Black Canary and the Phantom of Gotham  

By Damselfiend

Black Canary
Wizards Lair Contests Winter 2013 - Seizing the Songbirds

WARNING! : The following work of fiction contains (fantasy) situations involving women in bondage/peril intended ONLY for mature adult readers (18yrs+). Thus all characters in this work of fiction are of legal age. This story was written for the sole purpose of entertainment not for profit. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women. Black Canary, Batman, Oracle, Ra's Al Ghul are copyrighted characters under DC Comics.


1910, Somewhere in the Arabian Desert

"Stay with me Erik.don't perish now!" urged The Persian shouldering his dying colleague. Erik coughed and limped on continuing to lean on The Persian's shoulder for support. The two had just journeyed through the Arabian desert for several days having left Europe a month before after settling some loose ends, namely staging Erik's fake death. They were on a journey to reunite Erik with an old acquaintance. They had just barely arrived at their destination, a secret desert temple home to a league of warrior assassins and their powerful leader.

"The Eternal One is just beyond these doors; to die now would be most tragic" said Erik's friend. He was afraid that even though his European friend was accustomed to traversing deserts during his travels, Erik was in a weakened state and the journey through the scorching wasteland had pushed him to the limits.

"My grieving heart barely holds my good friend" responded Erik to The Persian. Erik readjusted his opera stage mask, having been displaced over the course of their trek. He wished to still don the mask as to not only hide his hideous form or out of sentimentality, but to hide his grief as well.

"But you are so close!" Nodding at the hooded guards brandishing sharp scimitars, The Persian guided his ailing colleague past a pair of thick iron doors leading to the main throne room. Before them stood no other than the Demon's Head himself; Ra's al Ghul.

"Ah, the Opera Ghost himself has arrived" welcomed Ra's motioning at Erik. "I am honored by your presence; tell me why after all these years of hiding have you resurfaced?"

"I am dying because I've lost the will to live, having suffered too long for my past crimes and most importantly for letting go of my one true love Christine" replied Erik. "But I believe should I be given a second chance I could redeem myself and perhaps meet her again in a new life."

"The Lazarus Pit's powers are not to be trifled with" warned Ra's al Ghul, his glare piercing past Erik's stage mask.

"Please great one I demand it!" bellowed Erik throwing himself off The Persian's shoulder and violently removing his mask to reveal his horrifyingly disfigured face that plagued him since his birth.

"I cannot guarantee that the Pit will reform your image as it is a reflection of your soul" answered Ra's al Ghul. Reflecting on how Erik, who was not only a talented stage performer and opera singer but a talented engineer, Ra's continued. "But it will bring the man who has been instrumental in engineering some of my lairs around the world a new lease in life."

"Thank you!" exclaimed Erik.

"There's one last task I may require of you following your rebirth from the Pit."

"Anything, as long as I get chance to see my love again..." answered Erik.


Present Day, Downtown Gotham City, Mocking Bird Karaoke Bar

"Okay! Okay! Last one for the night!" cried Dinah over the booze laden hollering. Straddling her bar stool, Dinah cleared her throat as the bar's trio of large flat screen TVs began to play the next song. Although it was well passed 2 A.M., the Mocking Bird Karaoke Bar was still jammed pack with patrons enthralled by one of Gotham's Black Canary, A.K.A. Dinah Lance, doing what most seldom see her do; singing her heart out.

As the lyrics rolled put on the overhead flat screen displays, Dinah sang with grace and precision as she boasted her sultry voice and hitting high notes with much energy. Usually Dinah was better known to use her meta-human ability of a powerful sonic cry dubbed the "Canary Cry" which was capable of incapacitating hardened thugs to shattering steel. But in the laid back and fun atmosphere of the karaoke bar her other "Canary Cry" captivated ears and moved hearts; especially one heart that belonged to a quite patron sitting at the back of the bar.

In his own quite corner of the bar, sporting large thick sunglasses and sporting a large overgrown beard was talent scout and music producer Ethan Mason. Ethan watched as Black Canary belted out high notes and cooed lyrics with the skill and confidence of a professional singer. Not to mention she was a high yield blonde sex bomb; dressed in her leather jacket and high cut leotard revealing her toned fishnet clad legs in boots she had looks and talent.

Granted this was only merely karaoke a place where music production scouts may or may not find themselves to be at in search of voice talent. But here he was listening to the voice of an angel and he was sold. But Ethan was scouting for someone more than just a candidate to star in one of his music based productions...

Finally the bar closed, and the karaoke bar emptied. Ethan waited at the bar's vestibule until all of the bar's customers left; the last one being Black Canary herself. He waited a bit more as Dinah finished conversing with the bar's owner and made his move, slipping into the shadows as she stepped out of bar waving good bye to the establishments owner.

Walking over to a nearby alleyway where she parked her custom built chopper motorbike, Dinah was a few steps away from her ride when two men came out of the shadows.

"Hey fellas" cooed Dinah still a bit tipsy.

"You're coming with us ya blonde bitch!" snickered one of the men brandishing a pair of handcuffs in one hand and a suppressed hand gun with the other. His partner held what looked like rag, no doubt intended to gag her, and began to move towards Dinah.

"Really? Is this a kidnapping?" laughed Dinah. At that, the man holding the rag lunged at her, Dinah side stepped and dodged him while sending a deft round house kick to the his side. As her assailant crumpled to the ground, Dinah turned to the first thug as he aimed his silenced pistol at her.

"Errr... don't move or I'll shoo-"

Dinah gave the gun toting hooligan no time to react, high kicking his gun out of his hand. The man had a splendid, albeit momentary, view of Black Canary's sexy toned fish net clad leg as it kicked the pistol out of his grip. The next thing he saw was a gloved fist about to smash into his face.

"Sorry, I ain't gonna be some damsel in distress tonight" purred Dinah. She walked over her fallen assailants and made her way toward her motorcycle. She was about to mount her bike and don her helmet when she saw a pair of headlights at the end of the alleyway flashed with the sound of screeching tires accompanying it.

"Ah shit" thought Dinah as eyed the utility van packed with at least four more thugs barreling towards her. "Time to bust out the big guns!"

Taking a deep breath Dinah then unfurled her "Canary Cry" sending a wave of concentrated supersonic sound waves at the van barreling down towards her. Slamming into her canary cry, the vehicle careened into a stop just an arm's length front Dinah. It's front hood and engine block crumpled up while it's windshields shattered. Thrown out of their vehicle, the van's deafened and disoriented occupants, though lucky to have been spared the full wrath of Dinah's sonic cry, were all quickly incapacitated by a rather annoyed Dinah.

"Better luck next time creeps!" snarled Dinah, elbowing the last would-be abductor in the face sending him stumbling onto the ground. Seeing all of her assailants knocked out, Dinah finally felt she was free to go on her way and went on to mount her motor bike.

