By Dark One


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By Dark One

It was just past ten on a hot July night. Diana Prince was on her way home from an especially long day at work, followed by dinner with a few girlfriends from the office. They'd celebrated the successful conclusion of a six month long spy ring investigation.

"Sweet Hera," she breathed, shaking her head woefully. "I forgot."

Diana had taken a different route home. Streetwalkers had recently began plying their illicit trade on this street. For six blocks the street was lined with hookers strutting around in stilettos and skimpy outfits. Traffic was slow and fitful as men drove through looking the whores over and occasionally stopping to negotiate.

A car stopped in front of her. A sweet looking blonde in red hot pants, pink halter and black lace up knee boots approached it. Diana scowled while the girl was bent over talking to the man inside the car, until the girl turned in a huff and strode back over to a group of hookers. The man hit the gas and tore out of there angrily.

Diana smiled to see another illicit job was avoided for some unknown reason.

Then another man marched up to the group of laughing whores. He was tall and gaudily attired in blue velvet suit, black silk shirt opened to his navel, and heavily bejeweled. His dirty blonde hair was cut in a mullet and topped with a blue bowler hat.

"Pimp," Diana snarled, blue eyes flashing.

He marched right up to the pretty little blonde and slapped her. She spun around and fell to one knee. The other girls all started shouting and gesturing wildly, but kept at least arm's length from him. He shouted back at them, his fists balled and ready for another punch. Then one of the other girls got too close and she got clocked.

Diana couldn't take it. That pimp bastard was whoring those girls off, and beating them with impunity on top of it all. She gassed it and turned at the next intersection, then turned into the first alley. Stopping her car, she quickly got out and looked around. There was no one to be seen, so she began to spin and concentrated on becoming Wonder Woman. Within seconds she was enveloped in the Golden Light and felt the Transformation.

Touching the tiara and then her golden girdle, just to be sure, Wonder Woman looked about grimly. She immediately set off down the alley. The pimp was abusing his whores at the end of the intersecting alley. Reaching the intersection of alleys Wonder Woman heard the scuffle out on the sidewalk.

Racing down the alley, she found the pimp had backed up all the girls. He had the little blonde by the throat and was shaking her, berating her for chasing off another john. She was begging forgiveness and promising not to do it again. He slapped her, then backhanded her.

"Unhand that girl," Wonder Woman demanded.

"What? Wonder Woman?" the pimp said.

"Oh shit, it is her," a whore said, pointing. "Run Johnny!"

"I ain't running from no damn bitch," Johnny said, eyeing Wonder Woman narrowly.

"I don't care if you run or not," Wonder Woman said, striding towards him purposely. "Just release that girl this instant, or else."

"This ain't none of your business, Wonder Bitch," he snapped. "Go away."

"Bitch?" she cried, too incensed by the callus bastard to think straight.

Wonder Woman despised prostitution. Nothing devalued and demeaned women more than that illicit profession. But pimps were the men she hated the most, for they frequently forced otherwise good girls into prostitution. They beat, belittled and brainwashed the girls into thinking they were worthless to the world, but he still loved them, if they did what he wanted.

Johnny was still holding the pretty blonde by the neck. Wonder Woman seized his left shoulder and squeezed. He released the girl immediately and groaned in pain as she squeezed harder, digging her nails in as well. Then she threw him all the way back to the alley.

All hell broke loose.

The blonde started screaming in hysteria. The other girls also began crying out in horror and anger. Wonder Woman was shocked, but shook her head and marched after the fallen pimp. He was watching her with wide eyes as he struggled to regain his feet. She caught him as he scrambled into the alley.

"So you like beating women, do you?" Wonder Woman snarled. She kicked his feet out from under him, then kicked him in the ribs. "Let me show you what it feels like, pimp."

She seized him by the collar and lifted him to his feet. Wonder Woman slapped him as hard as she could, leaving his dazed and sagging in her grasp.

"Not much fun to be on the receiving end, does it?"

"Leave him alone!" the blonde cried as she raced up. "You big titted bitch! You horrible, horrible bitch!"

Wonder Woman was taken aback by the verbal assault from a woman she was trying to protect. The other whores were following the other's lead, charging her way and shouting insults and threats.

"What's the matter with you? This man is using and abusing you," Wonder Woman said. "I'm giving you a chance to better your lives. Maybe do something useful and good."

"You think we're useless and bad?"

