Wonder Woman vs. Poison Ivy  

By Dr. I

Wonder Woman vs. Poison Ivy

by Dr. I

"Steve, you wanted to see me?" Diana Prince said in her usually sultry voice as she sauntered into Steve Trevor's office at the IADC.

"Yes, there's been a rash of robberies in town and I want you to check them out," Steve replied handing Diana a case file.

"But isn't that for the local authorities?" Diana asked puzzled by such a mundane assignment.

"The robberies all involve ambulatory plants robbing their owners. I think our old green thumb friend is back in town," Steve said.

"Poison Ivy!?" Diana gasped. "Well this is certainly important. I'll get on it right away."

Diana took the file and headed out the door. As Steve Trevor worked, a large palm plant in a planter behind him began to pulsate and swell. Then smooth tendril vines began growing from the plant, raising up like snakes. Outside, Diana was chatting with Steve's receptionist when she heard a crash in his office. She opened the door only to be met with a wave of flailing smooth green tentacles. She could see Steve wrestling with a myriad of tendrils and was losing bad.

"Get help!" Diana ordered the receptionist, "I'll see what I can do here!"

The receptionist took off and Diana looked about. Then the bountiful agent spun in place and exploded in a ball of lightning. The voluptuous Wonder Woman now stood looking proud and confident. Wonder Woman opened the door and pushed her way into the office. Steve was on his couch nearly coocooned by the vines.

"Wonder Woman! Get out! Too many of MMBMLM!" Before Trevor could finish an odd vine with a flower end clamped over his face. It seemed to swell and contract like it was pumping something into him. He soon calmed down and slumped into submission.

"Don't worry Steve! I'll save you!" Wonder Woman rushed the plant and was met with a frenzy of tendrils. She grabbed them and with a mighty yank tore them in half making the large palm plant shrill in pain. She pushed her way to the couch and began pulling the vines off Steve. She was so intent on freeing Steve she didn't notice another potted plant on the other side of the office come to life. Tentacle vines lashed out and wrapped around her waist and firm, smooth thighs. Wonder Woman pulled the vines from her waist only to have more replace them. She stood up to tear apart the other plant but her arms were each ensnared. More and more vines wrapped around her firm, full figured legs and wide hips. Too preoccupied to notice its activities, the other plant lashed out and wrapped tendrils around her belt in an attempt to restrain the struggling Amazon.

"Ney! I will not let these abominations defeat me!" Wonder Woman grabbed a handful of vines and began tearing them with her super strength. At that same moment the other plant pulled and tore her magic belt loose with a jolt. Magical arcs of ethereal energy shot from the belt like a battery being disengaged.

"Great Hera! My belt!"

No sooner had Wonder Woman been de-powered then the plant attacking her gained a huge upper hand. Wonder Woman was now nothing more than a busty, full figured woman in a swim suit. The vines wrapped around her shapely legs and pulled them together. At the same time, more vines coiled her arms and pulled them behind her back. Wonder Woman hissed and snarled as she was forcibly restrained. More and more vines wrapped around her turning her into a curvaceous, gyrating, vine wrapped statue.

"Must get free... cannot be restrained! An Amazon cannot be tamed!" she screamed summoning all her strength to break free but to no avail.

Then she felt something disturbing in her costume. Tendrils began snaking into her star spangled shorts and bustier.


Then she felt her top grow loose. The vines pulled it down and her large endowment spilled out and free, bouncing like two slabs of firm jello. Then her shorts began coming down her legs over her twisting, thrusting hips. She now stood nude with her top tossed to the floor and her shorts pulled down to mid thigh. Thinking her flopping, sloshing breasts were limbs, the plant's vines began coiling around them trying to restrain them. The sensation drove Wonder Woman wild making her moan in unwanted excitement.

"I hate to do this but screaming for help is my only HBLMM!" Before Wonder Woman could act, the same kind of flower that anesthetized Steve Trevor fired up and slammed over Wonder Woman's gorgeous face. The Amazon screamed and thrashed her head but her cries were severely muffled. The flower began to pump and swell forcing large doses of ether like gas into Wonder Woman's lungs. The feverish Amazon soon began to sway and stagger, her head rotating about sloppy and wild like a drunk. Then she collapsed forward across Steve's desk moaning and sighing semi drugged from the plant's flower. It wasn't enough to render her unconscious, only enough to calm her down.

