DC Slut Universe  

First story I've written So the format speaks for itself. As this has very little plot and um...yeah have fun

Wonder Woman took a blow straight to her head, then the second blow to the jaw, then the third blow to her neck she was dazed and confused as to what was happening to her. She stepped forward clutching her neck and fell to her knees she tried to gather her senses but the Amazon warrior was attacked by surprise and the attacker was shocked that this tactic was really working after all who could ever get the jump on Wonder Woman!

"WHOA..totally cool!" Said Wonder Girl as she attacked more now thinking that Diana must be playing possum and letting her get in these harsh blows!

Wonder Woman tried to get up but staggered as another blow to the top of her head re-dazed her she slumped down to all fours with drool coming out of her mouth.

"Hey you told me an Amazon Warrior must be ready for anything at any time!" kicks her in the stomach as that blow sends the Amazon beauty into the ceiling. As Wonder Woman's body falls out the ceiling...Wonder Girl punches her through a wall before Wonder Woman hits the ground.

"its a bird! no..its a plane...no...look at the size of those nockers that must be Wonder Woman!" as Wonder Womans body flew at brake neck speed from the powerful blow of Wonder Girl that send her soaring all the way down the street and onto an oncoming car.

Her body hit the car and she was barely able to fight from blacking out as she moaned like a whore and remained on her back with her legendary huge tits bouncing barely contained within that predacious costume. Not to mention those legs were spread wide open and both of her arms going up to feel the pounding of her head.

"Whoa...I've always only seen Wonder Woman on TV...but seeing her up close like this is amazing..her breast are HUGE..I mean damn!...I can't miss the chance to touch those honkers!" Said the injured man in the car as he reached out to Diana's breast to feel the tops of her meaty flesh and down into her cleavage...but then Powergirl arrived and took her up back to Wonder Girls room with was Teen Titan headquarters. Powergirl was stacked to put it simply and had bigger melons than even Diana...just barely though plus Powergirl looked abit stronger cause she was more toned...her costume though was skin tight and had a circle of flesh showing so her cleavage could always be viewed...not to mention the thong that rode up her ass.

Wonder Girl was feeling good about herself she was a strong as Wonder Woman since Zeus gifted her with super strength. She also knew she was the daughter of Zeus as well...which gave her plenty of arrogance. She wanted more of power and the only way to do that was to beat up Wonder Woman


"Hey Diana...sheesh...I didn't hit you that hard!...come on your joking right?" Said Wonder Girl

"Wonder Girl...uh...my head. You in endangered lives..." Diana began to speak with a dazed voice.

"hey um..Wonder Woman...um...you have a little drool on the side of your mouth...I guess you really got the blazes knocked out of you!..Shit Wonder Girl...I think its time for us to see who the real Wonder is..." said Powergirl

"I AM WONDER WOMAN! Cassie simply got a lucky hit..um..a.couple of lucky blows she caught me by surprise was all. I being Amazon warrior, champion of all women, peace keeper to the U.N., I have defeated countless villains and I bested gods in combat. I taught Cassie everything she knows..." Wonder Woman proclaimed

"Diana every since you killed that Maxwell Lord guy and the world found out about it I think you've lost your touch.

everyone is afraid of you now...oh and like...you were carved from stone alright..I'm the daughter of Zeus..so I do think that I could totally take you out...it just like dawned on me yesterday that I should be Wonder Woman! Since your no longer worthy!" Wonder Girl said

Diana was confused she had noticed that since killing Maxwell Lord she has been feeling abit weaker...it was as if the world was starting to think of her as some kind of overblown female who needed to be defeated. Regardless of what evil was happening Diana could not refuse the challenge form her squire.

"Very Well then...Wonder Girl...I.."she was going to say accept but Wonder Girl wasted no time and attacked knowing Wonder Woman would launch off into a speech about justice.

Wonder Girl didn't think she had a chance against Wonder Woman but hell she wanted to show Zeus how far in courage she had come and much to her shock and awe she was able to surprise the great Amazon warrior again with a punch right to the face knocking the beauties head back. Diana was staggered and then brought to the ground with another hammering blow from her student. Cassie mounted Wonder Woman and began to hail down blow after blow straight into her face making the ground crackle and beneath them. Shocked that Diana wasn't even bleeding she gasp as Wonder Woman threw a punch that hit her right in the


"AHHHHH my TITTY!" Wonder Girl screamed as she jumped back and rolled on the ground holding her large breast

Wonder Woman smiled as she dived onto Wonder Girl and began to hammer her fist into in her...needless to say Wonder Girl

was nearly finished in a couple more blows Diana being so strong and experienced. Though then arrogance crept into Wonder Woman as she stopped pounding on Wonder Girl and looked down at her student amazed that Cassie thought herself a challenge to the mightiest of female heroines Wonder Woman!

"I am sorry Cassie but your no match for an Amazon Warrior...you are just a mortal after All" just then Diana stopped a moment to pull the fabric of her star spangled underwear out from between her ass cheeks...that is when she was surprised by the blow that knocked her senseless.

"Hey Teach you ought to shut you mouth!" Wonder girl then in a blind rage tour off her Wonder Woman's top exposing those massive melons to the world. Wonder Woman's breast were even BIGGER than she first though now that her magical bustier was removed Cassie could see why so many men

lusted after her.

Cassie reached out and had to grab one...hell both of those Greek Breast squeezing the amazons breast Wonder Girl couldn't help but get hot at the sight! Here she was gripping one of the greatest heroines tits! She then squeezed with her superhuman strength at the two biggest weak-points that Wonder Woman had!

"Ugh...this is embarrassing Cassie..stop!...your..squeezing them to hard!" Squealed Wonder Woman as she felt Cassie's Knee hit her right in the cunt! This was humiliating she was getting beat by her own student some whom she taught to fight!

"Hurry Power Girl Wrap the lasso around her Throat!" Yelled Cassie

"By Hera NO! this is cheating!" Wonder Woman quickly tossed off Cassie then she ran towards Power Girl

"um..Diana..I'm not involved in this.." Power Girl tried to say...before she was knocked senseless by Wonder Woman knocked out of the building

and sent sowing through the sky. More of the Fate of Power Girl later

"SIKE! Stupid Bimbo! I was so just saying that!" Cassie attacked the now exposed Wonder Woman from behind clapping both of her hands hard on both sides of Wonder Womans head, knocking the Amazon down to her knees, breast exposed to the world as tons of photographers were taking


Metropolis TV Present an Eyewitness News Report!

