Huntress: Prey of the Catwoman  

By Dangerguy


WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit; Huntress and Catwoman are copyrighted and the property of DC Comics. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it.

I’ve always liked the Huntress--both the old, pre-crisis, Earth-2 daughter-of-Batman-and-Catwoman version of her (especially that plunging neckline), as well as the hot-blooded, kick-ass, take-no-prisoners modern revamp of the character currently popping up in assorted DC comics. The latter version is the one I’m using as the basis for this story. It seems to me that the modern Huntress has been poorly served by Internet superheroine erotica (although I suspect she might actually be pretty happy about that). This story is my small attempt to correct that. Thank goodness the Huntress is purely fictional, otherwise she’d probably kick my pasty white rump for what I’m about to put her through. (Or would she? Hmmmm...)

Helena Bertinelli crouched uneasily in the darkness. Not that anyone would have recognized the dark figure, waiting silently in the rain on a rooftop in Gotham’s warehouse and docks area, as the mild-mannered inner-city schoolteacher and daughter of a slain Mafia don. Masked, and clad in her form-fitting black and purple uniform, she was far better known to Gotham’s denizen’s--especially its criminal element--as the Huntress.

Earlier that night, she had...coaxed...a small-time fence to give up some information about some robberies plaguing the docks. The fence specialized in obscure artwork and historical artifacts that could sometimes fetch surprisingly large amounts from collectors with bankrolls to match the size of their obsessions. Before he lost consciousness, he’d spat out something about a job he'd heard about, going down later tonight--he didn’t know who, didn't know what, just that the perps would have something for him first thing in the morning.

"He'll have to run his operation from a hospital bed for awhile," the Huntress muttered to herself with cold satisfaction. She knew the Gotham Museum was exhibiting a rare collection of Etruscan artifacts starting next week; given the fence's specialty, the warehouse that currently stored the recently-arrived museum pieces seemed the most likely target. So she'd decided to stake it out.

She'd been crouched, stock still, in the cold rain for well over an hour, occasionally shifting her lithe muscles to keep them from cramping. Frigid water dripped from her long, raven-black hair. Which was a worse way to spend an evening, the Huntress idly wondered; marking the pile of freshman essays sitting back in her apartment, or sitting in a cold downpour waiting for a bunch of thieves who probably had enough sense to stay home out of the rain. She could feel cold rainwater creeping down her back underneath the spandex. She fought off the urge to shiver.

Does Batman spend a lot of nights doing this? she wondered, then chided herself. Why does it always come back to HIM? she asked herself angrily. Because I'm in HIS town, she answered herself.

"It's the Bat!" she'd hear whenever her dark, caped form swooped down to open a richly-deserved can of whoop-ass on some thug. Bad guys spooked by that mistaken impression gave her plenty of time to get into position and mete out punishment, but she still resented it. Many of them seemed almost...disappointed when they realized she wasn't "the Bat". Insulted, even, especially when she took them down. Maybe that's why she took them down harder that he did--which had earned his wrath.

"Since you insist on operating in MY town..." was how most of his lectures to her began. Why the hell DID she insist on operating in Gotham, she asked herself. She could go back to New York anytime. As long as she stayed in Gotham, she'd be in his shadow; she'd always have him looking over her shoulder, often literally, and always disapprovingly. What did she have to do to earn his respect? The closest she'd come to experiencing that was during No Man's Land, when the Joker had shot her full of holes. It was a miracle she'd survived.

"Sweet Jesus! Do I have to die to get his approval?" the Huntress asked herself quietly. She finally gave in and shivered, but it wasn't because of the rain.

The Huntress' peripheral vision caught a sudden movement, the flitting of a shadow. She shook off the idle thoughts that had been troubling her. All her senses were now fully on alert. She shifted her gaze to the roof of the warehouse next to the one she'd been watching. Her dark brown eyes, well-adjusted to the low light levels on the gloomy rooftops, quickly discerned three dark shapes moving across the wet roof.

"Skeleton crew," the heroine whispered, then her lips formed a thin smile that was as cruel as it was self-assured. "This won't present much of a challenge, but it's better than sitting in the rain and obsessing..."

She sprang into action. Swiftly but silently, her toned athlete's body moved to the edge of the roof. She threw a line with a grappling hook around the metal lattice of a nearby loading crane. Her dark-clad, lithe form swung across to the roof where she could see her prey were setting up some sort of cable-and-winch apparatus. The probably planned to swing over to the warehouse's roof or upper windows and move in from there. Well, they weren't going to get a chance to try out their fancy climbing gear...

The Huntress landed on the roof a few yards behind her quarry; the downpour absorbed any sound made by the soft impact of her boots on the tar-and-gravel-covered roof. She could make out three men now, all wearing dark, form-fitting clothes. One had a nice ass; too bad she was going to have to kick it into next week.

The sporting thing to do, the Huntress thought, would be to do something to make her presence known. Then the bad guys could all mistake her for Batman for a moment, only to get cocky when they realized it wasn't him, and then cockier still when they realized they were facing a woman. All of which gave her just that much more satisfaction when she started dishing out pain.

But after more than an hour of waiting in the cold rain, she wasn't in a sporting mood.

She raised her right arm and took quick but careful aim. She triggered her crossbow; an arrow leapt out with a barely audible TWANG.

"AAAGGHHH!!" on of the thieves screamed in pain as the arrow pierced his right shoulder. His two buddies stopped working on their apparatus and looked at him. Their wounded partner looked around, confused, spotted a dark shape moving towards them at full speed, and passed out, the victim of an arrow coated with just enough anaconda venom to put him out of commission for several hours.

The Huntress took out the next would-be thief with a quick, hard right jab to the jaw. She noticed that they all seemed to be wearing some sort of dark hoods that covered their heads and masked their faces. The second thief went down as a result of her blow, but she knew he'd be back up in a moment. That was fine--it gave her just enough time to deal with bachelor number three.

The final thief was already moving towards her, his right arm pulled back to deliver a punch. He might as well have been moving in slow motion. The Huntress' shapely left leg lashed out, catching the felon square in the ribs, cracking at least two of them. His eyes bulged and he gasped for air as he began to double over in pain. The Huntress switched legs, drop-kicking her opponent sharply in the jaw with her right foot and knocking him unconscious.

The Huntress allowed the momentum of her kick to carry her body into a reverse back-flip. The second thief had indeed recovered; he stood and attempted to roundhouse the heroine from behind, only to find himself swinging at empty air. Before he could react, the Huntress had performed a perfect hand-spring and hit him in the chest with both feet. The hood stumbled backwards as the Huntress landed on her feet and spun to face him.

"You're gonna get yours, bitch..." the thief growled. The Huntress stood her ground, silently glaring back at him.

The thief feinted with his left, then when the Huntress moved to block his punch, threw a right jab at her. But the heroine anticipated this predictable combination. She spun her head and right shoulder back and away from the blow. At the same time, her right hand caught the thief's wrist. Her left hand, palm open but tight, smashed into his elbow. His arm, fully extended and vulnerable, broke with a loud SNAP!

"GHHAAHHH!!" the thief screamed in pain. The Huntress cut short his guttural protest with a quick rabbit punch that knocked him out--mercifully, one could argue.

The Huntress looked over the three unconscious men and smiled. "Like I said, not much of a challenge," she murmured. "I wonder if they're working for someone...damn it!" she cursed herself. "I should have left one of them conscious for questioning. Oh well, guess I'll let the police worry about thuuUUUURRKKK!!!" the Huntress gasped suddenly.

Something had wrapped itself tightly around her throat several times. Her hands instinctively reached to her neck to remove it. It felt like some sort of leather rope. The rope jerked backwards, and the Huntress fell onto her back as she struggled to breathe.

"I know it's a cliché," a sultry, female voice purred from behind her, "but good help is so hard to find. And you just put all of mine in the hospital, Hunty. You're going to pay for that."

Catwoman, The Huntress thought, her hands still grasping the master thief's bullwhip where it wrapped tightly around her throat. The Huntress pulled a small, sharp knife from her belt and slashed it through the tough leather of the whip. She unwrapped the choking leather from around her neck and drew a ragged breath.

