Mara Jade and the Pirates  

By Goro

Star Wars
Wizards Lair Contest 2000

Part 1: Capture

Mara Jade relaxed under the showerhead. Traveling through hyper space in the Jade Sabre with her Jedi padawan Jaina Solo was one of the few times when Mara felt like she could just totally relax. Mara and Jaina were on their way home from another successful mission, and Mara was looking forward to relaxing by the fire in the arms of her husband Luke Skywalker. It had been too long since she had last been alone with her Jedi Master, and she was looking forward to finally spending some "quality" time together, and maybe even starting a family. Mara unconsciously slid her hand down the front of her flat stomach and between her legs. Yes, it had indeed been too long.

Suddenly the ship shook and Mara was thrown against the door of the shower, which gave way and sent Mara sprawling naked onto the floor of the bathroom.

"Mara, you’d better get up here quick!" Jaina’s voice sounded over the ships comlink system.

So much for a relaxing shower, Mara thought. She quickly pulled on her knee high boots, grabbed her brown Jedi Robe and took off down the corridor towards the cockpit.

When she got there she could see immediately what had Jaina so rattled.

"Pirates," Jaina said, pointing to the large capital space barge that was pulling the Jade Sabre closer to it. They must have a gravity well generator that pulled us out of hyperspace. As soon as we exited, they locked onto us with the tractor beams."

"Have you tried firing at them yet?" Mara asked, already knowing the answer.

"It didn’t work. They’ve got an override on the ship’s firing controls. I think we are in for a fight."

"Those poor boys obviously don’t have any idea who they are messing with." Mara smiled at her padawan apprentice. Pirates often raided shipping lanes like the one they had been riding home through. Wouldn’t they be surprised when they found two Jedi knights on board!

As the tractor beams pulled the ship into the landing bay, Mara and Jaina got into position along the Jade Sabre’s corridor. They could here the whirl of hydraulics and gears as the pirates used their control of the ship’s systems to lower the landing gear. A gentle thud let the women know the ship had touched down. Then there was a rustling as the access code on the door’s control panel was overridden.

"Do you sense that?" Jaina asked. "What?" Mara responded.

"It feels like a hole in the force, just outside the ship…. In fact, I can’t sense half the ship."

Mara closed her eyes and concentrated. Jaina was right. There were areas in the ship that seemed to not exist. But Mara knew that was impossible.

Then her eyes shot open. "Ysalamiri," Mara stated in a flat tone of voice. "They are small creatures that have the ability to negate the force. Grand Admiral Thrawn used them in his push on Coruscant. These guys know we are Jedi. Get ready, this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought."

Just then an explosion blew the door off the Jade Sabre and rattled the ship.

Several grenades were tossed into the opening and detonated releasing a green gas and shrapnel across the inside of the Jade Sabre.

The pirates appeared at the door. They were aliens from several different systems. But they were all wearing gas masks and backpacks that held the ysalamiri creatures, rendering them invulnerable to any attacks through the mysterious "force".

But Mara and Jaina weren’t about to surrender. Holding their breath to prevent succumbing to the gas the Jedi sprung into action, lightsabers ignited, and started cutting through the pirates.

The pirates fought back furiously, firing at the Jedi, who just kept coming. But this time would be different. As more and more of the pirates entered the ship with the ysalamiri creatures on their backs, the Jedi weakened. Then a gigantic creature strode through the wrecked doorway. Mara paused and looked at him.

He stood about seven feet tall and wore only a maroon belt and loincloth. His hair was either shaved or only grew in the top not from the top of his head. He was a reptilian green and he had four powerful looking arms.

Mara remembered Leia telling the stories of the reptile, Prince Xizor, the Falleen master of the criminal organization know as Black Sun, and decided that this creature must be at least part Falleen, based on his looks.

"You idiots, I told you to set for stun!" the creature commanded to the attackers.

The pirates flipped switches on their weapons and started firing stun rays at the Jedi Knights.

Unlike the single blaster bolt that a weapon fires when set to kill, the stun setting exits the blaster in pulsing rings. And while a single bolt can be deflected by a lightsaber, the stun rings can not.

Both Jaina and Mara were struck several times, and knocked to their knees.

