The More Things Change  

By Dark One

DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR OTHERWISE UNDERAGE WHERE YOU LIVE. This story contains violence, sexual intercourse, bondage, discipline, humiliation, and a notable lack of knowledge on how the prostitution/porn industries actually work.

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(One) AuthorUs Note: Well, sometimes, dreams do come true, donUt they? IUve been a longtime fan of this site, but especially the works of Dark One. It was be several long, tortuous years, however, before I finally worked up the courage (and writing skills) to actually co-write a super heroine erotica story with him. But when I did? This is what resulted. ItUll only be the start of my career in super heroine erotica, but looking back on it, IUm not too ashamed of it. Yet.

A version of this story was posted on DarkUs LiveJournal several days ago, but this one is somewhat different. It features all of our original formatting in place (italics, boldings and all), which LJ ate because it uses a different text system or something. That aside, fun game for those of you playing along at home: can you tell which parts each of us wrote?

(Also, the elements at the beginning of the third part of this story were more or less lifted directly from material written elsewhere on the 'net by authors wedgeyman and Spider-Slut. They have said they don't mind my borrowing it, as long as they are given proper credit.)

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Wonder Woman/Invisible Woman: The More Things Change

By Disciple and Dark One



"I see youUre still running around in that bodypaint."

"I see you still havenUt gotten rid of the swimsuit."

Wonder Woman placed her hands on her hips and glared. The Amazon stood five-foot-eleven, with baby blue eyes and long raven hair that fell to her upper back. Her face, with its small, upturned nose and high cheekbones, indicated a hint of royal descent - which was fitting for a princess of Paradise Island. Her body was at once voluptuous, muscular, and lithe, with sizable breasts, a toned belly, and mile-long legs. As usual, the Amazon was attired in her world-famous super heroine costume: red bustier with gold trim and golden eagle decoration over the chest, blue star-spangled shorts, and red boots that each sported a single white stripe running up the front and five-inch stiletto heels. A golden tiara with a red star in its center encircled her forehead, while the indestructible Amazonian bracelets encircled her wrists. Last, but not least, the famed Golden Girdle of Hippolyte rested around her narrow waist and upon her wide hips, the equally famous Lasso of Truth hanging from its side.

The Invisible Woman crossed her arms and shot back a glare of her own, tilting her head slightly as she did so. At five-foot-ten, she possessed deep green eyes and light blond shoulder-length hair. Though she was of mundane human descent, the aspects and contours of her face and body - especially her chest - would still have rendered most supermodels green with envy, and there were more than a few rumors going around about how only extraterrestrial radiation could have given an ordinary human woman such endowments. Her simultaneously attractive and athletic form was wrapped in her trademark skintight sky-blue uniform, which sported a navy-blue collar and a circular emblem over its chest sporting the famed R4S logo. The rest of her costume consisted of elbow-length gloves, boots with five-inch stiletto heels, and a simple belt with a silver buckle - all the same navy-blue as her uniformUs collar.

For what felt like an eternity, the two super heroines silently regarded one another beneath the night sky, neither willing to give up ground. Then, finally, Wonder Woman broke the standoff.

"SoI fancy meeting you here."

"Same to you."

"Come here often?"

"Oh, noI just following a case, is all."

"So am I."

"Wow. Small world."

As one, the two heroines turned to regard their real target: the two-story building at the end of the street. On the surface, it looked like an ordinary, trendy fashion boutique, closed for the day. Above its front door was a sign loudly (and somewhat obnoxiously) proclaiming "MADAME BOWEN'S BOUTIQUE".

But looks were deceiving, as both of the super heroines knew, and knew well. And the fashion boutique in question was quite the master of deception. By day, it masqueraded as a perfectly legitimate business. But by night - if the underworld's whisperings were to be believed - it was a hub of white slaver activity. Its owners supposedly masterminded the kidnappings of young, beautiful women from across the country, organizing them to be shipped and sold into pornography, prostitution, or worse.

The two heroines had both met the proprietor of the boutique - the aging but still graceful Madame Bowen - several times, both during and after the shop's opening hours. And each time, they'd picked up absolutely nothing in the way of incriminating evidence. If Madame Bowen was indeed guilty, then she was an expert at covering her tracks.

"So... no backup tonight?" Wonder Woman observed. "You don't usually work alone."

"I could say the same of you," the Invisible Woman smirked. "No Batman, no Superman..."

A smirk played across Wonder Woman's lips, thought the Amazon's baby blues flashed with decidedly less playfulness. "Some of us don't need MEN butting in on a case that only women could understand, and properly administer punishment for."

The Invisible Woman gave a similar smirk. "Yes, SOME of us don't."

At that, Wonder Woman cocked an eyebrow. "You do know that that word on the street is that Madame Bowen might be a sorceress, a practitioner of the magical arts? I think I've had more experience with those than you."

The Amazon's blond rival didn't even flinch. "Yes, and other rumors indicate that Madame Bowen might have mutant abilities. Which I don't think are quite your department, now are they?"

Wonder Woman made a gracious-looking gesture toward the boutique. "Well, shall we?"

Instead of accepting the gesture, the Amazon's fellow costumed crimefighter mirrored Wonder Woman's positions. "Age before beauty."

The Amazing Amazon gave a noise of amusement, and accepted the gesture, proudly stepping forward with her head held high and her chest thrust out just a bit further. But as she passed the Invisible Woman, she made a quiet statement that the blond heroine nevertheless heard quite clearly.

"Pearls before swine."

Almost instantly, the Invisible Woman felt a furious, warm rush of red come over her face. The blond super heroine, however, held it in check. She - and Wonder Woman - were here tonight to check out the rumors and reports surrounding the boutique, and - if necessary - deliver justice to any criminals they might find. Nothing more.

The blonde crossed her arms, and silently watched Wonder Woman's retreating form for a few seconds. The Amazon was quickly but subtly making her way over to the boutique, traversing through alleys and sticking to the shadows whenever possible. Every so often, she was forced to climb up to and cross a rooftop or two, but it was late, and the night was overcast, so her chances of being spotted were low. She was quite good at being subtle, the Invisible Woman had to admit.

"Too bad I'm better."

And with that, the shapely blonde took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and concentrated. A hum of energy covered her body from head to toe, and when she opened her eyes again and looked into the reflection of a nearby shop window, she saw absolutely nothing besides the street itself, and the buildings behind her. As was to be expected.

The now-invisible heroine then tapped into her other trademark ability, and conjured up a disk-shaped force field roughly five feet in diameter. She nimbly hopped onto the force field, only stumbling a little from the stiletto heels on her boots. Once she had confirmed her center of balance, the blond heroine issued another mental command, and the force field levitated a good distance into the air, carrying her with it. Then, once she was floating above all of the rooftops in the area, she zeroed in on Madame Bowen's once more, and directed the force field to "fly" toward the two-story building.

Her will was the force field's command, and soon, she found herself swiftly - but smoothly - zooming toward the boutique. Right down the middle of the street. Wonder Woman might have had a head start on her, but she, unlike the Amazon, didn't need to hide in the shadows. There could have been a full moon out with an utterly cloudless sky, and it wouldn't have affected her stealth one bit.

About a minute later, the Invisible Woman had reached her target. Another quick mental command had the force field beneath her stilettos steadily descending, until she was hovering just a foot or two above the street. She was now in a dingy, poorly-lit back alley - the one that ran right behind the boutique, as a matter of fact. Nothing but gravel, a few walls, and a Dumpster to keep her company.

Oh, and the tall, proud figure of Wonder Woman, of course. Standing about a foot in front of her, and facing a wall containing what the Invisible Woman assumed was the boutique's back door.

The blond heroine felt a slight spark of annoyance at the sight of the Amazon - despite all of her own advantages, Wonder Woman had managed to win their little "race". A second glance at the raven-maned heroine, though, mollified the Invisible Woman a bit. Even though Wonder Woman had her back to her, she could tell that the Amazon was visibly panting, and trying her best to show off with a proud, triumphant super heroine stance. Hands on hips, chest thrust out, booted feet apart. The whole nine yards. She might have won, but it hadn't been an easy victory.

Suddenly, the Amazon turned around, her eyes meeting the blonde's. Involuntarily, the Invisible Woman flinched, but soon relaxed when Wonder Woman turned away from her and began combing over the entire area with those baby blues.

Finally, satisfied that she was alone in the alley, the Amazon resumed her original stance, unknowingly turning her back on the Invisible Woman once more.

"Hera, that was invigorating..." the Amazon breathed as she began to approach the door before her. "But perhaps I should go a bit easier on her the next time... I can't really expect such a small-time heroine to keep up with an Amazon's physique..."

Another rush of anger poured into the Invisible Woman, and the blonde soon felt her face heating up twice as quickly as it had before. The invisible heroine, still standing on her hovering force field, slowly floated toward the unaware Amazon, intent on giving that condescending bitch a piece of her mind.

Then, just as she was mere inches away from Wonder Woman, a truly evil thought popped into the blonde's head. She looked down, past Wonder Woman's golden girdle, and saw the Amazon's luscious rear, so tantalizingly wrapped up in those blue, star-spangled shorts of hers.

Quickly, and stealthily, a pair of gloved hands reached out, grabbed the waistband of those shorts, and yanked straight up.


Wonder Woman, as it turned out, was lighter than she looked. So the Invisible Woman put her back into it, and pulled the Amazon's star-spangled shorts up with all her might. Then, for some added fun, the blond heroine mentally commanded the force field beneath her feet to begin rising again. As she began to rise, she pulled Wonder Woman up with her, and soon, Wonder Woman's booted feet had left the ground. In a matter of seconds, the Amazon Princess found herself being hoisted a good several feet into the air. The raven-maned heroine was desperately kicking her mile-long legs, but to no avail - unbeknownst to the Amazon, her invisible tormentor was floating too high above her for her wild, unfocused kicks to strike.

A sadistic grin began to spread across the Invisible Woman's face as she watched that blue fabric wedge itself tightly into Wonder Woman's pussy and ass. Knowing her background, that pampered little princess had probably never gotten a wedgie in her life. Well, she was here to fix that, here and now!

For her part, Wonder Woman was absolutely stunned. Her lower regions were on fire, and her eyes were crossing from the sheer pain. More than that, however, the Amazing Amazon was absolutely shocked at the very nature of her current situation. She had always been dimly aware of the schoolyard humiliation known as a "wedgie", but she had never expected that it would happen to her, the number-one super heroine in the country and the world.

Suddenly, the raven-maned heroine heard a familiar, mocking voice, coming from a spot somewhere directly above her head:

"Who's the small-time heroine now, Wonder Woman? Or maybe Wedgied Wench is more appropriate! Hahaha!"

Instantly, Wonder Woman's baby blues narrowed in rage. With cold, calculated motion, the Amazing Amazon focused all of her strength into her right arm, and swiftly thrust her elbow up and back. That elbow strike, true to her Amazon instincts, hit its mark dead-on.


This time, it was the Invisible Woman's turn to cross eyes. The blond heroine doubled up as her glance traveled down to the source of her sudden agony: the elbow planted firmly in her groin. Almost immediately, her grip slackened, and the blonde felt the waistband in her gloved hands begin to slip away. But that wasn't even the worst of it. Almost immediately afterward, the Invisible Woman realized that there was no longer anything beneath her booted feet - that blow to her crotch must have jarred her concentration enough for her force field to vanish!