As she struggled the plant reached over and opened one of the file cabinets. It coiled a tendril around a wad of files and the tendril then detached. Like a snake, they slid with the files to the window and out of the building.

Wonder Woman's full figured hips swayed left and right as she slowly fought. The plant watched her perfect, pear shaped vagina between her legs with intense. interest. Then, a bulbous pod at the base of the plant opened and a slimy, fat tube exploded up and out. It sat like a cobra over Wonder Woman's motherly hips eyeing the pear shaped lips so helpless before it. The end of the tube was lumpy and ribbed with a small opening that began to drip a creamy, pudding like substance. It waited for its opportunity then lunged down and pressed into Wonder Woman's perfect vaginal lips. Wonder Woman surge up and screamed. Her hips slammed and thrust as the tube pushed deeper and deeper into the Amazon.

Wonder Woman panted and moaned as the tube thrust in and out of her in its unholy attempt to rape her. With each inch pulled back it slammed two inches into her. Like a steam pistol it pushed and forced every inch out of the resistant Amazon. The tube reached her cervix and pressed into it like a pile driver. With an intense convulsion it burst through and into her ripe womb.

Then, from the plant's pod, a large swell of liquid rolled out and began migrating up the tube toward the struggling heroine. Closer and closer it pulsated up the tube toward her. She then felt a large pressure against her vaginal lips and she instinctively clenched her vagina shut as hard as she could. The tube twisted and surge but could not get the swell past her defiant vagina.

"UNNGGH! What is it doing!? Must not let it..."

Suddenly, a wave of smaller tendrils wrapped around her clit and began rubbing and playing with it. Wonder Woman slammed her hips in horror trying to shake off the tendrils. The sensation, coupled with being bound and forcibly entered, pushed Wonder Woman over the edge. The buxom Amazon screamed and let go an enormous, mind numbing climax.

At that moment, she lost all control. The swell parted her lips and pushed inside her. Inside her womb the tube exploded in an eruption of pudding like, white goo. Gulp after large gulp of pug squirted into the genetically perfect Amazon. Outside the tube continued to pump dose after dose of semen into the heroine making a squishy, wet sound like toothpaste pushed through a tube. After nearly a minute of pumping, the tube slowly retracted with a loud pop as it exited her tight vagina. A river of white pug gushed out of her vaginal lips and dribbled down her firm thighs.

Then Wonder Woman began to convulse wildly. "Something is WRONG!" Hot flashes and waves of hormones rushed over her. The plant semen was loaded with female hormones meant to trick its victim into ovulating. Wonder Woman was not immune and she screamed in an unholy climax. The plant held her firm waiting for the inevitable. Wonder Woman seized and screamed. Then her pelvis began to glow and sparkle. She convulsed for several moments but then the glow faded and fizzled out.

Dazed and devastated, the buxom Amazon swayed and then collapsed like a felled wild animal. More vines wrapped and bound her till she was a shapely cocoon. The plant base then began to swell and compress forcing huge doses of anesthetic into the flowers covering both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor's faces. Wonder Woman's eyes began to flutter and she moaned in dizziness.

"Last... chance... must reach..."

Her hand grabbed her magic belt just as she was slipping away. With the will power of a true Amazon, Wonder Woman swelled her muscles and burst the vines around her. She tossed the flower over her face to the side and gasped air like a dying fish.

"You abomination!" she screamed grabbing the plant by its base. She lifted it and threw it against the far wall of the office shattering it into dozens of pieces and spraying green goo all over the walls. She then went to untie Steve but realized she was naked and so quickly dressed. She tore Steve's vines apart then twirled and became Diana Prince once more.

"Ngh! What was that thing?" Steve said shaking his head.

"One of Poison Ivy's little pets I presume," Diana said helping Steve up.

"Well good thing Wonder Woman showed up. At least it didn't do her in," he smiled.

"Um... no it didn't," Diana replied rather nervous she was taken down so easily. "I think the plant was, pardon the pun, a plant. Part of it grabbed some files and scooted," Diana added examining the file cabinet. "All of them pertain to Poison Ivy."