Hello everyone this is the voice of Lance Bryce and your watching a historic event. Yes folks that is Wonder Woman and yes her breast are really that large! I can't believe it! it seems that Wonder Girl a known student of Wonder Womans is royally kicking the snot out of her. Its like Robin beating up batman..this is just un believable. It appears that she is being wrapped up in her own lasso? No wait it appears Wonder Woman is out of her daze and back in the fight. Remember what

you are seeing is live footage! Wonder Woman v/s Wonder Girl!

Diana had trained on the island of the amazons she was the best warrior the world had seen. But now she was being bested by a teenager! Her tits were sore from the harsh squeezing Cassie had given them. She never guessed that anyone would use her massive rack as target practice.

--I'm wonder Woman I can beat Wonder Girl I trained her...I made her...she is nothing to me.-- she thought to herself

Wonder Woman's left titty was hit with a powerful punch that smacked her breast right into the other one, unable to balance herself properly with such huge unrestrained melons she was wobbly on her feet, which left her wide open for another punishing assault!

--I can't lose the Wonder Woman mantle to Wonder Girl...yet...I'm sweating like a pig...an panting like a whore...no no...I must not think like this I must over come Cassie and show the world I'm worthy!--

Spit came out from the next blow, as Diana's head swung low, then she dropped down to one knee. The only reason her limp body leaned forward

was because her heavy breast pulled her downward as she went breast first into the ground with her star-spangled ass sticking up in the air.

--oh no now the world knows how big my breast REALLY ARE! Ugh...can't hardly focus...body to...tired...where am I?--

Cassie pulled her teacher up by the hair and stared down on that more than impressive view of her Greek Amazonian tits

"Talk about getting lucky...sheesh...I never expected to win!...I guess I really did get better than you. HA no wonder you didn't want to train me anymore I was totally beating you in every thing! I'm so gonna be the next wonder woman!"

Wonder Woman was kicked out the building and fell many stories into the ground as she was knocked out. she fell face first into the ground, as a crowd started to the form around her. the crowd moved her onto her back so that her breast were ripe and showing for everyone to see.

The crowd parted as they saw the coming of...da da da the JOKER!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wonder Juggs I saw the news report...and I just had to stop by!" kicked the knocked out Wonder Woman in the head

"hmm seems your sleep...here let me show you something" he whipped out his white cock and sat on her face and began to fuck her bust, smashing

his cock between those melons for all mankind to see!

"hell!...your tits are even bigger in person wonder toots!

Metropolis TV Presents an Eyewitness News Report!

Lance Bryce here and if you've been watching you already know what we know and that Wonder Woman is being demeaned and her legend destroyed on national television. She is on her back and having her Greek Breast fucked by the Joker! The scary part is that the crowd is just watching! I suppose years of being arrogant and self proclaiming herself a champion of woman and appointing herself a good will ambassador for the U.N. hasn't won her any points with the people now that we know this hussy is a Killer! Anyway the Joker seems to have ejaculated all over her stomach and is inserting his well hung cock straight into her mouth.

"HA HA HA HA HA to bad your not awake to see this..I suppose you'll see the tape of me fucking your mouth! Like the whore you are...smile for the camera! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH" The Joker was now fucking her mouth stuffing his white prick down her royal Amazon princess throat.

"Oh no looks like I've popped Wonder Womans...mouth virginity...that only mean I should go for her pussy as well!"

Wonder Girl laughed as she saw the entire thing from hole upstairs.

"Sheesh...the mantle of Wonder Woman will be mine for sure now!" she shouted as she relaxed to watch how it was being covered by the News.

The Joker now wrapped the lasso or truth around Diana's neck as the truth of the situation started to wake her, she tasted a wonderful liquid in her mouth, as the truth lasso forced her to react as she really would to the taste of cum. Before even knowing where she was she uttered a few words.

"Mmm...by Hera what is the wonderful taste in my mouth...could it be the taste of nectar from the gods?..mm...so..thick..and..wonderful" then Wonder Woman was cock slapped back into reality as her stomach was greased with cum and her lips was still wet with cum juice, she was in awe of the Jokers cock as her mouth was open wide and more words were forced out from her mouth by the lasso or truth

"the Joker's thick long and wonderful white cock! Catwoman and Batgirl told me horrible stories of how big it was but now that I have seen it there is nothing wrong with such a huge hard thick piece of man meat" inside she was hating this...she was the most pent up woman on the face of the earth and now she was spilling out all her desires.

"HA HA HA HA..seems that this lasso of yours works...not even you can resist your own Power!...how...um...GREEK of you. Wonder Look around that WONDERFUL taste is my semen!...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

"WHAT! you fucked my mouth! how dare you do that!...I have to admit I'm...impressed I never guessed you would be the one to fuck my mouth!"

"HA HA HA well...tell me the truth with all these camera's watching do you want to suck the Joker's cock!...or would you rather have to protect the people and blah blah blah."

"to...suck....dick...is...my...mmm..no...no...dream" Wonder Woman's tears started to well up, it was a truth so buried that she didn't know it until she uttered those words

"then stop your talking Wonder Broad and get to sucking my rock hard rod!...yes yes I know bad rhyme but its times like these I'm glad I'm insane" Stuffs her mouth with his cock once more this time it was much more graphic than before. Now Diana's eyes were wide as he mouth was stuffed. She was crying as she hated herself for loving the taste of cock. Those royal breast with were as big as her head were bouncing about

sweat dripping off of them as the crowd cheered the joker on!

"Come ONE COME ALL and then COME SOME MORE!" as the Joker Laid his seed down her throat and as the cum bubbles out her nose, then the joker cums all over her face. He pats her on the head and cock slaps her across the cheek.

Metropolis TV Presents an Eyewitness News Report!

HI there Lance Bryce here at the scene of the event, it seems that Wonder Woman is sobbing and crying yet still topless and decorated in cum. yes I am making my way towards the scene and will attempt to talk to the Joker. NO...wait...I will attempt to fuck Wonder Woman.


that's right folks as long as the lasso is around her neck she has to do what I tell her to do and also has to be truthful...now watch

"thanks Wonder Woman for coming..over...I know your feeling upset over the Joker fucking your mouth and your own student Wonder Girl from beating you up..now...get on your knees and start to suck my dick..."

"but that's...your...a...nobody!...your just some..sleazy..no name..reporter!...I'm..Wonder Woman..and..I will obey" She sunk down to her knees and began to unzip his pants as she pulled out his cock.

"please...don't...do this...I'm a icon!"

"enough talk now please our viewers are watching..." and with that our very own Lance Bryce received the best head in his life, Man this woman knows how to suck a cock. Wonder Woman was a natural. Her mouth went over my cock and began to suck for all she was worth, which was quite abit heh. But to tell you the truth I wanted to tap that ass.

"alright enough Its time to pop that cherry!" said Lance

"what how did you know I was a virgin!" she screamed!

