By Conquillanut

Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl and any other characters from the Wonder Woman story line are copyrighted by DC comics. Any similarity between names, characters and places in this story are purely coincidental. This story is written solely for entertainment purposes and cannot be used or redistributed for the purposes of making money or profit.


This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you do not like to read such material PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!


By Coquillanut

Diane Prince entered the massage parlor with her entrance being announced by the jingling of the small bell hanging at the top of the door. Her investigation had leaded her to this small shop in a middle class section of Cleveland. She had found in her investigation, that the parlor was what the missing female government agents had in common. The shop clerk stepped out from behind a curtain separating the front of the shop with the back.
“Good morning.” Said the clerk.
“Good morning.” Said Miss Prince. “I believe I have an appointment. My name is Gloria Tingles.” Diane wasn’t too impressed with the man in front of her. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties and his intelligence seemed to match the plain shop. Diane figured getting information from this guy would be a piece of cake.
The clerk glanced down at the day’s schedule and looked up at Diane with a smile. “Ah yes, please step this way”, as he motioned her toward the back of the shop. “Please change in the room there, you will find a towel to put around you.
Diane looked at him with a raised eye but proceeded to enter the changing room and began to disrobe. She was wearing her typical professional suit, a snug light gray skirt with fell just below her knees, a white silk blouse covered with her suit coat. Her hair was pulled back into a bun and she wore her thick-rimmed glasses. Diane slipped out of her high heals and began to undress. She hung her outer garments on hangers supplied in the room, leaving her standing in her panty hose, panties and white bra. She rolled down her hose and placed them on the chair in the room. She unsnapped her bra freeing her firm breast from the tightness of the fabric. She grabbed the large white towel off the shelf and whipped it around her semi nude body. The towel was large, but due to her 5’11” frame it barely covered her upper thighs. She walked out in the hallway with a smile to the waiting clerk and said, “Ready.”
The clerk motioned her into a massage room straight across the hall and asked her to lay face down on the table, which was in the center of the room. Diane walked into the room and proceeded to lie on the table. The clerk entered room, slipping on a pair of rubber surgical gloves as he moved toward the table. He pulled Diane’s towel down from her shoulders, exposing her tight shoulders and back. The towel came to rest on her buttocks leaving the small of her back to the air. The sides of her 36DDs pushing out as her upper body pressed against them.
Diane watched the clerk and asked, “Why do you wear the rubber gloves?”
“Now just relax Miss Tingles, this won’t hurt a bit.” Said the clerk, ignoring her question. He dipped his hands into a jar of oil located underneath the table. The clerk pulled his covered hands from the jar and placed them onto Diane’s back. Diane raised her back slightly from his touch but relaxed a little as the warmth of the lotion.
“So have you worked here long?”
“Oh, a few years now.” Replied the clerk.
The clerk started at the small of her back and worked his way up her spine. His hands probing around her spinal cord, working the oil deep into her skin and spin. Diane felt the oil soaked into her skin giving a deep warm feeling. The clerk continued reaching down into the jar pulling more and more of the oil into her absorbing flesh.
“You have very firm shoulders,” commented the clerk, “Do you work out?”
“A little,” smirked Diane. “Who owns this place anyway?”
“You sure ask a lot questions.”
“Just trying to keep the session interesting….” Diane’s voice drifted off. She found it more and more difficult to concentrate on anything particular. “Ahh, so you…were…telling me about…..the owner.” Diane barely got out the last word before exhaling in deep relaxation.
“Oh some big wig uptown I think.” Responded the clerk. He found it interesting and slightly erotic observing the effects of the oil on his client.
“Up town wig big.” Replied Diane.
The clerk grinned and said, “yaa, an up town wig big.”
After about 30 minutes, Diane lay on the table completely relaxed, nearly unconscious and absorbed with the deep tingling warm feeling of the oil. The clerk knew that the oil had taken its toll and stopped its application to her back.
Diane felt wonderful, completely relaxed and subdued. Her thoughts drifted in and out with each breath she took.
This was the clerk’s favorite moment; the control of the subject once the oil had been absorbed into the body. “O.K. Miss Tingle, roll over onto your back.” Diane felt it was a wonderful idea and immediately rolled herself over onto her back, having little concern that the towel that once guarded her womanhood was now hiding nothing. Her breasts rose and fell with each relaxed breath she took. She stared blankly up at the ceiling, oblivious to everything in her surroundings. The clerk took off his gloves and grabbed a bottle of body oil from under the table. He proceeded to put a drop on the tip of each of her nibbles.
“Oh Miss Tingle, you are very well endowed. I think you’ll find that you are very interested in how your nibbles feel with oil on them.” He took his right pointer finger and gently worked in the oil around her left nibble causing it to swell by the attention.
Diane’s mind immediately snapped into focus on how wonderful her nibbles appeared. A slight moan escaped from Diane’s lips. Diane looked down at her breasts and raised her hands to them. She started rolling them between her pointer and thumb. She never had paid too much attention to her nibbles, but now they were the most interesting things on earth. So full, so soft, so sensitive.
The clerk smiled in amusement at his new toy as he walked out the room to the changing room across the hall. There he grabbed Diane’s purse and began rummaging through it. He found her NIS identification and an expression of worry came over his face. He quickly rushed across the hall into the room Diane laid.
Diane lay placid as the clerk rummaged through her purse, searching her personal belongings.
“Please standup Miss Tingles. Or should I call you Agent Prince?” The Clerk grinned with satisfaction.
Diane heard the request for her to stand. Pulling the towel back up to her upper part of her body, she started to slip off the table. Although her facial expression was unable to show it, her thoughts reeled with the fact she had been found out. But how she wondered. Did she accidentally have a statement slip out that proved too false? She rose from the table still perplexed with her identity unveiling but still very responsive to the requests of the Clerk. Oblivious to the fact she was listening to the commands of the Clerk. She stood in front of the table with the towel held around her chest and body with her right hand.
“I bet you have concerns on how I’ve discovered your secret Agent Prince. I want you to forget about those concerns and just feel real happy and content.” Diane’s fears quickly abated and a gentle smile came over her face. “Agent Prince, or should I call you Diane, I want you to consider me you own personal living diary. You can tell me anything, you can explore your own fantasies with your living diary and only you will know. You can interact with your living diary and you always listen to your living diary. You are very fond of your living diary. The more you use it, the better you feel.”
Diane turned her head toward the clerk. She felt very excited all of a sudden, like a child at Christmas wanting to play with a new toy. She didn’t say or do anything however. She wasn’t quite sure how to begin.