"Damn! Now it'll be much harder to find her," Steve groaned.

"Not necessarily," Diana smiled holding up a piece of the pot the weird plant was in and reading the nursery label, "not hard at all."

* * *

"Iverson Nursery. How original," Diana Prince chuckled spying the huge green house nursery sitting far out of town. "Iverson... Ivy. Boy that's clever. Such mentality can only come from the contamination of men."

Diana snuck behind a dumpster and did her patented twirl. In a flash, Wonder Woman stood with her hands planted firmly on her hips. The amazing Amazon tore the pad lock off the back door of the nursery and was soon sneaking about looking for poison ivy. "That woman's plant nearly nailed my sexy ass good. That's not going to happen again."

"Ah so I have a visitor," Poison Ivy smiled viewing the full figured Amazon through a closed circuit TV in her basement hideaway. "How did that buxom bimbo find me? No matter. Its time to have some fun with the foolish she-bitch and ruin her in the process."

Wonder Woman gazed down the main walkway of the huge greenery. "This place is pretty incredible to say the least," she said seeing huge plants and exotic flowers all about in a jungle of vines and bushes. She looked about for a bit then noticed a pot similar to the one left in Steve's office laying in a small clearing amongst the flowers and brush.

She sauntered up and examined the pot. "Same nursery as the other one. This is definitely Ivy's handiwork."

Suddenly, a set of bloated, green vine like tentacles shot out from the brush and lashed around each of Wonder Woman's arms. They began to pull her in both directions and she pulled back in a Herculean tug of war. "NNGHH! Almost as strong as I am.... but not quite!"

"With a burst of strength, Wonder Woman ripped her right arm free and went to free her other arm. Another group of vines lashed out and recoiled her right arm pulling it tight once more. Then another group came from each side of her and wrapped around her arms, doubling the number of vines.

"What's wrong Wonder Woman?" heckled a female voice over a speaker. Wonder Woman gazed up in shock at a security camera hanging from a girder in the ceiling.

"NGGH! You're pathetic plants won't hold me Poison Ivy! I cannot be contained!" Wonder Woman snarled pulling harder at the vines. The tension made a loud creaking sound as the vines were taxed to their limits.

As the heroine pulled, more vines lashed out and wrapped around her calves and bare thighs. Another group wrapped around her chest and waist. She was now being pulled from all sides and strained with mighty effort just to remain still.

"Oh my poor pathetic dear. Those vines have a mixture of DNA including some of Superman's which I stole from a lab some months back. They are quite strong," Poison Ivy chuckled. Wonder Woman snarled in shock hearing how potentially strong the vines could be. But she refused to yield and continued to pull with all her might.

"Oh and here's another one of my cross breeding experiments," Poison Ivy said as a large flower began to bloom in front of Wonder Woman. The flower was the size of a large sun flower but had a soft, cotton like substance in the center. Wonder Woman was too busy to care about the flower and paid it little heed. Suddenly, it pounced on her face and clamped over her nose and mouth. Several tendrils wrapped around her head and held the flower firmly over her face.

"I like to call this one my chloro-flower. Do you like the smell?"

Suddenly, a geyser of white mist erupted from the flower and all over Wonder Woman's face. The Amazon moaned objectionably as a hefty dose of ether like fumes were forced deep into her lungs. She stumbled and swayed, becoming dizzy from the fumes.

Another salvo of vines fired up from the bush but this time they coiled around her magic belt. Wonder Woman glared in horror and gyrated frantically trying to shake the vines from around her waist. They pulled tighter and harder until bolts of blue ethereal energy arched from her belt as it was slowly coming off. Then, with one mighty yank, the belt came free of her waist with a shower of blue magical sparks. Wonder Woman's body faltered and swayed like a top losing its spin as her strength left her.

"Great Hera! My belt!" Wonder Woman gasped seeing her power belt lifted up and away from her and over the brush.

Now the human female was far more manageable and the vines easily restrained the heroine. They secured her arms behind her back and forced her to her knees. The chloro-flower began to pulsate, pumping dose after dose of calming anesthetic into her lungs. Wonder Woman's defiant eyes soon began to glaze and grow dull.

