Kitty Pryde: Emma's mistake

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The White Queen breaks into Kitty's mind to have some fun with her. But she reckoned without Rachel Grey Summers...

Kitty had been asleep for about 10 minutes when it happened, she was comfortably entwined in the arms of her lover Rachel Grey and dreaming of the two of them laying in a meadow somewhere having fun. Then the world seemed to go dark around her and she felt herself falling screaming "Rachel!!!" as she fell. Eventually she landed and found herself on a bare metal floor. Actually the floor was a wall and she hanging from the ceiling her arms cuffed and a ball gag in her mouth. Except for a "Slave Leia" style skirt she was utterly naked. Looking round she soon spotted the culprit for her imprisonment, the evil Emma frost was standing across from her wearing white boots white opera gloves, a white choker and her birthday suit. She tried to shout at Emma but of course nothing came out. The gag should have let something out and Kitty realised Emma had turned off her voice.

Emma moved over and spoke, "Ah good you're here. Now why are you here?" she smiled. "Well I've decided I want to avenge myself on all my enemies. I'm just so bored of being a good girl, I feel such a need to be bad just this once. I raped Storm last night and your next. Oh don't look so surprised I wiped her memories afterwards, just as I will you. You see you and she are going to be my sex slaves every night and no one will ever know."

"I'll kill you for this Emma," Kitty thought to herself.

"No you won't" Emma replied, and then she picked a pair of nipple clamps out of the air and began to fit them. They were very big and totally unpadded so that the sharpened metal bit into her lovely young bust and she tried to cry out as her eyes watered. It felt like her tits were in mouse traps (which were not far from the truth). Then Emma magically made a pair of 10oz weights appear which she hooked to the clamps. The weights stretched Kitty's purt tits into long torpedo like shapes. Kitty breathed hard using her ninja training to avoid crying out in pain. She also funnelled her hatred for Emma and her assault into a great spike of anger and rage. She started thinking about all the ways she was going to avenge herself on Emma, most of them involving fiendish devices and wild animals. Emma just smiled as Kitty stared daggers at her. "Why little Kitty Cat what a dirty mind you have."

Goddamn whore bitch bastard, cock sucking cunt!

"And a potty mouth, we'll have to do something about that maybe use you as a real potty." That was as far as Emma ever got because the wall behind her choose that moment to explode as something invaded the illusion. Something on fire, something made of rage. It was Rachel but not the tender loving Ray, Kitty snuggled with each night, this was the primeval rage. The angry young girl she'd first met as Ray escaped the horrors of her world. This was the Ray who'd once tried to convince Kitty to help end the universe and she was mad! "Frost!!" Ray screamed in a voice that seemed to rend the fabric of the universe itself. Which given the fact Ray could access the cosmic power of the phoenix it very well could be. Ray's face was horrific, covered in jagged black marks the tattoos she always hid behind a psychic illusion the tattoos that came from her time as a "hound" forced to hunt down her own kind. Time seemed to stop for a short while and then Ray struck. Frost seemed to go flying backwards. Smashing her into a solid wall, the evil woman slid down to the floor completely knocked out. Ray rushed over to Kitty her face rapidly reverting to her "normal" appearance. She quickly smashed at Kitty's chains breaking them and releasing her, before extracting the gag from Kitty's mouth. "Are you alright, Kat?" she asked quietly,

"Yeah I think so," Kitty walked over to Emma and spat on the evil woman's face. "Cunt!" she cursed. She spat again.

"Amen sister!" chipped in Ray, "So Kitty what do you want to do with her?"

"I think revenge comes to mind, yes revenge" Kitty said viciously as her clothing warped into a very skanky copy of Jean Grey's old Black Queen outfit. She and Ray were in charge now and it was time for Emma to pay the piper...


