At Rainbows End  

By Flir



Swish slap swish slap, the black rubber paddle in Catwoman's hand beat a tatoo on Wonder Woman's exposed buttocks. Catwoman changed the paddle back to her right hand for what felt like the 20th time, she'd been at it for four hours now and Wonder Woman driven by her implanted urges climaxed for the 11th or was it the 12th time since the beating had started, before the beating she had been milking the amazons breasts with the aid of a machine and several cc's of prolactin, before that it had been dildo rape and ponygirl time. All in all the session was reaching it's 12th hour. The low moans of her victim were really grating Catwoman now! Couldn't the bitch keep it to herself? If it had been up to her she would've gagged her victim, but wondie liked to moan and what wondie liked wondie got! Wonder Woman was really writhing now, Catwoman stopped beating her and walked round to the front of the stocks. "So amazon slut did you enjoy our little session?" Wonder Woman gazed at her mistress with adoration and gasped the affirmative. Catwoman gestured to the camera and said "Now you will pleasure me with your amazing amazon tongue!" Wonder Woman began to lick; and lick and lick Catwoman's body was racked with the first of many orgasms. At length she stepped or rather staggered back and said as she and others had said many times before "what were you?" The captive looked into the camera, smiled and replied "Wonder Woman." "What are you now?" continued Catwoman. "Your amazon slut slave, your bondage toy I am now wonder whore!" "Purrrfect... Now clean yourself up and prepare for your next assignment 5 hours from now." The part of the wonder Dome that had been the stocks melted back into the floor and the beautiful superheroine fell to the floor. "One more thing before you go Wonder whore, turn over and open your mouth." Wonder whore complied and from Catwoman's sore and aching body came a stream of golden piss which was gulped down greedily by the obedient amazon. Wonder whore finished her drink and sprang up to comply with the instructions she'd been given. Catwoman watched her scamper off, in contrast to Wonder whores smile of utter contentment Catwoman's face reflected only the despair that she felt with every fiber of her being. She walked slowly in the other direction toward the rest of her fellow Wonder Woman dom's.

Cheetah had been watching on the cctv screen, not because she particularly enjoyed the view but she needed to know how much damage this session had done to her fellow feline. She'd been here longer than most and had reached the conclusion that you had to look out for each other in this situation, after all nobody else gave a shit what happened to supervillains and villainesses. Cheetah half carried Catwoman to the bath and cut her sweat soaked costume off with her own claws. There was no point in keeping the clothing after a session and the Wonder Dome would provide a new one as soon as you finished cleaning up. She proceeded to bathe her soul sister and hoped that the message to get ready wouldn't come. As Cheetah tried to soothe Catwoman's raw and aching sex Neron got to his feet and announced that it was his "lucky night".

It had been Ivy and Joker's fault thought Cheetah, the incomparably dimwitted pair hadn't thought things through, though to be fair neither had she when she'd first heard about their "stunning success"! From the villains lair web page she'd read avidly of Wonder Woman's defeat and subsequent mind fucking by the deranged duo. Just beating her wasn't enough, oh no they'd had to get clever! So Wonder Woman had been reprogrammed by their drugs and her lasso, she'd been implanted with insatiable and submissive sexual urges then instructed to sexually pleasure every super villain/ess she came across, and just to ice her cake joker had installed his own sense of humour into her. Just fucking brilliant; unless you had actually been pleasured for eight hours solid and your sex felt like sandpaper. Wonder Woman had been released by the stupid bastard and bitch, they'd figured that Wonder Woman's newly altered mind would spell her own destruction and felt like sharing her around a bit, "thankyou so much!" Cheetah had been as naive as any in coming to Gateway, a little bit of clever thievery and if you did meet the amazing amazon - a Wonder fuck into the bargain. But it hadn't been that way, Wonder Woman now had what you might call difficult to meet needs! The Wonder Dome had responded to these needs, the lansinarian technology had come as a rude surprise to all of them. It had gathered them up singly and in groups exuding a portion of itself into their brainstems, and this was what instructed them on how to conduct Wonder Woman's "domination" sessions and Wonder Woman needed a lot of dominating.