Jaina’s saber fell from her hand and she started to shake.

Mara could see that her padawan was in trouble, but she was in no position to help, her own muscles weren’t obeying her commands.

The large four-armed pirate darted over to Mara and spoke in a deep rumbling voice.

"I am Goro. I am the king of this ship, and you and your companion are now mine." Goro’s hand struck out and down snatching the lightsaber from Mara’s hand. With one of his other hands he backhanded Mara across the cheek, knocking her to the floor. Goro examined the lightsaber. Then he pointed to Mara, turned to the other pirates, and said "Take this one to my chambers. Throw the other one in the holding cell."

With that he handed the saber to one of the female twi’lek pirates, told her to put the weapons in the trophy room, and walked out. The pirates quickly moved throughout the ship and began searching for anything that they could pillage. A couple of them surrounded Mara and Jaina. The female twi’lek pirate, adjusted her two long head tentacles, picked up their lightsabers, and carried the weapons out of the ship. Two other pirates, one a green skinned rodian looking creature and one a devaronian, with two large horns on his head, and sharp looking teeth, handcuffed the two Jedi, picked them up and carried them over their shoulders, down to the holding cell area.

Part 2: Jaina’s humiliation

"These Jedi don’t look so tough," said the devaronian pirate. "Maybe we should have a little fun with them before we lock them up in the cell. Goro said he wanted the red head taken to his quarters. But he didn’t say we couldn’t have fun with this one. What do you think Clado?"

The rodian lifted Jaina up by her hair and looked her over. Then he laid Jaina across a table, reached out, unzipped her flight suit, and open it to reveal that she was wearing a white bra and matching panties.

The other pirate set Mara down on the floor and walked over to his partner.

Mara was still unable to move as a result of the stun blast she had received in the ship just moments before, but she could see the men undressing her padawan.

One of the pirates undid Jaina’s handcuffs as the other pulled off Jaina’s boots. Next, they pulled off her flight suit. Then they refastened her handcuffs through a bolt in the table, securing her hands above her head.

"N..nooo," Jaina moaned. The effects of the stun bolt starting to wear off, but not enough for her to fight back.

The pirates just laughed and unfastened her bra to reveal the girls perky breasts. The cool air licked at her nipples, causing them to stand erect. The devaronian pirate stepped forward and inserted his fingers under the waistband of her white underwear bottoms and slowly pulled them down. Time seemed frozen for Jaina in those next few moments. It seemed an eternity as the material slid over her naked ass and down her thighs. She could feel herself being made naked by these scum bags, yet she was powerless to stop it. Cool air licked at her skin as soon as it was exposed. She had never felt so helpless, so humiliated. And to have this happen right in front of her Jedi master! It was more than she could bear, and she started to cry. As for her captors, they only seemed to enjoy her sobbing that much more. The pirate’s eyes drank in the sight of the young girl stripped naked before them.

Then he leaned forward, grasped the young girl’s ankles and spread her legs apart. He started to lick the inside of her thighs, moving slowly upwards towards her pussy. He draped her legs over his shoulders to help rotate her pelvis up at a better angle.

As he did this, the other pirate started fondling Jaina’s breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

The devaronian started to lick Jaina’s pussy and clitoris and stuck his tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go. Then he stood up, and pulled Jaina’s ass closer to the edge of the table, keeping her legs straight up in front of him, with her cute little toes up by his shoulders, pointing to the ceiling. The pirate undid the fly on his pants and pulled out his hardening cock. Even from where Mara was lying on the floor, she could see that he was huge.

Mara knew that her padawan had never experienced a male before. Jaina was a virgin. Mara also knew that a cock that size would tear Jaina apart. Mara tried to get up to help her padawan, but it was no use. She still didn’t have the strength.

"I think you’ll love this," the pirate told Jaina, as he pressed the tip of his cock against Jaina’s now swollen red slit.

"Please… don’t… I’m a virgin," said Jaina weakly.

"Not for long," and with that the pirate thrust forward deep into Jaina’s exposed pussy, causing Jaina to let out a moan of pain and anger.

The pirate did not hesitate. He pulled back a bit and shoved it in again. His manhood plowed in a further two inches.

Jaina Solo screamed out in pain as she felt his pole ram into her vagina. Like every virgin she didn't think her pussy could fit him all in. It felt like her cunt was being torn apart.

It took him three more bone jarring thrusts before he felt his hips slap against her. He was now buried to the hilt, all ten inches, inside the pussy of a Jedi! The pirate felt incredible. He let his dick stay buried inside her for awhile so her cunt could get used to him. He throbbed his cock and rotated his hips, which sent shivers of feeling through Jaina’s body and forced her to moan in agony. His hands firmly griped her ass cheeks on either side. Then he withdrew his cock until all that was in her was his cockhead. Then he pushed it back in. He then began to slowly saw his dick in and out of her.

Jaina just knew her poor pussy was stretched to the breaking point. She started to moan in pain and … something else? Jaina could feel a stirring inside her. The pirate stepped up his pace. His dick was moving in and out of her faster and faster. Jaina wasn't thinking of anything now. She was just

reacting. Her pussy was on fire and so were her tits. The one pirate was rapidly squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples wile the other pirate’s cock was driving her rapidly towards a climax. It was so big and hard and it wouldn't let up. Forcing her....forcing her.....pressing, probing......

" the force FFFUUUCCCKKKKIIIINNNNGGGG MMMEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Jaina’s climax hit her like an exploding star. Her body tensed and jerked. Every fiber of her being was focused on her cunt. The pirate hung on as she involuntarily bucked and jumped on the table. He felt his cock squeezed by her already tight pussy and groaned. Then he too was hit by his climax and released his hot cum into her.

"AAHHHHH!!! OOOHHHHH!! UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!! AAAHHHHHhhhhhh!!" he screamed as his climax rolled over him. As his cock discharged itself into her, Jaina felt the hot sperm fill her pussy and she came a second time. Her spasms of delight rocked and jolted her like an electric current that left her drained and spent when they slowly subsided.

Jaina's vagina began to ooze with the pirate’s pudding like cum. The creamy substance oozed out of her cunt slit and down the crack of her ass over her anus. Jaina shuttered in disgust as she felt her vagina grow wet with the discharge.

I can’t believe I just got raped in front of my Jedi master, Jaina thought. And they even made me climax. Jaina felt so embarrassed and ashamed.

The pirate let his deflating cock fall out of her soaked cunt with a wet plop and staggered back from her. Jaina let out a little whimper as he left her. Then he said, "All yours partner."

Jaina’s eyes opened wide, they weren’t going to rape her again were they?

The other pirate moved around the table to the front, where her legs were now dangling over the edge of the table.

The pirate grabbed her hip and rolled her over onto her stomach. Jaina was only beginning to get her strength back, and probably would have slumped to the ground if the handcuffs not held her upper body on the table. The next pirate moved in behind her and grasped her rear. "OOOHHH! NOOO!! No, not again!" she winced as she felt another member touch her lips. She tried to kick out but her legs didn’t yet have the strength. All she could do was weakly sway and shift her hips about and wriggle around desperately. Grabbing her by the hips with one hand, the alien brought his erection closer, stroking it with his other as he moved it into position. "OH MY GOD! NOOO!" Jaina screamed, as she felt the rounded head of a penis touch her bare lips. Her hips went wild and the pirate had to shift his hips with hers to keep up. Then, with a brutal thrust, the pirate drove his taming point home, sending Jaina reeling with overwhelming sensation.

"AAAAAAGAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Her scream echoed in the holding cells as the green member slid slowly inside her. With a final, brutal push, it shoved the penis all the way in, sending Jaina’s legs flailing about around the alien’s hips. It then began pulling the penis out, then inserting it back in, then out, then in, relentlessly pumping itself in and out of Jaina’s defenseless cunt.

Suddenly Jaina felt the alien withdraw completely. With that she let out a little moan, (of disappointment??) Finally it was over she thought. Then she felt his member press back up against her skin, but this time it glided up and down between her lips and ass cheeks.

What was he doing she wondered? Slowly his hardened rod came to rest momentarily at the edge of her anus. Jaina realized what he wanted a split second before the alien thrust forward again and penetrated deep into the young Jedi’s virgin ass.

"AAAAAAGAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!" Jaina screamed out in pain as the alien raped her ass. To complicate matters, it then reached around to her front and began stroking her ripe clitoris with its large, firm fingers. The tension rose higher and higher, the girl squealed and screamed to no avail. Then, with another animalistic scream, Jaina shuddered from another devastating climax.

"UUGH! UGGHH! UUUGH! No!... cuming... can't... let.." Too late. She screamed uncontrollably as her climax sent her body seizing in absolute erotic ecstasy. Sensing the young Jedi’s demise, the pirate pulled out of the helpless young girl. The other Pirate undid the hand cuffs and Jaina slumped to the floor in a heap in front of the alien.

The alien pulled the frail girl up to her knees facing him, and she stared up at him with dreamy, heavy eyes. Then with a firm hand, it shoved her head down and pushed its cock deep into her gaping mouth. This woke Jaina from her erotic daze and she began to squeal like a pig as the alien violated her mouth. As it did this, the other pirate came from behind and with his huge hands, the pirate began to callously massage her plump breasts sending her writhing from the new stimulation. Her whining was soon silenced, however, as the alien discharged, violated her pretty mouth. For a while, she was forced to swallow, then, he removed his penis, only to let it spray the rest of its discharge into her face and breasts. The cum slowly poured over her lips and cheeks as she was coated with the substance all over her bare chest, wetting her perfect breasts with the goo.

Having finished with Jaina, the pirates tossed her through the door of the holding cell, and her naked body went sprawling onto the cold stone floor. Her dark hair fell over her tear soaked face, and even though the effects of the stun gun had worn off, she didn’t move for a few moments. With one hand she reached down between her legs and felt the vile seed of the pirates dripping from inside her. How could this have happed? Would she get pregnant she wondered? Would she give birth to weird babies that were half human and half demon looking monsters? Jaina started to cry again when she heard the pirates behind her.

"Don’t worry you little Jedi slut, we will be back again later for another training session. Oh, and just incase you are planning on using your powers to get out, we will leave you with some of these cute little creatures to keep you company." With that the pirates opened one of the crates and let several of the Ysalamiri crawl out. The creatures scurried everywhere, between the bars of her cell and all across the floor of the room.

The door slid open and two more pirates walked in. Both were human, one male one female. "The boss told us to bring the red head to his quarters." As the male bent down to pick Mara up she rolled sideways and kicked him in the face. His female partner spun and quickly shot Mara again with another stun bolt. Mara groaned, and shook, and blacked out.

"Later, star whore!" the pirates remarked and walked out of the room, carrying Mara with them.

Jaina sat up, and started trying to clean the seamen off of her face and chest. Never had she felt so defiled. So totally humiliated. Forced to climax repeatedly, and right in front of her master! She sobbed again, and then walked toward the cell door. She got down onto her hands and knees and reached forward through the bars, trying to reach some of her clothing. But she couldn’t reach it. As she was down in that position, one of the Ysalamiri creatures scuttled between her legs, leaned back and licked at the seamen that was still dripping from the young girl’s vagina. Startled, Jaina let out another small scream, and jumped as the Ysalamiri scurried away. Then she sat with her back against the cold wall curled into a ball and started to cry again.

Part 3: Mara meets Goro

The pirates got to Goro’s quarters and dropped Mara on a large bed against the far side of the room.

"You won’t be needing these," said the female pirate as she pulled off Mara’s boots, leaving her barefoot on the bed. "Besides, they look to be about my size."

"Should we leave he hand cuffs on?" said the man. "No." said the female. "Goro will want to play with her a bit. She’ still out cold from that last stun blast, and even if she weren’t Goro can handle her."

With that, the pirates removed Mara’s handcuffs and left the room, locking the door behind them. Mara slowly began to stir as the effects of the stun blast left her.

I’ve got to get Jaina and get out of here, Mara thought to herself. She kicked her legs over the side of the bed and eased onto the floor.