"You're as stealthy as every, Kitty-Cat," the Huntress said as she recovered and returned the knife to her belt. "You used the rain to cover the sound of your approach."

"Just like you did, Hunty."

"Don't call me 'Hunty'," the heroine snarled.

"Don't call me 'Kitty-Cat'," the criminal hissed back.

She and Catwoman began to circle each other warily. Catwoman hissed quietly as she eyed her opponent; her taut muscles flexed beneath her tight purple outfit as she threateningly flicked her now-shortened, but still dangerous bullwhip. She gave her long, curly black hair a sensual shake. The Huntress regarded her opponent silently as she deftly loaded another arrow into her crossbow, lithely moving her shapely form across the rain-splattered warehouse roof.

Catwoman struck first, lashing at the Huntress' legs with her whip. The Huntress leapt and rolled as the whip cracked behind her. She rolled to her knees and fired her crossbow at the Catwoman's shoulder. Catwoman had drawn her whip back for another swing at the Huntress. The arrow hit Catwoman's hand, bouncing off one of her metal claws, but it succeeded in knocking the whip from her grasp.

"RROWWR!" Catwoman growled angrily.

The Huntress saw her opening and leapt towards Catwoman. The feline criminal saw her coming and sidestepped the heroine, slashing at her with her claws. The Huntress compensated, blocking Catwoman's claws with her crossbow, then kicking at the criminal's legs before she tucked into a roll. The heroine regained her feet and quickly reloaded her crossbow, then leveled it at the crouching Catwoman.

"Freeze," the Huntress commanded. Catwoman seemed to comply, but she stayed in a crouch, her feline muscles coiled, as if ready to pounce without warning.

"Now, Hunty," Catwoman purred, "you wouldn't be thinking of putting one of those nasty little arrows of yours in me, would you?" Her tone sounded far more self-assured that the Huntress liked--or felt herself. Catwoman was a formidable adversary, even if you had the drop on her.

"I'll nail you to the roof if I have to," the Huntress said flatly. "So why don't you just..."

But she never finished her sentence. Catwoman's coiled form suddenly sprung at her with a feline hiss. The Huntress triggered her crossbow and...nothing happened!

The Huntress glanced at the weapon in her right hand. The bowstring was cut--by Catwoman's claws, no doubt. The Huntress glanced up and barely managed to block those claws, which were about to slash at the Huntress' masked face.

Her ruined crossbow blocked her adversary's razor-sharp claws, but the Huntress found herself falling backwards as Catwoman collided with her. The heroine hit the roof hard; it knocked the wind out of her. Then Catwoman's knee struck the Huntress' midsection as the villainess fell on top of her.

Catwoman rolled and crouched alongside her opponent, who was now gasping for air. The Huntress knew she was in trouble; Catwoman had engineered an opening and had taken full advantage of it. Got to...get up... the Huntress told herself.

Catwoman watched, seemingly disinterested, as the Huntress shakily pushed herself up on all fours; the heroine's long black hair, wet and matted from the rain, hung limply around her face. Then Catwoman unleashed a sharp, nasty kick at the Huntress, catching her in the ribs and knocking the breath from the injured heroine once again.

The Huntress fell onto her back and clutched her aching ribs, drawing her breath through clenched teeth. Suddenly, Catwoman was on top of her. The feline villainess grabbed the heroine's wrists and pinned her arms above her head. Catwoman's purple-clad thighs, as strong as they were shapely, gently squeezed the Huntress' sore ribcage.

"Uhhhhnnggg...," the Huntress grunted in pain and frustration as she tried, in vain, to push Catwoman away. ""

Catwoman smiled. "I'd love to, beautiful, but I've got a warehouse full of rare artifacts to rummage through." The villainess gave the Huntress' ribs another squeeze with her thighs. She was rewarded with a sharp cry from the heroine. "I could have broken them. But I didn't. I just bruised them. You saved my life once. I don't forget things like that."

"You've got...a strange way...of showing your appreciation," the Huntress grunted through clenched teeth as she squirmed weakly beneath the villainess.

"Oooohhh...spunky, aren't you? And you're turning me on," Catwoman purred mischievously as she rubbed her crotch over the shocked heroine's hips. "Trying to distract me?"

"Of course not!" the Huntress, wide-eyed, exclaimed.

"Your loss, Hunty. Let me show you what you're missing..."

Catwoman leaned down suddenly, and before the heroine could react, kissed her. Shocked, the Huntress opened her mouth as if to voice a protest. But that only allowed Catwoman's tongue to enter to her mouth. As Catwoman's moist, full lips slid over the heroine's, her tongue slid over the Huntress' teeth and tongue, teasing and taunting the heroine's sensitive mouth.

The Huntress found herself too overwhelmed to react defensively. Adrenaline and pain coursed through her system, suddenly joined by a strange pleasure. The combination confused her; she didn't know how to react. But her body did. Her breath began to come more rapidly, her heart rate accelerated, and her pussy began to moisten as she noted, with alarm, that Catwoman's erotic kiss was turning her on! The Huntress tried to make sense of what was happening as Catwoman continued her assault on the heroine's senses.

Catwoman pinned Huntress' arms with her left hand while the right began to wander down the crime-fighter's body. Catwoman's fingertips caressed the Huntress' left forearm and bicep, gently tickled her underarm, flicked at the gold cross the Huntress always wore around her neck, and finally encompassed her left breast.

The Huntress turned her head sharply, breaking off the kiss. She glared angrily at her captor and renewed her efforts to escape. The fight, and her injuries, had weakened her too much for her struggles to do any good, however.

"Stop it," she ordered the villainess.

"Why? Don't you like it?" Catwoman asked as she gently squeezed the Huntress' large, firm left breast.

"No," the Huntress lied. Her nipple quickly became tight and erect from Catwoman's touch. The feline felon's thumb began to flick over the sensitive nub, making the heroine gasp.

"Are you sure you don't like it? I'm not convinced," Catwoman declared in her deep, sultry voice. The villainess began to play a cat-and-mouse game with the Huntress' lips; Catwoman kept lowering her head to kiss her again, and the heroine kept turning her head to avoid it. Catwoman's free hand began to move down from the Huntress' breast to her stomach, then to her hips. Catwoman slightly lifted her own hips off of the heroine.

"Wh-what are you doing?" the Huntress demanded, panic beginning to creep into her voice.

"I'm just looking for something," Catwoman murmured with a seductive smile as her hand moved towards the Huntress' nether regions. Then Catwoman reached the heroine's utility belt and she deftly flicked open one of its pouches. She quickly reached in, grabbed a small pellet, and held it up to the Huntress' surprised face.

"Nighty-night," Catwoman said, then squeezed the pellet of knockout gas in the heroine's face. The Huntress gasped in surprise, quickly inhaling the gas. Too late, she realized her mistake--how she had allowed the villainess to distract her and catch her off guard. The Huntress' dark-lashed eyelids began to flutter as she struggled to stay awake. Her lips, full and raw from Catwoman's ravishing kiss, parted as her mouth went slack. She lost control and took another breath. Her dark brown eyes rolled back into her head. Her eyelids slowly closed and her head lolled to the side as she lost consciousness.

Still holding her breath, Catwoman raised herself from the heroine's prone form. She backed away from the Huntress and the small cloud of knockout gas that surrounded her, then took a deep breath. Catwoman's right hand gently kneaded her breast, then moved across her taut stomach before briefly caressing her purple-covered pussy as she regarded the helpless heroine.

"Rrrrrmmmm...Hunty, you poor repressed Catholic girl...I can't remember the last time I so enjoyed taking down one of you do-gooders," she purred contentedly, then sighed. "But, back to work." Catwoman looked at her still-unconscious henchmen and sighed yet again. "Do I have to do everything myself? Take out the crime-fighter, pull off the heist, iron my cat suit..."

Catwoman found her reverie suddenly interrupted by an all-too-familiar sound: sirens. Heading her way. She glanced down to the alley below and could barely make out two old, fat rent-a-cops who had somehow heard the fight through their hearing aids and had called the cops.