The Clerk realized this, having gone through it many times before with other women. “Diane, every time I say the word IN, you will feel as the perfect size penis has gone up into you vagina one inch. If you want it wider it will become wider, thinner, than thinner. The slower I say IN, the slower it enters you. In the same light, when I say OUT the penis will withdraw. You can’t orgasm until your diary instructs you to. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” Diane replied in a fairly bland voice.
“Let’s begin than.” Said the Clerk. “Who knows you are here?”
“My boss, Steve Trevor.”
“And when does he expect to hear from you?”
“I’m to report to him first thing Monday morning.”
“Very good. Do you see how easy it is to talk to your living diary?” Diane’s smile widened a little bit, as she felt pleased her diary was pleased.
“Now for a reward for being to honest,” smiled the Clerk, “INNNN.” The clerk took a full three seconds to get the word out of his mouth. Diane’s knees buckled out a little bit as the feeling of entry came over her. She took a quick short breath and her smile took a look of gratification.
“Why are you not going to report to your boss sooner?” asked the Clerk.
“Because this was considered a low risk assignment.” Answered Diane.
“What do you and your boss know so far?”
“Only that there have been seven missing women in the past year. The last one was a scientist for an important government program. I came here only after going through her date book.”
“Excellent, you answer so well. IN.” Diane cocked her head up a little as she widened her knees a bit more. The hand that once held her towel up now started to stroke the left breast hidden underneath. “How does that penis feel inside you Diane? Isn’t it the perfect size?”
“Ohh yes!” Diane choked out. “It feels so good.”
“O.K. Diane, now tell me how tall you are and how much you weigh.”
“I’m six foot and weigh 130lbs”. Replied Diane in a quick slightly out of breath tone.
“Wonderful, you do look very appealing. IN.” Complemented the Clerk. Diane fell back against the massage table. Her right hand sweeping the towel aside, once shield of modesty aside, now just an obstruction, allowing for a more intiment touch of the flesh. The towel dropped around her waist, pinched between Diane and the table. Her left hand slid under her stretch black nylon lace panties as she searched for the swollen buds of her womanhood. The Clerk stood watching, a bulge building in his pants, seeking a way out. “INN, INN, IN.” Diane’s head fell back as a long moan rose from her throat. Her fingers having found her clit, were rapidly stroking the swelled member. Her mind raced. Never in her most erotic dreams had she ever felt like this, six inches of a perfect penis inside her. “Just a little wider.” Thought Diane, and it grew wider. She bit her lower lip.
“So Diane, what other little secrets do you have to tell you diary. OUT, OUT, OUT, IN, IN, IN.” said the Clerk in a quiet almost whispering voice.
“Ohhhh, I, I.” Diane fought the pleasure, not wanting to divulge her most intimate secret.
“IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT.” spoke the Clerk in a steady methodical voice. Diane started panting in short breaths. “OUT, OUT OUT, OUT, OUT, OUT.” Diane’s head rose forward, her breaths short but slowed a bit. “IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, IN, OUT.” The Clerk spoke in a slow and exaggerated voice.
“Oh please… please don’t tease me.” Pleaded Diane.
“What other things can you tell your diary? IN, IN, IN.” Diane tormented about revealing her secret of being Wonder Woman. She was so turned on though; rational thought was taking a back seat to her desire to reach orgasm. Her panties and hand were now soaked with her juices. “OUT, OUT, OUT.”
“Ohhhh!”, Diane moaned in ecstasy. “Diane Prince is the cover I use. I’m really Wonder Woman, Princess of Thermycias.” Diane gasped out.
The Clerk looked at her puzzled. The poor girl, he thought to himself, she’s delusional. “You mean to say, that you believe you’re Wonder Woman.” Corrected the Clerk.
“Nooo.” Replied Diane, frustrated her Diary wouldn’t believe her. With a little effort she straightened herself up and began to spin around. With a flash the half naked woman disappeared and Wonder Woman stood at her place with her hands on her hips. Star spangled satin blue tights and red boisser. After changing into Wonder Woman, Diane’s head became a little clearer and she began to realize the situation she was in. She looked over at the Clerk and spoke in a commanding voice. “You’ve been taking advantage of Miss Prince mister and I’m about to teach you some lessons.”
The Clerk almost fell to the floor with this transformation. His first thought was to turn and run. But as he stepped back away from Wonder Woman, he muttered in an squeckish voice, “IN, IN, IN.” Wonder Woman raised her chin and took a quick breath. Her thoughts of crushing the pervert quickly changed to the pleasurable feeling between her legs. This reaction did not go unnoticed by the Clerk. “IN, IN, IN.” Wonder Woman’s hands came off her hips as she fell back against the table. Reaching back she caught herself with both her hands on the table. Her thoughts flashed through her mind, she had to stop this creep, but it was such an incredible feeling. “IN, IN, IN.” Spoke the Clerk, his confidence back. Her knees crumpled as she let out a long groan. “Oh yes Wonder Woman, how does that perfect 9 inch cock feel in you. So plump, so filling?” Wonder Woman pulled herself onto the massage table, spread her legs and threw her hands over her head. “That’s it Wondy, just enjoy the feeling, it touches you in all the right places, OUT, OUT, IN, IN.” Wonder Woman’s head slowly swayed back and forth with periodic moans escaping from her lips. “Now Wonder Woman, OUT and IN will cause the penis to move three inches. But you can never reach orgasm until your living diary lets you. Understand.” Wonder Woman blinked her eyes in acceptance. “OUTTTTTTT, INNNNNNN”, repeated the Clerk three times. Wonder Woman pressed the back of her head against the padded table and raised her hips. “OUTTTT, INNNN”, repeated the Clerk three more times a little faster. The Clerk repeated this scenario over and over, doing it a little bit shorter and faster each time. Perspiration rolled off Wonder Woman body and face as she moved her hips to be in sync with her imaginary friend. A shriek escaped her lips as the frustration of climax eluded her. The Clerk stopped the ins and outs and smiled, his cock was practically ripping through his shorts. “What am I”, asked the Clerk.
“You’re my living diary.” Moaned Wonder Woman.
“And your living diary makes you feel very good, doesn’t it?”
“Yes, yes, oh please let me have an orgasm, please!” pleaded Wonder Woman.
“We don’t call it orgasm. We call it cum.” replied the Clerk.
Wonder Woman thought for a quick second that she didn’t use that sort of language but the feelings were too intense. “Please, please diary let me cum.”
“You will only cum when and only when you have the taste of your diary’s cum in your mouth.”
“Please!” Pleaded Wonder Woman as the brief thought of disgust was erased by her loins.
