Wonder Woman: Wonder Bride  

By Disciple


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By Disciple

The night was like most nights in October: dark, crisp, and somewhat chilly. The massive full moon glowed silver-white behind the clouds. A Hunter's Moon, many called it - and to a certain Amazon walking through the streets of Baltimore, that name was all too appropriate.

For tonight, Wonder Woman was indeed on the hunt. And her quarry was a savvy, elusive one. Powerful, too, judging by how it had whisked away so many citizens without leaving a trace in the last few months. Her alter ego Agent Diana Prince had full access to Washington's intelligence reports on the disappearances, but even those hadn't been much help.

In all, fifteen people had disappeared - fifteen people who had almost nothing in common. They varied widely in just about every category, from age to race to faith to income level. Each of them had last been seen at night, but that meant little, since most disappearances occurred after dark. The most glaring factor tying them together was the lack of clues as to why they had all vanished, and where they had vanished to. They'd all held reliable jobs, and the police had determined that none of them were in any serious financial trouble. None of them had criminal ties, either. And a compilation of their psychological profiles had suggested that neither runaways nor suicides were very likely to be the case.

Deprived of the usual explanations, both the authorities and the public had begun to turn to unusual ones. All kinds of rumors started to spring up, ranging from talk of organized crime and white slavery to unverified claims about secret cults and ritual killings. Fear and chaos seemed to run rampant.

And as Wonder Woman, it was her duty to locate the missing ones - both to end the suffering of their friends and family, and to quell the panic in the city. Although her investigations had yielded little so far - at best, she managed to take down some ordinary criminals who knew nothing about the disappearances - she persevered. For patience was often the hunter's most valuable tool.

So she flitted from alley to alley, on the alert for any sign of the mysterious kidnapper(s). Several of the streetlights were broken, but that hardly mattered; the moon provided all the light she needed, and then some. And where the moonlight didn't reach, her Amazon eyesight was typically sufficient.

"Looks like the theater district is cleanI againI" Wonder Woman murmured to herself. There weren't that many people out, period - all of the disappearances had left most people wary of staying out at night. The few people she had seen always clustered in groups of three or four.

The curvaceous heroine turned a corner, and raised an eyebrow. The street before her was almost deserted, but there was a single, shadowy figure wandering around the sidewalk, seemingly without purpose. Upon closer inspection, Wonder Woman realized that the figure was a blond girl, roughly college-age. The girl's choice of outfit was rather tomboyish, consisting of a low-cut tank top, jeans, and black combat boots. Nevertheless, that outfit did highlight the girl's rather shapely figure.

Wonder Woman approached the girl slowly, partly to not frighten the girl and partly out of actual caution. The girl didn't seem like the sort who would participate in a mass-kidnapping scheme, but then, judging a book by its cover was a very foolish move in a super heroine's line of work.

"Excuse me," Wonder Woman said once she was four or five feet from the girl. "Can I help you with something?"

The girl turned toward the Amazing Amazon with a bored look. "Just lookin' for a bite to eat. That's all."

"Yes, well, I'm afraid that most places are closed at this hour," Wonder Woman replied. "Especially with all these disappearances lately. It's not safe for shopkeepers or customers to stay out this late."

For the next several minutes, the girl stood in place with her head bowed, apparently considering the Amazon's words. Then, her head suddenly perked back up.

"Sorry about that," she said brightly. "I was just telling my friends. Oh, and you're wrong, by the way."

Wonder Woman blinked in confusion. "Wrong? About what?"

In a flash, the girl's eyes turned dark and cold. "I've got a nice little midnight snack right here!"

The girl lunged straight at Wonder Woman in a blur of superhuman speed. The sexy Amazon was caught off-guard, but sidestepped in time. Barely.

Meanwhile, the shapely vigilante's attacker charged right towards a broken streetlight, evidently a victim of her momentum. But at the last moment, she reached out with one hand, grabbed the pole, and spun herself around so that she was facing Wonder Woman again.

"So you are the real deal," she grinned, lacing her fingers behind her head. "I never had a bona-fide super heroine before!"

Wonder Woman moved into a combat stance, ready to fling some kind of taunt right back at the blonde. But her words died on her lips when she got a better look at her opponent. The moonlight was shining at just the right angle for the Amazon to see a set of inhumanly long, pointed canine teeth in the blonde's grin.


The blonde noticed her shock, and grinned even more smugly. "I hear that Amazon blood's supposed to taste real sweet, too. Shall we find out?"

With that, she charged again. This time, however, Wonder Woman was ready. Her opponent might have been faster than any ordinary woman, but the sexy Amazon was most certainly not ordinary. At exactly the right moment, Wonder Woman kicked straight up, and nailed the blonde square in the chin.

