Dangerous Conspiracy, Part 1- Diana Prince Gets Involved  

By Brian Kim

Dangerous Conspiracy Part 1...Diana Prince Gets Involved

Author- Boomer

Diana Prince, a special agent for the IADC, was on a very special mission, perhaps even a dangerous one. Several months ago she was contacted by an anonymous source, that claimed to have information on a corporation responsible for siphoning billions of dollars from several different government programs, and bribing many Congressmen and Senators to provide resources for the corporation. He identified himself only as Bad Boy, and communicated by text messages to make initial contact and to set up secret meetings, where he would hand over copies of documents showing graphically the corporation's nefarious operations. After the first meeting with the so called Bad Boy, Diana verified the information he provided and as a result set up a regular weekly secret rendezvous. This weeks meeting was being held at the Hilton Hotel's parking garage. Being careful not to be followed, she parked her car on the third level of the dimly lit parking garage, walked along a mostly empty aisle, continued around the corner and up the ramp to the next level. Halfway along that aisle a voice whispered from behind a concrete pillar.

"Good evening Miss Prince, you look gorgeous as usual." The voice emanated out of the shadows from a person, who remained hidden.

"Who is it?" Diana waited for the coded reply.

"Bad Boy." The voice responded. "This will have to be our last meeting." He insisted. "Somehow they've discovered you're investigating them, and they might discover I'm supplying you with the information." There was a pause. "I'm giving you a list of involved Senators and Congressmen, as well as a special secret audit report of Wineglass Enterprises. This additional data, along with my other information, should be enough to help you completely expose them." He tossed a flash drive in the air that landed at her feet. "Keep it safe, and be very careful. These are evil men you're dealing with." Bad Boy disappeared into the darkness.

Diana picked up the small object, hid it in the heel of her shoe, and then quickly returned to her car to speed off down Pennsylvania Avenue. Entering her apartment, she tossed her purse onto the dining room table, and then went into the bedroom to remove the uncomfortable uniform, when an arm grabbed the startled agent from behind, while a hand thrust a familiar scented cloth over her face. "HEYMMMFFFWHMMMPPHH!!" Her body was lifted off the carpet by a large man, and her long shapely legs kicked wildly in the air. "I'm being chloroformed." Diana's arms were pinned to her sides preventing the intrepid agent from grabbing at the offending rag. "C..can't..lesh..thish..happp." She knew from experience that enough of the vile chemical had already been inhaled that her fate was already sealed, but it was inherent in her to keep struggling.

"Just breathe it in, honey. You can't win." The raspy voice whispered in the struggling agent's ear.

Diana knew he was right, as her mind became addled, unable to think straight, while the familiar pleasant erotic feeling returned. It wasn't long before Wonder Woman's alter ego fell prey to the powerful sedative, and welcomed the fumes into her lungs. She was floating on a cloud, not capable on resisting. Her blue eyes glazed over, and then rolled back in her head. The shapely body went limp in the attacker's arms.

"She's out cold. Get the rope." The man allowed the unconscious woman to slowly collapse onto the floor, where she lay sprawled out on the plush red carpet. The Major bent over the sleeping beauty to remove her uniform, and then dragged the limp body wearing nothing but flesh colored panty hose and bra into the kitchen, where she was tied to one of the wooden chairs, her wrists bound behind her back with her ankles bent backwards and tied to each of the rear chair legs. After the man secured the woman, he turned to his partner. "Have you found anything yet?"

"There's nothing here." Declared a short, attractive auburn haired woman. "Conrad's checking her computer."

An hour later Diana slowly regained consciousness, her eyes fluttered as she struggled to focus. Through the haze she spotted a distinguished looking gentleman sitting in one of the upholstered chairs. "Don't be alarmed Miss Prince, I have no interest in harming you, I just want to ask you a few questions." He took out a briar pipe, tamped some tobacco in the bowl and lit it. "I've heard you are investigating Wineglass Enterprises, is that true?" The man puffed on his Briar pipe.

"That's none of your business." Diana wriggled in the chair, trying to loosen the ropes.

"You have someone feeding you inside information. Who is that person?" He leaned forward in a menacing manner.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Diana insisted.

"It's obvious we're not going to accomplish anything in this forum." He nodded to Vixen.

