In Alien Bonfdage  

By E.N. Cuire


In Alien Bondage!


I'd like to make the following perfectly clear. Wonder Woman is (c) Copyright of DC Comics and Time-Warner entertainment. This story is about my version of the Amazon and is written as a fan and not for renumeration of any kind.

This story is XXX rated so, if you're too young or, if you have an aversion to sex, M/F, F/F, bondage, beatings and suchlike, you might journey elsewhere for your reading pleasure. As usual, this story uses characters purely from my own imagination and any similarity between people living or dead is purely co-incidental. UNLESS they are figures that, by their own actions, have invited the scorn heaped apon them in this story.


It was a dark and stormy night in the City and Diana Prince shuddered in anticipation. This was the kind of night the vermin and denizens chose for countless criminal acts against Mankind due their awareness that even the Police would be comfy in this and that donut shop sipping on a cup of coffee while trying to keep warm and dry. It was for nights such as this one that Wonder Woman had elected to follow Batgirl's lead and construct clothing made of Latex but improved on as Wondie used an ointment on the material that made it a thousand times stronger than Baygirl's costume. An ointment derived from a tree on Paradise Island.

Wondie also liked the way the costume clung to every curve, nook and cranny of her fabulous body. Oh, she'd been a little reticent about wearing it at first but, having found out how disconcerting her latex clad body was to the Criminal element she combated, she embraced it just as she'd embraced her newly discovered sexuality. She'd even increased the height of the stiletto heels on her new rubber crotch high boots and added long, shoulder high red gloves to match the boots. Around her waist, the Golden Girdle still was placed but her gloves and their treatment did away with the old bracelets. She added her new cowl which protected her hair from the elements yet still allowed her to wear her tiara and was out into the cold, cold night.

Wondie strode wonderfully on the six inch heels of her boots. She pleasantly nodded to two hookers looking bedraggeled under umbrellas and, hips swaying in a gait caused by the extreme heels, strode on to where desitiny would take her.

"Gawd... Would you look at the way that one moves..." Said Anita, one of the Hookers to her friend. "We do a walk like that one and we're arrested right away..."

"And the way she flaunts that body o' hers..." Went Jan, the other. "Notexactly modest, is she? Look at the way those boobs bounce..."

"Disgusting... Good thing she's moving toward the Warehouse district... If she stuck around here, we wouldn't see any trade..."

"Yeah... Guys'd cum in their pants just getting a look at that..."

"Guys nothing... I just came twice thinking of some quality time between those booted legs..."

"Uh... What say we head back to the crib and imagine each other as Wonder Woman???"

Wonder Woman had heard that several people had gone missing in the Warehouse district and the latest was an IADC operative, one Carla Stork who Diana knew from her section. Carla had been on the track of a gang of Chechens, Russian Maffia types who dealt in high security secrets and information as well as the odd biological warfare drug and technology. Carla was the reason the whole affair had reached her desk and Diana had elected that Wonder woman should investigate. Diana was aware that Carla could take care of herself and often boasted of how she had allowed captors to torture her and rape her into exhaustion. Thiers. Before she made her escape and arrested them. Her body was almost as oppulent as Wonder Woman's and she was obviously well used to using it to get what she wanted.

The muffled scream from around the corner galvanized Wondie into fast motion. She skidded around the corner in time to see something dissappear down a manhole and quickly noted that the street was bare except for derelict cars, rainwater and herself. Stealing herself, she made for the manhole cover and, using gloved fingers, pried the lid upward before peeing down into the dank darkness. Carefully, she swung booted legs into the hole and searched out the rungs she knew would be there before descending a little so she could pull the cover back lest some innocent Citizen fall in, She then climbed on down the ladder as her eyes adjusted and sank into dank runoff almost to the tops of her thigh boots. Pausing and standing very still, she listened to determine which way the, whatevers had gone and detected the sounds of splashing which indicated movement in one direction of more than one person or thing. She waded off in persuit, careful of her footing in full knowledge of the poor condition of the storm drains in this part of the City. Repairs were never deemed to be required because taxes in the area would not cover them.

The sounds appeared to be getting further from her so Wondie was forced to throw caution to the winds and rush headlong, splashing along so she might not get left behind. She little aniticipated what she saw when rounding the next bend and almost fell headlong into a large chamber that exists in some Century old storm drain systems. Some guy was being raped by some hideous green monsters while others looked on and the guy was in dire distress. His pants were in tatters, obviously ripped open and he was being forced to accomodate unearthly sized members in both his rear and his mouth and was choking and flailing as the two Alien, slime green bodies slammed into him time and time again.

**"Oh, Hera... He is being raped... "**She went to herself. She pulled herself erect and launched herself at one of the Aliens and took him, his member spewing, into the dank underfott muck. She quickly rose and turned toward the second who was obviously pewing in the poor Human's rectum. "Unhand him, you Brute and I'll go easy on you..."