The sheer force of Wonder Woman's kick threw the shapely blonde back a good six or seven feet. She stumbled a bit, but managed to keep herself upright; then, she rubbed the spot where she'd been kicked, and glared dangerously at Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman frowned slightly. A grown man would have found it difficult to get up from a kick like that. But then, maybe she shouldn't have been surprised that vampires played on a wholly different level. They were supernatural creatures, after all. And ones that were supposed to regularly prey on humans, to boot.

"Something wrong, Wonder Wimp?" the blonde taunted as she began circling the Amazing Amazon. "Thought we only existed in the movies, didn't you?"

"You should have stayed there," Wonder Woman fired back, cautiously watching her opponent. In all truth, as a super heroine and Amazon warrior, she had actually faced many supernatural creatures before. But this was her first confrontation with a genuine vampire. Until now, she had doubted their very existence; sure, reports dated all the way back to the Middle Ages, but they had always been poorly confirmed at best, and outright fiction at worst.

The Amazon suddenly felt a warning bell go off in her head. A split-second later, her instincts told her that she and her opponent were no longer alone.

Wonder Woman dodged to the side just in time; a human-sized blur shot past her, missing her head by only inches. The raven-haired crimefighter barely had time to blink before a second blur charged toward her from a nearby alley, slamming right into her.


The beautiful vigilante was knocked off of her feet, to land painfully on her back. Almost immediately, she felt a set of knees digging into her stomach, followed by a pair of hands clamping around her forearms, followed by a gust of breath on her face.

Wonder Woman forced her eyes open, and saw pretty much what she'd expected to see: another college-age girl with long, sharp fangs. This one was a redhead, and she was wearing a pretty tomboyish outfit as well: hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. Her blue eyes had a look of pure hunger, enough to chill even Wonder Woman's blood.

"Mmm, you smell deliciousI" the redhead purred, pressing her tiny nose to Wonder Woman's neck and sniffing. The statuesque super heroine tried to struggle, but the redhead's grip was like iron - evidently, vampires were as strong as the movies claimed they were.

Wonder Woman fought the goosebumps creeping up her neck, and tried to concentrate on her situation. She saw three other college-age girls looming over her. One was the blonde, of course. The other two were dark-haired - one with chestnut-brown hair, the other with pitch-black hair - and wore identical black dresses and heels.

"Your friends, I presume?" Wonder Woman asked the blonde, recalling how the girl had suddenly gone silent for several moments, and then claimed that she'd been contacting her friends. Mentally, she checked off telepathic communication abilities as yet another apparent vampire power.

The blonde smirked lazily. "Yep. I'm Alice, by the way." She jabbed her thumb at the brunette, and then the black-haired girl. "That's Maya, and that's Carol."

Carol clapped her hands together, looking genuinely excited. "Wow! I've always wanted to meet Wonder Woman!"

Maya just shrugged, looking unimpressed. "Meh. She looked taller on TV."

"And I'm Kathy," the redhead straddling Wonder Woman smirked, capturing the Amazon's attention once more. "Now, if you don't mind, we'll be sampling some of that wonderful Amazon blood of yoursI"

Wonder Woman's baby blues narrowed at that. "ActuallyI I do mind!"

As she spoke, the Amazing Amazon summoned up every ounce of her superior Amazon strength, and flung Kathy away like a ragdoll. The redhead shrieked loudly as she went flying, but Wonder Woman was already on her feet by then. Without hesitation, she kicked Maya in the face, sending the brunette crashing into Carol.

Unfortunately for the lovely heroine, Alice was quicker on the uptake than her friends. The blonde swiftly weaved her way into Wonder Woman's blind spot, before launching a devastating kick at the Amazon's temple. That one blow, stronger than what most grown men could dish out, knocked Wonder Woman onto her ass.

"Get her, girls!" Alice hollered.

Before Wonder Woman could even stand up, she found herself being swarmed by all four girls. The vigilante put up a fierce fight, even landing quite a few punches and kicks on her blood-sucking foes, but it still wasn't enough to overcome four-to-one odds. Especially when the vampires could withstand her super-strong blows better than mortals could, and give as good as they got.

Eventually, the lovely crimefighter stopped any attempts to fight back, and just tried to shield herself from any further blows. Her head was swimming, wobbling on the very edge of consciousness. And still, kicks rained down on just about every inch of her statuesque body, testing even her legendary endurance.

Suddenly, those kicks stopped. Wonder Woman sighed in relief, even though her situation remained desperate. She lay flat at the vampires' feet, barely able to move any part of her body. It was one hell of a fight just for her to stay awake.

"Holy shit!" Carol gasped, looking over the semiconscious Amazon. "We did it! We beat up the fucking Wonder Woman!"

"Was there ever any doubt?" Alice smirked, putting an arm around Carol's shoulders. "We have done nothing but serve Mistress Rose faithfully. And in return, she's given us power beyond human imagination. Not to mention Amazon imagination."

"And we did it without taking her magic belt off!" Carol added. "Not like all those other cheaters!"

