Let Batman Eat Pussy

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A personal response to DC deleting a scene of Batman going down on Catwoman.

Batman can eat out Catwoman (or any DCU lady) any day he wants on Ao3. Just like he does in this story!

❤️❤️❤️ WRAPPED and COMPLETE. Thank you for the LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

Chapter 1: Batman/Catwoman

Catwoman and Batman sit on a balcony sitting above the Gotham City financial district. She’s wearing the tight black leather costume. It shows off her bum and highlights her athletic perky breasts. He’s turned on. She’s playing games.

The moment she turns back and looks into his eyes. That’s when he makes his move.

She plays on the edge of the balcony. Practicing her balance like a cat. She falls down and he reaches out to grab her. Saving her from the drop.

She lands back down in his arms.

It was all planned.

They wait for a moment and in their embrace she waits for her kiss.

Before they do, his hands begin to wonder over her costume. Not wearing any underwear she simply has to twitch her butt in his lap to feel the growing erection underneath his costume. They kiss, and she grinds harder against him until he’s fully hard.

She repositions herself so he’s sitting on the ledge. Now she’s face first in front of him in his lap. She pulls out her bra-less tits and gets off to the fact that anyone could see them at this moment.

“You know what I want?” she asks.

He watches her hand go between her legs. Her pussy lips can be seen through them. If she were wearing spandex she’d be soaked. But because she chose leather for tonight, her juices cover her ass and thighs.

“Peel it off slowly for me.” he demands.

And she slowly peels off her costume. Even though Gotham knows that Selina Kyle is Catwoman, she keeps the mask on. Her therapist will probably explain why later.

She lays on the balcony ledge and he pulls her legs apart.

“Not with the gloves.” she asks.

She takes his hand and uses her teeth to take them off. He pulls back his arm and begins to slip a finger inside of her wetness. He contemplates grabbing her breast with the other hand but she’s already got both hands on her tits.

He uses one hand to take down his pants and rub his own cock infront of her. She moans loud enough to put them in danger. She wants to fuck that cock so badly. And he wants nothing more than to give it to her.

He knows she isn’t satisfied with a finger and right as she starts to catch her breath, he kneels down to admire her body. He spreads her pussy lips and sticks his strong tongue inside of her. It’s delicious. She holds onto the cement wall and he grabs her ass to assure her that he’s going to be dedicated to making her cum.

His hair works nicely but she grabs the horns of his mask to let him know how fast and slow to move his tongue. He makes his round around all of her sensual pleasure spots. He gives firm kisses to his labia and passionately makes love to her clitoris. Slowly rolling the hood to get access to her pearl.

The look in her eyes is possessed. She wastes no time in warning him as she cums all over the World’s Greatest Detective’s lips. As she finishes all she can do is wait to kiss him thank you.

Soon he’ll turn her back to him and expose her to all of Gotham. Spreading her lips before shoving his cock back into for the first time in months. But now they kiss. She needs to thank that tongue and praise his lips.

"Hey Red!" Harley said.

"Don't stop Harley..." Poison Ivy said.

But she stopped eating out her lover.

"They started already?" she said.

Ivy lifted herself up. They looked at the camera feed they had set up on the water tower to monitor the Bats for the past week.

"Guess that's our window to rob the chemical plant." Ivy said. "They almost always draw it out until 1 AM."

"We could ... always wait for tomorrow?" Harley said. Looking down at Ivy's wet womanhood.

Chapter 2: Batman/Harley


This is our movement. We will not stop until Batman going down on his lovers becomes the norm in DC comics.

Although it wasn’t common in the twelve variations of personality disorders she was diagnosed with - she felt guilty. Harley hadn’t shared a bed with Mr. J in years now. She didn’t even know what Batman was doing as he laid her down onto her bed.

There was only one real rule that she kept true to. You never say no to a handsome man who offers to eat your pussy.

She didn’t expect him to budge when she playfully kissed him tonight. For some time she wondered if her were a human robot wearing a Bat costume. How’d he avoid all of those bullets?

Over time though. She knew he was real. Every girl has their type. And although the Joker was chaos, Batman had a dark side that she swooned for just as much.

“What do you want to do now that we’re here, Bats?” Harley asked.

“Why don’t you let me get to know you. All of you.” He said.

They kissed a bit while both kneeling on her bed. It felt high school but it also felt right.

“I have to taste you. I need to taste your pussy.” He said into her ear.

“Oh..ok.” she replied.

“Do you understand?” he said.

She nodded.

He wasn’t a henchman with a big head. Or a wallflower from the club. He was the type of man that would come in and do everything that the job required and then some. And all she could think about is paying him back in untold proportions.

She peeled out of her black and red costume as fast as she could. It wasn’t the first time he had seen her naked. But it was the first time she had gotten naked for him. He saw the rainbow cotton panties and slid them off of her.

“What is it?” she said.

“Your pussy is beautiful,” he smiled.

Her last few partners focused on the opposite. How slutty and dirty she was. How she was just a whore deep down inside that needed it. The only time Mr. J talked about her pussy was when he fucking needed it.

It did work. But watching Gotham’s Protector marvel at the site made her feel. And that’s what she wanted sex to be. Not just the orgasm. But making her feel like she was, not loved, but something in that realm.

“I want you to claim me a I fuck you with my tongue.” Batman said.

And she knew he wanted something different to come out of it. He wanted something that wasn’t a character that came as a result of a psychotic breakdown and a chemical spill.

“Abandon yourself onto my mouth, Harley.” Batman demanded.

“Batman. I need it.” she bit her lip.

She was beginning to drip out of her wetness. She had thought that Batman would fuck her and go back to patrol. But now he was taking a moment to lightly lick her entire quim.

Always self conscious after Mr. J made jokes about the smell and taste, Batman was making himself at home. Breathing deeply like the champion beast that he was.

He looked at her for guidance.

“Batman… my clit. Please.” she pleaded.

He had been eyeing it for some time. He nodded but went around it. Slowly sucking her into her mouth. She almost crashed into her orgasm right there. He angled his tongue and used the top portion to lap up all of the juices leaving her before settling on the top of her womanhood. Ten licks. Eleven licks. Twelve licks. Her clit was exposed and ready and he slowly began to trace it down in his motions.

“I love this. I’ve been wondering when it would happen.” Batman says.

“You have. How long?” she asks.

“Since I first saw your body in that costume.” he said.

“Batman. Mr. J would kill you.” she laughs.

“He hasn’t yet.” Batman says. “You taste amazing by the way. I might be here for awhile if you want to relax.”

He uses his fingers to gently press against her pussy lips.

“Keep going Batman. You’re doing….so very well.” She said.

She blushed at how dumb she sounded in that moment. But he found it endearing.

His fingernails were cut perfectly and she could tell that he was close to insert one into her. Happily she saw him take out a tiny bit of lube from his utility belt and place it onto his fingers before slipping it into her.

She saw him find the right rhythm with her hips before he stuck anything inside of her. Keeping his tongue on her clit, she wrapped her feet around his cowl and began to hump his face letting him know when the right time to come inside would be.

At first she didn’t even feel it. But as his finger entered her things felt as if they might die down under - whoosh. He found her fucking g-spot. He tapped it like it was Morse Code straight into her soul.

“Don’t stop. Get the rhythm you need. I want you to claim my mouth Harley.” he said again.

