Wonder Woman : Invasion  

By Faye

Wonder Woman : Invasion

Diana Prince was just finishing her breakfast in her small downtown DC

apartment when her phone rang. "Hello? Wonder Woman? This is professor Whirter.

Got Gal is for some reason unreachable and I need an errand done, could you

assist me? In the name of science?" "Sure Doc, I'll be at your lab in 5".

Diana undressed out of her nurse's uniform and attached her magical belt. In a

flash of light where once stood Diana Prince was the sexy superheroine Wonder

Woman. Her amazing figure, complete with 44DD breasts, motherly wide hips and

a thin waist was barely covered by her over-the-top red and blue costume. She

boldly stepped out of her kitchen and flew right out the balcony.

"What's up Doc?"

"Wonder Woman! Great, I need you to retrieve samples of life from deep inside

Maw cave south of the city. There have been claims of spectacular life forms

inside that cave and I want to be the first one to exploit it!"

the old professor happily explained.

"Are you sure i'm the right person for this kind of stuff? I mean, it's not

like it's life-threatening to go down a cave and scrape some bacteria off it's

walls" Wonder Woman asked confusedly.

"Aah, yes, I need your services because I am too old for this stuff and my

assistant, Got Gal, has decided to ignore my phone calls. Believe me, it's

very interesting down there. The goverment has sealed the entrance off since

they finished their research, but they refuse to publicize what they found.

I must know, Wonder Woman, I simply must!"

"Ok, I'll get you your samples, just give me time"

"Oooh, thanks, take care of yourself" and the wrinkly man slapped her spandex-

covered ass. "PROFESSOR! what the HELL?" but he was already pretending to be

deaf and paying attention to some other mindless project of his.

"Damn lecherous asshole... but i'll get him those fucking samples, then he'll

start to respect me" Wonder Woman muttered under her breath and hurried out of

the lab.

Wonder Woman flew right out of the vast laboratory and headed south to where

the mysterious and intriguing Maw cave was located. Dropping down gently to a

forest clearing just a stone's throw from the actual cave, Wonder Woman could

see where it got it's name. It was shaped like the jaws of a predator, with

fang-like stalagmites lining the entire entrance. It was hidden in this deep

valley, isolated from civilization and covered by a thick forest.

"Whoa, this is amazing, I've never seen such a place" Wonder Woman exclaimed

as she entered the fantastic cavern. The cavern's entrance was very dark but

she soon found an inner chamber that was illuminated by what looked like

phosphorescent paint.

"Wow, how come it glows in the dark" and she upon a closer look she saw it was

in fact millions and millions of bacteria and fungi, all glowing colours

ranging from pale blue to deep green.

"This must be the stuff the professor wanted, I'd better scrape some off and

go, but I wonder how it looks deeper in this place" Wonder Woman thought,

battling her curiosity.

Finally after some thought the investigative part of her won the inner battle

and she started descending a small shaft that was leading to a deep chamber.

After what seemed like ages she finally found solid ground under her and

stepped off the wall. This chamber was even more amazing. The lights were

fewer but they were so much brighter. It looked like something out of a

fantasy. The chamber was vast! It was easily the size of a football stadium.

Wonder Woman could not see the far side of it.

"Huh, there are dozens of holes and shafts leading from this chamber! This

cave system must be really enormous!" Wonder Woman stared amazed at the whole


Suddenly, before she could react, a loud buzzing sound followed by a sudden

tackle threw Wonder Woman off balance and onto the ground. "Hey! What the-"

she was staring at what looked a gigantic hornet with a pale blue glowing


"You are one big bug! I'll have to squash you know" and she lunged at her

attacker with a swift hook, striking it's body and sending it flying to side.

"Ha! Teaches you a lesson, don't mess with Wonder Woman!"

However, as she triumphantly posed and looked at her conquered foe, she

neglected to check her surroundings and another hornet came up behind her and

tried to bite her in half with it's super-strong mandibles.

Wonder Woman dodged the attack but the insect's jaws managed to swipe off her

belt. A burst of light and suddenly the depowered Wonder Woman had the agility

and strength of a normal woman. Sensing it's prey to be weakened, the hornet

stung her with it's oversized stinger. "AAAAGH" Wonder Woman screamed in pain

as she felt what seemed like fire in her shoulder. Turning around to counter-

attack, she suddenly lost balance and fell on her side.

"No... this isn't happening.. must get.. out.." and the superheroine blacked


Wonder Woman woke up seated on the cold floor of the cave. She tried to move

but soon found out she was binded by some strange glowing goo. "uuugh, these

binds are like glue!" she struggled but at no avail. Her arms were glued

together to a single large stalagmite and her legs were spread on the ground,

bound at the ankles by the same goo.

"What's happening? Let me go you big pest!" Wonder Woman demanded. The hornets

noticed she was now awake and immediately one of them flew over to her.

"What is it doing? Oh my god they are going to eat me!" but the hornet had

other plans. It bared it's razor sharp mandibles and started cutting her


"Oh my god it's going to kill me now! NO! STOP!" the hornet relentlessly

chewed off her clothing and suddenly pulled hard with it's head, ripping off

Wonder Woman's entire costume with one mighty shrug. Her firm, pointy DD

breasts sloshed out and her hairless, perfect mound was revealed.