"Oh - thanks for reminding me," Alice said, kneeling down besides the fallen crimefighter. Wonder Woman inwardly cursed as she felt the blond vampire removing her golden girdle. Now that she was separated from the source of her superhuman powers, she was just as vulnerable as an ordinary woman.

"Better safe than sorry, huh?" Maya rolled her eyes, smiling wryly at Alice.

"You girls keep all the souvenirs you want," Kathy cut in. She then turned her predatory gaze on Wonder Woman. "I want some of that tasty Amazon blood!"

Despite herself, Wonder Woman felt another chill of terror run through her perfect body. Less than an hour ago, she hadn't even believed in vampires. Now, she was about be dinner for not one, but four of them. And she didn't even want to think about what would happen after that. Would she be drained into a withered corpse, and left for someone else to find? Would she be turned into one of them, eternally stalking the night for fresh blood? Both possibilities - and many, many others - were backed up by one story or another.

A heartbeat later, the Amazing Amazon found Kathy straddling her once again. And before the statuesque super heroine could even attempt to struggle, the redhead opened her mouth wide and plunged her fangs deep into Wonder Woman's tender neck.

Wonder Woman opened her mouth to scream. What came out sounded more like a moan of pure pleasure. Great Hera! I never thought it would feel thisI thisI

Truth be told, she didn't really have a word for it. She could feel the cruel points of Kathy's fangs jabbing deep into the soft flesh of her neck, and they hurt, but they hurt so good. Her head was spinning from the sheer euphoria, her baby blues growing wide as saucers.

Wonder Woman lost all track of time. She didn't know whether Kathy had been sucking her blood for three seconds or three hours when the redheaded vampire was suddenly pulled off of her. Kathy made an annoyed grunt, and Wonder Woman found herself giving a little moan of disappointment.

"Leave some for the rest of us, you greedy little bitch," Alice said coldly, holding Kathy by the scruff of the neck. Then, she smirked at Wonder Woman. That smirk made butterflies flutter in the pit of the super heroine's stomach - half out of fear, and half out of excitement.

Kathy scowled, but nodded in agreement. "Fine."

Wonder Woman barely had time to breathe before she felt that wonderfully painful sensation of fangs again. This time, it was in the other side of her neck. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she was delivered to that place of pure pleasure again, even as she vaguely heard the little suckling noises of her blood being drained.

But Kathy, it seemed, wasn't satisfied with just watching. The redhead moved over to the bottom half of Wonder Woman's amazing body, and squatted down. While Alice was having the time of her life with Wonder Woman's neck, Kathy plunged her hand right into the heroine's blue, star-spangled bottoms.

That little move made her mind go totally blank for a moment. She recovered just in time to hear Kathy crowing aloud: "Holy shit! She's still a virgin!"

At that exact moment, Wonder Woman felt Alice's fangs pulling out of her neck. To her great shame, the crimefighter realized that she was actually looking forward to getting her blood sucked by the next girl in line. And worse, Kathy was stroking her pussy with wicked relish, making the space between her legs nice and wet.

"Wow," Maya said, smiling in amusement as Wonder Woman flushed. "Wasn't expecting that. Top super heroine in the country can't even get a little action?"

"You girls remember the protocol that Mistress Rose has set for virgin candidates, right?" Alice asked as she stood upright, her voice suddenly stern.

"We know, we know," Kathy said, annoyed. "No penetrating. She wants to pop their cherries herself."

The beautiful Amazon Princess raised an eyebrow as the intellectual part of her brain tried to reassert itself. Mistress Rose? It was the second time that the vampires had mentioned that name. Was it someone that they all answered to?

A particularly skillful little rub from Kathy then sent Wonder Woman's mind careening into la-la land again. The helpless Amazon knew that she was drawing close to orgasm. The signs were all there: the liquid heat flowing through her body, the shallow breaths from her mouth and nose, the fact that her limbs all felt like jelly.

"P-please," she gasped out with her last ounce of strength and willpower. "PleaseI"

Alice bent down and loomed over her, eyes twinkling with malevolent mischief as she grabbed the heroine's chin with one hand. "Please what? Please help yourself to my wonderful blood? Please help yourself to my tasty little body? Please do both at the same time?"

Wonder Woman tried to open her mouth to protest, but without her golden girdle, she couldn't fight the blonde's grip. The heroine could only watch helplessly as, in the blink of an eye, Alice stripped out of her tight jeans and panties and stood over her with twat fully bared.

"Mmmph?!" the vanquished super heroine cried as the blond vampire casually sat on her face. All she could see now was Alice's bare, milky-white skin, along with a bikini-waxed triangle of pubic hair. And her mouth and nose were shoved against Alice's wet womanhood, left with no choice but to inhale the musky smell. That smell was overwhelming, and combined with the job that Kathy was doing on her twat, it completely energized Wonder Woman for even more sexual use and abuse.