Diana saw the woman pour some liquid into a rag. "No..you don't have to..DDMMMMFFFFF!!" She shook her head wildly from side to side, momentarily dislodging the rag. "HELMMMMPPHHHH!!" Vixen held the back of the agent's head as she reapplied the rag. Diana felt so helpless as the fumes filled he lungs and attacked her brain. "Can't resist..What are they going to dooo...Uuhhhhh." Her lovely blue eyes rolled back in her head, and then blackness engulfed the IADC agent.

The Major carried the unconscious IADC agent out to the van parked in the alley behind Diana's apartment building. Her head bobbed up and down over one arm, while her stocking covered feet dangled loosely over his other one. She was laid in the back of the van, and then driven to a colonial style mansion in a secluded section of the Washington suburbs.

Later that evening Diana's eyes slowly opened as her senses returned. She tried to lift a hand to rub her aching brow, but it was fastened to the table as well as her ankles. The young agent yanked at the restraints, but it was no use. "Where am I?" She wondered, looking around the sterile room. "It looks like a hospital room."

The door opened admitting a stocky man dressed in a white lab coat, white cap and a surgical mask over his face. "Quiet Miss Prince, I'm here to help you." He crossed the room to start undoing the straps. "I can't let them question you."

"Bad Boy?" She asked, getting down from the table.

"SSHHHH." He cautioned Diana without acknowledging his identity. "Quickly, go down the hall to your left and go out the back."

Dressed only in a bra and panty hose the intrepid agent cautiously creeped down the hall to the back door, and then fled to the edge of the woods.

Part 2....Enter Wonder Woman

Diana raced across the lawn to the edge of the woods, where she spun in place creating a flash of light, and transforming into Wonder Woman...A stunning female six feet tall with long wavy black hair that cascaded over her broad shoulders. She's dressed in a red bustier bordered with gold at the top, a wide gold belt around her slim waist, a blue thong that climbs up her thighs, and finally red high heel boots. Standing on the edge of the tree line the Amazon Princess makes an awesome sight.

A pair of eyes stared at the strange scene, awed by the sudden transformation. They belonged to an old man with a gray grizzly beard, wild uncut gray hair, and wearing dirty old cover alls. "A witch..I knew there was evil in that place." He picked up a heavy limb and approached the unsuspecting Wonder Woman, who stood staring at the house, pondering her next move. Jasper swung the heavy limb with all his might.

"UUUNNGGGHH!!!" A severe pain suddenly wracked the superheroine's brain as the limb crashed against the back of her skull. She stumbled forward a couple steps before falling to her knees. "OHH..WHA..UUNNNNN!!" Another pain surged through the strickened heroines head, causing her to collapse onto the wet grass face forward, where she lay groaning with pain. Wonder Woman was in great pain, and nearly unconscious as she felt her arm being yenked up. "So weak..c..can't fight." Someone was dragging her through the woods.

It was a house somewhat like the Major's, but the occupants had their Mortgage foreclosed, abandoning the homestead months ago. Jasper, a homeless vagrant moved in as soon as the house was vacated. He had been jumping into foreclosed houses for over a year now, and as soon as they were sold he moved on to another. Holding onto the woman's arm, the old man dragged her up the porch steps and into the house. He looked down at the witch, who was still groaning, but was beginning to recover. "Stay there, I got just the thing." He went upstairs to the bathroom, where some things had been left by the previous owner, a retired doctor.

Wonder Woman's head started to clear, but the ache was severe. "What hit me?" She crawled to a sitting position, leaning against a wall and trying to focus on the surroundings. "I'm back in the house?"

"Waking up are we?" Jasper returned with a smelly soaked rag. "This will help that headache." He knelt next to Wonder Woman, who smelled the familiar aroma.

"NO..You can't do that." Weakly the Amazon raised her arms to ward off the vile chemical soaked rag, but even the old man was strong enough to push it over her nose and mouth, pressing the lovely head against the wall. "MMPPHHHH!!" She struggled in vain as the fumes stung her nostrils on the way to her lungs. The helpless Amazon felt the familiar tingling all over, and became disoriented. "Can't fight it..Tooo weeeek." She sat against the wall, trying in vain to dislodge the rag, but then her eyes glazed over, her arms dangled to her sides, and she was gone...Overwhelmed by the chemical. Satisfied that the witch had been neutralized, he let the limp body slide sideways to the floor. "Let's have some fun."