A torrent of insults, threats and other abusive language flew from the mouths of the streetwalkers. They accused her of being abusive, of being a moral prude, of assaulting the pimp without cause. Some even called for her arrest on assault and battery charges.

The pimp stirred, then punched Wonder Woman in the gut. Surprised, she released him and he scrambled away down the dark alley. His punch didn't hurt her that much, but before she could pursue him the blonde leapt on her back.

"Run Johnny!" she cried.

Seconds later, the other whores rushed in and knocked Wonder Woman off her feet with sheer numbers. They clawed at her face and clothes. Within seconds, her bustier was pulled down and her tits flopped out. When she gasped and tried to cover herself, a big brunette stepped up, seized her face, and head butted her between the eyes.

Wonder Woman dropped to one knee, dazed and confused. It was all going horribly wrong. She just wanted to help a sister in need. Then the blonde grabbed her hair and pulled Wonder Woman to her back. They all started kicking and stomping on her.

One, two, three hard kicks to her head left Wonder Woman near unconsciousness and sprawled at the whores' feet. Darkness consumed her sight, but she could hear fine. Her arms and legs were unresponsive.

"Strip the goodie-two-shoe bitch, Jenny," one whore said.

"I'm with you," the pretty blonde said. "Let's do it."

"Let's teach Ms High and Mighty a lesson she'll not forget," another said.

Wonder Woman gasped as she felt feminine hands all over her body. First, her golden girdle was removed, stripping her of super powers. Then her bustier was pulled away, followed quickly by the star spangled bottoms.

"No, don't do this," Wonder Woman gasped out. "I was just trying to help."

"Well, Wonder Bitch, we're helping ourselves," Jenny said. The pretty blonde grabbed both of Wonder Woman's massive tits and squeezed them hard. "How's that feel, Wonder Tits?"

"Ooooo," Wonder Woman groaned.

"I think she liked it!" another said.

Wonder Woman felt her long legs pulled apart. A delicate, long nailed finger quickly slid between her pussy lips and found her clitoris.

"Aaaiieee," she cried, arching her back.

"Oh, yes, she likes it," Jenny said.

Wonder Woman's vision started to clear. She looked down to between her legs and found the pretty blonde bent over her pussy, fingering her clit with a hungry look in her green eyes. Then she stuck her other index finger in her own mouth, wet it with spit and thrust it deep into Wonder Woman's vagina.

"Oh, Hera!" Wonder Woman cried. "Please don't! I can't take this. It's not right."

"You ain't right, bitch," Jenny said, still finger fucking her.

Jenny quickly found Wonder Woman's G-spot and it took all of the girls to hold down the writhing amazon. Wonder Woman gasped and bucked, cried out and pleaded for mercy. All to no avail. Soon, though, she felt that sweet rush to climax consume her powerful body.


"Ha! Done," Jenny said. "The mighty amazon has been tamed."

"Yeah, tamed and taught a lesson by mere streetwalkers," another sneered.

"Go away, Wonder Tits, and never show your face here again," Jenny snarled, her face just inches from the amazon's. "Next time we might not be so nice and sweet."

With that, they each paused to kick her once more and departed. She listened to their laughter as they returned to their jobs. Wonder Woman could only lie there and gasp as her overheated body slowly cooled and her quivering belly subsided. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe anything like this could happen to her.

"Hera, I am defeated," she whispered. "I've been humiliated in the worst way."

Slowly getting to her feet, she teetered atop the tall stilettos a second, then began moving around. She picked up her costume, which was scattered about all around her. She donned the shorts first, then the bustier. Finally, she put on the golden girdle, feeling super power returning to her battered body.

Wonder Woman sighed wearily, sadly looking back down the alley. She couldn't see any of the hookers, but could still barely hear them talking about her and laughing. Her face burned and she hung her head in shame. She couldn't do any more to them than beat them senseless, and then she'd just be lowering herself to their pimp's level. So she headed back to her car.

Back at the car, she looked around to ensure no one was around to see her. Then she began spinning, and was soon consumed by the Golden Light.

Diana Prince got back in her car and left. All she wanted was a hot shower to clean the "filth" off her body and forget it ever happened.

"Taken down and defeated by a bunch of streetwalkers," she muttered. "I can't believe they humiliated me like that."

None too soon, Diana parked her car in her reserved spot, locked and set the alarm with her remote. Less than two minutes later, just as she unlocked her apartment door and turned on the lights, her car alarm went off. She thought she heard the sound of a car door as well. Hurrying around the corner, she saw her car lights flashing and the alarm was going off, but no one was around. She looked all around cautiously, but didn't see anyone.