Then, to make matters even worse, Wonder Woman felt a hand sliding beneath her back. That hand soon found the zipper to her bustier top. In seconds, her top was unzipped and flung aside, letting her sizable breasts bounce freely. Unsurprisingly, her nipples soon grew erect and sensitive in the cool night air.

"Wow!" Carol gasped, kneeling beside Wonder Woman and taking the heroine's left tit into her hands. "I think these are even bigger than Mistress Rose's!"

"And they're real, too," Maya noted, kneeling beside Wonder Woman's right tit and mercilessly poking, pinching, and massaging it. "Think that Wonder Skank's got vampire blood somewhere in her family tree?"

Wonder Woman knew that she was lost then and there. Four young women working over every inch of her shapely body was more than she could take. The heroine gave in to her own lust as she stopped resisting that pussy grinding so persistently against her face, and instead stuck out her tongue to lick it. She was hesitant at first, but soon got into the act in earnest. As it turned out, Alice's twat tasted pretty damn great.

"Ready or not," Kathy purred fiercely. "Here she COMES!"

"HHHMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!" Wonder Woman cried into Alice's twat as she felt her core explode in purest pleasure. Her fists clenched, and her booted feet kicked fiercely, but the vampires easily kept her held down. Held her almost entirely still while the climax slammed into her full-blast.

That orgasm wiped away the last of the heroine's inhibitions, making her eat Alice out more energetically than ever. In only a few minutes, she had brought Alice to a rip-roaring climax as well. The blond vampire's love juices flooded her mouth, forcing her to gulp it all down as quickly as possible.

"OH, YESSSSSI!!!" Alice howled as she came, rubbing her twat into Wonder Woman's lovely face harder than ever. "You really are a Wonder, Wonder Woman!"

Wonder or not, even the Amazing Amazon had her limits - especially since she no longer had her super powers. She quickly passed out, her last memory being that of two pairs of fangs sinking into both her tits at onceI

She didn't know how long she was out for. Darkness and silence seemed to last for an eternity. The very next thing she felt was collision with a cold, hard floor.


The raven-haired crimefighter's baby blues snapped open. Quickly, Wonder Woman realized that she was in full costume again, golden girdle included. But then she realized that she was also tightly bound - with her own golden lasso, no less. That mystical, unbreakable rope coiled around her body like a mummy's wrappings, running from her shoulders to her booted feet.

Panic was her first instinct, but she swiftly forced herself to calm down. That done, she squirmed in her bonds, trying to lift her head to get the best possible view of her surroundings. She seemed to be in a small and rather dusty room, lit by nothing but a single candle sitting in a candlestick about six feet away. As her eyes adjusted to the poor lighting, Wonder Woman began to identify each of the shadowy shapes around her: there was a counter, a sink, and what looked like a stoveI

With a start, the Amazing Amazon Princess realized where she was: a kitchen. A sick joke from her captors, no doubt. To them, she was nothing but food.

And that also explained why they had put her golden girdle back on. The girdle gave her a superhuman healing ability, which would naturally allow her to replenish her blood supply faster. All four vampires could drink as much of her sweet Amazon blood as they liked, and never have to worry about draining her dry. Of course, since she was bound by her golden lasso, she was helpless to exercise any of the other powers her girdle granted.

Or so her captors thought.

In truth, Wonder Woman already had a plan in mind to escape her current predicament. Mentally, she thanked Hera that her enemies had been overconfident enough to give her such lax restraints; her captors generally bound her to a chair or an operating table or something.

As silently as she could, the shapely heroine maneuvered herself around on the cold kitchen floor, moving as much as the lasso would allow. It took a while, but she finally managed to stand upright, leaning against the kitchen counter for support. Then, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and began to spin in place.

She didn't spin too fast, for fear of falling over, but kept a consistent speed. Soon enough, a burst of light enveloped her. When that light had faded, Wonder Woman was gone. In her place stood Diana Prince: bespectacled, nondescript, and most importantly, free.

Diana grinned as she flexed her arms, before her face assumed a look of grim determination. "No more games. It's time to take those little bloodsuckers down."

So she spun in place once more, until the light enveloped her again. Wonder Woman emerged from that light, standing proud and tall. Her golden lasso was hanging from her golden girdle, where it belonged. The heroine felt refreshed and ready to kick some serious vampire ass.

But Wonder Woman knew that she had to be careful, as well. She - hopefully - had the element of surprise over her four opponents, but she didn't know where they were. She didn't even know where she was. And if she didn't fight intelligently, Alice and her little friends could easily overpower her again.

"That's not going to happen," Wonder Woman growled softly to herself, trying to push away her memories of how the vampires had made her utterly powerless and fucked her stupid, to boot. To her annoyance, those memories were sending an odd and not unpleasant tingle through her body.

Scowling, the shapely heroine shook her head from side to side to clear her mind. When - not if, when - she kicked those four little upstarts' asses, she would wring anything they knew about the disappearances out of them. And then, she'd ship them over to Washington for containment and study. She could only imagine how shocked Steve, and all her other superiors, would be when they learned of the existence of modern-day vampires.