Approximately one millisecond later, the blond heroine felt herself plunging through the air like a stone in water.

Mercifully enough, the Invisible Woman didn't have a long way to fall. Before she could think and concentrate enough to conjure up another force field - before she could even open her mouth to scream - the shapely blonde hit the hard, unforgiving ground beneath her. Bottom first.

Slowly, the Invisible Woman got back to her wobbly feet, groaning softly all the while. She had taken worse blows in her long career as a super heroine, but rarely two of them in such rapid succession. The blond heroine blinked rapidly, trying to get all of the spots out of her eyes. Slowly, those spots faded... only to be replaced by the sight of a certain Amazon, standing tall and crossing her arms with a smug look on her face.

Just the sight of it pissed the Invisible Woman off.

"You know," the blond heroine said slowly. "I'm starting to feel this investigation only needs ONE of us."

"No argument there," the Amazon replied. "So ONE of us ought to trim the dead weight, don't you think?"

The Invisible Woman clenched her fists, a cocky smirk crossing her face. "Your funeral."

Wonder Woman narrowed her eyes, one hand surreptitiously creeping toward the golden lasso hanging from her hip. "My thoughts exactly."

And without any further warning, the Amazon swiftly took the Lasso of Truth into her hand and cast it toward her blond opponent. The Invisible Woman swerved to the side, narrowly avoiding getting caught in the lasso's loop.

While the Amazon grit her teeth and drew back her lasso, the Invisible Woman raised a gloved hand into the air. A half-dozen semitransparent force fields emerged from thin air - each the size of a fist, and all of them shaped roughly like bullets. Bullets aimed straight at Wonder Woman.

The blond heroine swept her arm, and all six of the projectiles sailed straight toward Wonder Woman. Cursing, the Amazon jumped to the side, dodging three of them. The other three changed course in mid-air, homing in on the raven-maned beauty's new location.

"Fool," Wonder Woman said softly, the smirk returning to her face. Without missing a beat, the Amazon Princess crossed her arms in front of her chest, fists pointing up. The three projectiles harmlessly bounced off of her indestructible bracelets, one-by-one.


But in dealing with her opponent's assault, Wonder Woman had taken her eyes off of that opponent for a split-second. And that was all the Invisible Woman needed. When Wonder Woman turned her attention back to the spot where the blonde had been standing, she saw nothing.

Wonder Woman cursed again, and quickly turned her head every-which-way, scanning her surroundings with her sharp Amazon eyes. The Invisible Woman's powers were formidable, but they didn't make the blonde totally undetectable. Sooner or later, she would have to-

Suddenly, the Amazing Amazon's sixth sense blared. Without thinking, the raven-maned heroine whirled around and backhanded the space behind her. She was rewarded with the feeling of the back of her hand making contact with soft, vulnerable flesh. In the same instant, she heard a sweet, sweet sound.


The backhand hadn't been that hard, but it still threw the Invisible Woman for a loop. Which was only logical, given the Wonder Woman's Amazon strength. The blond heroine tumbled off of her force field platform, which she had been riding a moment ago as a way of sneaking up on Wonder Woman from above and behind. Again.

"Really, the same thing twice in one night?" Wonder Woman sneered, hands on hips. "You're even more of a one-trick pony than I thought."

The Invisible Woman met the Amazon's sneer as she cradled her struck cheek. "Why mess with a winning formula? And speaking of winning..."

Wonder Woman tensed her muscles once more, ready to dodge - or block - whatever the Invisible Woman was about to throw at her. But to her surprise, no force fields appeared near the Invisible Woman's hands this time.

Because they were too busy appearing beneath the Amazon's booted feet.

"What the...?!" the Amazon exclaimed as she suddenly felt herself rising into the air. The raven-maned beauty felt an unusual point of pressure beneath each of her soles, and realized soon afterward that the Invisible Woman had just lifted her into the air with two force field "stilts". And each of those stilts was, by the feel of it, far slimmer than the soles of her boots were.

The Amazing Amazon helplessly teetered atop the new platform, arms outstretched and waving wildly. Even with the balance exercises that had been part of her warrior training, staying atop the "stilts" was no easy feat. And it was getting less easy by the second.

"What's the matter, Wondie?" the Invisible Woman taunted. "Scared of heights?"

Before Wonder Woman could retort, the Invisible Woman snapped her fingers, willing away the force field "stilts". Immediately after, the raven-maned Amazon plunged straight down, from a height even greater than the one that the Invisible Woman herself had fallen from.

However, to the blond heroine's surprise and dismay, Wonder Woman's Amazon reflexes kicked in just in time. In midair, seconds before she was about to hit the ground, the Amazon maneuvered her entire body upside-down so that she would land in a handstand. Then, as soon as her hands hit the ground, the Amazon bounced into the air and performed a backflip, landing with her booted feet on the ground once more.

The Invisible Woman was so enthralled, in fact, that she failed to notice the Amazon reaching up and removing her tiara during that backflip. And in the same instant that Wonder Woman's feet hit the ground, the Amazon flung that tiara straight toward her blond opponent.

"Whoa!" the heroine gasped as she narrowly ducked the tiara. She then raised her head back up to taunt Wonder Woman's aim, but was cut short by the metal projectile suddenly plowing into the back of her head. Fortunately, she was on the receiving end of the blunt part, instead of the sharp edges, but it was still a powerful impact.

As the Invisible Woman slumped, a smirking Wonder Woman charged forward, closing the distance between the two of them. As soon as she reached her opponent, the Amazon grabbed the Invisible Woman by the collar and slammed a knee into the blonde's stomach. Followed by an elbow to the collarbone. And a good old-fashioned headbutt, for good measure.


The Invisible Woman fell to her knees, groaning pitifully.

"Should've done your homework," Wonder Woman sneered as she retrieved her tiara and placed it back upon her head. "This tiara isn't just a fashion statement. It works as a boomerang, too!"

"Good to know," the Invisible Woman spat, blinking back tears. "And just so you know, I'm not the only thing I can turn invisible. Case in point..."

The blond heroine waved her hand. At first glance, nothing changed, and Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow. Then she looked down, and realized that her bustier had suddenly vanished, leaving her full, naked tits in plain view.

Gaping, the Amazing Amazon instinctively crossed her arms over her chest. That gave the Invisible Woman plenty of opportunity to form a force field "gauntlet" around her fist, and smash that fist straight into the Amazon's groin. Which she did.

"UGH!" Wonder Woman groaned from the blow, eyes crossing.

"Ha!" the Invisible Woman grinned as Wonder Woman stumbled away, teetering atop her stiletto heels as she clutched at the brutalized spot. "Now we're even!"

"Amazons don't fight for even," Wonder Woman snarled, even as she saw her bustier becoming visible once more. "We fight... to win!"

On that last word, the raven-maned heroine launched herself at the Invisible Woman with a flying kick. The blond heroine, taken aback by the sheer ferocity and speed of the attack, barely managed to generate a force field in time. The heel and sole of Wonder Woman's boot smashed against the force field, which absorbed the worst of the impact. Nevertheless, the Invisible Woman, not used to regularly blocking such strength, was still thrown back by the sheer power behind the kick.

Pressing her advantage, Wonder Woman came at the blond heroine with a rapid series of punches and kicks. Half of them, the Invisible Woman managed to dodge. The other half, she had to block with her force fields - and every blow they absorbed made the blond heroine a little bit woozier.

But the Invisible Woman knew she had to hold on; with Wonder Woman's Amazon strength, any one blow connecting could mean lights out for her.

Finally, an idea popped into the blonde's head. She kept up her defenses, while paying extra attention to Wonder Woman's booted feet. When the Amazon took another step forward, she spotted her opportunity, and generated a tiny, disk-shaped force field a few inches in front of the Amazon's boot. As soon as Wonder Woman took her next step forward, her stiletto heel came down on that force field.

The Invisible Woman's eyes flashed. Quick as a viper, she made that force field veer sharply away. Wonder Woman cried out as her foot was suddenly dragged forward, throwing her off-balance. The Amazon teetered atop her heels for a second, arms waving wildly. Then, the inevitable happened, and she began to tumble backwards.

Grinning, the blond heroine seized her opportunity. She formed another "gauntlet" around her gloved fist - much bigger than the last one - and leaped toward the falling Wonder Woman. She swung at the Amazing Amazon's face with all her might, going for the knockout blow.


A savage, satisfied grin came over the blonde's face as she felt Wonder Woman buckle beneath the punch. She threw several more punches into the Amazon, for good measure. Couldn't be too careful, after all.


As the Invisible Woman geared up for one final punch, however, a pair of hands suddenly shot up and seized her arm, stopping it cold. The shapely blonde could only gape in horror as Wonder Woman leveled a hazy, but very much conscious, glare at her.

Before she could even think, the Amazon's head suddenly shot up and slammed right into her own. As their skulls collided, the Invisible Woman could have sworn that she was seeing stars bloom before her very eyes.

Then, all she saw was darkness.

Wonder Woman huffed proudly as she struggled to regain her feet. Cheap shots or not, no blond bimbo was going to get one over on an Amazon Princess!

The raven-maned heroine took a couple of wobbling steps forward, feeling woozier and woozier with every passing second. Darkness was creeping in around the edges of her vision. That wasn't good. Hadn't she come here to do something important? Something involving fashion?

Oh, well. Whatever it was, it could wait for a few seconds. She just had to catch her breath...

With that decided, the exhausted Amazon closed her eyes and promptly crashed to the street, landing chest-first. Not that that bothered her, since she was now as unconscious as her blond rival was.

As the minutes ticked by, both heroines continued to slumber peacefully, blissfully unaware of anything around them. Meanwhile, three shadowy figures began to slowly approach their unconscious forms, each one grinning unpleasantly.


"Wakey wakey, my nosy little super bimbos..." a sing-song voice drifted.

Two voices moaned in almost perfect unison as their owners - Wonder Woman and the Invisible Woman - began to slowly open their eyes. Their shapely bodies still hurt all over, and no spot hurt more than their throbbing skulls did.

When the two of them had finally opened their eyes all the way and regained enough consciousness to assess their current situation, they were less than pleased. As a matter of fact, they both found themselves wishing that they were still out cold.

The Invisible Woman was now seated in a metal chair that was bolted to the floor. More than that, though, she was now trapped in a rather familiar set of restraints. A large set of shackles, bulky and stiff, bound her forearms and kept her hands behind her back. A similar, even bulkier set kept her booted feet motionless. Beneath her blond hair, fully encircling the top of her head, was a metallic band from which two cables extended; those cables ran downward, feeding into the shackles around her forearms. As one final touch, several coils of chain kept her torso tightly bound to the chair, ensuring that she wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.

Wonder Woman was seated in an identical-looking chair, also bolted to the floor. Her restraints were different, but no less daunting. She, too, had been chained to her chair around her torso. And her hands had also been forced behind her back, and bound together around the wrists by another length of chain. Each of her booted feet was locked into a steel shackle; those shackles were, in turn, connected to the legs of the chair by still more chain.

Heads whipping around rapidly, the two super heroines quickly took in their surroundings. They seemed to be in some sort of cellar - the room was fairly large, but also cold and a little damp. Several lightbulbs hanging overhead provided dim, and somewhat unnerving, illumination. Just enough to let the heroines see themselves and each other.