"Wow what a show" exclaimed a voice behind Dinah just as she was about to don on her helmet.

"Now what?!" Dinah spun around arms up and fists ready to fight. She spied a thin shadowy figure standing at the mouth of the alleyway holding his arms up in a reassuring manner.

"Oh no need to worry Black Canary!" said the voice of the shadowy figure. "I mean you no harm, I just called the police once I saw you may have been in trouble."

As if verifying his claim on cue, Dinah heard sirens from Gotham's finest emanating from a distance. She smiled and nodded at the figure. "Well thank you citizen" she answered. "But as you might've noticed, I pretty much had this all under control."

"You sure did!" answered Ethan. "Say" he continued, "that's a gorgeous voice you got there Black Canary... a real Canary Cry".

"Haha, it's just what I do whenever the odds seem to be against me" giggled Dinah. "Luckily even after a whole night of drinking and singing I was able to pull that off."

"No, not that Canary Cry" said Ethan. "I was referring to your other vocal talent, your gorgeous voice you use for singing."

"Oh! Aww thanks mister" smiled Dinah. "I take it you saw my karaoke performance heheh" she added. "Still. I enjoy doing music whenever I have the chance when I'm not too busy" she said giving a kick with her boot to a dazed thug crawling below her motorcycle. "It's one of the ways I can unwind after a hard nights work you know?"

Feeling more confident that he had garnered her attention Ethan stepped closer towards Dinah the light of a Gotham street lamp illuminating his features. Almost immediately Dinah recognized him from his signature shades and huge beard, a familiar sight on one of her favorite TV shows.

"Wait a sec. Aren't you Ethan Mason?" she asked. "The music judge and producer of Gotham Diva's?"

"Why yes I am my dear" answered Ethan. "Excellent she recognizes me" he thought. Not only did he now have her attention but also her genuine interest as well.

"What are you doing here?! I love your show!" exclaimed Dinah over-excitedly, evidently still buzzed from a night of drinking.

"Just having some downtime like yourself I suppose" replied Ethan sheepishly. "But it gladdens me that you watch my show."

"I've gotta admit I don't watch enough off Gotham Divas..." admitted Dinah.

"Ah okay, I'm aware you're mostly busy fighting crime and what not" went on Ethan. "But still, have you ever thought of cultivating that amazing voice of yours?"

"Oh.uh not really" replied Dinah. "Are you proposing something for me?"

"Yes!" answered Ethan enthusiastically. Checking his excitement he calmly continued. "I was thinking you may be able to qualify to be a contestant on our next season of Gotham Divas."

"No way!" Dinah exclaimed. She was astounded by the offer. "I never thought my singing could ever make the cut!"

"We're holding auditions this coming weekend, perhaps you'll like to try out?"

"I'd love to!" exclaimed Dinah. "When and where?"

"At the Gotham Music Hall Theatre starting at noon" replied Ethan. "Here's my calling card with the rest of the info about the auditions on the back. See you then?"

"Definitely!" exclaimed Dinah giddily. "I'll be there!"

By now Gotham's finest had just pulled into the alley; the officers quickly apprehended the fallen thugs while Black Canary briefed the ranking officer on what had transpired. She pointed out that it was Ethan was the man who made the 911 call to which he said he was merely trying to help. Eventually Dinah donned her helmet, revved up her bike and sped off not before giving a flirtatious smile and wink at Ethan.

"In time my time" muttered Ethan as he watched Black Canary speed off into the night.

"Why not?" fumed Dinah. Her voice was loud enough to echo throughout the large clock room of the Gotham Clock Tower, headquarters for Dinah and other members of the all-female superheroine team known as The Birds of Prey.

"Because this guy is obviously conning you for your status as a cape and the fact you're a gorgeous blonde" replied Barbara. "Aside from exploiting your looks, superheroine status and apparent talent for his monetary gain, he's probably a total perv as well. Haven't you thought of how convenient it was for him to be present to call the cops just moments before your attempted abduction?"

"I beat the crap out of those punks!" retorted Dinah. "They didn't stand a chance...and he happened to be there unwinding just like me. Maybe you and I should take more nights off and enjoy some downtime you know..."

"One you're being defensive and two there's too much work at the moment to enjoy nights off" rebutted Oracle trying to be patient with her hot headed friend. "Anyways, I sense this guy is trouble."

Dinah scowled at Barbara. Though wheelchair bound from an act of violence from an old foe, the former Batgirl's current role as an Oracle was not only to coordinate and advise the members of The Birds of Prey, but also to ensure their safety. In this case Babs was being quite keen on keeping Dinah away from a man who may be not only a con but a real danger to her.

"Ughh! You're being judgmental and overprotective" groaned Dinah. "He's the real deal, haven't you seen the show Gotham Diva's? He's a producer and judge on that show!"

"Yes" sighed Barbara exasperated. "But that still does not mean he's genuinely interested in making you a star based on your talent. More likely the man is interested in acquiring ratings for his show Gotham Divas; and speaking of Gotham Diva's we have a case growing on her hands involving that show."


"Yes" answered Barbara rolling her wheel chair towards the main computer terminal. "It's the reason why I'm acting like a overprotective mommy. I want you to check this out."

Dinah eyed the terminal's large main screen. She saw a video compilation of young women being interviewed by Gotham detectives; the ladies seemed distraught, one was even crying hysterically. They were all talking about an eerie singing voice that seemed to follow them around, even to the point it seemed as though the voice was in their heads.

" what am I looking at here?" asked Dinah.

"These are all contestants of the past couple of seasons of Gotham Divas" answered Barbara. "The reason why we've been called to assist in this investigation is that one of these girls is currently on suicide watch at Gotham General. Something or someone is driving these girls into insanity."

"And how can we be of any help?"

"We can start by finding clues to the origins of this voice, which the contestants confirmed hearing first at the Gotham Music Hall theatre" replied Barbara swiveling her wheelchair around to face Dinah. "And since coincidentally" said Babs with her fingers performing an air quotes "Gotham Diva's Ethan Mason has invited you for an audition at that very same theater, you can snoop around a bit for any evidence that may yield the origins for this voice."

"An undercover operation and a shot at becoming a Gotham Diva" muttered Dinah. "I love it".

"Whatever happens, promise you'll be careful" said Barbara.

"Oh don't worry girlfriend" laughed Dinah as she and Barbara gave each other a hug. "If anything you'll find out Ethan Mason has an ear for talent."

The lobby of the Gotham Music Hall theater was abuzz with activity. Dinah filled out her audition entry sheet, received her contestant number and fell in line with the rest of Gotham Diva hopefuls. There was at least a thousand women of all ages seeking a shot at becoming a Gotham Diva. Though dressed in her usual superheroine garb of leather jacket, leotard, and her signature fishnets, Dinah wasn't the only one dressed provocatively. Still, some contestants eyed at her jealously while others gushed how they admired her devotion to crime fighting even taking the time to pose for a quick picture with the blonde superheroine.