I wonder if they burn up in sunlight, Wonder Woman thought as she peeked out of the kitchen doorway, and saw no one. Or run away at the sight of a cross.

The first one would have strengthened, if not fully confirmed, her suspicions that the vampires were responsible for the disappearances. It made perfect sense - they hid or slept during daytime, and searched for "food" at night. But if that were true, then they probably didn't fear crosses - one of the disappeared was a priest, and he had last been seen in his own parish, surrounded by crosses.

Wonder Woman frowned as a grim thought came to mind. Assuming that the disappearance victims had all fallen prey to the vampires, where were they now? Were they even alive anymore? As far as she knew, none of them had a superhuman healing factor like herI

"Stop it, Diana," she chided herself. "You can't lose faith like that. They're not dead until you see the corpses."

And so, the shapely heroine slowly crept out of the kitchen, and up an old set of stone steps. She left the candle burning inside the kitchen, so the vampires wouldn't immediately be alerted to her escape if they dropped by to check on her. All the while, she kept her eyes and ears alert for any sign of danger.

The minutes continued ticking by, but Wonder Woman neither saw nor heard another living - or undead - soul. The Amazon Princess eventually made her way into a wide corridor, lined on both sides with five doors. Everything, from the peeling walls to the tarnished doorknobs, looked like it had seen better days.

Eyes narrowed, she looked from one door to the next, trying to decide which one to go through first. If she chose wrong, she might wind up wasting hours checking empty rooms and dead ends. Or worse - trigger some booby trap that would put her at the mercy of the vampires again. But if she didn't act quicklyI

The rattling of a doorknob shook the Amazon from her thoughts. Wonder Woman instantly turned toward the door that had produced that noise - the one directly to her right. As that door slowly opened, the heroine heard a familiar voice from behind it.

"I should probably check on Wonder TwitI"

Without thinking, she threw a kick at the half-open doorway with all her might. Her booted foot collided with the ribs of a certain blond vampire just in time.

"Ugh!" Alice cried, doubling over.

A split-second later, Wonder Woman reached out, seized the vampire by the neck, and slammed her fist into Alice's face a half-dozen times. Alice quickly crumpled with a groan; even her vampire abilities could only do so much against Wonder Woman's super-powered fury.

The three other vampires were all standing behind the doorway, and staring at Wonder Woman in pure shock, bodies frozen and mouths open. The shapely vigilante dearly wished that she could've snapped a picture then and there. Too bad she didn't have a camera on her.

Oh well,_Wonder Woman thought as she threw a roundhouse kick at the closest vampire - Maya. _Life's full of little disappointments like that.

Maya tried to dodge, but she snapped out of her shock just a second too slow. Wonder Woman's kick caught her in the temple, knocking her onto her shapely ass.

That was what finally roused the two remaining vampires into full-on combat mode. Kathy immediately lunged at Wonder Woman, eyes blazing. Meanwhile, Carol dropped down low and swept her leg in a wide arc, trying to knock the Amazon off-balance.

Wonder Woman jumped right over Carol's sweep kick, before swinging her outstretched arm into Kathy's stomach. Her clothesline was a rousing success, smashing the wind out of the redheaded vampire. And as Kathy doubled over, Wonder Woman kicked her in the head, putting her down for the count.

"It's just you and me now, girl," the shapely Amazon said to Carol, sliding into a battle stance while beckoning the vampire with one hand. The dark-haired vampire just looked around, wide-eyed. Apparently, she hadn't counted on her backup being disposed of so easily.

Carol took one quick look at Wonder Woman, before promptly turning and running. Wonder Woman let a small smile of amusement curl her red lips as she charged the fleeing vampire with a flying kick to the back of the head.

"Ugh!" Carol cried as she went down, colliding hard against the floor. Wonder Woman gave her an extra kick to the head, just to really make sure she was out.

Putting her hands on her hips, the voluptuous Amazon Princess surveyed the room she was standing in. It looked like some kind of music room - a grand piano was sitting in the corner, gathering dust. And there were a few moth-eaten couches positioned along the walls.

"This place really needs a housekeeper," Wonder Woman muttered to herself as she removed her golden lasso from her girdle, and shook it out.

It didn't take long to round up all four vampires and tie them together with the lasso. She looked them over a few times, beginning starting her interrogation.

"All right, can you four hear me? Do not move or fight unless I command it."

The four vampires' eyes snapped open simultaneously. Confusion, then surprise, then fury, flashed across all four faces. But there was nothing they could do against the power of the golden lasso.

"We hear and obey," the four of them said as one, through clenched teeth.

"Nice. Confessions in stereo," the heroine said. "Now, what can you tell me about the disappearances that have been happening around Baltimore and D.C. lately?"