"Where the hell are we...?" the Invisible Woman groaned. She tried to peer further into the room's depths, but saw little more than shadows.

"I don't know," Wonder Woman replied. "All I can remember is the two of us fighting, and then..."

"And then you beat each other senseless, leaving both of you easy prey," a third voice cut in. The same one that had stirred them awake.

Eyes widening, the two curvaceous crimefighters searched for the speaker. Their heads twisted this way and that, before their eyes finally managed to zero in on a figure standing some seven or eight feet away. That figure began to approach, the details slowly becoming clear under the lightbulbs overhead.

It was a woman who stood roughly five-foot six, though her sizable "beehive" hairdo made her look taller than that. Her face was gracefully aged, speaking of a woman somewhere in her mid-to-late forties. She was clad in a form-fitting black catsuit, which showed off her rather impressive body. Nothing compared to hers, or Wonder Woman's, but impressive nonetheless. Long red opera gloves and stiletto-heeled boots topped off the outfit.

Both super heroines had seen her before. Several times, as a matter of fact. After all, she did own the building that the two of them had intended to investigate tonight.

"Madame Bowen," the Invisible Woman spat out, while internally trying to activate her powers. Nothing. Not even a spark. Her deepest fears had been confirmed: she was bound by a neural inhibitor, which fully neutralized the part of her brain that triggered her abilities. Plenty of her enemies had used it before, and she absolutely hated how it had reduced her to a powerless damsel in distress every time.

"Good evening, girls," the black-and-red-clad woman smiled. "Apologies for the restraints, but I've seen how you two act to people who are supposed to be on your side, and I have no intention of seeing my humble little shop get smashed to pieces..."

"Don't get cute with us," Wonder Woman snapped, experimentally testing her own restraints. They held firm, and she realized in silent horror that her super strength was gone. "The rumors were true, weren't they? You are running a white slavery racket under here!"

Madame Bowen clapped a hand to her chest, a look of mock horror on her face. "Slavery? Oh, no, no, no, dear. You see, I am only taking my line of work to its logical extension."

The Amazing Amazon rolled her eyes. "Please, do tell."

Madame Bowen's eyes twinkled menacingly. "Stalling for time won't do you any good, I'm afraid. Your wrists, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, have been bound. By a man, no less. By Amazon law, I do believe that that makes you entirely powerless...?"

Wonder Woman could only scowl in reply. What she had said was completely true.

"Your friend is in a similar situation," Madame Bowen continued. "You'd be surprised what kinds of trinkets the criminal community puts up on the black market every now and then..."

The two super heroines exchanged a desperate glance.

"Funny, isn't it? Sixty thousand dollars for a used neural inhibitor, forty dollars' worth of chains, and as far as anyone's concerned, you two are now nothing more than a pair of ordinary bimbos playing dress-up."

An uncomfortable feeling wormed itself through the stomachs with both women. They were both captured. They were both powerless. And none of their colleagues knew they were here. Each of them had thought that this would be a battle against some ordinary white slavers, not someone who could hold two top-notch super heroines in her power.

"But, I suppose that I could humor you..." Madame Bowen snapped them out of their ruminations. "You see, my work involves fitting young women with new outfits. But the purpose behind that is to help them discover their real selves, their real callings. Is it any fault of mine that so many of their real selves are best suited to sating the desires of paying men and women?"

She paused - perhaps for dramatic effect - before continuing.

"Oh, perhaps I gave them a little nudge here and there with my psychic abilities... but their new clients certainly didn't seem to mind..."

"You monster!" Wonder Woman snapped, baby blues flashing. The Invisible Woman, however, had other concerns. "Wait... psychic abilities...?"

Madame Bowen chuckled. "Oh, yes. Finally figured it out, haven't you? That little brawl you had outside? I might have had something to do with it."

The two super heroines looked at one another in horror. The full realization slammed into them, as they realized just how unusually aggressive they had been acting a few hours ago. Normally, they would never attack a fellow super heroine, no matter how annoying...

"A little suggestion here, a little poke there..." Madame Bowen gloated. "Influencing the minds of others is a special talent of mine, and I've had decades of practice. And in any case, you two already felt quite a bit of resentment toward one another. I just fed it... nurtured it... made it grow..."

Wonder Woman and the Invisible Woman scowled as they digested the truth. Both of them had been played for fools. An outside party had been manipulating them like pieces on a chessboard, and they hadn't even suspected anything.

"But enough about that," the psychic villainess said, clapping her hands together. "We're here to help you discover your real selves. Now, this would usually take days, or even weeks, of my abilities pushing you in the right direction. But thanks to Wonder Woman here, I have acquired a little shortcut..."

With a flourish, she presented a golden lasso, which gleamed brightly even in the room's dim lighting. Both super heroines felt a bucket of ice fall into their stomachs.

Two tall, muscular men then stepped out of the shadows, standing to either side of Madame Bowen. They leveled a pair of nasty, lustful grins at the captured crimefighters.

"Ah," Madame Bowen smiled as she regarded the two men. "These are two of my most loyal associates, and they're seeing a very momentous occasion tonight. In just a few moments, it'll be a night they'll remember for the rest of their lives."

Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman exchanged a glance with one another. With every passing second, they were liking the white slaver's tone less and less.

"Now... you two were awful rough with one another..." Madame Bowen grinned, turning back towards the two super heroines. "Why don't you kiss, and make up..."

Both Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman could identify the nasty little gleam in the white slaver's eye from a mile away, and it just made them struggle that much harder in their bonds. All to no avail. Their captors were professionals, and experienced ones at that.

Wonder Woman felt her heart skip a beat as Madam Bowen zeroed in on her with an even more chilling smirk, realizing that the twisted woman was getting off on seeing them struggle and squirm. A pang of disgust - coupled with a sort of thrill - ran through her.

And all too soon, the white slaver was standing inches away from the Amazing Amazon Princess.

Madam Bowen encircled Wonder Woman's upper torso with the Lasso of Truth. "Wonder Woman, you are extremely attracted to Invisible Woman."

Wonder Woman's breath caught. Her head spun out of control for a second, and then her baby blues cut toward her fellow heroine. The beautiful blonde looked back at her with horror, but to the Amazon she was so beautiful.

"You monster," Wonder Woman said through clenched teeth. "What are you doing? Influencing the mind of another isn't something to be done lightly."

"Her lips are the most beautiful, the most kissable lips in the world," Madam Bowen said, moving around behind the bound Amazon and speaking straight into her ear. Her voice lowered, become more sultry. "Hera, how much you want to kiss those lips. You need her so badly. You cannot last another second without touching her, kissing her, making love to her."

"Uuuggghh," Wonder Woman groaned, eyes hooded as she gazed upon Invisible Woman. "Sue. Please, I—I need you so much."

"This is my new favorite toy," Madam Bowen said as she removed the lasso from Wonder Woman. She stepped up behind Invisible Woman. "Sue is it? Guess who is about to really, really be into other women? Especially busty Amazons."

"You are such a sick, depraved woman," the sexy super heroine said, already breathing hard. Her body started to change, getting all tingly hot inside. Sue felt warm wetness between her legs. Glancing at Wonder Woman's crotch, she saw that the Amazing Amazon was getting quite wet as well. "This is so embarrassing."

Madam Bowen chuckled as she encircled the Invisible Woman's upper torso with the Lasso of Truth. The blond super heroine gasped, body tensing and eyes closing.

"Tell the truth, Sue," Madam Bowen whispered in her ear. "Do you want to make love to Wonder Woman right now?"

The lasso's magic hit her hard, sending cold ripples through her body and mind. Invisible Woman struggled to control herself, but the magic was stronger than her resolve.

"Yes," she said breathlessly. "II **ugh**I do."

The evil white slaver let out a giggling laugh. "I thought so! I knew I detected some sexual tension between you two." She yanked the lasso tighter. "Invisible Woman, you cannot control yourself. You need sex. Hot, wicked, wet, monkey sex. You will do anything for Wonder Woman. You want to be her bitch! You want to make her your bitch!"

"Oh! Oooooh," she groaned. "II can'tI. Oooooooh."

"Who do you love?" Madam Bowen said.

"W-Wonder Woman," Invisible Woman said, and knew she'd lost the battle. Her mind, heart, and body yearned for the raven-maned beauty's touch. She longed to kiss and hold her. "Please, I need her so badly."

"I love you, too, Sue," Wonder Woman said, voice almost breaking with emotion.

Madam Bowen stood straight and grinned at her amused-looking henchmen. "Release the lusty lesbians, boys."

She stepped around in front of them as each man went to a different super heroine. She watched with growing anticipation as first their legs were released. And then their arms. In a flash, the heroines were on their feet and clutching at each other. Their first kiss was long and deep, glossy lips sliding all around as they moaned and groaned.

Sue made the first move, unzipping Wonder Woman's bustier. "You're body is to die for, Diana."

For her part, Wonder Woman reached between her lover's legs and started rubbing that sweet spot intensely. Invisible Woman gasped and squirmed, but the Amazing Amazon held her close and rubbed, rubbed, rubbed.

"Aaaiiieee! Ooooh, Diana!" Her head lolled back a moment, as Wonder Woman kissed and nibbled at her earlobe and neck, while continuing to rub her to new heights of pleasure. Then she perked up, shoved the Amazon back a step, and reached for the zipper on her tight uniform. "Get naked! Now!"

"Yes!' Wonder Woman cried, hooking her thumbs into her star-spangled shorts and wiggling her butt as she worked them down. "I'm going to make you scream my name."

"I'm going to make you beg for more, more, more," Invisible Woman shot back.

Wonder Woman wagged her brows, taking a sassy stance before the blonde in nothing but tiara, golden girdle, and red stiletto boots. "Promises, promises."

They rushed into each other's arms, sinking into another deep kiss as their hands roamed. Wonder Woman gently raked her long nails down Invisible Woman's naked back, making Sue groan wantonly. Then the Amazon broke free of the kiss, and started kissing her way down her lover's amazing body.

Wonder Woman found Sue's nipples hard and erect, and sucked one in as she pinched, rolled, and pulled on the other. The blonde gasped and cried out, squirming in the Amazon's arms. Pushing Sue back into the chair while continue to work her tits over, Wonder Woman knelt between her legs and pushed a finger up her pussy.

"Ooooh yes," Invisible Woman cried. "Oh Diana! Oh."

"Told you I'd make you scream my name," Wonder Woman said.

"That wasn't a scream," Invisible Woman said, holding her gaze for a long, intense second. "Keep trying."

So Wonder Woman pushed two fingers up Sue's cunt, finger fucking the blond heroine intensely as she continued to suck nipple. Invisible Woman gasped and cried out, head rolling all around and fingers tangled in the Amazon's silky raven tresses. With one hand finger-fucking Sue, and her thumb expertly massaging her aroused clit, Wonder Woman turned her attention back to Sue's beautiful breasts. Her free hand fondled the blonde's tits, rolling, pinching, and pulling on hard, erect nipples, while her tongue, teeth, and lips enjoyed Sue's warm, soft skin and hard, rubbery nipples.

"Oh god. Oh god," Invisible Woman cried, starting to squirm, and then buck, in that chair. It took all of Wonder Woman's strength, skill, and determination to keep Sue in place, so the Amazing Amazon could continue giving her lover such pleasure. "Oh! OH! I thingI I'm goingI toI Aaagggh! Yes! Yes, Diana! Yes!"