Meanwhile back at the mansion The Major was sitting in his den with Vixen atop his lap. He was a tall huskie man, well groomed with wavy blond hair and a goatee to match. An ex-KGB officer, who sneaked into this country, carrying a small fortune, and loads of secret files, after the fall of the USSR. He set up shop in Washington with enough money and information to compromise half the government. His current objective was to establish a shadow government to eventually take over. However, for the present he was content at establishing the Wineglass Enterprises to build his financial empire, so he could influence the next election. He suspected there was a mole in the organization close to him, so he had developed an elaborate plan to feret out the spy.

After a long passionate kiss, Vixen followed her boss and lover down the hall to the lab. She let out a loud gasp upon entering the room. "SHE'S GONE!"

"How's that possible?" The Major picked up the loose ropes. "Someone untied her." He declared. "I knew there was a spy amongst us. Find him"

Jasper laid the unconscious Wonder Woman on the bed, and stripped her naked, first slowly removing her boots. He rubbed her delicate stocking covered feet, messaging up the leg along the firm thigh and into the clit. The stimulation stirred the Amazon, and panicked Jasper. He searched wildly for the chloroform soaked rag, but when he returned to sedate his captive, she was waiting for him.

"Put the rag down old man." Her first instinct was to pound the man into submission, but instead the wise Amazon asked him to sit down and have a talk. An hour later Wonder Woman had a better appreciation for Jasper's situation. He was a widower still grieving for his long dead wife. His son had abandoned him, and he no longer had any funds, so penniless, homeless and alone the old man roamed the city.

"I'm telling you that place is evil." Jasper insisted. "I've seen dead bodies in there, and when you changed I thought you were a witch."

"I want you to stay here while I investigate." Wonder Woman left the old man wondering what it would have been like screwing her. She crept up to the lit window of the mansion, and saw a stocky young man sitting in a chair with his hands tied behind. "Could that be Bad Boy?" She wondered, and then entered the house from the rear door, crept silently along the hallway to the room, where she had seen through the window, and placed an ear to the heavy oak door. "I have to do something." The heroine slowly turned the knob, but before entering there was a sudden pain that wracked her whole body. A surge of electricity put every nerve on fire. "AAACCHHHHHH!!" She fell against the door, pushing it open, and then stumbled crazily across the carpet to fall face down, twitching involuntarily.

"What the f...." The Major looked towards the doorway to see Vixen holding a tazer, and standing over the fallen Amazon. She bent down to remove the leads. "Welcome our guest, Major. It's the Wonder Woman, as you expected." Vixen reached for the golden belt, when the Amazon rolled over, grabbed Vixen's outstretched wrist, stuck her foot in the villain's gut, and tossed the startled woman overhead.

"It'll take more than a bit of electricity to capture me." Wonder Woman boasted, and bolted to her feet. She quickly released the young man. "Get out of here." Her sights were set on the older man behind the desk. "I believe you're the one who manhandled Miss Prince."

The Major took a revolver from the desk drawer and fired, but the bullets merely bounced off the superheroine's bracelets. "Uh oh, this is trouble." He started for the door but Wonder Woman grabbed him and tossed the fleeing man against the desk. As the Amazon began to choke the Major, his arm reached across the desk top for the syringe that was going to be used on the traitor. He injected the needle in Wonder Woman's thigh, and pushed the plunger.

"OWW!! What was that?" Wonder Woman released the Major and staggered backwards.

"Not feeling so good, B.....?" The Major shook his head and smiled as his beautiful attacker sank to one knee, holding her head. He then walked over to the struggling Amazon. "This should do the trick." He balled his fist and swung it at Wonder Woman's jaw.

"UUNNGGHH!!" Her head spun sideways dragging her body with it, and the she slowly sank to the plush carpet, rolled over onto her back and then sprawled out spread eagle, as everything went black.

"Whew, that was close." The Major helped Vixen to her feet. "I wasn't sure my ruse would work." He stared down at the captive lying at his feet. "I heard that Diana Prince could communicate with this Super B...., But wasn't completely sure she would take the bait."