"Next contestant please come in" announced a event staffer. At that, Dinah got up from her chair and walked into the audition hall's stage where a panel of judges awaited her. The panel of judges consisted of female popstar Cassidy Lynn, record producer Frank Goldman, and Gotham born rapper Jay Trigga. But Ethan was nowhere to be seen amongst the panel of music celebrities.

"Ah damn..." muttered Jay Trigga slumped in his chair as he gazed wistfully at Black Canary as she strode onto the stage for her audition. "Yo this girl got's my vote!" he exclaimed much to Dina's amusement. The other judges weren't as convinced.

"Er...Why thanks!" giggled Dinah.

"Well obviously you've got a hot bod and what not" remarked Cassidy coldly. "But can the Black Canary sing?"

"We'll see about that bitch" thought Dinah. "I wouldn't be here if I thought I don't have, what I believe to be, a great voice." She really wanted to drop kick that stuck up pop star of a cunt.

"Whoa take it easy Cassidy" intervened Frank Goldman. "Keep it alright, let's here what you got Miss Lance."

"Thank you" replied Dinah. Inhaling a deep breath she then went on to sing a jazzy version of one of Cassidy's songs. The popstar along with her other two judges were awestruck by how Dinah handled her voice, not to mention how sultry her singing was.

"Yes you are the are her!" hissed a voice while Dinah was just hitting a high note. Stopping abruptly mid note she gaped at her judges knowing the voice did not match any of them.

"Was that any one of you who just said that?" implored Dinah, knowing in her gut what sort of answer she was going to hear from the equally perplexed judges.

"Uhh...what do you mean Miss Lance?" asked Mr. Goldman "None of us said a word, in fact I think it's safe to say were all speechless by that amazing voice of yours!"

"Oh okay..." replied Dinah

"What do you say gang" said Mr. Goldman at his fellow judges. "Is she in?"

"We vote yes!" exclaimed Cassidy and Jay Trigga simultaneously the latter with more enthusiasm than the former.

"Welcome to Gotham Divas Black Canary!"

"Did you pick up on that?" asked Black Canary tapping at her ear communicator as she exited the audition hall.

"Not really" replied Barbara over the Dinah's earpiece. "But I did pick up an unusual low pitched frequency from the mic on your communicator. I take it you heard that voice?"

"Yeah I hell did" replied Dinah as she walked through the contestant crowded corridor. "It was freaking creepy too. Can you find a way in locating where it was coming from?"

"Sorta" answered Babs. "The autistic detector I installed into your communicator's mic had some trouble picking up the signal, but I isolated the voice to be originating from the music hall's basement floors..."

"Ok...I'm on it" replied Dinah. She then slipped behind crowd of contestants and a line of security and entered another hallway leading to the side exit of the theatre. Once outside, Dinah foundherself in an alleway where a large locked metal cellar door lay next to her. After picking the lock, Dinah flung the meatl doors open quitely as she crept down.

"Careful Dinah" whispered Babs over the communicator, "Describe to me what you're seeing."

Turning on her slim tactical light torch, Dinah illuminated a portion of the dark basement and began her investigation. The massive basement was actually the foundation of the music hall. It mostly was composed of support beams, stage equipment stowed beneath the recital hall itself, and plenty of air ducts

"Just lots of stage stuff, concrete beams..." remarked Dinah. "You know this is a perfect setup for me being a blonde in a leotard and fishnets, wandering some dingy basement before some maniac chloroforms her and trusses her up in his lair."

"Ewww... creepy" spat Barbara. "I wonder why sometimes you talk or think about things like that..."

"Just psyching myself" replied Dinah. "Comes with the job for us superheroines right?"

"I suppose..." answered Babs. "Anyways find anything intriguing?"

"Actually yeah" noted Dinah as she ran her gloved hands across oversized and oddly shaped airducts. "I've got some airducts here that look pretty peculiar."

"Arggh...I knew I should've installed a camera on your communicator for a live video feed." relented Babs. "Can you just take some pictures with your phone instead?"

"Sure no problem." Dinah placed the light torch on her mouth and bit down to hold onto it as she reached for her phone. She proceeded to take some shots and placed away her phone.

"So beautiful, with a voice so will be mine!" said the voice as though it was breathing down Dinah startling her.

Dinah was about to remove the light torch from her mouth and ask Babs if she heard the errie voice again when she felt a heavy blunt implement strike her head from behind causing her immediately to black out...

"Canary wake up! Canary do you read?! WAKE UP!!" cried Barbara over Dinah's communicator.

"Uggghhhhhhnnnnn..." groaned Dinah. She felt herself laying on her stomach, her arms were being pulled behind her as she she felt what seemed like ropes being looped around her wrists.

"Ughhhhh...oh no you don't..." muttered Dinah as she quickly regained her bearings. Though it was dark she knew her assailant was knelt beside her and so she sprung up hands loosely tied behind her.

"Fuck off bastard!" snarled Dinah as she gave a deft kick at the shadowy figure. The figure then stumbled into the dark not to be seen again. Dinah tugged at the ropes keeping her hands tied behind her until they slackened enough to fall off.

"Dinah? You okay?!" called an anxious Barbara.

"Yeah I'm fine...asshole hit me from behind..."

"I heard you grunt after hearing what sounded like a serious blow...did you get to identify your attacker?"

"Negative...I still got my phone with the pictures of these weird airducts...I'm heading out now before this creep strikes again."

"Good. Return to the Clock Tower Canary."

The rest of the day went routinely for Dinah once she returned to the Clock Tower. She cradled an ice pack on her head that Babs offered her while the two reviewed the pictures Dinah took of the unusually shaped air ducts. Barbara advised Dinah could go home to rest but Dinah opted to go out on her usual night patrol. The night itself presented little trouble for Black Canary as she dealt with the usual bank robbers, gang bangers and arms dealers of the Gotham...but the voice and the shadowy figure began to haunt her as her night patrol went on. Finally Dinah completed her patrol shift and headed home...

One of the things that Dinah loved the most was taking a hot shower after a long night of patrolling Gotham's crime infested streets. Dinah moaned happily as the hot streams of water massaged her aching legs sore from all the running and kicking she did throughout the night. She then proceeded to soap herself up to rid the grime of sweat and bloodied scrapes she accumulated throughout the night.

Dinah was just lathering her breast in soapy suds when she heard what sounded like a man singing in the distance, as though he was performing at an opera. Dinah ceased her lathering, allowing the shower's water droplets to continue spattering upon her buxom athletically built bod as she listened intently. Believing it was the same singing voice she heard at the theater, Dinah's eyes widened in apprehension; had the voice followed her home?