"Damn!" Catwoman snarled. She turned her head angrily, her black curly locks flying about her purple mask, to glare at the unconscious Huntress. "This is all your fault! I should have broken those ribs, to punish you..." Then Catwoman's green eyes narrowed as an idea came to her. Her lush red lips formed a decidedly nasty feline smile as she looked at the helpless heroine. She walked back to the Huntress and, with surprising strength, picked her up and tossed her over one shoulder.

"Well," Catwoman said to herself as she gave the Huntress' spandex-clad rump a sharp swat, "I can't go leaving empty-handed, now, can I?" With that, she moved silently across the warehouse rooftop, into the night, carrying the Huntress with her.

"Mmmm..." the Huntress moaned as she began to stir. Her eyelids flickered open as she slowly regained consciousness. Gradually, she raised her head from where it hung against her chest, her coal-black tresses shifting around her face as she did so. At first she could only perceive a dull throbbing in her head, an after-effect of her very potent knockout gas.

"Uhhhh," she groaned as she shifted her head. She tried to press her fingers against her temples, but couldn't. In fact, she couldn't move her hands at all. She gently shook her head to remove her hair from where it hung in front of her dark eyes, and saw that her wrists were bound and spread above her by thick leather straps. The straps attached to tight, heavy chains that were bolted to a large ceiling beam. She gave her bonds a weak tug and discovered, without surprise, that they were quite solid, and too tight to give her any slack.

Looking down, she noticed that her legs were also bound and spread a two shoulder widths apart by heavy leather straps around her ankles. The short chains attached to the ankle-straps were bolted into a concrete floor. Her bonds held her spread-eagled and, she realized as she weakly tested them, immobile.

Groggily, the Huntress took in her gloomy, dimly lit surroundings; she appeared to be in a mostly-empty warehouse. She also noticed that her utility belt had been removed. She still wore her costume and her cape, and she could feel the tightness of adhesive on her face, so she hadn't been unmasked--yet.

That fact gave the crime-fighter little comfort. This is bad, she thought; this is REALLY BAD. I'm trussed up, weaponless...HELPLESS, I have no idea where I am, nor does anyone else, I have no idea who's captured me or what they want with me...

The Huntress forced herself to quell her panic. She was still alive, after all; they hadn't killed her, whoever "they" were. I've got to THINK; last thing I remember I was fighting with...

"Well, well, sleeping beauty awakens," a sultry voice purred from behind her.


The purple-clad villainess slowly sauntered around the captive heroine. She made a low, throaty growling noise that sounded like purring. Catwoman's hands drifted over the Huntress' bound body as she prowled around her, caressing the vigilante's tight, round ass, sliding up her shapely hips and slender waist, undulating over her voluptuous breasts, and finally catching the heroine's chin between her thumb and forefinger.

"Sleep well?" Catwoman asked casually, a smug smile on her lips.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" the Huntress snarled back.

The smile didn't leave Catwoman's luscious lips. "Playing with my prey."

The heroine gave a short, derisive laugh. "I'm the Huntress. You're the prey, Catwoman."

Catwoman cocked a dark eyebrow beneath her mask. Her green eyes wandered over the leather straps and chains that held the Huntress in place. "Not from where I'm standing, Hunty. You're the one trussed up in the trap."

The Huntress had to acknowledge that Catwoman appeared to hold all the cards. The heroine, frustrated, exhaled angrily in resignation. "Okay. Fine. Whatever. Look, I really appreciate you showing off your S & M gear to me, Kitty-Kat, but I think this has gone far enough. Why don't you just let me go, and you can go back to your day job as a dominatrix."

"Oooohhh, I don't think you're in a position to make demands, Hunty," Catwoman said with a condescending pout. "You better try being a little more accommodating. Let's start by yanking that attitude dial down a notch or two, shall we?"

The Huntress took a deep breath and adopted the most conciliatory tone she could manage under the circumstances, which is to say, not very conciliatory at all. "What do you want, Catwoman?"

The villainess smiled and began to walk behind the restrained heroine. She pulled a bullwhip off her shoulder as she did so.

"Well, let's see. You spoiled a job, put my toms in the hospital, ruined one of my whips, tried to stick me with one of your toy darts..." Catwoman suddenly threw a loop of the bullwhip over the Huntress' head and pulled it tight it around her neck. "I might just be looking for a little payback," the villainess snarled into the Huntress' ear as she pulled the leather loop tighter around the heroine's neck.

"'t...kill..." the Huntress managed to gasp as the whip choked her.

Catwoman loosened the whip and pulled it back over the heroine's head. The heroine inhaled deeply. "You're right. I don't," she said flatly as she walked back in front of her captive. "But there are fates worse than death."

Oh great...what the hell does she mean by THAT? the Huntress wondered with growing trepidation.

Catwoman began to idly flick her bullwhip, watching it coil and uncoil as it undulated at the end of her slender arm. "I started with a cat-o-nine-tails, you know," she remarked casually as she gradually increased the swing of her whip arm. "But you just can't do much with one of those." The whip began to make louder and louder whooshing noises as it moved. The Huntress noticed her mouth getting dry; she didn't like where this was heading. "Now, a bullwhip is a much more useful tool," Catwoman continued. "No wonder Indiana Jones favored them. Did you know the tip of a bullwhip can exceed the speed of sound?" To punctuate her words, Catwoman swung and pulled back sharply on the whip.


The noise made the Huntress jolt in her bonds. A startled gasp involuntarily escaped the heroine's lips even though the whip had come nowhere near her.

"That's where that lovely cracking noise comes from," Catwoman concluded with a cruel smile. "The whip breaks the sound barrier. 765 miles per hour. 1100 feet per second. Amazing, isn't it?" Her bright green eyes locked on Huntress' dark brown ones like twin laser beams.

"What are you going to do?" the helpless heroine asked, proud that she had managed to keep all but the slightest tremor out of her voice.

Catwoman's smile grew broader. She heard the fear in her captive's voice, even though the Huntress tried to hide it, and she relished it. She slowly walked towards the Huntress, placing each high-heeled, black-booted foot precisely in front of the other, swinging her shapely hips and clearly enjoying the situation to the full.

"What am I going to do?" Catwoman repeated rhetorically. She leaned close to her captive, so close that her lips brushed the heroine's ear as she whispered slowly, "Any. Thing. I. Want."

The Huntress swallowed hard as Catwoman walked away from her and towards the urban vigilante's right. "Catwoman, listen, you don't have to..."


The whip still hadn't touched the Huntress, but it did silence her.

"Quiet," Catwoman ordered. "This takes concentration. And Hunty? Hold still..."

The Huntress wanted to say that she could barely move in her bonds anyway, but she could feel her body trembling. She fought to quell it. She struggled to control her breathing as well, which was becoming shallow and ragged. Her heart pounded faster in her chest with each passing moment. She could feel perspiration running down her spine to the small of her back. The Huntress had faced dark alleys full of armed men and had successfully beaten them; but she had never been this helpless, especially before such a formidable and unpredictable foe.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

The Huntress could hear the whip moving through the air around her. Catwoman's lithe, nubile body moved with it, like a dancer with her partner, her supple muscles flexing beneath her tight costume, her full breasts bouncing with the rhythm of her practice strokes.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

The Huntress closed her eyes and began to whisper the rosary prayer. She tried to ignore the breeze created by the whip's motion around her vulnerable body.


The whip moved closer to her and faster than before. The Huntress's eyes opened wide. She found she suddenly couldn't remember the words to the prayer. Instead, she began to silently curse the sadistic villainess for drawing this out.


The Huntress gasped as she felt a sharp tug around her neck and shoulders. She instinctively lurched forward, straining against her bonds, away from the sound of the whip. It hadn't touched her. But it had torn off her long, dark purple cape, and left it lying on the concrete floor.

"That was the easy part," Catwoman declared.

The Huntress realized she wasn't breathing and forced herself to inhale raggedly. Sweat ran under her mask and into her eyes. The salt stung. She blinked it away.

