Wonder Woman : Wonder Maid  

By Dark One


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By Dark One

It was a dark, moonless Spring night. The cobalt heavens were asparkle with billions of twinkling stars. A tall, shapely figure moved stealthily through the night shadows. Her heart beat loudly in her chest. She'd worked eight long months toward this night.

"Steve will be so pleased," Wonder Woman whispered, almost giddy.

He wanted the traitor almost as much as Diana, AKA Wonder Woman. One of Diana's best friends, beautiful young Nancy D'Arcy vanished without a trace eight months back while investigating this same case. She wanted to avenge Nancy. And tonight it would happen. The foreign spy ring would be exposed and destroyed, and the men responsible for Nancy's disappearance would face justice, at long last.

"You're going down, Bob," she said, sapphire eyes flashing.

Bob Sanders was a friend to both Nancy and Diana. Indeed, he had gone to college with Nancy, and they had dated briefly. Wonder Woman still found it hard to believe he was in part responsible for his friend's downfall. He seemed like such a nice, loyal friend and American.

She watched as Bob paused to look around fearfully. He was ever vigilant and cautious to a fault. It had taken two months of tailing to finally reach this point. It was the first time he hadn't slipped her. But she'd followed him for over nine hours, all the way from his Washington D.C. office.

They were in a particularly dilapidated section of Baltimore. She guessed it to be past two in the morning. No one else was to be seen or heard, save for the distant sound of the occasional car. It wasn't the sort of neighborhood successful white men walked through in the light of day, much less in the wee hours of the night. But it was the perfect place to weed out anyone tailing you if you were a suspicious sort, and what traitor wasn't?

Wonder Woman saw an opportunity and darted from the pitch-black shadow that hid her to the next one, fifty feet further down the street. She just made it and crouched behind a trashcan as Bob paused and looked back suspiciously. Then apparently satisfied, he vanished into a dark alley.

She hurried to the alley and cautiously peered into its inky depths. There was nothing to see except blackness. It was a narrow alley between two five-story brick buildings. Even her amazon eyesight was no match for that darkness. But she could hear the low murmur of voices from deep within and around a corner.

At last, you have led me to your handler, she thought triumphantly. Now it's party time, Bob.

Wonder Woman eased down the alley like a cat. She didn't make a sound, and easily avoided the trash strewn about that would've tripped up a lesser person. Soon, she reached the intersection of alleys and spotted the small group of men huddled together down the right alley. It was a dead end, which she thought so appropriate and smiled. They spoke together within a pool of light from a single, dim bulb over a door at the very end of the alley. It was the only light in the alley, and that wasn't saying much.

She eased down the dead end alley, slow and silently. As she moved, she listened and watched the men intently. They were speaking too low for her to make out more than a few words, but there was no mistaking what was going down when Bob handed over a manila folder and received a briefcase in return.

"I'm not surprised," Wonder Woman said. The men all jumped and turned to gawk at her. "I'd expect to find a bunch of rats in a trash strewn alley."

"Wonder Woman!" Bob cried in horror.

Wonder Woman smiled ruefully. She was filled with mixed emotions. Though pleased to catch her friend's killers, she was extremely sad to finally prove her other friend was a traitor and responsible for Nancy's disappearance as well.

"You idiot," the leader growled. "You led her straight to us."

The men, including Bob, all pulled out pistols and aimed them at her. She took a defensive stance and prepared herself. A second later their guns spat fire and thunder as they quickly expended their ammo. Wonder Woman found it a bit difficult deflecting all of the bullets in the dark, and since there were so many at once, but she managed. She had great eyes and instinctively knew which bullets would miss, so she could ignore all except the ones that would strike her.

"That was wasted effort, boys," Wonder Woman said. She shook her head woefully. "Criminals never learn." Then with her most commanding voice, "Surrender now. You're trapped. Trapped like the rats you are."

"That wouldn't be very smart of us, Wonder Woman," the leader said. "As traitors, we can't expect any mercy. We'll spend the rest of our lives doing hard time, with no possibility of parole."

Wonder Woman nodded with a grim smile. Federal prisons didn't release their charges for good behavior like so many state penitentiaries did. What he said was absolutely correct. And she believed that punishment was well deserved, too.