"ha its written all over you...a woman who has tasted cock can not be so idiotic as you...thus I was able to..well...never mind I see what your trying to do...get me talking well that won't work I'm only here to fuck you!...and to please our viewers as well"

Here I was taking total advantage of Wonder Woman...heck I told her to take off her ridiculous star spangled underwear and she did. Hell I'm thankful for that lasso she has wrapped around her neck. What I saw next blew my mind, her shaven snatch was beautiful I mean not one imperfection it was as if she was carved to be so hot. Should have seen the look on her face the utter defeat yet with that lasso on she was

totally mine! I told her to go over and place her hands on the car. She did she bend over and I could see her in all her glory!

--I can't believe this everyone is watching! not one person is helping me! Oh by the Goddess I'll never be respected again!--

"UGH!...not so fast..please...your dick is to hard! to big please...I beg of yoU!" Yelled Diana as her pussy was struck from behind being hammered by the sleazy reporter! Shoving his cock into that tight and wet super cunt. Her huge tits were bouncing all about most ridiculously sometimes the force of the thrust caused one of her own tits and smack her in the chin.

"JOKERS TURN!...open your mouth and suck my cock but ONLY if you like sucking my dick!...oh and be sure to say something

degrading about yourself if that's true" Joker laughed as he hopped on the car and placed his pale cock in front her her face.

Diana started to cry as she uttered those words but her willpower was nearly all gone "I...I...wish I could suck batmans cock!" as she opened her mouth and began to suck on the Jokers cock but the Joker just hammered his thick prick right down her throat forcing her to gag and drool upon her breast!

"HA HA HA HA I guess there is no accounting for taste!...hows your side holding up Lance my boy?" Joker grinned with face fucking the star spangled Wonder Whore

"From this angle I can't complain!" He groaned as he cums right into her pussy letting out a loud moan as he now reaches under to feel those massive sweaty globes.

This was Wonder Womans first time having sex with males she had no idea cocks were so powerful. Her body was being weakened with every thrust of the cocks. It was draining more power from her than Wonder Girls punches. She could feel her superpowers starting to drain out of her. The

Jokers cock was doing the worst damage to her throat making it sore as she could feel his huge load funnel down her beautiful neck and into her tummy. She watched as that laughing clown pulled out his dick and hit her across the face with it. Lance couldn't get enough of those plush breast the mere touch of those melons made his cock rock hard once again.

"Ugh by Hera!...please let me go I give up I GIVE UP please stop it!...please!...I'm begging yoU!" She pleaded not believing the words coming out her mouth, it felt so freeing to be forced to admit she was reduced to nothing.

"LANCE BRYCE I CAN'T BELEAVE IT you have your dick inside of WONDER WOMAN!" yelled the famous reported Lois Lane...infamous mostly for her big natural tata's.

Lance pulled his dick out of Wonder Whores pussy and turned around to Lois Lane to show her what he was working with.

"oh..fuck..thats a big dick!...don't think um...sheesh can you put that thing away!" She was blushing hard dicks like this didn't come around often. And being the stupid lucky bitch she was she forgot to wear a bra so her big nipples were starting to harden up and showing threw her skin tight blouse.

The Joker in the meantime took this moment to sneak away, being that the crowd rushed in and began to feel up all over the fallen Amazon she she was crying and trying to plead with them but the Amazon knew once she was completely naked and violated in public thus the humans could not resist her hot body.

"please...I know your all impressed by my massive tits believe me I keep them hidden behind my bustier by magic normally they are not this big. I'm sorry about my hot sweaty body...plus I'm alitte sticky with cum on my tits and in my mouth. At least clean me off and take the lasso off from around my throat." She pleaded

"you know Wonder Bitch maybe you should shut you mouth...your just making it worse!" yelled a random guy who was pulled out his cock just like all the other guys were.

"no please listen to me. I'm completely helpless while my Lasso of Truth is around my neck I no longer have the will to remove it myself now that I have tasted the sweet joys of cock" she cursed those last words that lasso was forcing her to speak truths

They all crowded around her and began taking turns shoving their cocks inside of her mouth, Some had camera's, some video tapes as they began to fuck and cum all over her face. Each guy was taking turns to fuck her pussy hard, it was to sweet and tight for these average mortal men they came quickly and hard into her every time. There was a line as far as the eye could see to fuck Wonder Woman.

Lois "All Tits" Lane was quite happy about what was happening to Diana she just wished it wasn't being televised on national TV. Lois hoped it could be a private incident where Wonder Woman could learn some...humility.

"Dammit Lance...we have to stop filming! She is an American icon! Princess of the Amazons! Champion of Women everywhere!" She screamed as she walked on over towards him with her big tits bouncing about.

Lance couldn't resist those massive tits of Lois Lanes. Her breast were huge on her petite frame, she wasn't toned and tall like Wonder Woman. Her body was soft all over plus her breast had a little more jiggle to them being that she didn't work out as much as Wonder Woman. Lance reached out and touched both of her melons gripping them and playing with them.

"oh nelly!...these are huge no wonder superman keeps coming back for ya!" He grinned

"I...can't...believe this!..your..touching...them! I'm Lois Lane stop touching my Tits!" Lois didn't know how to react she was used to yelling and getting what she wanted and thought it was because of her skill and talent. In fact it was simply because she was nice to look at and had enormous tits.

"I see your not wearing a Bra today...I guess mean you want men to see your huge tits...now I'm feeling them up and your just going to sit there and take it aren't you miss Lane!" he grinned as he lifted up her blouse to get a look at that huge set of tits.

"I can't believe your just looking at my tits like I'm for lunch! Ok fine...good a good Long look! Nothing superhuman about my massive juggs there are all real baby!" She said proudly as she kicked him in the balls and walked passed him pushing her way through the crowd to get to Wonder Woman!

"I'm a Whore..A Total Whore...I've had 19 cocks in me today..and all of them jizzed inside of me...I'm worthless..I don't deserve to be Wonder

Woman anymore...I'm...a loser" Wonder Woman cried with cum stained tears

"WONDER WOMAN PROTECT YOURSELF!" commanded Lois knowing that Diana had to do whatever she said, Diana quickly tossed all the sleazy guys off

and looked angry at everyone around her and the crowd ran away getting the hell out of dodge! Now she felt a little dizzy and leaned against a pole, her body dripping in sweat and her Greek titanic tits all oily from cum.

"ugh...I never expected to be saved by you. I thank You Lois Lane...now please remove this Lasso from my neck so that I may return to my self"

"Get on all fours and follow me little doggy" Lois grinned as he grabbed the end of the lasso and began to walk with her pet Amazon

As Wonder Woman crawled on all fours she couldn't help but regret the words she said to Lois Lane earlier that day!


