Wonder Woman Transformed into a Squeaky Voiced Sex Slut  

By Dr Bone

Wonder Woman
mind control

Wonder Woman Transformed into a Squeaky Voiced Sex Slut

What will Wonder Woman do to protect the secrets of Paradise Island?

By Dr. Bone, who sez: This is a parody, a satire, it is not the real thing, all done in fun and for adults only.

A little known fact about Wonder Woman's home, Paradise Island, is not only is it hidden from overhead but you must fly over it at a very specific angle to see it at all. Such was the case when a freak navigational malfunction occurred on a plane shooting some stock footage for infamous porn producer Clavin Clawmoore.....

"The information you have must be false. I am sorry if you spent good money on it." bluffed the Amazon Princess, known to the world as Wonder Woman. She did not know what she liked less, being in the office of such a pile of dung like Clavin Clawmoore, who ruthlessly exploited women, or betraying her own morals by lying to him.

"Okay, if that is the way you feel. You know what? You could be right, except, hmmm, look at that." he said thumbing his cigar at the stained video screen. The image displayed was of Paradise Island in all its golden glory. "Now toots, here is what I am going to do. I like you, so after I sell the video rights to the "Hero Enquirer" I am going to sell the directions on the white market, meaning I am not going to sell them to any villains out there who might have a grudge against your people, or more specifically, you.

Wonder Woman knew now that he was calling her bluff. "Perhaps," she said full of gall, "the Justice League of America should come down on your operation...."

"Listen, I have been threatened by far worse than you and your cronies. And don't even think of harming me or messing with my mind. See? If I don't type my code into a website a couple of dozen times a day it will email your people's little secret to a few million people. And like I said before, I cannot guarantee that Luthor ain't on the list, or Black Manta or....."

"I get you! So what do you want?"

He named a kingdom's ransom in gold which she vouched she could deliver, as long as after he got it he would submit to an Amazon mind-wipe by the purple ray. He agreed, little did he know her plan was to heal his sick mind in the process and with luck he would be so altruistic that he would give the golden ransom back.

"Sure thing, except I am going to need a binder of some sort, so you don't back out on the deal." he said coming around the desk and getting up on top of it.

"What do you want?" she said warily.

"What every red blooded American wants." he said unzipping his fly. "I want you to wrap those wonder lips around my cock, now!"

This was almost too much for her to bear, she grabbed him by the collar lifting him from the ground as if he was no more than a pile of rags. "Ut! Remember the deal he said. She put him down knowing there was no other ways. To save the Amazons once she had to crawl through the rectum of a false world dragon and rip out its heart from the inside. Could this be any worse? Not by much she thought.

"Now that that is settled get on your knees." Clavin scoffed as the defeated Amazon knew she was backed into a corner. She sank to her knees, the heels of her boots against her taunt ass cheeks as she looked at Clavin's cock. She noted its huge size. Just her luck. It wasn't that she was against men, she just preferred women. And it was not like she never had touched a cock before, there was that hand job she had given Robin for his birthday as they glided above the world in her invisible jet. He was sweet, she thought to distract herself. But this was something else. The pleasure she had given Robin was done willingly for person who was grateful and had done so much for the world, like Jason and the other heroes of myth, but this man was the exact opposite of those noble men.

"Quit stalling and get to work." she grasped his cock in her hands, she was half tempted to rip it off but instead she held it at the base of the shaft. She opened her mouth and took it in as she scowled and glared at him. It was salty and slightly sour with sweat. The face she made of disgust delighted Clavin, her disgust delighted him, making what she did even more exciting to him.

He ran his hands through her silky black hair.

"Pull out those boobies. Now!" he commanded, she pulled them out and he reached down and pinched her nipples so hard they hurt. She plotted her vengeance against him.

"I want to slap your face with my cock so bad." he said but controlled the impulse. Wanting to get it over with she moved into high gear, her head bobbing up and down on his cock faster and faster."

"Oh yeah! And I know the words you are now going to least want to hear. You make sure to swallow every drop down that pretty little throat of yours or the deal is off."

"I will make him drink the hydra's piss." she thought as she felt his cock start to twitch, then with a spasm his cock dumped it's hot load into her mouth.

