Supergirl: Through the Black Door  

By Doctor Black

Wizards Lair Contest Supergirl Story Contest 2000

Laura Danvers sat at her desk in Infinity Broadcasting, talking on the phone. The new fall line up was due and she was on a tight deadline. “Look Harv!” she said, “I need your best client for the new series so…” She held the phone away from her ear as the agent yelled back at her. Laura stared out across her desk into the main offices, smiling at the hustle and bustle. The glass walls of her office stopped most of the noise from entering, but she could replay the sounds over and over in her head, it had become her favorite music.

She pulled at her skirt as she waited for him to finish his rant. She wore a black power suit today, her black panties and her bra underneath instead of her costume. She went without her costume more and more these days. She was a successful business woman as well as a Super hero, a fact that made her proud. Her encounter with the Demon months previous had made her reexamine her life, and she had decided she needed to be more of a person, in addition to a hero. Her rise at Infinity had been rapid, and had been based solely on her skills as a producer. Laura was proud of the fact she was Supergirl, but was indeed proud she had accomplished something as a human being.

Harvey finally finished ranting, so she began to talk to him. “Look, I know that…” Suddenly, her desk began to shake. “What the…?” she asked as she dropped the phone and slid back away from the desk a little.

Suddenly, long gray slippery tendrils began to erupt from the sides and top of the desk. Like some sort of land octopus, they reached to Laura with frightening speed. She found it impossible to move, like she was a deer caught in the headlights of a truck. They wrapped around her upper arms, legs and torso and lifted her up, poising her above her own desk!

“NOOOO!!” she cried as she was slammed down on her back on the hard desk. She struggled furiously, but the tendrils seemed stronger than she. “Why can’t I break free?” she asked as her repeated attempts to pull the tendrils apart with her super strength failed.

That is when Supergirl noticed two things: First, the tendrils were not merely holding her down, they were starting to rip off her clothes! Second: People were starting to gather outside her office, staring in rapt fascination at the scene inside.

“HELP ME!!” she cried out as she felt her heels slide off her feet. She looked wildly at her chest as she felt the buttons on her blouse begin to pop off one at a time. She pulled with all her strength at the tentacles, but she had no effect. “How is this happening…” she whimpered. She heard her skirt rip and looked down again, expecting to se the tendrils working on her bra and panties, but to her horror she saw she was wearing her costume!

“NOOOOOO!!!” she looked up at the people in the windows with a wild look. They pointed in shock, seeing that their co-worker was the Maid of Might, Supergirl! Laura looked around the room rapidly, her hair thrashing about as she tried to fight out of this horrible situation. “My secret identity is lost!” she thought as her panic rose. Her chest began heaving and the tears started as the last of her ‘civilian clothes’ were ripped from her body. The tendrils slowed then, and Supergirl wondered if perhaps whoever was behind this simply wanted to expose her identity to the world. She shivered as she felt a warm spot on her leotard. “No! I can’t be enjoying this! It has got to be over…”

Her hope was crushed as she felt herself being turned over and forced to her hands and knees. She cried out in anguish as the people she thought were her friends simply watched her being defeated in the room. She looked from face to face, but saw no sympathy, no horror, all she saw was lust on the faces of the men, and looks of envious glee on the women. “Oh god, what will happen next?” she thought as her body strained against her animal like position to no avail.

Supergirl’s question was answered as a tendril slipped under her skirt and leotard and entered her pussy roughly. She groaned, half in pain, half in pleasure, as the thick tentacle violated her most private part. “OOOHHHHHH!” she cried out as she was raped. Two other, smaller tendrils wrapped themselves around her nipples, through her costume, and teased and pinched them. The sweat beaded out on Supergirl’s forehead as she struggled to keep her arousal under control. “People are watching!” she thought. Strangely, this only seemed to further arouse her as the tendrils slid further and further into her.