WHOOSH--the whip rushed through the air towards the helpless heroine--whish-whish-whish--the coils wrapped around her abdomen--RRIIIIPPP!!!--it tore off the midriff of her spandex costume.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" the Huntress shouted as the whip pulled at her body. The coils had scraped and burned her skin through the spandex as they tore through it.

"Save your breath, sweetie," Catwoman chuckled from a few feet away. "We're just getting started."


"NNNUUUUHHHHH!" the Huntress groaned through clenched teeth as the whip shredded the cloth covering her left thigh, burning the sensitive skin there.


"GGHHHAAAHHHH!!!" the helpless heroine screamed as her right thigh received the same sudden, painful treatment. The whip had flicked against her pussy at the last moment. The pain was incredible. The Huntress squeezed her eyes tight in an effort to shut it out.

"Oooohhh, that was a good one!" Catwoman shouted back through a cruel smile at her increasingly nude plaything. She briefly passed her free hand over her own pussy in mock sympathy. The villainess' skin glowed beneath her mask; her large, firm breasts rose and fell as she breathed deeply. "Now...this might hurt...a lot!"


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" the Huntress shrieked as the whip snapped sharply against her backside, slashing away the last remains of her costume from her hips and privates, revealing a slim black thong. Her behind felt like it was on fire. She panted heavily and writhed in her bonds as she struggled to put the sharp, stinging pain in her ass and pussy--not to mention the humiliation she felt--out of her mind.

"Yummy...I like your taste in lingerie, Hunty," Catwoman purred, oblivious to the heroine's pain, but not to her feminine charms. The villainess licked her lips as her green eyes drank in the black thong that disappeared between the Huntress' tight, quivering buttocks. She sauntered over to the trembling heroine.

The Huntress breathed heavily and couldn't stop her body from shivering as she watched her feline tormentor approach. Rivers of sweat ran freely down the bare skin of the vigilante's stomach, back, and legs. She swallowed hard and clenched her teeth as Catwoman stood before her.

"You're one tough cookie, you know that, Hunty?" Catwoman said, taunting the heroine, but not without admiration. "A few years ago, I had Batgirl in a similar situation--the original one, with that long red hair...mmmmmm..."...the villainess purred as if remembering a fabulous meal..."...whatever happened to her? Anyway, by this point, she was begging for mercy. But not you."

"I'll...d-die...first..." The Huntress gasped the words through her pain and fear.

"Oh, really," Catwoman responded, rolling her eyes. "You vigilantes are so fucking melodramatic. I'm not going to kill you, remember? I'm just going to make you wish you were dead."

The Huntress didn't respond; she barely had the strength to keep looking the villainess in the eye, but she did.

Catwoman stepped closer and caressed the Huntress' sweat-stained face. "There's no shame in asking me to stop," she said, her voice a sympathetic whisper. "There's no one here but you and me. No one to know but us. C'mon. Ask. Beg," the feline felon finished with a slight sneer.

The Huntress took a deep breath and turned her head away from Catwoman's hand. "G-go to h-hell..."

Catwoman smiled broadly. "That's my girl!" She grabbed the Huntress' face with both hands and twisted it to face her. She leaned forward and kissed the Huntress passionately. Catwoman's luscious lips slid wetly, hungrily over the Huntress' sweat-moistened mouth. Catwoman then bit down on her plaything's lower lip, making it bleed, before she pushed herself away, breathing heavily and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"Y-you sick, p-perverted bitch," the Huntress spat at her, licking her bleeding lip.

Catwoman's smile disappeared. She regarded the helpless heroine angrily. "Never call a cat a 'bitch', Hunty. That's going to cost you."

"D-do your worst..."

"Oh, I intend to. But first, I have to finish what I started," the villainess said as she sauntered away from the Huntress. Her hips swayed sensually as she walked away; her round, firm buttocks flexed as she walked.

Finish what she started? the Huntress wondered for a moment, then looked at the remains over her costume, still covering her upper body, and realized what Catwoman meant. Mary Mother of breasts!!


The stinging soreness in the Huntress' buttock still hadn't faded. Her body quivered in pain and the exquisite anticipation of more pain. If not for the chains holding her arms aloft, the heroine would have collapsed and curled into a fetal ball.


The Huntress choked back a sob. Catwoman laughed quietly.


"NNNNGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" the Huntress screamed as the whip wrapped around her upper torso, tightly binding her breasts, then tore off the top portion of her costume, leaving only a black sports bra to cover her chest. The leather coils of the whip scraped against her sensitive mammaries through the thin spandex as Catwoman pulled back on the whip. It felt as thought the whip would tear, or burn, the heroine's breasts from her body. The pain caused her nipples to become erect and press against the fabric of her bra. The vigilante glanced down at her chest and could see an angry, stinging red mark across the tops of her breasts. Tears of pain and humiliation formed in the Huntress' eyes; she blinked them away.

Catwoman excitedly watched the helpless heroine in front of her. The Huntress' costume lay in rags at her feet. Her taut, muscular body trembled in its bonds; she was nearly nude now, except for her sleeves, gloves, and boots. Oh, and her thong panties and bra.

"Those will have to go," Catwoman declared. "This will be tricky. It might take more than one try..."


"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" the Huntress shrieked as the whip snapped against her buttocks. The thong remained in place.

"Damn," Catwoman said nonchalantly. "Let's try that again..."


"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!" the vigilante shouted as the thong was torn from her quivering body. The fabric scraped against her sensitive clit as it was ripped from her privates. The thong's absence revealed a neatly-trimmed patch of black pubic hair.

"Nice...mrrrowwrrr..." Catwoman declared, eying the heroine's exposed crotch hungrily.

The Huntress' breath came in audible gasps now. Her dark brown eyes, wide with fear and pain, gazed at the lithe form of her tormentor. But still she refused to beg for relief.

"Now let's see those tits!" Catwoman shouted as she swung the whip.

The Huntress closed her eyes and held her breath.


"GGGGGAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" the Huntress cried as the bullwhip lashed at her naked back. She arched her body, jutting her breasts forward, as if she could escape from the pain. But there was no escape.


"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!" the heroine screamed as the whip snapped against her shoulder blades but failed to remove her bra.

"Hmmmphh. Stubborn little garment," Catwoman snarled. "Third time lucky..."


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" the Huntress shrieked as her back yet again felt the stinging kiss of the whip. Her breath came in desperate, ragged gasps as her body spasmed in pain. Her breasts, still covered by the bra, bounced as she trembled. She could feel warm liquid running down her back and buttocks. She couldn't tell if it was sweat, or blood, or a mixture of both. She didn't want to know.

"Damn!" Catwoman snarled. "This just ain't my lucky day. Or yours, Hunty."

Dear God, the Huntress thought, she'll strip the skin off my back... She'd never known such pain; every nerve in her back, buttocks, thighs and torso seemed to be on fire. Just the sound of the bullwhip falling against the concrete floor made the heroine flinch. She couldn't think straight. Her pride vanished in a haze of pain.

"P-p-please. S-stop." the Huntress quietly begged her tormentor through quivering lips.

"Sorry, had your chance," Catwoman answered coldly. "Now I'm determined to get that bra off you. Since the back door's closed, I'll just have to try the FRONT!"


The whip snapped against the Huntress' breasts as Catwoman finished her sentence.

"NNNNYYYYAAAHHHH!!!!" the vigilante screamed as a blossom of pain exploded in her breasts. Her body threw itself backwards in her bonds. Her head snapped forward. Dark hair flew around her face, then hung limply over her chest. Beads of sweat flew from her body.

The Huntress' eyelids fluttered open. Looking down at her nearly naked, trembling body, she could see that her sports bra remained in place. That meant the whip would sing again. Realizing this, the street-hardened vigilante did something she hadn't done in years: she began to cry. Hot tears stung her dark brown eyes and fell onto her still-covered breasts.

"Lay your head back, Hunty," Catwoman commanded, unmoved by the Huntress' emotional display.

"Oh sweet Jesus..." the Huntress mumbled, unhearing.


The Huntress heard her. She looked angrily at her tormentor. "F-for God's sake, why don't you just c-come over here and TAKE THE D-DAMN THING OFF!!!"

