Woman closed her eyes in shame, as win or lose, it was a dark day for the damsel of danger.

“Oh gods, Diana!?!” a familiar voice cried out, and she felt a hand on her back. She knew it was Donna, her sister. “Get away! Gather the wounded, take the prisoners’ weapons, I will take care of her!” she yelled, and Diana heard the compliant replies of the soldiers she was with as they went away.

“Oh Di…” Donna said pitifully, and removed the gag from her mouth, and quickly worked at her bindings. The tremor of fear and sadness in her voice was too much for the once mighty maiden of virtue and Wonder Woman sobbed quietly as she felt her strength come back to her.

The trip back home was a quiet one in the invisible plane. Wonder Woman had accepted a spare change of clothes but refused to don the outfit that made her known throughout the world. Donna had tried consoling her but to no avail, the proud princess only croaked out small phrases such as “thank you,” and “they killed them all”. Donna praised the gods that the Germans had not discarded the tiara. Not only had her tracker found her sister, they had also found a column of soldiers in a compromising position and crushed the reinforcements. Diana only turned her head and looked out the window when she gushed her praises at the good fortune.

Donna was at a loss for what to do for her sister, so she flew her home to Paradise Island. There, the damaged heroine would heal. She would be nurtured by her fellow sisters, cared for. She was the Pride of the Amazons. She was once Wonder Woman. After many years, Diana once more would become Wonder Woman. Maiden of Might, Princess of Power. The champion of the Amazons. And none would speak of the shame she endured at Oradour-sur-Glane.