The men started walking toward her in line. She shook her head. As usual, her adversaries chose violence over negotiation. They where desperate, vile men. She couldn't show any mercy, for they didn't show any toward their victims.

Not waiting for them to make the first move, Wonder Woman surprised them by attacking with a wild amazon battle cry. Three of the five men turned and ran, leaving the leader and Bob to face her fury first. She put the cowards out of her mind, for there wasn't anywhere for them to run.

Bob was a tall man, with a medium build. He was strong and athletic, and a former golden glove boxer. The other man was even taller and broader, and moved with feline grace.

Wonder Woman reached then in half-a-dozen steps, then cut right and dropped low. Bob's handler tried to punch her in the head, but missed when she dropped low. He wasn't prepared when her fierce kick caught him just above the ankles. He fell with a pained grunt. Before his body settled, Wonder Woman was on her feet and crashing into Bob.

She easily caught his punch, and twisted his arm behind his back. Then Bob was thrust brutally into the cold brick wall. His head bounced painfully off the wall and she felt him slump in her grasp. Then she punched him once, twice, three times in the kidneys.

"That was for Nancy," she whispered viciously as he slid down the wall to his knees at her feet.

"Bitch," a man cried, just before something hard smashed into the back of her head.

Light and darkness exploded behind her eyes as pain ripped through her head, down her neck and back. She fell to one knee, trying to shake off the pain and fog. Then a foot caught her in the ribs, seconds before a second foot struck her in the chin. Wonder Woman cried out as she was spun around and crashed to the ground.

"Get her!" someone cried.

She was sprawled face down. Wonder Woman tried to push herself up, but a foot smashed her face brutally into the pavement. Instantly, she felt all strength wash out of her body.

Wonder Woman gasped as strong hands caught up both her arms and forced them behind her back. Her long, black hair was seized and she was pulled to her knees. Then to her horror and dismay, someone took her golden lasso and started looping it around her body. Each loop was like a blow and forced a gasp from her ruby lips each time. Seconds later, he tied off the golden lasso, leaving her bound tightly and helpless.

"No!" she cried, starting to struggle. She couldn't let them use the lasso's power on her. It would be the end of her, for sure. "I will not allow you."

"Stop! Stop struggling, bitch," he growled.

The golden lasso's power hit her. It overwhelmed her senses and willpower. Wonder Woman was forced to comply, and ceased her struggles. She knelt at their feet as Bob and their leader were helped to their feet.

"Damn. We caught Wonder Woman," one of them said, awestruck by the deed.

"Now what, Judd?" another said.

"First, we teach her a lesson," the leader, Judd, said.

He stepped in front of Wonder Woman. After glaring at her a second, he smashed his fist into her face a couple times. She was left dazed and swooning. When she tried to stand, he commanded she stay on her knees. Wonder Woman could do nothing but obey.

"Now you're going to do what you're told, Wonder Bitch," Judd said angrily. "Or else. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand," she said.

He unzipped and stepped close. Judd pulled his cock out and slapped it across her face several times. She gasped and felt her head spinning. Wonder Woman couldn't believe this was happening to her. She was the world's greatest super heroine. Nothing like this had ever happened before. To be defeated and captured was humiliating enough, but this was heaping insult on top of injury. It was vile and disgusting, beyond comprehension.

"Suck my dick," Judd said.

He pressed the engorged cock to her ruby lips. At that time someone produced a flashlight and turned it on her face. The men all huddled around her and watched as she was forced to obey her last command, and opened her mouth to admit Judd's cock.

The cock stank of urine, but she had no choice. The lasso's power would not allow her to disobey. When she opened her mouth he pressed forward and entered her. Wonder Woman closed her eyes and let him slid in all the way to the back of her mouth, then she closed her mouth tight and started sucking in earnest. He groaned low and began pumping in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

"Work the tongue," he said.

"Mmmm," Wonder Woman said in response.

But she complied with that command as well. When he pulled back, so that only the head of his dick was in her mouth, she began to tease it with her deft tongue. Indeed, though she'd never done such a thing before in her life, Wonder Woman surprised herself with her instinctive ability to give hot head. Judd tensed and groaned, allowing her to do her best.

While she was giving Judd super head, another man squatted down beside her and yanked down her bustier. Her massive tits poured out and bounced enticingly before the drooling men watching her and Judd. That man started fondling her tit as Bob, of all people, knelt to her other side and started playing with the other tit.