The Clerk whipped down his shorts and briefs, letting his bulging cock pop forward. He walked up beside Wonder Woman’s head and flung his cock on the table. A bit of pre-cum oozing from its tip. Without a thought of modesty, Wonder Woman brought her arms from down over her head and rolled onto her left shoulder. She reached over with her right hand and grabbed the Clerk’s dick. She brought her head to his and rapped her full lips around the cock’s head. The Clerk gasped in surprise at Wonder Woman’s lack of control and after about three good sucks from her mouth he blew his wade into her warm mouth. The taste of cum drove Wonder Woman into a wave of orgasmic pleasure. Her hips rose up as she sprayed her panties and briefs with her juice. Never had she felt such an overwhelming feeling. Her lips squeezed harder as her tongue flicked around the head of the Clerk’s cock forcing every precious drop of the orgasmic taste from its source. With the source of her pleasure consumed she quickly began long sucking strokes in hopes of acquiring more. The Clerk was a little surprised at her actions but no less excited. He grabbed her black mane with her hands and guided her the stroke of her head. “OUT, IN”, he repeated in sync with her sucking. Within minutes Wonder Woman had his dick saluting her again and another salty wade was shooting in her mouth. The second orgasm rocked her body as she pulled her cum full mouth away from the Clerk. Breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling, she right-handily massaged her left breast through her brassier, while her left hand stroked her soiled satin tights. She pressed the tacky sperm against her teeth using her tongue, trying to squeeze out ever-delightful taste to prolong her orgasm. As the taste subsided from her mouth, Wonder Woman turned her head back to the Clerk’s now limp cock. The Clerk, now sexually spent, pulled away and raised his shorts. WW lay there, weakened and in a hypnotic state, very prone to suggestions.
Now WW, I want you to feel that what just happened was the best experience in your entire life. You will do anything to have similar experiences. You’ll do anything your diary says or wants. Every wish you fulfill your diary makes you feel better and better. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” Replied WW in a puppy eyed look.
“Good, now stand up and let’s get a good look at you.” WW rose off the table and stood in front of the Clerk. “Now stand still, don’t move an inch, unless your diary says so. Put your hands at your waist with your elbows out and spread your feet. I like that pose.”
WW positioned and froze at the Clerk’s request and she felt happy about helping her diary. The Clerk stepped up to WW and tossed her black hair back over her left shoulder. He put his face against the left side of her neck and took a deep breath, inhaling her scent. He licked her neck, sending a chill down her spine, but still she did not move. He moved down along the edge of her brassier, tasting as he went, over the top of her breast until he reached her cleavage. He pushed up on her two breasts with his hands, squishing his face between them. Inhaling he could smell her subtle scent. Still she did not move. Releasing her breasts, he lowered himself down the front of her. Past her red and gold top, past her midriff and belt and slowly down across her star spangled briefs, stopping at her still dampened crotch. With his face inches away, he gently pulled at the spandex band stretched across the top of her right leg, lifting it away from her skin with his pointer and thumb. The smoothness of the fabric and the touch of the skin it protected excited him. He let go of the band and rolled over allowing his face to look upward. He shoved his head up into her crotch, pressing the silken fabric up into WW’s sex. He could feel her dampness on his face. He inhaled, taking in her musty smell. A long lick of his tongue provided him a faint taste of what lie beneath the thin blue satin cloth. Still she stood firm. A few more deep inhales and a couple licks, and he could feel his dick coming to life again. He crawled out from underneath her and got behind her. He ran his hands up under her tights and squeezed her buns. Their firmness impressed him as he used his thumbs to spread her cheeks. He pulled his hands out and stood up.
“O.K. WW bend over and grab your ankles.” WW complied, happy she could do something for her diary. The Clerk stared at her taut ass sticking out at him. Her briefs stretched, cupping her tush. Still nude, he coated his thick member with a glob of petroleum jelly. Pulling aside the fabric of her tights with his right hand, he revealed her brownish pink sphincter. He moved forward allowing the head of his penis to gently press against it. He pulled away and looked at the residue of the jelly smeared around her hole. He then pushed against it again with a little more force. Its head flattened against her muscle. Ever so slowly, the Clerk could feel penetration into the heroine. He let go of her tights and grabbed her hips with his hands to pull against. WW let out a slight groan as his head disappeared into her ass. With the passage of his head, the cock slid by the sphincter with comparable ease. The Clerk had never had it so tight and he realized what a superb specimen he had at the end of his cock. He buried the rest of his length and then slowly pulled it out. It popped out with a slurp and WW responded with a sigh. The Clerk knew that once an ass had relinquished once, the rest were easy. He shoved forward again and the head slipped right on by. Back and forth, back and forth, he began to pick up the pace.
“Uhh, uhh, uhh.” WW uttered.
Finally he pulled up tight and raised his hips, pressing his waist into buns, he squirted a hot load into her bowels. The Clerk pulled out his dick. Looking down on the exhausted super heroine, a devious plan entered his mind.
“Now Wonder Woman, I want you to return to your alternate identity of Diane Prince and lay back on the table to complete your massage.” Wonder Woman did as she was asked and soon Diane Prince lay back on the table with the white towel covering her. “You have a sister don’t you Diane?” Asked the Clerk.
“And I can only assume that she is really Wonder Girl. Right?”
“Yes.” Replied Diane in a sedated tone.
“Good.” Replied the Clerk. The Clerk spent the next half hour programming Diane with key words, the great massage she had at the parlor and her part in his plan.


Diane and Dru showed up at the parlor at 9 A.M. Saturday morning. Dru was a little confused why her sister seemed so enthusiastic about her coming with her to a massage parlor, but she thought what the heck she loved doing things with her sister.
“You will feel like a new woman after this massage.” Diane assured her little sister as the Clerk guided them back to the changing rooms and then into a large two-table room. Dru smiled back and started getting a little excited, for Dru never really had a professional massage before.
An hour latter, the Clerk had both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl standing before him staring off into space. Both in their super heroine costumes and in their attitude stance, legs slightly apart and hands at the hips. With the second application of oil, Wonder Woman was all but a slave to the Clerk’s suggestions. Dru, being younger and more prone to suggestions, was at about the same state.
“Wonder Woman, when I count to three you will awake and become fully aware of your surroundings and circumstance. You will not be able to move you arms, legs or head. The harder you try the less you can. Wonder Girl, when I count to three you will awake and become fully aware of your surroundings and circumstance. You will not be able to move you arms, legs or head. The harder you try the less you can.” Directed the Clerk. “One, Two, Three.”