Cheetah continued to carefully bathe her by now unconcious colleague. "Neron's lucky night" she'd had 4 days reprieve but her time was coming... Then again best not to dwell on that, she reflected instead on Neron's condition. She supposed that being regent of hell wasn't quite enough to prepare you for this, not if it happened to be you getting the torture. He was so pale these days that if he lost any more colour he'd become transparent. She could help a little and did, but knew that sooner or later he'd end up like Darkseid. The destroyer and conqueror of worlds was probably more than any normal woman could bear, the insatiable amazon had found him inadequate and this had set off her warped funny bone. Wonder Woman still used him of course but giggled insanely all the way through and said her own lines in a way that made Vincent Price look like Roger Moore. They'd tried but Darkseid couldn't meet your eyes any more and his best bet was that he could accidently kill himself. The Wonder Dome wouldn't let them self destruct. Wonder Woman's giggles were like a female version of Joker's laughs, though it was hard to make a comparison, Joker hadn't laughed for a long time. His sense of humour had died when Wonder Woman in a fit of ecstasy had inadvertently ground his genitalia into slick red mud, she'd explained that it was her error and she was very sorry, and giggled. The Wonder Dome had performed a sex change operation so that he could still be pleasured by the amazon "slut slave". Cheetah figured that unless you were a metahuman you were well advised to get this done the moment you arrived, it saved a lot of pain! Luthor and Cyber were lucky in the sense that they had power suits but then their sessions lasted longer. The stronger you were the longer you got by and large. Luthor wasn't stupid and knew how to pace himself, he tried to teach others the same "you had look out for each other!" Cheetah carried Catwoman to her bed, she'd be sleeping with her later. It wasn't sexual, what Wonder Woman regarded as a good session made the words sexual and pleasure seem as remote from each other as the earth was from alpha centauri. You slept together in order to comfort each other.

Doctor Cyber wished silently that she was allowed to cut and tear the amazons face off in one of these games, but that wasn't part of the plot. At times the frustration made her want to scream but that wasn't in the plot either. The Dome wouldn't let you do anything that might actually kill or disable the bitch or spoil the game for her. At least she was able to rape, spank and degrade the amazon cow. Pity she soaked it up like a sponge and took so much pleasure from it. These sessions made her so sweaty, sometimes she thought they would remove her armour and only a dribble would be left. She took Luthor's rook with her queens knight, she wasn't as experienced as Luthor at this game but made up for it with a zealots will to win. It had been Luthor's idea to come here and capture the lansinar technology and it had been hers to fuck Wonder Woman up beyond all recognition. Luthor had attached a force field generator to their suits to keep the Domes extrusions out, Luthor would then use a remora program to slave the Dome to the mainframe at Lexcorp. With this done Doctor Cyber was going to very carefully remove the amazons epidermis and keep her alive in a room full of mirrors. They'd been ready for the Dome and Wonder Woman both; they hadn't been ready for their ex colleagues. Circe's illusions had distracted them while Cheetah had cut their force field generators off their suits, and then it was "hi there welcome to hell". She didn't blame Circe or Cheetah but she did blame Luthor and Ivy!

Luthor could see mate in five but played it out anyway, it kept your mind busy. Theoretically he had a business to run but in reality the Dome ran it now and how! It must have been the amazons sick sense of humour. Lexcorp now made it's money by stock market manipulation programs, the actual industry had been tasked with supplying prosthetic limbs, medicinal drugs and psychiatric care to those who needed it. Not to mention top of the line police equipment, that had been really ironic! Amongst other things Lexcorp's financial muscle had been used to impoverish every crime syndicate he'd ever heard of in a series of takeovers so hostile that they could be called malevolent. He'd seen the remnants of the once mighty Cartel, Wonder Woman's old enemies get shot to bits by an ex green beret liquor store owner on CNN. They'd been so hard up for cash they'd resorted to robbery, with a spectacular lack of success. Initially after his capture he'd reasoned that the amazons sick sense of humour would get her into enough trouble that the Justice League with a little prompting from his friends in high places would be forced to move in but it hadn't worked out that way. The death of a number of neo nazi morons at the hands of the sick slut had offered that hope, it had been a violation of civil rights after all. In theory this should have resulted in Wonder Woman's arrest and imprisonment, but the fourth reich had killed and maimed so many innocent people and so many citizens had shown up to pledge support for the amazon the Mayor had intervened - popular move that! The deaths of 38 neo nazis had been ruled misadventure and the Dome had been requested via GCPDs mainframe not to kill anyone again. As for the status of the Wonder Domes prisoners the Mayor with a wry smile had told his electorate to think of it as community service. Luthor figured his mistake had been to think of his hirelings, lawyers, sycophants and blackmail victims as friends.