Catwoman just smiled. "Now where's the fun in that? Besides, I love a challenge."

The Huntress despaired. Her head rolled over her right shoulder and then back. Her long black hair hung down her back, brushing against the top of her naked behind.

"Please...God...p-please...make it stop..." she whispered. Her breasts rose and fell as she gulped for air.

"Try not to make 'em bounce so much, beautiful," Catwoman coached her plaything.


A practice stroke. The Huntress held her breath.


Another practice stroke. Still the heroine didn't breathe. Her breasts jutted forward, stock still, like an offering to an angry god.


"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" the Huntress screamed as the whip finally tore the bra from her body. Its tip snapped against her cleavage as it tore the fabric. The vigilante's large, firm breasts bounced as they were exposed. She had aureoles the size of silver dollars; her nipples stood fully erect, stimulated by the whip's painful caress.

"Finally!" Catwoman declared in triumph as her naked captive, hanging in her bonds, trembled and fought back sobs. "But well worth the wait. You are so yummy, Hunty! Oh, just wait 'til you see...and feel...what I've got in store for you!"

The Huntress barely understood Catwoman's words; they brought her no comfort, though she could imagine nothing worse than the searing pain the villainess had inflicted on her body. Her breasts, burned red from the whip's touch, nipples engorged, shook gently as she breathed raggedly. Her buttocks clenched and unclenched involuntarily. She tried to stop her body from moving, because every movement meant pain, but she couldn't stop trembling. Tears ran freely over her mask, down her face, and onto her chest to mix with the salty sweat that only stung her raw flesh.

Catwoman walked over to her quivering captive, trailing the bullwhip behind her. Perspiration, evidence of the exertion using the bullwhip demanded, stained the chest and back of her costume; a different sort of moisture, evidence of a different type of exertion, stained her costume's purple crotch.

"Well, I'd say you're ready now, Hunty," Catwoman declared mysteriously as she stood in front of her captive. She dropped her whip to the floor and reached behind her head with both hands, parting her long, curling black hair and reaching for the neck of her costume.

The Huntress raised her head and squinted at the villainess through a haze of pain. "Wh-what?" she asked, then licked her lips. "Ready for wh-what?"

"The rest of the evening's activities, of course," Catwoman declared as she unfastened a latch at the top of her costume's back. She gradually pulled the purple spandex over her shoulders and over her arms, leaving her cowl on, but sliding her gloves off with it. Then she slowly peeled it down her torso, revealing her large, high breasts. She wore no bra; the tight spandex and her breast's natural firmness, despite their size, held the magnificent mammaries in place. They jiggled slightly as she slowly, erotically lowered the costume over her tight abs and round, firm buttocks. She smiled slyly at the Huntress as she stripped the costume from her magnificent body.

"Wh-what are you DOING?!?" the Huntress asked, shocked by Catwoman's sensuous striptease.

“Getting myself ready, beautiful,” the Catwoman purred in her sultry contralto.

The villainess undid a couple of clasps between her thighs and pulled the dark purple costume from her body, leaving her black, high-heeled boots on. She had a wild, bushy patch of pubic hair between her legs. Then Catwoman raised her arms above her head, clasping her hands together, and shifted her weight on to one leg, throwing her hip to one side. Her large breasts jiggled slightly as she moved.

“Like what you see?” Catwoman asked in a low, husky voice. She turned around and repeated the maneuver, showing off her shapely, round ass. She lowered her arms and placed both hands, fingers spread wide, on each of her buttocks, rubbing them with an up-and-down motion. Then she turned around slowly to face the Huntress as her hands moved to her pussy. She rubbed her clit as she turned, and squeezed her large breasts between her biceps.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Catwoman hummed sensuously as she masturbated, her breath becoming deeper and more rapid as she rubbed her pussy. She spread her legs, in their thigh-high black boots, wider to more easily reach her clit. All the while, her bright green eyes watched the Huntress intensely.

The vigilante was still too shaken from the whipping to do anything other than stare in open-mouthed shock at Catwoman’s erotic display. The Huntress tried to anticipate what Catwoman was trying to do, but the entire situation was too much for her. She watched the villainess’ sensuous gyrations with exhausted surprise.

“Ooooohhhh, Hunnnntyyyy...” Catwoman moaned as she moved her hips against her hand. Then she came to a stop, breathing heavily. “But it takes two to tango, doesn’t it?”

The Huntress could only watch helplessly as Catwoman slowly walked the three paces between them. The master thief reached out her hands towards the heroine’s still-stinging breasts.

“No...don’t...don’t touch me,” the Huntress begged, all pride vanishing in the face of her humiliation and the pain she knew any touch on her overly-sensitized skin would cause.

“Oh, but Hunty, that’s why we had all that fun with the whip. To get your luscious skin... sensitive,” Catwoman breathed as she lightly brushed a fingertip across the Huntress’ left nipple.

“HuhhHuhhHuhhh...” the Huntress exhaled sharply. Her entire body trembled in response to the slight contact of Catwoman’s fingers.

“Yesssss...every sensation is magnified, isn’t it?” Catwoman asked as she softly scraped her long fingernails over the Huntress’ taut abdomen.

“Nuuuuuuuhhhhhh...” the Huntress moaned as her stomach quivered under the villainess’ touch. The whip had visited intense pain upon her nerves; now Catwoman threw devastating pleasure into the mix, overwhelming the heroine’s senses.

Catwoman stepped closer to the heroine, their breasts almost touching, and reached out towards the heroine’s behind with both hands. She began to scrape, ever so softly, with her fingernails over the perspiration that covered the Huntress’ buttocks. Up first, then down...up, slowly, agonizingly, then down...

“Aaahhh...Huhhhh....Aaaahhh...Huhhhh...” the Huntress breathed in reaction, her voice a mix of pain and pleasure, despair and desire. To her astonishment, her pussy began to lubricate. Her devastated senses could muster no other response to the irresistible stimuli.

The Catwoman breathed deeply, inhaling the aroma of the Huntress’ first signs of female excitement. “ want to resist...but your body won’t let you...” She leaned forward just a little, allowing her large breasts to touch the captive heroine’s.

“Haahhh...” the Huntress whimpered in a high-pitched voice.

Then Catwoman began to slowly rub her breasts, with their large, erect nipples, up and down over the Huntress’ large, luscious, exposed mammaries.

“No...stop...” the Huntress begged, weakly, as sensations exploded in her sensitive, tortured breasts. She let her head fall back, her long, thick black hair sweeping against her shapely ass as she began to moan helplessly. “OOOOOHHHH... UUUUUHHHHH...”

Catwoman’s mouth hung open, her bright green eyes wide and watching the Huntress intensely. She breathed heavily as she enjoyed the painful rapture of her bound plaything. A wicked smile crossed her face. She lifted her right hand from the Huntress’ rump and playfully swatted the Huntress’ left cheek.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” the Huntress screamed. To her over-sensitized skin, the gentle slap felt like another crack of the whip. “ bi...”

“Ah, ah, ah,” the Catwoman cut her off, waving a finger in front of the heroine’s face. “No name-calling, or we go another round with Mr. Bullwhip. Do you want that?”

“No! No...please...I...” the Huntress choked back a sob of humiliation... “...I’m...I’m sorry...”

“That’s better,” Catwoman said in a mocking, motherly tone. “But why don’t you call me...Mistress. Yes, I like that. Call me ‘Mistress’ every time you address me. Or you get whipped again. Try it.”

The Huntress hesitated. Would Catwoman’s humiliation of her know no limits? She’d been bound, stripped naked, whipped, forced to beg, and now sexually assaulted. The heroine balked at this final indignity, of addressing the Catwoman in a way that recognized her superiority over the helpless vigilante.

“I’m waiting,” Catwoman declared in a harsh tone. Her eyes glanced at the bullwhip, lying coiled on the concrete floor.

“Please! No...” Huntress begged. Catwoman looked at her expectantly. “Please...don’t whip me...M-Mistress...” The Huntress let out a sob as she uttered the hated word.