Jeffry Darling ran from the mansion as Wonder Woman directed, leaped behind the wheel of his Honda, and drove to a spot nearby, where he could maintain a visual on the house to follow the Amazon, when she exited the place. However, she didn't come out right away, so the chauffeur waited. He was hired by the Major as soon as the Bently was purchased, because of a special recomendation from the dealer, which just happened to be Jeffry's uncle. It wasn't long after being hired that the young man became a main pawn in the game to feret out the spy if there was one, and to capture Wonder Woman at the same time.

While Jeffry waited outside, Wonder Woman lay unconscious on the plush ivory colored carpet. Vixen removed the heroine's belt, and then unzipped the red high heel boots to slowly pull them off. She rolled the six foot shapely figure onto her massive breasts, so the Amazon's wrists could be bound behind her back. The next thing was to place the slim stocking covered ankles together and wind the hemp rope around them, tying the ends into a tight knot. "What are you going to do with her?" Vixen looked at the Major, who was thinking all kinds of erotic plans for the exotic Amazon beauty.

"What would it be like to screw a superheroine?" He dreamed for a moment and then came back to reality. "Take her to the farm, and dispose of the body in the usual way." The farm was an anomaly in the high tech world of Wineglass Enterprises, as well as the High Society world the Major had created around him. However, it revealed a more basic background of the ex-Russian, who was raised on a remote farm in the foothills of the Urals. He used the farm to completely dispose of his enemies' bodys.

Outside in the Honda, Jeffry's reverie was interrupted by Jasper, the old man. "Hey mister could you spare a few bucks for a hot meal?"

The young man was about to shoo him away, when Vixen exited the front door followed by two men carrying a bound Wonder Woman between them. "Good, they've captured Wonder Woman."

Jasper turned to look at the Mansion and saw the men dump the unconscious and bound superheroine in the trunk of the Bently. "I warned her that place was evil."

"You've met Wonder Woman?" Stunned, Jeffry looked at the old man, who suddenly jumped into the passenger seat.

"Follow that car, we have to save her." Jasper demanded.

Part 3....Wonder Woman in Dire Peril

The Bently drove for hours through the Maryland hills, until they reached a wooden fence with a large sign that read 'Wineglass Enterprises, Keep Out'. Vixen pushed a button on the remote, causing the gate to slowly open, allowing the Bently to drive onto the dirt road leading to the Farm. A full moon lit up the corn fields on either side of the road, creating an eerie scene like in a Stephen King movie. It took them ten minutes to reach the old farm house, which could be seen at the bottom of the hill, nestled between two tall oak trees. A large barn was located off to the side with a silo attached. As they approached the two story white frame house, the sound of pigs could be heard coming from the sty at the back of the barn. Their significance will be learned later. They stopped in front of the house, as two tall burly men, came out to greet them.

The Honda that was following pulled to the side of the main road opposite the gate. "We can't chance alerting them by driving through the gate, so we'll go on foot." Jeffry said. As soon as the two men exited the car, Jasper was hit on the back of his head.

"UNNGGHH!!" The old man fell to his knees, and then collapsed face forward onto the ground.

"Can't have you mucking things up, old man." Jeffrey commented over the fallen body, and then tossed the unconscious old man in the rear seat, opened the gate to drive towards the farm house. His job being to act as back-up in case Wonder Woman was able to thwart the original trap.

While at the farm house. "The folks are inside." One of the twins declared. They not only looked alike, but were dressed alike, in plaid shirts and blue cover alls. "Can we help you with anything?" He asked, while his brother remained silent.

Vixen exited the car. "We have a bundle in the trunk that needs to be secured in the barn." She flicked the remote, popping open the trunk lid. That proved to be a mistake, because Wonder Woman had recovered consciousness, and had managed to free herself from the ropes. Suddenly the trunk flew wide open, the superheroine leaped out onto the dirt, and sped up the hill into the corn field, while everyone stood there immobilized by the surprise, while a wry smile came over Vixen's face.

"GET HER!!" Yelled the twins in unison.

Cain and Able immediately went to the house to release the dogs. "Do you have anything that belonged to the woman?" Able asked, and Vixen let the dogs sniff the golden belt. "Go get 'er" He instructed, sending Brutus and Baron into the corn field after the fleeing Wonder Woman.