If Poison Ivy could think she might have reflected on the errors she and Joker had made when they'd had Wonder Woman at their mercy 7 months ago. They'd been lucky Wonder Woman had been hard on their heels when she'd stumbled and fallen avoiding a rabbit. They'd kept her down with a combination of fast growing grasses round her legs and Joker venom squirted onto the small of her back. With the amazon tied with her lasso Ivy had put her across her knee and given a real beauty of a spanking, Joker had followed up with a quick buggering, the amazon had called it degrading and Ivy had had an idea; a very bad idea indeed! They'd begun to force mind altering drugs into their victim, this had weakened the amazons psychological grip and from there on it had been easy. Thanks to a concentrated dose of Ivys most powerful pheremonal sex inducing potions the by now totally spaced out superheroine had been given a constant and insatiable need for sex. Through the lasso Ivy'd instructed her to submit to the sexual whims of her opponents and to find fulfillment in submission and masochistic sexual practices. An abnormally high desire for degradation had been implanted also, the Joker had instructed her to find humour in the most monstrous cruelties. They'd then instructed her to get some sleep and driven off laughing; Ivy could hardly wait to write this up for The villains lair, the sleeping amazon would be a different person when she woke no longer a threat but a recreation. The two days before the Dome had come for them had been busy with calls to colleagues and they'd gushingly told anyone with criminal tendencies the good news. Videos would be made available to the Justice League and all who wished to pay for them, Gateway Citys guardian angel was finished in the superheroine business and it looked to be a new haven for crime. So they'd thought; it was only when the Wonder Dome had appeared over their hideout that there'd been any indication of a colossal fuck up. The Dome had bathed the area with paraquat destroying all the potentially dangerous plants and making Ivy shriek. The Dome had taken them both that day as well as Circe and Harley Quinn, it had been so quick they'd never had any real chance. The Dome had immediately instructed Circe, Joker and Harley to begin dominating Wonder Woman, the obvious errors: well obvious if you thought about it had become terribly apparent. The two had been drunk with the pleasure of mind fucking the oh so noble Wonder Woman, too drunk to remember important things. They had forgotten to tell Wonder Woman to actually stop fighting crime and it had never occurred to them to tell her to respect the limits of others. Ivy's own critical mistake had been to sneeringly tell the captive that she would find watching Wonder Woman's degradation to be infinitely better than sex. This had not been true; Poison Ivy had been forced to watch and only watch the amazons sexual degradations. She was dosed up with her own sex drugs every 24 hours and never permitted to touch herself nor was anyone else. Ivy neither wept or howled with frustration, her psyche had retreated from her senses under intolerable pressure and now saw the amazons degradation with no more reaction than a camera.

Neo Fausta and Baron Von Gunther son and daughter of Hippolyta's old enemies hadn't thought it through properly: Their dreams of restoring nazism, of ranks of aryan stormtroopers, of initiating biowarfare on Israel, purifying the human race and having Wonder Woman become a nazi had not worked out the way they'd planned! When they'd arrived in Gateway citys environs fresh from their triumphal coup against the zionists in Amarillo Texas, they'd figured to replenish their war chest and convert the amazon to nazism. It would have been so fitting to get Hippolyta back by converting her daughter to their cause. The Wonder Dome had monitored the Fourth Reich with portions of itself about the size of a microbe ever since their announcements of intent on the internet. The GCPD aided by picture perfect intelligence had closed in as soon as they'd unpacked, the police had taken the followers and charged them with conspiracy to murder 245 men, women and children. The Dome had taken Neo Fausta and Baron Von Gunther and Wonder Woman had made one of their dreams a reality. She had used the Dome to recreate a nazi deathcamp; then the followers had been taken from their holding cells in Gateway City after she'd gassed them to death Fausta and Gunther had been instructed to load the bodies into ovens after checking them for valuables. Neo Fausta and Baron Von Gunther had never dreamed that it would be this way, now that Wonder Woman was a nazi for them it had become apparent that it was different when it was you! They waited in their rooms for the next consignment of imperfect humans with their pliers and skimpy rations and hoped that the FBI or the Leaguers would catch on to the decreasing levels of fascist ideologists and groupies.

