In the Lair of the Lady Latex  

By Flir


Wonder Woman carefully edged her way round the room with her back to the wall avoiding tripping the net trap embedded in the ceiling, that made four! Wonder Woman had been informed that there were six traps in all, this villainess was certainly ready for company. Wonder Woman made a careful scan of the floor ahead, something wasn't quite right about it so she leaped the twenty foot or so of questionable hallway. Wonder Woman listened carefully and opened a door to her right.

The woman was strapped to what looked like a dentists chair, as she saw Wonder Woman approaching her muffled groans increased in intensity. Wonder Woman strode towards her, this certainly wasn't Lady Latex unless she'd gained 20 years and a few pounds since the photo she'd seen had been taken. Wonder Woman undid the ballgag over her mouth and reached to undo the straps securing her upper body when the sixth trap activated. A fine spray erupted from the armrests of the chair. "It's a neuroactive muscle relaxant it acts on any exposed skin" said the not so innocent after all civilian. Wonder Woman staggered and started to buckle at the knees, as she fell to the floor she heard the villainess making her triumphal entrance.

"Greetings my paralysed princess, no doubt your superior constitution will throw off the effects of my spray in a few minutes or so. Not fast enough to stop me relieving you of that magical belt and lasso though!" Lady Latex appropriated the amazon of her golden belt and then turned her over. Wonder Woman was treated to a good look at her captor, Lady Latex as her name suggested absolutely gleamed. Her torso was coated with a one piece bathing suit with an exotic pattern in purple, red and black The stockings and shoulder length gloves were two tone red and black, the ankle length cape was black outside and dark red inside. The whole costume was so intensely polished it actually reflected Wonder Woman's own prone body in places. The ultra high gloss huntress gestured to the chair and the retaining straps were reabsorbed into the black fabric, as her henchwoman took her place at her side Lady Latex gave her the amazons belt instructing her to put it somewhere safe and put something on. As she left Wonder Woman watched the villainess and tried to figure out how long it would be before she could move again. Villainesses could be and often were very good looking but none of her previous foes or anyone else she had ever met had exuded sexuality the way this woman did. Wonder Woman's perspective altered suddenly as rubber tentacles lifted her from the floor and spread her arms and legs into an X position. "Well my silly superheroine we'll wait for another five minutes for your voice to start working again and then we can begin! In the meantime why don't you have a good think about all the little torments I have in store for you?" Wonder Woman tried not to comply with these instructions as she felt a dampness in her costume which could not be attributed to fear or heat.


Lady Latex walked around Wonder Woman examining her with a penetrating gaze, at length she stood in front of the amazon and smiled. "Shall we begin then?" "Let me go at once." Retorted the immobilised amazon. "Hmmm I think that's a jolly good idea not... Let's see what's under those star spangled skivvies instead." With that Lady Latex languidly drew Wonder Woman's blue and white panties down till her labia and bottom were fully exposed. "You know something Wonder Woman I think that's the sparsest bush I've ever seen! I was planning to give you a trim but as this is so patently unnecessary we'll move on to something else." Lady Latex proceeded to run her sheathed fingers in a series of small circles over Wonder Woman's backside and pubic area, quite indifferent to her captives protests. "You've got a lovely firm botty Wonder Woman, so nice and white I think I'll give you a little colour in your cheeks." Wonder Woman could only watch as her foe made her way to a cabinet and returned with a number of implements which she'd previously only seen in shop windows. "Now which one shall I use on you?" Said the smiling sadist, Wonder Woman gave a feeble squirm but could not bring herself to answer, her mouth seemed awefully dry all of a sudden. "Leaving it to me huh, hmm decisions decisions let's see I think we should try for a thin red line pattern." Lady Latex placed all the paddles, cats, whips and whatnot on a table and held a slender black riding crop up before the amazon then bent the top over and released it. The crop sprang back to it's original shape this demonstration complete Lady Latex took a position on the left side of Wonder Woman. The amazon tensed ready for the first blow and was surprised when it was only the merest touch of the crop, the next three strokes were the same almost as if they weren't meant to hurt just to sight in on. The fifth stroke showed exactly how accurate that conclusion was, it stung it really stung. It wasn't quite on the same level as say getting a punch from doomsday or a girder thrown into your stomach but it did sting and Wonder Woman yelped. The following five strokes also stung but Wonder Woman managed to keep silent for these. Lady Latex could see the results of her swings appearing on her victims flesh and decided to up the stakes a little. The next fifteen strokes were aimed precisely at the lines of previous impacts, Wonder Woman began to yelp more frequently and she squirmed from left to right to avoid the blows. Her tormentor changed her swinging arm and moved to Wonder Woman's right side. Another five strokes hit the heroine's by now burning bottom and then another, the gyrations of the target made no difference Lady Latex was a crack shot. At length the rubber clad dominatrix paused then walked round to her captives front and addressed the amazon. "I bet you'd like me to stop now wouldn't you?" Said Lady Latex, a dry mouthed Wonder Woman made no reply and simply felt relief at not being hit. "So you're not ready to be a good girl and say please yet." Said Lady Latex and made a whipping motion with the crop. Wonder Woman could finally speak and said "I am an amazon and a princess you will never break me with your torture." "Excellent I was beginning to think I was talking to myself, well my hapless heroine let's do something different shall we!" Lady Latex called to her henchwoman then gestured and the tentacles suspending Wonder Woman reformed into rubber chains securing her arms and legs which were attached to a collar. Lady Latex tugged at the leash coming from Wonder Woman's new collar and she stumbled toward her tormentor. "Claire could you get us some water and give me a hand with my new toy to be?" The henchwoman reentered the room carrying a tray with a jug and glasses, she was now dressed in a two piece pvc bikini in red and yellow and stepped quite easily in her glistening thigh high spike heeled boots. Lady Latex put the cane down and said "We're going to play a little game. It's called Wonder Woman becomes my bondage toy bwaahahahaa!"