The steel floor felt cold against Mara’s bare feet. It sent a shiver up the back of her spine. She padded over to the door on wobbly knees as her strength slowly returned. She looked at the old lock, and quickly picked it. The door slid open and Mara hurried down the core door to the turbo lift. "I’ll need to get my light saber, and Goro told the Twi’lek woman to store that in the trophy room. If the layout of this ship is similar to the other barges I’ve been on, then that will be near the center of the ship." Before long she found herself at the door and activating the latch mechanism it slid open. Mara walked into the room and gasped. The room held all sorts of trophies of previous victories over other opponents. Helmets, weapons, suits of armor all hung on display. Against the far wall, Mara saw her lightsaber. She smiled. "Time to even the score," she thought. Strange that only one of their sabers was on display here. But there would be time to think about that later.

Then she heard the door slide open again. She spun to see who it was that had evaded her jedi senses. And it was none other than the pirate king who had just beaten and humiliated her and her padawan in the docking bay. Goro.

Mara jumped up and executed a backwards flip over a glass case holding various treasures, landing several feet from where she had just been standing putting more distance between her and the four armed monster standing in the door.

The corners of Goro’s giant mouth curled upwards to display a sharp toothed smile. "Play time again so soon, hey Jedi?" Then he chuckled in a deep voice and stepped forward into the room. The door slid closed behind him. With his lower left hand he smashed the lock, sealing the door.

"Don’t want to be interrupted, now do we, Jedi."

Mara felt a wave of panic wash over her. It was going to happen again. He was going to hurt her again. No, this time she was ready for him. Mara took a deep breath to calm herself. Let the force flow through me.

Goro grabbed a glass case and hurled it at Mara’s head. Mara ducked and rolled in the direction of her saber.

Goro stepped in front of her and backhanded her towards the wall,… which was just what Mara wanted. She was ready for his strength and speed this time.

As Goro struck, Mara rolled with the force of the blow. As she hit the ground, she tucked and went into a frontward summersault and came out of it just a few feet from her light saber, and that was all the closer she needed to be.

Even with the presence of the ysalamiri all throughout the ship weakening her contact with the force, from this close she still had enough power to pull the weapon off the wall and into her hand. She caught the weapon, and ignited it, casting a faint blue glow on the room.

This time would indeed be different she thought. Goro smiled again, and stood up straight. He just stood there at first, then he looked her up and down.

Mara Jade was indeed a sight to behold. Standing there in a fighting stance, her brown robe had opened slightly revealing her smooth, tensed body. Mara’s red painted toenails and well tanned body provided evidence that she took care of herself. Goro could even see that she kept the hair around her vagina closely trimmed. Her soft skin reflected the cool blue light of the saber’s blade. Goro slowly moved his eyes all over her lush, perfect, body. His eyes lingered on her breasts, the way her body position made them thrust out from her robe so boldly.

Mara eyed the monster. She noticed the bulge under his loin cloth and realized that he was not just studying her fighting style, but also lusting over her. Mara Jade caught herself blushing under his intent gaze. Then she shook her head and regained her composure. The warrior inside her took this as an insult. She was ready to kill this beast, and he was looking at her as a sex toy. It would be his last mistake she thought.

Mara lunged forward and Goro quickly sidestepped the attack and pulled another weapon off the wall, activating it. It looked like a long dark staff, but once activated it hummed with energy.

The two combatants circled each other. Goro took a sideways swing at Mara. Reaching out to the force for strength Mara was able to gather just enough power to parry the blow, but without a strong connection to the force, Mara wasn’t fast enough to counter strike.

Goro then brought the other end of the staff around to swing at her head, but again Mara blocked the attack. But this time, Goro leaned in and while keeping pressure on the attack with the staff, his lower hand shot up and grabbed Mara’s wrist.

Mara was stuck. If she tried to pry her wrist free, he would certainly crush her head with the glowing energy staff. But he was now in close and this monster could certainly overpower her.

Mara lashed out with a kick to the monster’s groin, but Goro was too fast for her and the monster caught the woman’s foot with his other hand.

Goro slid his hand up Mara’s wrist and wrenched the lightsaber from her grip. Then he tossed both the lightsaber and his own weapon across the room.