Turning off the alarm, she double checked the doors and they were all locked. Shrugging, she set the alarm and waited five minutes, and when nothing happened she returned to her apartment. She found the front door wide open.

"I'm losing it today," she muttered. She didn't remember leaving it open in her rush to her car. "But I'll feel better after a nice hot shower."

After locking the door, then double-checking it, Diana went to her bedroom and stripped out of her dress, panty hose, and silky underwear. She pinned her long black hair up as she walked to the bathroom. After allowing the water to heat up, she stepped in and began washing the filth and humiliation off. It felt great.

"Enough!" a man's voice shouted.

A large hand reached through the shower curtains and grabbed her by the upper arm. Diana was yanked dripping wet out of the shower and hurled against the wall. Her head snapped back and bounced off the wall, leaving her dazed and woozy.

"What? Who?" Diana gasped groggily. Then she saw him, grinning viciously at her. "The pimp? Johnny?"

"That's right, Wonder Woman," Johnny said. "Ha! I know the secret identity of Wonder Woman now."

Diana panicked. Injured and dazed, she'd made a fatal mistake just then. She called him by name, when Diana Prince had no reason to know his name. Only Wonder Woman would know him.

"Wait, you don't understand," she said.

"Oh, but I do, Sweet Tits," Johnny said. He moved up close, pressing up against her and forcing her back into the wall. "I watched as Wonder Woman spun around in the alley and became you. I was in the back seat, not realizing it was Wonder Woman's car. And, will WONDERS never cease, but Wonder Woman drove me straight to her own home. And left the front door wide open to invite me inside."

Diana could only stare up into his triumphant face in shock. No words came to her. She was discovered and ruined. Johnny had reason to destroy her, and she knew he would tell anyone who would listen. And she knew her life as Diana Prince couldn't stand the scrutiny.

"You can't tell anyone. I'll be ruined," she gasped, not even bothering to argue the point. It was useless and she knew it. He had her. "Please."

"Oh, look how sweet Wonder Tits is now that ole Johnny's got the drop on her," he said, grinning. Then he wrapped his arms around her wet shoulders, "Gimme a kiss, sweetie."

Open-mouth, she only gawked up at him as he bent in for his kiss. The kiss proved long and demanding. Despite herself, she rather liked it. It was a manly kiss.

Out of the blue, Johnny punched her in the stomach. Diana doubled up and gasped for breath. Without her golden girdle she was just a normal woman, and susceptible to abuse by evil men.

I have to turn into Wonder Woman, she thought.

It didn't matter if he saw her do it again. He already knew. But as Wonder Woman she'd have her golden lasso. With the lasso's power she could make him go away and forget everything he saw and knew about her. Also, she could change his evil ways and put him on the path of being a good, productive citizen.

"You be good and I won't hurt you," Johnny said. "I don't like hurting you. But when you're bad I have to teach you a lesson, for your own good. I do it because I care."

"Okay," Diana gasped as she slowly straightened before him.

I bet you say that to all your whores, you lying bastard pimp, she thought. The sad thing is; I think they believe you.

"Good girl," Johnny said. He stepped back and pointed out the bathroom door. "We're going to bed and you're going to show me what you know. You better be at least as good in bed as you are beautiful, or else."

Diana pretended to be afraid and put on a show of swallowing hard and nodding with fear filled eyes, but deep down she was already relishing the look on his face when she turned back into Wonder Woman. Then she would show him "or else."

Johnny pushed her toward the door. Diana led the way out of the bathroom. He reached up as she walked and pulled the pins out of her hair and her gorgeous mane tumbled down in silken black waves across her milky shoulders and flowed silkily down her back.

"Get undressed and into bed," she said. "And I'll dance for you."

Diana didn't want to get in bed and wait for him. By the time she got out of bed to spin, he could reach her. Coming out of the Golden Light was a vulnerable time for the amazon and she didn't want to get taken off guard again. Twice in one day was too many times already.

"Undress me," he demanded.

This time when she swallowed hard it was necessary. But Diana did as ordered, while deep down her fury burned brighter. While she unbuttoned his shirt, he fondled her wet, naked breasts. She got him out of the suit jacket and silk shirt quickly, then had to kneel before Johnny to unfasten his slacks. The slacks fell easily to his ankles, and he stepped out of them. Diana then untied his shoes and helped him out of them and the socks. Last, but not least, she pulled his boxers down to his ankles.