Lady Latex, Claire and finally Wonder Woman were refreshed, Wonder Woman had to suffer the indignity of having her water tipped into her mouth by the grinning Claire but at least she got to drink she thought grimly. Lady Latex gripped Wonder Woman's hair and pulled her head up to face her own. "Well my mighty amazon are you going to be a cooperative little pleasure toy?" "I will never yield to your perversions you fiend!" Asserted the still defiant prisoner, her eyes blazing. Both Lady Latex and Claire smiled, Claire's eyes seemed to positively gleam as she pulled a large rubber coated bench towards the centre of the room. Lady Latex unzipped Wonder Woman's red and gold bustier, as it fell to the floor she started to drag her captive toward the bench. "Oooh you're such a tease Wonder Woman I think you're enjoying this." Lady Latex laughingly said as she forced Wonder Woman to the bench. As rubber straps extruded from the bench and circled her ankles, knees, thighs and tummy the chains binding her arms were absorbed into the bench. Wonder Woman rose and reached for her foe but Lady Latex avoided her efforts with contemptuous ease, more straps came up encircling her wrists, elbows and neck and dragged the amazon back down securing her to the bench. "You've been very naughty Wonder Woman but I think I'll forgive you, after all when we're finished here you'll be nothing but a pleasure toy, a sort of glorified dildo for Claire and I to amuse ourselves with." Wonder Woman squirmed ineffectually and snapped back "I will not be anything of the sort, I demand that you release me at once." in her most royal tone. "Oh really Wonder Woman that is such silly thing to say, you are such a klutz at times." Lady Latex turned to Claire and pointed to a cabinet on one of the walls. Claire smiled and retrieved a tray which she carried over to the pair, she also gave Lady Latex a gold rope, "I thought her magic lasso might come in handy at this stage my lady." she said. Lady Latex tied the rope around Wonder Woman's waist and began gently running her fingers all over the captive princess. She took the lasso with her left hand and continued to massage the amazon, "Are you getting all turned on my little ice maiden?" she asked. Wonder Woman couldn't keep from answering and had to say that she was. "So you're melting already, well I'm going to turn the heat up now so if there's anything you need all you have to do is beg for it." The torturess pulled electrodes out of the tray and placed them around Wonder Woman's labia and nipples. Claire produced a connector and plugged the ends of the electrodes into it then she plugged the connector into a mains socket. Her mistress took a small pot of whitish cream from the tray and smeared the contents over the superheroine's nipples and breasts then worked it into her labia coating the amazon's clitoris and vagina. Lady Latex stood up and wiped her gloves grinning at the amazon and Wonder Woman was beginning to understand why. The cream had felt like any other skin cream as it was being applied but it began to feel like thousands of tiny fingers tickling, prickling, stroking and sucking and oh so incredibly, unbelievably arousing. The straps restrained Wonder Woman's every possible movement and seemed to tighten in response to her increasingly desperate struggles. She could not make any attempt to gratify her intense longing. Even as she began to groan with frustration Lady Latex said to her assistant "Claire please leave us." and flicked the mains switch to the on position. Wonder Woman was not electrocuted as such, the power had been stepped down by the connector and the small trickle of electricity that found it's way to her body simply increased her already massive level of arousal. Minutes passed like aeons, it was too much to bear and through tears of frustration Wonder Woman found herself saying "Let me come please please let me come." Lady Latex savoured her prisoner's desperation and said "Now is there something we can do for you miss goody two shoes?" Wonder Woman managed to keep herself from screaming; just "Let me come make me come just do it please do it." "You want to be fucked! That's rather slutty of you isn't it?" Lady Latex played this moment for all it was worth, the cracking of her captives resolve was an exquisite stimulation for her and she wanted to stretch things out a little. "Touch me fuck me Lady Latex please for pity's sake touch me." Beseeched the craving captive, Wonder Woman knew that even the most delicate touch to her swollen clitoris would bring a climax of amazonique proportions and she tried desperately to think of the words that would give her that climax. Lady Latex took the golden rope then leaned over Wonder Woman's face and gloated for a moment before saying. "You will address me as my lady and if you promise to be a good girl I'll give you the fucking you deserve you super powered slut; now let me here your promise?" Wonder Woman didn't care what it cost any more, the only thing in the world that mattered was that the inferno of lust going on inside her should be sated. "I swear in Hera's name I will be whatever you wish me to be my lady." The total surrender of the world's mightiest heroine was like an aphrodisiac in itself to the gleaming sex goddess and Lady Latex could feel her own body responding to the situation. She selected a truly massive dildo from her collection and the tremendous head went into Wonder Woman - well she was a superhuman wasn't she. Wonder Woman came instantly with a loud scream and Lady Latex morphed the rubber of the toy so that it could stroke every part of the amazon, then flicked a switch on the bottom activating the dildo. As the dominated superheroine climaxed again the triumphant dominatrix felt herself beginning to liquefy. Lady Latex was exultant, she had the mighty Wonder Woman at her mercy and the proud princess was utterly subservient to her will. Wonder Woman climaxed again and again as the dominatrix caressed her breasts. Lady Latex took the golden lasso in her hand and began to instruct the climaxing captive in the first of her new duties. The straps around Wonder Woman relaxed their grip and merged back into the bench the heroines hands sprang to the dildo and worked the toy in and out of her sex, she came again and again and again. At length her new mistress pushed Wonder Woman's hands away and switched the vibrator off, with a flourish she pulled it out of Wonder Woman's still heaving sex. Wonder Woman lay prone and tried to climax again but before she could Lady Latex told her to get up, pull her panties back up then put on her bustier and the newly submissive superheroine dared not disobey.