Mara swung at Goro, but Goro grabbed her other wrist and forcefully twisted her arms behind her back. The he pushed her forward into one of the glass trophy cases. With his lower arms Goro held Mara’s wrists firmly behind her and put forward pressure on her to keep her tits smashed up against the display case. From the other side of the case one could see Mara’s tits flattened against the glass. With his other arms, Goro pulled off Mara’s Jedi robe, stripping her nude in the center of the room.

"No, don’t." She cried. But Goro paid her no heed. When the robe was off, he discarded it to the side and twisted her arms up behind her again. Then he sat on a smaller case, put her over his lap and began spanking her! She frantically kicked her legs but Goro didn’t seem to notice.

Mara Jade was mortified. "SPANK! SPANK!" She couldn't believe this was happening to her. Captured along with her padawan, bested in battle and made helpless, stripped of her Jedi robes and now, "SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!" she was being spanked like a little girl. How could this happen?

She was convinced her life was in no danger, "SPANK! SPANK!" but that was small compensation for what was happening to her. "SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!" His hand, it wouldn't stop. Spank after spank, no rhythm or pattern, nothing to brace against. "SPANK!" Sometimes the spanks were delivered with a pause "SPANK!" between them, then he would deliver a series of spanks in rapid fire fashion. "SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!" It was maddening. It also, "SPANK!" after awhile, began to really hurt. At first the spanks were humiliating but not very painful. She had been hurt a lot worse. Now though, "SPANK!" the spanks were starting to really sting. Mara’s poor naked and defenseless ass was soon red from the blows he rained on her. She just couldn't take it anymore. She had to let out a cry of anguish and so she did. She had been silent ever since Goro had removed her robe. She remembered the joy that the pirates had had listening to Jaina plead with them when they were raping her. She vowed to herself not to utter a sound no matter what he did to her. Already her vow was broken.

As her cries of pain filled the room Goro smiled and continued the spanking. He decided to change tactics a bit. He delivered a stinging slap to her right cheek and then he began to rub her asscheeks. His hands moved all over her burning, flaming red bottom. He did this for just a moment then he spanked her again. Then he rubbed her again. "SPANK! Rub. SPANK! Rub. SPANK! Rub." He kept this up varying the length of time he rubbed her ass and the number and type of spanks he delivered. In time it had the desired effect of wearing down the female Jedi’s determination and will to fight.

With one hand he held both of Mara’s wrists firmly in place at the small of her back. With another hand, he began to stroke and fondle her naked skin. His hands roved continually over her satiny red ass. Pressing, probing, rubbing, stroking, grabbing, pinching, petting, always gently, yet firmly, his fingers were everywhere on her ass. He marveled at the way her asscheeks sprang back when he squeezed them. He even probed between her cheeks. This brought a hiss of dismay from the Jedi. He kept up the fondling for some time. At first she resisted him. She kept her assmuscles bunched up tight whenever he touched her. After awhile of being gently fondled, and stroked, she began to relax. She was tired and she needed to relax. Before long Goro felt her muscles grow loose and her cheeks became more pliable. Suddenly he found he was able to open her asscheeks and to press his fingers into her crack and even gently probe her anus. He smiled as he wet the middle finger of his upper right hand and inserted it into her asshole. A hiss of breath escaped her lips. He watched as his finger slowly disappeared up inside her ass.

Mara’s legs kicked out behind her. She tried to arch her back and kick Goro’s hand away with the heel of her foot. But when she brought her leg back, Goro caught her foot with his free hand, and held her in a now contorted position. Then he leaned forward slightly and started sucking on her toes.

Mara couldn’t believe it. She was a Jedi Knight. She was supposed to be a great warrior and a guardian of peace. But right now this monster was treating her like a fetish droid or some common prostitute.

The crinkly looking, brown and pink colored skin of her asshole, wrapped tightly around Goro’s finger as he sank it all the way into her. Then he began to move it slowly in and out of her asshole. Mara let out a moan of pain and pleasure, as he finger fucked her ass.

When he started to rub her naked ass Mara began to feel something strange. It started deep down inside of her. At first it was a small sensation, but as he continued it began to grow. It wasn't long before she recognized what the feelings were. She was horrified. She tried to fight them but they were too strong. She had denied herself for too long. She was becoming sexually aroused. Sweat began to stream down her forehead as she tried to calm herself and stop the onrush of emotions. She felt herself starting to let go. She clamped her mouth and bit her tongue, trying to keep from voicing her arousal. She began to shake all over with the effort. The monster saw this and grinned openly. He knew success was at hand. Just one more change of tactic.