His cock was rock hard and huge. Easily ten inches, and thicker than any cock she'd ever heard about. The Gods of Olympus didn't have cocks like that.

"Kiss it."

Diana took a deep breath and rose up on her knees. She pressed her ruby lips to the dark purple dick head. She lingered in the kiss, then pulled back and cut her eyes up to his face shyly. Johnny smiled with wicked glee and nodded.

"Good girl," he said. "Now suck it."

A chill shook Diana. She knew it would come to that. Diana so hoped she could avoid having sexual relations with the depraved pimp. But now she had no choice.

Her hot, pink tongue darted out and moistened her ruby lips as she eyed his massive cock. She took a deep breath and parted her lips slowly. She grabbed the dick in both hands, with lots of dick still sticking out the end. Then she guided it into her ready mouth, watering with anticipation. Diana ignored the thick urine stench, tried to put it out of her mind. She wondered when he last washed it just before her tongue reached out to touch it first. With her tongue, she guided him inside and sucked in half his length right off.

"Mmmmm," she groaned involuntarily.

"Like that, do you?" he said, laughing. "Then suck in all in, Wonder Babe."

Starting a pumping motion, Diana started sucking the pimp off with conviction. If she was going to suck and fuck the stinking dog, then she'd do it right and get it over with as quickly as possible. She did everything she could imagine a man might like. Soon, he began giving her instructions. Within a few minutes, he suddenly started gasping and his pumping became jerky. Then he thrust his cock to the back of her throat and she felt hot, sticky cum gush out the end of it.

Diana swallowed and swallowed, taking in every drop without losing any. He praised her talent and ordered her into bed. She crawled up and onto her own bed and waited for him. Johnny paused to look her over hungrily, then crawled in beside her. He immediately started sucking on her gigantic tits.

Johnny squeezed and weighed the massive mammaries in both hands, then started sucking hard on her left nipple. Meanwhile, he pinched and rolled her other nipple between two fingers, making that nipple ache and grow. It was soon engorged and hypersensitive. So he started sucking on it.

"Oyyeee," she cried. "Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh."

The pimp had his way with her tits for a good hour before he tired of it. Diana silently thanked Hera when he stopped, for she was close to going over the edge with his activities. Another five minutes and she would've climaxed. Thank Hera she was spared that humiliation.

Johnny rolled on top of her. Diana knew what he wanted and spread her legs wide. He slipped between those mile long, satin skinned legs and started kissing his way down her rock hard belly. Diana was confused at first, for she thought he would mount right away and spend the next two or three minutes grunting his lust atop her while ravaging her virtue. But he had other plans.

"Oh! OH! OH!" she cried.

Johnny's talented tongue quickly found her pussy, then pushed inside to find the clit. He attacked the clit with enthusiasm. Tongue and lips quickly had Diana gasping and clutching his shoulders, her long red nails buried in his flesh. She ground her hips and thrust her pussy hard into his face, as Johnny's relentless tongue and lips did their magic.

"Sweet Hera! Oh, my goddess!" she cried, eyes wide in shock. "I've never felt like this. Oh, Johnny, I'm a virgin! Please be gentle. Oh! Ohhhhhh!"

"Virgin, huh? Sweet," he said, and plunged back in.

He sucked on her clitoris real hard. Diana's back arched. She seized his hair in both hands and pulled him in harder. It was too intense, but too good to stop. She was beside herself. How to make him stop? How to make it last forever? How will she survive? Insane questions filled her nearly shattered mind. Then she was incapable of thought.

"I'm cumming! Oooooo, aaaaiiiieeee!" she cried, starting to buck. "Oh, Hera, I'm cummmmmmmming."

Diana felt the orgasm roll through her belly, and back again. It shattered her will and left her gasping for breath and mercy. Johnny laughed and moved up a bit. She felt his hard cock flop onto her lower belly, just above her close-cropped, bikini waxed pubic patch.

"Oh. More?" she gasped. "I can't take any more, Johnny."

"You're going to take it and you're going to like it, bitch," he said.

Johnny mounted Diana. He pushed his ten inch rod right up to her intact hymen. She gasped and clutched at his sides, just above his waist.

"Mercy," she gasped weakly. "Hera, mercy."

"Here's my mercy, Wonder Bitch," Johnny said, and thrust hard. The hymen held, so he thrust again and put his weight behind it. The hymen tore, and Johnny slammed deep into her most sacred place. Diana's fragile mind reeled with the implications. What if she got pregnant? After tonight, could she ever hold her head up high and don the Wonder Woman costume again? Would she have to return to Paradise Island in defeat? Or would Johnny know complete victory and lead her away into shameful and demeaning prostitution? "You are now deflowered."