Wonder Woman couldn't believe her predicament. She was being forced to suck cock and give head, while a pair of traitors fondled her tits. And she really couldn't believe how her body was reacting, for it was all a-tingle from loins to chest. Then Bob pulled her generous breast towards him, and sucked her super sensitive nipple into his hot, wet mouth.

"Uhggnn," she groaned, as a thrill of pleasure erupted in her nipple, and shot all the way down to her tingling pussy.

Her face was burning almost as much as her cunt. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this vile act.

Then the other man lowered his lips to her nipple, but just kissed it before biting it. Wonder Woman jumped, but couldn't scream or say anything with a mouth full of hard cock. The men laughed as he bit her nipple again, then reached down and slipped his hand under her star-spangled bottoms. Pleasure shot through her body as his thick fingers touched her sopping wet pussy lips.

"God damn, the bitch is super wet!" he said, and laughed. "She's really getting into this. Enjoy it, whore. Enjoy."

Wonder Woman groaned with pleasure as the lasso forced her to obey. Suddenly, her will was suppressed and she became a true wanton whore as commanded. She pressed her pussy against his hand as his fingers parted the hot, wet lips and plunged deep into her once forbidden regions.

"Jesus," Judd gasped and forced his cock all the way into her eager mouth.

A second later Wonder Woman discovered the taste of cum. It gushed into her in thick, sticky torrents of hot jizm. She sucked with wild abandoned and swallowed as fast and as much as she could. Some escaped to dribble down her chin and onto her heavy tits. Then he pulled out to spew a few more milky spurts across her ruby lips and face. He got her once right between the eyes.

"Having fun, Wonder Whore?" Judd asked with triumphant eyes.

"Yes," she said breathlessly. Then the man finger fucking her found her G-spot and the tingle in Wonder Woman's belly changed to that familiar rush toward orgasm. "Oh, Great Hera! Please don't stop!"

Wonder Woman's head rolled back and her back arched as Bob redoubled his efforts sucking her nipple and the other man wrapped an arm around her tiny waist to suppress her erotic bucking as he rubbed that magical spot deep within her vagina.

"Yes! Yes! OH, YES!" she cried, ravaged by a powerful orgasm.

He pulled his dripping fingers out of her cunt and thrust them in her mouth. Wonder Woman licked and sucked them clean for him, with pleasure and joy.

"She's still a virgin, boss. The hymen is intact," he said as she sucked his fingers clean. "Who gets the pleasure of popping that cherry?"

Four sets of eager eyes turned to Judd. He looked surprised. Wonder Woman waited, panting and eager for someone to slide up between her silky thighs for the first time. Just thinking about it took her dangerously close to another orgasm.

"We've tamed her, boys," Judd said in amazement. "We tamed the might Wonder Woman. All she needed was a good fucking. And we're just the men to do it."

"Yeah!" they cried.

His eyes were afire with the thought. Wonder Woman was growing closer and closer to orgasm, knowing he was about to pick the man to deflower her. She couldn't wait. After all, she'd waited so terribly long. So many lonely nights in bed. So much frustration and pent up sexual energy.

"We can't," Judd said, suddenly deflated. His men groaned in astonishment. Wonder Woman gawked at him. He was going to deny her. "We have to take her to Dr. Hypneaux. Let him decide."

"Shit," more than one of them growled.

"He'll chose to deflower her himself," Bob said with disappointment.

"He pays us good money," Judd said. "And you know how much he loves young, beautiful women."

The name was familiar. Wonder Woman had to think a moment before she remembered where she'd heard of him. Dr. Hypneaux was a Nobel laureate in chemistry. He'd created and built a billion dollar pharmaceutical empire. If she recalled correctly, he was the tenth wealthiest man in the world.

The men grumbled, but no one voiced any objections. She was quickly pulled to her feet and forced to head back down the alley. But at the intersection they continued to go straight and soon reached a late model, battered blue van. Judd unlocked the double back doors and turned to look Wonder Woman over in the dim light from the dome light.

"We'll need to tie her up better than that," he said. "I think that gold rope of hers is unbreakable. Take off the rope, Fred. Then I'll show you how to tie up a woman properly."