Both women’s eyes blinked as they awoke from their trance. Wonder Woman spoke first. “Who are you? What have you done to me?” She asked as she tried to move.
“Diane, how did we get like this?” Asked Dru as she realized they were dressed as Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl.
“Ladies, ladies, calm down, I’m here to help.” Smiled the Clerk. First he removed their lassos and tossed them over on a desk. Then he walked behind Wonder Girl and started to pull down her tights ever so slowly.
“Diane stop him!” Cried Dru.
“I can’t move!” Anguished Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman watched as Dru’s breasts popped out as her tights rolled down on to her stomach. Dru closed her eyes as the tights were pulled through her hips and hands. Her satin tights were pulled to the floor around her boots, revealing red cotton bikini panties covering her womanhood. The Clerk held her steady with one hand and lifted each leg to kick away her costume. The Clerk reached around and squeezed her ass. Dru opened her eyes in shock to the violation.
“You pervert!” Cried Dru again.
The Clerk moved in front of Wonder Woman and proceeded to pull down on her tights. Wonder Woman glared into his eyes as her breasts became exposed. Soon the Clerk was kicking away her tights. He stepped back to admire his two beauties. There they both stood with hands on hips, Dru in her red panties and Wonder Woman in similar blue. Both with perfectly toned bodies and large firm breasts. Wearing only red boots, bracelets, tiaras and panties.
“Help! Someone help us!” Wonder Woman started screaming. Dru soon joined in the chorus with her sister. The Clerk just shook his head and pulled out some tape and scissors from a desk draw. Both heroines watched the Clerk’s actions, thinking they knew what was coming next, each trying a little harder in their screams. The Clerk walked up to Wonder Woman and quickly reached down and pulled out her panty waistband. With a quick snip, half the panty fell away. “You fiend!” Cried Wonder Woman. Another pull and snip and the Clerk held the remnants in his hand. He bought them to his nose and took a deep inhaling breath. The sweet smell of womanhood filled in nostrils. The Clerk lowered the panties and moved toward Wonder Girl.
“Don’t you dare touch mine!” Warned Wonder Girl, hoping a preemptive threat would prevent what she believed was about to happen. But instead of grabbing her panties, the Clerk flung Wonder Woman’s panties into her unsuspecting mouth. Wonder Girl eyes bugged out as her mouth was muffled with her sister’s panties. The Clerk secured the gag with a piece of tape. He then reached down and robbed Wonder Girl of her panties.
“You disgusting creep!” Yelled Wonder Woman. With those lasting words, the Clerk secured her mouth with red panties and tape.
“Mmmmph, mmmmph.” Labored the two heroines.
The Clerk stood back and looked at his new sex toys. He felt his dick stiffen as he took in the two women’s beauty. He knelt down in front of Wonder Girl and made a slow lick up her inner thigh. The scent of her body and taste of her skin made the Clerk fully erect. A chill shot through Wonder Girl as she realized she was totally defenseless. He got up and moved to Wonder Woman. He firmly cupped her breasts with his hands and opened his mouth wide. Cupping it over her right breast, he preceded to suck down hard, pulling the breast outward. Wonder Woman’s eyes flared, but she too realized she was helpless. The Clerk released the breast with a pop, leaving a reddened circle around the nibble. Finished with his power demonstration, he returned to face both heroines.
“You two do make beautiful captives, but there is something missing.” Observed the Clerk. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. I went shopping last night.” Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl exchanged glances as the Clerk pulled a large white plastic shopping bag from underneath the table. The Clerk thumbed through it for a minute before producing a large black 10-inch length, two-inch girth, strap-on dildo. He walked over to Wonder Woman and looped the belt of the dildo around her hips, pulling it snug. He then took the two leg straps between her legs, around her buns and secured them snuggly. “Perfect!” He said as he walked around in front of Wonder Woman again. He gave the phallus a little pluck with his finger and watched amusingly as the cock vibrated up and down. Wonder Woman looked down at the mammoth piece of rubber protruding from her waist, wondering what the Clerk was up to. The Clerk then got behind Wonder Girl. Put his arms around her waist and carried her over in front of a two and one half foot high massage table. Setting her down, he kicked her legs apart a little more and bent her over the table. He lifted her chin so she could look down at the end of the table.
Suddenly Wonder Woman knew what the Clerk was up to and tried to shake her head no. But her body wouldn’t to her mind. “MMMMMPH, MMMMPH!” Was the only opposition she could offer. The Clerk continued on with his work. He reached under the table and grabbed a small pillow. Lifting Wonder Girl slightly, he placed it under her lower stomach, causing her diariar to stick up. Wonder Girl lay silent, too shocked to make a sound. The Clerk reached in the bag again and pulled out a fat 15-inch paddle.
“Now Wonder Girl, for all those bad things you said to me.” SMACK!
“MMMMPH!!!” Screeched Wonder Girl, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets. SMACK! Tears started rolling down her cheeks. SMACK!
Wonder Woman watched helplessly as Dru’s ass turn a brilliant shade of red. “STOP IT!” she tried to shout out, only to be garbled by her sister’s panties.
The Clerk stopped the discipline and turned his attention to Wonder Woman. “Your cock there looks a little dry Wonder Tits. Let me see if I can’t help that.” He reached under the table and pulled out a jar of petroleum jelly. He took the lid off and grabbed a scoop full. Setting the jar down, he walked over behind Wonder Woman. Looking over her right shoulder, he reached around and slopped the jelly onto the head of the phallus. He then stroked it a couple of times, giving it a thin membrane of lubricant. He then cleaned his hand off on Wonder Woman’s right butt cheek. “There we go. That’s a fine looking penis now.” Smirked the Clerk. He picked Wonder Woman up and positioned her behind her sister.
“MMMMMPH! MMMMMPH!” Wonder Woman pleaded. The Clerk reached around again and guided the dildo’s head to Wonder Girl’s splinster. He nudged Wonder Woman forward a bit so it just rested at its opening. He quickly stripped off his clothes and repositioned himself behind Wonder Woman with his hands on her hips. Wonder Woman felt his stiff manhood slid between her legs. It gave her a feeling of straddling a pole while being nude. The Clerk bent his knees a little bit and gave a soft thrust into Wonder Woman’s firm butt. This pushed her forward a bit. Wonder Woman watched as the head of her phallus pushed against her sister’s ass. Wonder Girl, with tears still streaming down her face, tightened her muscles as she felt the attempted intrusion. The Clerk pushed Wonder Woman forward a little bit more. Slowly the head entered. Wonder Girl. Her cheeks wrapped around the dildo’s head and it disappeared.