Wow, hot! Was the first thing that entered Rachel Grey's mind as she looked upon her lover wearing her Moms old outfit, Kitty filled the black leather rather well. Ray and Kitty were both sexual dominants but Ray had always preferred more modern dominatrix outfits. She had to admit though Kat looked great no better than great in the outfit. She walked over to Emma and whispered in the stunned woman's ear, "You're had this coming for a long while" then she grabbed Emma's bare right tit and twisted hard. The other woman screamed as she was suddenly pulled back to her senses. Before Emma could do anything, Ray imagined her chained to the wall and chains sprung into existence all over the evil witch. Emma struggled but Ray just whispered, "I was doing this when you were in kindergarten bitch!" which wasn't really true. Ray was from the future but still it was a fun comment to make. She turned to Kitty and smiled, "All yours girlfriend,"

Kitty stepped forward holding a large cat-O-nine tails whip. "Now Emma, what was all that about breaking me?" Kitty cracked the whip back and bought it down on Emma's breasts. The other woman screamed,

"Ow, Ow!!" Emma started to cry,

"Why the big bad domme's a great big wimp," noted Kitty chuckling, "If that's how you react after one lash, let's see what your like after five!" She drew the whip back again. Ray smiled wondering if she should tell Kitty she was messing with Emma's chemical balance to make her react that way, Nah Cat need's her fun.

It took Kitty less than thirty seconds to whip Emma five more times, by the time she was done Emma was slumped in her chains balling her eyes out, "Ow, fuck, stop it!" she moaned. Kitty leaned in close and replied.

"Now Emma why should I do that after all you were raping me! TEN! MINUTES! AGO!" Kitty smiled and stood up. Then she picked up the discarded clamps. "I'd say turn about is fair play?" She leant in close and snapped both clamps onto Emma's tits. Now Emma wasn't just crying she was bawling her eyes out. Kitty slid her hand over Emma's perfect face and then said "There, there Emma, you've been very naughty and it's time to be punished."

"Whore!" replied Emma.

"Takes one to know one," Ray put in. Kitty giggled, "Hey Kitty I got an idea." Ray reached into her pocket and produced a stick of red lipstick. Kitty giggled again. She took the lipstick and cocked her head to the side.

"What to write? Ah I know" She reached down and scrawled the word "Hoe" on Emma's upper chest. By now Emma was a shadow of her former self, her eyes red with tears and her beautiful body disfigured by Kitty's scrawl. Now Kitty decided it was time for the final humiliation. Kitty pulled down her panties and grabbed Emma's blonde locks.

"Right Emma, now your gonna fuck me with your tongue!" Kitty grabbed Emma's head and shoved it into her sex. She could feel Emma squirming and trying to escape but she grabbed Emma nose and held it shut, "Start sucking whore!" she ordered and Emma left with no choice complied. Kitty let go of the nose and allowed Emma to breathe as she felt heat rising in her pussy as Emma's tongue did its work. Kitty gasped Emma was actually quite good at this, rapidly she felt herself coming to orgasm and then liquid flowing out of her pussy. Emma tried to pull away but was trapped in place by Kitty's hands on her head, and she had to swallow the cum.

Kitty finally let go leaving a sobbing, sodden Emma knelt before her. "Please, please stop it. I'll do anything..."

"Anything?" Kitty grinned wickedly...


Two weeks later

Scott Summers was going to be away from the X-Mansion for a week and so Emma was once more in the presence of her tormentors. She was in their quarters and dressed only in a very short black French maids outfit. The clothes were so tight that her breasts seemed about to pop out, and the skirt rode so high, that her pussy and ass flashed every step she took. The outfit belonged to Ray and had seen some use when the girls were role-playing. Given Emma's shall we say larger assets, the costume was about three sizes too small but Kitty wasn't exactly bothered (though Emma probably was!)

The deal was simple, either Emma became the duo's slave every time Scott was away from home or they would reveal just what she'd been up to. And so the queen of the hellfire club had become a slave to her former foes. Kitty could see a resemblance to the fetish maids who tolled at the Hellfire club to be used at will. Now it was Emma's turn to be used at their will. Kitty ran a hand over Emma's rump and slapped it. "And tonight Emma we'll do it all for real..."

The End

Okay so I've been away for a while, (college sucks) but heres a new story for you all and another one should be coming soon...