Goro slid his other hand up between Mara’s thighs. Then he slid his thumb into her vagina with his index finger extended to rub her clitoris. Mara started to moan again.

There was nothing Mara could do to resist. The experience was just too much. She couldn’t move because he had her arms pinned in the small of her back, her body was draped over his knee, and one of her legs was bent backwards behind her. Goro was sucking on her toes, which was exciting enough, but at the same time, he was spanking her, finger fucking her anus, and now she could feel his thumb rubbing up against her G-spot while at the same time his finger massaged her swollen clitoris.

Mara knew she was going to cum, and she did. She cried out in a mighty yell of lust and pent-up emotions. On and on she cried and moaned, as Goro kept on spanking her. After a bit, he slowed down, leaned back, and admired his handiwork. She put on quite a show. Her body shivered and shook, her silky red hair flying everywhere as she tossed and shook her head. Her ass gyrated and bucked and quivered, up and down, as if she were looking for more. Mara’s asscheeks opened and closed rapidly. Her tits rose and fell and shook and flopped all over. Her face was a mask of pure lust. Goro knew that the woman cared for nothing right now except the feelings coursing through her body. For five full minutes she came. It was a magnificent sight. Goro thought she might hurt herself from all her exertions.

Soon she slowed down and Goro felt the tension in her body leave with a little shudder as she relaxed totally, the effort of the climaxes having taxed her totally.

Goro knew she was ready, he knew it was time to begin. Goro released her leg, and stood Mara up, bending her forward over another display case so that her tits were flattened out against the top of the glass and her ass jutted out exposed. Even though her own body temperature was elevated, the saliva on her toes made the ground seem that much colder. With one hand Goro kept Mara’s wrists securely behind her back and with another he pulled off his loincloth to reveal his tremendously muscular body and gigantic hardening cock.

Mara knew what was in store for her and she weakly protested, "No more… please. Not like this, I don’t want it this way . . ." but before she could say anything else, Goro brought his engorged penis up to her now dripping wet vagina and thrust forward, entering her. She felt the thick, engorged head of his meat part her lips, and then he shoved, and it was in her to the hilt. Mara gasped as she felt him pressing against the very back of her on that first thrust, and then again when Goro grabbed her hair and pulled her head back slightly.

"NNNOOOO!" Mara squealed, but trailed off into a squeak as Goro rammed his cock into her again. Mara grunted as he pulled back for another thrust, and screamed in protest again. Goro’s thrusting continued, and Mara felt him reach around her body to grab her breasts to steady himself. Goro rammed in and out of her like a giant piston, shoving his prick into her as far as it would go, then pulling almost all the way back out before ramming in again. Before now, Mara never even suspected that there were humanoid creatures that existed, with penises too big to fit in her vagina. But there was no question that there just wasn’t any more room for Goro’s cock inside her.

Goro put his hands on Mara’s ass cheeks, and spread them apart. Then, he began to shove the tip of a thumb into her asshole. The pain was immediate. Mara felt that tight opening being stretched out to accommodate his thumb and it was like a wave of heat flashing over her body. Mara flinched, and tried to squirm away, but she was already impaled to the hilt on Goro’s pole. She started to cry out, to beg him not to abuse her in that way. Mara wailed, and got out, "Please, stop . . . " before she gasped again at another thrust. Then Goro crushed down on her breasts again and all she could do was scream. Mara couldn’t do anything as his thumb opened her ass and moved into it.

Mara could feel every excruciating inch as Goro’s cock and thumb penetrated her slowly. The previous discomfort of a wide cock in her cunt was nothing compared to this now.