She finds the rhythm again also she’s almost lost in the ability to concentrate. All she could do is let out an erotic moan that made it seem like he was muff diving on a rollercoaster.

The orgasm was close. It was so much more intense that straight up fucking. And she loved to fuck. She loved to get a guy off. And yet now she was being pampered into a gift from the Dark Knight’s skillful tongue.

Her head thumped back a few times against the bed as her orgasm began to flood out of her. Her pelvis rocked against Batman’s jawline and he let out his finger to lap it all in. She shuddered a few times until she was perfectly limp. It hadn’t hit her until later that she hadn’t had an orgasm like that in her lifetime. Not even the times she thought she made love.

Ivy better not find out about this. She’ll either fucking kill him or her ...so she can have him to herself.

Chapter 3: Batman/Wonder Woman

By the time he hit 22, Bruce had more sexual partners than most men would have in their lifetime. His interest in sex might have been the only thing normal about him. So when he first discovered an Amazon Princess known as Wonder Woman following him, he checked her out furtively.

Standing next to each other on patrol he couldn’t help but eye the star spangled bikini bottoms that molded to her body, showing of the outline of a nicely trimmed pubic mound.

He contemplated if she was conservative or free love. There weren’t many clues for him to work from.

That was until one morning after patrol she pushed him into a vacant room and the Gotham Museum and hopped onto a desk, spreading her legs fo him.

“Would you like to take a look, Bruce?” she asked.

“You’re dripping wet through those panties.” he said.

He came close as he could to her bikini bottoms. Slowly Wonder Woman leaned her left leg out and hooked her boot behind his head. He didn’t resist. It was like a slow moving amusement park ride drawing his face straight to her pussy.

“Make it yours tonight, Batman.” Diana said, biting her lip in anticipation.

Bruce wasted little time. They made eye contact and she showed off her flaring hips and generous breasts. Every inch of their body was aroused in anticipation.

He smelled her bikini bottoms, and her arm quickly snaked down to move them to the side while her other hand parted her labia. They hadn’t even had an intimate moment in their relationship. Just the normal hero stuff. But she was gushing like an animal in heat.

“Is this what you like?” she cooed.

Batman nodded and took a deep breath. Taking in the heavy scent of her pussy all the way to his lungs. She was as natural as they came but still glamorous beyond any starlet he had shared a bed with.

He kissed he inner thigh, leading him on a trail to her saturated pussy lips. He didn’t need her to do anything but pleasure herself as he took a moment to slide her bikini bottom down completely and place her hand onto her breast.

He slid his tongue gently on her outer lips. Teasing her in a tango. He took a moment to suck on each one and place both hands on her hips. Slowly he began to kiss the lips. Softly. Passionately. Riding his lips around the rim but never pushing his tongue any deeper.

Her voice was different. Not longer soft and serene. It was now throaty and impatient. He wanted to listen to it for longer but as she bucked against his face he gave in and stuck his tongue into her spoiled princess vagina. He angled himself to go deeper, his nose was now rubbing against her inner lips.

“Look at my clitoris. It needs you.” she said.

Her thighs clamped his cheeks as juice began to flow out of her and down his chin. He used his nose to caress her clit as he stuck his larger than average tongue as deep as he could to penetrate inside of her.

Both hands to the back of his head. Wanting him to get deep enough to tongue her g-spot she pushed him in while her body vibrated and convulsed.

“Batman, can you feel it? I’m going to cum for you.” she said.

His tongue snaked inside of her as she contracted onto him. Her lusciousness was everything he wanted in that moment. She began to sing out his name in a non-rthymic tone.

As she began to watch her climax fall, he wasted no time on returning to lick the tip of her clit. This wasn’t aftercare. This was him being a show off. She quickly brought herself back up as the second orgasm’s waves rose through her body. She hadn’t felt this type of love in years.

“That’s it. Make love to my pussy.” she cried out.

He continued for another fifteen minutes until he received notice that the Batsignal had been on the entire time. She didn’t even get to repay the Dark Knight the favor. But based on his admiration of her quim, it wouldn’t be too long until she made a trip to Gotham City again.

Chapter 4: Batman/Batgirl


Batman and Batgirl do something that they haven't done before.

The simple sight of Barbara’s red trimmed bush could make him hard all day. It was in the last few months she realized that Bruce loved going down on her. Especially after she finished a long patrol, a late night at the library, or a training session.

Even though she didn’t feel clean, who in their right damn mind would say no to a handsome face like that?

There were days when she felt him wanting a taste. They both teased each other a little too much. Most nights she could smell her wet pussy filling up the room before he bent down and devoured it.

They met up after their nightly patrol. It was her first time seeing Bruce in almost two weeks. He was on Justice League duty. She was upset she didn’t get an invite but also horny after not getting a proper cleaning from her mentor.

Not wanting to wait through a drive to Wayne Manor, they used a spare apartment that Bruce kept on the east side. Bruce found a cold bottle of water and offered it to Barbara, who was modeling herself on the bed.

Costume still on they relaxed on the bed.

“Wait. When’s the last time you had an orgasm?” Barbara asked.

“Six days ago.” Bruce said.

Bruce was as horny as any other man. But he saved himself, believing the release of a few days had benefits.

“With yourself or someone else?” Barbara inquired.

“Someone else.” Bruce said.

“Why wouldn’t you just tell me?” Barbara asked.

“I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” Bruce said.

“You’ve hurt my feelings before. Were you just worried that this pussy wouldn’t be open for business if I found out?” Barbara asked.

He nodded. It was the most shame she had seen in his eyes in some time.

“Fucking Diana.” Barbara said.

The dual meaning of that phrase sent shivers down his side. He studied her as she looked up at the ceiling. Trying to figure out where the night was headed.

“I want you to know that I’m only going to cum from penetration tonight.” Barbara said.

It was true. She liked it more than being eaten out. Sometimes Bruce would cum the second he slipped in after eating her out for fifteen minutes.

“It’s not the same. Your cock doesn’t stretch me out like it first did. You don’t bother to fuck me hard anymore.” Barbara said.

“What about the last time?” Bruce asked.

“I made myself cum in the guest room.” Barbara said. “I fingered myself and then rubbed my clit for a bit.”

“What did you think about?” Bruce said.

“I don’t remember. It wasn’t great.” Barbara said.

“Were you thinking about me?” Bruce. “Or someone else?”

“I still thought about you.” Barbara said.

“Try to remember.” Bruce said.

“I thought about you going down on me after sex.” Barbara said.

“You mean. After I came?” Bruce said.

Barbara frowned. But quickly noticed that Bruce wasn’t smirking because he thought she was weird.

“Did you think of me wearing a condom?” Bruce said.

“No.” Barbara said. “I think I’m going to head back. My dad needed me to do get some paper work.”

“You’re not even going to ask if I’d be willing to eat you out while my cum flows inside of you?” Bruce asked.

“I don’t want that.” Barbara said. “I want to order you to do it.”

Bruce pulled himself onto the bed and pulled down his pants. He was hard. She wanted him to work harder to get what he wanted. Payback for fucking Diana for the third time in two months.

“Why do you want it, Barbara.” Bruce asked.

“When we first started to have sex. I loved going into the bathroom. I loved watching your cum flow out of me while I was still wet. I went from playing with it to fingering myself with it on my hands or body. I can’t stop thinking about it.” Barbara said.

“And now you want me to eat you out?” Bruce asked.

“Because I know you love it more when I’m dirty. Don’t deny it.” Barbara said.