"Ha! You screamed my name there,"

"Yes, yes, yes," Sue said breathlessly. "Oh yes I did. It was wonderful." She caught and held Wonder Woman's eyes for a long second. "Now let me give you pleasure."

Sue pushed Wonder Woman straight back onto the floor. She crawled on top of her, positioning herself inches above the Amazing Amazon. For a long moment they kissed, nuzzled, and fondled each other. And then Sue turned around, facing Wonder Woman's booted feet. She sat on the Amazon's face, and lowered her own to Diana's bikini waxed bush.

Wonder Woman rubbed her face all over Invisible Woman's sopping wet snatch. She savored the feel of girl cum drying on her face. Pushing one finger up Sue's ass up to the second knuckle, the raven-maned heroine turned her full attention to Sue's beautiful pussy. Licking, sucking, and nibbling, she worked that cunt over with all she had. As an Amazon, from an island of nothing but beautiful and eternally young women, Diana knew her way around a sweet pussy. In no time, she had Sue gasping and groaning, squirming and bucking above her.

Sue tried to match Diana lick for lick, nuzzle for nuzzle. But the Amazon was just too good, too experienced. She really had to concentrate to continuing giving, since she was receiving so damn well. She could already feel the next orgasm starting to build.

"Mmmm," Diana groaned, loving the sexy sensations that Sue was sending through her body. She ground her pussy harder into Sue's mouth, and groaned again. "Almost thereI **ugggh**I yes, just like that, Sue."

The two vanquished vixens increased their efforts as they felt each other responding, getting closer and closer. Madam Bowen occasionally called out orders, telling them to do this or that, which they were compelled to obey. The two henchmen just stood back and watched, big boners tenting their pants.

"Harder! Faster! Make her come! Do it now!" Madam Bowen commanded. "I order you to come NOW!"

Whether it was natural or the power of the lasso, both super heroine screamed into each other's pussies as their bodies convulsed with intense pleasure. Their hot, sweat-shiny bodies clutched tightly together, 69ing, as they trembled violently with the intensity of the orgasms.

"Oooooooooh," Wonder Woman groaned.

"Aaaaggggggh," Invisible Woman said.

Suddenly, they relaxed, and Sue collapsed atop Diana as they huffed and puffed.

Madame Bowen grabbed a fistful of Invisible Woman's hair, lifting Sue's head up so she could gaze upon the blond heroine's slack face.

"Eyes glazed over," Madame Bowen said, smirking. She looked back at Wonder Woman, who was face-up on the floor and looking just as dazed. "Both of them fucked stupid. A beautiful sight indeed."

"Yes, ma'am," one of the henchmen said. "Very beautiful. Very sexy. Can we have them now?"

"Yes, ma'am, we're hurting over here after watching that," the other said.

Madame Bowen released Sue's hair, enjoying the way that it just limply flopped back down between Wonder Woman's thighs. Victory was always sweet, but sometimes it was just glorious. Defeating, capturing, and forcing those two holier-than-thou super heroines to fuck each other senseless was the sweetest victory of all.

"They are all yours, boys. Hot, horny, and primed for action," Madame Bowen said. "Enjoy."

Sue wearily lifted her head and looked at Madame Bowen, as Wonder Woman turned her head towards their captor. The white slaver wagged her brows at them, and then looked up and past them intently. The two super heroines slowly turned their heads to the other side to find that the two men were just finishing up stripping. They were tall, muscular, and very well hung.

"Oh my," Sue whispered. "I don't think I'm strong enough to resist them, Diana."

"I'm too tired and weak to even want to resist," Diana said.

The only thing to distinguish the two men was one had long dark hair, while the other had long blonde hair. Both had mustaches and goatees, and lots of tattoos. And big bitch-taming cocks.

"Wonder Woman. Invisible Woman," Madame Bowen said, an evil glint in her eyes. "Loosen each other's corn hole up. With fingers andI your tongues."

"Oh! That isI that is soI nasty!" Sue cried.

Wonder Woman groaned and writhed under Invisible Woman, struggling to break free of her own lasso's influence. After just a few seconds, she relaxed, her huffing and puffing renewed. Head spinning, she grabbed both of Invisible Woman's butt cheeks, spread them wide, and lifted her head off the floor. Wonder Woman gave Sue's puckered ass a long, firm lick. And then another, and another. Then she thrust in two fingers, pumping a moment, before removing them and forcing her tongue up Invisible Woman's butt hole.

"Oh my, that feels soI. oooooh," Sue said. She sucked in a deep breath, held it, and then bit her lip. Finally, releasing that breath, she pulled Wonder Woman's butt cheeks wide and pushed her mouth up into the Amazon's crack. After a few licks on Diana's asshole, she started wiggling the tip of her tongue against it, slowly forcing her way into it. Diana relaxed enough so that soon, Sue had as much tongue as she could get up that bunghole.

"Uuuggggmmmmmmm," both super heroines groaned as they loosened each other's asses with their tongues.

"That's what I'm talking about, Jake," the blond henchman said. He moved up behind Wonder Woman, dropping to his knees. "I've always wanted to butt fuck Miss Wonderful here."

"I'm going to make my dick disappear, up Invisible Woman's ass," Jake said, kneeling behind Sue. "And then I'm going to shove it down Wonder Bitch's throat."

"Uuuugggh," Wonder Woman groaned, getting that nasty visual. Sssslurp. Slurp. "Mmm."

As much as the Amazon hated it - as much as she was utterly disgusted by licking and tongue-fucking Sue's ass - Wonder Woman's body was reacting profoundly. Filled with amazingly sexy sensations, she found herself going after that ass with gusto.

Jake pressed his cock head to Invisible Woman's butt hole, and started pushing in next to Wonder Woman's tongue. The beautiful Amazon relented and pulled out, turning her attention to Jake's dangling, hairy nutsack. As the henchman thrust in deeper and deeper, making Sue moan and groan and buck, Wonder Woman sucked his nuts and rubbed her face against his balls.

"Oh man, Hans, you fucked up," Jake said, voice strained. "Wonder Whore is doing wonderful things to my nuts as I fuck Invisi-slut here."

Hans frowned. His belly slapped against Sue's face with every deep thrust up the Amazon's poop chute, but the blond heroine didn't have access to his balls. So he pulled out of Wonder Woman, and shoved his cock into Sue's mouth.

"Ack!" Invisible Woman cried, eyes huge. Slurp. Gulp. Ssslurp. "Uuuggggh."

Hans pulled out of her mouth, lifted his cock high, and pushed his hairy balls against her lips. Invisible Woman started licking and sucking, raking her teeth gently across the skin. After a long moment of that, Hans thrust deep into Wonder Woman's ass again.

"Uuuggggh. Oooooooh," Wonder Woman groaned. Denied access to Sue's ass, she returned to her fellow super heroine's pussy. "Mmmmmm."

"Oh yes," Invisible Woman groaned out. "Oooooh, so good."

Sue pressed her mouth to Wonder Woman's cunt, and returned to eating the sexy Amazon out. Her body was a riot of sexy delight, all hot and mushy, pussy throbbing. Ass clenching around that huge cock. Together, Jake and Wonder Woman were totally trashing her, sexually and emotionally. And she loved it.

Wonder Woman writhed, her body getting closer and closer to climax. She'd never felt so sexually besieged, so overwhelmed. So hot and bothered. Her back bowed, pressing up against Sue's hot, sweaty body. Sue's squirming, bucking body.

"Oh Hera! Aaagggghh," Wonder Woman cried, body erupting with the most wonderfully intense pleasure. "Uuuuggggghhh, yes. Yes."

"FuckingI A!" Jake cried, and released deep inside Invisible Woman's clenching ass.

"Yes!" Sue cried, her body erupting as well. She bucked harder, wilder. Both men had to hold her down as Jake continued pumping cum up her ass. "Ooooh, hell yes."

Jake pulled out of Invisible Woman's ass, a thick rope of cum clinging to the end of his cock. He grinned down at Wonder Woman, whose baby blue eyes were huge, and thrust into the Amazon's open mouth.

"Agh!" Wonder Woman cried. Ssslurp. "Ngh!" Slurp. Gulp. "Uuuggghh."

"Ass to mouth!" Jake cried. "Take that, Wonder Bitch! Lick and suck me clean!"

"Awesome!" Hans cried, and lost it. He started filling Wonder Woman's ass with his hot cum, holding onto that ass tightly. "Yes. I'm filling her up good. Oh yes."

A moment later, Hans pulled out. Cum gushed out, and Sue started licking it up. Hans laughed, and grabbed a fistful of blond hair. Lifting her head, he pressed his ass-nasty cock to her lips.

"Eat me, Invisible Woman," Hans demanded. "Lick and suck me clean."

"Ooh, so nasty," Sue said softly. He thrust, and her lips parted, letting him in. Sue worked her tongue and lips, cleaning him off. "Uuugggghhh."

The sexy super heroines were forced to lick both henchmen perfectly clean. The whole process took quite a while, but by the end of it all, their techniques were absolutely flawless.

"Let's switch," Jake said.

He grabbed Invisible Woman's hair, yanking Sue up and back off Wonder Woman, but still keeping the blond heroine on her knees. He stood up, and then pulled the super-stacked blonde to her feet. Meanwhile, Hans grabbed Wonder Woman's big tits, and pulled the Amazon to her knees. Then he pulled her onto her feet by her silky dark hair.

Wonder Woman was thrust into Jake's arms, while Invisible Woman was enveloped in Hans' arms. Both men buried their faces in the super heroines' bountiful bosoms, motorboating their tits, before starting to suck and lick those tits.

"Ooooh, yes," Wonder Woman groaned out as Jake nibbled and sucked on a hard, erect nipple. She gently raked her nails across his back, as she bent backwards.

"Aaaiieee!" Sue cried.

Wonder Woman looked back at the other duo. Hans was standing, feet wide for support, and had impaled Sue upon his cock. The shapely blonde was bent backwards almost double while he sucked and licked her tits, bouncing her up and down his long, fat shaft. The look on Sue's face was bliss.

Jake spun around, and pushed Wonder Woman against the wall. The Amazon Princess found her legs spread wide as he thrust into her.

"Uuggh! Yes," Wonder Woman cried out. "Hera help me. I'm enjoying this too much. I can'tI **ugh**I resist the powerI **ooooh**I of the lasso, or him!"

Madame Bowen watched with bated breath. The manner her henchmen were taking the once-haughty heroines in was even sexier than she thought it would be. There was just something about super-powered beauties being reduced to quivering little nymphos that pushed her buttons. The two super heroines looks so sexy, so helpless and overwhelmed. She knew that they had to be massively humiliated by how much they were enjoying their debasement.

Jake was pounding the hell out of Wonder Woman's pussy, up against the wall. The Amazon had wrapped her legs around him, and was looking like she was trying to help him thrust harder, deeper. Her hands were clutching desperately, as if trying to suck some much needed emotion from him, anything to feed her pathetic little heart.

Hans then drew the white slaver's attention when he dropped Invisible Woman to the floor, and flipped her over to lay face-down. He pulled her shapely butt up high, while forcing the blonde's shoulders to remain pressed to the floor. And then he mounted her with gusto, pounding into that hot little pussy like a man possessed.