"LET GO OF MY TIT..PLEASE LET GO OF MY ENORMOUS TIT!" yelped Lois as she was cornered and her tit flesh gripped by one of Wonder Womans hands

"Silly mortal cunt...that story you printed WONDER WOMAN OR WONDER WHORE! was uncalled for...just because I'm dressed this way you assume that I'm a slut...I'll have you know this outfit is royal and..."

"Ok..ok...ugh...ok..ok...let go of my tit!" The pain causing Lois nearly to black out she was no match for the pissed princess, as her breast were being squeezed so hard she was starting to sweat...tit sweat.

"I can smell your tit sweat...hmph and it isn't pleasant odor my tit sweat on the other hand is quite good smelling!" Wonder Woman declares!

"thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" she raised her knee to Diana's groin fully expecting the so called seasoned warrior to resist it

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed and both hands went to that tender area as she hunched over dropping down to her knees

Lois lane grabbed that bitchs Lasso of truth and wrapped it around her neck and began to choke her to death!

" YOUR NOTHING BUT A WHORE! JUST A FUCKING WHORE! THATS THE TRUTH!" Lois Lane didn't know that random act of rage programmed Wonder Woman being that it was a Command! Since the cunt blow knocked wonder womans concentration down she couldn't resist the command now she was in the grip of the lasso of truth! Lois choked Wonder Woman and was shocked to see the frizzy black haired Amazon choke and gag and flail around trying to get free.

" AH JUST FORGET IT! " and Lois let go out of fear knowing that Wonder Woman was so much stronger than her...but that command of just forget it hung in Wonder Womans head now she couldn't remember this event! Oh wait that means she wouldn't even remember this flashback!


Now Lois walked upstairs and brought back Wonder Woman to Teen Titan head quarters were Wonder Girl was laughing.

"SHEESH...two sluts!...how are you two doing!?" Said Cassie as she looked at both women.

"Cassie...now you are the teacher and I'm the student...I have so much to learn from you" Wonder Woman bowed her head in shame


"Wonder slut...grab her" Cassie said

Wonder Woman did as she was told and grabbed Lois Lane

"oh shit....listen....your the toughest bitch alive no need in raping the shit out of me ok...plus you know whose cock I stick between my tits every nite so fuck off" Yelled Lois all high and mighty...

"Well... so what come on lemma see those bun guns!" Wonder Girl begged

Lois Lifted up her shirt and sighed as those plush New Yorker big melons said hello with a huge heavy bounce. Wonder Girls eyes went wide as she reached out to feel upon them.

"dammit...hurry up and get your fill Cassie I'm not enjoying this!" Lois sighed but couldn't help but have her nipples stiffen up

"hehe I'm just sporting 40-DD's but your bust line is just ridiculous! your tits are alot softer...I like that lots"

"just have this bimbo let me...oh..wait...Wonder Woman...Kill!" Lois yelled at Diana! she was tossed aside like a rag doll as she went across

the room and hit her head. Lois was knocked clean out! Not quite the plan Lois had in mind...

"Justice hath returned Wonder Girl...with that command I am free! and back to my Amazon Self!" She tossed off the lasso from around her neck her eyes hazed with fury as all her power and strength returned to her in an instant once her will was returned! Unfortunelty the Hidden command given unwittingly by Lois Lane earlier in the day was still hidden in her mind. And that command was for her to be a whore!

"um...uh...oh..crap...um...um..Pow..POWER GIRL WE HAVE TO FIND HER BEFORE SHE gets raped I mean with that silly outfit she wears there is no telling what is happening to her right now!"

But the Command still stands as Wonder Woman begins her advance, of coarse having dried cum on her belly and her tits and her lips didn't really add to her fear factor. Hell even those sweaty melons which were drying from sweat bouncing with each step. she reached back and punch towards Wonder Girl with a fury unknown to even the Gods!

"Ugh! oh...where..am..i..."Wonder Girl was knocked senseless as she was so confused by the punch and couldn't stand straight as her face fell forward against those massive tits of Wonder Womans

"HA...whats wrong Cassie...not feeling as arrogant anymore...you had me raped and you had me gag on the Jokers cock! I will kill you for this insult!" Picking up Cassie by the throat as she began to choke her, then punched her in the stomach only once as that caused all the air to vacate her poor lungs as she was dazed and barely able to keep awake.

"I sucked a 15 year old boys cock today...then his father fucked my tits! a group of College guys gangbanged me! for this your fate tis sealed!"

just then...help arrived it was Batgirl & Catwoman! From the neck down both women could have been twins both had twin sets of huge tits, bigger than Wonder Girls

"Look Diana...we know your mad...but Cassie just got lucky!...she didn't mean for all this to happen you can't kill her!" Said Batgirl as she moved forward towards Diana

"Yes missy...your one of the girls now...don't think your the first and only one that has been forced to taste the jokers cock!" She tried to plead with Wonder Woman

She punched Wonder Girl and knocked her out Tying her up in her truth lasso to save her to later. She gazed at her opponents. noticing the tit sweat of both women...they both must have ran here, she could see the sweat underneath catwomans arms. She attacked the women!

"I'll show you what it is to fight me! Now bare witness to my power!" Diana ran towards Catwoman first as she grab her by the neck and simply flung her to the side, the cat landed on her feet of coarse unknown to Diana as she was focused on Batgirl!

Batgirl Knees were shaking together as she was knocked out cold with one single blow she made a pathetic thud upon the ground

"what are you normal women even wearing costumes for anyway AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" from behind Catwoman used her claws to rake at the both sides of Diana's breast from the back, jumped back quickly avoiding the blow that just barely missed her, now she rose back up to rake at the fleshly bottom of those healthy large mammories of the princess of power herself Wonder Woman!

"ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! my Titties!" Yelped Wonder Woman!

"My titties?!...ha ha ha never thought I'd here you say that now though deal with this!" she placed both fingers on Diana's nipples and began to twist them in a most painful manner!...this was completely unknown to the Amazon as an attack...she was shocked and awed! She cried out in pain much to Catwomans delight as she flipped back again.

"Wonder Woman...looks like your losing your touch...those big tits are huge targets you know..."she sneered taunting her into doing some thing stupid

"My glorious mounds will not longer be defiled!...ugh..whats...happening...to..me..I feel so..weak" as she fell down to her knees gasping for air

"I didn't think poison claws would work on you...but I guess it does...Sorry Diana...but you have to rest..oh..and...I beat you a mortal woman bested an Amazon!" she grinned as Wonder Woman fainted knocked out from the poison.