"This is so humiliating... Oh god why did I agree to go down here" Wonder

Woman whined. The hornet suddenly positioned itself above her naked body and

placed it's abdomen closer to her. It produced a large fleshy proboscis out of

it's rear and aimed it at her naked crotch.

"OH NO IT WANTS TO MATE" The hornet inserted it's member into her defenseless

pussy. "NO NO STOP I'M NOT A FEMALE HORNET" Wonder Woman screamed at no avail

as the horrible unison continued, and the creature picked up it's pace. With

each thrust it gained a few inches inside her.

"NO-O-O-O-O ST-O-O-O-O-P" her pleading futile. However she could not help it

but feel an orgasm building, and started bucking her hips against the hornet's

thrusts. She screamed and cried as the horrific creature pumped relentlessly

into her, her mind torn between pain and sexual climax.

The unusual mating continued for 15 minutes and finally the insect managed to

reach all the way to the womb with it's long member and started pouring dozens

of eggs inside her. Wonder Woman screamed in sexual agony as she felt each egg

bump and bruise her pussy lips as they traveled from the creature's abdomen

into her womanhood. The combined feeling of horrific pain and the extreme

climax was too much for Wonder Woman, and she blacked out. Finally the hornet

stopped and started retracting the unbelievably long proboscis out of her,

exiting her cunt with an audible POP.

"NO! I'm PREGNANT! Something is inside me!" as Wonder Woman came back to her

senses she noticed a big bulge appear in her stomach. Her body was betraying

her mind, as she felt a strange burning sensation in her breasts. Over the

next hour her belly ballooned to 9 months and her tits engorged slightly and

felt extremely tight. The hornets had meanwhile left and she was now all alone

in the small chamber.

"Great heavens, i'm leaking!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as she felt her water

break. A fluttering sensation was felt and suddenly she felt a huge mass press

against her vaginal walls. "NO! I'm giving b-i-i-i-rth!!" She screamed in

agony as something parted her pussy lips apart. "IT'S TOO BIG!" she cried, and

a veiny white mass poked out of her vulva. The larvae crawled slowly out of

her cunt, thrusting and twisting to free itself, causing Wonder Woman to

experience an unholy reverse fuck.

Finally the being slipped out of her distended vagina, but the ordeal was not

over. She felt another one press against her womb, and soon she was giving

birth to the second one. Her firstborn had meanwhile crawled onto her belly

and was slowly approaching her huge, swollen breasts. Wonder Woman screamed as

she felt the second grub twist and press against her vaginal tunnel. She

looked down to her belly and saw that the larvae she sired was like a long,

veiny grub, thin at the tail with a slowly thickening body up to the head,

with a flat, round mouth that looked like that of a leech, circular and

covered by tiny teeth. It closed in on her pink left nipple and bit down hard.

"AAAAAUGH STOP STOP!" Wonder woman howled in pain as the larva started

suckling. She shook with disgust but that only caused the larva to lose it's

hold on her stomach and fall off her body, hanging on her engorged breast with

it's sucker-like mouth. As she was milked, the second larva finally got out of

her stretched pussy, but she was carrying three more inside her. The brutal

inverse rape continued as the second grub climbed onto her and attached itself

to her other nipple.

After another hour in this horrible session she finally finished off the

gruesome birthing and the last three grubs crawled away, leaving her in the

damp chamber with the the first two larvae attached to her swollen milk-

producing teats.

Wonder Woman noticed that the goo binding her to the place had dried up and

was much more fragile, and tried freeing herself again. With each shake and

twist of her body the leech-like larvae attached themselves even tighter to

her sensitive nipples, causing great pain. After some struggling she managed

to break the bonds.

"Now to get rid of you pests! I ain't no cow to be milked!" And she tugged

strongly on the hornet's spawn she was forced to nurse, but at no avail. She

noticed they had semi-transparent skin and saw they had substantially filled

with her milk. "Maybe when they will be full they will just let go" Wonder

Woman hoped to herself and began looking for her costume.

"Oh no, it's torn to shreds, I'll have to stay naked now" Wonder Woman

whimpered as she found her attire torn behind a large rock.

"Well, better get back to the surface and call it a day" and she began to

climb a wall leading to a different chamber.

The climb up was very hard, and her belt was still missing. Somewhere in the

middle of her ascent the two grubs she was forced to nurse de-attached

themselves, gorged with her milk and satisfied. Wonder Woman finally reached a

ledge and saw that she was in the huge chamber where she was stung by the

malevolent hornets.

"My belt must be somewhere nearby! I recognize this place" and after some

searching she found her majestic, ornate belt. Wonder Woman hurriedly clasped

the belt around her thin waist and felt the mystical, supernatural properties

at work.

"I feel rejuvenated! Now to get that sample and get my sexy ass out of here!"

Wonder Woman was still butt-naked but at least her powers returned and with

them her hope of getting back to safety and escaping the horrible cave.

Dashing across the vast chamber she paid little attention to her surroundings

and was now closing in rapidly to the wall leading outside. The light from the

fluorescent bacteria was illuminating the otherwise dark cavern.