Even without the magic belt, the Amazon had amazing speed and endurance, so she was able to stay ahead of the barking dogs, as she raced threw the rows of corn stalks and then into the surrounding woods. "I have to escape, and tell the authorities about the Major's evil plans." A half hour later the heroine still heard the dogs off in the distance behind her, but in front there was a light. It was a log cabin with someone inside. "Maybe they have a phone." She knocked on the door.

A short man with a graying beard faced the six foot beauty. "Hey Jake, we got ourselves some company." He flew open the door. " Come in." He said looking at the disheveled Wonder Woman as she entered. Your stockings are all torn and your feet are bleeding. Sit down and have something to drink, while Jake there gets something to wash your feet in."

"Thank you I could use a drink." She sat at the table on one of the home made chairs.

Amos, the smaller of the two men poured the stranger a glass of cider. "Drink hearty."

"Do you have a phone?" She asked while downing the cider.

"Nooo, sorry..we have no modern conveniences. Have some more cider." He poured another glass full.

"Thish ish quite goood" Wonder Woman began slurring her words. "It's awfully warm in here." She felt her forehead, and sensed that the room was spinning. "Wash..dish..you put in tha.shider?" The Amazon knew she was in trouble, and tried to stand, but took only a step before falling onto one knee. "Hash to getttt..." She slowly slid to the floor, lying on her side. "Uuuuhhhhh." There was a long soft sigh, and then her legs stretched out as her whole body went limp.

Hear the dogs, Jake? Those people at the farm are looking for her." Amos grabbed some rope and begagan tying the stranger's arms from her wrists to her elbows, and then bound her thighs and ankles together. He then opened a place in the floor. "Drag her over here, and we'll put her in the 'tater celler, until those people give up." Wonder Woman fell through the hole into the dark damp shallow celler, where she lay on top of some old rotten potatoes.

Within minutes there was a knock at the cabin door. "Open up." A voice demanded.

Amos unlocked the door and as soon as it was open, Brutus sprang through the opening and began pawing at the floor. "What's down there?" Able asked.

"Look, we were going to turn her over to you...really." Amos opened the floor to reveal the bound and unconscious Wonder Woman. "See, we captured her for you."

"Then why did you hide in in the root cellar?" Suddenly shots rang out and the two moonshiners fell to the floor. "Take them to the pigs." Able jumped into the shallow cellar to lift the Amazon out.

An hour later Wonder Woman stirred, her body slowly spun as she was suspended from a beam in the old barn with her wrists bound together. She was nude except for the shinny tan panty hose, and her ankles were free. "Ohhh..where am I?" Her deep blue eyes tried to focus. "I'm in a barn." A sharp clap of thunder quickly followed by a flash of lightning lit up the inside of the barn through the open doors, and preceded the downpour. The dirt outside soon turned to mud as little puddles formed between the barn and the large frame house. "I'm back at the farm, but where is everyone?"

Two big men carrying the bodies of the moonshiners, raced through the rain to the barn, and tossed them on the floor next to a circular saw. "OK, prepare them." Jake's limp body was placed on the table first, and fed through the saw.

Wonder Woman watched with horror as the two bodies were dismembered, and the body parts taken out to the pig sty. "That's horrible, you're nothing but animals." She said in disgust.

"At least they were already dead. We plan to dismember you...alive, ha, ha, ha." The two men laughed in unison and then left Wonder Woman to ponder her fate.

Part 4 The End of the Conspiracy?

"Things don't look good." She felt a chill come over her, partly do to the fate that awaited her and partly do to the cold mist blowing in through the open doors. Nothing had gone right. She had been chloroformed, hit over the head, tazered, drugged, injected with a knock out serum, and now she was about to be sawed into pieces. "A typical day in the life of a Superheroine." She tried to make light of her situation.

It was an hour later , when Vixen entered the barn. "Oh my, she doesn't look good." Standing just inside the barn, the auburn haired beauty saw the Amazon hanging nearly naked by her wrists, soaking wet, with her panty hose ripped, and her feet badly bruised. "I'll have you down in a minute."

"Stunned, Wonder Woman was a bit confused by this villain's attitude. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"Setting you free." Vixen replied. "My name is really Harly Quinlin, and I'm an undercover agent for the NIA. We've had an investigation into the Major's affairs and Wineglass Industries for nearly a year." She untied the heroine's wrists, and then retied the rope to the side of the barn, so it looked like the prisoner freed herself. "Diana Prince nearly ruined everything by starting her own investigation." However, that wasn't her fault, since the Major set up this whole thing to capture you, and to find out if there was a real spy in his organization. He's a cagy ex-KGB agent, as well as always suspicious."

