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Ah, yes, we all love Wondie and we'd LOVE to see her appear in so many of the great stories that have appeared on these sites. Our luscious Amazon gets into more pickles than her creators could even dream of. Lest we loose track, Wonder Woman and her WW logo are copyright to DC Comics and Time Warner Entertainment and this story should be construed as our effort to honor the creators. It is written in fun and not for monetary recompense by a HUGE fan of Wondie...

And so it began...

Wonder Woman was standing there, thighbooted legs well spread and muscular, the muscles bulging under the crimson boots with their white stripes, replicas in rubber of the ones we've usually seen her wearing. She looked quite different from the Wonder Woman we've seen in the past, too, her body encased in a molded black rubber outfit that included a tight corset and was a full catsuit. She was aalso wearing gloves in crimson rubber that reached her very shoulders and were accentuated with the narrow white band to match her boots.

"I must admit to liking your new, kinky image, Wonder Woman... You got the idea from me, didn't you?"

Wonder Woman let out a sob. She could not puzzle how she came to be standing here unable to lift a glove against a nemesis who'd been a thorn for way too long. She was also not pleased that her body seemed to have taken on a sexual tension all on it's own. To her shock, Wonder Woman was horny and there was nothing she could do to remedy the situation.

"Oh... I see you've found out the properties of that gas you were hit with... Something I got from the new version of the KGB... They'll sell anything for enough money." Said Catwoman, resplendant in her burgandy latex catsuit, thigh high black boots and shoulder length gloves.

"You wouldn't buy anything unless you had to..." Managed Wonder Woman as she felt her nipples start to stiffen into two outstanding nubbins. Almost as if Catwoman had already taken them to gloved hands. Diana was sweatng in her rubber outfit and the slightest movement had her sensative nips rubbing against the rubber.

"About now, my Dear, you will be almost ready to beg me to allow you to abuse those nipples that are so upstanding all of a sudden. You're going to beg me to allow you abuse of your own body..."

'NEVER..." Spat back Wonder Woman with vehemence. "I wouldn't give you the satisfaction..."

"What's the name of that James Bond flic? 'Never say never'? I suggest you follow that thought. "

Wonder Woman was loosing the battle of wills and she knew it. Her addamance was crumbling as she felt the first of her own juices start down her legs, little trickles that tickled her and seemed to dribble down her inside seams and into her long boots.

"Very good going, Wonder Woman... I expected you to fold before now. You must be YEARNING to get your hands on your boobs by now..."

Wondie was. Her nostrils were flaring in need and her breasts had started to ache in want. "I never gave into sexual stimulation before coming to this Man's Word..."She said to herself. "Even though so many of my Sisters gave in to their desires... I mustn't allow this bitch to see me wanting..."

"Please..." She whimpered quietly.

"What's that, you Princess of passion? You said please?"

A single tear rolled down one of Wondie's cheeks and she sobbed. "Please let me..."

"Please let you WHAT, my Dear? Play with those mountains you call tits? Do you want to tug at your huge nipples?"

By now Wonder Woman was astounded that she was a bundle of raw nerves. She was hardly aware that she was bending her long legs in order to get some friction going between her salivating puss and the rubber containment and was climbing further toward what she was trying desperately to avoid.


"Dear, dear, dear... The big girl orgasmed and tried to hide it from me..." Came snide tones Wonder Woman despised. "Oh, come on Dearie... Surely you want to play with those tits..."

"Ye-s-s-s-s I WANT to..." Wonder Woman found herself sobbing out before she reddened. She had degraded herself in front of Catwoman but her needs were subjugating her very will.

"Tell me then, oh great and powerful Princess, what you want to do with those abbomiations you call tits... And make it specific or I might not permit it..."

The Princess sobbed openly now. Her needs were overcoming her mindset. "Please... I NEED to play with my... tits... I HAVE to..."

"Tell me, oh great Amazon and crime fighter, just what you intend to do to them... And speak up or I'll refuse permission..."

The Amazon's gloved hands were already trying to strain forward but, espite her prodigeous strength, she could make them go no further than the fronts of her thigh boots. "Pl-e-e-e-ze! Let me play with my nipples. Let me squeeze them and pull on them... I HAVE to..."

"Oh, very well... " Sighed Catwoman. "Because I am a benevolent and exhalted Mistress, I shall permit it BUT' She stopped Wonder Woman. "If you call me Mistress."

" I... Cant..." Replied the Amazon in horror. "Mistress... I must play with my tits. Pu-leeze..."

"Oh, very well. Undo that top and get at it..."

Wonder Woman sobbed in relief and her hands stole forward, almost hesitantly in fear of being stopped and quickly allowed her huge appendages to vomit wetly from their confinement. Her gloved hands went to the slick nipples and she started doing what she would hate others to ever do. She was squeezing her nipples and pulling on them as if to draw milk with a fervor that surprised even her. She sighed out a couple of quick but potent orgasms and redoubled her efforts in order for another.