It was hard to conceive what these Aliens thought of the abundant Female in the blue latex catsuit who was standing there, red gloved fists on her blue hips. It would be hard to decide because their eyes were expressionless to those known as Humans.

"What manner of being are you, who dares interrupt us while we are conducting our tests?"

"*I* am *Wonder Woman* and am a Champion of Justice on this World..."

"Ah... A Champion... That means you are a fighter... A mercenary?"

"*I* fight against evil if that's what you mean... How do you speak our language?"

"We have developed a Universal Translator that works through a voice box on our necks... Are you so brave that you would replace this puny one for our experiments?

Are you such a brave 'Champion' that you would enter combat with one of ours?"

Wonder woman paused, sensing some kind of trap in his words. Her intelligent brain went round and round with the seemingly innocent questions but, if she were to save this Human's life, she would have to accede to their wishes. Even an Amazon of her powers was surely not enough to defeat some thirty Aliens now present in the chamber.

"Are there others you have taken?" She asked, playing for time. "I have information that there are some eight Humans missing including a friend of mine..."

"Eight would be correct. They are cocooned in the next Chamber... I can take you to see them if you wish. Only one wished to fight us and it is one like you..."

"Like me? How so?" Asked Wondie.

"It has twin missiles on it's chest like you do... "

"*I* am a Woman and, if she has twin nourishers like mine, she is a Woman as well..."

"And this puny specimin? This is woman as well?"

"That is Man. we have two sexes on this planet. Men and Women... There are differences..."

"Ah... That is why we detected no penetrator on the Wo-man... How does it reproduce?"

Wondie was slightly perplexed. Here she was, standing in knee deep muck, explaining sex on Earth to Alien beings. She'd only recently been fully indoctrinated in sex herself.

"Ah-h-h-h... The idea is to get the penetrator into the Woman's socket. Her vagina. Then the man works hard to release his little tadpoles and send them to fertilize the Woman's eggs in her womb... Nine months later, a baby comes along..."

"So much easier to reproduce in Baby Labs..." Went the Alien Monster who seemed to be in charge.

"Not half as much fun though..." Spat back Wondie without thinking about the consequences.

"The Earth Man did not seem to find it fun to have our penetrators in his socket..."

"That socket on a man is not intended for reproduction. I have one as well and it serves other functions."

"Enjoyable functions?" Queeried the Monster.

Wonder woman considered the question carefully. "Well..." She mused. "Yes. enjoyable, yes..."

"You will let us see your sockets now..." Went the Monster.

"I will NOT..."

All bets were now off. The Aliens attacked Wondie and she was being pounded all over the place, time enough for Herbie the Hood, the one she'd been trying to rescue, to take a cue and take it on the lam while the Aliens were engaged with Wonder Woman.

Wondie was able and fast. She was punching her gloved fists elbow deep in alien gooey flesh and using her knees as battering rams. Wondie, however, was far outnumbered and suddenly felt something snick around her neck which froze her as she was getting her head punched from one side to another.

"Cease. Now!Woman..."

Wondie ceased and a fist crashed into her face, bloodying her nose. She staggered a little but did not go down. She could not move a muscle no matter how hard she tried. And, yes, she was trying. At least, she thought her brain was sending commands to her body but her body was not receiving them.

"You are now wering the collar of obedience... It will tell your body to obey my commands... Now. Spread those legs and open up. Show us your sockets..."

**"I will NOT-T-T-T!!!"**This outburst as her gloved hands were taking care of overly kinky zippers that released her from corset, down through the croth and to corset in back. Her hands now went and parted her labia revealing the tender pink flesh inside. And she was then turning,

NOT of her own volition, and parting such padded rear cheeks to reveal the small 'socket' hidden between them.

"We wish now to see your nourishers. Free them..."

Again a self degrading act for the once prim Superheroine. She could not avoid her hands going where they had been ordered to and where they were undoing zippers again to allow her huge breasts to vomit from their latex confinement. They jiggled up and down like two giant jello masses and the Aliens cocked their heads expecting, perhaps, to hear sloshing sounds coming from them. Wondie's nipples immediately stiffened in the cold air, her aurioli shrinking as the nipples stiffened and lengthened. Wondie's hands flew to cover them from thirty pairs of eyes.

"Hands to your sides and turn around... Good. Now. Take your hands and heft those weights for us... That's good... Now. Take your digits and pinch on those protruding ends... VERY good... They seem to like that... They are growing more..."

Wondie didn't like that but Wondie had no say in the matter. Her nipples, pinched with a little strength, engorged as if seeking more abuse and Wondie, to her dispair, found she was drooling from her pussy and the evidence was running down her blue latex leggings and into the tops of those very long red boots.She did not like it that one of the Aliens had approached the head guy and was now whispering in what must have been an ear.