Creeping out of her shower stall, she wrapped a towel over her torso and tried to locate the voice's origin. It sounded distant, like an echo emanating from the bowels of Gotham. Tilting her head over her bathroom sink, Dinah cupped her ear and listened to the errie voice. It was real and not an imagination of any sort. Errie as it was it sounded beautiful as well almost serenading Dinah in a trance.

"You will be mine my dear Dinah Lance!" said the voice abruptly.

"Aieeekkk!!!" squealed Dinah backing away from the sink and slamming her back against the wall as she dropped her towel. "Who the fuck are you?! Leave me alone you bastard!" she screamed.

At that the voice stopped. Somewhat satisfied the voice was gone for the time being, a tense Dinah got dressed for bed. It was almost half passed three in the morning, she contemplated on calling Barbara about the voice but figured it would be rude to call her at this time. Besides she was beat and wanted to hit the sack...

Gotham Clock Tower, Downtown, 1:00 P.M.

"Morning sexy" greeted Barbara as Dinah stepped off the clock tower's elevator and onto Oracle's operations room. Babs noted Dinah was in her casual street clothes consisting of a tight leather jacket top, yoga pants and running shoes.

"Not in your uniform today?"

"It's still early in the day" replied Dinah.

"Huntress, Dove and the others not inherently part of the Bat-family would say otherwise" replied Barbara. "You're usually in costume by this time, you okay? Is there something wrong?"

"The voice Babs, I heard it last night while in the shower." answered Dinah with a shiver. Could've sworn I heard it too when I was on patrol last night too, but definitely the one in the shower was damn real."

"Okay easy Dinah" reassured Babs as she rolled up to comfort her friend. "Was it the same as the one you heard in the theatre during auditions?"

"Yeah, but this time it was singing. It was really nice actually but I got this creepy feeling over me after I heard it."

"Someone is obviously stalking and menacing you and the other contestants...we have to-"

"The voice that I will be his Babs."

The momentary silence between the two was awkward for Dinah as she braced to hear some sort of beration from Babs saying how it was Dinah's own fault for getting into this mess. But she should've known better.

"Okay Dinah, you should take the night off." said Barbara "I'll assign Huntress on this case. I don't want you to be a liability in any way. Stress must be on you too so, rest up and relax that's an order."

"Yes ma'am" sighed a relieved Dinah. "You're the best!" she exclaimed as the two girlfriends embraced.

"Just do me a favor, stick with me for the next couple of hours to help me with some operations and review some crime files before heading out, okay?"

"Sure thing girlfriend!" smiled Dinah.

"And when you do leave, stay home and relax okay? Stay out of any trouble."

"I will" assured Dinah.

It was late afternoon as Dinah revved her bike and rode off from the Clock Tower and headed out to run some errands before heading home. Upon arriving back at her apartment, Dinah slipped off her clothes and lounged about on her bed and watched some T.V. slurping away some Chinese noodles she picked up on her way home. Just then her cell went off, it's vibrating drone rattling on her bed side drawer garnering her attention.


"Hi, this is Ethan calling, is this the Black Canary?"

Dinah was both relieved and surpised to hear Ethan Mason's voice on the other line. "Uh yes Mr. Mason...ho-how did you get this number?!"

"Please call me Ethan, and your JLA contact number was on file with us when you auditioned..."

"Oh. Right. Sorry I've been stressed lately and-"

"Stressed? I'm sure as your crime fighting duties must be quite taxing and now that you are on the verge on becoming a star..."

"Ethan, I don't feel like continuing this anymore, lately there's been this voi-"

"Relax Dinah, you've impressed the judges, you've got the look, the personality; tell you what come over to my place tonight and will have a one on one recording, dinner..."

"I'd love too but-"

"Trust me Dinah. You'll get your mind off the troubles of being a superheroine and take some time to relax. Swing by my place tonight, the address is on my contact info on the card I gave you. See you then alright?"

"Err...alright" said Dinah biting her lip. She was thinking of doing exactly the opposite of what Babs instructed her to do. But maybe a simple date as opposed to going out tonight to combat crime wasn't going to hurt. Besides, she hadn't heard since last night either.

"And it's okay if you must appear in costume to protect your identiy..."

"Hmm...okay then see you tonight"

"I guess I gotta dress to impress" mused Dinah to herself. She hoped going out tonight, without Barbara knowing, would be worth her time.

Midtown Gotham City, Arcadia Towers, 8:00 P.M.

That evening, Dinah throttled the 200hp engine of her custom built muscle motorbike up the exit ramp taking her straight into one of Midtown Gotham's main boulevards. Within moments she rolled up to Gotham's Arcadia Towers where some of the city's wealthiest citizens resided in posh apartments. "Looking pretty nice" muttered Dinah gazing up at the tall classy art-deco design of Arcadia Towers.

Dinah then drove her bike into Arcadia Tower's underground parking garage populated by numerous luxury sedans and exotic sports cars. Parking her motorbike, she then removed her helmet and swayed her head as to let her long locks of hot honey blonde hair unfurl. She brought along her com link communicator but opted to turn it off just in case Babs was going to bother her. Dismounting her bike, she then noted an elevator hub at the end of the well-lit garage and walked towards it, her heeled boots clacking loudly throughout the garage.

"She's here!" thought Ethan having heard Black Canary's bike roaring in followed by undoubtedly by the high heel clatter of her gait. Ethan watched the security monitor mounted on his wall and gawked at the blonde bombshell superheroine virtually at his doorstep. Just as promised and even though she was off duty, Black Canary was dressed in her sexy crime fighting attire. Seeing she was strutting towards the front door Ethan then donned his disguise.

"Hello there" greeted Ethan as he opened the front door; thanks to his dark shades he took the liberty of leering lustfully at Black Canary. "Please do come in!"

Black Canary's costume remained the same except this time beneath her black elbow length leather jacket she wore a black leotard sporting bustier styling displaying an extra generous amount of cleavage. As always the high cut design of the leotard showed off her toned legs and firm buttocks clad in her trademark fishnets atop calf high heeled boots. The blonde bombshell's gorgeous corporeal form was the perfect vessel to house her truly exquisite voice.

"Whoa" exclaimed Dinah taking a gander at Ethan's spacious abode. "And I thought the outside of your crib was impressive".

The massive living room boasted a vaulted ceiling with a chandelier, an enormous fire place flanked by a pair of leather pleated couches. There were many pictures of famous locales around the world along with several music awards and album records on the walls of Ethan's ritzy abode.

"Would you like anything my dear? A drink perhaps?" asked Ethan. He kept leering at her.