Fred, the man that originally bound her in the golden lasso, began removing it from around her body. Wonder Woman couldn't believe her luck. Once that rope came off, she was free of their evil influence. The men were terribly ignorant of her lasso's power. Indeed, they didn't appear to know that much about her, like the source of her power was the golden girdle. The girdle should've been removed first thing. Now they were just two loops of lasso from making their last mistake.

Wonder Woman couldn't breathe. She prayed none of them came to their senses.

Then there was just one loop. She had to force her body to stay relaxed, to pretend nothing was changing. The men were ogling her exposed boobs and joking amongst themselves as that last loop was lifted up and away from her body.

Without thought or hesitation, Wonder Woman spun around to attack the men. Before a coherent cry could be voiced she hammered a fist into Fred's surprised face. Then she kicked backwards into Judd's groin and turned on the others.

Bob was first to reach her. Two quick punches -- one to the gut and the next to the nose -- left him moaning and groaning at her feet. Wonder Woman administered another swift kick to the chin, just because she despised him above all of them. Then she turned her full attention to the others. She silently vowed not to make her previous mistake again and forget about any of them.

"Take that, miscreant!" Wonder Woman cried, kicking the next man in the chin.

The van's engine started behind her. She turned to just in time to see the backup lights come on. Judd was at the wheel, glaring daggers at her. Bob and Fred were lying inside the van, also glaring their hatred.

Wonder Woman jumped as high as she could as the van's wheels squealed and smoked in an attempt to run her over. She seized a second story windowsill and hung on. The van screeched to a halt below her. Looking down, she was shocked and appalled to see all the traitors piling into the rear of the van. Before she could drop back down, though, Judd threw the van into forward and peeled out. She landing in a cloud of burnt rubber smoke.

Taking off running after them, she gained a little when they slowed down to turn left. She was slowed and distracted by her loose boobs, bouncing every which way and threatening to hit her in the face. Then they began to slowly pull away. But she was in luck. Judd had inadvertently driven past her car.

Panting, Wonder Woman paused by the door of Diana Prince's gray car and looked all around. No one was around to see her, so she spun around until a flash of light transformed her into her alter ego. It would look suspicious if anyone saw Wonder Woman driving Diana Prince's car. And there was a slight chance she'd be seen and chased by the police.

So Diana got into the car and took off after Judd's van. She kept her lights off and prayed she didn't have an accident. Soon enough, she spotted the van's rear lights. Judd obviously felt confident he'd escaped Wonder Woman's pursuit, since he was driving at a normal speed. She stayed too far back for anyone in the van to spot her behind them with her lights off.

Diana followed Judd's van for three hours through Baltimore, then back toward DC. But he didn't go to the city. Judd led her to a sprawling estate overlooking Chesapeake Bay. So she drove past the estate a good mile and parked the car. Getting out, she spun around to become Wonder Woman again.

"Now time to teach those traitors a hard lesson," Wonder Woman said, instinctively reaching up to touch her tiara and then run both hands down her sides to ensure she wasn't missing anything and was well-covered now. "I'll teach them to molest me!"

Hypneaux Manor was surrounded on three sides for overgrown forest. There wasn't another house for miles in any direction. She suspected his billions ensured that by buying up all the adjacent properties. Money had its privileges.

Reaching the ten foot stone walls surrounding the estate, she quickly and easily jumped atop it and looked around. There was no one to be seen. She could hear guards patrolling the ground, though. And dogs. She'd have to be careful if she wanted to catch the traitors that momentarily captured and molested her with Dr. Hypneaux. If Dr. Hypneaux escaped her tonight, she would have a hard time bringing such a powerful man to justice. She had to bring them all in together.

Using her superior amazon speed, combined with her cunning and superior hearing, Wonder Woman was able to negotiate through the grounds without being seen or heard by either human or canine guards. The eastern sky was just turning a lighter gray of predawn when she reached the Tudor style mansion. Even Wonder Woman had to stop and gawk at the size and magnificence for the fine home.

"His money and influence buying won't save him from justice," she said, jaw set determinedly.

Finding a side door, she took hold of the knob and twisted. It was locked, but she twisted the knob apart and the door opened. Slipping inside, she found herself in a dark library. Moving to the door, she opened it and looked up and down the hallway. No one was to be seen. So she slipped into the hallway and made toward the middle of the mansion. It wouldn't be easy to find them in such a large home.