She slipped down the bottom half of her costume. And then slowly peeled down her yellow athletic bikini bottoms.

She handed him the pair. He couldn’t resist but inhale them.

“I didn’t shower after last nights patrol. And these panties haven’t been changed in days.” she toyed with him.

“How long have you known.” Bruce asked.

“I started to put it together the first night we fucked. You wanted to eat me out more than most college studs want deep throat blowjobs.”

She felt his cock strain against her soft palm.

“You know how many times I’ve thought about cleaning your pussy after we fuck?” Bruce asked.

“I’m assuming every time.” Barbara said.

“I’ve even imagined you demanding me to do it.” Bruce said.

“Stop talking and fuck me hard. Like it’s been longer than 6 days since you gave it away.” Barbara said.

He brought her in for a kiss. She smacked his face.

“We’re not romantic. You’re just a fuck tonight. Now fuck me.” Batgirl said.

He took a moment and positioned his cock. Her pussy was freshly shaved for tonight.

“You don’t get to taste it until you fuck me and fill me.” Barbara ordered.

Aggressively she reached for his hard cock and rubbed it between her outer lips and clit. She pushed up the front half of her costume and unhooked her athletic bra, making certain that she could rub her nipples when she needed to.

Neither of them knew how long they would last after their conversation. Bruce pushed in slowly. Letting her enjoy the feeling of him first entering her. After a moment he pushed into her, getting deeper that he usually tried. Her face lit up. He pushed down on her shoulder and brought her in for a kiss.

She tried to push back.

“I said we aren’t romantic.” Barbara insisted.

“When I fuck you we are.” Bruce said.

Not taking a moment to contemplate the meaning. She only felt her nipples harden at his command. He was not only setting his own pace. But her pace as well. This was her knight. He felt amazing as he filled her. She took a hold of one of her bouncing tits as he rammed into her and he swiftly moved his head down to lick it with demand and desire.

“You like fucking that wet little pussy?” Batgirl asked.

He nodded. She felt a wave of pleasure hit her as juices began to flow over her once dry ass.

“That’s my pussy starting to cum. You better fill it with everything you’ve got if you want to lick it.” Barbara said, biting his cheek.

She felt him give in to his own orgasm. Knowing that his semen was racing to be inside of her made her give a moan that would have challenged all previous moans she had made in the Batcave in the previous months.

Knowing she only had a second she lifted herself up and pushed Bruce down on his back. She crawled her way to his chest and bent back. He wasn’t sure if she was having second thoughts.

“Look at this mess you made inside of me, Batman.” Barbara said.

They both used their hands to open her pussy enough to see the large flow of sperm that was rushing out. She took a finger and swiped a strand of Wayne cum onto it and spread it over her left nipple. The more sensitive one.

He wanted to command her to crawl on top of him but she quickly got onto all fours and kissed him passionately, for the first time in weeks. Then, wiggling her ass just a tiny bit, she pushed him back down with one hand and settled herself over his face.

Not sure how comfortable it would be, she instantly got a rush as her well fucked pussy rested on his eager mouth. The fact that the tip of his nose rested in her asscrack didn’t bother him at all. He looked like a mechanic sliding under a car to do a night’s worth of work.

Suddenly. There was tongue. It felt good. Better than what any of the college girls at Gotham U were getting. She felt the cum leak out onto her lover’s tongue and lips and he continued to take it in.

This caused her to gush out, a small explosion of lust flowed down her bare thighs. Not caring about the mess they made, she couldn’t help but grind it out. This was slowly turning into the best sex she had had in her young but exceptional career as a vigilante.

She could barely see his eyes as her own were rolling back in orgasmic bliss.

After they finished she lifted herself off of him. Their juices were all over his handsome cheeks and her thighs were just as sticky. He pushed her back for a second and took one last look at her pussy.

“Did you miss a spot?” Barbara said.

“Yeah.” Bruce replied.

His flat tongue opened her hole and it felt like the kiss he gave her mid fuck.

“What do we taste like?” Barbara asked.

“You taste incredible. It’s all of the flavors combined. Only a bit more salty.” Bruce said.

“You could tell me.” Barbara said. “Or you could give me a taste.”

“I thought we weren’t kissing.” Bruce said.

“If you haven’t figured out by now,” Barbara replied. “You and only you have permission to be romantic with me any time.”

He brought his face back up. She cupped his sticky chin. And they kissed each other. Tongues in a never ending battle of charade with one another.

Chapter 5: Batman/Huntress


Bruce and Helena put on a show for Clark and Lois.

“Oh. Wow. You know what you want.” Helena said.

Still in costume Bruce placed her onto Clark and Lois’s bed. They made love in the shower. With the curtain open. Ready for their dinner dates to put on a show.

“The other guys in the league have been talking about how they want to do this.” Bruce said.

“Do you have it in you to be the first to do so?” Helena said.

“Hold back if you want to. But I’m going to have fun tonight.” Bruce said.

He took off her mask. Then his own. They shared a kiss that led to her slipping down her underwear. He slid her butt to the edge of the bed and put his head down to examine her. There was something about Italian girls that made him horny. And the Huntress’s pussy looked like a piece of art.

He blows a sweet stream of air onto her vagina. It sends shockwaves of pleasure and goosebumps through her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted teasing.

“Just tell me which way you want my tongue.” Bruce said.

Lois seemed to enjoy the show as she pushed Clark down to eat her out as well.

She pressed herself into Bruce’s face as he went down on her. Every lick on her was probably out of some ancient book he found on his adventures through Asia. She was loving it all.

“Do you like that?” Bruce asked.

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Command me.” Bruce said.

“A little more up. Roll your tongue on my clit. But slow.” Helena said.

“Like that?” Bruce asked.

“Yes.” Helena said.

She wasn’t thinking about the show she was putting on, but she looked sexy as hell as she removed her breast from the V in her costume and began to play with the nipple.

“Now where?” Bruce asked.

“No more commands. I’m trying to think of the first time I wanted you to fuck me. You made me angry after a patrol. And I couldn’t tell if I was going to shoot you or force myself on you. Less talk. More feel.”

Telling a man of few words to be quiet was an added bonus. Bruce’s tongue was causing her to go out of control. She didn’t know what their enemies would think of this. Not just Joker or Penguin. But the other girls in the League that called dibs on Batman years before she joined.

She knew they’d be fucking sooner or later. She wanted to be naked for him. To feel his hand squeeze her ass. But she wanted to let go on that tongue.

Let him know what her body was capable of.

The sound his kissing on her quim was enough for her to explode into euphoria. Eyes held back. She gave a moan that Lois echoed. All she could do is wrap her hand into the back of Bruce’s hair and pull it. Commanding him to keep at it like a good fucking boy.

“That’s what it feels like when I cum, Batman.” Helena said. “Tell me. Do you like that?”

Chapter 6: Batman/Black Canary


Due to Popular Demand.....Black Canary!!! ( I started with Dinah but will have a Laurel in the future)

It wasn’t first time Black Canary found herself being held together by Batman’s arms as he kissed her. Not even the first time on a roof top.

“I’m tired of seeing you smile when you tease me.” Bruce said.

“I know what I can get away with.” Dinah said.

“Your place is only a few blocks away. Meet me there in 10. Make sure we aren’t followed.” Bruce said.

“Just because this has started. Doesn’t mean you can just begin.” Dinah said.