"Oh no thanks, I'm good" declined Dinah politely. She was becoming a bit more uneasy and slightly uncomfortable around Ethan. Perhaps she was being intimidated by him?

"Very well then" said Ethan. "If you'll just follow me this way, we'll start your path on becoming a music star."

Dinah smiled at a grinning Ethan who took her gloved hand and led her down a hallway.

"Right in here Miss Canary" said Ethan as he opened a thick door leading to a padded room. "This is the recording room. We can record some of your vocals right here."

"Er okay." muttered Dinah eyeing the bare room hesitantly. All over the walls and ceiling were what looked like soundproofing save for a large mirror on one side of the room. Across the mirror was a microphone hanging from the ceiling and right below it a music sheet stand with a song book and a pair of headphones. In the corner of the room was a mattress in front of a white backdrop lit by a pair of light strobes and reflectors, no doubt set up for a photo op. "This looks a bit seedy" thought Dinah nervously.

"How about we start recording some of your most superb voice talent" suggested Ethan as he took Dinah by the arm and walked her over to the hanging microphone. "Just place these on and we'll get started" said Ethan handing Dinah the pair of recording headphones.

"How long will this take?" asked Dinah as she placed the headphones on brushing aside stray locks of her blonde hair behind her ears.

"A few minutes to an hour tops" promised Ethan. Pointing at the mirror on the wall he continued. "I'll be behind that window in the recording studio walking you through the recording process. Okay?"

Dinah gave a nervous smile and nodded and watched Ethan walk out the room closing shut the thick door behind him. By now Dinah was pretty anxious; here she was a tough as nails superheroine who fought everything from street thugs to super powered villains and she was undergoing a case of stage fright? Or were her instincts telling her something more than just performance anxiety was to be her concern; that something was not right about all this.

"Miss Canary my dear, can hear me? Are you ready?"

"Yeah I'm good to go" answered Dinah.

"I'm going to pipe in the first song; the lyrics are on the music sheet in front of you if you need to refer to them. Here we go."

The music chimed in. It was a jazzy track with a more genuinely smoother tone, something one would expect to hear while lounging at swanky club and definitely not while shopping at the grocery store. Although she wasn't familiar with the song, Dinah easily managed to sing well enough to impress Ethan.

"That was quite fantastic Miss Canary" remarked Ethan. "Now that we got you warmed up let's try a classic soul blues classic turn to the next page if you will." He watched with aniticpation as Dinah nodded and flipped to the next page.

Dinah eyed the song sheet's title which read Warren and Gordon's "At Last!" hesitantly. She knew the song's timelessness and integrity was championed by famous lady vocalist from Etta James to Beyonce."No biggie Dinah, he's already sold on your voice. Just sing as you would and it'll be all fine" she reassured herself.

And so Dinah sang with all she had giving justice to the song. Ethan figured Dinah's vocal range was at least of four octaves, same range of some of the music industries most talented artists. Her voice was so soulful and heartfelt. It was breathtakingly beautiful and almost too much for Ethan to bear.

"Her is so sublime! She is the one; my one and only!" he thought passionately. "She has to be true love reincarnated to meet me again!" he thought.

"After all this time, you're mine again my love" he rasped over the microphone. "At last you're mine again!"

"Errr what?!" exclaimed an alarmed Dinah mid-verse into the song. She was startled to hear Ethan speak over the microphone in a sudden creepy lustful tone. "Excuse me I'm sorry, but what did you say Mr. Mason?"

"You're mine at last" repeated Ethan as he pressed a button hidden beneath his audio control desk panel.

"Okay, I don't feel like doing this anymore, I'm done" said Dinah as she removed her recording headset. She then went for the door but stopped midway. Her ears were picking up a peculiar hissing sound entering the sealed room. Soon Dinah became dizzy her vision blurred and her legs buckled. " are you." she coughed.

Ethan watched as Black Canary succumbed to the sleeping agent he had released into the sealed room she was locked in. With one hand over her mouth, Dinah coughed trying not to inhale the airborne sedative. But it was no use; Black Canary staggered about the room before collapsing onto the floor sprawled about as a gorgeous heap of blonde locks and fishnet adorned legs.


"Ummmmmppphhhhfff.." groaned Dinah. Though she struggled to open her eyes, Dinah did not need to actually see she was in trouble. She tasted a large rubber ball shoved deep into her mouth keeping her thoroughly gagged and felt her hands tightly tied behind her wrists crossed with what felt like braided clothesline rope. She felt more rope encircling her torso pinning her arms while more rope kept her knees and ankles lashed together tightly.

"Ughh! I really have to stop falling into situations like this" thought Dinah. Where the hell am I anyways?"

Dinah was glad that Ethan had not stripped her nude as she was still wearing her least for now. She found herself laying on her side bound and gagged atop a red velvet shrouded divan. Wriggling herself up to a sitting position atop the bed-like couch, Dinah scrutinized her surroundings all the while working at her bound wrists behind her.

In was dimly lit room she was in, Dinah spied some candles here and there, a grand piano not far from her and large display case featuring numerous stringed instruments from around the world. There were no windows visible anywhere, there was only a hallway entrance at the far end of the room.

"Gotta get out of this place, God knows what Ethan has in store for me!" thought Dinah squirming against her ropes as she tried to inch her way towards the divan's edge. "Dammit, Babs was right!" Having swallowed her pride, Dinah cursed herself for not keeping her comlink on. She prayed that Barbara would soon realize she had been abducted and locate her via the homing signal on her comlink...that is after Babs was able to remotely activate it. In the meantime, Dinah had to find a means to escape.

"Ugmmmpphhfff!!!" grunted Dinah as she rolled off the divan and slammed onto the floor. Wriggling herself up into a kneeling position, Dinah then made use of the hundreds of squats she'd do at the gym utilizing her sexy toned calves and thighs to lift her up to stand. Once on her feet, Dinah hopped out towards the hallway, as she did her high heeled boots clacked noisily causing her to cringe at every hop she made."This is only going to get his attention" thought Dinah.

Crouching back down, Dinah then picked at the knots of the ropes lashing her knees and ankles together. Ethan's rope-work was thorough and the fact she was still wearing her gloves made it more difficult to grasp the knot's ends to undo her ropes. Several minutes passed as Dinah struggled to untie the ropes binding her legs, by now her thighs were beginning to burn due to her squatting posture. Eventually Dinah loosened her bonds enough in which she simply wriggled her legs to let the ropes fall off.

Kicking the ropes aside, Black Canary, gagged and her hands still tied behind her tight, dashed through the hallway entrance her high heeled boots still clacking noisily but not as loud as before. She tried to tip toe but the ropes pinning her arms behind her and around her torso reduced her sense of balance.

As Dinah left the confines of the strange room she heard the sound of rushing water accompanied by a stagnant stench. Creeping along the dark underground corridor she eventually found herself at one of Gotham's immense subterranean aqueduct tunnels.