The outcome was never in doubt. Soon the room echoed with the pants of the Maid of Might as the tendrils drove her inexorably towards her final climax. As her arousal overcame her Supergirl looked up through hazed and half lidded eyes. She saw reporters and camera men filming the scene of the rape of Supergirl. Surprisingly, she did not seem to care. She pumped against the tendrils invading her body, and then opened her mouth widely to take in one that was touching her lips. She thrust harder and harder, her eyes rolling back into her head as she felt her orgasm arrive She screamed onto the tentacle in her mouth “MMMMPPPHHH!….”

Laura sat in her bed suddenly, calling out. She blinked, looking around her moonlit room. Her nightclothes were soaked with sweat and her hair damp. She could feel her panties soaked, but her mind only allowed her to consider it as perspiration. She shivered as her body cooled. “That was my third nightmare this week!” she thought, trying to calm her beating heart. She looked at the phone, then closed her eyes, shaking her head slightly. “No, I don’t need that.” She looked at phone again, the with a sigh, rolled over and dialed his number.

“Doc? I had another one… Would it be too much?… No? Ok, I will be there in ten minutes.” She rose from her bed, still shaky from the emotional drain of the nightmare, and put on her costume. Then she flew out of the window, heading for her personal psychologist’s office….

“So you say you have recurring nightmares, and that you seem to have lapses of consciousness too, Supergirl?” Doctor Black sat in his large leather armchair as Supergirl lay on the couch next to him. He was a largish man, with a heavy goatee and mustache and a hairless head. He wore his customary black Armani, with a white turtleneck as he scribbled notes on the pad in front of him.

“Yes” she answered. Her breathing was totally relaxed as she lay on the couch. She had hired Dr Black some months previously, to help her overcome the trauma of her defeat at the hands of the Demon. She had been brutally raped and sodomized and while she had ultimately defeated the supernatural foe, but she had almost lost her mind in the process. Dr Black had been quite helpful, and she had gradually been able to rebuild her psyche and even change her lifestyle. He was on call for her when she needed to talk, but the occurrences had been infrequent until quite recently. “For example, I do not even remember entering your office and lying down. I was flying and then suddenly, I am on the couch.”

“You entered through my window, Supergirl, like you always do.” He nodded his head to the open window of the door less office. “You seemed quite distraught on the phone, I am glad you came in.” He looked down at his notes and asked, “Have you been remiss on practicing your ‘door’ exercises?”

She swallowed guiltily. They had started a new cure this past week when her nightmares had started. “Ummm…well, I have been pretty busy…”

Black stood up in frustration. “You remember how this works, Supergirl! You are supposed to visualize all your fears and insecurities and place them behind the door! Then you avoid opening the door so that viola! No fears enter your mind.”

She nodded, “I know, I know! It even works, I just have had problems finding the time…” she looked at Doctor Black’s face suddenly. “I have heard a voice in my head too.” Black looked at her in concern. “Voices? What are they saying?” Laura answered in a shaky voice, “He is telling me to go open the door, Doctor!” Supergirl sobbed in frustration. Then she whispered “The voice sounds like Dr. Hamilton.”

He nodded, sitting down with a smile. “This is a normal reaction to our latest methods, Supergirl. Dr Hamilton’s voice represents the old you, the familiar you, hence a familiar voice. He is trying to convince you to open the door so that the old you can come back! We all try very hard to hold on to our past, you have said it yourself.” She nodded shakily, not sure of what to say. He stood up once again. “Still, you may need a new method to control your impulse to open the door. What do you think?”

She stood up angrily, “I want this to stop, dammit! Help me!”

He nodded again and walked over to her, putting his arms around her. “I am not supposed to do this, but I think you need a hug.” Supergirl was surprised, but returned his embrace, feeling better for the first time all night. Out of her sight, Black’s eyes turned suddenly red and he grabbed her cape. He gave it a yank and suddenly Laura was in a large Gym, spinning around and around by her cape! Black finally hurled her into the nearest set of bleachers, and she crashed through them to slam into the wall! “Uhhhnnnn!” she cried, a bit dazed.