Soon, the pain faded and Diana felt the pleasure building. It was growing faster this time. The deeper he thrust, the greater her pleasure. She couldn't believe how wonderful having a man deep inside her like that felt. Diana tried to fight the erotic feelings of pleasure, but it was so hard. And Johnny was so good.

"Oh, my sweet goddess," Diana gasped. "Why me? Hera, save me!"

That sweet tingle turned into the mad rush to climax. She arched her back and shook her head back and forth, trying to stop it, but it battered down her defenses just as easily as Johnny ripped through her virtue and deflowered her.

"Uhhhhgggggg," she cried. "I'm cumming again."

"Yes you are," Johnny said triumphantly. "And here I cum too!"

The feel of his hard cock convulsing inside her sent Diana over the edge again. Then the feel of his jizm was the icing on the cake. She cried out and clawed his back. Her toes pointed at the ceiling and she screamed and screamed and screamed.

Once Johnny was milked of every drop of jizm, he collapsed on top of her and lay there panting. Diana gasped for air beneath him, sprawled out spreadeagle like the whore she felt like. After five minutes Johnny locked eyes with her and smiled.

"Now dance for me."

She waited for Johnny to roll off her, and lean back on the pillows with his hands laced together behind his head. He looked very smug and victorious.

She crawled off the bed, her belly still quaking and her legs wobbly. It took her a moment to be comfortable standing. Then Diana started to dance. She had no idea how a stripper danced, so was lost on ideas for dancing erotically. Mostly, Diana shook her perfect globular breasts at him and swiveled her hips a lot. Finally, after about five minutes, he looked engrossed and relaxed, so she figured it was time to alter the balance of power.

Diana spun and concentrated on the Transformation. The Golden Light enveloped her for mere seconds before she emerged as Wonder Woman. Instinctively, she reached up to touch the tiara and then checked for the golden girdle. But when she looked up at the bed, Johnny was already streaking at her headfirst.

"Uhpphhh!" Wonder Woman cried as Johnny's head connected with her belly.

All the wind exploded out of her lungs. Then she slammed into the wall. Johnny was on his feet in front of her. He punched her in the gut again, then laid a right cross across her chin. Wonder Woman was spun around and dropped to her knees, gasping for breath and shaking her head to clear the fog.

Johnny reached down to the small of her back and unfastened the golden girdle. A second later he pulled it from her body. She felt her super powers flow out of her body.

"Hera! Not again!"

"Sweet," Johnny said.

Wonder Woman fell to her butt and turned to face him. In horror, she watched as he removed the golden lasso and shook it out. Her heart froze. He knew! He knew everything!

"Hera, save me!"

"Ain't no one going to save you, Wonder Tits."

Still gasping for breath, Wonder Woman was weak and slow. She tried to roll to her feet and make a run for the door. But Johnny was faster. He slammed her into the wall less than halfway to the door. A hard punch to her kidneys left her gasping and clawing at the wall.

"As much fun as it is to beat and fuck Wonder Woman, I tire of the preliminaries," Johnny said. He lifted the golden lasso and grinned evilly. "Time to get down to business, Wonder Woman. Then it'll be time to put your sweet round ass to work."

"No! I can't be a hooker! I'm Wonder Woman. Don't you understand? I'm a role model for young women and girls the world over," she said, pleading. "I'm an example of what's right and good in the world. You can't corrupt that."

"Sure I can."

Spotting her golden girdle tossed in a corner, Wonder Woman jumped to her feet and lunged for it. Johnny realized what she was going for instantly and charged her. She got within two feet of the golden girdle before Johnny tackled her. She was carried onto the bed by the force of his body hitting hers. And they tumbled on the bed.

Wonder Woman made a play for the lasso. If she could wrap Johnny within even one of its coils then she would be triumphant. Likewise, the reverse was true. So they both struggled in vicious desperation for several minutes, kicking, biting, clawing. Then Johnny head butted her and her limbs went weak as the world began to spin.

Within seconds Wonder Woman felt the golden lasso looped around her shoulders, across her tits, and pulled tight.


"Do not struggle, Wonder Woman."

She froze on place.

"You belong to me. Understand?"

"Yes. I belong to you."

