Supergirl and the Military Exercise  

By Dr. Dominator

The character of Supergirl in this story is owned by DC Comics and is only being used here for parody purposes. The other characters are my own and cannot be used without permission from the author.

The costume pictured here is the one that Supergirl wore during some of her years when operating out of Midvale. This story takes place after she graduated Stanhope College. I’ve taken liberties with some of the timing and realities of what occurred in the comics and set it in today’s technology but in this story she’s a young reporter on the Midvale Sentinel newspaper.

There are strong sexual elements in this story and you shouldn’t read this if you are offended by such material or you’re underage. This story is fan fiction only and no profit is being made from it.

Chapter 1

Linda Danvers is lying stretched out on her back with her head resting near the foot of her mattress. Her long blonde hair dangles over the edge while her brunette wig sits on the night table beside her bed should any unexpected visitor come knocking. She bounces her right calf up and down on her knee while her left foot is planted in her pillow at the top end of the mattress.

The 22-year old admires the gleaming pink nail polish on her toes as they wink at her in the up and down rhythm of her muscular beat. The steel blue silk teddy accents her beautiful figure with stretch lines where her breasts rise and fall within the fabric and where her glutes flex and shift as Linda chats on her cell phone with her friend Lisa on a lazy Saturday morning.

“You’re actually going out with David tonight? For real?”

“He finally asked me yesterday when he came in for his second macchiato grande,” Lisa giggled on her end.

“Took him long enough. He must have drunk half the coffee from Brazil getting up the nerve to ask out his favorite barista. Did you encourage him by drawing obscene pictures in his foam?”

“Hey, I’m not that kind of slut?”

“No, then what kind are you and will I get full details about your sluthood tomorrow?”

“If only because I pity you for not having a sex life of your own. You’ve got to stop living vicariously through me sometime, Linda.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m just waiting for Mr. Right.”

“I keep telling you to go for ‘Mr. Right Now’ for a change. Honestly, you’re hopeless.”

“Well, I can’t help it if my standards are…oh, I’m getting another call. I’ve got to take this. Talk to you tomorrow. Have fun and don’t give it all away tonight. Have some dignity, Leezy!”

“Sure, sure. Bye.”

“Hello, this is Linda Danvers.”

“Good morning, Ms. Danvers, I hope I’m not disturbing you. This is General Simon Daniels. I wanted to reach out to you with an exclusive opportunity for you and your newspaper, the Midvale Sentinel.”

“What kind of opportunity do you mean, General Daniels?” Linda swings her feet off the bed and sits up straight.

“We’re having a small operation tonight to test some new drone technology and it might be just a bit dangerous so we were hoping that Supergirl could help us to control any collateral damage that might possibly occur during this test. If she’s willing to give her assistance in this, we would allow you onsite during the operation as an exclusive reporter. It would be quite a coup for your paper and for you, Ms. Danvers.”

“Why are you giving the Sentinel this consideration, may I ask, General?”

“Your paper always seems to have the inside track on putting Supergirl’s many successes on your front page first so we figure someone there either knows her or has some kind of contact with her. That’s why we’re reaching out. I apologize for the short notice but I didn’t get the green light on this field test until an hour ago. I didn’t expect it for another two months, red tape being what it is in the Pentagon. Do you think your paper can get hold of Supergirl so she can be there tonight at 1930?”

“7:30? I can certainly ask them, she doesn’t exactly punch a clock though. May I call you back at this number, General, when and if I get confirmation?”

“Certainly. The test will be held at McKeever Field, just north of Midvale. Do you know where that is?”

“I do but I won’t be able to go myself tonight because I’ve got an assignment already I’ll be working on at that time.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. This would be quite a plum byline for any reporter. If I were you, I’d give it to a good friend of yours on the staff there. It’ll be quite a favor to them. But that’s your call of course. I hope to hear from you later, Ms. Danvers, with good news.”

“You will hear back from me one way or another, General. I promise. It shouldn’t take long to get you your answer.”

As soon as Linda disconnects the General’s call, she puts one into the Sentinel’s assignment desk.

“Midvale Sentinel, Aaron Zimmer speaking.”

“Hi, Aaron, it’s Linda. I just got a lead on a story from a Pentagon general by the name of Simon Daniels about a test scheduled for tonight. He’s offering the paper an exclusive if they can get Supergirl there and….”

“Gosh, Linda, she didn’t give me her number last time we had hot sex. I just felt so used.”

Pacing in her bedroom with nervous excitement, Linda stops short and flushes a bright red in a combination of embarrassment and anger. Her eyes roll up and she takes a breath to calm herself down.

“I have a way to contact Supergirl, you jerk. I was just calling to see if Terry Sykes was on the assignment board there. I owe her and she’s a friend and well, is she on the board or not?”

Glancing over, Aaron notes her name is there but only for a school board meeting on Monday night. He tells this to Linda and says he’ll call Terry with info as soon as Linda gives it to him.

“Oh, that’s okay, as long as you approve her for the assignment and put her on the board tonight for 7:30 at McKeever field, I’ll call her myself, if that’s alright with you, Aaron?”