"Swallow it! Swallow it all. Keep sucking wonder slut. That's a good girl." he said grabbing the back of her head and pushing his prick as far down her throat as he could, until she gagged slightly.

When he started to go limp in her mouth she stood up. "Now keep your end of the bargain." she said tasting his disgusting seed in her mouth the whole time.

"Well the deal has changed. You wanted to brain wash me?"

She could not take it anymore. She would knock him out and take him to Paradise Island where some of the Amazons still remembered the ways of war and torture. She struck at him but he laughed as all her blow did was slightly sting his jaw. Her hand hurt worse than anything she had done to him.

"Let me tell you something funny. A man came into my office. Stop me if you heard this one, and showed me something." He took out a comic book, an old one and showed her her own origin. It seems the queen of the Amazons wanted a child, but could not have one. No dick on the island. Duh! Anyway the goddess Aphrodite had her make a baby out of clay, and then bam! Blessed it with life, and that child was you.

"So!" she cried, as too huge goons grabbed her, forcing her hands behind her back.

"Well what is the rules of Paradise Island? No men on the island! You all lose your powers and you are just a bunch of lesbians with a fetish for ancient Roman clothing. Toga! Toga! Well you were made from the clay of that island. So when I came in your mouth........."

Her eyes went wide with the realization. A man literally in the soil of Paradise Island.

"Now I have always been looking for a wife. No not you. But what I am, or more appropriately, who I am going to change you into. Met my friend, Farmer Bim.

"No my friend you can call me Farmer Bimbo, I am tired of explaining what the "Bim" stands for." Into the room stepped a man in the ugliest lime green leisure suit that polyester was ever made into. He had his hair done in a pushed back, overly hair sprayed style. His carrot colored fake, out of the bottle tan had stained his thick gold chain. Worse yet, the one concession he made to being a costumed villain was the rhinestone purple domino mask he had on.

"Glad to be of service." Farmer Bimbo said. "It is loud mouth feminists like her that got me jail time."

Wonder Woman recognized him now. "You exploited women! Objectified them."

"Exploited? Objectified? I will let you know that the women all were highly paid at my club. Nobody was forced to work there. As a matter of fact they were more than pissed that you closed that club down. Half of them had to work in fast food joints after what happened. Yeah! You really helped everyone."

"Well now I am going to help you." The two goons forced her against the desk on her knees placing her tits on top of the desk. She struggled but she was helpless before the superior strength and leverage of the goons. Clavin held her left breast still as Farmer Bimbo filled a huge hypodermic needle full of a silver liquid. Then he injected it right through the tip of her left nipple, he f followed up by injecting the right one. The men then let her go.

"What have you done to me?" she said. She could feel her body changing.

"I have injected you with a mixture of hormones and nanites. When they are done with you you won't be able to recognize yourself. You will be the girl of Clavin's dreams. Right?"

"Yeah! I like my women with soft asses and tits, the sluttly intellectual secretary with the squeaky voice, like that chick in that Ghost Dusters film."

What is happening to me?" she yelled as her body changed. Her muscular breasts became softer and slightly bigger, her ass became softer and rounder. Even her face changed slightly.

"What is happening to my voice?" she said as it became higher pitched and more squeaky.

A blond women entered the room. Another of Farmer Bimbo's creations, who used to be known in another universe as the ultra feminist, Moon Dragon, now she assisted Farmer Bimbo's cousin Farmer Brown in his ultra perverted quest to turn females into huge breasted cow like creatures.

"I am so confused." Wonder Woman said. "Am I getting shorter?"

"Maybe it is the costume? It might be confusing you." Heather said. "Here lets take it off of you." Wonder Woman started to protest but then said, "Maybe you are right." and then she giggled in a squeaky nasal sort of way.

"Yeah I am." said Heather. Once Wonder Woman was naked Heather helped her on with her new clothes. A lacy black bra designed to support her new tits.

"This is wrong, I am Wonder Woman. Why are you doing this? You could have had me as your slave, why are you destroying me? Changing me?" she said even as Heather helped her into a clingy black low cut sweater.