"Aaaaiiiieee!" Sue cried. "Oh! Oh! Aagggghhhh!"

"Hera! Yes!" Wonder Woman cried, bucking between Jake and the wall. "Oh yes! Yes! Yes!"

Madame Bowen grinned. The heroines looked utterly defeated and worn out.

"Okay, boys, let's wind it up. I need my little playthings back," she said.

About a minute later, both Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman were thrown at her booted feet. The helpless heroines were completely naked, save for cum dripping from their bodies. And they were moaning softly, to boot.

"Perfect," Madame Bowen confirmed, leaning down and pulling Invisible Woman up by the hair and looking the heroine in the eye. Then she repeated the act with Wonder Woman. "Nice and pliable."

Standing back to her full height, the white slaver assumed a classic super heroine pose - head held high, chest thrust out, gloved hands on hips, and booted feet shoulder width apart. With but a thought, she sent another little psychic "suggestion" into the minds of the two humbled super heroines at her feet.

By that point, it was pretty much pointless to say her intentions out loud, but Madame Bowen did it anyways. Verbal commands always gave off a greater sense of power.

"Kiss my boots."

Almost immediately, Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman struggled to all fours and crawled toward the white slaver's red-booted feet - Wonder Woman toward the left boot, Invisible Woman toward the right. Each heroine planted a loving kiss on the toe of her respective boot.

But then they went further. With a feverish enthusiasm, both super heroines began licking the red leather boots up and down as if their lives depended on it. And they were pretty skilled spit-shiners, too - at one point, Invisible Woman even grabbed the white slaver's stiletto heel and sucked on it as if she was giving a blowjob.

Meanwhile, Madame Bowen's two henchmen just sat back and enjoyed the show while they recovered, enjoying the sight of the two heroines' wagging asses. Nothing about Madame Bowen's command said that they had to shake their shapely butts while worshipping their new mistress's boots, but they sure weren't complaining.

It warmed Madame Bowen's heart to see two well-respected and proud super heroines so heartily degrading themselves. So much so that she let them continue for another five minutes before ordering them to stop.

Without warning, both Hans and Jake broke into semi-appreciative, semi-mocking applause. Madame Bowen smiled, and gave an exaggerated bow.

"Nice show, Boss," Hans chortled. "Best I've seen in my life."

Jake looked a little more dubious. "I dunno. I mean, they're hot and everything, but they just look like a couple 'a regular bitches now. Not some almighty super bitches getting taught a lesson."

Madame Bowen clapped her gloved hands together. "Ah, yes. I see exactly what you mean. The clothes make the woman, mm? In this case, the Wonder Woman and the Invisible Woman."

Closing her eyes, the psychic white slaver gave off a slightly more complex command. Nevertheless, to the two heroines' now-obedient minds, it came through loud and clear:

Get dressed.

Pulling themselves back up, Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman stumbled back toward the scattered pieces of their respective costumes. It took several minutes, but each super heroine managed to get herself fully dressed again. Now, they could almost pass for their old selves.

But a closer look told Madame Bowen that she didn't need to worry about that. Those unmistakble, vacant expressions were still on the heroines' faces - expressions that practically screamed out how they'd been brain-scrambled by a good fucking. A further examination revealed even more telling details, like the fact that the Invisible Woman's tight top was being tented by a pair of erect nipples, or the fact that there was a growing stain on the crotch of Wonder Woman's star-spangled shorts. And each heroine's face and hair was still messed up seven ways to Sunday.

Madame Bowen gave her two little playthings a critical look, and turned toward Hans and Jake. "Get them cleaned up a bit, boys. Just what the costumes don't cover."

The henchmen looked at one another, grinning knowingly. They'd gone through this procedure enough with the boutique's more mundane "clients", after all. Each one took a heroine by the hand, and half-led, half-dragged them toward the bathroom.

Five minutes later, the henchmen and the heroines had both returned. Madame Bowen was still there, but now with a top-of-the-line digital camera in the palm of her right hand.

"Ready, boys and girls? Good. Because we're about to have a photo shoot."

The white slaver tossed the camera to Hans, who caught it easily. Then, with a gesture, she directed the two still-obedient super heroines toward her. She then looped the golden lasso around their necks again - just a precaution, but she wasn't about to let this chance of a lifetime slip through her fingers because one of the heroines suddenly got her wits back at the least convenient moment.

Besides, it was kinda kinky how the lasso formed a single leash around their necks.

"Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman," Madame Bowen said. "Hear me and obey."

"I obey," they said in unison.

"You will do precisely what I command from here on out, even after I have removed this lasso, up to and including altering your own personalities. Am I clear?"

They both nodded. "Yes, Mistress."

Madame Bowen smirked. Yes, Mistress. The classics never went out of style.

"Now, get ready," the white slaver motioned. "Jake, you just stand by and enjoy the show. You'll switch after a bit, clear?"

"Clear," both men affirmed.

Madame Bowen gave a thumbs-up, and removed the lasso from around the super heroines' necks. After a moment's hesitation to make sure that neither woman was about to disobey, she psychically directed the first scene of the photo shoot.

Wonder Woman immediately dropped to one knee, lifted up the white slaver's left foot lovingly, and kissed that red boot.

Click went the camera.

Then, Wonder Woman held that boot even closer to her face. The camera zoomed in.


Wonder Woman lay down on the floor, letting her shapely ass stick up into the air. Madam Bowen proudly placed a stiletto heel onto the Amazon's hiney, looking every bit a proud conqueror.


Madam Bowen reached down and pulled Wonder Woman up by the hair, shooting a wicked, triumphant look to contrast with the Amazon's look of helpless despair.


Madam Bowen pulled Wonder Woman to her feet, and promptly brought a knee up into the Amazon's groin. Wonder Woman doubled up immediately, eyes crossing.


Then the Invisible Woman tiptoed up behind Wonder Woman, grabbed the waistband of the Amazon's star-spangled shorts, and yanked straight up. Wonder Woman opened her mouth and screamed.


Invisible Woman wedged those shorts up higher and higher, until she muscled them all the way up over Wonder Woman's head. The blonde, with a wicked smirk on her face, clipped that waistband right over Wonder Woman's forehead.


And suddenly, Wonder Woman was free of the atomic wedgie. and reaching out to brutally twist the Invisible Woman's nipples. Sue's face was exquisitely contorted in pain.


The two mashed their lips together passionately.


And now they were both kneeling at Madame Bowen's feet, groveling and worshiping the white slaver's boots.


The photo shoot went on deep into the night, capturing every possible humiliating scenario from every possible angle. Every little erotic act, every little perverted gesture, was performed. At one point, the heroines had even been made to worship each other's boots. And then piss on each other's faces. All throughout, Madame Bowen made them vary their expressions, from sultry arousal to utter humiliated horror.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the two super heroines, the photo shoot came to an end. Madame Bowen clapped her hands together, and regarded her two lovely little playthings.

"Ah, it's been fun ladies, but I'm afraid that all good things must come to an end. Now, before I introduce you to PERMANENT new outfits, new personalities, and new owners, do you have any last words? Speak honestly, now."

The Invisible Woman's eyes hardened as the blond heroine seized her new-found scrap of freedom. "You'll never get away with this."

Madame Bowen rolled her eyes. "Anything to add, Wonder Woman?"

Wonder Woman gave her a strange look, before saying, in an oddly quiet voice, "Which one of us was right?"

Madame Bowen blinked. "Pardon me?"

"Before we tried to raid your shop," the Invisible Woman explained. "We were arguing over whether you were more likely to be a sorceress or a mutant. And now we know you have psychic abilities..."

"Ah," Madame Bowen mused. "You're wondering about the source of my powers?"

Both heroines nodded.

"Well, KEEP wondering!" the white slaver laughed. "I'm afraid that THIS silly little competition of your will remain a tie!"

Diana and Sue just stared at Madame Bowen in shock, both of their mouths hanging wide open. They were so distracted, in fact, that they barely heard the white slaver's next words.

"Take them away and strip them, boys! I've got some lovely NEW outfits to make for our FORMER super heroines..."




"I see you're still perfectly happy fucking anyone who can put up the cash."

"I see you still love fucking anything as long as there's a camera rolling."

The Invisible Woman raised an eyebrow, her lips curling into a sassy little smile. Her face and figure were as lovely as they had ever been - in fact, if anything, they looked even hotter now. But that might have had something to do with the shapely blonde's new, much less modest appearance. Thick layers of makeup caked her face, creating a look that made Sue look oh-so deliciously skanky. Deep red lipstick applied over her obviously collagen-enhanced lips, not to mention her long, thick artificial eyelashes and the huge hoop earrings dangling from her ears, did little to dispel those implications. Her previously golden-blond hair was almost platinum in shade now, with plenty of cheap extensions. A skimpy blue boob tube was now all that contained her massive tits; between its low cut, its snug fit, and the cut-out "4" logo in its center, the top actually made Sue's breasts look so big that they almost seemed fake. The Invisible Woman's hands were now uncovered, exposing ten long, pink fake nails. Further down, a pair of tight blue shorts hugged the blonde's obviously steaming twat and full ass, with the clear outline of a pair of pussy lips straining against the constrictive material. Last, but not least, the navy-blue boots from her old costume remained on her feet.

Wonder Woman just replied with a lazy, seductive grin and a half-lidded gaze. Her Amazon-inherited and gods-blessed beauty still made her a force to be reckoned with in the looks department, and was only enhanced by her new look. Her regal face was painted over with heavy amounts of rather trashy-looking makeup, including heavy blue eyeshadow and deep red lipstick. Her raven hair was largely unchanged, still falling to her mid-back and held in place by her tiara. Her torso was now encased in a flashy golden tube top, which had wire supports that formed the shape of her trademark "WW" logo; it was slightly less revealing than Sue's was, but the inherently larger size of Diana's tits, coupled with the fact that the top pushed those tits up to create a large amount of cleavage, made that difference moot. Her fake nails were each an inch long and blue in color, with a white star in their centers. A pair of similarly blue, star-spangled, ultra-tight hotpants covered her womanhood - as an extra perverted little touch, one white star was directly positioned over Wonder Woman's pussy, while two more were located directly over the Amazon's firm ass cheeks. Wonder Woman's new boots were now solid red, and extended just over her knees; the heels were now six inches instead of five.

In short, each woman looked like a slutty mockery of the proud, respected super heroine that she had once been. And both of them were perfectly fine with that.

"Haven't seen you in a while."

"Took the words out of my mouth."

"So... what's it been? Four weeks?"

"Five, by my count."

"Wow. Time flies when you're having fun."

In truth, neither woman remembered exactly how long it had been since Madame Bowen had captured them, tamed them, and "reshaped" them into their new selves using her own psychic abilities and Wonder Woman's golden lasso. Once word had gotten around about how Wonder Woman and the Invisible Woman were both up for grabs, the white slaver had gotten a whole load of prospective buyers very, very quickly. Surprisingly enough, Madame Bowen hadn't gone for the highest offers; instead, she'd sold Diana to a local pimp and Sue to a local pornographer. After thoroughly molding the super heroines' personalities into ones most befitting a streetwalker and a porn actress, of course.

