Wonder Woman’s Halloween Nightmare!  

By Dark Wiccan

Wonder Woman’s Halloween Nightmare!

by DarkWiccan

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Queen Hippolyta, and all other characters are owned and copyrighted by DC Comics. Any similarity between characters, names, places or events is purely coincidental. This story and all its material is a work of fanfiction. It is written purely for the purpose of fun and entertainment, not profit.

Warning: The following story is rated X and should only be read by those who are 18 years old or older. If you are not of legal age, or do not enjoy reading erotic stories, then do not read this story as it contains strong sexual content and adult themes of a mature nature.

Basis: The following story is based on the Wonder Woman TV Series that aired in the

70s and starred Lynda Carter as everyone’s favorite Amazon Princess.

Synopsis: Special Agents Diana Prince and Etta Trevor investigate the theft of a mystical spellbook that had been stolen from JSA headquarters in New York City, while Pamela secretly conspires with Black Canary and Zatanna to plan a surprise birthday party for Diana and Donna on Halloween night. But will Diana live long enough to enjoy it? Not if the infamous Thule Society has anything to say about it. Will the Thule Society’s return to power spell certain doom for the firstborn daughter of Hippolyta? Only the Gods know for sure.

Main Characters: Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman, Pamela Prescott a.k.a. Mala the

Warrior Woman, Undersecretary Steve Trevor, Lt. Etta Candy Trevor, Director Sarge Steel of the D.M.A., Donna Prince a.k.a. Donna Troy the Wonder Girl, Khloe The Sorceress, and last, but never least, Queen Hippolyta.

Special Cameo Appearances By: Courtney Whitmore a.k.a. Star Girl, Jay Thomas Garrick a.k.a. The Flash, and Ted Grant a.k.a. Wildcat of the JSA.

The Villains: The Thule Society, Syn the Enchantress, and last, but never least, Fausta the Nazi Wonder Woman!

Goddesses and Gods: Freya the Norse Goddess of Love, and Syn the Enchantress a.k.a. The Dark Goddess of Witchcraft in Norse Mythology.

Special Appearance By: Drusilla Prince a.k.a. the Wonder Woman of the 22nd Century.

Fun Fact: Syn the Enchantress is more commonly known as Sif the Enchantress in Norse mythology today, but the ancient Scandanavians called her Syn.

Here is a small glossary of words you will need to know for the story.

Magick: Whenever the word magic is spelled with a ‘K’ it is used to tell the difference between slight of hand magic, such as the kind performed by stage magicians, while the spelling of the word Magick refers to the practice of witchcraft.

Handfasting: The proper wiccan name for the sacred act of marriage.

Joining: Amazonian name for a Handfasting Ceremony between two Amazons.

Dark Bonding: A Handfasting Ceremony performed by Witches, Warlocks and other beings who have allied themselves with the dark side.

The Thule Society: A group of like-minded individuals devoted to the Nazi cause, and said to be well skilled in the arts of magick and witchcraft.

And now on with our story….


As the witching hour comes to pass onParadise Island, a Queen hugs her daughter as she prepares to send the young Amazon on her way.

Both mother and daughter are dressed in long black robes, so that no one will be able to see or identify them, for their mission is far too important, and they cannot allow anyone to stop them. “Come back, safe and sound,” the Queen told her daughter.

“I will,” the young Amazon told her beloved mother. “I promise,” she told the Queen. “I will make you proud of me, and of Wonder Woman,” the Amazon vowed.

No sooner had mother and daughter said their farewells and ended their embrace, than a large, circular portal suddenly appeared from out of nowhere.

“It is time, my champion,” said a familiar female voice that seemed to come from the heavens just as the Hunter’s Moon had reached its highest point in the night sky above their island home.

“I hear and obey, o great goddess,” said the young Amazon warrior as she bowed her head in respect to her unseen protector. “Farewell, mother,” she said as she turned to look back at her mother before stepping into the mystical doorway that would take her back in time to the 21st century.

While elsewhere, back in the city of New York in the year 2008, an extraordinary event was about to take place, and provide the Justice Society of America with its most baffling mystery to date. For as the witching hour arrived in the mortal world, so did something else. From out of nowhere a large blue sphere of light opened up, allowing an unknown person to step out of the portal and into the trophy room of the JSA headquarters.