Black walked towards her slowly. “Pitiful fool! I am going to break you for good this time.” His body began to expand, ripping his clothes from his body, and a tail extended from his rear. Horns grew and talons appeared on his hands and feet….it was the DEMON!

Supergirl looked up in fear as her trusted counselor turned into the one foe that had almost ended her life. She felt weak as she scrambled to her feet and ran for the only exit. She stopped like she had hit a wall when she came up to the door. Slowly her hand extended and touched the handle, but she could not bring herself to open it, her fear was too great. Then she lost her chance. The Demon grabbed her by her long golden hair and yanked her back from the door and hurled her again to slam into a wall across the gym.

She fell from the dent in the wall onto her hands and knees, looking up groggily as her foe walked towards her again. “I have got to fight him, I defeated him once, I can do it again.” She rose to her feet and charged at him, trying to slam into his vulnerable stomach.

She might have well been an ant trying to assault a rhino. He grabbed her wrists as she flew at him and twisted her onto her back, slamming her into the floor. The wood buckled and splintered under her as the force of the blow echoed in the empty gym. “Feel your hope slipping away, Supergirl? You have no chance to defeat me this time.”

She looked up through her pain clouded fog at the Demon. She felt her will slipping away her desire to struggle evaporating. “How are you doing this to me?”

He smiled, his fangs showing as he released her wrists. “You finally realize the futility of your situation? Good! Get on your knees, Supergirl.”

She wanted to scream out where the Demon could take his request, but instead Laura rolled up onto her knees, kneeling before her vanquisher. She was stunned to hear these words coming from her mouth. “What is thy bidding, master?” She looked at Demon’s stomach, not willing to look up at his face.

The villain’s huge cock slipped out of its protective sheath and its tip touched Supergirl’s ‘S’. “Suck me, woman, that I may continue your debasement.” Supergirl took the huge thing in her mouth and began to suck hungrily. She needed to please the Demon, wanted to make him cum and drink it all down. He hands played with his balls as her mouth took him deeper and deeper. Her throat relaxed and the tip of the cock slid past her tonsils as she sucked. She thought she heard a voice calling in her head , Supergirl! Come to the door! but she ignored it as she could feel his cock swelling as she blew him at super speed. She opened her mouth wider as the cum spewed into her throat…

Laura say up in her bed, panting and pulling at her sweat soaked nightgown. “Oh god.” She groaned as the last vestiges of sleep fled from her. She lay back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. “The third nightmare this week.” She thought, trying to calm her beating heart. She looked at the phone, then grabbed for it in a panic and dialed his number….

Dr. Hamilton hung in the air as the dark villain held him the air by the throat and squeezed. He called out “Supergirl! Come to the door!” as his life was being ended, but it was to no avail.

She had come to his labs to test his new virtual reality equipment that morning. It was the most advanced equipment in the world, so much so that he felt it necessary to have a fail safe. If she entered any door, she would automatically be given the option to exit the program. Hamilton had not realized that Dr Black had infiltrated the program and changed some things around, and by the time he had discovered the changes, Supergirl was in Black’s trap.

“I think it is safe to say, Dr Hamilton, that Supergirl will not be entering any doors in the near future. In fact, you might say she is in a world without doors as we speak!” Dr Black squeezed ever tighter and was pleased to hear the crinkling sound of Hamilton’s neck breaking. He tossed the rag doll aside and sat down at the keyboard. “Now Supergirl, what other nightmares can I inflict on you until your brain cracks?”

Laura walked along the dark street, looking a little disturbed by the fact it was deserted. Suddenly she was surrounded by the members of the Mutant gang. She look around in a panic as she felt her super strength leave her. She knelt on the ground and waited for them to have their way with her, she was a slut and must be treated like one….

The End, although the Nightmare continues….