Wonder Woman squirmed frantically as the wax submerged her boots, she could not get loose from her bonds. Okay she thought I'll just have to use my intellect this time her struggles were not going to break the ropes but she did manage to turn her hands palm outward and she began to toss her head from side to side. Wonder Woman's oft overlooked tiara flew from her brow, hit the side of the tube and ricocheted into her right hand. As the gunk moved up Wonder Woman's legs and thighs the heroine used the razor sharp cutting edge of the tiara to free her hands then her upper torso. The wax oozed up her waist even as the amazing amazon freed her legs. She wasn't looking forward to the next part, she had to free her feet and the warm ooze was up to her breasts. Taking a deep breath Wonder Woman bent down immersing her whole body in the slimy clingy substance and sawed the rope binding her ankles, then she made an exit by cutting a hole in the tube. Several gallons of semi solid wax splattered to the floor of the factory along with an unrecognisable, powerless but very peeved amazon princess. She cleared her mouth and nose and inhaled deeply.

After she had taken a few deep breaths the encased amazon stiffly got to her feet, wax flaked off her as she gathered herself for a twirl. One flash of gold lightning later a wax free sharp dressed agent Diana Prince executed the rest of the pirouette. Diana moved away from the tube and got her mobile out of her purse. Her first call was to the ever vigilant Gotham city police department, she had to let the authorities know the location of the new batch of pylene fifty so that they could figure out what it was and how to deal with it. Also the hard worn commissioner and the chief needed some good news before they died of chronic stress. With this minor matter taken care of she checked in with Barbara for some useful assistance.

"Well Diana according to the Bat computer the cartel has a very high powered computer hacker working in Gotham, some runty little nerd who calls himself the Warlord." Said the ever informative daredoll. "That'll be where Catwoman and co are going, I'll have to get some transport from somewhere to catch them. Can you give me the Warlord's address?" Diana inquired thanking Hera for Barbara's knowhow and wherewithal. The answer was soon forthcoming and Diana raced for the door.

In a small anteroom of the factory Diana once again twirled and a clean costumed Wonder Woman emerged from the blaze of light. Who needed baths and washing machines? Then the beautiful but unbelted heroine ran outside to find something to get her from A to B.

Wonder Woman ran down the street for several blocks before noticing a collection of potential aids to her pursuit. The sign said The zoo Bar and Grill Bikers only, oh well she thought any port in a storm.

Wonder Woman entered the establishment to a chorus of wolf whistles and went over to the nearest gentleman who was playing pool. The lanky gentleman wearing an eyepatch he did not in fact need and leather vest and jeans had a poorly drawn tatoo of a spider on his right shoulder. The heroine was in a hurry and in no mood for nonsense as she asked to borrow his motorcycle. "Well now darling ahm sure we cain come to an arrangement."* Was not what she needed right now and when he put his hand on her breast to the guffaws of his peers Wonder Woman reacted immediately. Her magic belt was gone which meant that she was no stronger than the average everyday six foot well developed athlete who has spent four thousand years engaged in outdoor activities. That is to say pretty damn strong and eyepatch's worldview was altered somewhat as the amazon lifted him by his throat and crotch and slammed him down flat on his back on to the pool table. "Now!" She added to her earlier question. The rest of the gang gathered around their sort of pig faced leader who tapped his riding crop to his thigh and weapons were drawn. It could have gotten interesting but for the owner of the joint racking a shotgun and saying "Hold it this chick's a leaguer and I don't want no trouble with the costumes!" so saying he motioned the spider tatooed bunch against the rear wall. Wonder Woman relieved the groaning man of his keys and said "Thankyou for your cooperation!" then moved to the door. She did not glance behind her and missed the sight of the pig faced gang leader falling to his knees, raising his eyes to the heavens and saying in a plaintive voice. "Oh lord I beseech you please not again!"
*Accent but don't ask me what sort.

Special guest stars The Black Widow motorcycle club. Well who else would you borrow a bike from?

Wonder Woman matched the keys up to a modified Harley 883 sportster she mounted, turned the key in the ignition, kick started the engine, pulled in the clutch, kicked into gear, released the accelerator and exploded into space. After a thirty foot kangaroo Wonder Woman settled down and began to increase speed. The invisible plane was a great deal faster than this but as she hit seventy with the wind in her hair and the powerful engine between her legs she began to think that there was something to be said for the internal combustion engine after all. At one hundred and twenty she knew she absolutely had to get one of these things. Wonder Woman flashed past startled pedestrians with her body upright resting against the raised back of the machine her hair streaming behind her as she flew through the mean streets of Gotham. In short it looked a hell of a lot more impressive than that daft motor cycling outfit she wore in the TV show!