Giggling caught her attention. It was coming closer. So she slipped into a side door. It was a small but lavish powder room. Leaving the light off and the door cracked, she watched as three beautiful young women walked by arm-in-arm. All were gorgeous blondes, with spectacular bodies. And all three wore tight, skimpy French Maid outfits.

Wonder Woman scowled after them.

"Figures. Dr. Hypneaux's a pervert, too."

After they passed, Wonder Woman continued down the hallway. It led to the main entrance foyer. The foyer was a vast Italian marble and alabaster chamber, with a gold and crystal chandelier and priceless antiques. And tiny spots of blood on the floor. She started followed the drops of blood.

"You are one and all beyond stupid," a deep voice growled. "What in God's Green Earth made you come here, Judd? What if she followed you just like she followed Mr. Sanders?"

"Then she'd be arriving about now to finally put an end to all of you traitors," Wonder Woman said as she stepped into Dr. Hypneaux's private study. "Okay, boys. Let's try to do this the easy way this time. Save yourselves all an ass-kicking, for I won't be making any mistakes with you again."

"We took you down once, and we can do it again," Judd said as he signaled his men.

They spread out before her in a semi-circle. Dr. Hypneaux looked terrified and cowered against the back wall and watched wide-eyed. She didn't expect him to be much of a problem, but wasn't going to drop her guard with him. When she dropped her guard earlier she'd suffered the consequences. Never again.

"Please, five-to-one odds is hardly fair," she said. They grinned evilly. "I mean, you'd need another ten to fifteen men to even start to match my strength and martial talents."

They scowled at her and started moving forward. Judd was in the center, with Fred to his left and Bob on the end on Judd's right side. She didn't know the names of the two other men. It quickly became obvious they would encircle her first, then attack as one. So she preempted them with an attack of her own.

Wonder Woman screamed an amazon battle cry and charged Judd. This time, none of the men broke and ran. They were confident after their initial success against her. She was going to make them wish they did run for it.

Jumping up, she kicked Judd square in the chest with both booted feet. He was smashed back and against a wall. She didn't pause to see if he was hurt, but immediately attacked Fred with a series of vicious kicks. The third kick, a roundhouse, connected with his temple and he was down. The man beyond him leapt over Fred and went after her with a long knife. Wonder Woman seized his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back, then she fell straight back and pulled him down on top of her. But her feet were pressed against the small of his back and she thrust her legs with all her strength. The screaming man was brutally thrown upside down into the next man coming at her. They crashed together with pained grunts and collapsed in a moaning heap.

"Bet that hurt," she taunted.

Judd was back, side-by-side with Bob. She jumped to her feet and immediately tried to kick Judd in the head. He ducked, but Bob didn't. Her booted foot smashed into his temple and he was down for the count. Meanwhile, Judd lunged and punched her in the lower belly.

"Uphff," she cried, and staggered back.

Grinning victoriously, Judd pressed his attack. But Wonder Woman was not down. She recovered quickly and blocked each of his punches. Then she drove a stiletto heel into his right foot. She felt bones break and give beneath the brutal stiletto. Then Judd screamed. Wonder Woman ended his misery with first a punch to the gut, then a knee to the chin as he doubled up.

"Sweet Hera, I seem to have won. And rather handedly, too, I might add," Wonder Woman said to Dr. Hypneaux. "Now, are you going to come quietly? Or do I have to beat you into submission, too?"

"Don't hurt me, Wonder Woman," he gasped, then clutched at his throat. His eyes became frantic. Then he gasped weakly, "Asthma. Please, my inhaler."

"Inhaler?" she said, looking around.

He pointed at the desk. She started opening drawers. She found an inhaler in the middle drawer and handed it to Dr. Hypneaux.

"Asthma or not, you want escape justice, Doctor," she said as he frantically pulled the inhaler from her hand. But instead of putting it in his mouth, he thrust it in her face and squeezed. A puff of mist enveloped her head, just as she gasped in a breath of air. "Oooo."

The effect was immediate. Warmth rushed through her head to toe. Then it went away as quick as it came. She was still on her feet and coherent. Wonder Woman slanted an angry look at the famous billionaire chemist.

"Your trick didn't work, Doctor. Now surrender or else," Wonder Woman said, stepping toward him.