“Much better,” Catwoman declared, smiling at the heroine’s humiliation. “Let’s play a game, now, Hunty. It’s called, ‘Yes, Mistress’. I’ll make a suggestion, and to every suggestion I make, you say, ‘Yes, Mistress’. Got it?”

What choice did she have, the Huntress wondered. “Yes, Mistress,” she murmured.

“Ooooohhh, you’re so good at this game already!” Catwoman declared excitedly. She bounced on the balls of her feet, making her breasts jiggle against the Huntress’ tits. The heroine gasped at the sensation. Catwoman smiled. “Do you like that, Hunty?”


“Ah! Remember the game!”

“Uhhh...yes, Mistress...”

“Well, I’ll do it some more then!” Catwoman began to vigorously rub her naked breasts against the Huntress’ exposed tits, making the heroine gasp and moan as her sensitive mammaries were jiggled and jostled. Then Catwoman began to rotate her shoulders back and forth, swinging her tits against the Huntress’ sensitive chest with a soft slapping sound.

“Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!” the Huntress exclaimed as the nerves in her breasts seemed ready to explode with each impact. Finally the Catwoman stopped. The Huntress’ breath came in ragged gasps.

“, I don’t like that name. I think I’ll call you...slave,” Catwoman said with a carnivorous grin. “Do you like your new name, slave?”

“Uhhhhh...” was all the trembling heroine could muster in response, whether from anguish or sensory exhaustion, Catwoman couldn’t tell. Nor did she care.

“Shall we have another round of snap, crackle, pop, slave? Do you like your new name?”

“Uhhh...yes, mistress...” Anything but the whip, Helena thought.

“Good. Now. Would you like me to kiss you, slave?” Catwoman asked in a throaty whisper. She leaned close to the Huntress’ face. The heroine could feel Catwoman’s breath as it brushed against her own lips. Through squinting eyes, she saw the villainess lick her luscious lips in anticipation.

Helena swallowed. What choice did she have?

“Yes...Mistress...” she said, then pressed her lips together. She’d never been kissed by a woman before, not like the Catwoman had kissed her earlier that night. The Huntress couldn’t say she’d disliked it completely, but she clung desperately to some small shred of her tattered dignity.

Catwoman pressed her mouth onto the Huntress’ and slowly slid her wet, full lips against her captive’s. Huntress kept her mouth closed, refusing to respond. Catwoman pulled away in frustration.

“You open that god-damned mouth of yours and kiss back, slave, or I’ll whip your tits off.”

The Huntress sobbed and loosened her jaw.

“What was that?” Catwoman demanded.

“Yes...Mistress...” the defeated heroine plaintively replied.

Catwoman hungrily captured the Huntress’ mouth with her own. Her full, luscious lips sucked and slid over the heroine’s open mouth. Then Catwoman’s tongue crept past the Huntress’ lips and teeth, seeking its counterpart. Finding it, Catwoman first gently tapped her probing tongue against the Huntress’, as if attempting to bring a slumbering lover awake. Then Catwoman began to swirl her tongue around the Huntress’ mouth, pushing against the Heroine’s tongue.

The Huntress breathed heavily through her nose as Catwoman ravished her mouth. The villainess’ breasts pressed against her own, renewing the explosion of sensations in her mammaries. Meanwhile, Catwoman began to softly scratch her fingernails against the Huntress’ back. The heroine’s body spasmed in its bonds every time the villainess’ nails scratched the red, raw, sensitive skin that had felt the whip’s violent caress earlier.

The physical sensations, unending, began to overwhelm the Huntress with their volatile mix of pain and pleasure. Her pussy continued to lubricate; she could feel it moistening more and more with every swish of Catwoman’s tongue in her mouth, with every spark of stimulation to her breasts. She let out a high-pitched moan into Catwoman’s mouth, expressing her despair and her growing desire.

Catwoman finally ended their long, erotic kiss. She pulled her head back quickly, leaving a thin strand of saliva connecting their mutually ravaged mouths.

“Mmmmrrowwwrrr...,” Catwoman purred. “ you want me to rub your pussy, slave?”

The Huntress didn’t even think of the threat of the whip. The burning in her loins had grown to intense to ignore.

“Yes, please, Mistress...” she begged Catwoman, her heroine’s pride all but gone.

Catwoman smiled broadly at the heroine’s near-complete capitulation.

“Very well,” the villainess said as she shifted position. She took a step to her right and lifted her shapely, leather-clad leg over the Huntress’ naked left thigh. She turned her body so she faced the helpless heroine’s left side directly. Catwoman’s right hand grabbed a fistful of the Huntress’ thick black hair. She gave the tresses a sharp yank, pulling the heroine’s head backwards. Catwoman leaned her head forward, past the Huntress’ bound left arm, and caught the vigilante’s lips with her own once again. Catwoman thrust her tongue into the Huntress’ open mouth. Helena moaned in response to the deep French kisses Catwoman bestowed on her.

Meanwhile, Catwoman’s left hand squeezed the Huntress’ right breast, catching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The Huntress bucked in her bonds at the intense sensation. Then Catwoman moved her hand down from the breast, caressing the heroine’s stomach as it spasmed, and slowly, agonizingly moved towards the Huntress’ exposed cunt.

“Hurrmmm....huurrrmmm...hurrrmmmm...” the Huntress moaned into the villainess’ mouth in anticipation. Her hips began to gyrate involuntarily.

“Oh, Hunty,” Catwoman said as she broke her kiss off for a moment, “you are hot to trot, aren’t you?”

“Yes...Mistress...” the Huntress panted in reply. “ pussy...”

Catwoman smiled at the Huntress’ total collapse into sexual degradation. So much for the vigilante’s tough-as-nails attitude, she thought to herself. Bind her, whip her a little, molest her a lot, and she’s like a cat in her first heat... Catwoman pressed her own cunt against the Huntress’ left thigh and began to move her hips back and forth.

The Huntress could feel warm, sticky pussy juice beginning to run down her thigh and into her boot. She could smell the scent of the villainess’ sexual juices. Catwoman was certainly wet. But then, so was she. Helena felt Catwoman rubbing the inside of her thighs and tried to push her clit against the teasing hand. Catwoman kissed her again, and she kissed back eagerly. Finally, Catwoman touched the Huntress’ clit with her middle finger.

The Huntress’ vagina had also been harshly stimulated earlier by the bullwhip’s lashing tip. Sensitized by pain, eager for pleasure, the hard nub sent an explosion of white light directly to Helena’s brain when Catwoman began to stimulate it.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!” the Huntress screamed as she tossed her head back further, breaking contact with Catwoman’s ravishing lips. Catwoman’s touch to her sensitized pussy, the sensations magnified tenfold by her body’s sensitivity, purged all rational thoughts from Helena’s head. An exquisite pain, entwined with a devastating pleasure, rattled the heroine to her core.

“NNNNNUUUUHHHH!!! UUUUNNNGGHHH!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” the Huntress cried as Catwoman slowly began to rub her clit. The heroine bucked, shook, and spasmed in her bonds. Her large breasts bounced, adding to the torturous pleasure coursing through her body. Sweat rolled down her naked skin, occasionally spraying from her body as a particularly violent tremor rippled through her. Her fingernails pierced her gloves and dug into her palms, drawing blood. She didn’t notice.

“Uunnnhhh...AAAoouuwww...Oh!...Unngghh...” Catwoman moaned and cried as she rubbed her own pussy against the Huntress’ spasming thigh. She began to rub the Huntress’ pussy harder and faster.

“UNNHHH!! UNNHHH!! UNNHHH!! UNNHHH!!” Helena groaned as she approached climax. Her head snapped forwards and backwards, her dark, thick locks flying about her face. She ground her hips against her captor’s hand, which continued to accelerate its rubbing.

“DO...YOU...WANT...TO....COME...?!?” Catwoman yelled through clenched teeth as she rubbed her pussy harder and faster against the helpless heroine’s naked thigh.


Suddenly the Catwoman stopped and stepped away from the sex-crazed heroine.

“WH-what!?! Why’d you stop?!?” the Huntress demanded angrily. “Mistress! Rub me! FUCK ME!”

Catwoman smiled broadly and laughed. “Oh, Hunty, if you could hear yourself! I should have video-taped this...damn!”