"nice work!...but I think I can kick you ass Catwoman!" Lois Lane was up and at em again and eager to test her might against catwoman

"ha...if I get beat up by you I'll suck every dick in Gotham City! HA HA bring it girl...I just put Wonder Tits to sleep...no to mention your tits are about the same size as hers...time for me to cop a feel" she pounced towards Lois Lane but missed

"You always do that move!" she punched Catwoman right in her large titty...this of coarse caused catwoman some harm as she stopped a moment to hold her sore breast then another blow came to other melon causing her to feel both of her breast in agony. Now Lois took off her top leaving those jugs of catwomans out to bounce all around, as she slapped her face from side to side, her body fell back on the ground in a


"Sorry CatSlut..the image of your sucking off every guy is gotham is just to hard to pass up" Lois lifted up her skirt to reveal a Huge cock!

"oh nooooooooooooooo!" before Catwoman couldn't resist she had a huge cock in her mouth, she was confused! She was beat up by Lois "all tits" Lane! How did this happen, now the biggest dick she had ever seen was hammering down her throat! her eyes looked up but couldn't see past those huge tits of Lois Lanes. Forced to suck cock caused her to start crying as she was forced to swallow a huge loud of semen as Lois Lane shot in all the way down into her throat.

"ugh..oh my GAWD CATWOMAN! your...being face fucked!" Yelled Batgirl awake now as she crawled over to watch Catwomans breast bounce all about

"Hey batgirl...take off your shirt I wanna see those peachy tits of yours!...if your a good girl I'll let you suck my cock just like catslut is here!"

"geez you beat up Catwoman!...holy...crap...just don't hurt me Lois I'll..do whatever you say!" and without being told she took her turn to suck Lois Lanes big cock, unlike Catwoman, Huntress, and other stupid human bimbos in costumes she didn't train nearly as much as everyone else did, she was basically dependant on just fighting normal thugs...plus she gives batman and Robin head every weak just so she can wear the costume. In other words she was really good at sucking cock and would find almost any reason to suck a cock!


"oh shit BATGIRL! I'm totally fucked!" said the evil Lex Luthor!

"thats right...now your coming with me!"

"um..wait...I can't you see my dick is rock hard and being sucked on by the Huntress" thats right the Itanlian babe was on her knees sucking his dick slobbering all over his cock, giving him a really bad blow job but Lex Didn't care a blow job was a blow job.

"WHAT! she is sucking your dick!...WHY! I mean its really big...but..." She was confused! this is amazing to her. The Huntress she just like batman except a big titted killing machine instead. So seeing her with a cock in her mouth was surreal and made her mind capable of being messed with by the evil LEX LUTHOR!

"Yes she sucks my dick because I have her secret Identity and I have yours to" no he didn't he was bluffing he honestly didn't care who these bitches really were he liked his dick to be sucked by costumed heroines. It was his fetish

"DammiT!...I suck Batman...I suck Robin...I suck Night Wing...NOw I have to suck off Lex Luthor...step aside huntress and let my mouth suck dick" batgirl began to suck his large cock and lick agaist his shaft, opening her crimson lips to engulf every inch on his shaft

"ah thats it...but your going to have to practice sucking dicks more often..otherwise I'll tell everyone who you are!"


As Batgirl got to doing what she does best upon that vieny shaft of Lois Lanes. Catwoman was sitting on her rump looking so impressed with Lois Lane "here I thought you were some bit titted no talent bimbo...I was wrong, can I suck your dick instead of everyones in Gotham?"

"Of coarse you can Catslut...bend over and let me fuck you up the ass" Lois Yelled as she cums into Batgirls mouth!

Catwoman obeyed as she was on all fours awaiting Ms Lanes cock to divide her inner walls, Lois yanked CatWoman by the hair and whispered

"Don't try any funny business or I will kick you slutty butt all over Metropolis!" Catwoman scowled she hated Lois Lane rubbing her defeat in but now it was hard to ignore as her tight thief asshole was penetrated by mind mannered Lois Lane's HUGE COCK! She couldn't handle The cock she was screaming in agony! she was moaning and groaning! Sweating like a pig dripping sweat from her well shaped globes.

"your ass is draining the semen from my balls CatWoman!...how does it feel to be forced fucked you costumed freak!" She always wanted to say that.

"oh my gosh Lois your totally better than both me and Catwoman combined!...your should have a costume or something! I'm not just saying that because I'm afraid you'll kick my ass but I really really mean it..." she tore off Lois's shirt to get a look at her tata's

"HEY!...what with everyone wanting to stare at my huge bazooka's" with each thrust those huge bazooka's shook like mountains erupting with luscious ripples of fleshly delights. Lois could see all sweat dripping from Catwoman, as her arms began to wobble and her head went thump on the floor as she drools from the pounding she was taking. Lois Pressed her melons against catwomans back as she felt against her plump tits.

Twirling the nipples and pulling on them hard. She came hard into Catwomans asshole as the poor woman passed out from the heavy beating she took from Lois Lane.

"shit...no stamina!" Pulled her cum soaked dick out Catwomans ass as it made a popping sound. she looked at Batgirl

"Um..listen I suck um...not...fuck em" Batgirl backed away abit trying to escape but before she knew it she was hit right in the face...now dazed from the blow another hit to the flesh just under her both her breast as she staggered back against the wall

"WAIT..ok..ugh..ouch..not even Lady Shiva is so..quick" she panted

"REALLY!....that Asian self proclaimed greatest fighter alive big titted never been raped BIMBO Batman keeps around just cause her enormous breast bounce around in combat....Lady Shiva?" she grabbed batgirl by her cunt and looked at her eye to eye and pressed breast to breast

"Yep...if anyone needs a lesson its an Asian girl with big tits!" she smiled

"ok then...lets go to Japan!"

They both left as Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were all knocked out.


She awoke from the blow she took from Wonder Woman. Her costume was even stupider. It was basically a white skin tight shirt with a open hole of flesh to be shown right over her cleavage the hole was pretty large but not large enough for one of her LEGENDARY huge enormous tits to pop out and they were even bigger than Wonder WOmans! She also wore a red cape and her legs were exposed and a white thong covered her private parts. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes and luscious full lips. Where Diana was a regal need to be raped beauty, as Catwoman & Batgirl were hot chicks in costume that happened to keep in shape and be super hot, Powergirl looked like an A list Porn Star in costume. No one could talk to her about her "look" because she was almost as strong a Wonder Woman and looked more impressive than Supergirl.

"hmm...my head...hm whats that taste in my mouth..oh NO someone had fucked my mouth!" she yelled looking around checking herself her costume was still on her body but the liquid on her lips was still warm. She was pissed!

Just then Orion stepped out with his pants off and his huge New God limp cock with was wet with her mouth. Orion wore a red costume over her

torso and a metal helmet that covered everything but his eyes and lower part of his face.