"You're wrong, Wonder Twit," he said. He laughed victoriously, then looked at her with lusty eyes. "You are a weak and helpless sex slave. My sex slave, and I am not pleased with you right now."

Horror struck Wonder Woman's heart. She'd displeased her master! So she immediately dropped to her knees.

"Please forgive me, master! I'll do anything to make it up to you," Wonder Woman cried, tears flowing from her startling blue eyes. "Anything. Anything at all."

"What the hell?" Judd said groggily as he slowly regained his feet. "How'd you do that?"

"It's a new drug I've been testing on all those pretty young things you bring to me. It makes them completely open to suggestion, so to speak," Dr. Hypneaux said. "Wonder Tits here will do anything I ask of her. She is in truth my slave, body and soul. And she will remain so, too."

"Master, I didn't mean to attack your men," Wonder Woman said. She was horrified by all she'd done that night. It was obvious her master didn't approve. "I've been a bad girl."

"Yes you have," he said, grinning. "But first, tell me how you discovered my little intrigues."

"I was investigating the disappearance of my friend, Nancy D'Arcy," she said. "We work together, and with Bob Sanders over there. We're all friends. Or were friends. After her disappearance, I took up her investigation knowing it would lead me to her. I soon learned Bob was a traitor, and the subject of her investigation. So I began following him two months ago, and finally succeeded tonight in catching him red-handed. I'm sorry, master."

"That you did. Bob, do you know Wonder Woman?"

"No," he said. "Never met her, though she does look familiar now that you mention it. Diana?"

"Yes, I am Diana Prince."

For the next two hours, Dr. Hypneaux grilled his captured super heroine. Wonder Woman gave up all of her secrets. And she told him every bit of Secret and Top Secret information she knew. They were all drinking champagne by the time her interrogation ended.

"Have I pleased you, master?" she asked timidly.

"Very much, Wonder Fuck," he said. His eyes dropped from her face to her tits then. His smile of pleasure turned into a leer. "Stand up."

Wonder Woman was instantly on her feet. She stood before him with feet together and arms at her sides. He gave a few commands, directing her into more revealing poses. She had to pout and pose for Dr. Hypneaux and his men for fifteen minutes.

"Bob, do the honors. Remove her bustier," Dr. Hypneaux said.

Wonder Woman kept her eyes on Dr. Hypneaux as Bob stepped behind her and unzipped the bustier. A second later it was pulled away and her heavy breasts dropped and jounced merrily for the appreciative group of horny men.

"Take off the golden girdle and hand it to me, Wonder Tits."

She removed the golden girdle and felt her super human power vanish. It didn't matter, for her master looked so pleased with her. He took her girdle and set it on the desk. Then he looked her over with relish, and that sent a thrill through her body.

"Take off your pants."

Wonder Woman removed the blue, star-spangled bottoms and tossed them aside when no one seemed to want to receive them. She was ordered to turn around before them all. Then she was ordered to hop up and down, bouncing her massive mammaries, for their amusement for another few minutes. Once they tired of watching her bouncing tits, she was ordered to kneel before Dr. Hypneaux.

"Come to me," Dr. Hypneaux said. "Hug and kiss your master. You love and adore me so much it hurts. Pleasing me gives you great pleasure. Sexual pleasure."

Her whole body began to tingle with pleasure. Her master wanted to touch her. He wanted to love her. She loved him so much it hurt. Her pussy was warm and wet, and ached to be used by her master.

Wonder Woman moved up close and nuzzled her master's neck and cheek as her arms encircled him lovingly. In turn, he wrapped his arms around her nude body and held her tightly in an affectionate hug, before loosing his arms and bending his face to hers for the wanted kiss. Her heart hammered so hard she couldn't hear or think. Then their lips touched -- and Wonder Woman sank into the most erotic kiss of her life.

Dr. Hypneaux spent ten minutes kissing, necking and fondling his beautiful captive. She gasped and panted, begged and pleaded to please him. All the while, his hands explore her magnificent body with abandon. He too discovered on his own that she was still intact.

"Suck my dick, Wonder Virgin," he said.

"Yes, master."

Wonder Woman quickly dropped to her knees, unzipped the billionaire and pulled out his penis. It was the most beautiful penis she'd ever seen. Of course, she hadn't seen that many, being a virgin and all. But she didn't waste time admiring it, for her master was horny. Within seconds, Wonder Woman's warm red lips pressed against his engorged cock, then sucked it in hungrily.