He grabbed her ass. Brought her in to feel him buck against her. Making sure she knew what he was going to bring her with his dildos-would-envy-this-cock.

“You can turn this down?” Bruce asked.

“If you want this. I want you to not beg. But ask. I’ve never heard you ask.” Dinah said.

“Do you want to fuck me tonight?” Bruce said.

“Wrong question. Now ask me again.” Dinah said. “Nicely, please.”

“Dinah. I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you. Will you let me fuck you?” Bruce asked.

She smiled and brought him in for another kiss.

“If you want it. You’re going to have to lick me. Here. Before you get to stick it in me.” Dinah said.

She rubbed his cock through his costume. “Don’t forget the blowjob I gave you in the Batmobile. My throat doesn’t.”

“You practically pulled my cock out while I was driving. And I don’t remember you asking nicely.” Bruce said.

“Remember that moan you made when you entered me. I think you said you needed it. So get to licking and I’ll give it to you good. Wherever you want.” Dinah said.

She positioned herself onto the gravel. Like a gentleman he took off his cape and place it under her ass. She pulled down her black glitter thong and let him smell it. He acted like it was a chore, but no man could be that good at eating pussy without loving it just a little bit. Not even him.

He licked his lips. Still wet from their kiss. And his fingers played with her fishnets. She placed her hand on herself. Rubbing her clit as he arched his head down.

“No fingers but my own this time.” Dinah said dreamily.

She moved her hand to touch his cowl. And used it like a steering wheel as he drove his tongue into her. Some men didn’t realize that it just needed to be a kiss. But he did.

She tried not to buck too hard against his face but he could have cared less.

“I love teasing you for hours. I get why Selina does it. You get so fucking horny, don’t you Bruce. It’s like sex is your only joy.” Dinah said.

This made him get to her deeper. Stronger. He took the hand rubbing her clit and place it onto her cowl. Then he just focused rolling that strong tongue onto her sensitive spot. And she fucking surrendered.

She wished she had been on her bed. She wished she was patient. She wished she wasn’t so relaxed so she’d have a bit of adrenaline to repay her superhero crush right after.

“I’m going to tie you up after this. And live between your hips, Dinah. Live between them until I cum. Do you hear me?” Bruce said, taking his only break for air, before being a good solider and going back in.

“I’m...cummming…..Hide in my hole whenever you want Bruce.” Dinah said.

He felt the waterfall crash against his stubble. She rolled her eyes, letting him know that she wanted one more orgasm before he could get in.

Chapter 7: Batman/Iris West


Thanks to Deadpool4ev@ for recommending Iris West (Finally found a spot for them that I hope you enjoy)

Also I just reached 69 kudos. So it must be a sign.

“Free Pass.” Iris said into her phone.

“Oh. Oh?” Barry said.

“Yeah. You said to call before.” Iris said.

“No. Yeah. Thanks. Um. Have fun?” Barry said.

“This is your chance to say no. We were drunk when we came up with this.” Iris said.

“Just tell me the details after our date tomorrow night. I want all of them.” Barry said.

He didn’t sound tense. She told him she loved him. Then hung up the phone.

“You know. I have to look him in the eyes from time to time too.” Bruce said.

“You sure you can handle this Mr. Wayne?” Iris said.

She was wearing her sexy gold lingerie. The kind she wore on her anniversary with Barry. But now. Laying on his couch was Bruce Wayne. Naked. Watching her dance in front of him.

“I hear the only way to make you show your real smile. Is if a girl knows how to go down on you…” Iris said.

“And the other?” Bruce asked.

“When you go down on a hot girl.” Iris said.

“This is your free pass. You tell me how you want it.” Bruce said.

Iris got onto her knees and looked at his glistening cock. Erect for her. She loved the contrast between her skin tone and has.

“You better give Barry a good story tomorrow night.” Bruce said.

She wasted no time. Sucking his head. Inhaling like a track star before taking him all in. Bruce only brought her hand up to stroke him off a bit. But she was work that showed him that she was’t just pretty to look at. She was a damn good fuck.

“That’s it. Just like that.” Bruce said.

“Are you going to show me that smile?” Iris asked.

He smiled. And it was like sunshine. She stopped for a moment. Laid on the fake bear rug on his floor. And showed off her slit to him.

“Take it all.” Iris insisted.

He began to kiss her pussy. She forgot how willing he made her. He licked her butt crack and placed two fingers to brush against her saturated quim.

“This might scare you. Because you’re going to miss me after I do this. Just try not to think about it.” Bruce said.

“Okkkk.” Iris said.

He rolled into her pussy and began to clean it with his tongue. It wasn’t just because he was handsome. No man had ever gone down on her like this.

“You taste amazing. I’m going to keep doing this all night.” Bruce said.

She looked him in the eyes. He was willing to make this more than a quickie. More than hardcore. He wasn’t evil, just a good man with testosterone of a Greek God.

“Who’s licked you better, Iris?” Bruce asked.

“No one.” Iris said.

“It’s because they’re greedy. I don’t blame them. You can tell this pussy is great for fucking.” Bruce said.

She closed her eyes and shuddered. She knew it was next on her list. She couldn’t go back to Barry without talking about what she conquered outside of their marriage.

He pressed two fingers inside of her. Finding her g-spot quickly before licking her clit slowly at the rhythm of the music she played. A second finger went into her butt. She wasn’t a whore but she was willing for Bruce to make her one.

“Just trust me on this next part.” Bruce said.

Still focused on the act he lifted her up, mouth still inside of her pussy and titled her to the side. The finger in her ass wasn’t unpleasant. If anything it intensified the act. As he did he power fucked her with his fingers. Everything began to sound wet. Like his hands were in a puddle of water.

“This is what makes me smile.” Bruce said.

Iris exploded onto the rug. Her juices flowed down her leg. She had never squirted before. She could barely concentrate on the act he did as the orgasm hit her like a freight train.

He pushed her down onto the floor. She could barely handle being on all fours until she realized he was going to fuck her over the puddle she left him.

Chapter 8: Batman/Power Girl


Time for PowerBats

This isn’t what the people who designed her planned. She was the picture of a perfect weapon. Obedient. Subservient. She wasn’t alive long enough to demand power.

Batman had gotten closer to anyone when it came to defeating Power Girl. He examined her costume. They wanted her to be a sex symbol. One that took out all of the Justice League.

“Don’t act scared, Batman.” Power Girl said.

“Do I look scared?” Batman said.

“You’re not used to letting a woman be in charge. I’ve read your profile.’ Power Girl said.

“What will you do if you’re in charge?” Batman said.

“Do you want me to take it there?” Power Girl asked.

“You haven’t let anyone else. Not even Lex.” Batman said.

“Let me show you what it’s like then.” Power girl said.

She opened the bottom of her costume.

“You’re handsome. But all of those other women want to be taken by you. I want to take you. Expose you to this kind of…. life.” Power Girl said.

“What kind of life is this?” Batman said. He looked at her pussy. He wasn’t even sure if she had fingered herself prior to this. But she was horny.

“To fuck your Queen.” Power Girl said.

She spread her legs. Almost telling him that if he got a single move wrong she’d end his life.

“Here.” Power Girl said. Grabbing the back of his head. “Let me.”

She used his head like a sex toy. She felt him breathe it in. Kissing it until he felt secure. Batman’s tongue felt secure. He was no longer a captive. He was in this with her.

“To hell with our fighting. Keep doing that.” Power Girl screamed.