"If I can just follow this aqueduct, it may just lead me to a treament plant where I can find a better way to the surface" thought Dinah. "Best case scenario is I'll find an service exit sooner...and worst case is I'll be lost here long enough for Killer Croc to catch me and make me his plaything..."

The latter thought compelled Dinah to urge onwards, daintily wading into the flowing runoff water of the aqueduct. At least it wasn't sewage waste water but the runoff wasn't particular clean either. Having her hands tied behind her back caused Black Canary trouble as she waded into deeper water, not only was he balance already compromised but should she stumble swimming was going to be near to impossible for her.

"Easy Dinah, slow and steady" urged Dinah to herself squinting to see through the darkened tunnel. Periodically she would look back to see if Ethan was following her, turning her neck quickly over her shoulder at every sound that she assumed was indicative of someone shadowing her. Despite her hands bound behind her back, her aching jaw due to the ball gag shoved into her mouth, and the nasty water running against her sexily toned fishnet clad legs, Black Canary pushed on.

"There's nowhere you can run to my dear..." bellowed the voice.

Startled Dinah tripped and plunged head first into the aqueducts rushing water. She forgot to take a breath and now found herself without air, bound and gagged, tumbling about in an underwater current unable to regain her footing. Choking against her gag as she tried to gasp for imaginary air Dinah was on the verge of blacking out when a arm caught her tumbling form and scooped her to the aqueducts surface.

"Urrggmpppphhhhh!!! Ughhhfff!!!" choked Dinah gasping for air despite her ball gag. Her soaked blonde hair was drooping over her face, a hand cleared them aside. Still coughing and gasping for air Dinah's heart sank when she saw her "rescuer" outfitted with a chest mounted flashlight to be Ethan.

"Easy my dear, easy" said Dinah's kidnapper. "Follow me to the side of the aqueduct here where it's more shallow."

Moving from the waist deep water to the knee deep edges of the aqueduct, Ethan then forced a still choking Dinah on her knees. He then took out from his shirt's pocket a heavy duty zip tie and secured it around a delirious Dinah's neck causing her to gag.

"So he saved me from drowning only to choke me to death?! Asshole!" thought Dinah too physically distraught to be angry.

As if to rebuttal her mental remark, Ethan explained his motive with the zip tie; "this is to prohibit you from deploying your Canary Cry by restricting your larynx, you can breath and talk a bit but you won't be able to use that sonic cry of yours at all." He then unlatched Dinah's ball gag much to her relief.

"Ohhh God I thought I was done for" cried Dinah still on her knees coughing and gasping for air. At that Ethan grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up onto her feet and close to him.

"Argghhhhhh! What gives?!" cried Dinah. "You're hurting me dammit!"

"Don't attempt to escape my dear, you nearly lost your life and you're truly one of a kind. I cannot bear losing you do you understand?"

"Yes...I..I understand." replied Dinah. "But could you loosen this zip tie around my neck it's reall-huuuurrgkkk!!!"

Ethan tightened the zip-tie around Dinah's neck. "You are in no position to give orders is that also understood?"

Dinah nodded. Satisfied, Ethan marched her back to the lair...

Ethan was quite strong for a scrawny build of a man, as he was able to bridle-carry Dinah back to the chamber with little difficulty. Once back in the room, Ethan laid the thrashing Dinah back onto the divan. He removed a towel beneath the divan and began to dry wipe Dinah, rubbing the towel vigorously over her bouncing boobs barely held back by her disheveled bustier and running up and down Dinah's flailing legs.

"Be still my love!" rasped Ethan, his hand caressing Dinah's writhing supple form as she struggled against her bonds and Ethan's unwelcomed hands. "I apologize for these measures" he said stroking the bonds of ropes binding Black Canary's wrists behind her back. "But you are most spirited one, it is amazing what how a reincarnated soul can be so transformed."

"Nghhh!" grunted Dinah tugging at her bound hands behind her. "Why are you doing this to me?!And what the hell are you talking about reincarnation?!"

"In time your memory shall return" reassured Ethan to a bewildered Dinah. "You and your lover from long ago would be reunited again soon enough."

"Huh?!" Dinah exclaimed at the odd remark from Ethan. "Listen, Mr. Mason I sure as hell would like to leave now, please just let me g- ummmpppphhhfff!!!!"

"Hush my angel" comforted Ethan as he re-gagged Dinah. Ethan calmly caught her flailing legs and continued on to re-bind Dinah's shapely thighs to her booted calves. In this frog-tie, Dinah was left in a most vulnerable position.

"Since I know you love my show, you shall watch Gotham Diva's while I am gone. And believe me, you will be truly entertained" whispered Ethan as he finished tying the last knot of Dinah's frogtie.

"Mmmmppphhfff!!!" grunted Dinah furiously as she squirmed about bound and gagged, ruffling the divans velvet sheets. She watched Ethan then take out a large vibrator and some rope; he proceeded to tie a crotch rope tie around Dinah, looping the ropes around her thighs tight enough to cause runs on her fishnets. He then placed the vibrator against her groin, wedging the sex toy beneath her leotard and placing it against her snatch.

But Dinah sensed Ethan wasn't finished as she eyed him take out more bundles of rope from beneath the bed couch she was laying frogt tied on. To ensure Dinah remained on the divan he encircled yards of more rope beneath the divan and looped them over Dinah torso. He encircled more rope around her waist and roped it off beneath the divan to better lash her onto the Divan.

"Ummpphhffff!!!" cried Dinah, protesting against the ropes belting her down onto the divan. Ethan then set himself upon Dinah, kissing her lips as he ran one hand through her blonde locks and used his other to fondle her succulent breasts and thighs. As Ethan continued his rough petting on the hapless Black Canary. All the while the zip tie "choker" around her neck bit hard unto her skin and was dangerously constricting her throat's airway.

"Mmmmmhhhhhppffhhh!!!" groaned Dinah as she could only writhe in disgust. Every time Ethan went in closer to slobber his lips across her gagged face, Dinah would arch her back and tilt her neck in an attempt to avoid the unwanted "affection". She grimaced as Ethan roughly squeezed away at her breasts viciously. And as Ethan would run his hand down her fishnet clad thighs, Dinah would cringe and tense up her body, anticipating the possibility that the next run of his hand would find itself beneath her leotard ready to titillate her already wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmhhhhh...." moaned Dinah. "Oh god just stop...just stop you nasty bastard!"

"I suppose that'll be enough for now..." said Ethan as if he read Dinah's mind. "Don't want to wear you out entirely..."

"Hmmmphhfff!?!" exclaimed Dinah beneath her gag. Looks like he had more in store for her.