A reclothed Wonder Woman stood mutely with her head down while Lady Latex moved slowly around her body examining it once more. "We will retain your belt and lasso for a while in case you start being naughty." Lady Latex raised Wonder Woman's head and directed her gaze toward the captive's eyes then addressed the subdued amazon. "Now my super powered sex toy what shall we call you, you're not a Wonder Woman any more are you?" Wonder Woman shamefacedly shook her head, she couldn't think what to say. "Come now my dear you should be able to think of a name that befits you're new slutty status! You'd better think fast or we'll do this again and then leave you for a looong time." Wonder Woman was aghast; she'd been outwitted, thrashed, reduced to a sex crazed animal and now she had to think up a further degradation for herself. "Truly my lady I don't know." She replied tremulously. "You're being disobedient Wonder Woman, you'd better give me you're new name quickly or I will become very cruel indeed." With this incentive the amazing amazon managed to come up with something acceptable to her dominatrix and whispered. "Blunder Bimbo my lady." Lady Latex forced Wonder Woman to her knees and called her henchwoman back into the room. "Do you see this Claire? She thought to come here and correct us, to chastise us for our so called misdemeanours. Little miss clever pants thought to bring us to justice for our sins, now who is the woman of wonder round here?" Claire's face lit up at the scene before her and she replied "You are my lady." The villainesses both giggled, Lady Latex turned to face the superheroine and said "Why don't you tell Claire and I about your latest adventure?" The tone of her voice made it a command and the submissive superheroine complied with her instructions immediately. "I have been utterly defeated; outsmarted, captured, beaten and enslaved by your superior intellect my lady." The dominatrix gloated at her slave and said "Ooh that is soo nice to hear miss goody two shoes, but you must tell Claire your new name." Claire watched the kneeling princess raptly as she replied "I am now to be called Blunder Bimbo my lady." Claire played with the captives hair and looked meaningfully at Lady Latex, "Well Blunder Bimbo now that you are a bondage toy I think Claire would like to play with you and you will be a good girl won't you?" The amazon tentatively nodded and Lady Latex began linking her arms to her legs and throat with rubber chains, then she pulled the captive princess to her feet. Claire began to stroke Blunder Bimbo's body then she took hold of a loose chain hanging from her neck and gave a sharp tug. Claire dragged the new toy toward a cabinet and thanked her mistress. "She's super my lady: Hapless, helpless and hopeless just the way a good superheroine should be." Lady Latex watched Claire pull the heroine's panties down then place a lubricated powered butt plug on the bench, Blunder Bimbo was instructed to sit upon it and it penetrated her anus with a slight popping sound. The power cord hung down from from her bottom as she was tugged over to face Claire again. The grinning henchwoman produced a mains powered dildo and brandished it in front of the cowed superheroine's eyes, into her throbbing sex it went and Blunder Bimbo emitted a cry as she started toward another climax. Claire fed the mains connectors through the legs of the gasping amazons panties then pulled them back up to her waist. As she was pulled back to the bench Blunder Bimbo felt the dildo and buttplug move inside her with every step; it was enough to bring her to a shuddering orgasm and she staggered slightly. "What a slut you are Blunder Bimbo coming in your panties like an overexcited schoolgirl. So much for the proud indomitable superheroine, you're just a super horny sex toy now!" Claire plugged the dangling leads into power points and manhandled the amazon so that she stood up straight with her arms at her sides and her feet pressed together. Having positioned Blunder Bimbo correctly Claire addressed the dominatrix. "My lady I think she would look so cute if she were sheathed; a sort of giant novelty superheroine powered dildo." Lady Latex signalled her agreement and grinned as she morphed the chains and part of the bench into a cocoon around the amazon leaving only her face, hair and the power leads projecting from the tube like construct. With a final flourish she turned the rubber transparent displaying the costumed captive quite exquisitely she thought. Claire could barely keep her own climax at bay as she laid Blunder Bimbo back on the couch. Straps were exuded from the couch and kept the amazon from rising, Claire reached for the power point and switched the dildo and buttplug on. Blunder Bimbo writhed and sweated, this was the best sex she'd ever had and she moaned with ecstasy. Claire undid studs at her side and pulled her bikini bottom down and clambered on top of the amazon straddling her face. Claire's sex descended upon the superheroine and she ordered Blunder Bimbo to lick her out. The princesses tongue entered the henchwoman and her pent up orgasm exploded from within generating a long drawn out cry of fulfillment. Blunder Bimbo sucked and licked Claire to new heights as she herself came again and again. Lady Latex watched the pair for a while wondering how many people would like to be where she was right now. Claire altered her position so that she could do a face sit on the truly amazing she thought amazon. This would be sooo good; the beautiful, bound, dominated Wonder Woman licking her bottom; utterly and absolutely priceless. As Claire lowered herself and began fingering her clitoris Lady Latex glanced at the clock and said "Claire keep her occupied for a while if you need to release her use the scissors I will bathe and plan my next crime spree." and left the room.