He swiped his tongue through her. She knew from his profile that Bruce Wayne had numerous partners and rendezvous with attractive, powerful women. And he used that skill to lick her up as that orgasm began to build itself in her head.

“Power Girl, you taste amazing.” Batman said.

He moved his glover to her pussy. And pressed a button in his belt.

“What is that?” Power Girl screamed.

“Vibration added to my gloves. It will feel like a gentle buzz but it will take this to another level.” Batman said.

He placed his hand near her clitoris.

“Oh. Ohhhhhhh. Fuck that’s amazing.” Power Girl screamed.

“Indeed.” Batman said.

He went back to work. Eating her pussy. The heat of her arousal began to rise in her face. His hot mouth descended into her pussy. And he gave her a naughty look. One she hadn’t seen before.

She was brought to a first and second climax rather quickly. The feel of her own juices sliding down her leg and ass crack was new to her. Just as new was the seeing Bruce not take a break as the majority lapped onto his tongue and chin.

She settled herself for a moment. Trying to land back into reality. He began to walk away. Not too far.

“What. What is this all about?”

“If you are the queen. I’m about to become your king.” He said. “This is called consummation.”

He dropped his pants. She took full view of what the superhero was packing and smiled. And took out a small batterang. One without pointed edges.

“It’s a batterang version of something they call the purple dolphin.” Batman said.

“Why use that when you have gloves?” Power Girl asked.

“Because I’ll be using the gloves in unison as I take you.” Batman said.

In truth he was buying time for Kara and Lucius to get Superman revived. But no one said he couldn’t enjoy this.

Chapter 9: Batman/Lois Lane

“Oh no. Bruce isn’t unwrapping his gift until the end of the night.” Lois said.

She playfully swatted his hand ass he desperately wanted to grab a handful of her ass through her dress.

Bruce sat through the Metropolis Opera with Lois to his side. They had their own private box suite on the Balcony. Clark to the other side of her. Holding her hand.

“This is the longest opera I’ve ever attended.” Bruce said.

“It’s not even intermission.” Lois said.

“Neither of you really care about this. Clark keeps looking to see if anyone important is here.” Bruce said.

“You’re grumpy. Why don’t you get something with sugar in it from the concession stand?” Lois asked.

“Alfred would you mind….?” Bruce said. He looked back. His beloved butler had fallen asleep in the corner of their private suite.

“Would Alfred mind if I told you that I’m not wearing underwear?” Lois said.

Clark took a moment to look back to make sure Alfred didn’t hear her comment. Then grinned.

“If you didn’t enjoy the Opera, Wayne Foundation wouldn’t have donated 14,000,000 to renovate the theatre.” Clark mused.

“I donated the suite to you. Or the Newspaper. Whichever Lois asked for for her birthday.” Bruce said.

“And tonight is your birthday, Bruce. So just be patient and wait for your present.” Lois said.

She looked at Clark and winked. They continued to watch the opera together and Bruce poured himself another drink.

“There’s a fire not too far away from here. I’ll be back.” Clark said.

“I think that’s a cue for both of us.” Bruce said. He looked at the remote for the Batmobile.

“No.” Lois said. “Clark can do this alone. You’re supposed to stay.”

Bruce rolled his eyes as Clark left. He turned his head and looked back to check on Alfred. He was gone.

“Did you notice Alfred leaving?” Bruce asked.

“Clark put him in the backseat of the limo. And told him to enjoy the night off.” Lois said.

“He’s not going to like that.” Bruce said.

“A night off?” Lois replied.

“Your tricks.” Bruce replied.

“In a few moments the lead singer of the opera is going to hit the highest notes of the opera. Right before intermission. And I’m going to scream my ass off as you eat me out. Get started. Happy Birthday.”

“I thought this was my birthday. You seem to get to have all of the fun.” Bruce said.

“You’re going to get off to me getting off every time you masturbate. Which is quite often from what Clark has told me.” Lois said.

Bruce got onto his knees and Lois revealed herself from her dress.

“Get to work. Don’t forget I’m the boss now.” Lois said.

“Like this?” Bruce asked.

He slid his tongue in her.

“That’s it. You need to work it like a dog. Only three minutes before she stops.” Lois said.

She got herself more comfortable. He made her face flush like no other.

“I’m imagining what I’ll look like in the mirror in our bedroom. When I fuck you for giving me this, Bruce.” Lois said. “Nice and slow. Be efficient.”

“That’s it. I’m work like a dog.” Lois said. “Just like that. Go up and down.”

He swiped her outer clit slowly. Pushing it to the maxim until it was being licked at the place she liked. She wondered if any eyes were on them. If they would even notice if he fucked her.

“You’re focusing too much if we’ll get caught.” Bruce said.

“You never get caught. I’m getting off to the idea of it happening.” Lois said.

Bruce looked at his watched and listened to the opera. Chasing her orgasm, Lois was getting ready to scream. Her moans were getting louder and louder.

“FuCk...fuCK...FUCKK… I’m CUM...I’m gonna Cum….I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIING!!!!” Lois belted out.

It was loud. It was hot. It was real.

Lois was a screamer. The best he had ever been with.

The proper girl from an intellectual family slid up as her juices covered the felt seat that Bruce considered taking home with him to put inside of the cave. A few members of the crowd looked up at their box suite but seemed confused for a second before a standing ovation for the Opera singer began.

“There wasn’t a fire. Clark just went out to get lube because we were out of it.” Lois said. Catching her breathe as Bruce found a way to sneak back into his seat.

“Be prepared to use all of it then.” Bruce said. “You’re going to lose your voice.”

Chapter 10: Batman/Poison Ivy


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

“If you remember. I used to be into men. Overly so.” Pamela said.

“You dated Harvey Dent. And seduced me multiple times.” Batman said.

“I guess in my head. I was portraying a character. I was tired of men getting everything they wanted.” Pamela said.

“You wanted to seduce us into your traps. The same way that deadly plants handle infestation.” Batman said.

“I enjoyed that part the most.” Pamela said.

“The sex part wasn’t fulfilling?” Batman asked.

She shrugged. Moving her costume off a bit but keeping her faux leather gloves and boots on.

“I get off to plants rubbing me. I experiment with nearly deadly love potions to have better orgasms.” Ivy said.”What do I know anymore?”

“And then that’s where we are. Fucked by another one of your experiments. No sure if we should fuck each other. Even though we want to.” Batman said.

“If you’re thinking about doing something. I won’t stop you.” Ivy said.

“Let me tell you what I want to do. And I’m going to do.” Batman said.

“Are you keeping me waiting? Because that’s what you’re doing right now.” Ivy said.

“You don’t want it right now. You’re afraid to know that I feel anything for you. Anything that isn’t lust.” Batman said.

“You can’t have feeling for me if I never show you the real me.” Ivy said.

“I’ve seen what I need to see. The way you love to read a book over and over again. The way you’re shy when you’re around someone who wants to help you. I’ve listened to the way you talk to your plants. And treat them like a nurse in the Maternity Ward.” Batman said.

“I don’t know the real you. You never let me get there.” Ivy aid.

He unmasked himself. Giving a somewhat ashamed grin. She had figured it out in her head years ago. But never confirmed it.

“Anything you know about Bruce isn’t the real me either” Bruce said. “I don’t really know who I am. But I can show you what I love. And what I want.”

He came in to her. He humped her body before going down to get a taste. She wanted his lips. All over her. Even the areas she was insecure about. But he couldn’t get enough of her flower.