The Huntress didn’t care. Her loins were on fire. She rocked her naked body franticly in her bonds, trying to stimulate her hyper-charged pussy. She whimpered erotically, desperate for more stimulation.

“Oh, you’ll come, Hunty, have no fear,” Catwoman assured her as she walked away from the Heroine.

“Nooooo...come back, Mistress!” the Huntress cried, pouting.

Catwoman ignored her and walked over to a cabinet against a far wall. She pulled open a drawer, fished around inside, and pulled something out with a pleased, excited cry. She walked back towards the bound and helpless heroine, holding whatever she’d found behind her back. She smiled wickedly at the Huntress.

“Which hand, Hunty?” she asked in a husky whisper.

The Huntress shook her head, unable to think of anything but the stimulation she craved. “Urrmmm...left...,” she finally moaned. Then her dark brown eyes opened wide in shock and horror.

“Good guess, beautiful,” Catwoman congratulated her as her left hand held forward, for the Huntress’ amazed eyes to see, a huge, thick black dildo. It was at least a foot long, and three or four inches thick. It was covered with insidious, glistening ridges, and had a set of straps attached near its base.

“Mother of God...” the Huntress whispered.

“Mmmm, yes, Hunty, I’m going to FUCK you, just like you asked,” Catwoman declared as she pointed the monstrous strap-on dildo at her helpless plaything and began to fasten its straps around her slim waist and shapely thighs.

“No! Catwoman! Don’t...” the Huntress pleaded, pulling at her bonds in fear. Her firm breasts jiggled and her hips gyrated as the heroine desperately sought a way to avoid being impaled on that monster.

“Aw, now, Hunty, just a minute ago you were begging for it...aaaahhhhh,” Catwoman moaned as she inserted the shorter end of the dildo into her pussy. She adjusted the black leather straps around her naked waist and thighs, then walked slowly towards the huntress, her green eyes shining, the black dildo bobbing obscenely with each step.

“G-get that thing away from me!” the Huntress cried in horror. Her dark eyes were wide and wild behind her purple mask, her breath short, her naked body glistening with the sweat of pain, sex, and now fear. She whimpered helplessly as the Catwoman bent her knees and poised the huge dildo at the entrance to the Huntress’ pussy. She could feel its hard black tip against her pubic hair; she could smell a musky sent from the oil that covered the dildo, making it shine slightly in the dim light of the Catwoman’s lair.

“Beg me not to fuck you,” the Catwoman ordered her captive as she spread her hands on the heroine’s shapely hips and prepared to take the plunge. “Beg, slave.”

The Huntress sobbed, but obeyed. “P-please...mistress! Don’t fuck me...”

The Catwoman shook her head. “I’m sorry, Hunty. That just wasn’t convincing.” She smiled carnivorously.

The Huntress stared at her in fear. Catwoman slowly straightened her legs.

“Aaahh!” the Huntress gave a short cry as the huge, thick dildo began to penetrate her. Her sodden pussy, wet from Catwoman’s earlier stimulation of it, allowed the member to slide in easily, despite its size. Catwoman continued to slowly, torturously straighten her bent knees, forcing the dildo deeper into the Huntress. The heroine closed her eyes and let her head roll back. Her mouth hung open. “Nuhhh...Ohhh...please, I...aaahhhhh...unnngghhh...” she moaned, slowly rolling her head from side to side, racked by an insidious combination of agony and ecstasy. “OH!” The Huntress’ eyes flew wide and her head raised as she felt the tip of the dildo touch the entrance to her womb.

Catwoman held her there a moment. Her green eyes hungrily held the Huntress’ dark brown ones in a torrid stare. Both women breathed heavily, rapidly. The Huntress’ body shuddered, anticipating the inevitable humping the Catwoman would give her. Catwoman leaned forward a little, her bare breasts pressing against those of her captive, and quickly licked the Huntress’ lips with her tongue. Then Catwoman pulled her hips back and down slowly, gradually easing the dildo out of the Huntress’ pussy.

“Hunh...hunh...hunh...,” the Huntress breathed, shutting her eyes tight as the monstrous phallus gradually withdrew.

Catwoman paused. She held the tip of the dildo at the entrance to Huntress’ dripping mound once again. The Huntress trembled helplessly, her eyes still shut tight, foreseeing the villainess’ next action.

Suddenly, Catwoman thrust her hips forward. The phallus exploded into the Huntress’ pussy with a single, violent thrust. The heroine threw her head back, dark hair flying around her face, sweat flying from her jolted body, and screamed.


Catwoman withdrew her strap-on horror more rapidly. The Huntress shuddered. The villainess thrust forward again.


Again the feline felon withdrew. With a snarling sneer, she plunged the dildo into her captive again.


Catwoman began to accelerate the tempo of her thrusts. Out. In. Out, in. Out in. Out-in.

“NNUUUUHHHHH...UUUUUNNHH...UUNNHH...UNH...UNH! UNH! UNH!” Huntress gasped as her captor began to pump the dildo in and out of her, like the piston in an accelerating car. Her large breasts bounced with each thrust. Her buttocks quivered, sweat dripping from them. Catwoman reached behind her to knead the heroine’s cheeks.

“MROWR...RURR...HURR...HUH...HUH! HUH! HUH!” Catwoman grunted as she fucked her captive plaything. Her large breasts bounced and rubbed against the heroine’s. The villainess’ strong but shapely ass and thighs flexed, propelling the hard, violent thrusts of her hips.

“OH...GOD...NO...” the Huntress moaned through clenched teeth as Catwoman raped her.

“DON’T...YOU..LIKE IT?” Catwoman demanded as she kept fucking, faster and harder with every thrust.

“NO...NO!” Huntress cried.

Suddenly Catwoman stopped, the dildo fully inside the Huntress’ pussy. The Huntress looked at her, dark eyes trying to blink away the stinging sweat, as she wondered if her tormentor would actually accede to her wishes and stop.

“Bullshit,” Catwoman snarled.

Apparently not.

“You love it.” Catwoman insisted.

“NO!...I don’t...,” the Huntress whimpered, her pussy throbbing from the huge phallus that Catwoman held inside her.

“Yes you do. You know why? You like getting fucked by anyone who has anything to do with him.”

The Huntress’ eyes opened in surprise. “I...I don’t know what you’re talking about...”

“BULLSHIT!!” Catwoman yelled as she withdrew the dildo and thrust it back into the Huntress’ pussy.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” the heroine screamed as the villainess impaled her.

“Your little superheroine pussy is dripping, Hunty. You love it. Because I’m part of his circle, part of his club.”

“I don’t know who...GGHHHAAAAHHHH!!!” the heroine shrieked as Catwoman drove into her once again.

“BATMAN!” Catwoman shouted, withdrawing and entering again. “BATMAN! BATMAN! BATMAN!” she went on, each exclamation of the name accompanied by a pumping thrust of the dildo.

“AHHHH!!! AH! AH! AH!”

“It’s why you fucked Nightwing, isn’t it!?!” Catwoman demanded as she stopped fucking.

“WHAT?!? How’d you know...”

“Who DOESN’T know, Hunty?” Catwoman responded with a sneer. “You couldn’t fuck the Bat, so you fucked his former partner. Isn’t that true?”

“No, I...HUUUNNHHHH!!!” the Huntress exclaimed in response to yet another deep, driving penetration of her pussy.

“Don’t lie to me, and don’t lie to yourself!” Catwoman hissed at the impaled heroine. “You want him! You want to fuck him! Don’t you?”


Suddenly, Catwoman withdrew, causing the Huntress to gasp. Catwoman stepped over the Huntress’ naked thigh and stepped behind her. She positioned the dildo between the heroine’s open legs and pushed it, from behind, to the Huntress’ exposed pussy lips. The master thief’s hands grabbed the heroine’s sensitive breasts and squeezed them, making the Huntress’ eyes water as she inhaled sharply between clenched teeth.

“Admit it, Hunty...why do you stay in his town? Why do you keep pushing him? Because you want him to get fed up and take you in hand, to teach you a lesson. You want him to grab you one night on a dark rooftop...”