Lady Latex a.k.a. Samantha Channing morphed her clothing off of herself taking care to reconstruct them afterward and carried the costume with her to the bathroom. It was nice to be able to let the sweat out of her outfit during the action but she still needed a good bath at times. A good bath; it was exasperating to have a twenty room mansion with two garages and one count them one functioning bath, she would have to ring the plumbers again. Samantha tried to calm her body down as she ran the water, it wasn't that she hated the thought of coming on the job but she believed her current relationship deserved her fealty. Samantha lowered herself into the water observing the amazons lasso hanging from the radiator, it had been there since she'd entered "the lair". The scenario she'd wanted had been tricky to set up but then Wonder Woman wasn't your average client and Samantha though rather startled to receive her call requesting an appointment had been happy to push her resources a bit. She'd also been a little surprised to find out the reality of Wonder Woman's super powers; the magic belt schtick was bullshit apparently as was the idea of controlling her via her lasso it could only compel someone to tell the truth. Samantha chuckled as she imagined what the scene would have been like had the real thing been used. "Well actually my powers are god given and without my belt I am no more powerless than a fusion bomb and as your vaunted neuroactive spray is actually perfume I can break these restraints any time I wish. I am here because I wish to be and am paying you for your time and indulgence." Truth was definitely not a good idea in the sexual fantasy game Samantha thought to herself. Hmm let's see; raid the cookie jar, hit the sofa and catch some daytime TV she'd "finish Wonder Woman off" after she'd watched The Goodies on channel 6. It wasn't exactly a major crime spree but then she wasn't a serious villainess: It was kind of ironic though, her ability to reform soft materials into different shapes, colours even was such a meagre super power that being a superheroine or villainess wasn't an option. Yet she was the one who had achieved "The Domination of Wonder Woman"!