"The dildo I've inserted beneath your leotard is wirelessly linked to the all the acoustic recording devices at the Gotham Divas stage" explained Ethan slyly. Dinah's nostrils to flair and her eyes widen anxiously. Ethan went on, "may it be from the camera's mics to the very microphone of a contestant, whenever one of diva contestants hits a note or executes a sweet melody this device of pleasure would reinforce your desire to sing for me!"

Ethan took out a remote and pressed a button causing a large hidden ceiling mounted flat screen to protract above Dinah. The 70" screen flickered to life, sure enough the channel was set to Gotham Diva's home channel Gotham 7. It was around a quarter after 9pm and the show was to air live around 9:30pm sharp.

"Ah yes the show is about to begin in less than fifteen minutes, I must get ready to go now my dear, please do enjoy!"

"Hmmmmmppphhhhff!!! Mmmpphhhfff!!!" protested Dinah as she wriggled about against the ropes securing her fast upon the divan. Dinah tried shifting her body side to side in an attempt to slacken her ropes, but she only did so in vain. Black Canary was securely bound to a bed, about to become the subject of erotic from of orgasmic torture prepared by Ethan.

"I'm sure you'll find watching my show in this way to be a quite unique experience" taunted Ethan as he straightened the tailored suit he donned on. Before leaving he patted Dinah's bound thighs before planting a kiss on her neck.

"Enjoy the show my dear, I will return soon" rasped Ethan as he left Dinah to her peril.

"Been in situations like this before Dinah, just keep calm and figure a way outta this." She began to squirm again in a more focused less panicked driven manner trying to sense any "weak points" of Ethan's elaborate rope work. Most of the knots of the ropes securing her to the divan were out of reach either at the lounging bed's sides or beneath it. Additionally the ropes keeping her restrained in a frog tie were mostly tucked away.

Eventually Gotham Diva's came on; Dinah never felt apprehensive and upset to see the show. One she was very uneasy for what Ethan had described to her, and two thought the it was the least of her concerns, she should be on the show!

Dinah watched as the show's opening montage followed by the introduction of the judges; she surprised to see Ethan amongst the judges. "How the hell did he get there fast? This ain't no recording either" thought Dinah. She then deduced she must be close to the music theater where the show was being held! She was busy analysing the situation mentally that she barely noticed the show's announced introducing the first contestant performance of the night.

"Ummmmmmppppppfff...." moaned Dinah as the vibrator dildo whirred up against her pussy. She watched the T.V. Screen above her and saw a cute twenty something year old red head chick singing some pop song. Though the red head's voice was mediocre at best the vibrator still emitted a steady rate of pulsations matching to the singer's tone and pitch. "HmmmMmmmmmppphhhfff..." moaned Dinah gyrating her hips. "That Ethan bastard! Hooking me up to get literally turned on by someone's performance! Arghhh!"

And so it went on, noticeably each singer after the next provided a better performance. Dinah began to slipped closer to sweet rapture as each female singer ripped out some gorgeous vocals. Dinah would writhe and wriggle against her rope restraints and close her eyes as if not seeing the singers on TV would cease the increasing pulsations of the vibrating dildo barraging her cunt with waves of ecstasy. Adding to her ordeal, Dinah would see Ethan on TV smirking at the camera, knowing full well he was taunting her. Thankfully, it was only during commercial breaks that Dinah was able to catch her breath and relax her body...momentarily of course.

"Don't much...I can take..."thought an exhausted Dinah. The hour long program was taking a toll on her...albeit a pleasurable one. Dinah was have trouble breathing again due to both her gag and the ziptie around her neck and her limbs have become numb due to the stringent frog tie she was still in. But she had yet to reach her climax.

Just then a beautiful college aged Hispanic woman came up to the stage and provided her performance, a powerfully vocal one at that. Belting out some serious notes, Dinah cursed at the TV as the dildo began to pulsate like never before.

"Hhhhhhhmmmmppphhhhhfffffffff!!!!!" she screamed beneath her gag, in pure sexual exaltation as the vibrator pulsated her into a full climax. Dinah arched her body and thrashed her head her blond strands of hair waved about as she lost herself into the storm of sexual over-stimulation. Completely spent she then moaned slowly as she nodded off to sleep just as the show's credits began to roll...

Dinah awoke to find herself in the uncomfortable position of being bound to an old wooden chair. Her hands were tied behind her with her wrists crossed over each other with her palms out while lengths of more rope wound across her torso. Unsurprisingly her ankles were bound as well.

"Ummmmmpphhh..." groaned Dinah. Drool had been dripping from beneath her ball gagged mouth and pooled into her cleavage. She moved her head about to get her bearings; the sharp sensation of the zip-tie wrapped around her neck hindered her movements. She didn't need to move her neck anyways as she realized Ethan had kept her in the same chamber. He must have returned having been moved to the chair. She slowly writhed against her ropes, anxiously expecting Ethan to appear anytime.

"Ah your finally awake my dear" greeted Ethan coming from behind Dinah holding a brown paper bag in his arm. "I hoped you enjoyed the show, I know it's late but I brought you some food as you may be quite famished." Ethan proceeded to unbuckle Dinah's ball gag much to her relief.

"Phhfftt...I...I'm not hungry" lied Dinah as she spat lingering saliva. "You better let me go Ethan, my people would deduce who has abducted me and where I'm being held."

"I highly doubt that my dear" rebutted Ethan confidently. After taking another chair to sit next to Dinah, Ethan then reached in the brown bag. "Lo mein noodles, one of your favorites" he said offering a length of noodles by chopsticks he had in hand. "Please eat my dear you must keep your strength up."

"" rasped Dinah shaking her head to avoid the noodles Ethan forced at her. Ethan then seized Dinah by her nose and sealed her nostrils together. Once Dinah gasped for air he shoved the noodles into her mouth. He repeated the process several times until the stubborn Dinah gave up the tactic and openly accepted being fed by Ethan.

"I don't suppose you'll untie my hands so that I can eat at my leisure huh" muttered Dinah. "Anyways these noodles are good"

"I thought you'd like it my dear" smiled Ethan as he began to stroke Dinah's blond locks.

"Okay enough of this bullshit...why have you kidnapped me?" demanded Dinah glaring at Ethan. Unswayed by her spirit, Ethan simply continued to smile before responding to her inquiry.

"You see my sweet canary, I've been listening to your singing for quite a while" whispered Ethan. "From this chamber at the center of Gotham City, I've made true home where I can set my ears to the sounds of this city in the search of a certain voice. I've also made it a point in that my voice could be heard, with the possibility of her being able to find me."

Dinah's eyes widened in apprehension.

"You see I was once a man named Erik...Erik the Phantom of the Opera if you will...long ago at the dawn of the 20th century I was an aging opera singer, shunted by society because of my deformatity and betrayed by my one true love..."