“It always tastes sweeter than the others. Like honeydew.” Bruce said.

“Oh. Right there.” Pamela said.

“Somedays. When you remove all of my masks. I wonder if I’m just a bent up fiend. Because doing stuff like this is what I want to think about when I relax.” Bruce said.

“You’re never relaxed.” Pamela said.

“I made a promise not to get addicted to you. To not look at your breasts. Or ass. In that costume. How it conflicted with my duties. But I desired it after I saw that you’re just a sweet girl that needed love.” Bruce said.

He licked her pussy once more before heading up to kiss her. They tongued each other and she mewed as she begged for him to put a finger, or a cock, inside of her wetness.

“I love the way you’re flowing for me, Pamela.” Bruce whispered. Before going back down.

He flipped her over to eat her out from behind. Grabbing her cheek and squeezing it affectionately.

It got warmer the wetter she became. He couldn’t stop but kissing it in rapid motion. It was different than the girls. Harley. She threw an arm forward to grab her garden house pole as she began to grind that clit into his tongue.

“This pussy tastes amazing.” Bruce said. “I bet it will even taste better with my cum in it.”

And with that line and a quick blow to her clit, Pamela reached her first heavy orgasm with another man in years.

She didn’t begin to feel guilty about Harley. For fucks sake Harley named their strap on Batman for a reason.

“You can get on top now if you want.” Ivy said.

“The serum is wearing off on me.” Bruce said.

“That innocent girl. The one that you think still exists. Is asking you to continue.” Ivy said.

And just like that they kissed and continued.


Poison Ivy is such a tricky character to write. Some of my earliest fantasies revolved around the idea of seducing a man as Ivy. As DC reshaped her character to be part of the LGBTQ+ its been important to reflect on how to handle M/F pairings of Ivy. My take away is to write about people I know and use the DC characters as masks.

A friend who runs a seminar series has been in a committed F/F relationship for twenty two years. She has always seen herself as bi but monogamy got in the way. Recently she went through a separation with her partner and the only thing on her mind was whether older men (which are now her age) can eat pussy.

Chapter 11: Batman/Talia

He entered her tent slowly. Making certain that none of the guards saw him.

“You’re saying goodbye, Detective?” Talia asked.

Bruce nodded.

“Then saying nothing at all. I don’t want to rethink the words that come out of your mouth all over again. Like I always do.” Talia said.

Bruce touched her hand. Then shook his head. He reached for the zipper of the designer catsuit and slowly peeled it down. Before touching the area of skin about her heart.

Wiping back a tear she unzipped the rest of the costume. He pushed back to marvel her body.

“No words this time. Just make the pain I’m about to feel better.”

Her well groomed vagina was so beautiful to him. Talia’s ancestry was a combination of royalty from every nation. Making her one of the most exotic beauties in the world.

“I’ve been anticipating this partnership. Usually you can’t wait through the first night.” She said. Eyeing the erection he sported in his pants.

“Do what you did the first time. When I was just a young woman that never had an orgasm.” Talia pleaded.

She sat on the rug of her tent and widened her legs. He licked up her road to ecstasy. It was different than Selina. Andrea. Diana. Barbara. It only felt like it was love when he left her.

And now he was starting to love her. Tasting her pussy. Knowing that she would dream of this if he did it right.

Her hands cupped his cheek. Rolled through his hair. And she led him through until she felt that passion burning from her pussy to the rest of her body.

She didn’t make love to other men. She knew that if she did they wouldn’t be as slow as her beloved. They wouldn’t heal her like her beloved. He made love to her vagina with the tip of his tongue and it wasn’t a chore.

It was a goodbye. She opened up her legs a bit and felt the climax arriving. He focused on her sensitive bud while massaging her asshcheek in his hand.

“Ooh….yess….Bruce…..Beloved. Send me there. Send me there. Don’t stop. Go up. Up. up.” she quivered.

Until she let it all out in one grateful moan.

She was finished. He kissed his way up her body. They didn’t share a kiss. He simply kissed her forehead. He wasn’t going to say goodbye. But he left her knowing that that was all he had to say.

Chapter 12: Batman/Chase Meridian

“Alfred said you needed me.” Batman appeared on her balcony.

“Well I needed Bruce Wayne. But this doesn’t stop anything.” Chase said.

“You called the Batcave.” Batman said.

“I’m not even sure if I have the number to the Manor.” Chase said.

“What did you need Bruce Wayne for?” Batman said.

“Education. I’m giving a lecture on ancient tribes where the females took the dominant role in mating.” Chase said.

“And that relates to Bruce Wayne?” Batman asked.

“In some ways it does. It relates to me. I don’t wait to be dominated. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the power.” Chase said.

“You’re explaining equality.” Batman asked.

“No. I still have the power. The control over if and when I mate.” Chase said.

“Not if you show your cards. The fact that you’re in need of sex is a large reveal.” Batman said.

“I would say that this is.” Chase said.

She removed her leggings and showed off her neatly trimmed vagina. Popping her legs open she got wide enough so he couldn’t miss the site at hand.

It was a sex toy. An expensive one. Known as the Lamborghini of sex toys. He had only heard of it twice. Once from Silver St. Cloud after she dumped Bruce Wayne. The other from Chase. When she described fucking the inventor of it over phone sex.

“I want man and machine tonight.” Chase said.

“I thought this was about education. Are you putting your needs over the class?” Batman said.

He came close to her. She sat on her desk. Not intimidated. But gave him a show.

“I have all of the resources I need to have an earth shattering orgasm at my disposal. If you submit to me I’ll let you share in my resources for pleasure.” Chase said.

“I assume your body is a resource. I’m not ready for anything that big to go inside of me.” Batman said.

“Now who is showing their cards, Batman?” Chase said. “Get started. I want this pussy to be licked clean. Like it should be.”

Bruce looked at her already filled vagina. The dildo wasn’t larger than his cock. But it had the ability to pulse through her. Almost like the massage chair that Alfred gave him for his birthday.

Batman swept in and kissed her. Focusing on her neck. He removed her sports bra but kissed her spine to her butt. He pushed her forward on the table. And began to eat her pussy out ….doggy style.

“You want me facing away from you because it gives me less power.” Chase said.

“No. Because this angle gives you more pleasure.” Batman said.

At first he thought the toy would be a distraction. But he could tell that she loved the mixture of the pattern his lips made in unison with the vibration.

Remembering a move that Selina made on Barbara in their last tryst, Bruce angled the sex toy so it applied pressure and vibration to the inner 5 inches of her clitoris. Then took turns with the device to dance with the vibrator as it brushed against her outer clitoris.

“Your class should know. That the goal may be procreation. But your needs are more than sex. You need the intimacy. Or more specifically. The game of intimacy.” Bruce said.

His tongue thumped onto her clit. She gushed a bit on his face. She had been wet since she called Alfred. Not even Selina’s sexual mind could compare to what raced inside of Chase.

“You keep making those faces. And I’ll give you want you want.” Chase said.

“You’re going to get what you want. Then I’ll take what I came here for.” Batman said.

She looked forward at her wall, shifted her weight on the table and gave out a mischievous yelp. It felt like he was slowly writing his name on her clit. Or perhaps making a bat symbol pattern.

“Uhhh….uhhhh…..make me scream.” Chase said.

He licked her good. She looked for her toy’s remote control. And slowly noticed it was in his hand the whole time.