"Those were performed on orders from Mistress Rose," Alice said.

"And also as a way of feeding ourselves," Kathy added.

Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow. "Wait, hold on a second. Who is this Mistress Rose you've all been talking about?"

"She is our Matriarch," Alice said without hesitation. "It was she who welcomed us into the brood, and bestowed us with our abilities."

"Ah, the head vampire," Wonder Woman realized. Can't have a good vampire story without one of those.

"Mistress Rose has walked this Earth for decades - centuries - in undeath, honing her mastery of-"

"Enough with the praise," Wonder Woman interrupted. "Why did she want you to kidnap all of those people?"

"Mistress Rose now wants a mate," Alice said simply. "Someone that she can enjoy the passions of the flesh and the knowledge of the dark arts with."

"We got her fifteen candidates," Maya added. "None of 'em were good enough. Mistress keeps them around as servants now. And as snacks and playthings for us."

"And how do you all fit into this? Why does she-"

"Why do I send a bunch of newborns out to do my hunting? Believe me, it's more for their benefit than mine."

The super heroine whirled around at the unfamiliar voice. Deep, rich, some sort of European accent. Not quite British, not quite German, not quite FrenchI

Despite herself, she found her jaw dropping slightly as she took in the woman standing before her. The woman was a true knockout, with features that seemed to be the very personification of beauty. Her hair was silver-white, falling to her mid-back. She was roughly as tall as Wonder Woman herself - perhaps just a little taller - with a bosom to match. And her only article of clothing was a long black dress, as low in the neckline as it was high in the hem.

Wonder Woman looked the new woman up and down, taking in the pale, milky skin, the blood-red lips, the seemingly endless green eyes. She almost lost herself in those eyes, and began to let go of the lasso, before she caught herself.

"Mistress Rose, I presume?" the Amazing Amazon said, trying to keep her voice as harsh and stern as possible as she slid into another battle stance.

"The same," the woman said, exposing her fangs. "So you are the world-famous Wonder Woman? My, my, it looks like my girls have passed with flying colors."

"PassedI?" Wonder Woman began. Then she realized that Mistress Rose was looking her up and down. "You want me in your vile harem? I don't think so."

"Not as a vassal," Mistress Rose replied. "As a mate. Not just my primary source of nourishment, but also a companion that I may share the night with. Your beauty is already more than worthy of me, but I can sense a great intellect as well. You have the potential to be my equal, unlike so many others."

"Yeah, I think I'll pass," Wonder Woman sneered, taking a step forward. "Undead and _Amazon_don't really go together."

Mistress Rose laughed at that. A melodic kind of laugh that made even the experienced super heroine pause.

"Silly girl," the voluptuous vampire said, her eyes suddenly shining with a dull purple light. "I'm afraid you won't be doing much thinking at all in the near future."

Immediately, Wonder Woman felt her limbs turn into jelly. Every ounce of fight seemed to drain from her, leaving her standing there stock-still. For one second, she felt a surge of panic run through her mind. Then, even that died away, leaving the Amazon totally entranced. Body and soul.

"The classics never die," Mistress Rose chuckled to herself, putting a hand on Wonder Woman's sizable chest. Then, she said to the Amazon, "I have had decades to master Lucifer's arts, my sexy little super twit. Combined with my natural vampire abilities, I can project a hypnosis spell even Amazons can't resist."

Leaning in close, the silver-haired vampire took a deep sniff of the Amazing Amazon. Wonder Woman dimly felt tingles all over her skin.

"Mmm. A virgin, I see. Oh, this will be so much funI but first things firstI"

Smirking, she reached over and grabbed Wonder Woman's magic lasso, raising it over the heads of its four captives. Alice, Kathy, Maya, and Carol quickly climbed to their feet, all bowing toward their Mistress.

"Are you satisfied, Mistress?" Alice asked quickly.

"That remains to be seen," Mistress Rose said. "But if she truly is the one, you four will have the next level of your conversion. Immortality, shapeshifting, the lot."

"Sweet!" Kathy laughed, high-fiving Carol.

"I will take her into my chambers now," the silver-haired vampire said, arm around the hypnotized Wonder Woman. "Make yourselves scarce until I call for you."

"Will do, Mistress!" Carol said brightly, saluting. The other rolled their eyes, but followed the dark-haired vampire out of the music room.

As soon as they had gone, Mistress Rose put both her hands on Wonder Woman's shoulders, before focusing her dark energies into a single, wordless spell. The two instantly vanished into thin air, only to reappear in another room entirely - an elegantly decorated bedroom with a four-poster bed at its center.

Without ceremony, the lovely vampire threw the hypnotized crimefighter onto the bed. Then, with another spell, she conjured up tendrils of dark energy that snaked around Wonder Woman's arms and legs, forcing the heroine to assume an all-fours position in the center of the bed.