“Unngh.” Was the only faint sound came from Dru. The brief pain subsided and was replaced with a feeling of constipation.
With his waist pressing against her ass, the Clerk brushed Wonder Woman hair away from her ear and whispered into it. “INNNN.” Wonder Woman’s thoughts raced as she felt a cock enter her. How did he penetrate her? Wait, she could still feel his penis outside of her. What was going on? Oh, it did feel good though. No, no, she was being raped. “OUTTT.” Whispered the Clerk. Wonder Woman vagina muscles tightened. He took his hands from Wonder Woman’s hips, reached through her arms and cupped her breasts. Fondling her nibbles between his thumb and pointer finger. He pushed against Wonder Woman’s rear harder, moving her waist forward a few more inches. The black dildo slipped up Wonder Girl’s ass further. Wonder Woman watched in horror as she butt fucked her little sister. The Clerk started moving his stiff member back and forth across the moistening lips of Wonder Woman’s cunt. He then slipped his hands down back on her hips and gave her a large thrust into her sister.
“MMMMMPH!” Wonder Girl cried as the phallus slid all the way in. The Clerk was now in a frenzy and wasn’t about to stop. He pulled Wonder Woman’s hips away and then thrust them back in. Wonder Girl began to feel a strange almost sinful sensation begin to build inside her.
“INN, OUTT, INN, OUTT.” He whispered into Wonder Woman’s ear in rhythm to the Wonder Girl’s anal penetration. As horrified as Wonder Woman was, she couldn’t stop the Clerk’s mind assault. She felt her body surrendering to the invisible cock being forced in and out of her. The Clerk’s cock head rubbed against her swelled clit. It spread her pussy lips, teasingly offering to fill her needs more. Finally the Clerk could take no more and with his right hand, reached up and pulled off Wonder Woman’s gag. “Cum.” he softly spoke in her ear.
“OHHH, AHHH, AHHH!” she gasped, as a flood of orgasmic sensations flew through her body.
Wonder Girl couldn’t believe her ears; her sister was getting off on butt fucking her. “MMPPHH, MMPPHH!”, she shrieked through Wonder Woman panties.
The Clerk pulled Wonder Woman aside, letting a soft pop fill the room as the dildo plopped out of Wonder Girl. He stepped up behind Wonder Girl, grabbed her waist and shoved his cock into her expose pussy. “Why you whore Wonder Girl!” he yelled. “You’re all wet.” He rammed his cock into her, making loud slapping sound. Wonder Girl’s sensations started to intensify. “Yes Wonder Girl. Yes take it all!” commanded the Clerk. After about a minute, Wonder Girl felt the Clerk tense up, keeping his cock pressed her vagina wall. The pressure was all she could take and she felt her body take control. Her muscles squeezed onto the Clerk’s cock and a huge orgasm rushed through her body. The Clerk felt the teen’s submission as his wade unload into her. He kept buried into her until he felt her muscles relax. Sweat poured over both their bodies. The Clerk knowing that he had never had such a fantastic orgasm.
He looked down and watched as the remnants of his sperm began to trickle out of Wonder Girl’s vagina. He moved over to Wonder Woman and undid her strap-on, letting it fall to the floor. Picking her up, he positioned her back behind her sister. He bent her knees until she was kneeling on the floor. She gazed face level into Wonder Girl’s cum oozing vagina. The Clerk adjusted Wonder Woman so her nose just touched Wonder Girl’s skin right below her anis. Wonder Woman could smell the sex, which had just taken place, the shit, the sweat, her sister and cum. The slight ammonia smell of cum however was giving her a slight arousal. A feeling she couldn’t control.
Wonder Girl could feel the warm breath of someone against her clit, but still unable to move. “Please. Please. Someone help me.” She thought.
Wonder Woman closed her eyes, afraid to think what the Clerk had up his sleeve. Little did she know he had already programmed a couple of other key words in her brain. With Wonder Woman in position, the Clerk grabbed a few sofa cushions. He slid one between Wonder Woman’s legs and the rest behind it, forming a couch on the floor. The setup gave just enough room between Wonder Woman’s crotch and the cushion for the Clerk’s head. He slid himself through her legs so he could just see her face up between her breasts.
“Lick.” He said. Immediately Wonder Woman flicked her tongue out and swiped Wonder Girl’s pussy lips.
“Oh my god!” Thought Wonder Woman. “What did I just do?” The cum seeped through her tongue’s taste buds which instantantly caused her to orgasm. “Ohhhh!” Escaped from her lips. Wonder Girl knew from the breath of the moan hitting between her legs, Wonder Woman had just licked her lips.
Wonder Woman, already wet from her first orgasm, gushed a second time onto the Clerk’s face. The Clerk eagerly lapped away at the heroine’s juices further heightening her climax. Her rush started to subside as the orgasmic taste left her mouth. The Clerk sensing this took a breather and spoke. “Lick!”
To her amazement, Wonder Woman’s tongue shot out again. A quiver ran down Wonder Woman’s thigh and the Clerk knew he had another rush of juice coming to him. He had never tasted anything better and he had a lot of women to compare to. It was giving him a high he’d never felt before.
“Lick! Lick!” He shouted. Wonder Woman already lost in a fog of orgasm, unconsciously began to lap at her sister continuously. She blindly tried to penetrate a little deeper, to reach the mother load. Wonder Girl felt the increased pressure on her sex and her nibbles begin to harden again. Riding a constant orgasm, Wonder Woman splashed the Clerk’s face with her cum. Her moans drowning out everything else in the room. The Clerk shot his tongue up into her hole and sucked on her lips. He ate until exhaustion; finally he pulled himself out from between her legs. It was 4 P.M.
Contented with his day’s conquest, he spoke a few key words and Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were back to being hypnotized. He erased their minds of the day’s events and programmed them to return on Sunday morning.


Diane and Dru eagerly entered the massage parlor on Sunday morning.
“You were right Diane, I’ve never felt so good as I did after yesterday’s session.” Dru said to her sister as they walked thru the door.
“I know Dru and it just seems to get better and better each time, wait and see.” Replied Diane. Dru smiled in anticipation as they walked up to the counter.
An hour and hypnotic oil dose latter, both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl stood before the Clerk in their super heroine poses, each gazing off into never never-land. The Clerk had taken the opportunity to slip onto Wonder Girl the strap-on dildo from the previous day. She stood there in her costume with the big dick sticking into space. The Clerk lifted her up and laid her down on her back on the massage table. He raised her arms up over her head and onto the table.