"Time to get to something more interesting, Dear Girl... Surely you'd like to give your pussy some air..."

Diana stopped and sobbed. Red of fce, she found herself obeying the quasi-command and unzipping her crotch.

"Now... You'll want to use that rubber gloved hand up your pussy... Let's see how many fingers you can get in there... You've become such a whore you should be able to get your whole hand up there..."

Wonder Woman sobbed but her right hand went to her puss and entered a well that was alredy streaming with lubrication. Three, then four fingers. Then her thumb followed as she bent her wrist into the warm moist apperture. Her long booted legs were shaking and bent by now and almost collapsed as an orgasm of tremendous proportion shuddered through Amazon form.

"Look how much you're drooling, Great Heroine... Streaming down your boots like a flash flood... We've got to get something bigger to fill that well of yours..."

The 'Great Heroine' looked anxiously around as if wondering if Vlad was to come in and fill her void. No Vlad but there was a table with several champagne bottles on it. Wondie shuddered in expectation and she was correct in her assumption.

"I'll bet you can get at least one of those bottles in you.. Get with it, slut-slave. Show me how much you can accomodate..."

Wonder Woman shied slightly but then seemed to slither toward the table. She picked up a stool and placed a bottle on it while using her other gloved hand to pull aside rosy lips then, with grace, lowered herself down to injest the bottle which seemed to glide into her with apparent ease.

"Oh, come. That's barely filling you... Get another one in there, too..."

Damn, er, darned if Wonder Woman didn't place another bottle on the stool and slowly, with apparent pain and stretching, she slowly injested a second beside the first while tears glided down her cheeks. A humungous orgasm brought on by the pain and the degradation shuddered through her just before she reached for a third bottle and now, s-l-o-w-l-y started to force herself down on it, the pain written all over her beautiful visage. She wasn't happy until it had joined it's companions up what had become her cavern. Trouble was, her body was telling her it wasn't satisfied.

"So, Wonderful slut... Your one whorehole is quite full and your body is telling you it wants more... Perhaps one of those bottles up your ass might be an answer..."

Darned if WonderWoman didn't go along with that idea. She'd never been in as much pain but wanted to self inflict more. Carefully, she took hold of yet another bottle and fed it slowly into her still quite virginal rear hole, gasping with the pain as glass threatened and crushed the inner membranes between her two holes. She just had to do it, however and do it she managed. The orgasms she was shooting off seemed to help her toward her quest as the shuddering of the Amazon form continued.

"Now you've proved how big a whore you are under that prim exterior, you should be ready to get down on all fours and give some adulation to your new Mistress. I want you to lick me to orgasm. Or three... First, stretch your outfit around those bottles and close the zipper..."

The Wonder Woman of old would never have acceded but this new Wonder Woman had turned into Wanton Hussy with whore and slut attached. She was ready in a trice and down before Catwoman and, as in common parlance, muff diving with gusto.

Catwoman wasn't truly ready for the Amazon. Oh, she'd had some of the best cunt lappers between her booted legs over the years, both male and female. She'd never had a horny Amazon there before, however and was soon beaing on the Amazon's head while firing off one orgasm after another. For the first time in her long, bisexual career, she was being lapped into weakness and the Amazon just wasn't about to stop. Her blows on the Amazon's head were getting a lot weaker now as the Amazon seemingly sucked her strength from her through her pussy.

"No more... Please... No more..." She shouted.

It seemed that nothing was going to halt Wondie on her present course now and Catwoman, for the first time, started fearing she'd made a gross error. She was in a continuous spiral of orgasms by now and weakly lying back against the couch with her long booted legs splayed and awash in her own oils and without the energy to attempt to bring legs together that seemed to have formed a hate for eachother. She was ready to swear off girl/girl sex for an eternity right now and perhaps male sex, too. She was ready for the nunnery but that wasn't an option. She was ready to cry and she did.

Wondie had switched to Catwoman's fonts by now and was applying titulating suction and nibbling on one, then the other nipple, Selena wondering just when her fonts had become freed in order to come under the Amazon's ministrations and Selena couldn't even lift a gloved hand to ward off further adventures her nipples were going through. Weakening more from orgasm, she wondered if her very heart might give out, the pleasure being so intense and all consuming. She had created a Monster and the monster was turning her to insanity. She passed out.

When Catwoman finally started coming to, she realized she was tied and the Amazon stood before her, booted legs again astride. Gone was the overfilled look the Amazon had possessed and the looks of subjugation and lust that had been there. The Amazon stood tall and strong as if none of this had ever transpired but the itching of Catwoman's puss and the sublime hurt of her nipples gave truth that all had, indeed, transpired.

"You're my slave... You did not obey me..." She said to Wondie. "You proved just how slutty you can be, Wonderslut..."

"So who'll ever believe you at Arkham, then?" Smiled Wonder Woman. "That's where they're taking you for a while... It'll be a while before you try this on any of us again..."

THE END (Of this tale)