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Batgirl walks into the Batcave Locker Room to find Batman in a compromising position

“Oh my god. Oh shit. Shit. Sorry!” Barbara said.

She left her grappling hook at home and walked into the suit up room to ask Batman for a new one.

It didn’t even cross her mind that she had a 0.5 second glimpse of Bruce naked. As much as a 0.5 glimpse of Bruce. In his Batman costume. Pants down to his ankles. Cock in gloved hand. Furiously pleasuring himself while laying back down onto the cold bench that Jason, Todd, and Dick had sat down on minutes earlier.

It wasn’t the first time she had caught Batman in a compromising situation. On her third or fourth night as Batgirl, she had overhead him having sex with Catwoman in the thin walls of Wayne Tech’s offices.

She had even witnessed Harley and Ivy take turns blowing him while he was tied down. There was something odd about the sexual nature of a superhero like Batman. Even with the “good girls”, it seemed that risking friendship for a nice refreshing fuck wasn’t a big deal.

Supergirl and Wonder Girl still didn’t believe that she hadn’t fucked Batman by now.

Barbara finished collecting items for her belt. She anticipated that Bruce would come out for patrol and they’d act like it never happened. The same way she acted like nothing happened when Talia spent the night in the Batcave.

He was the boss.

A minute passed. Then two. It usually didn’t take him that long to put on a uniform.

Was he embarrassed?

Or maybe he didn’t really see her?

No. Their eyes definitely met. They were locked for that half a second.

Was he still stroking it while our eyes met?

She remembered the moment again. Her face got flushed. She said “Oh shit” and he was still stroking it.

Is he in there, still focused on finishing one off?

What was he jerking off to? He didn’t have a laptop on his chest like Dick did when they first met.

Maybe it was his new girlfriend. The influencer model that saved seals in New Zealand. They had breakfast together.

They weren’t facing anyone sexy tonight. Just doing some surveillance on Rupert Thorne.

Why didn’t he break?

Why didn’t he apologize? Or make a dumb excuse? Or a half excuse?

God his cock was the best possible size. She knew why every girl was fine with sharing him. Heck, all of the times she pleasured herself to Batman. Before she was Batgirl. She imagined it’d be just a tad bit longer and a tad bit thicker than the boys she had been with.

The longer he took to get out of the locker room, the more distracting the situation would be for the rest of their patrol.

He didn’t even attempt to cover himself up. He just made eye contact with her with that cock in his hand. Was he mad at her for putting him in such a compromised position?

What was he jerking off to?

It couldn’t have been. The sparring session they had earlier?

She was in her Nike Pro spandex Yoga Shorts. And a sports bra. And then he tied her hands behind her back to see how fast she could get out of the restraints and face him. She had been practicing it with him for weeks. Sometimes her nipples got hard in the cave. But never once did she think that he’d be checking her out while they trained. It was Batman. She didn’t even allow herself to get horny because he took everything so seriously.

Was this her opportunity? She had locked up her crush for him since they revealed their identities to each other over a year ago. At most she had given him a flirty joke to him that she’d give any of her male friends.

And he respected her as a feminist. He was her teacher, but she was treated like a respected colleague. More so than at the GCU Library.

It had been eight minutes. Bruce could get his entire costume in three on a slow night.

“Were you just waiting to see if I was going to offer you help?!” she said, walking back into the room.

She didn’t phrase that right. It sounded like she was mad.

She looked at Batman. For a second time. He was still on his back. Cock in hand. Why did she sound like a bitch?

She was in costume still. If she wanted to seduce him she could have taken her mask off and done something with her hair. She could have put on the cute bra and panties she had in her gym bag and just gone up to him and kissed him.

“No.” He said.

He stopped. She had killed his tempo. His cock was still hard.

“I mean. I’m not offering.” she said.

Strike-fucking-two. He was already uncomfortable and began to slide his pants back up.

“No. Finish what you were doing.” she said.

He paused and shook his head.

“You got caught by your pupil. Finish what you were doing. Or I’ll fucking finish it for you, you control freak.” Batgirl said.

She leaned into him. He fucking shuddered.

“You were thinking of me back there. Weren’t you?” she said.

She moved close enough so he could smell her minty breath. And flowery hair.

“Put that cock in your hand and finish. Then we go on patrol.” Batgirl said.

He went back to stroking. She pushed him onto his back. So that he was exactly where he was when she caught him.

“You want to know what will get you off?” Batgirl said. Standing over him.

“Yes.” he said. As he began to stroke hard long strokes.

“Well since we’re vulnerable. I’ll be vulnerable with you. You already know my secret identity. But do you want another little secret that Barbara Gordon has?” Batgirl said.

“Tell me.” he said.

“I wear my navy blue athletic underwear from gymnastics when I patrol with Tim. Or Jason. But when I’m with you. I don’t wear any at all.”

One stroke. Two strokes.

She saw blood rush to his face. She pushed her hand to her spandex covered pussy and showed off the wetness. Slowly giving him a small show as she pulled down the pants and showed that , true to her word, she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Three Strokes. Four Strokes. Five Strokes. Bruce’s pretty cock began to splash out semen. Most of it fell onto his abs. Some of it fell onto his hand. The rest got onto the bench. But a nice drop shot onto her thigh.

She knew that if they talked about it. Or continued on. That they would fuck.

The problem was that she wanted the friendship and the fuck. Even if he wasn’t the friendship type.

But the young librarian also knew that if they didn’t. He’d start to break up with his dumbass seal saving girlfriend. And then there’d be some night where it wasn’t just a fuck. But sex. On the table for the two of them. The kind that she fantasized about when she became Batgirl.

“Clean up. We have Patrol.” she said.

In a dominating way she walked back into the cave. Her walk was sexier. Less happy go lucky. More seductive. Like she was the boss.