“Wonder Girl, I want to listen very carefully.” The Clerk whispered in her ear. “When I count to three, you will become fully alert and aware of you surroundings. Your limps will be frozen; you will not be able to move. You will not be able to see me. When I say ‘sleep’ in your ear you will return to this hypnotic state. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” She replied. He kissed her on the lips and turned his attention to Wonder Woman.
“Wonder Woman, listen very carefully. When I count to three, you will become fully alert and aware of you surroundings. You will not see or hear anyone else in the room. You will be fascinated with the strap-on dildo located on table. It will appear to you to be attached to a mannequin. You will become obsessed with it and all that it can do. You will be this way until you feel a kiss on your lips, at which time you return to this hypnotic state. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” Quietly spoke Wonder Woman.
“One, Two, Three.” He said.
Wonder Woman blinked her eyes and got a puzzled look on her face. She turned her head side to side surveying the room, wondering how she got there and wondering where there was. It looked like a massage parlor room. A table, cabinets, a chair, a door, no windows and someone had left an adult toy strapped to a mannequin on the table. The mannequin was wearing a Wonder Girl costume. “Well, someone has a sick mind.” She thought. “I’ll just have to go see who I can find and see what’s going on.” She started walking toward the door. She walked by the table, glancing down at the dildo as she walked. She thought to herself as she passed the table for the door. “But there’s that thing on the mannequin. I’ve heard of such things, but have never seen one. I may never get another opportunity to look at one.”
The Clerk knelt down to Wonder Girl and whispered in her ear. “One, Two, Three.”
Wonder Girl blinked her eyes, becoming aware of her surroundings. She looked over just in time to see Wonder Woman turning to her. She suddenly realized she was powerless to move. “Wonder Woman, where are we? I can’t seem to move.” Wonder Woman, not saying a word, just walked up to the table staring are the rubber don. Wonder Girl looked down her body to what Wonder Woman was staring at. “My God! How did that get there?” Wonder Girl asked in a little more worried voice. Still Wonder Woman said nothing. “Take it off me Diane, it gives me the creeps!” Wonder Woman belt down and looked at it. “What are you waiting for? Take it off.” Wonder Girl directed her sister.
“It’s so big.” Wonder Woman thought as she looked over her shoulder, checking the door. Turning back to the dildo, she rubbed her pointer finger around its head and down the front of the shaft.
“What are you doing? Take it off!” Commanded an ever increasingly frustrated Wonder Girl.
Reaching the bottom of the shaft with her finger, Wonder Woman moved her face a little closer to the phallus. “I hear women actually enjoy sucking on a man’s penis.” She thought. “I couldn’t image taking something that big in my mouth, but I wonder what it would feel like on my tongue.” She checked the door once more. Satisfying herself she was alone, she turned, stuck her tongue out, and licked the head of the dildo.
“Sick Diane! What’s gotten in to you? Hey! Can’t you hear me?” Wonder Girl shouted.
“Wow, that was kind of erotic.” Wonder Woman thought, as she looked at the rubber, shiny from her saliva, knowing she was doing something completely taboo for a super heroine to be doing. That and the thought of being caught just made it more exciting for her. She took another long lick up the shaft. Unsatisfied, she opened her mouth and took the whole head in. Tightening her lips, she pulled away, sucking on the rubber head, making a slurpy pop as she finished.
“This is great, I should be filming this.” Thought the Clerk as he watched.
“Snap out of it Diane! Listen to me!” Pleaded Wonder Girl.
Wonder Woman began to feel an urge between her legs as she found it even more erotic with each daring action she took. She took the dildo in her mouth again, this time taking a little more of it in. As she pulled away she let her tongue roll around the cock. The top five inches now glowed with her saliva. She lowered her mouth down onto it again.
Wonder Girl watched as the entire cock disappeared into her sister’s mouth. “God, where does it all go!” She thought to herself.
Hitting the back of her throat, the rubber did cause Wonder Woman a gag a bit. But with a slight repositioning, the rubber found its way down into her throat. Reaching the end, she clamped down her lips and slowly repeated the flicking of the tongue up the dildo until it was out of her mouth. “I can’t believe how exciting this is.” She thought as she checked the door again. “Oh, I may never get this opportunity again.” She spoke out loud and she grabbed the chair.
“Now what?” Queried Wonder Girl.
Wonder Woman pried the chair against the door and floor. Satisfied no one could enter, she turned her attention back to the table. With an excitement in her step she moved to the table. She pulled down on her tights and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and took off her panties. After another quick check of the door, Wonder Woman climbed up on to the table.
Dru was speechless. She looked up at her sister standing on the table, towering over her midsection. Wonder Woman bent her knees and reached down grabbing the base of the dildo for support. “If it’s too big, I can always stop.” Wonder Woman thought as she lowered herself onto it. She slowly rubbed her moist pussy lips against the thick rubbery head, lubricating it with her juices. She gently pushed against it, allowing her lips to cup around the top of its head.
“Stop Diane! Don’t do this!” Cried Dru.
Wonder Woman was oblivious to her sister. Caught up in the moment, she wouldn’t have heard her if she could. “This is too big.” She thought as she lifted herself up a little. “But the pressure did feel good.” She lowered herself again and pushed just a little harder. Her lips wrapped around the head a bit further. The top of the dildo pressed against her cervix. Wonder Woman bit her lip and pushed harder. “It’s too big.” Signed Wonder Woman. Feeling an unfulfilled urge inside her she never felt before, her mind raced for solutions. “What can I do to make it easier.” Then she thought of a possibility. She got down off the table and began looking underneath it.
“Finally, you’ve come to your senses.” Commented Wonder Girl as she saw her sister get down.
“Yes!” Exclaimed Wonder Woman as she pulled out the jar of petroleum jelly. She took off the top and scooped some into her hand. Putting the jar down, she wiped the jelly onto the head of the dildo. She cupped her hand around it and then lubed up the sides.
“No Diane, stop it! Stop it!” Demanded Dru.
Satisfied with the job, Wonder Woman climbed back onto the table. She lowered her back down onto the phallus. She felt the coolness of the jelly touch her lips. A sense of urgency filled her as the slippery head slid around, teasingly missing her hole. She grabbed the phallus and guided its head between her lips. Lowering herself down slowly Wonder Woman could feel the resistance weaken. Her hopes rose as she let more of her weight fall on to the dildo. Slowly her vagina began to widen to accept the rubber monster.
Wonder Girl watched as the head of the dildo disappeared into her sister. She heard her sister let out a slight gasp. Soon four inches of the dick had disappeared into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman tediously rested on the point of pain and ecstasy. “God, it’s going to split me in two.” She thought. “I really should stop before I do myself damage.” She pulled herself up a few inches. “Oh, but it does feel kind of good. Maybe just a little more.” Wonder Girl watched as the mammoth cock sunk back into her sister plus another two inches. “UUHhhh.” Groaned Wonder Woman.
“Stop it Diane you’re going to kill yourself!” Shrieked Wonder Girl.
Wonder Girl’s preaching started to get on the Clerk’s nerves, so he thought he would take her mind off her sister. He went down at the end of the table and pulled off Wonder Girl’s boots and socks. Wonder Girl’s eyes widened as she felt her boots being removed. “Who’s down there!” She cried. With her boots off the Clerk began to suck on her toes. “Oh my God, what’s happening?” Unable to see the Clerk, she thought she was going mad.
With over half the dildo inside her and her legs squatted as far as they could go, Wonder Woman felt it was a good stopping point. She slowly raised herself off it. A sensational feeling came over her as she reached the rim of the dildo’s head however and she sunk herself back down onto the giver of pleasure. After a few of these vertical rides, her need for more sensation and risk grew. On the top of her cycle, she fell to her knees. Sliding down the phallus, she let herself go, eating up the entire 10-inch cock inside her. “Uhhhh!” Rose from her lips as she cocked her head back. She grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as hard as she could. She sat there, straddling her sister, moaning in pleasure. She rocked with an orgasm as she grinded herself unknowingly into Wonder Girl.
In the mean time the Clerk had worked his tongue up to Wonder Girl’s inner thigh. His eyes staring up at Wonder Woman’s firm ass going up and down. Inches away from Wonder Woman, he could hear the friction of Wonder Woman’s cunt sliding against the dildo. He could see her juices lubricating the black rubber. He could smell her sex filling the air. He had the taste of Wonder Girl’s inner thighs filling his mouth. He could feel his erection mounting. He got off the bench and waited for Wonder Woman to finish.
Satisfied with her orgasm and still fearful of being discovered, Wonder Woman dismounted Wonder Girl and slipped her tights back on. She looked at the mannequin’s costume with concern, the satin blue stained with her juices around the dildo’s belt. If someone were to suddenly come in, they would surely be suspicious. Just then she felt a kiss on her lips.
The Clerk walked over to Wonder Girl. “Sleep.” He said in her ear. Wonder Girl’s face turned into a blank expression. He rubbed his fingers up and down the sticky dildo shaft and placed them under Wonder Girl’s nose. “Wonder Girl, this is the most incredible smell you have ever experienced in your life. You can’t get enough of it. Understand?” Spoke the Clerk.
“Yes.” Replied Wonder Girl and she started inhaling deeply.
The Clerk reached down and slid his other hand beneath Wonder Girl’s stained bottoms. Stroking her lips, he was kind of surprised to find her damp. His hand now scented with Wonder Girl, he repeated the suggestion to Wonder Woman. He stood up Wonder Girl and placed her beside Wonder Woman, again with her hands at her hips. He proceeded to strip her of her lasso, tights and panties. He then stripped Wonder Woman of her lasso, boots, tights and panties. Both sisters now stood in front of him, nude with the exception of the their bracelets and tiaras. Their bodies in perfect form, each with a golden tan, broken only by the lighter bra and panty lines.
Listen to me carefully said the Clerk. “You are very dirty. When I count to three, you will start think you are taking a shower. You will use the liquid soap that I will set on the table. The soap will make clean and feel very good. When you are showering you will see or hear no one. You will continue until I say CLEAN, at which time you will want to dress in any outfit that’s your favorite color. You will find the outfit beautiful and it will make you tingle to the touch. Wonder Girl your favorite color is white. Wonder Woman your favorite color is purple.” The Clerk pulled out of his play bag two bottles of baby oil and set them on the table. “One, Two, Three.”
Both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl snapped out of their daze. Looking down at their bodies, they both gave a concerning look on how dirty they perceived themselves being.
Wonder Woman took a baby oil bottle first, popping off the top and squirting it generously all over her chest. She set the bottle down and used two hands to rub it on and around her breasts. Their nibbles perked, enjoying the oily attention. Taking the bottle again, she shoot a big squirt into her right hand and began to clean her legs. First she cleaned the inner and outer thighs, her calves and then her feet. Satisfied with her legs, she moved on to her arms and shoulders. Ending up at her waist, she stroked her sex with her right hand while caressing her breasts with her left. She stood there, mesmerized with the smooth silky feeling of her oily skin. . Her mind drifting in the rapture of the moment.
Wonder Girl in the mean time was finishing up with her wash, paying special attention to her buns and breasts. She had been a little more generous with the oil and waves of it oozed down her body.
The Clerk stared at his two now oily prizes. Satisfied with their state, he pulled out his toy bag and took out a purple silk teddy and a white silk teddy with matching panties. He laid them out on the table in front of the heroines. “Clean.” He said. Immediately Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl stopped grooming their bodies and turned their attention to the new outfits. Wonder Girl slipped on the white teddy and Wonder Woman donned the purple. They both stood admiring themselves with their new outfits, still glistening with oil.
The Clerk snapped his fingers, and the two went into their zombie state. He walked up and stroked their silky covered breasts and between their legs. He turned his attention back to his bag, digging deeper he pulled out two head strap-on dildos. Both being twelve inches long, one inch wide. He strapped them on the two heroines’ heads making them look like odd birds with the phalluses shooting out of their chins. The Clerk lifted Wonder Woman off her feet and laid her on her back down on the table so that she was looking up at the ceiling. Her buns rested on the edge of the table, allowing her legs to droop off the end. He grabbed her lasso and tied it around one ankle. He strung it thru two eyebolts in the ceiling separated by a few feet. He pulled the lasso’s end, lifting her leg until it was straight up. He lifted her other leg up and secured it with a few wraps with the center of the lasso. Wonder Woman now lay with her legs spread upward. He returned to Wonder Girl, still standing in her zombie state. He lifted her over to the table and rested her face down onto Wonder Woman in the opposite direction. Wonder Girl legs hung down on both sides of the table, stratling Wonder Woman. The Clerk positioned Wonder Girl’s crotch up to Wonder Woman’s face. He pulled aside Wonder Girl’s panties and bent Wonder Woman’s dildo into Wonder Girl’s oil covered vagina. The oil allowing the rubber to pass through her lips with ease. He positioned Wonder Girl again so a full nine inches was embedded into her woam. He placed a pillow behind Wonder Woman’s head, pushed it forward, allowing for little movement. He went to the other end and repeated the process with Wonder Woman. He then flung Wonder Woman’s arms around the small of Wonder Girl’s back and secured them tightly with the loose end of Wonder Woman’s lasso. With Wonder Girl’s lasso he pulled down on Wonder Girl’s legs and binded them tightly to the bottom of the table. He then tied her arms around Wonder Woman and the tabletop. The remaining slack he ran to the end of the table and secured her head down so she could not lift away.