"Orion thank god are you um....hey why are your half naked with...oh nevermind your clothings must had been blasted off" She averted her eyes from his huge limp dick

"Woman are you Brain Damaged? Consider yourself lucky that you are amongst the few who have tasted of new god cum" He proclaimed as his cock started to harden.

"Well...um...we'll talk about that later for now we have to return and help Wonder Woman she is being smashed by her Wonder Girl...by the way Orion...I've seen alot of dicks and yours is so huge...I'm in shock are all new gods so well endowed?" Powergirl always ask the tough questions but was eager to go help Wonder Woman

"Your Wonder Woman is now Wonder Whore...she hath taken up the cocks of an entire city block into her body. Such as the fate will be the same with you Powergirl" He moved closer to her his cock was fully hard and so large that any woman who saw it would instantly that is it her place to suck it.

"WHAT!..no way...I can't believe it..Diana would never get raped she is Wonder Woman!...oh wait...your talking to me like your going to fight me...anyway if you want me to suck your cock you'll have to work for it...and trust me I'm not going down that easy!" she flew towards Orion the son of Darksied and punched him as hard as she could...he caught her fist

"This is absurd!" tore off her top to get a better look at her award winning breast then punched her with a blow that shattered windows for 50 blocks around as she was dazed from the result of being hit. Unfortunately the rest of her costume was so poorly made that the rest of it just slipped off her body. He waited for her to gather her senses

"ugh..oh..uh..why do I have cum on my tits?!" she looked down at the globes of cum dripping off her prized giant breast

"I tit fucked you while you were dazed...I grew bored of watching you drool on yourself...now bare witness to the OMEGA COCK"

"NO NO PLEASE ORION NOT THE OMEGA COCK...please..you..can't..you..won't..." Powergirl knew what this ment but it was to late

"OMEGA COCK ANTI-RESPECTIABLE WOMAN EFFECT"! this effect washed over her and made her a proper woman in other words..Powergirl into Powerslut thus was the OMEGA-COCK EFFECT. The light shined off his cock and then the power shot out of his cock and covered Powergirls body with light

"must...apologize Orion..I can't believe I got mad at you sticking your dick into my gaping mouth and fucking my bigger than Wonder Woman tits" She lowered her head

"It is ok...I will never allow you to be in the presence of my dick again" He almost smiled at what he knew would happen next

"NO! I'm so Sorry! so Sorry! let me suck your dick, please let me matter! I don't care what I have to do but please don't do this to me I'm just a slut!" she so on her knees before him and pressed her impressive mountains against his thighs with his cock pressing against her face.

"Powergirl thou are not a slut...but you indeed must be shown your place,...I Decree your an object for me to lay my seed into and nothing more...be thankful I allow you to be touched by my cum" He smiled as he picked her up and SLAMMED HIS COCK into her as hard as he could, know

ing that she was the only woman who could handle his cock. his dick stretched her walls wide as her TITS shook violently with each magnificent thrust!

"I'm impressed not even Wonder Woman could handle my cock but your more powerful than her" New God cock ran deep within the pussy walls of Powergirl her breast were the most vibrant feature just amazing how firm and bouncy they were, If not for her being invulnerable those tits

would rip off from the sheer amount of force she was being fucked with. Three thrust later Orion was pleased to induce 99 orgasms to her in the span of 3 seconds as that sperm shot her off his cock and into the sky, she pummels back to the ground as she is dazed and covered in jizz.

"you raped wonder woman?!...your more impressive than I ever imagined. How come I never found out about it" she began to suck his cock, being thankful for every cock sucking moment she was able to share with her new god.

"Yes...but she doesn't remember because I fucked her so hard her brain exploded. I hath to bring her to her her goddesses...to have her revived!


" COME LET THE BLOOD RED GAME OF THE GODS COMMENCE!" he dropped the sweaty and naked body of the Amazon down on the floor in front of the ALL POWERFUL QUEEN OF THE GODS HERA!

"FOOL for this stupidly I will kill you HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" HERA QUEEN OF THE GODS! rose from her chair big divine tits bounced as she did.

"Your tits are sacks of pleasure...for ORION to soil with the promise of defeat" yeah Orion really likes to here himself speak


"Orion son of the end of all and the bringer of your demise, now Hera queen of the gods become Queen of the Whores!" HERA proved not a challenge to Orion as she was being fucked on her throne, legs bent high by the ankles as felt Orion fuck the living hell out of her pussy. She scream bloody murder but soon those screams of anger turned to passion as she had an orgasm, then He fucked her in the ass with caused the

pillars in her temple to fall. You see Hera had a tight ass and the sound of it being forced opened shattered the foundations of of the Temple. Kicked her down the stairs of her own temple so that her subjects could see what rape goddess looks like

"...O...Orion...know...this..I..have..daughters..and they...will...defeat you...oh...my...asshole...and pussy...hurt" Her subjects brought her ice packs for her ass and her pussy...and now Athena

"barewitnes Orion I'm Athena Goddess Of WAR..Goddess of Wisdom...Goddess of Crafts I draw all my power from all the women in the world" whats to describe...Athena Wore a roman golden helm with a magical breastplate over her cursed huge melons so that the armor made it look like she was

only had D-cups. and a short roman skirt to cover her cunt and ass. But soon she was hit by the power of Orion as she her shield and blade knocked away as she stumbled back absolutely in disbelief of his power.

"I can see the look on your face, you being a Goddess you have never been beat around by a man...I'll cure you of this" the Next blow hit Athena

across the head knocking her helm off she fell to the floor trying to get back up giving Orion a perfect look at her snatch and her curved ass

"Goddess of War..hmph you draw your power from women?...what do women know of War, Wisdom, and Crafts? Nothing...Women are raped during war, They only gain wisdom by understanding they are ment to be child bearers, and crafts...I suppose that will be useful for a fight ha" He tore off her armored top and both of her pillowy sweaty breast bounce free from their constraints swelling to full size now that her bustline was no longer protected by magic. Athena the GODDESS OF WAR sat on her but looking up at ORIONS HARD COCK like a deer in headlights.

"Your right!...about it all how did you know! I fooled mankind for thousands of years! yet you somehow know the secret of my power. You see I exist so woman won't be raped...won't be enslaved to child birth...but...but every woman needs a good craft to fall back on just in case. MY big tits need explanation...you see it was curse..."

"Silence!" stuffed her gaping babbling war goddess mouth with New God cock. Athena was getting a first taste of being face fucked. to proud to cry as she beat her hands against him, but the truth of her uselessness was taking away her powers. Plus it was kind of hard for her follows to believe she was goddess of war...cause she was being forced to guzzle down on a strangers cock.