After an exhilarating but all too short ride Wonder Woman came to the address that Barbara had given her and there was the same nondescript van parked outside with the white coated Doctor Manxman looking the wrong way, as all good lookouts should.

Doctor Manxman heard the roar of an approaching motorcycle but that couldn't be the cops so ignored it. It was only when the she heard the screech of brakes and skidding sound of the bike coming to a halt she deigned to turn and look, by which time it was way to late of course. Doctor Manxman saw the powerless but still fit and agile amazon turn the ignition off and jump off the Harley in stunned disbelief. "How did you urrrgh?" She said as Wonder Woman's fist sank into her solar plexus. Wonder Woman quickly followed up with a couple of blows to the good doctor's temples and she went down and out like a light. The amazing amazon turned her attention to the open back of the van and saw that she'd arrived in the nick of time, Catwoman and her cohorts had only just got here and her belt and lasso were still in the back of the van. She had just buckled her power belt back on when the door to the dwelling was opened and out came Catwoman, two henchmen and a spotty youth who had to be the Warlord. They were half way up the drive when Wonder Woman stepped out of the van and into view. "Curses!" Snarled the Catwoman voicing the thought on everybody's mind, they probably didn't think that precisely but this is a PG rated story.

The four foes of justice never knew what hit them! Well actually they did, okay so it happened fast but Wonder Woman isn't the Flash and even if somebody didn't see the actual blows you didn't have to be Einstien to work out the connection between the reempowered amazon and the sharp stabbing pains in your appendages. Even assuming that you were a real moron and missed all this then you'd have heard all about it when you woke up in jail. In brief it happened like this: Using both hands Wonder Woman punched both henchmen in the shoulders first one then the other, Catwoman reached to her own belt for another catnip bomb and Wonder Woman hit the henchmen on the temples and turned to face the queen of crime. The device was thrown hard straight at the amazon's torso but Wonder Woman was watching this time and she caught the bomb quite easily and threw it into a skip two blocks down the street. With the alerted amazon ready for her secret weapons Catwoman decided that discretion was the better part of something or other and began to run for safety. Wonder Woman turned her attention to the self styled Warlord and hoisted him up then hurled him into an open garbage can on the other side of the street. As the Catwoman ran fast and hard for the safety of a dark alley Wonder Woman leisurely swung her lasso and it neatly snared the fast running feline.

Some time later Wonder Woman was receiving the effusive praises of commissioner Gordon and chief O'Hara having just delivered the five captives to the police who were just about competent enough to lock the cell doors she thought. "Sure and praises be this is a great day for Gotham, Catwoman and her cronies will be sent down for good this time." Said the ever emotional chief O'Hara as he'd probably said of every criminal who passed through his hands. "It looks like you've made a cracking start on Gotham's criminal fraternity, you're pretty good, for a girl." Added the commissioner much to Wonder Woman's displeasure. Well she thought to herself, at least he doesn't call me darling but Hera help these idiots during my period.

Wonder Woman went into the ladies and discreetly whirled into agent Prince, with no one noticing her existence she was able to make her way out and give Barbara quick call to give her the good news that she had successfully completed her first case. "It's been a bizarre twenty four hours Barbara, are yours and Batman and Robin's cases like this?"

Well yes!

Diana brought the robot plane to Gotham and hangered it at stately Wayne mansion with Alfred's assistance and took it for a quick flight. It was just one of those unfortunate coincidences that when she had dipped just a little too low over the hills surrounding Gotham she had unseated the entire Black Widow motor cycle gang. The disgruntled riders had planned a strategic withdrawal from Gotham but soon changed their minds when they saw the familiar costume and their leader swore before God that they would pursue the amazon to the ends of the earth to avenge this humiliation.

One brief check flight later Wonder Woman headed for Barbara's apartment she'd been up most of the night and was looking forward to breakfast and bed.

But even as the amazing amazon makes her way homeward a lithe and beautiful woman is explaining to her own cohorts the changes in plan made necessary by the annoying amazon.

Oh no another felonious female plotting another overelaborate felony! Who is she? What's in store for Wonder Woman? Will she be able to cope with america's most ineffectual cycle gang? Can I be bothered to write anymore?

All these questions and others will be answered in the next exciting installment of: