Wonder-Full Tonight 2  

By Crow76308

Wonder-Full Tonight


"'...drooling into your strained peas...' yes, I can see that you are indeed a word-smith!" We both laughed. Then, she pulled a silken rope from the pack she had brought along.


While binding her wrists, I kissed her passionately.

"You know, I can't really feel that until you get done with the binding."

"Thought as much," I said, a little embarrassed. I finished up, making the tying have plenty of slack, so she could participate.

"Perfect. I can still run my fingers through your hair, we can still embrace, good!"

I kissed her again, and then, looked into her eyes.

"'Well favoured is thy form, and thine eyes . . .

honeyed, and love is spread over thy fair face . . .

Aphrodite has honored thee above all...'"

"Sappho? You are educated!"

"Meh. I've had some college. Frost is my favorite, that and some of the Norse Epics, and, well, I am a geek. I love Klingon poetry." She laughed.

"You, my friend were born in the wrong age. Now, I believe we were about to engage in a poetry of a different sort..." We embraced again, and I kissed her hungrily, burying my hands in the wild tumble of her hair. I massaged her shoulders, and moved my hands lower, as we kissed, our tongues engaging in a sweet duel, until I found the clasps of her bustier. Here, I ran into some trouble. It wasn't designed as a normal bustier, and she felt me start to frown in our kiss, before she broke it off with a chuckle. "Here, allow me." She started to reach up to her tiara.

"Hold on! Uhhh, if you don't mind...could you leave the tiara and boots on?" She laughed.

"They always want that! You seem honest, why?"

"Well," I began, blushing, "with 'em on, you're Wonder Woman, you know, every guy's fantasy. I know, I know, chauvinistic, maybe, but true."

"We'll talk about that later, but, okay." She reached behind her, and undid her outfit, and then let the top drop to the sand. She then removed the spankys and her panties, revealing a breath taking body. Her olive skin gleamed golden in the sun, with dark brown, silver dollar areolas tipping breasts that seemed to defy gravity. Her legs were smooth and long, leading to a shaved junction. A light tracery of battle scars only added to her appeal, in my own opinion, giving testament to her bravery.

"'...Learning from the tale of Admetos, my friend, love the brave

but avoid cowards, knowing the gratitude of cowards is small...'"

She smiled, and gestured towards me. "Your turn, my friend." I pulled off my shirt, and then removed my boots, jeans, and undergarments in a rush. I quickly calmed myself, and then smiled.

"I know, not as heroic a form as you must be used to..."

"Hush. I told you, perfection is not as desirable as reality." I smiled, and we embraced again. We resumed kissing, and then I moved over to begin nibbling and licking on her earlobes, drawing a surprised gasp from her, followed by a moan of desire. I worked my way lower, nibbling, licking, and nuzzling her neck, as her hands became entangled in my hair. "Gods! You are as good at this as some of my fellow Amazonians!" she muttered. I tempered my desire with the sincere wish to make this as pleasurable as I could for her. I trailed down to her breasts, massaging and kissing them ardently, teasing her, building her desire as I slowly made my way to her pencil erasure sized nipples. Soon she was groaning, and forcefully pulled my mouth up to hers to savagely kiss me. We tumbled to the sand, and rolled to where the waves were pounding and caressing our bodies as we lost ourselves to passion. Soon I made my way down her body again, to begin lathing her womanhood with my tongue, loosing myself to impatience, as I sought out her clitoris and brought her to the crisis point, again, and again, delighting in her shrieks of rapture as she writhed in ecstasy beneath the manipulations of my mouth and hands. "Enough!" She gasped. "Now, let me return the favor..."


Diana brought me up, kissing me, her tiara askew from her thrashing, and then rolled us over, so she was on top. She worked her way down my body, grinning in amusement when she discovered that I was ticklish, and then giving a throaty growl, as she engulfed my manhood in her mouth. Her tongue swirled along the head, then gently played over the underside, as she slowly lowered her head, until I felt the slick, tight confines of her throat. Soon it was me that was groaning, as she started swallowing and working her throat muscles, while still massaging me with her lips and tongue, before pulling up, until just the head was in her mouth again.

"Lord and Lady!" I gasped out, "Where did you *unghhh* learn to do this..."

She let out a muffled chuckle, before pulling off me for a moment, "A woman has to have some secrets, lover." She returned to her ministrations, eliciting more gasps and groans from me. She brought me to the brink, only to back off again and again, until I thought I would go mad from need, until finally I came, howling like a wounded demon, deep in her throat. She smiled with delight when she saw that I was still hard, and climbed back up on top of me. She teased me along the entrance of the gates of Aphrodite, before plunging me deep inside of her, bringing a gasp from both of us. Soon she was rocking in a gentle rhythm, as old as time itself, as ancient as the oceans, and sweeter than honey. I let my hands roam and explore her body, caressing, stroking, teasing, heightening both of our pleasure, until she shuddered atop me in another climax. She continued riding, until her movements became frenzied, a mad, headlong rush to pleasure, until she screamed again and collapsed on top of me. I rolled her over, and continued the new rhythm she had started, hunching to latch on to one of her nipples, and hooking one leg with an arm to gain better access to her womanhood, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, feeling the leather from one red boot scraping at my shoulder, while the other slid across the small of my back. Then I felt her nails dig into my shoulders as she climaxed again, the added tactile sensation sending me over the edge once more. I fell atop her, this time, and then rolled over, wrapping her in an embrace as we both came back to earth. "Hmmmn, that was...wow," she murmured, as her hand idly stroked my arm, sending a thousand sparks of aftershock through my body.

"Yeah. Damn, I gotta' attack more crazed fan-boys, if this is the result." We both laughed, as she playfully swatted me on my arm. I nuzzled the back of her neck, not to arouse passion, this time, but just to show affection, and enjoy the clean smell of her sweat, and the patchouli like fragrance of her hair. She purred contentedly. Soon, the nuzzling and caressing aroused both of our ardor, though, and took on a new urgency.

"Hold, a moment," Diana said, as she reached for her pack, and pulled out a bottle of oil. "While unduly stereotypical of Greeks, there is a type of love play that I enjoy, that we haven't done, yet..."


I smiled as I drizzled oil over her back, I wanted her total body to be relaxed, before we did this.

"A massage? My, we are a gentleman, aren't we?" she said through a blissful smile. I started kneading and stroking muscles that, even without her super powers, were as corded and strong as steel cables. I found knots that felt as if they hadn't been relaxed in years, eliciting groans of a different type of pleasure from her. Suddenly, she chuckled, "One time, I asked Superman for a shoulder rub, but had to withdraw the request."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, he blushed so furiously I was afraid he'd die of apoplexy if I didn't." We both laughed. "It must be his Mid-West upbringing." She stopped to groan in delight as I hit a particularly sore spot. Soon she was as limp as a wrung out dish cloth, then I moved between her cheeks, bringing a murmur of approval from her. I drizzled more oil back there, and slowly worked in one, then two, then three fingers into her. With my other hand, I reached for, and found the junction of her womanhood, teasing and exciting it. I moved on top of her, lubing my self up as I did so. Slowly I worked my head in, then paused, as she panted in desire beneath me. I began the slow task of working my self into her, then, painstaking fraction of an inch at a time, finally pausing, panting, when I was fully seated inside of her, waiting for her to adjust to my size. "Unnngh, say what you will, about 'heroic bodies,' at least one part of you is heroic as far as I can tell!" I smiled at this compliment, and began slowly pumping in and out of her confines, feeling as if a silken vice was entrapping me. Soon, we built up our speed, with her thrusting back against me, as we both became lost in rapture. I looked down, seeing the hand not supporting her busy in her womanhood, this, combined with the feeling of her climaxing again, was enough to finish me off, as I yelled up to the watching blue sky, and felt the earth explode into a million fragments around me!

After we both came back to ourselves, we washed our bodies in the clear waters of the sea, both having responsibilities away from this idyll.

"I'll look you up, sometime," she smiled to me, then gave me kiss that shook me to the morrow of my bones, "in the mean time, stay out of trouble." With that, she lifted me up in her arms, rose into the air, and flew me home. She was true to her word, too, but those are tales for another time...

not the end.

*This really was Wonder Woman's weakness, for a while, not sure about now, but it serves its purpose, for this story.