For a moment, she just enjoyed the sight of Wonder Woman's ass, all wrapped up in those tight blue bottoms. Then, with a raised voice, she cried out, "Sheridan!"

Soon after, a bearded man in formal wear entered the bedroom. His expression was glazed over, and had Wonder Woman been in any state to do so, she would have identified the man as one of the disappearance victims.

"Yes, Mistress?" the man spoke with a monotone drone.

"Do you have Carmilla?" Mistress Rose asked. Sheridan stiffly presented a black leather case to her. "Excellent. Leave her here, and leave us be."

With a silent nod, Sheridan left the case on the bedroom floor, and exited the bedroom as quickly as he'd entered it. Mistress Rose walked over to the black case and opened it, taking out a long, thick strap-on dildo - complete with harness. With a flourish, she removed her black dress, and donned the sex toy.

"This is Carmilla," she cooed as she climbed onto the bed, stroking the dildo. "My one and only partner for breaking in potential mates. Especially virgins."

Fortunately, the bed's headboard had a mirror built into it. So even though she was behind Wonder Woman, she knew that the sexy super heroine could see Carmilla in all her glory. And even her hypnosis wasn't enough to fully dull Wonder Woman's mind - right now, she could sense both fear and excitement from the Amazon.

"I've taken good care of her over the years," she continued. "Carmilla has all sorts of nice little enchantments. Self-repairI self-lubricationI and my favoriteI"

She poked the head of the dildo against Wonder Woman's blue, star-spangled bottoms, right where the Amazon's pussy was. A tiny spark of dark magic came out of the tip, traveling into Wonder Woman's nether regions.

"Oh!" Wonder Woman squeaked, feeling a climax instantly explode between her legs.

"Do pardon me," Mistress Rose purred as she reached down and used two fingers to rub the sexy Amazon's cunt through the star-spangled bottoms. "I usually enjoy a little more foreplay before I break in a new potential mate, but I really can't hold myself back any longer. Your scent is driving me mad."

With that, the vampire placed her hands on Wonder Woman's hips, lined the tip of the dildo up with the heroine's deliciously wet womanhood, and thrust.

"Ugggghhhh," Wonder Woman groaned, baby blues growing wide.

Thanks one of the enchantments that Mistress Rose had cast on it, the strap-on instantly penetrated Wonder Woman's already-soaked bottoms, plunging straight into the vanquished vigilante's core. The force of that thrust easily broke through Wonder Woman's maidenhood, forever ridding the Amazon of her virginity.

"Now, you're a real Wonder Woman!" the silver-haired vampire grinned as she intensified her thrusts. With every one, the lovely super heroine gave a sexy little cry of mingled pleasure and pain. Mistress Rose had decades of experience pleasuring women under her belt, and she was showing off every bit of it.

Wonder Woman panted desperately, feeling her body grow hotter and hotter by the second. The pain and pleasure radiating out of her pussy were slowly awakening her hypnosis-addled mind, but that hardly mattered. Even with her golden girdle, she couldn't summon up the strength to break the dark tendrils holding her in place.

As she gleefully fucked the valiant vigilante, Mistress Rose inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of Wonder Woman's nether regions. She sensed that the Amazon was approaching orgasm, and knew that it was almost time for the true test. The one that would decide whether Wonder Woman would sleep by her side for all eternity.

"Oh! Oh! AiiiiieeeeeeeI!" Wonder Woman suddenly cried, bucking as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.

In a flash, Mistress Rose pulled out of the shapely vigilante, pulled those thin blue bottoms down, and buried her face in that wet Amazon pussy. A second later, she was treated to a taste of nectar most divine: Wonder Woman's mingled blood and love juices.

As soon as that mixture hit her tongue, the silver-haired vampire almost passed out from sheer ecstasy. And it was then that she knew.

"You are the one," Mistress Rose breathed deeply into Wonder Woman's wet pussy, triggering another moan. With a lustful grin, the vampire exposed her fangs and plunged them deep into the Amazon's groin.

That bite sent a shock like no other coursing straight through Wonder Woman. The sexy super heroine cried out and thrashed, toes curling in her boots.

Mistress Rose sucked and drank greedily from her soon-to-be bride, applying her tongue occasionally for even more sexual spoils. But with every bit she drank, she gave something back - a spark of dark vampiric energy. This was the ritual that would mark Wonder Woman as her mate, binding them together in mind and soul.

Wonder Woman would emerge as not just her devoted undead lover, but also her devoted student in the dark arts.

For her part, Wonder Woman was at the very brink of unconsciousness, but her Amazon instincts gave her a vague sense of what Mistress Rose was doing. She also knew that there was nothing she could do to stop it. Somehow, that helplessness made her feel even hotter and wetter.

I guess I'll be the world's first vampire Amazon, she thought. Could be worse.

Then she felt a surge of pure pleasure, stronger than any other she had experienced, slammed into her. In seconds, she was out cold.

When the curvaceous Amazon opened her eyes again, she found herself lying on the bed alone. Mistress Rose was gone. She looked around for a moment, and then heard the bedroom door open. Turning toward the door, she saw Alice, Kathy, Maya, and Carol stroll into the room.

Alice approached the bed, and extended a hand towards her. "SoI I hear that you passed. Congratulations."

Wonder Woman hesitantly took the hand, and shook. It felt kind of disconcerting to her, but it also felt right. She was part of Mistress Rose's clan now, just like they were. They were comrades - sisters in undeath.

"Fetching a good bride for Mistress Rose was our final test to becoming second-class nightwalkers," Maya added. "Thanks for helping us pass."

"You'reI welcome?" Wonder Woman said slowly. Then, something else came to mind. "Where did you girls come from, anyway? Did she-"

"We'll save that story for another time," Alice said quickly. "Right now, Mistress Rose has another assignment for all of us."

"Every time a new sister joins the clan, all the other sisters need to bond with her!" Carol piped in. "It's Mistress' tradition!"

"And guess how we're supposed to do it," Kathy smirked, climbing up onto the bed with a hungry look in her eyes.

This time, the lovely Amazon didn't resist in the slightest when the four vampires climbed atop her and fucked her stupid. Okay, maybe a little bit. She had a feeling that at least some of them were turned on by it.

For what felt like hours - if not days - all five of them engaged in gleefully decadent lesbian sex, incorporating just about every position in the book. And some that couldn't be found in any book. Despite her superhuman stamina and her new vampire abilities, Wonder Woman still found it pretty overwhelming.

At the end of it all, the raven-maned Amazon was left in a panting heap, feeling utterly exhausted, but also at peace. By chance, she happened to look up, and found herself making eye contact with Mistress Rose.

"I see you're having fun with my little vassals," the silver-haired vampire smirked. "Was my bed that comfy?"

Wonder Woman quickly scrambled onto her knees, and bowed toward her Mistress in apology. The four other vampires on the bed did the same.

"Ah, never mind that," Mistress Rose said with a wave of her hand. "Put this on, and meet me at the altar in twenty minutes."

The kneeling Amazon just stared as her Mistress placed a bundle into her hands, before striding out of the room. She turned to the other four vampires.

"Altar? What does she mean by that?"

"Right - you don't know, do you?" Kathy said. "We're sitting pretty in the old Le Fanu Cathedral on 72nd Street. Don't even need a utilities bill."

Wonder Woman nodded as she unfolded the bundle. That made sense; she had heard of the old cathedral before, and it had been abandoned for decades. It would be an ideal haunt for creatures of the night, given its size and rather isolated location.

The same, however, couldn't exactly be said for the garments she found in the bundle. Upon seeing them, the other vampires smiled in amusement.

"A joke from Mistress, probably," Maya shrugged. "This is a church, and we already have a priest hanging around. Nabbed him two weeks ago, I think."

The four vampires helped Wonder Woman don the outfit that Mistress Rose had provided. Once they were finished, Kathy went and fetched a full-body mirror from somewhere, and set it in front of Wonder Woman. The undead Amazon preened and posed, looking at her reflection.

She wasn't really surprised to see that her skin was now much paler, just like her fellow vampires'. That shade highlighted her raven-black hair and her ruby-red lips beautifully, to say nothing of her baby blue eyes. Her curvy, supple Amazon body remained, but her iconic outfit had been changed. The blue, star-spangled bottoms were still there, but a red-and-gold lace-up top had replaced her bustier, while sexy red pumps had replaced her boots. A black leather collar encircled her neck.

And last, but not least, a long, white wedding veil sat atop her head, trailing a good length behind her.

"We'd better hurry," Alice said, taking Wonder Woman by the hand. "Mistress doesn't like to be kept waiting."

The undead Amazon was led through what felt like a dozen different staircases and corridors, until she found herself standing at an altar in an enormous room lit by a few dozen candelabras. Mistress Rose was already there, looking lovely in that low-cut dress. There were hundreds of seats before the altar, but just twenty or so people sitting in them. Every one of them had the blank, stiff look of a vampire-entranced mortal.

A priest was standing between her and her Mistress, with that exact same look on his face. He looked at both of them with unblinking eyes, before saying:

"Do you, Mistress Rose Rheinfeldt Karnstein the Second, take this woman as your beloved, your mate, and your comrade in the dark arts, for all eternity?"

Mistress Rose flashed a smile that almost made Wonder Woman melt on the spot. "I do."

The priest turned toward Wonder Woman. "And do you, Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons, reciprocate?"

Wonder Woman didn't ask how he knew her secret identity. Mistress Rose must have told him. Mistress Rose knew everything about her, ever since their little ritual had bound their minds and souls together in blackest magic. Like a good little Wonder Bride, she was an open book for her Mistress to pursue at leisure.

She looked at her Mistress longingly, and felt the words effortlessly tumble from her lips.

"I do."