At the forum of Olympus the Gods observed Wonder Woman's perversions through the scrying pool in the centre of the room, while a mortal and two amazons looked at them! Batman, Hippolyta and Artemis waited for the Gods to return their attention to them. Hippolyta was nervous, calling on the Gods was not to be done lightly but she'd tried praying to no avail. Batman had asked for this meeting so she had set it up on the grounds that he was honest, trustworthy and most importantly the smartest crime fighter she knew. She was afraid to hope; but if Batman said he'd figured a way to restore Diana to her former life she was prepared to have faith in him. Artemis wished the Deities would hurry up she knew that there would have to be a judgement soon. It was a pity her training as a warrior had not included a section on how to make things better she thought. She reflected that if the judgement went against her colleague.... well Gods could be killed!

Batman had come to Gateway City to rendezvous with Artemis and Hippolyta, his air cruiser had brought him from Gotham to Gateway at an average speed of 5000 knots. It was another benefit of Lexcorp/Wonder Dome technology, police forces around the USA now had on call support from vehicles that were almost as capable as the Starship Enterprise. Batman had used his alter ego to donate one to the Batcave, it was far superior to the Batmobile with it's directable gravity drive, area effect stun waves, electro magnetic mesh webs, needle guns and on board super computer. It would never allow its firepower to kill or injure a human being but would do its utmost to capture criminals and save lives. Batman thought it an admirable piece of machinery, along with the interlinking of cctv cameras throughout the US a citizen only had to look distressed for a unit to be their in five minutes maximum. The amazon was doing a better job than anyone could have dreamed of 7 months ago and the somewhat eclipsed dark knight had more free time than he'd ever had in his life to... brood! He couldn't bear it; nor could any of his colleagues for that matter. They had discussed Wonder Woman's condition at length at the league head quarters but personality restoration though it would save her harem would be utterly destructive to Wonder Woman and nobody could bring themselves to do this. It had been a chance remark that had prompted the trip from Gotham, a simple "oh my God" from an encounter with a purse snatcher and whilst he'd been reconstructing the events leading to Wonder Woman's capture something clicked. Batman didn't know any Gods but Wonder Woman's old gang did and now he had something real to offer them. Batman knew the cliche "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" but he also knew that human beings are not potatoes and he missed the naive, guiless, totally unstreetwise, moral broomstick up her ass Idealist she'd once been. Batman figured that following a dark road put him in a better position to appreciate the lights of this world.

The Gods looked up and Zeus spoke "These events deplorable though they may be are the affairs of mortals, the free will covenant allows you to do what you will to eachother and is thus not the concern of Olympus". Before Hippolyta and Artemis could respond Batman spoke "If the actions of mortals are not the concern of Gods why did one of you see fit intervene at a crucial point in this event sequence?" Zeus looked very angry for a moment then puzzled, "Explain!" he said. "I don't know why I didn't see this before, but the waste ground where the Amazon was captured has no rabbit burrows or tracks, not only is it unsuitable for forage but there is a high wild cat population in close proximity! Besides which Wonder Woman has above average agility and should have been able to leap over or around any normal small animal!" Zeus comprehended just as Batmans gaze swept the forum passing Ares and coming to rest on Eros. "Love is insane and desire is often sick and twisted! This fits your MO perfectly doesn't it?" Eros might have quailed a little under Batmans gaze briefly before the hand of Zeus took hold of the God of sex, love and desire. Zeus turned to the three and spoke "I see that this is truth, his work shall be undone and you will return home." and time flowed backwards as he spoke.

Wonder Woman ran hard on the heels of Joker and Poison Ivy and as she leapt over a ridge she unslung her lasso. The demented duo were heading for their car as the magic lasso cast its shadow over them, Ivy saw it coming and was just able to alter course in time to avoid it. Wonder Woman reeled the Joker in and saw that Ivy was heading for the tree line, that was bad once Ivy was in the trees she'd never find her. Wonder Woman had to give up the chase, Ivy was gaining distance and she had secure the Joker it was a little like handling a porcupine with toxic spines, not moving much but inherently lethal. Wonder Woman carefully disarmed the madman and was treated to the sight of Poison Ivy waving to her from the trees before she disappeared. As she took her gibbering captive back to the police she thought about how she would tell them of Ivy's escape. Dammit this was going to be embarrasing.......!