Then vines grabbed onto parts of her costume and began pulling and peeling. Her huge breasts rolled out of her pulled down bustier and her plump ass shimmied as her star spangled shorts came down her full, smooth, tan legs.

Wonder Woman's erotic struggling and forced stripping began to turn Poison Ivy on. She rubbed herself and got more excited as the heroine's suit came slowly off. She watched Wonder Woman's huge endowment heave up and down and slosh about like two huge slabs of jello and evil thoughts ran rampant through her sick mind.

"Oh bitch. You're so damn proud of those jugs aren't you? You definitely need this to take you down a peg!" she laughed pushing some buttons.

Two large purple flowers resembling large tulips slowly rose up in front of Wonder Woman. The Amazon hazily glared at the two approaching flowers, unsure of what they were doing. She quickly realized their intention when they spread open like two fleshy suction cups and she could see a curling, sucking orifice inside each one. They slowly approached her sloshing breasts and began scooping up each gland into their fleshy cups. Wonder Woman winced feeling the sucker orifice in each plant crimp down on her hardened nipples.

Each flower mashed, molded and massaged her tits in a rhythmic sucking pattern. Wonder Woman arched back feeling and intense suction on her tits. "Great Hera!... My BREASTS! They are sucking!!"

"Well I bet that's humiliating," Poison Ivy laughed over the loud speaker. "You flaunt those tits like you're God's gift to men and now they are being treated like they should.... HOLY, I don't believe it." Poison Ivy shot up and stared in shock at what she saw on her monitor. White, syrup like fluid began to dribble from around the plants' suckers. It was unmistakable....

"Breast milk Wonder Woman? Can this BE? The great Wonder Woman, queen above all women... LACTATING?" Poison Ivy taunted and gasped. She sat and thought for a moment then began to laugh hysterically. "This can only mean one thing! The great Wonder Woman has been KNOCKED UP!" she laughed over the speaker.

Wonder Woman snarled and screamed in anger having her secret revealed, especially to such a vile diseased criminal like Ivy. "No! She knows! This can't be!"

"So tell me Wonder Womb-man was it a boy? A girl?" Poison Ivy taunted, "So was it a willing union? Or did you stuck up ass finally get raped and knocked up?" Ivy continued to taunt Wonder Woman looking for any kind of reaction, "or was it... perhaps... a creature... like one of Dr. Impregno's sick abominations?" Wonder Woman bucked and screamed letting Ivy know exactly how the great Amazon princess had been deflowered.

The sucker plants now went mad drawing even harder on the Amazon's huge tits. Now that they had a lactating victim to draw nutrients from they were going to drain every last drop as quickly as possible. The immense suction and burning drove Wonder Woman mad which made her slosh and bounce her huge tits even more as she fought to get free.

"Well damn! I had it all planned Wonder Woman," Ivy said. "I had made up this special plant and every thing..."

From behind the struggling heroine a large pod like plant began to open up. It resembled a large eggplant with several fleshy sacks bordering its base. From inside, a large, bloated tube extended outward leaving a trail of slimy, sticky goo. It loomed up behind the struggling, unaware heroine and watched the pear shaped set of lips between her ass cheeks sway back and forth.

"See I wanted to be the first to impregnate and humiliate the great Wonder Woman," Poison Ivy said. Wonder Woman stopped in cold shock and stared in horror at the camera. She then looked back and saw the plant with the glistening tube looming over her rear.

"Oh well, this will be just as good. Open wide Wonder Womb-man!"

The tube lunged forward and plunged into her perky, tight cunt lips. Wonder Woman's hips arched and lunged but the vines held her firm and helpless. The tube pushed, twisted and slammed into her lips all the while Wonder Woman strained to keep it out. The twisting and churning and slimy, slippery goo soon allowed the tube to slowly force its way past her taunt and defiant vagina. Wonder Woman arched back and screamed feeling herself losing and the tube push itself into her mound.

The tube was somewhat wider than her opening and compressed as it pushed deeper within her. Poison Ivy was almost ready to cum herself watching the forcibly violated Amazon struggle to no avail on her monitor. Her green tights were soaked with female cum and she panted heavily knowing what her plant would do to the haughty heroine.

"Great HERA! Must get out of this... before...." Wonder Woman went wild trying to get free. She bucked and thrashed like a wild stallion as the tube continued to ream her.