“What are you doing?” Chase said. Her legs spasming.

“You wanted man and machine.” Batman said.

His pants were already down. He had a full coat of lube over his cock.

“Do it. Fuck me.” Chase said.

Batman wasted no time and entered her asshole. It felt amazing around his cock. But as his manhood entered her rectum the vibrations of her newfound toy rocked against a tighter space against her internal clitoris.

Earth shattering was damn right. For years she felt like it was a never ending puzzle to find the man that got the highest peak for her.

Now it happened to be a mysterious superhero that had all of the power in the world. Bruce never persuaded her for anal. He loved pussy and blowjobs too much to explore it. But he fucked her standing up like a toy soldier and made his own way to an orgasm. Three more thrusts and she began to feel his cum filling her intelligent and renowned ass.

Chapter 13: Batman/Zatanna

Bruce Wayne didn’t have backstage access. But Batman did.

“I saw you in the back of the audience. Watching the show.” Zatanna said.

“Thought I’d pay you my respects.” Batman said.

“Well you’ve been caught breaking and entering.” Zatanna said.

She took out her magician’s wand and smoke filled the room. As it clear Bruce found his forearms and wrists tied in an unusual glowing rope.

“You thought you could have exclusive access? Maybe get a peek to see what kind of tricks I played on you?” Zatanna ssked.

“I wanted you to show me more.” Bruce said.

“That is what you really wanted. Isn’t it?” Zatanna asked.

She used her wand to fill the room with purple smoke. When it cleared she was completely naked. A view Bruce had seen before but was never tired of gazing eyes upon.

“I have this idea for a new performance. A second act. I like to call this one “The Batman puts his lips where my hips are.” Zatanna Said.

“It would be better if I could use my hands.” Bruce said.

“You’ll get to after you tell me how I taste.” Zatanna said.

One lick.

“You taste like…. Bubble Gum.” Bruce said.

Two licks.

“That’s it. Get in there. What kind?” Zatanna asked.

Three licks.

“Watermelon. My favorite thing growing up.” Bruce said.

“My favorite is when a strong man with a long tongue. Specifically if he knows how to use it.” Zatanna Said.

“It’d be a shame if they didn’t. Your pussy is magic.” Bruce said.

She felt her own orgasm building and looked lovingly at the man in the mask.

“That’s right. My pussy is magic Bruce. Take all the time you need in the candy store.” Zatanna said, reaching for her breasts as she undid his bond with the flick of a wand.

He kissed both of her outer lips and inhaled them as he flicked her clit a few times.

“Get ready. There’s more. To come.” Zatanna said.

He could tell she was ready to cum and before he could reposition his tongue made its way up her hole before her walls contracted on it. He wouldn’t leave if he had the chance. But like a good boy he felt her flavored juices slide on his mask and face.

Zatanna saw lights everywhere. He needed to fuck her in this very moment. Still tipsy from getting eaten out from the Batman she leaned up and whispered. “Now it’s your turn to tie me up and ask me to put on a show.”

Chapter 14: Batman/Supergirl

Despite the costume. Kara’s love life had been fairly basic. The most she had experienced with an older man was watching a soap opera about doctors. Mrs. Kent. Barbara Gordon loved older men. Not like, grandpas. But men in their late 30s. Early 40s.

She contemplated if Barbara had gotten this close to Batman. He was on his knees as she sat in the Batcave. His mask was off but the black concealer was still underneath his eyes and it looked hot as hell.

“What do you want me to do?” Bruce asked.

The truth was that she wanted to make out with him a bit more. She liked taking things slow. Save this for the 90 Day review. That’s how it was with Jimmy. But Jimmy treated her like a girl. And right now she was being asked to be a woman.

“Just taste it. See if you like it.” Kara said.

She was trying hard. Trying to be something that she wasn’t.

“You’re treating me like a boyfriend.” Bruce said.

“Go ahead. I’ll let you know when I get close.” Kara said.

Bruce gave her one long lick. It worked perfectly as she couldn’t help but focus on Barbara not getting the same attention that she was. Which transcended into both of them fucking Bruce. Together.

“You don’t need to tell me when you get there. I’ll be giving you what you need.” Bruce said.

He picked her up, wedding night style and carried her to a twin bed he left in the cave.

“Just lay on your back. And concentrate on what you were thinking of before all of this.” Bruce said.

“How do you know what I need?” Kara asked.

“Because I don’t fuck you until I’ve pleased you.” Bruce said. “It fuels me.”

“Take me, Bruce.” Kara said.

He wasn’t afraid to taste her. Gentle kisses around her wetness. All leading her to get wetter than she had been when they first kissed each other by the computer.

He gave her thighs a hickey, as he took off a glove and proceed to open up her pussy lips so he could get every tiny nerve reacting to the pleasure his tongue was about to give.

“Do you touch your nippes when you masturbate?” Bruce asked.

“I don’t masturbate too often. I was brought up thinking it was wrong. So it doesn’t always work.” Kare said.

Bruce raised his other hand up and felt her globe through the top half of her costume. He squeezed her tit twice before slowly rubbing her pointed nipple through the cloth.

“Take off your top. Play with them. They’re perfect.” Bruce said.

Kara felt her body catch fire. Is this what women of earth were supposed to feel?

Bruce looked so comfortable. This wasn’t even foreplay before the big event. He was getting down to getting her off with his mouth and for the first time in her life a man was making it work.

“Use your hips. Feed it to me. Rock it slowly to where you like it.” Bruce said.

She lifted up. Just a slight amount and he did more than use his tongue like the other boys. He used his pout lips to nudge her clitoris. Creating a pattern that steadied her closer and closer to an orgasm she would almost feel shame for having the next time she saw Clark or any of the Kents.

“Keep doing that. Bruce. Keep doing that.” Kara moaned.

She squeezed her tits together and played with both nipples. The feeling of exploding any minute began to send her adrenaline in overdrive. She couldn’t hold it much longer. Bruce seemed ready for it.

“I’m close. Bruce. I’m close.” Kara said. Biting her lip. Bucking her hips as pleasure raced to her brain.

“Just cum already. So I can get my turn.” a voice said from behind her. It was Barbara. Mask still on. But wearing revealing black lingerie.

She walked up to Kara and licked her nipple. It was the first time she had done anything remotely sexual with another girl. And it caused her to have the biggest climax of her life. Right on Bruce’s face.

She caught her breath. And saw Barbara kissing the juices off of Bruce’s face before having a passionate embrace on his tongue.

“Were you here the whole time? I thought you left.” Kara said.

“Who do you think asked Bruce to make a move on you tonight.” Barbara said.

She shrugged off her panties and found space on the bed.

Bruce prepared to mount her.

“No. no. I want what she had.” Barbara smirked. “Then you can do anything you want. With either of us.”

Kara looked at Bruce. “Anything.”

Bruce kissed her and she could taste her love on him. He nodded and quickly swooped in to get to work on the redhead protege.

Chapter 15: Batman/Star Sapphire

It only took Star Sapphire twenty minutes to take over the Justice League Headquarters. Batman wasn’t amused by the radiating dog collar Star Sapphire put around his neck. She did set out to kill him. But at the same time her interest in making Hal Jordan jealous may have saved his life.

“You wear this collar because I’m not one of your kind, Batman.” Star Sapphire said.

“Then why do you want to control us?” Batman asked.