“Fine by me. She’s a good reporter. What kind of test is it, Linda?”

“Something with drones. The general was slightly concerned about collateral damage which is why he wanted Supergirl there for safety. That’s all I know.”

“Why aren’t you grabbing this assignment for yourself, Linda?”

“Me? Oh, well, I’ve got a family thing that’s been in the works for weeks I can’t get out of. Believe me, wish I could! Terry is going to owe me big time.”

“Okay, I’m writing her on the board now,” Aaron says, the dry marker squeaking over the phone. “See you Monday.”

Disconnecting Aaron and tapping her phone’s contact list, Linda puts her forefinger on Terry’s listing, her bare foot squeezing the carpet as the phone rings through. The sensation of her toes digging softly in the deep pile is kind of sexy. She eyes herself in the mirror and the blue silk teddy is doing her no harm. She really does have to find a nice guy.

Why should everyone else have their fun and not me? I deserve a life besides being a hero, don’t I?

“Hi Linda, what’s up?” Terry sounds distracted and busy.

“Oh, nothing, just a plum assignment for tonight I thought I’d throw your way since I’m busy. But hey, it’s only an exclusive on a Pentagon test of some kind. I’m sure you get stories like that all the time. I’ll just tell Aaron to give it to Hallie Mitchell.”

“You do and I’ll break your thumbs,” snaps Terry. “Look, I’m in the middle of something here with my family. I’ll call you back in 10 minutes. Not a second more. Promise. Don’t give that skank my exclusive. PLEEEZZEE!”

After snorting a huge laugh, Linda promises she won’t hand off the story to anyone else and ends the call with Terry. During her wait for her friend’s return call, Linda looks up General Simon Daniels on her phone and scans down the skimpy information she finds there. Posted in Iraq, Afghanistan and stateside in California and now here in Midvale for the past year. That’s all she can find for now. She’ll tell it to Terry who will do her own research. For the balance of the day, Linda plans to patrol as Supergirl around the city, around the country and around the globe before coming back home for the 7:30 appointment with the general.

When Terry gets back on the phone, Linda senses a tension in her friend’s voice that’s not usually there in the easy-going woman.

“Is everything okay over there, Ter?”

“Yeah, Lin, it’s fine, just a lot of family drama. My younger brother just came out to our folks. I can’t believe they didn’t know he was gay. I mean, I’ve known since fourth grade for gosh sakes. He told me two years ago when he was a junior. And that got a big “Duh!” from me and he just laughed, shuffled his feet and squeezed me until my face went blue.”

“So, they took it hard?”

“To say the least. Mom will probably get on board once the shock wears off which shouldn’t take that long. I’m sure she sensed it but hoped she was wrong. Dad, well, I’m not sure when that support hug between him and Jeff will happen. I’m thinking in six years…maybe. Anyway, tell me all about this assignment and why you’re not taking it.”

Linda tells the lie about her family obligation before filling in her good friend and fellow reporter about all the pertinent details of the evening’s meeting at McKeever field. She wishes Terry good luck and that she hopes it’s a big story for her before signing off. After that, the beautiful blonde pulls down the teddy’s shoulder straps, lets it drop to the floor and steps out of it. She tosses it in the hamper on the way into the shower to get her day officially started.

The quick shower invigorates Linda. After toweling off, she goes to her closet, presses the secret release catch and pulls out the clothes hanger holding her famous blue uniform dress with red and yellow accents, matching blue panties and matching red cape. She lays it out on the bed with the world-renowned family crest facing up and then places the boots on the floor.

She is thinking of her day of patrolling as she pulls up the panties that perfectly match the dress. The waistband snaps back and the lithe beauty then pulls the dress off the bed, bundles it in a ring over her head before drawing it down her shapely length so it snugly adheres to all her curves. The silky alien fabric is just as tough as her own skin when it comes to deflecting bullets but nonetheless feels cool and smooth against a body that’s still warm from the shower. After adjusting the skirt here and there so it clings just right, Kara pulls on her thigh-high bright red boots. Next, she attaches her belt of micro-thin rings made from impenetrable Kryptonian metal. Finally, she links up her cape to the collar of her dress and Kara Zor-El is ready to start her Saturday. She appraises her look in the mirror and gives a nod of approval at the emblem stretched across her healthy chest. All is in place and she’s ready to fight for truth, justice and what she still considers the ‘American Way.’

Supergirl walks into the secret compartment in the rear of her closet, closes the door behind her and presses the sole of her boot against the brown knothole button that operates the pneumatic door guarding the tunnel entrance in the floor of the compartment. With her head down with arms outstretched, the attractive blonde dives downward ten feet before the tunnel takes a 90 degree turn. Behind her, the pneumatic door closes on its own inside the hidden room while Supergirl streaks through the 4-foot diameter tube all the way through to the nearby woods. At the far end, she pushes up against the very heavy hinged boulder sealing the tunnel and hears it thump back down beneath her as she soars high into the sky, starting her patrol of her adopted home planet.

Supergirl and the Military Exercise part 1