Wanda's Study Session

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After the Events of WandaVision, Loki pays a visit to Wanda's lake cabin.

Wanda saw him at the edge of the lake the evening prior. Loki had trained himself to do many things. But he was trained to be a scout. And it never left him.

“You shouldn’t leave your door wide open.” Loki said. “I know what you’re here for.” Wanda said. “You won’t convert me to join you.”

She transformed into her Scarlet Witch costume. The cabin turned into a completely black room. She didn’t show off her chaotic magic, but she was in control.

“When you get uncomfortable you change the world around you.” He admired her work. “When I get uncomfortable I change the way I look to the world.” Loki said. “I've heard stories.” she said. “And I’ve heard stories about you, Wanda.” he said.

He quickly shifted himself into Vision. Red face. Sympathetic eyes. Smoothly, he turned into one that was similar to his alter ego. Blonde hair. Attractive chin. Plush lips.

“I’m not looking for someone to play pretend with right now.” Wanda said. “I’m studying.” “You know what happens to people who study the most on Asgard?” Loki said. “They are killed by men who look like Thor?” Wanda replied. “Worse. They become teachers.” Loki said. “The life of a teacher is a noble one.” Wanda said. “On every planet in this universe. Teachers tell their loyal students what to do. Their students do it. And on the battlefield they get slaughtered. Because they were told their instincts weren’t as powerful as they books they dedicated their lives to.” Loki said. “You’re here to take away books from everyone?” Wanda said. “I’m here because I listened to my instincts.” Loki said. “It’s in your favor to tell me not to study.” Wanda said. “Agatha Harkness has been around for 400 years. She spent 380 years studying. 20 years using magic.” Loki said. “She wasn’t born with what I was born with.” Wanda said. “Don’t go down that road.” Loki said. “What road?” Wanda said. “You and I both know that magic doesn’t work that way.” Loki said. “The experts say otherwise.” Wanda said. “The experts do experiments on themselves. We are not super serum, radioactive anomalies. The magic harvests itself inside of you and you tell it where to go.” Loki said.

Despite the room being black he found the door. Opened it and walked back towards the beach.

“Page 18,207. There’s a painting of me in there.” Loki said. She used her holographic self to look into the book. “You’re the Scarlet Witch. You’ll have thousands of years to use your magic. Perhaps we’ll see each other in a few hundred to discuss what you’ve learned?” Loki said. “That’s it?” Wanda asked. “Yeah.” Loki said. “Is there a place for me to eat something that isn’t fish around here?” “It’s Sokovia. We only have fish and water.” Wanda said. “And I thought London was bad.” he said.

Wanda hadn’t had a meal with another person since the blip. Clint’s family invited her to a picnic. She couldn’t even leave her bed. She wasn’t a fugitive then.

Now, sitting across from her in a booth was Loki. Trying to learn the menu at a Sokovian diner.

“Look at us. If this wouldn’t get the Avengers to raid your cabin tonight. Nothing will.” Loki said. “Try the Cepelinai. And if you don’t like it maybe the Kugelis.” Wanda said. “We’ve been here for ten minutes. Those people still don’t have their food.” Loki said. “We take our time when it comes to making food. We pride ourselves on that.” Wanda said. “There’s a place in Norway that has lutefisk platter. Everyone raves about it. A slice of pizza in Venice takes one minute and fifty eight seconds to come out of the oven. To most people that may mean nothing, but it takes them 2 minutes to accomplish what the Norwegians can accomplish in forty five minutes.” Loki said.

Wanda smiled. Loki always appeared charming but his small talk was horrific.

“If you prefer pizza there is a place within walking distance.” Wanda said.

He just watched her for a moment. Reading through the menu she already knew.

“What a strange story you are to this planet.” Loki said. “I’m sorry?” Wanda said. “You’ve spent the last five years. Losing everyone you know. To find out that you’re immortal-ish. On a planet where no one else has that power.” Loki said. “I’ve read in my book that it can be up to a thousand years. No Scarlet Witch has gone past that. I don’t even know who the last one was.” Wanda said. “She came from a royal family. Took a deal with a rather evil fellow for the powers. Turned them against him.” Loki said. “Your family?” Wanda asked. “No. We’d beat our children if they ever tried such a thing.” Loki said. “I’ve never had an encounter with a demon.” She said. “Here’s the deal. Magic. Real magic. It chooses us. It might use us to do awful things. And maybe because awful things happened to us we allow it.” Loki said. “You were born into magical royalty.” Wanda said. “Adopted. By Odin. And by magic.” Loki said.