"The weird stage mask you got it to cover your so called deformity?"

"I lack any deformations now, the mask simply serves as a symbolic reminder of the life I've dedicated myself to, that is finding my lost lover for the past hundred years..."

"Right, what kind of story are you trying to pull on me?" she muttered. "So you're some supposed outcast who's been basically stalking for some potential lover over the span of more than a hundred years? Erik...I'm blonde but I'm sure as hell not dumb!"

"My dear Black Canary, have you ever heard of the Lazarus Pit and it's regenerative properties in promoting immortality to likes of men like the great Ra's Al Ghul?"

At that statement Dinah froze in astonishment. Few knew including Batman are aware about about Ra's and Lazarus Pit. Dinah herself had taken a "dip" in the Pit itself when she needed it's healing properties years ago.

"Yes now do you believe?"

Dinah was now extremely concerned, she may be potentially dealing with a crazed metahuman. Quietly she began to pluck away at the ropes binding her wrists behind her back.

"So Erik? This his loved one you're talking about...who is she?" asked Dinah trying to distract Erik.

"She was once known as a beautiful young woman by the name of Christine, I took her hand in marriage but and her secret lover stole her from me and destroyed my life..."

I believed we would meet again as long as I could live. Thanks to the Lazarus pit I found a means to live as long enough until I met her again. She possessed the most heavenly voice, one I thought I may never find again...until now!"

Dinah swallowed in dread at Erik's revelation. " think I'm her?"

"Yes my dear Canary, and now I propose to you again once more!"

Erik then produced a ring from his pocket and held it up to Dinah. It was admittedly beautiful but for Dinah no diamond was going to have her married to the lunatic knelt before her.

"Oh my it's gorgeous!" feigned Dinah. She was now pulling at a loosened knot and could feel the ropes binding her wrist behind her become more limp and less taut. She kept tugging and twisting her wrists as subtly as possible.

"I knew you'd adore it! So please my dear Black Canary, would you once again take my hand in marriage?"

"I do!" cried Dinah as she gave a mighty tug and broke her bound hands free from her rope restraints. A surprised Erik had little time to react as Dinah buried her fist into his face disloding his half-face opera mask. She then quickly untied the ropes looped around her waist and ankles, and left a still recovering Erik behind.

Running back into the aqueduct Black Canary attempted to make a break for it sprinting through the rushing water. To her delight she saw a ladder leading to a man hole above. "Almost home free" she said to herself as she mounted the first rung as she began her ascent. Once at the manhole cover, Dinah pushed against it only to receive a shot of sleeping gas spray into her face. Coughing, Dinah cursed at the booby trap and lost her grip and fell off the ladder...and into the waiting arms of Erik sporting a grim face beneath his opera mask.

"That was the last straw my dear" he growled before carrying a unconcious Black Canary back to his lair one last time...


Dinah woke up to find herself in an odd standing postion with little room to move. There was a swaying sensation which also told her she wasn't on solid ground either. She felt her hands handcuffed behind her and heavy chains coiled around her body from neck to ankle.

"Sorry my dear but the hanging cage I've locked you in is meant for your own good." announced Erik thirty feet beneath Dinah. "It seems like we need to meet via another reunion...your strong spirit has proven to be quite incompatible. I'm sorry it has to go this way."

"Hmmmmppffhhh!" spat Dinah beneath her ball gag. Was Erik going to kill her?!

"You see I've spent half my life as an opera performer" went Erik "the other half I spent on engineering. The same acoustic tunnels and air ducts I've installed beneath this theater are throughout most of Gotham. It took me decades to complete but time was on my side."

Dinah didn't like how this was going. She began to twist and turn to slip off her chain restraints.

"But time has run afoul for you my dear and for the citizens of this city. It is regret that I must destroy Gotham." Taking out a detonator he then opened it's cover and primed the device. "I've planted enough explosives through the years beneath Gotham to render it a no man's land again in less than ten minutes. You really should've considered my proposal my dear..." At that Erik blew Dinah a kiss and strode of the chamber.

The shackles were snug but Dinah kept working on them. It was difficult for her to get some arm room to wiggle due to the strict confines of the hanging cage. "Oh fuck!" cursed Dinah at herself. She began to frantically writhe against her chains. Just then she heard the voice of a great ally.

"Black Canary are you there?!" called Batman.

"HMMMMMMMMPPPHHHFFFF!!!" screamed Dinah as loud as she could through her ball gag. Within moments she saw the welcomed sight of the Dark Knight descned from an overhead air duct. He swooped down and lowered the Dinah's cage.

"Where's the detonator?" bellowed Batman as he unshackled Dinah's wrists and cut the rest of her chains restraints off with his laser cutter.

"Pfffhtt...I'm fine thanks" sputtered Dinah removing her ball gag and spitting out excess saliva. "Erik has it on his person and I don't know where he is" she went on rubbing her sore wrists.

"Not good" replied Batman grimly shouldering Dinah out of the cage and onto her feet. "It'll take hours even days to search the bowels of Gotham to locate him and the trigger device. This may require League intervention."

"There is a way I might be able to find him" suggested Dinah just as Batman reached for his cowl's built in communicator. "Erik told me he engineered most if not all of the underground piping that leads to here beneath the theater. If I could tune my sonic cry into a lower frequency I can both locate and neutralize Erik before he can detonate the bombs."

Batman cocked a quizzical glare at Black Canary's suggestion, but knowing they were short on time with only possibly a few minutes to spare he hesitantly went with Dinah's plan.

"I take it you'll calibrate your canary cry to a form of echolocation then amplify it once you find Erik to incapacitate him correct?"

"Ideally yes."

"Do it."

With Batman in tow, Dinah jogged over to the raised platform supporting the speaker towers facing the massive air tunnel, the mouth of Erik's tunnel network. Standing atop the platform, Dinah cleared her throat and took a deep breath, then hesitated.

"This could go all wrong though, I could shatter the tunnels and bury Erik alive or kill him by my sonic scream alone" she muttered shaking her head.

"Do it Dinah! There's no more time!" said Batman sounding more urgent. "The lives of thirty million people versus one man! Use your canary cry now!"

Reluctantly Dinah took in a deep breath and unleashed her "Canary Cry"

Dinah cradled the coffee in her hands as the medic finished bandaging her legs. They were standing by an ambulance outside with the rest of first responders right at the theater she auditioned at.

"You did the right thing Canary" said Batman. "Disabled Erik's explosives and saved an entire city..."

"He could've survived though...knowing him" muttered Dinah. "I've got a lot of explaining to do with Oracle. How did you find me anyways?"

"Oracle and I reviewed the airducts you took pictures of...the rest was up to me, Essentially I found you as Erik did."

"Well here's hoping we won't meet again..." mused Dinah. "Never again."