Both Diana and Sue had been put to work almost immediately after their respective new masters had acquired them. They had fucked countless men and women night and day. By now, Sue had about a dozen porn movies - and many other shorter porn videos - under her belt, while Diana had attracted "clients" far and wide throughout the seedier side of the city - if not the country. Both of the former super heroines were well known for their superhuman libidos, genuinely enjoying getting fucked and displaying levels of enthusiasm that most of their co-workers could barely fake. And for raking in huge sums of cash for their respective masters - cash that they never got to keep a penny of, naturally.

Well, almost never.

"Speaking of fun," Sue said, eyes glittering with mischief. "I've got an hour's break right now." She reached into her boot and pulled out a ten-dollar bill. "Wanna love me long time?"

Diana snorted at the money, but didn't lose her grin. "It's not the 1960s anymore, Sue. The cheapest I go is fifty bucks, and that gets you one minute of alone time with me."

Invisible Woman frowned at that. "When did you turn into such a gold digger?"

The shapely Amazon shrugged. "Same time you turned into a camera whore, in more ways than one."

Sue fumed, fists clenching. Meanwhile, Diana caught sight of a certain someone in the corner of her eye. A certain muscular someone who stood six-foot-six and was all decked out in a flashy maroon suit and countless pieces of bling. And there was someone else with him - another face that had become very familiar to the Amazon in the past few weeks.

"Gotta go, Sue," Diana said with a careless wave of her hand, turning haughtily on her stiletto heel as she did so. "My work is never done."

A wry grin spread across Sue's face as the shapely blonde watched Diana go off into one of the city's many back alleys. The heroine-turned-porn star still had an hour's break on her hands, and she'd just found a nice little way to spend it.

Keeping an eye on the Amazon's retreating back at all times, Sue closed her eyes and concentrated. In a matter of seconds, she had lived up to her super heroine namesake, and became totally invisible. And, as silently as she could, she trailed after Wonder Woman.

Oblivious to her stealthy stalker, Wonder Woman casually headed down the alley, thoughts of wild, wanton sex already dancing in her head. She probably wouldn't be making much money - if any - off of this encounter, but that was no matter.

Finally, the sexy Amazon had reached her destination. The man in the maroon suit stood at the end of that alley, looking big and fierce and ready to slap down anyone who gave him trouble. Which was only to be expected - the man was a pimp who went by the name of Goldenrod on the streets, and he just so happened to be Wonder Woman's owner-slash-manager-slash-"boyfriend".

Beside the pimp stood a shapely-looking policewoman with shoulder-length red hair and a stern look on her face. The sight of all those curves in that uniform, as usual, made the Amazon's heart race.

"Ah, Officer. Is there a problem?" Wonder Woman inquired with a husky voice, brows wagging.

"Diana, this bitch seems to have misplaced a couple of her brain cells," her pimp said, a wry look in his eyes.

The policewoman gave Diana a predatory smile. "I could be wrong, but you appear to be engaged in... prostitution."

Wonder Woman clapped a hand to hear heart, mouth opening in a perfect "O" as her baby blues widened dramatically. "Me? But I'm a good little super heroine! I would never do something as vile and degrading as prostitution!"

The pimp and the redheaded cop looked at the Amazon for three seconds before they broke out laughing. The pimp's laugh was deep and rich, the cop's light and almost melodic.

"Still gets me every time," Goldenrod grinned, wiping a tear from his eye. That made Diana's heart soar; the Amazing Amazon wondered if her pimp would reward her with some extra-rough sex before they went to bed.

"I dunno how you do that with a straight face, babe," the cop added once she'd calmed down. "Just the usual today, thanks."

Wonder Woman grinned. "Will do."

And with that, the former super heroine took the cop by the arm and gave her a sizzling look. As a streetwalker, run-ins with the law were inevitable, but her pimp was rich and powerful enough to keep her out of any serious trouble. Of course, it also helped that the vice cops assigned to overlook her particular neighborhood were some of the most corrupt in the department - and the lone woman in their ranks, Officer Susan Carter, was probably the dirtiest of them all. In more ways than one.

Every day, at least one of those cops dropped by for a "questioning session" with the sexy Amazon. They almost never paid for it, but that didn't really bother Wonder Woman or her pimp. For the latter, the assurance of virtual police immunity for his most profitable girl was enough. For the former, a couple rounds of down-and-dirty sex - with the people who were supposed to be upholding moral order, no less - was more than enough.

Together, the two of them navigated the complicated maze of back alleys until they reached a seedy-looking, four story hotel. It was one of Wonder Woman's most often-used hooker hotels. She was on first-name terms with more or less the entire staff.

"Mmm, I see someone's been drinking her milk," Officer Carter purred as they stepped through the front doors. The cop reached over and squeezed one of Wonder Woman's tits, drawing a little gasp of pleasure from the raven-maned Amazon.

"Down, girl," Wonder Woman giggled, pulling herself away from the policewoman and stepping up to the front desk.

She exchanged brief pleasantries with the clerk, who smiled and tossed her a room key. Wonder Woman caught that key without even looking, before giving a saucy little wink and blowing the clerk a kiss.

Barely a minute later, the shapely Amazon and the crooked cop were standing in a small, shabbily furnished room that had definitely seen better days. Some might have called it cramped, but to Wonder Woman, it was simply cozy. Perfect for some dirty, dirty lovemaking.

Wonder Woman bit her lip at the mere thought. The space between her thighs was already plenty warm and wet, and she hadn't even started stripping.

Suddenly, Officer Carter gave the Amazon a mighty shove from behind, sending Wonder Woman stumbling toward the main piece of furniture in the room: a large but worn-down bed. Wonder Woman teetered on her high heels for a moment, before unceremoniously falling onto the mattress face-first.

A second later, her john - or was it jane? - had jumped atop her, lips nuzzled against her neck and one hand gently rubbing her womanhood. Wonder Woman shuddered, grinding her pussy into that skilled hand for all she was worth while her red-booted feet kicked furiously. She definitely wasn't Officer Carter's first woman, but she hoped that she was at least the cop's favorite.

"Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhh..." the Amazon moaned as she felt Officer Carter really hit that sweet spot. And as if that weren't enough, the cop's other hand quickly encased Wonder Woman's left tit through the golden tube top and began squeezing again. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

The orgasm hit her hard and fast, as it always did. Wonder Woman panted loudly as she got onto her knees, and quickly got her top over her head and tossed into a corner of the dingy little room. Her massive tits bounced freely, entrancing Officer Carter on the spot.

With a lustful grin, the redheaded policewoman quickly stripped down to just her bra and panties. She was going with black today - always a color that got Wonder Woman hornier than usual.

"Hot damn," Officer Carter laughed, reaching out to tweak the Amazon's proud, erect nipples. "Never gets old no matter how many times I see 'em."

"Well, good," Wonder Woman said, wagging her brows. "Because I'm never getting old either, baby."

"Oh, fuck you!" she spat playfully, before burying her face in-between the massive mounts. The corrupt policewoman squeezed, pinched, tickled, and played with them for a good long while, even squashing them against her own (inferior but nevertheless impressive) bust at one point.

As Officer Carter played with her big boobs, Wonder Woman took the opportunity to explore the policewoman's tight little snatch. The Amazon's talented fingers were soon pumping in and out of that tight little hole, making Officer Carter shiver in pleasure with every breath.

"Oooooh... oh, yes... right... there! Aiiiiieeeeee!!!" Officer Carter finally screamed loudly and proudly after a mere thirty seconds of finger-fucking from Wonder Woman. "Jesus, is every Amazon on that island of yours this good?!"

The two women locked eyes for a second, both panting and sweating heavily. But they knew that the "session" wasn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

"Enough with the appetizers," Officer Carter said, her tone growing darker as her expression became hungrier. "Lie down, Wonder Bitch."

Wonder Woman breathlessly obeyed, her mouth already watering as she thought about what the vice cop was probably going to have her do next. Sure enough, Officer Carter quickly got up, slid her panties down and off, and planted her pussy right over Wonder Woman's mouth.

"Mmmph," the Amazing Amazon commented, loving both the musky smell of the redheaded cop's sex and the wonderful view she had of the cop's pubic patch.

"Now, why don't you put that wonderful mouth to work..." Officer Carter smirked.

The raven-maned Amazon obeyed immediately, kissing and licking and nibbling at Officer Carter's twat for all she was worth. She had been rigorously trained in the art of cunnilingus by many different owners, and she doubted that there was a single woman on the planet who could match her current skills. She knew exactly how where to lick, where to suck, and where to apply her teeth - and in no time at all, Officer Carter was desperately clutching at Wonder Woman's raven mane, teeth grinding in pleasure.

"Oh... oh shit... I... can't... h-hold... it... AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" the corrupt cop howled, head thrown back as a torrent of her cum spilled onto Wonder Woman's face.

"Mmm... warm and delish," Wonder Woman purred, slurping up as much of that tasty love juice as she could. The stuff was practically a staple of her diet nowadays, as befitting a super-slutty little hooker like her.

"Like that, do you?" Officer Carter sneered. "Looks like your mouth finally found something useful to do, instead of mouthing off about how "incompetent" and "corrupt" us cops are all day long!"

"But you are incompetent. And corrupt," Wonder Woman grinned cheekily.

"What was that?! Sounds like someone wants a second helping!" the vice cop smirked, eyes narrowing. And without another word, she planted her cunt back on Wonder Woman's face, and tightened her thighs around the Amazon's head for good measure.

True to Officer Carter's words, Wonder Woman worked her way through a second helping... and a third... and a fourth... and a fifth. By the time that the policewoman rolled off of her face, the Amazon was staring blankly off into space, eyes glassy.

Grinning, Officer Carter got up off the bed and gave Wonder Woman some time to herself. While the Amazon recovered, the policewoman went over to the complimentary "toy chest" that stood in a corner of the room, and picked out one particular toy that she had had her eye on for quite a while.

Wonder Woman sat up on the bed, only to nearly fall down again upon seeing what Officer Carter had buckled around her hips: a black leather strap-on harness, with two dildos attached. Both dildos looked fearsomely thick, and were of different lengths - confirming the Amazon's suspicions that the whole device was meant to plug two holes at the same time.

"Oh my," the Amazing Amazon breathed. "Th-that will be extra, you know."

"So put it on my tab," Officer Carter smirked, inching closer with the double-headed dildo. "Now, head down, on your knees, and get your hands behind your back."

Gulping, Wonder Woman obeyed the command and pressed her face against the mattress. Part of her felt nervous - frightened, even - but the slutty little streetwalker within her couldn't wait. She even thrust her ass out enticingly, waiting to be entered.

Wonder Woman was surprised, to say the least, when she heard a soft click and felt cold steel around her wrists. She looked back, startled, and found that her hands had been cuffed together.

"Always been a personal fantasy of mine," Officer Carter confessed, eyes twinkling wickedly. "Arresting the great Wonder Woman... well, since we're supposed to be buddies now, this is the next best thing."

Wonder Woman just nodded, feeling the juices down below flowing even hotter and faster. Bondage always had that sort of effect on her. It made her feel so powerless. So vulnerable. And so damn horny.

Officer Carter slowly climbed up onto the bed again, and got on her knees just like Wonder Woman. She reached out with both hands, gripping Wonder Woman's luscious butt cheeks to steady herself. Then, shutting one eye, she took careful aim and thrust hard.

"Uuuuuuggggghhhh," Wonder Woman groaned low, baby blue eyes crossing as two hard, thick shafts of rubber worked their way into her pussy and asshole. "Too... much!"