The mysterious intruder made her way to the east wing of the trophy room, where she located a large plexiglass container sitting atop an old style display case that had been made to resemble a marble pillar. Sitting inside the plexiglass case was a huge leather book sitting on a custom made lectern, to all who can see it was clearly centuries old. Upon the front cover of the book was a blood-red moon rising high above the night sky. Centered in the middle of the blood-red moon was a black five-pointed star, better known as the pentacle. The elaborate symbol emblazoned upon the book seemed to glow with a blood-red aura of untold power-a power that called out beyond space and time to be released from its long imprisonment.

It is this very book that the mysterious cloaked figure had come for, and soon it would be hers. Carefully the unknown intruder punched in a four-digit numerical code on a digital security lock near the display case. A second later a small green light flashed on the security lock, and the top of the display case opened, allowing the unknown intruder to remove the ancient spellbook from its resting place.

With the spellbook now well in hand, the unknown intruder placed the spellbook under her arm while she used her free hand to magickly close the display case and reset the digital security code on the display case’s security lock.

The cloaked figure then left the trophy room and walked back to the hallway just outside, where the unknown intruder stepped back into the mystical portal that would take her to her next destination.

Less than a second later the mystical doorway vanished from sight, leaving no trace of its existence whatsoever.

JSA Headquarters, the next day: Thursday, October 2nd 2008, time 10:00 a.m.

Special Agents Diana Prince and Etta Candy Trevor were dispatched to New York City, where they met with Jay Thomas Garrick, also known as the Flash, and former heavy weight boxing champion Ted Grant, better known as Wildcat.

At this time, the group was in the central meeting room, seated around a large round conference table; emblazoned upon the table top were the capitol letters J S A.

“And when we discovered that the book was missing, we called you,” explained Wildcat.

“You were right to call me,” Diana told Wildcat. “That book is dangerous,” stated Agent Prince.

“What I would like to know is, how did a thief manage to steal the book anyway?” asked Special Agent Etta Candy Trevor. “There are no signs of forced entry. No malfunction in the security system. As a matter of fact, your security system is the same system that was designed by the Justice League in partnership with WayneTech Industries,” stated Lt. Trevor.

“Your point being?” asked Wildcat.

“My point is that this place is more secure than Fort Knox,” Lt. Trevor pointed out. “A person would have to be a ghost, or a magician at the very least, in order to get in here,” Etta told Wildcat.

No sooner had Etta said the words than the expression on Diana’s face changed. Ted, Jay, and Etta all noticed the look on her face.

“Are you alright, Diana?” asked Jay.

“I’m fine, Jay,” Agent Prince told the Flash. “Something that Etta said struck a chord with me,” she explained to both Jay and Ted.

“In what way?” asked the Flash.

“Etta said only a ghost or a magician would be able to gain entry into such a secure place as the headquarters of the JSA, and the only item that was taken was the spellbook,” said Special Agent, Diana Prince.

“So you think we’re dealing with what, a ghost or a magician?” asked Wildcat.

“Not at all,” stated Special Agent Diana Prince. “I believe that we are dealing with someone well versed in the arts of supernatural magick.”

“As in witches and sorcerers?” asked Wildcat.

“Precisely,” Diana stated in no uncertain terms. “Whoever took that book did so for a reason.”

“I’ll call our headquarter’s in Washington, and ask Eve to get us a list of any suspects that are well versed in magick and witchcraft,” said Etta.

“Whatever we do we better do it fast,” stated Special Agent Diana Prince.

“Why would anyone want that book?” asked the Flash.

“Because, the person who used to own that book was none other than Kassandra,” explained Diana.

“Wasn’t she supposed to be a prophet?” asked Wildcat.

“Yes, she was,” answered Diana, “But what most people were not aware of was the fact that, long before Apollo had given her the gift of prophecy, she was already a well known priestess and witch.”

“So, you’re saying?” asked Wildcat.

“I’m saying, whoever has the lost spellbook of Kassandra, would possess all of her knowledge and powers as well!” exclaimed Diana.