“One, Two, Three.” He said, as he sat back in the corner to watch the show.
Wonder Woman awoke from her slumber staring into at first, an unknown site. She soon realized the position she was in with her head stuck between some woman’s crotch. “Thank god, she’s wearing underwear.” Wonder Woman thought. “But what’s this strapped to my head? Great Hera, it’s in her.” Suddenly the earlier suggestion of the Clerk took hold over her. “But there’s something else. That smell, it’s incredible.” Wonder Woman then realized what the smell was.”
Wonder Girl snapped out of her trance at the same time as Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl found herself in the same predicament and basically the same thoughts were running through her little head.
“Excuse me. But are you awake?” Queried Wonder Woman, not knowing who or the condition of her partner.
“Diane! Is that you?” Replied Wonder Girl. Wonder Woman’s vaginal muscles contracted a little bit from Wonder Girl’s surprised jaw movement.
“Careful, don’t move your jaw so much.” Cautioned Diane as she involuntarily took in a deeper breath, enjoying the scent of her unknowing sister.
“Wonder Girl, finally realizing the consequences of her speaking whispered back, “Understood.” Wonder Girl was also beginning to feel the effects of the intoxicating aroma of Wonder Woman. She took a deeper breath, trying to draw more of the smell to her.
“Are you able to get free?” Wonder Woman asked. As she did the dildo latched onto her chin moved in and out of Wonder Girl ever so slightly. The motion was hardly noticeable to Wonder Girl, but the action did add a little more scent of Wonder Girl to the air around Wonder Woman’s face. The fresh wave crossed over her face, and Wonder Woman found herself twitching her nose in an attempt to catch most of it. Being older than Wonder Girl, she was much closer to her sexual peek and she found it causing her to react more. Her vagina started to moisten with the stronger stimulate moving through her olfactory.
“No I don’t think I can. My hands are tied underneath the table.” Spoke Wonder Girl, still trying to keep it down to a whisper. As she spoke she breathed a little heavier, unintentionally allowing her to get a better whiff of her now excited sister. She took a deeper intake of air allowing the pleasant scent to fill her lungs.
Wonder Woman vagina lips were starting to swell and Wonder Girl’s soft whispers were nothing now except the ultimate tease. She shifted her hips in a vain attempt to reach the unreachable itch. Wonder Girl, noticing her sister’s stirring and apologized, thinking that she was moving her jaw too much. “That’s O.K. Dru. In this position I don’t think it can be avoided.” Wonder Woman reassured her sister, trying not to sound too negative. Dru was happy her sister was allowing her such leeway. The scent of Diane’s sex was starting to drive her crazy and she just fingered out the more she talked, the more likely her sister would squirm.
“So how are we going to get out of this?” Asked Wonder Girl devilishly.
“I don’t know yet.” Wonder Woman answered hesitantly. Wonder Girl’s scent now more like a drug to an addict with her. She needed to excite her sister more but not in a purposeful fashion. “We could try wiggling free if you think you could handle it.”
“Perfect!” Thought Wonder Girl. “O.K. I think I can.” She innocently answered.
“O.K. let’s start.” Wonder Woman directed. She squeezed and pulled her arms around Wonder Girl. The dildo worked its way in and out between Dru’s labia. Dru’s body responded by secreting more and more. Diane inhaled deeper, getting more and more turned on by the aroma.
Wonder Girl in the mean time was working her whole body into Wonder Woman. She was feeling hornier with each rub of the silk, which separated the two.
Wonder Woman pulled her head back and took a quick jab into her sister’s sex. She repeated it a couple of times in rapid succession. She could feel Dru returning the favor. She noticed Wonder Girl’s panties starting to moisten. “OH my God! What am I doing?” Snapped into her head. “Dru! We have to stop!”
Wonder Girl heard her sister’s plea in the back of her head. Wonder Woman panties were soaked, the smell incredible. “Just a little bit more...” She thought to herself as she thrust her chin into her sister.
Wonder Woman arched her back up into Dru as her body shook with its first orgasm. She let out a long rolling moan. Lust took over and she started driving Dru. Dru’s eyes opened wide and she tightened her arms pulling herself snug against her sister. She rolled herself back and forth on the silky teddies. Her inner muscles tightened and she felt herself explode in a fluid of juices. Gravity feed Wonder Woman Dru’s orgasm and she found herself licking the top of the dildo to capture the wonderfully smelly juice.
The Clerk, who had been sitting in the corner watching the wonderful performance could stand it no more. He got up, ripped off his pants and jumped on the table, sitting down on the small of Wonder Girl’s back, looking down at Wonder Woman. He stroked his now swollen member aiming right at her face. Before she could utter a word, he blew his wade into her face. Squeezing it tight, his cock acted as a jet nozzle blasting on to her mouth nose and eyes. Stunned at the surprise attack she puckered her face and closed her eyes. Equally shocking to her, she found her tongue lapping up the salty ooze with unbridled passion. He pulled down Wonder Girl’s panties, half covering Wonder Woman’s face and stroked her flowery hole. His fingers lubed themselves with the excess petroleum jelly allowing almost unimpeded entry into her bowels. First the pointer worked its way in, then the middle and finally the ring finger. Wonder Girl screamed from the violation, but the Clerk kept working it. He felt his cock starting to rise again, cheered on by Wonder Girl’s protest. Once sufficiently hardened again, he pulled his fingers out, wiping them on Wonder Woman’s face. He then stretched Wonder Girl’s silk panties over the top of her head, the elastic band securing their position. He swung around, sitting on Wonder Woman’s now covered face, and ran his cock up Wonder Girl’s ass. He grabbed her hips and began pumping away, sliding on Wonder Woman’s silken covered face.
“Help…me…Diane!” Wonder Girl mumbled out in rhythm with the Clerk’s thrust. It was all Wonder Woman could do to breath, as her sister’s panties were ground into her face.
“A few more thrusts and” Narrated the Clerk, “there we go!” He shot his second load up into Wonder Girl’s ass. He got off the sisters and watched them for a while as they panted for breath. Then, with a snap of his finger, they both fell back into their hypnotic state. He untied them both, stood them up and washed them down with a sponge bath. It was getting close to 5 in the evening and the Clerk was spent. So after little more programming to make sure they had lovely fake memories, he sent them on their way. Until next weekend ladies he said as they waved good-bye out the door.