"Oh... no... you... don't," Ivy panted with a grin still rubbing herself tighter, "... try some aphrodisiac vapors..." she said pushing a button.

Suddenly the mask erupted with a pink mist. Wonder Woman stared in shock, then her eyes grew sexy and heavy. Her body erupted in female hormones as the potent aphrodisiac gas tricked her body into thinking it was time to reproduce. The super Amazon hormones were far too overwhelming and Wonder Woman began to thrust her hips in unison with the tubes forceful plowing of her virtue.

"That's it Wonder Woman... enjoy your little plant rape..." Ivy sighed watching the screen and the sexy, full figured woman on it succumb to the flower's fumes. Then Ivy gasped seeing the plant raping Wonder Woman convulse and extrude a mass into the tube.

The tube pushed the mass along down its length like a snake swallowing its prey. With each inch it closed on Wonder Woman's over stuffed twat, Ivy grew more tighter with sexual excitement. She knew that was the plant's seed and the voluptuous Amazon was going to get it good and hard.

The mass moved up till it crammed into Wonder Woman's tight vagina. The heroine began to scream and gyrate feeling something large wanting to enter her. Her hips slammed and thrust in defiance, even under the heavy effects of the flower's love fumes. Ivy rubbed herself harder and groped her own breasts seeing the mass gain inch after inch.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman arched upward and screamed an animalistic cry. The mass parted her lips and forcibly pushed itself inside her. She climaxed so hard she nearly shattered the nursery's windows, even with the flower over her face.

Ivy screamed in climax as well. The thought of that haughty, arrogant bitch getting a good knocking up made her lose it. She collapsed on the floor and finger fucked another and another climax out of herself, all the while hearing Wonder Woman screaming and thrashing in multiple, mind ripping climaxes.

The tube pumped and pumped for quite a bit then slowly withdrew itself with an audible pop. At that moment, the great Amazon princess surged up and arched back, nearly ripping the vines restraining her. She screamed a blood curdling cry as an unnatural climax ripped through her violated body. Her pelvis and tummy glowed intensely green and she shook in unholy climax. It then faded and Wonder Woman fell to the ground in sexual defeat.

Ivy also screamed one last time in a huge climax and then collapsed in a heap of sweat, cum and hair on the floor. She slowly got up after a few moments and headed upstairs. By the time Ivy climb upstairs and into the nursery, Wonder Woman had been stretched out on her back and restrained with her arms over her head and her body coiled and pinned to the ground. The flower mask was steadily pumping anesthetic into her lungs and she lay defeated and devastated. The sucker plants sucked one last, hard time then let her drained tits drop to her chest. Her huge tits now lay semi deflated like two milked udders.

"Consider yourself knocked up you arrogant bitch!" Poison Ivy said coldly lighting a cigarette and taking a long, hard drag. "You just got what you so sorely deserved."

* * *

It had been nearly four hours since Ivy took pleasure in watching Wonder Woman plant rape. She walked out of her lab and toward her pet plants. The small group of writhing plants shook and rocked with the audible sounds of female moaning, whining and screaming coming from their coils of vines. Ivy smiled seeing part of Wonder Woman's curvaceous thigh surge and thrust from the coils encircling her voluptuous form. Suckers continued to mash and milk her huge breasts while the flower clamped over her face pumped dose after dose of aphrodisiac gas into the Amazon.

Ivy watched in delight at the Amazon's current distress. Her swelled belly sloshed and pulsated with some sort of life moving about inside. Wonder Woman's hips arched up and a spray of green fluid geysered from her pert vaginal lips. Her vagina swelled then her lips parted and a greenish, vein covered mass began to push its way out of the frantic heroine.

Huffing and moaning, Wonder Woman squeezed and pushed the soft, root like creature out from her womb. With one last scream the creature came sliding out and fell to the grass below. Ivy smiled seeing the other two root larvae the Amazon had birthed earlier.