"This," Officer Carter growled, eyes flashing as she thrust further into the Amazon. "Is for the time you almost had my entire department gutted on that corruption charge!"

"Great Hera! Ohhhhhhh!!!"

"And this is for busting those crack smugglers down at the docks two months ago! Half my paycheck comes from there!"

"Mercy! Aaaagggghhhh!"

"And this is just because you're a big-titted bimbo who needs to get put in her place!"

"Uggggghhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned, feeling the heat infuse every inch of her shapely body. Her head was positively spinning now. "I'm... cumming!!! Aiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!"

The Amazing Amazon thrashed and huffed and puffed as she came, but Officer Carter wasn't done with her by a long shot. The wicked policewoman spent the next five minutes banging the living daylights out of Wonder Woman, and made the former super heroine beg for mercy again and again. A whirlwind of pleasure and pain that left Wonder Woman barely able to tell up from down.

"And... let that... be... a lesson... to ya!" the redheaded cop panted out as she pulled out of Wonder Woman with a loud squish.

Wonder Woman just lay there, listening to the sound of her own heart beating. Slowly, her senses began to return to her. By the time she had recovered enough to sit up, she saw that Officer Carter had already unbuckled the strap-on, and was in the midst of gathering up her uniform.

Breathing evenly, the shapely Amazon watched the corrupt policewoman walk into an adjoining bathroom for a post-sex shower. She briefly considered following Officer Carter inside so that she could ogle the cop some more, but decided against it. She was just too damn tired right now. And besides, she'd probably get to turn tricks for a few more hot girls before the day was through.

Several minutes later, a freshly showered and fully dressed Officer Carter was handing her a single, crumpled dollar bill. Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow, but accepted it all the same.

"Your generosity is unmatched, Officer," the Amazon smiled as she tucked the dollar into her boot. It was more than any of the vice cops usually paid for her services.

Officer Carter laughed. "And don't you forget it, bitch."

Wonder Woman watched as the corrupt cop walked over the door, loving how that ass jiggled - consciously or not - in those tight uniform pants. As she opened the door, however, Officer Carter turned around one last time.

"By the way, me and the boys are having a poker party this weekend. Guess who's going to be the special entertainment?"

"Can't wait," Wonder Woman said huskily, brows wagging. Thoughts of getting gangbanged by several vice cops at once - maybe even the entire squad - were already filling her head. All those big, thick dicks, those rough, manly hands... plus Officer Carter to provide an obligatory woman's touch to it all...

Officer Carter blew the Amazon a kiss, and slammed the door shut. Wonder Woman just sat on the bed for a few moments, a dreamy look on her face.

But eventually, the heroine-turned-hooker stood up and surveyed her surroundings. Her outfit was scattered around the room - as usual. Every inch of her surroundings smelled of sex and sweat - as usual. And she was in desperate need of a shower - as usual.

With a satisfied sigh, Wonder Woman took off the few remaining pieces of her outfit - namely, her tiara and her boots - and stepped into the adjoining bathroom. She was just about to slip into the shower stall when a certain, familiar voice reached her ears.

"Cheapest you go is fifty bucks, huh?"

The Amazon's baby blues widened. "S-Sue?"

A laugh ran throughout the tiny bathroom as Wonder Woman quickly looked all around, searching for the blonde. But her efforts were in vain; all she could see were a sink, a slightly cracked mirror, a toilet, and a shower stall. No Sue Storm to be found, no matter how hard she searched.

Suddenly, a pair of manicured hands materialized out of thin air and encased the Amazon's bare chest. Wonder Woman gave a little gasp, before her expression turned into one of mingled annoyance, embarrassment, and arousal.

"Great Hera!" the Amazon huffed, prying those groping hands off of her tits. "Were you watching the entire time, Sue?!"

"Right in one," the scantily clad blonde chuckled, making herself fully visible. "You know, you should really consider a career in porn. You're the most authentic, talented slut I've seen in my life. After me, of course."

"I'm flattered," Wonder Woman replied dryly, rolling her eyes. "But you should keep in my that what I do is the real thing."

Sue's left eye twitched. "Meaning?"

Wonder Woman turned around so that she was facing her blond rival, and put her hands on her hips. "Meaning that you've got a director and an entire camera crew and Hera knows how many trained co-stars running around to make you look good."

A mirthless smile curled Sue's mouth. "Go on."

The Amazon Princess shot a haughty look at the Invisible Woman. "All I have are the gifts I was born with."

"Right," Sue held back a snicker. "All you've got are the tits, ass, and face that actual gods gave you. Oh, and a thousand years of experience on an island with nothing but women almost as hot as you are. That's not even getting into all the little encounters you've had with big, bad criminals as a super heroine..."

Wonder Woman looked half-annoyed and half-proud at the last remark. "And you've never had a setback or two before? I've seen the fan compilations online. You've been knocked out and tied up more times than I have, and I'm pretty sure that none of your captors were renowned as gentlemen!"

Now, the Invisible Woman's facial expression mirrored Wonder Woman's. A minute ticked by before the blonde spoke again. "I'm the superior super slut here, and I'll have no trouble proving it to you."

Wonder Woman cocked an eyebrow. "I'm listening."

"Come over to my next shoot," Sue said. She reached down into her boot and pulled out a cell phone. "That'll be in about... twenty-five minutes. Just drop by Blue Ring Studios on Johnson Avenue, and you can watch a real expert at work."

Wonder Woman bit her lip. "I don't know... this is on pretty short notice..."

"Don't worry about it," Sue replied with a careless wave of her hand. "Your pimp and my boss are old friends. It'll be easy to arrange."

Without waiting for a reply, the blond porn star dove in and landed a quick peck on Wonder Woman's cheek. Wonder Woman started in surprise, before rolling her eyes and stepping back into the shower stall.

Giggling softly, Sue turned herself invisible again and strode out of the bathroom. A minute or so later, she had exited the hooker hotel. Phone still in hand, she casually dialed the number for Blue Ring Studios, and explained the situation to her boss, the rising porn producer/director James "Sir Sproing" Anderson.

Sir Sproing, true to his nickname, was the sort of pornographer who fancied himself something of a gentleman. Whatever Sue wanted, she generally got from him - so long as she promised him a longer-than-usual "workout" before they went to bed. The arrangements in question thus took only a few minutes to complete - indeed, Sue's boss seemed extra-receptive to the idea of having the only woman in the city who could genuinely rival Sue in both sexiness and sluttiness over at his studios.

In what seemed like no time at all, the Invisible Woman had stepped back into the familiar halls of Blue Ring Studios. She turned visible again as soon as she stepped through the doors, and headed right for Studio #3. On the way, most of her regular co-stars - hell, most of the non-acting staff - slapped her on the back, pinched her ass, fondled her boobs, or some combination of the three.

Her boss was already waiting on the set when she got there, sitting in one of those cheesy director's folding chairs he loved so much. He was a real big believer in the "classics" of cinematography, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that his brand of filmmaking wasn't even strictly legal, let alone respected as classic. Between his sunglasses, beret, goatee, and ponytail, he stood in some odd no-man's-land between pathetic, endearing, eccentric, and vaguely creepy.

All of which just made Sue wetter at the sight of him. Besides, he was very well-endowed under it all, and Sue had never finished a single bedroom tryst with him feeling disappointed. That was all that mattered to the new-and-improved her.

Sir Sproing greeted her in his usual manner upon spotting her. "Good afternoon, Lady Invisi-Skank. Art thou ready to get thy brains fucked out?"

The blond heroine-turned-porn star just wagged her brows at him. "Nope."

"Good," Sir Sproing grinned, lowering his sunglasses so he could take her sexy self in with the naked eye. "Go get your makeup touched up. We start shooting at three-fifteen. Your little gal-pal should be here by then."

"Oh, goody," Sue cooed, rubbing her already-wet thighs together. Mainly to put on a teasing little pre-show for her boss, not to mention all the other hardworking crew members currently setting things up for the shoot.

Sashaying her hips with every step, Sue trotted off toward her makeup room, earning a nice little slap on the ass from Sir Sproing as she passed by him. The slutty blonde bit her lip as she thought of her upcoming scene - the beginning of Super Bimbo Bitch-Tamed, if she remembered correctly. Another super heroine parody picture filled to the brim with down-and-dirty fucking, not to mention lots of cheesy lines. Just the way she liked it. Hell, she'd actually written some of the script herself, drawing on her experiences as a former crimefighter.

Very soon, Sue was seated in a chair inside the makeup room, holding as still as possible while the studio's makeup artists touched up her face - not to mention her costume - for maximum visual appeal. She couldn't appear too prim or drab on-camera, but she couldn't look too slutty, either, since a good chunk of her pornos' audiences were attracted to the "wholesome" charm that she radiated despite her most un-wholesome taste in costumes. It was a fine line to be walked, and Sue found the idea kind of kinky, if occasionally confusing.

After the makeup artists had finished, Sue left the makeup room, made a beeline for the set, and grabbed a copy of the script from Sir Sproing. She only gave her lines a brief skim, since she'd written most of them. And besides, with her extensive "training", she was fairly confident that she could recite the Pledge of Allegiance and still make every straight man in the country (not to mention all the lesbians) cream their pants.

To say nothing of the fact that she would probably be letting her "natural instincts" do the acting for the most part...

She then heard a click, and saw most of the overhead lights dim. Looking around her, she saw that the set had been constructed to look like a typical inner-city back alley. It was the kind of place that she'd done quite a bit of her crimefighting in, actually.

"Alright, alright!" Sir Sproing yelled through a loudspeaker, seated off-set. "Quiet down, everyone!"

Not long after, the porn director's scrawny assistant scurried on-set, holding the traditional black-and-white clapboard in his hands. Raising his voice, he called out, "Super Bimbo Bitch-Tamed, scene one, take one!"

With that, he clapped the device together, before scurrying off the set.

Sue took a deep breath, getting "into character" as she felt the warm wetness in her groin growing stronger. Meanwhile, a tall, muscular man stepped into view, wearing a bandanna, a dirty white wifebeater, jeans, and combat boots. A wolf's-head necklace hung from around his neck. All in all, he looked nothing like porn actor Danny "Super Schlong" Jordan, and everything like a genuine street thug.

"I hear you've been talkin' real big on the streets, Super Jugs," he sneered. "Think you're gonna take Alpha Wolf down? Huh?"

"That's right!" Sue said, putting her hands on her hips and giving him a confident glare. "Your days of terrorizing innocent citizens are over, vile villain! You're going back to the State Penitentiary!"

"Ha!" he snorted, crossing his arms. "And how do ya figure that?"

"Well," Sue said, rolling her eyes. "I have amazing super powers that can take down twenty men in a heartbeat. Whereas you are an ordinary thug with nothing but the brute strength of one man, and whatever pathetic weapon you might be packing."

"Pathetic, huh?" he replied, a sly look coming onto his face. "I think this might change your tune soon enough!"

As he spoke, he reached into his pocket and removed a small, red tube that looked like a dog whistle. He put it to his lips, and blew. A high-pitched squeal, just barely audible, filled the room.

Sue immediately dropped to her knees, hands clapped to her ears.

"Aiiiiiieeeeeee!!!" she shouted with overwrought emotion, squirming helplessly. "It... hurts! Make... it... stop!"