"Because night after night as I fuck you, or have other men fuck you it will make it more pleasurable. Not only because you will be the woman of my dreams but because I know what you once were." he said going over to her and slapping her fat rump as she pulled on her plaid skirt. She giggle again, and upon hearing herself tried to snap herself out of this new persona she was changing into.

Her hair was becoming curly and a light shade of brown. Clavin went over to her and gave her breasts an appreciative squeeze. "Mmm! Just the way I like them." then he kissed her. A few minutes earlier she would have punched him in the face for such an affront, but now, she only gently pulled back, squinting.

"Oh how silly I forgot you glasses." said Heather handing her a pair that fit her new personae.

"Now come over here and give your husband some love." Clavin said plopping down on the couch. He pulled out his cock again. Heather sat on his side stroking it..

"I am Wonder Woman, chosen warrior of the Amazon I can't do this."

"And you shouldn't because once I finish off inside of you, that is it, the change will be irreversible, you will be known as Bubbles around our house but to the public you can be called..... Annie. Now come on squat on my cock, you know you want to."

"Yeah, come on. Being a heroine will only get you killed, and for what? You can be nice and safe at home watching your kids grow up, getting fucked, even watch dynasty." Heather said wiggling Clavin's cock.

She wanted to fight against it, but she found herself going towards him slowly. Before she knew it she was on his lap facing him as she hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties. The last bit of fight left her as his cock entered inside of her. On Paradise Island the women had used various penis shaped implements for their own and each other's pleasures. But never had she had a real one.

As it slid into her he said "Oh shit you are wet!"

"Oh my. Oh geez. It feels so good! What have I been missing? What a salami!!!" she said as she started to bounce up and down on his lap."

"I think she likes it!" said Farmer Bimbo taking out his cock. Heather, being well trained always kept a bottle of lube in her bag. She poured some onto the palms of her hands and then rubbed it onto Farmer Bimbo's cock.

Farmer Bimbo went behind Bubbles and squeezed her ass with both hands and gave it a slap.

"Hey! What is going on back there?" she said in voice that was half shocked and half teasing.

"Such a nice soft ass needs a good fucking." he said. With that Clavin held her by the hips as Farmer Bimbo pulled apart his ass cheeks and slowly pushed himself into her.

She groaned and let out a small fart as his cock slowly pushed past her copper colored anus. "Oh sorry!"

"Don't be! Part of the price of admission, I always say." Farmer Bimbo said as he started thrusting away while Clavin resumed his thrusting underneath her.

Clavin pulled up her sweater and bra and sucked on her tits as Farmer Bimbo slapped her ass, she knew it was wrong but she giggled saying she liked the "spank-spank."

Then with an eruption Farmer Bimbo came pulling out of her ass and squirting her back and sweater with his seed.

Clavin kept the thrusting slow telling her that this was it, when he came in her there was no going back, he expected resistance but instead she slammed herself up and down on him faster and faster until his load shot into her. They kissed hotly, then she got off of him.

"Now honey," she said looking at her Wonder Woman outfit, "if I am going to dress kinky for you you have to let me know in advance."

"I will remember that toots." said Clavin smiling away. "Now suck off my two guys over there and then get us some coffee, toots." he said slapping her ass.

As she sucked off the two goons huge cocks. Calvin and Farmer Bimbo high-fived each other.

Through the years to come she would get fucked on Clavin's desk, be loaned out to other men to seal various porn deals, be a fluffer on the set of some of his films, and even star in an amateur film or two of her own when she felt really "naughty."

"What if some of her powered friends come looking for her." asked Clavin.

"I am counting on it." said Farmer Bimbo laughing as the two goons shot a load all over her face and glasses.

Years later the same video store that sold some of her erotic films would also sell the documentary, "What happened to Wonder Woman?" by the Justice League of America mascot, Snapper Carl. Many theories were given, none were right.

One day Annie and Heather were out shopping for Dynasty Season four on DVD, and saw the documentary on the rack, Heather asked her what did she think happened to Wonder Woman, to which Annie replied, "That bimbo probably got what she deserved." and laughed in her squeaky nasal way.