--who is this stranger...who is this..Orion..even now as I taste his man meat and lose all my faithful followers I can't help but wonder what he will do to me next. Curse these large melons of mine squeezing against his thighs! I should fight back but what if he snaps my neck I can't risk it! Oh great he pulled his dick out of my mouth I can breathe,...humph he didn't come into my mouth. Yes he has come to his senses and realized I am a Goddess of War and to continue would only cause him..oh...no...not..not...that. He's wet cock and placed between my breast but why? I've squeezed my breast around his cock as he commanded me to...hmm...brilliant move my breast are being fucked as well. Oh no he wants me to what!...oh great my mother is watching...


--dammit I did it...he wanted me to sound like a cow? Is it not enough to rape a war god he had to demean me as well! Eww! he cum all over my neck! and oh by the one source I'm covered in it!...Licking my own breast clean just cause he tells me so..feels so degrading. I want to fight back but he hit me 2 times and I...I...AH its in my ass! I'm gonna pass out!...no way..I..I..have to stay awake I'm the GOddness of War

My mother lasted longer than I did..I have to resist! To hard to resist..I've never sweated before until this damn day...now my ass of paying for my arrogance--

"ugh your rock hard cock fills my divine butt with unholy power! I can barely stand your..ouch..my own titty in me in the face" She panted

"Don't hang your head GODDESS OF WAR...otherwise those your towering bustline will be the end of you" he jacked off into her ass and creams in her godly insides, He grew bored with Athena and rammed her head in the marble floor. Pulled out his god cock and placed his foot on her butt.

"I am not impressed I've come here to test your power and I find your all just false gods!" He tossed Athena's body ontop of Hera's

"Mother...I..got..raped..he was to strong for me..." she cried in her mothers Arms

"Me too...Athena...but your a goddess of war...how could you be to useless! you've lost all your power!" as Hera took away her Powers for the

time being and sent her to Earth to get gang raped by barbarians...this was fitting punishment for failing her.

"well Played Hera Goddess of Whores!" he walked towards her and didn't even have to tell her to start sucking his cock as the Queen of Gods bowed her head to him and filled her pristine mouth with dick. The followers gathered around this new being mostly to have an excuse to watch that bitch GODDESS get what she deserves!

" I am Orion as you can see this Hera sucks dick just like any other Female should. I'll cure this would of women who do not yet know there design...the design of the fated ones set forth by Orion who shall bring the OMEGA COCK EFFECT to all women" The followers brought their dicks close to Hera's mouth lucky for Hera another daughter appeared.

"I am Artemis Goddess of the Hunt and Protector of Children..and even though your childlike behavior is amusing it will come to an end. Today"

She was a Black Woman with huge chocolate melons that were already painted with war paint, she was already nearly nude just wearing a tunic over her groin and a white polar bear fur coat that could not cover her naked massive tit cannons

"Hunters hunt...yet your out in the open with not even a Weapon in your hand" Orion remarked

"wait I do have a weapon in my hand...its my Sword yet if this is not a real then it must be an illusion?" the stupid bimbo put down her sword thinking it wasn't real then suddenly she was hit right in both of her breast...and..well lets just say she lost and get to the sex!

"thats right bitch take it!"

"OH ORION I CAN"T ugh...your...to..good...my..ass..hurts...your OMEGA DOUBLE COCK EFFECT TO FAR TO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE!" It was done and Orion was fucking yet another so called Goddess. He fucked her good, as that black beauty sweated just like all the rest. Soon Artemis was

crying tears, as she sobbed and snot came out of her nose and cum came into her pussy and ass both at the same time. Both holes leaked out icky new god cum, she sat up but was helped up by Orion

"jump up and down you dark skinned ebony beauty" He chuckled

"I'm jumping up and down for you Orion...now please you've proven your point now...don't harm us!" she began to jump up and down both of

her dark brown tits bounced up and down until she slipped in a puddle of cum and knocked herself out.

"oh by the way...Wonder Woman needs to be brought back to life...I shall return to rape the other Goddess Later" Orion said as he began to leave

"NO FIEND THOU SHANT STAY AND FACE ME" said the big titted white skinned slut who was wearing a black wife beater and a unk around her neck.

"...I do not know who you are...but it appears you too have been cursed by ignorance if you think my defeat will be at your hands!" Boosted


"I am one of the Endless I am called Death. I am a constraint in the universe I cannot be killed...cannot be reasoned with. I am eternal beyond that of even you Orion of the New Gods of New Genesis born from the fires of the OLD GODS! I brought death to them and I shall bring Death to you and I will raise back Wonder Woman to life so that..." Death of the Endless was also one of the biggest titted cosmic entities in

all of creation. Her cleavage was the tunnel in which men and woman traveled down to meet their final fate. Her huge juggs were the "light" and "tunnel" people often spoke of when they came back to life. The darkness of the crack that formed her cleavage was the hell and nothingness so many also spoke of.

"I shall rename thee to one of the POINTLESS for I have never known death and those who face me fall forever into a chasm of oblivion" Orion walked towards the end...with a big raging hard on leading the way

"What is this...an erection in my presence..how can this be possible!..I am death you should fear me...even Gods and Devils fear my wraith!"

Death looked down to see if she could see her own feet but alas her own massive bustline was blocking the view

"damn it...you see me for what I really am!...how is this possible! no matter it changes nothing!" you see death pretended to be a skinny, flat chested woman but Orion could see past the falseness and into her inner whore.

"Do not try to hide your passion from me woman for I can see your true nature...beyond the veil of death lies a huge rack, thus soon the mouth of death itself will be guzzling upon the semen of Orion"

he tore off her shirt and both of her pure white watermelons bounced out. Death attempted to dodge Orions next blow but since he could see her true self he aimed for her enormous titty which was impossible to miss. Death the cosmic embodiment of the utter end was now clutching her huge breast while she doubled over in pain

"I can see you've already fallen so quickly...your no Amazon. Nor a goddess of war...your simply a cunt higher in station" Orion knew none before had ever beaten death and now he alone would be the first so her a true womans place.

"NO if Death sucks his cock the universal balance will be ruined!" Yelled Hera As she tried to stand but her pussy and ass were still store from the raw fucking she took earlier. "Curse you Orion!"

Orion now ignored Hera and the other raped goddesses and focused on his knew soon to be fucked whore. Orion let his sticky cock right up to her lips and let her smell the nector of the gods "nothing to say? You started of so well with all your banter now gaze upon my cock and praise me and I will allow you to alone to be spared Death since you alone can bring back Wonder Woman from the dishonorable death I gave her"

Gazing at his enormous cock Death was eager not to suck such a huge member she nodded her head an greed anyway out of fear

"Fine then...I admit it you've raped the almost all of the Greek Goddess's and that alone deserves fear and respect. I will not stand against you Orion. But please tell me of the story of raping Wonder Woman to death!"