He just kept on blowing that whistle, while Sue kept pretending to be knocked flat by the sound-waves. Eventually, Sue saw him stop, and immediately clambered to her hands and knees, panting.

"This is a little gift from my old friend, Dr. Mindripper!" Alpha Wolf grinned, showing off the whistle. "Made especially for high-and-mighty super bitches like you! The longer I blow, the more scrambled your so-called brain becomes..."

As Sue looked on in pretend horror, he brought the whistle to his lips again and blew. This time, Sue really poured on the theatrics, writhing as sexily as possible as she screamed, looking like she was ready to orgasm then and there. Which wasn't far from the truth, actually.

Once two or three minutes had passed, Sue moved on to the next stage of the "plot" - the little "transformation" that she would go through thanks to the whistle's effects. She twisted her pretty face to look directly at camera two, and gave her eyes a glazed-over look that was sure to communicate the idea of her totally losing her mind.

Then, she writhed for a few more seconds, and promptly began barking.


On cue, Alpha Wolf put the whistle down and looked at Sue in confusion. Sue, for her part, got on all fours and kept on barking.

"Arf! Arf arf arf!"

With a grin, Alpha Wolf put his whistle away. "Damn, that thing worked better 'n I thought. Super bitch's gotten so brain-fried, she's regressed into bein' a dog!"

Sue threw her head back and gave a long, sexy howl. "Master! P-please don't hurt me anymore! I'll be a good little doggy, I promise! Arf arf!"

Alpha Wolf's grin grew even bigger. The muscular man reached for the zipper in his jeans, which was already bulging quite noticeably. "Oh, you're not gonna be a good little doggy..."

Sue gasped, making sure that her cheesy "O" expression was perfectly caught on-camera.

"... you're gonna be my good little bitch!"

Sue molded her expression into one of mixed horror and eagerness as his cock popped out and stood erect for her - and the cameras - to see. Super Schlong lived up to his porn star name - he was easily ten inches, and real thick, too. Sue had worked with him in about ten porn pictures thus far, and she was pretty sure that he was her favorite. She was definitely his favorite.

He stepped closer and closer to her, while she - as scripted - sat down on her butt and slowly scooted back on her hands. All too soon, she had been backed up against one of the fake alley walls.

"Nowhere to run now, you big-titted bimbo!"

"Arf!" Sue replied.

He stepped up so that the tip of that gigantic cock just barely brushed Sue's lips. Sue widened her eyes at the moment of contact, before settling into a half-lidded gaze that signified her "giving in" to her "natural instincts".

"Suck it!" Alpha Wolf commanded.

The blond beauty did as commanded, using her tongue to skillfully tease the tip of that cock. After a few moments of tongue-play, she opened her mouth all the way, and quickly sucked him in. As she blew her co-star, she raised her delicate hands to his nuts, and began massaging.

"Oh! Oh, Jesus!" Alpha Wolf yelled, fingers buried in Sue's blond mane.

"Mmmmmmmm," Sue groaned contently, meaning all of it. She absolutely loved getting her holes filled, be it mouth, pussy, or ass. And she really liked it when it was all three. Good thing there was supposed to be a three-on-one gangbang later in the movie - just the thought was getting her juices flowing freely between her legs.

"Hot damn!" he growled through gritted teeth. "You been wastin' your time playin' superhero! You shoulda started turnin' tricks ages ago!"

That sent a spark of anger and jealousy through Sue. Turning tricks? Who did this bastard think she was, Wonder Woman? She was no mere gutter whore - she was the best damn skank the porn industry ever saw, and she was going to prove it!

Sue didn't know whether or not Diana had arrived on the set or not - her current position didn't let her see that far - but if that Amazon tramp was here, then she was going to get the lesson of her life!

Eyes wide, Sue began to aggressively pump Alpha Wolf's dick in and out of her mouth, while making sure to not seriously hurt her co-star. He liked it rough, but even he had limits. And co-stars like him were hard to come by.

As if on cue, he suddenly came, practically flooding Sue's mouth and face with the sweet white stuff. Sue eagerly gulped down as much of it as she could while continuing with her tongue bath, soon feeling a small orgasm explode in-between her own legs. The busty blonde shuddered slightly as she felt those juices leak from her womanhood, staining her shorts and dripping onto the set floor.

"Money shot!" Sir Sproing's voice suddenly boomed from off-set.

Several of the cameras began to zoom in, and Sue pulled herself off of Alpha Wolf's cock so they would get a better close-up of her face. Meanwhile, Alpha Wolf's cock gave a shudder, and shot one last jet of white into Sue's face - right between the eyes.

As Sue went cross-eyed, and dabbed a bit of the stuff with her finger, Alpha Wolf threw his head back and laughed. That, plus the fact that her debasement would soon be seen by millions around the world, made Sue feel even more hot and tingly inside.

Without warning, Alpha Wolf grabbed Sue by her silky golden mane and turned her around, so that she was facing one of the fake alley walls. Without being told, Sue assumed the "position": hands pressed against the wall, body bent over at a ninety-degree angle, legs wide apart, and both holes easily accessible.

"Alright, bitch!" Alpha Wolf growled. "Enough with the opening acts. Time to take your bitch-taming to the next level!"

Sue turned her head around to look at him, giving a pitiful whine like a beaten dog. "Please be gentle..."

"Alpha Wolf don't do gentle!" he snapped, jabbing a couple of thick fingers into the crotch of Sue's shorts and creating a wet squelch noise. "Now get your stupid bitch face up against that wall, till I say so!"

Sue obeyed, and was soon rewarded with the feeling of Alpha Wolf sliding her skimpy shorts down her legs. He left the shorts around her knees - a personal turn-on for Sue, since it gave her the impression that her knees were tied together, enhancing her feelings of being bound and helpless. Of course, the feeling of her naked twat being exposed to air didn't hurt, either.

Then, Sue felt the engorged head of Alpha Wolf's big dick pressing against her womanhood, and shuddered again, heart hammering. She spread her legs a little wider, as to give him better access.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Alpha Wolf roared.

Well-lubricated as Sue's pussy was, he had no problem getting five or six inches in right away. Sue gritted her teeth as that oh-so-arousing mixture of pleasure and pain radiated from her twat, feeling her head spinning out of control.

Alpha Wolf rammed her again and again, getting a little deeper each time. Soon, he had settled into a sweet rhythm, pounding Sue's hot little twat while at the same time groping those big, round ass cheeks to his heart's content. Sue made short, perverted little grunts with every one of his thrusts; and every so often, she threw her head back and howled like the bitch she was.

"Oh! Oh... Ohhhhhhhh!!! Aroooooooooooo!!!"

Sue felt her heart and soul soaring as she came, like she always did. Not long after, she felt that cock in her pussy vibrate, before spewing a nice, hot payload deep into her. The feeling of the hot seed trickling down her legs made Sue feel all hot and humiliated, which in turn only increased her bliss. She truly loved getting put into "her place".

Alpha Wolf then pulled out of the busty blonde, leaving a panting Sue to slowly sink down to her knees with her tight shorts still binding her legs together. He gave her only seconds to recover before spinning the super heroine-turned-porn star around, and repeatedly slapping her in the face with his wet, sticky cock. Sue yelped, even as she felt her mouth begin to water involuntarily from the thought of what was about to happen next.

"Clean me, bitch."

Panting eagerly, Sue pulled her tight blue top over her head, spinning it around in the air a few times before tossing it aside. Her big tits immediately sprang free, bouncing up and down for all to see. As the cameras dutifully recorded those massive mammaries, Alpha Wolf grinned lecherously and pinched both of Sue's erect pink nipples.

Sue moaned. Then she slowly brought her own manicured hands up to her big tits, and carefully began massaging them, squeezing and pinching and pulling. Once she'd gotten her tits nice and aroused, she slid Alpha Wolf's dick right between them, trapping it in-between the two big, warm mounds of flesh.

"Arf!" Sue smiled. "Master's dick is all dirty! Time for a bath!"

With that, the shapely blonde opened her mouth, and wrapped her lips around the tip of Alpha Wolf's dick. She worked meticulously, manipulating that big cock with her tits, her lips, and her tongue all at once. This time, her goal was not only to maximize Alpha Wolf's pleasure, but also clean him thoroughly.

The combination of tit-fucking and mouth-fucking easily proved too much for Sue's well-hung co-star to handle. In a little more than a minute, Alpha Wolf was coming hard and fast, splattering down Sue's face and chest with even more of that tasty seed. Sue eagerly gulped down what she could, leaving the rest to cover her smooth, milky skin and her golden hair.

Alpha Wolf gave a satisfied sigh as he jerked off his last few "deposits", and looked down at his clean dick, before looking at Sue's panting, slutty face and its fresh layer of "makeup". Laughing, he reached down and behind the kneeling blonde, and slid the skimpy shorts off of her legs completely.

In silence, Alpha Wolf moved the flimsy piece of clothing all over Sue's chest and face, using it like a wiping rag. Then, once he'd wiped a good amount off of Sue, he crammed the cum-soaked shorts right into Sue's mouth.

"Mmmph?!" Sue cried in muffled (and scripted) surprise. Though her eyes widened, she didn't spit out the garments. Insteadly, she docilely remained on her knees, gently sucking on her makeshift gag.

"And... cut!" Sir Sproing's loudspeaker-enhanced voice boomed over the set.

Sue gave a little whinny of disappointment, her shorts still crammed into her mouth. The sex scenes never lasted as long as she'd have liked them to. But that was showbiz, as the saying went. Besides, the movie had at least four more scenes to go.

As the lights overhead snapped back on at full strength, the slutty blonde slowly got up and took the shorts out of her mouth. She stepped off the set, not even bothering to put her skimpy top back on. She liked the feel of the cool air on her bare tits and nipples.

Sir Sproing was waving her over from the director's chair, a big grin on his face and a bigger hard-on tenting his pants. A moment later, Sue saw that the pornographer wasn't alone. Indeed, a very special guest was standing a few feet beside him.

A very special, scantily clad, Amazon-born guest.

Wonder Woman wagged her brows at her longtime rival. "Miss me?"

The Invisible Woman just snorted. "Actually, I was afraid you would miss my little demonstration. How much did you catch?"

"All of it," Wonder Woman answered, hands on hips. "You were pretty good... for an amateur."

The super-stacked blonde's eyes flared at that. "Now I know you're lying. Anyone who's been to one of my shoots for five seconds would know that I'm ten times the slut you are."

In response, the voluptuous Amazon narrowed her eyes. "You looking for a rematch?"

Sue grinned fiercely. "Thought you'd never ask.

Diana's reply came in the form of a quick peck to Sue's lips. The blonde flinched slightly, before grabbing the Amazon's hand and squeezing hard.

"Oh, it is on."

Sue then turned toward her director, who was all but drooling over the little catfight by now. Most of the production crew was doing the same - even the female members. Sue had the sudden feeling that she would be pleasing more than just her director in bed that night.

"Be back in thirty, Sir Sproing. You don't mind, do you?"

The slack-jawed pornographer blinked, and babbled something that might have been, "Sure, have fun."

But by then, Sue was already turning on her heel, dragging Diana toward the closest exit. Deep down, both of them already knew where they were going - that alley behind Madam Bowen's boutique, where it had all began. Where they had discovered their true selves.

And once there, they would beat each other stupid. Or fuck each other stupid.

Probably both.