"Ooo nice! They are sure screwing you inside out now aren't they Wonder Womb!" Ivy laughed picking up one of the wiggling roots and giving it a loving little kiss-kiss. As Ivy walked away to her lab with the fresh specimen, the plant's proboscis slowly rose back up over Wonder Woman's vagina and took aim at her frantically wiggling hips. It fired into her and plunged hard into her cunt , diving deep into her womb. For several moments it slam raped the heroine, driving her tight with ecstasy. Then another seed shot through the tube, plowed into her vagina and squeezed its way into the heroine driving her over the edge and making her scream like a violated animal in climax. Her body slumped back into the vines in defeat and she was once more coiled up and held for another agonizing delivery.

"Ta Ta Wonder Wench. I'll be back in the morning to see if you're still alive. Being impregnated to death is sure a pretty humiliating way to die," Ivy teased flicking off the lights and heading out. Wonder Woman began to panic in the lonely darkness.

* * *

"Must get free... can't keep doing this!" Wonder Woman though groggily. She lay again impregnated and awaiting another traumatic delivery. She found that if she moved her arms slowly the plants didn't really care. It had taken her nearly an hour to move her right arm out toward her target: her magic belt which lay only a few feet away.

Once more her vagina exploded and another root began to emerge. Wonder Woman screamed and slammed her hips, forcing the reverse raping creature out of her body. Then the plant penis moved back into place and slammed deep into her vagina.

"Got to.. time this... just right..." she panted being driven crazy by the bloated, sliding plant penis pile driving her pussy. Her body arched and she clenched in climatic rage. That surge was all she needed to reach her belt. Suddenly, her strength returned and she tore her hands free and grabbed the plant penis just as the seed plowed into her twat. Using all her strength she pulled the tube out just as it ejaculated. A stream of thick, green cum followed by the seed shot out and gushed to the grass.

But the plant wasn't going to sit still for its host leaving. Suddenly, a gush of anesthetic began pumping into the flower over her face and a salvo of vines wrapped around her arms. But this time Wonder Woman was ready. Instead of pulling against the vines, she grabbed the set on her left arm with her right hand and visa-versa. The plants were effectively pulling against themselves. With a bit of help from her own strength, she used one set of vines to rip out the other set. The plant let out a horrific wail. Now that her one arm was free, she now had two arms to wrench the other vines loose. Finally, with one last wonder bound, she leapt from the plants and landed on the dirt floor.

"Whew! That was close," she stammered pulling the anesthetic flower from her face and taking a deep breath.

* * *

"Well I'm back. Hope you're still with me," Poison Ivy laughed walking into the green house and turning on the lights. She eagerly walked over to the plants to see if the stillness meant Wonder Woman's demise.

"So how are my babies do.... WHAT!" Ivy gasped seeing the torn plant vines and no Wonder Woman in sight.

"I'm right here Ivy!"

Ivy turned just as Wonder Woman swung down from her magic lasso and kicked Ivy square in the chest. The villainess sailed straight into the pile of plants bringing them back to life.

"How did you... HBLMM!" Before she could finish, another anesthetic flower clamped over the evil woman's shock face and fired a huge dose of calming gas into her lung. Her shapely body was quickly engulfed in vines and her costume easily came off. Soon her pale white skinned hips and green muff her thrusting and wiggling in front of the impregnating plant. The plant's proboscis took aim and plunged hard into her mound making Ivy scream in shear panic. Then for several minutes the helpless villainess was pounded mercilessly till she climaxed. She was rewarded with a seed forced deep into her womb and her pelvis glowing from the forced impregnation.

"So, how do you like your own little pets Ivy?" Wonder Woman laughed planting her hands on her hips and taking her usual Wonder stance. "I guess I should get the police... oh maybe in a few hours." she added with a smile heading for the door. Ivy screamed and glared in utter shock knowing her fate at the hands of her own plants.

* * *

"Well thank Wonder Woman again for me Diana," Steve Trevor said closing the file on Poison Ivy. "She said she tussled with Ivy who fell into her own monstrous plants which proceeded to rape and impregnate her. How ghastly."

"Yes, very horrible but the woman was crazy. No telling what she would do with those secrets she stole," Diana Prince said sitting down in front of Trevor's desk.

"Good thing Wonder Woman didn't get nailed by those plants. No telling what her super body would produce," Trevor added.

"Oh don't worry," Diana said. "Wonder Woman is far too smart to ever let anything like that happen to her," she grinned.