"ha I can see your are impressed with my deeds..and why not being on your knees and before my cock would humble any woman even death!" Cock slaps her across the face

"ugh...I hate to admit it but you've got a point" she said in a daze cradling his dick in her hands kissing the tip of his cock hoping this would please him.


Wonder Woman leaped down from the burning castle and defeated the dragon protecting all of the peasants from certain death. Landing in front of Lady Shiva the most deadly world class assassin in all of the world!

Lady Shiva had short hair and was Asian pretty tall for an Asian woman and had an huge rack just like Wonder Sluts except she was more petite and had back problems from such a massive rack. But alas Lady Shiva would not be denied. She got into a fighting stance and looked at the strange opponent about to face her.

"at last a worthy opponent...I can see by the way your dress your either a whore or a woman who know how to carry herself in a battle"

"your tits are as big as mine...as an Amazon warrior I must challenge you..I am also impressed by the way you carry yourself..such large mounds would betray you as a slut..but I can tell your truly a fighter!" She smiled as she got into her fighting stance

Just then as the ladies were completemening each other

**OMEGA BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM** a huge door opened from another plain of existence and from that plain of other life came a ray of anti-life that blow Lady Shiva's clothing right off...including her warrior bra with kept her melons in check.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! my breast are jiggling about..without my wonder bra I'll be nearly ineffective as a warrior" she turned around to see what

terrible sound was echoing out from the tear in space!

"Wonder Woman what is it!" Wonder Woman stupidity went forward then got zapped by the very same beam that vaped all her clothing as well and now her jello bust was jiggling about as both ladies massed Greek and Japanese tits together as they hugged each other in fear!

"by the twin mounds of Hera! never have I felt such raw power!" Wonder Woman cried

"by the mighty dicks of the Yama Kings! I prey for our safely" Lady Shiva yelled

and out past the gulf came forth a crimson avenger of...uh...um...a CRIMSON AVENGER OF...OF...STUFF! emerged now was the being known as Orion and yes he wore no pants and had a huge titan cock out for the Women to see

"rape her not me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lady Shiva picked up Wonder Womans lasso and tied it around her neck "OBEY!"

"uh..I must obey..."she was resisting with all her might but it was pointless

"HA HERE YOU GO time for me to go" Lady Shiva ran off as fast as she could...but would run into mad peasants and get gangbanged...more of that story later

Wonder Woman expected this...crimson avenger to say something but soon her mouth was filled with a huge dick. From the power of the cock she know she was totally outclassed! This had never happened to Diana she was always one step above or one step below. This was Diana before her mind was erased from all the rapes she had endured at the hands of Ares, Achilles, He-man, and yes even Lobo so she was no stranger to having her mouth full of man meat against her will. But Orion dick was different it was All-Powerful she was so afraid she began to suck his cock of her own free will, she took off the lasso to show him she was his.

"This is good..slave I am glad you know your place" He said getting ready to cum in her mouth...then suddenly his pleasure

"I am Wonder Woman...and" SLAP she was smashed across the face before she could finish her sentence

"Female I do not care for your name nor your speech for this I will fuck you into the end"

"The..end?...know you don't mean You'll rape me without even knowing who I am?!. I'm Wonder WOMAN!" she wanted some kind of sign he at least know who she was! at least then she could be raped with the comforting thought of it being because she was so wanted and so hated. But this

guy didn't even know...she was going to be raped like a common whore!

Orion wasted not time with...detail he fucked her up the ass first then up her pussy then between her tits...he fucked her for 5mins before her body just gave out.


"Orion..um...can you just um..like..shut up now please and get to fucking me?" Said Powergirl interrupting Orions Flashback



"oh...I am sorry I get carried away sometimes...you may commence sucking Powerslut" Orion watched as Powergirl began to polish his huge cock. She slurped and gulped down what she could But Powergirl really just wanted to be fucked raw and hard as she stopped sucking his dick and demanded that her body be fucked hard! Pulled out and push all his length back into her asshole, again and again. Sloppy drool and spit began to drip from Powergirls lower lip, as she was second guessing what she was asking for. Powergirls power was starting to lesson as she was beginning to began erotically dazed with only the pounding of his dick to keep her from passing out.

"humph!...I was wrong not even PowerWhore can withstand my powerful thrust....ha ha silly whore" and with that he cums into her ass and she passes out being shot like a rocket up in the air as she lands all the way in Gotham City passed out in the middle of the street completely naked and covered in cum for all to see.

Meanwhile in Gotham City Robin was busy trying to get his dick sickened by Helena who was the Huntress!

"Listen Helena...I understand your angry about being beat up by a couple of lucky thugs but killing them wasn't the answer I totally had your back and you went just way to far!" Yelled Robin at the Huntress

"I know Robin but they made a comment about my breast and you know how I am about that, I can't help it their so large!...I Never expected one of them to punch me right breast!" Huntress said as she rubbed her sore flesh...she was just wearing her mask as she had taken off her top exposing her huge bountiful sweaty breast "now come over here and address this wound...but don't you dare enjoy it!"

"FUCK Helena!...if you keep pulling off your shirt like that and blatantly acting like it doesn't matter..and..oh hell never mind. SUCK MY DICK..and I won't tell batman...period...do it and do it now!"

"Dammit!...this is the forth time this WEEK!...I'm an adult you know and your barely a teenager. I'll suck your fucking cock but this is the last time!" she began to sink down to her knees as she opened her mouth as Robin rammed his cock into her mouth. He was usually just happy to be inside but this time he rammed his length deep within her wet mouth and made her feel used.

"Fuck...yes..your...so...stupid...suck it suck it suck it....Oh yeah by the way...swallow this time or else" laughed robin as his eye started to cross from the good cock sucking feeling.

While the Huntress was once again reduced to sucking cock to save her reputation Lois Lane and Batgirl were hot on the trail of Lady Shiva! Though Lady Shiva had problems of her own


Lady Shiva screamed out loud as that tight penny sized Asian asshole was penetrated without mercy, as the number one killer assassin in the world was being taken from behind by...Superman. His super cock was more than a match for Lady Shiva the big tittied Asian fighter who caused Batman so much trouble.

"ugh....why...why" she cried

"Because I want you to know what it is like to be nothing. I am sick of tired of Batman having to deal with you...so I am hear to teeth you a lesson cunt"

"I'll suck your dick! I'll drink your piss! Just do anything else but fuck my ass!" She begged as she started to cry, those yellow skinned melons dripping with slightly stinky sweat as she opens her mouth to scream only to find Lois Lanes dick in her mouth as well. Both Clark and Lois raping her from both side. Those Asian large melons bounced and shook with sweat that never seemed to stop dripping as both hammered into her from both sides

To be continued maybe