Johnny laughed with joy and looped the lasso around her several more times. Wonder Woman gasped and blinked in astonishment with each loop. She couldn't believe what was happening. She was defeated in the most incomprehensible manner imaginable. Caught by a ruthless pimp!

"Are you Wonder Woman?"


"Are you also Diana Prince?"


"Do you have any other identities?"

"I am Princess Diana of Paradise Island, a Princess of the Amazons."

"Sweet. And the golden belt is the source of your powers, right?"

"Yes, without the belt I am no stronger than a normal woman."

"And this gold rope has the power to make you obey my every command?"


"If I command you to be my devoted slave and whore, then you will obey even after I remove the rope, right?"

"That is right. I will obey all of your commands. I will become anyone you command me to be, and feel anything you command me to feel whether the rope is on me or not afterwards. You can even command me to remember or forget anything you say, while still obeying the command."

Johnny considered her words a long moment while she waited in fear and disgust. The golden lasso had forced her to give even more comprehensive answers than she'd thought his question warranted. But she couldn't deny the lasso's power. Now he knew everything and she probably would never escape this vile, depraved man or his debauchery and illicit plans for her.

"Okay, Wonder Woman, listen closely and obey my commands," Johnny said at length. "You are my slave and totally consumed with pleasing me. You will do anything I ask, whether compelled by the rope or not. You will joyfully whore yourself off for me, and enjoy having sex with anyone who hires you or I tell you to fuck. You will never try to escape, and will attack anyone who tries to rescue you. Understand?"

"I understand and obey."

He pulled her off the bed and removed the lasso. Tossing the lasso on top of the golden girdle in the corner, he hopped on the bed and sprawled out comfortably. Then he looked over his own personal Wonder Woman with lusty relish.

"Dance for me, Wonder Tits. Dance erotically while doing a slow strip. Then I want you to crawl up on top of me and fuck the bejesus out of me."

Wonder Woman smiled with a sultry face and began to dance.

# # #

The next day was busy. Diana Prince resigned from her job first thing. She emptied her savings account and checking account, then Johnny took her shopping. Diana bought stiletto-heeled pumps, sandals, and boots in every color of the rainbow. She bought a closet full of the slinkiest, tightest, shortest, low cut dresses they could find. Then they visited a lingerie shop and bought the trashiest bustiers, crotchless panties, garter belts and hoses there.

By four o'clock that afternoon, Johnny took Diana to meet with the rest of his girls. She was wearing a skin tight, hot pink micro mini dress, black fishnet stockings and garter belt, hot pink stiletto granny boots that laced up the front, and her wrists, neck and ears were dripping with silver jewelry. Johnny had her wearing her waist length black hair down and loose.

"Whoa, doggie!" Jenny cried. "Who's the new girl, Johnny?"

"Lordie," a shapely black girl said, eyes wide. "She's the prettiest girl you've brought out in a long time."

Diana smiled sweetly and held tightly to Johnny's arm. He introduced her as Diana Prince. After they all hugged and said their niceties, he dropped the bombshell.

"You girls probably remember her from last night," he said. They all looked at him curiously. "You remember our little encounter with Wonder Woman?"

"Yes," Jenny said cautiously. "What's that go to do with Diana?"

"I followed Wonder Woman home last night," he said. Their eyes all grew wide. First Jenny, then a couple of the others looked at Diana with shocked recognition. "Diana is Wonder Woman's secret identity. Well, to make a long story short, I tamed the once mighty, goodie-two-shoes Wonder Woman and made her my bitch. She starts work tonight. Jenny, I want you to train her good."

"With pleasure!" Jenny said, eyes flashing in wicked pleasure.

"Here comes your first trick, Diana," Johnny said, pointing at a Buick cruising up slowly. There was a fat businessman driving, staring holes through the assembled girls. "Go with Jenny and learn how it's done."

Jenny, who was wearing a black mini and studded halter, with red thigh boots and a red dog collar, strutted up to the curb and flagged the car down. Diana followed her obediently, listening carefully to the quick negotiation. Then Jenny informed the john that Diana was in training, and would come along for free. So he would get two girls for the price of one. Of course, he agreed eagerly.

Diana slipped into the front seat first and snuggled up against the businessman. Jenny sat next to the door and directed the man to the nearest motel. Soon they were inside and all naked.

Jenny played director and made Diana do all the work, but she didn't care. When that fat bastard exploded in her mouth she was overcome with an orgasm, for she knew in her heart she'd pleased her Johnny. He would be so proud of her.