“ want him to tear your costume off...”

“No, I...”




The Huntress drew in a deep, shaky breath. Catwoman continued squeezing her breasts, pinching her sensitive, rock-hard nipples. The heroine could feel the tip of the dildo brushing against her pussy lips, awaiting entry. She sobbed. The stimulation of the evening—the pleasure, the pain, the torture, the ecstasy—it proved to much for her. It overwhelmed her. Her head fell forward, her dark hair falling around her face and over her naked breasts.

“...yes...” she whispered.

“What? Louder!’ Catwoman ordered.


“LOUDER!” the villainess demanded, squeezing the Huntress’ exposed breasts.


“Beg him. Beg him like he’s here! BEG!” Catwoman ordered.

“FUCK ME, BATMAN! OH GOD, PLEASE, FUCK MEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” the Huntress screamed as Catwoman drove the huge dildo into her pussy. The villainess began thrusting furiously, driving in and out of the heroine’s exposed cunt.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, BATMAN! GOD, YES! YES!” the Huntress cried, lost in a passion-driven dream, as Catwoman fucked her. The Huntress looked over her shoulder. In her sex-induced delirium, Catwoman’s features seemed to shift...her cowl’s cat’s ears elongated. The mask changed color, darkening to black. The eye-slits narrowed to thin white slashes. Her chin broadened, became strong and square.

“Huntress...” a low, hard voice growled to her, “ meddlesome bitch! I’ll teach you how we do things in Gotham...”


Catwoman released the Huntress’ breasts and grabbed the heroine’s naked hips, holding them in place as she fucked her captive harder, faster. Sweat dripped down Catwoman’s naked back. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she accelerated her thrusts, driving faster and faster into the heroine’s pussy.

The Huntress squeezed her eyes shut. Her spread-eagled body tensed. Her breasts bounced with each hard, driving thrust that Batman/Catwoman pumped into her. Her head began to thrash from side to side, her coal-black locks flying about her masked face as she approached orgasm.

“HUNH! HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!” the Huntress grunted with each thrust.

“I’!” Catwoman growled, in time with her thrusts, her voice a low growl. She, too, could feel the wave rising inside her, beginning to crest.

“YES!! YES!!! YEEEEEEEESSSS!!!! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Huntress screamed. Her body went rigid. Her dark eyes opened wide. Her hands clenched at the chains that bound her.

“ROWR...HURR...HUHH...HUHH!! UHHH!!! UUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!!” Catwoman arched her back, thrusting her large breasts forward. Her toned, muscled body froze as the wave collapsed onto her.

“OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! UUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!” Huntress yelled as multiple orgasms crashed through her ravaged body.

“NNNUUHHHHHH!!! UNNNGGGGHHH....Unnnnhhhhh...” Catwoman breathed, her body sliding down the denouement of her orgasm.

“Nuhhhnnn...huuuunnhhh...hhaaahhhh...” the Huntress moaned, gasping for air after the most mind-blowing sequence of orgasms she’d ever experienced in her life. Her dark brown eyes looked randomly about the dark warehouse, unseeing, behind half-closed lids. Her naked, tortured body slumped in its bonds, held up only by the leather straps binding her wrists. Sweat mingled with the female juices dripping from her still-filled pussy. Her breasts rose and fell as her lungs gulped air.

“Oooooohhhh...mmmmmm...mmmrrroowwrrr...” Catwoman shakily straightened, breathing heavily, then softly fell forward against her captive’s naked back.

There she rested, breathing heavily, as did the Huntress, for several minutes. Then Catwoman moved her head slightly and playfully licked the Huntress’ ear. Catwoman smiled exhaustedly and gave a girlish giggle. The Huntress lifted her head from where it rested on her shoulder and turned back to look at the Catwoman. She gave the thief a half-smile, then laughed softly.

“That was great...” she breathed.

“Even better than last time,” Catwoman purred.

“Ooohh, yeah,” the Huntress agreed, nodding slowly. Then her lovely face grimaced slightly. “Selina...”

“Hrrrrrmmmm?” her feline lover moaned lazily.

“I’m...losing circulation in my hands,” the Huntress said softly. “Could you...?”

“Oh. Of course, kitten.” Catwoman slowly slid the dildo out of the Huntress’ pussy. The heroine moaned softly as the phallus left her body. Catwoman undid the dildo’s straps, laid the sex toy on the ground, then wearily reached up and began to undo the leather straps that bound the heroine.

The Huntress gave Catwoman’s sleek, shapely body a lingering, sidelong glance. “I just loooooovvvve watching you stretch like that...”

Catwoman smiled as the first strap came undone. She gave her lover a light, playful slap on her rear.

“Ouch!” the Huntress exclaimed.

“Still tender?” Catwoman asked slyly, reaching up for the second strap.

“I’m probably going to be tender for days,” the Huntress answered, shaking blood back into her free hand. She glanced down at her naked body. “’t suppose you can lend me something to wear home...?”

Catwoman undid the second strap, then ran her hand down the side of the Huntress’ face, over her large, firm breasts, and across the heroine’s stomach. “I think you look just fine the way you are,” she said in a low, sultry voice.

The Huntress cocked one eyebrow. “Thanks, Kitty-Kat, but I don’t think Gotham’s finest would agree.”

Catwoman shrugged her naked shoulders. “I guess I can lend you one of my costumes,” she said, then turned and walked over to the chest of drawers where she’d obtained the dildo earlier.

The Huntress bent over to undo the straps around her ankles. “And what if some cops spot me and think I’m Catwoman, jewel thief extraordinaire?”

Catwoman turned around in time to get an exquisite view of the Huntress’ taut, round ass and exposed pussy. She smiled. “Steal something and disappear into the night. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.”

The Huntress laughed and undid the second strap. She grabbed her right ankle and pulled her shapely leg up behind her, stretching it. She repeated the exercise with the other leg, getting her circulation back into her limbs. She then pulled the remnants of her ruined costume, the sleeves, gloves, and boots, from her body. She stood waiting, her magnificent body naked except for her purple mask. Catwoman returned to her, carrying a familiar purple spandex cat suit and the Huntress’ utility belt. Catwoman had thrown on a light linen robe to cover her shapely body.

The Huntress gratefully took the costume from Catwoman and began to pull the tight spandex over her legs.

“Ungh! Jesus! Aren’t you a size bigger than me?” the Huntress asked as she struggled with the costume.

“Watch it, girlie,” Catwoman warned her playfully.

“No wonder you look like you’ve been poured into these things,” the heroine murmured as she tugged the cloth over her thighs and hips.

Catwoman watched the Huntress’ curvaceous, feminine form writhe and jiggle with a mix of amusement, admiration, and erotic enjoyment. Then her face grew serious beneath her purple cowl.

“Listen, Hunty...,” she said softly.

“Urgh! What?” the Huntress responded, finally managing to pull the purple spandex over her large breasts. Still sensitive from the night’s activity, the heroine tried to cover her tender mammaries as gingerly as she could.

Catwoman took a deep breath before continuing. “The Batman...he doesn’t care about anything but his damn crusade,” she said.

The Huntress froze, the costume now covering her chest. She turned and looked stonily at Catwoman.

Catwoman returned the stare, then shrugged. “I just thought I’d warn you. I don’t want to see you get hurt,” she said, softly caressing the heroine’s cheek.

The Huntress’ lips curled into a rueful half-smile. “The way you did?” she asked the other woman softly.

“Something like that, yeah,” Catwoman responded.

They remained silent for several moments. Finally the Huntress laughed softly. “That’s what I like about getting together with you, Selina. It’s both cheaper and more fun than therapy.”

Catwoman smiled back. “Who says it wasn’t therapy?” she asked. “I should charge you.”

The Huntress walked to the door of the warehouse, preparing to return to the night. “Whatever,” she said with a wave. Then she stopped and turned. “And by the way. Next time, I’m going to capture you,” she asserted with a sly smile, then walked outside.

Catwoman crossed her arms and gave her breasts a soft, anticipatory squeeze. “Promises, promises,” she purred, smiling and closing the door to the warehouse.