"Mmmmm," she said, eyes closed and sucking with all her heart.

"Oh, yes. You're good, Wonder Whore," he said, his fingers entwined in her silky, black hair. He let her suck his cock and balls a few moments, until he couldn't handle it anymore. "Lay on your back. On the floor. Then spread your legs wide."

Wonder Woman obeyed breathlessly. She was on the brink of orgasm already. She couldn't breathe as he unfastened his belt and trousers, letting them fall to his ankles as he stood between her wide-spread legs. Then he knelt and bent over her perfectly trimmed and bikini-waxed pubic patch. He messaged the wet labia, toying with her pussy lips with first fingers, then tongue.

Wonder Woman reached down between her legs with both hands, using long delicate fingers, with long red nails, to first massage, then part her pussy lips. With her vagina and clitoris exposed, Dr. Hypneaux pressed two fingers into her vagina as his lips sucked in her clit.

"Aaaeeeiiii," Wonder Woman cried, her stiletto heeled calf boots now pointed at the ceiling. "Oh, master! You're so good to me! Fuck me long and hard."

He sucked on her clit with abandon, until she couldn't hold back any more. The orgasm ripped through Wonder Woman, searing her soul and leaving her quaking and gasping beneath her master, who paused to watch in wonder as the beautiful amazon totally lost herself in ecstasy.

Without a word, he started kissing her quivering belly up to her tits, then stopped to suck on her engorged pink nipples. She squealed and squirmed beneath him as he kneaded one nipple between his thumb and index finger, while sucking hard on the other. Then after he'd sated his lust on her tits, he kissed his way up her neck and back to her hungry lips.

"Guide me in, Wonder Slut," he whispered into her ear.

"Yes, master," she gasped.

Wonder Woman's perfect hands took hold of Dr. Hypneaux's rock hard, purple-headed cock. It wasn't the largest cock around, but a healthy seven incher. She gave it a loving squeeze and stroke, then guided the head to her aching cunt.

"Push, master. Push," she whispered. He thrust his cock all the way into her, hard. The dam of her maiden hood burst, sending an erotic sort of pain shooting through her. "Ughhhh. Oh, yessss. Hurts. Hurts good, master."

Wonder Woman clutched desperately at his back, panting and pointing her heels at the ceiling. She felt the tingle of sexual pleasure change to the rush to climax. She gasped, eyes wide, knowing this would be the biggest yet. Her master was announcing his mastery of her, in the most wonderful way.

That thought sent her over the top. As expected, the orgasm blew her mind. She screamed and bucked, and dug in long nails painfully into his back. The thrill of victory and the pain in his back was too much for him as well, for he started pounding harder and faster, then thrust in deep and held it as his jizm gushed out.

She tightened her pussy, milking him of every drop of cum. Wonder Woman didn't want to "waste" any. He continued to pump her pussy for another five minutes, then suddenly went flaccid. She gave a whinny moan and pouted prettily.

"You are my sexually insatiable, sex kitten love slave," he told Wonder Woman. "You will never try to escape, and if anyone tries to rescue you, then you will kill them. Understand, Wonder Woman?"

"Yes, master. I understand. I am yours. All yours, body and soul."

Then he gave her to the men. Wonder Woman joyfully performed every sex act requested, with every man in the room, for the next ten hours. She didn't stop until every last man was totally spent. Then Dr Hypneaux brought in a surprise for her.

"Nancy!" she cried. "You're alive!"

Nancy D'Arcy walked in, stilettos tapping on the hardwood floor. She was dressed in a black French Maid outfit. It was extremely short and sexy, with black hose and stiletto pumps. Nancy was carrying a bundle in her hands.

"Yes, Nancy is one of my sex slave French Maids, just like you, Wonder Tits," the doctor said, gloating. "While you've been fucking the shit out of the six of us, my Nancy girl has been busy making your new uniform. Put it on."

Wonder Woman received the bundle from her friend. The bustier was from her own Wonder Woman outfit. But the star-spangled shorts were gone, replaced by a blue, star-spangled French Maid skirt. Nancy helped her out of her red boots, then she donned a pair of black fishnet hose and put the boots back on.

"Beautiful," Dr. Hypneaux said. "You are my Wonder Maid."