“You seek out others committing crimes. But I am not of your kind. There are laws of yours that I don’t have to follow.” Star Sapphire said. “Just like humans don’t have to follow the rules their dogs create.”

She brought him in on her leash. And petted him gently on the head. Carol Ferris knew who he was underneath the mask, but was attracted to the mask itself. The same attraction she shared with Green Lantern over Hal Jordan.

“I won’t interfere with you if you let me go.” Bruce said.

She opened her legs. He had to admit that he never found Carol Ferris attractive. But her revealing purple unitard and matching boots showed off her nearly perfect body. Why Hal turned her down was beyond him.

“You see my power and you want me now. Don’t you?” Star Sapphire asked. “You’re a man acting like a boy.”

“What do I have to do to become a man?” Bruce asked.

“Take care of my raspberry and I’ll whisper it in your ear.” Star Sapphire said. “Be a good boy.”

Bruce boldly moved his hand up Star Sapphire’s bare leg. Through her costume he traced her aroused pussy lips and clit. She was fascinated with the slightly older superhero’s action. Her body felt tingly as she received pleasure out of the thrill of his touch.

He took off his glove and tore apart the bottom of her suit with his hand. She didn’t seem bothered by it. Far from it. Slowly he stuck a finger into her honey hole.

“You like that?” Bruce asked.

She moaned in approval and closed her eyes. Perhaps she thought of Hal. Perhaps she thought of how Hal might get jealous knowing that she could be contained by a more dominant man.

“Keep doing that. Be a good boy.” Star Sapphire said.

“I’m going to taste you now. Because I’m hungry for it. Do you want me to lick or eat?” Bruce asked.

He increased his in and out motion, Star Sapphire was already giving into the ecstasy the hero gave her.

“I don’t care. Just keep doing that.” Star Sapphire said. Grabbing her breasts and beginning to rub them. Bruce made a mental note that he’d need to nurse on those nipples later.

Bruce removed his finger and she gave him an angry in-heat look. He then placed two fingers inside and pushed her slim, booted legs on either side of his shoulders. He finger fucker her with vigor as he began to lick her clit. Just like a dog.

His expert tongue was nothing she had experienced before. She had already had the first of a series of quick orgasms. He was using his fingers and tongue like an instrument.

His charm was too much. She could do nothing to succumb to it.

She would have to keep him around for some time indeed. And by the bulge in his costume. They had all of the time in the world.

Chapter 16: Batman/Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Jessica led her hands down Batman’s pants. They were tight. Almost making her wonder if he enjoyed the feeling of spandex torturing his package. He was patient with her. Patience was a turn on and a challenge at the same time.

“You want me to get you off?” Jessica whispered into his ear.

There was a charming glimmer in his eyes. “No. I want us to both get off.”

She was usually shy, but the excitement of her situation made her dance a bit on the floor.

“Time for you to take off the uniform. Don’t worry. Bottom half only.” Jessica said.

She peeled off his costume. Then she proceeded to take her own off. They admired what they both revealed. For Bruce it was a bulge in his pants that he had had for her since they embraced in a kiss after a mission together. For Jessica it was a body that had matured into womanhood perfectly. Tan and toned. Curves that he wanted to rub with his strong hands.

Her fingers itched to see what he was hiding underneath his boxers. She got into a comfortable position. Kissed the Dark Knight.

“I’m just going to breathe into your ear. Let you now how hot I am for you. Now close your eyes and jerk off for me.” Jessica said.

Her breathe was on her cheek. She pulled down Bruce’s boxers and admired his perfect cock. Even though he had a long and distinguished list of lovers, Bruce was very comfortable masturbating with expert form.

She watched the pace he gave himself and kept photographs of it in her memory.

She sat him down on the couch and began to stand up. Slowly she placed her shaved pussy into his face.

“Now remove your hand and eat me out.” Jessica said.

She looked at her ring and it created a beam that slowly went to his cock. Bruce took a moment from admiring her womanhood to look at what her ring conjured.

“It’s a perfect replica of my pussy. I’m going to put it on you. It will be just like a fleshlight but feel ten times better.” Jessica said.

“What if I lose focus?” Bruce said.

“Don’t play dumb. I know you’ve had a real pussy on your cock while eating out another girl.” Jessica said.

He moaned as the “Green Fleshlight” slowly roamed over the tip of his cock.

“If that feels good then repay me with your mouth, Batman.” Jessica said. She stopped pumping the green fleshlight until he fully committed his mouth to her quim. “Taste me.”

Bruce began to kiss the tan thighs he had admired from her striptease earlier. He gently parter her lips and ran his tongue over her clit.

“It’s very sweet.” Bruce said.

She moaned and continued to jerk him off with her Green Fleshlight. He began lapping at her. Using his tongue over her hard clit like it was a cock. Her slit was craving touch and he began to spear in and out of it as her juices began to signal an impending orgasm.

“Is this showing you that I’m talented enough to get in the League?” Jessica asked.

“You’re acting pretty confident for a woman that hasn’t gotten me off yet.” Bruce smirked.

He placed two fingers deep inside of her. Trying to match the same rhythm she gave his cock with the fleshlight. Then put all of his tongue’s focus into pleasing her hardened clit. It was now throbbing in his mouth.

Two. Three. Four strokes more and she let out a scream that was perfect for lovemaking. Her pussy clamped on his fingers as her nectar began to pour onto his mouth. He pulled out his fingers and let it flow onto his chin and chest. He didn’t stop until her orgasm completely cascaded.

Forgetting that she needed to get him off she closed her eyes and the fleshlight transformed into something else. She slid down onto his lap, face flushed and held his cock as if to aim it at her perky, post orgasm tits.

“Get ready to cum on them.” Jessica said.

Bruce felt a tiny push into his butthole. It wasn’t uncomfortable as it felt less than the width of a pinky finger entering him. Even though he knew that it was coming from her ring.

“Have you done this before?” Jessica asked.

“Once. But not like this.” Bruce said.

“Well it’s going to feel like you have to pee for a second.” Jessica said.

“I feel it. Oh … fuck…..fuck.” Bruce said.

Slowly he felt a massive wave of pleasure hit his brain.

A small wave of cum shot out of his cock. It was like a super soaker onto Jessica’s tits, hair, and chin.

“Just wait. There’s more.” Jessica said.

He didn’t know why he should trust her but he did. She smiled and kissed him gently. As if showing him a new ride at the amusement park that she had already been on. After half a minute of making out he felt something massaging his prostate once again. Using her actual hand and some spit this time around she began to stroke him steadily.

Cum began to spurt out of him like crazy this time. It was the closest he had ever been to an elongated female orgasm without the aid of Ivy’s drugs. He couldn’t believe how much semen was flowing out and he simply lost control in the euphoria.

**Notes: **

So I think this may be the end of LET BATMAN EAT PUSSY. At least for now. There are some characters that I considered ( Cass, Steph, Hawkgirl, Carrie, Andrea, Roxy, Laurel, Felicity, Lana, Donna, etc) but I didn't feel a spark that demanded them to hook up with Bruce in my brain. It could come and when it does I'll probably write it.

I'm ashamed to say that I'm not exactly a fan of crossovers between Marvel/DC or other IP and DC.

Thank you for the Kudos to this weird and perhaps hot idea that I had while reading Tumblr. I am considering writing a sequel where Bruce gets "properly thanked" by these ladies but still make it fun for the ladies to read. 🍆💦👄 + 🤩🍆💦