"You want to WHAT? You want to use your penetrator on her socket? Dont you know we're here on a scientific fact finding mission? Oh. Very well. You shall recount your findings for all of us..."

That seemed to cause the others to almost go into mutiny. They were now shouting at their Commander until he raised his gloved hands.

"O'kay... O'kay... You will all take turns... Highest in rank first, and so on... Vledor,

you're first... And you, Wo-man, back up against that column and help Vledor into your socket..."

"You cant do this to me... This is a criminal Act on this planet... " She backed up against the column and spread her legs before taking Vledor's penetrator and feeding it into herself. A tear of despair and degredation swam down her sculptured cheek and Vledor went into back and forth thrusts as his organ started to grow to Humungous proportion, tearing any token resistance set up by Wondie's self defences.

"Very warm. Very tight..." Reported Vledor dutifully as he plundered Pussy. "Tighter than that other Wo-man..."

**"This..."**Announced the Commander. "Is taking too long... Wo-man... Bend over from the waist when Vledor is done, spread your legs so another can use that socket from behind and take another penetrator between your lips..."

Wondie's responses were not what she desired. She didn't want to respond but her oppulent body was letting her down and beginning to perversly enjoy what an Amazon would take to be defeat. "Oooohhh... This cant be happening... Not to *Me-e-e -e -e -e*..." As she orgasmed in unison with her latest assailant. She was openly sweating inside her latex coccoon as she attempted to use Amazon might to prevent herself from bending over lewdly and opening her mouth then whimpered as it was overfilled by a member that went tonsil deep while another slid wetly into an orifice already slick with a green, slimy cum. Tears swam down her face as she found she was powerless to prevent the assault on her regal Self. Perchance she was crying because, instead of her old feelings of disgust, her body felt pleasure at the invasion of her holes and she found herself moving in a manner she would have considered most lascivious in days of yore. She found herself tonguing the member in her mouth and working the member like a veteran harlot. She found herself. She was cumming suddenly and could do nothing to prevent the now ongoing sensation of 'le petit mort', as the French refer to it. The 'little death'...

"Vlopod..." Voiced the commander. "You will withdraw and dampen the Wo-man's rear... Dont you dare cum in her... Vlerak, you are to withdraw and shoot over the Woman's nourishers..."

Both men seemed to join Wonder Woman in a sigh of discontent. As they felt themselves reaching toward that pinnacle, both withdrew and fired salvo after salvo of the green goo at their respective targets so it dribbled wetly and slowly downward as if to prove Isaac Newton's theory. "Darn... I dodn't even get off that time..." Went the fuckee to herself. "I'll just have to work harder next time..."

"Vleylak... Try the other socket and report..."

Not words Wonder woman was happy to hear at all but she found herself unable to coice her complaint as another member slid deep the moment she opened her mouth. Humungous pain assailed her. Pain and degredation as her privatemost channel was rudely opened by a huge member that felt, perhaps, like that Japanese Bullet Train as it rammed deep, using the green goo already on her asscheeks as lubricant. Wondie's blue eyes wwent as big as wedgewood saucers and she came close to clamping down with her teeth from the sheer agony. Close. But she managed to stay herself knowing such a move would mean sure disaster for her. And then it was happening again. The pain was starting to give her an eerie, to her, sense of pleasure. Perhaps from the degrading act or the degrading act being foisted on one who had previously found such to be demeaning and disgusting. She was even willing her asscheeks to widen so she could accomodate more of what was obviously a member a lot larger than most on this Planet.

She remembered Blunder Broad's advice and thought her muscled into an expelling motion which, did indeed allow two more horrendous inches to plumb her depths.

"Fourteen Earth Inches deep, Commander..." Reported Vleylak clinically and in obvious pleasure. "Very, very tight. Tighter than the other Wo-man's throat..."

Wonder Woman had no way of knowing she'd just accomodated more cock in her ass than most Women could endure in their cunts. Right now she could care less. She was firing along on all cyliners as if a beautifully tuned twelve cylinder Ferrari engine. She was orgasming along like a machine gun as she was flooded anew, so much from the cock in front of her that green goo shot from her nostrils before she had a chance to swallow. Quickly, she snorted up the dribbling goo as her lover withdrew and was replaced quickly by another.

Wondie was loosing touch with reality. Her nipples had engorged and her clittie was out surveiling the landscape and she'd lost touch with the number of orgasms she'd endured (?).

(Forty seven for her. Theirs were the same as their number) (Oops. Forty eight for Wondie...)

The Commander sought solace between her tiring but plump lips when all had exhausted their cumings in or on her. "Whatta guy..." She went. "Letting his men go before him... Men on this Planet might learn something from these guys..."