"Hold it right there Vixen." Jeffrey stepped out of the rain into the barn, pointing a gun at the two women. "The Major was right. There IS a spy in the organization, and you're it." He walked towards them. "Tie up Wonder Woman." He ordered, as a dark figure followed him into the barn.

"There's evil everywhere." A voice behind Jeffrey declared, just as a heavy limb crashed against his skull. "UUNNGGHH!!" Jeffrey collapsed onto the barn floor, unaware of what hit him.

Jasper picked up the dropped gun, and followed the two women. They were already inside the house by the time he reached the porch. Wonder Woman headed for the kitchen, while Vixen went upstairs. "Where'd they go?" he wondered as he started looking in the parlor and then the dining room.

Wonder Woman spotted one of the twins with his back towards her, and when he turned she grabbed the man by his throat, strangling him. "AARRGGHHH!!" His protest was merely a gugling sound. He grabbed the heroine's wrist, but poor Cain was too worried about breathing to have much effect on Wonder Woman's hold. Finally she tossed the nearly unconscious villain against the wall, where he fell to the floor, out cold.

"I wonder how Vixen is do..UUNNGGHHH!!" A sudden pain in the back of her head disabled Wonder Woman, and she stumbled forward, stunned and dazed.

"That'll teach you to touch my boy." An old woman with gray frizzled hair stood at the doorway, holding an iron skillet. "I think you need another whack." She approached the Amazon, who was now on her knees, holding her aching head. Another swing of the skillet landed on the back of Wonder Woman's skull with a dull thud, causing her to fall face forward onto the linoleum floor. "Wha???" The old woman stopped suddenly as a gun was thrust against her head.

Upstairs, Vixen searched the bedrooms for the Brothers, and found one of then lying on a bed asleep. "OK creep, wake up." She trained the tranquilizer gun on the lump under the blanket, as she yanked off the cover. "WHA...? MMMPPHHHHH!!" A hand thrust a cold rag over her face, covering her mouth, so she couldn't scream, while a large hairy arm wrapped around her slim waist, lifting her shapely body off the floor. Vixen's long legs began flailing wildly in the air in a futile attempt to break free.

"I heard all that commotion downstairs, and saw you coming up here. What have you done with my brother?" The raspy voice with a Russian accent whispered the question in the struggling Vixen's ear.

She barely understood what the man said as the chloroform burned her nostrils as it filled her lungs and addled her brain. "C..can't..think..straight..sooo..dizzy." Her reaction became automatic, since the young agent could no longer control her muscles. Soon her legs dangled loosely in the air, her arms flopped to her sides and those beautiful green eyes rolled back to reveal only white through the narrow slits that the closing eyelids created.

As Cain lowered the limp, unconscious body to the floor, a clang rang out as the heavy iron skillet collided with his head. "UUGGHHHH!!" The long muscular body fell backwards, and as he lay on the floor, his last vision was of Jasper holding his Mother's big iron frying pan. "UUHHHHH"

Dawn was breaking, when the sun's rays crossed the room and engulfed Wonder Woman lying on the bed wearing her costume, including bracelets, tiara golden belt and boots. "Oooohh..My head." The Amazon slowly raised up to see she was fully clothed. "What happened?"

"Good morning Princess. I took the liberty of bathing you and changing your outfit." Jasper approached the bed. "Hope you don't mind." He smiled down at his new friend.

"Where's Vixen?" She asked, rubbing her head.

"She woke up early and phoned her boss to report everything that happened." He continued. "Seems the NIA raided the Major's place, but he was gone, taking all the money and any secrets he had stashed away. Guess we haven't heard the last of him."

"How about all the crooks in this place?" She was a bit embarrassed that an old homeless man had saved her and an NIA undercover agent.

"They're all in the barn tied up. I was going to put them through the saw, but didn't." He laughed as Wonder Woman pulled the old man towards her to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"I wonder where the Major went?" She pondered.

Way up in the Swiss alps a man sat in a large Chalet, smoking a pipe and sipping a glass of brandy next to a roaring fire, while looking out the bay window at the snow falling in the valley below. "I'll get you, Wonder Woman."