The waitress passed them again. He rolled his eyes.

The box of pizza laid on the floor. Wanda took the last slice.

“You came here to be nice. I don’t buy it.” Wanda said.

He shook his head.

“You’re getting into all of this at the wrong time.” Loki said. “Didn’t you say that we are in never ending wars?” Wanda said. “No one wants to follow Thanos onto the stage.” Loki said. “I just want to get my kids back.” Wanda said. “It wasn’t just a life with Vision. You wanted the life of an ideal human. But you’re not mortal, Wanda. No one will look at you as one for a very long time” Loki said.

She went to her stove. Opened the oven. And took out something.

“Apple Cake. It should be done in an hour.” she said.

She looked at it for a moment. Then hugged him. Tightly.

“I didn’t bake you anything.” Loki said. “I know why you’re here.” Wanda said. “I don’t think you do. And it’s okay. I wasn’t going to do anything. Not now. It’s too soon.” Loki said. “Can you just explain it to me?” Wanda said. “You have the chicken and the egg question here on earth?” Loki asked. “Yeah. Which came first?” Wanda asked. “Well we wonder if the magic came before creation. Or the creation brought the magic.” Loki said. “But the magic chose us. Didn’t it?” Wanda asked. “Without it. You wouldn’t have found a way to the Soul Stone. Or the Mind Stone.” Loki said. “It’s destroyed now.” Wanda said. “They only give the illusion of death. The magic that created them didn’t die.” Loki said. “And you feel it when you’re around me?” Wanda asked. “Just like you feel its presence around me.” Loki said.

Wanda suggested Loki spend the night at her Cabin. She slid off her pants and opened her suitcase to look for a new outfit.

Loki reached behind her and allowed his fingers to roll up her leg. Finally landing at her bare ass.

“Loki. What are you doing?” Wanda asked. “It might not happen tonight. But it will happen sometime.” Loki said. “I know it will.” Wanda said. He leaned in for a kiss. She pulled back.

She slowly lifted her shirt. And the room transformed into a master bedroom. Loki saw that he was in his old costume. And Wanda was in a lingerie version of her Scarlet Witch costume.

He noticed her figure for the first time. She had a solid C cup with dark nipples. Her ass was wonderful. Almost made for his hand.

She leaned over his neck and began to kiss her way up his face.

“You fucked the last Scarlet Witch. I read about it.” Wanda said. “We were in a relationship for 40 years. And yes. Sex occured.” Loki said. “Her voice is begging to use my body so she can fuck you. But, you see, I kind of want to fuck you too.” Wanda said.

He sat up on the bed. Pulled her over his lap. And kissed her. Like a Bride.

While she melted into the kiss he began to remove his pants. “My dick is in control of everything that happens from here on, Wanda.” Loki said.

She unsnapped the bottom of her one piece. Then slowly lowered herself onto the reformed villain. It took her a moment to adjust. Whimpering wasn’t her thing, but it felt right. Loki was started at how tight Wanda’s pussy was until he remembered that she hadn’t actually had sex with the robot.

Despite her lack of recent experience, she was amazing in bed. She pulled his face into her breasts and her hand lowered the cup of her corset so he could kiss her nipple. As she grinded on him her pace increased until she came to a complete stop and tightened hard around him. Glowing deeply, she felt a wave of pleasure that hadn’t hit her in week. Months. And with Loki of all people.

“I’m still cumming.” Wanda said. Catching her breathe. “Just cum. We have decades, my witch in scarlet.” He said. “Is that you?” Wanda said. “You feel it?” Loki said. “God. It’s flooding me.” She said. “Well. I am a God.” he said. She grabbed onto his shoulder as she felt him release with one final grunt. Positioning herself to take it.

“I don’t feel mortal anymore.” Wanda said. “Would you please move away from this country.” Loki said