Mara could hear the monster grunting behind her as he took his pleasure from her. Soon she felt her own body warming unexpectedly to the penetration. Mara could feel herself getting stretched to the limit by Goro’s giant cock. Then to complicate matters further, Goro reached around Mara’s waist again to give her clitoris a little bit of stimulation. Against her will, she felt her body responding, and getting wetter and warmer. Little shivers of excitement traveled up and down Mara’s spine, and gradually, reluctantly, she felt herself warming to the task and started moving her hips a little more energetically, wanting to prove her abilities. Mara almost couldn’t believe it herself. What did she have to prove to this monster? She certainly didn’t owe him anything. It wasn’t like she had asked to have her ship captured, her protégé kidnapped and raped, and she certainly had not asked for the finger fucking and spanking that Goro had just administered to her ass a moment ago. But somewhere deep inside, Mara Jade’s competitive nature wanted to prove to this monster that she could get him off just as he had forced her to climax while bent over his knee.

Mara started to move her hips faster now. Pressing her ass backwards into Goro, letting him fill her completely. Mara felt the monster speed up, thrusting in and out of her tight pussy faster and faster. Then she heard him groan, and felt him give a final, mighty thrust into her cunt. Mara squealed again as that monster crushed down on her tits and ass cheeks and rammed his giant cock up against her cervix. Then he thrust into her again and shot his seed deep into her, grunting and making animal noises as he kept his prick buried as deep in her as she could take it. Inside Mara could feel the hot jet of semen splashing against her womb. When Goro finally withdrew from her, she just lay there, stunned, and enjoying her body’s relief at not being stretched by that huge shaft anymore. Mara breathed heavily, trying to take stock of what had happened to her, and just glad it was over.

Goro stepped back and let the beaten and raped Jedi fall to the floor. Mara just lay there for a moment, trying to regain her strength. Then the guilt of what she had just done hit her and she started to feel totally ashamed. Mara looked all around for a weapon or a way out of the situation.

"Surrender to me now. You will be my concubine and my slave," Goro commanded.

Mara thought for a moment, remembering her sister in law, Princess Leia, after Jabba the Hut had discovered her in his lair. Jabba had stripped her naked in the middle of his throne room, and then had her dressed in that ridiculous golden dancers out fit. Mara thought for a moment about spending the rest of her life as a slave to this monster, who wanted nothing from her but to humiliate and hurt her.

"G… Go to hell," Mara weakly stammered out.

Goro’s upper left hand shot forward, grabbing Mara around the throat, lifting her off the ground, and slamming her into the wall behind her.

Both of Mara’s hands instinctively grasped at Goro’s hand around her throat, trying to give herself room to breathe, to get desperately needed oxygen into her lungs.

"What’s wrong little Jedi whore? Do you need more?" Goro said in a deep rumbling voice. He started to bring his lower right hand up towards Mara’s vulnerable pussy, but Mara kicked her legs out. Her left foot out to block his arm, and she planted her right leg against Goro’s stomach and tried to push him away. She strained against the power of the monster. Her toes curved over his massive bicep, trying to keep his arm away and prevent him from violating her further.

Goro looked down at her cute little feet. Her toenails were painted red and well manicured. This woman obviously took good care of her body. That was nice, he thought, because it is always so much nicer to destroy pretty things.

Not done amusing himself with her yet, Goro started to fondle her exposed breasts and hardened nipples with his upper right hand "You are very soft. I may decide to keep you alive." Goro cupped Mara’s entire left breast in his massive hand and squeezed down.

Mara retorted, "In your drea…aaaaahhh," but Goro tightened his grip on her throat, cutting her off in mid sentence. Goro had her pinned. His lower left hand had brushed aside the foot that she had been using to push him away, and he now had that leg pinned between his massive arm and his body. His hand had slid forward along her shapely thigh, and was now squeezing her ass, with the tip of his fingers teasing the outer edge of her anus and pussy.

Goro’s upper right was crushing her breast, and pinching her nipple, and his lower arm was squeezing the back of Mara’s calf as she struggled to keep that arm away from her vagina.

I’ve got to think of something. Mara thought. And then she saw it. Just a few meters away, lying on the floor, was her light saber!

If I can concentrate, I can pull the saber to me and chop this bastard in half. Mara’s eyes narrowed and she reached out with the force.

The saber shook a bit as her weakened force powers started to grip the Jedi weapon.

"Going to sleep on me?!" Goro bellowed, and squeezed her breast again, while at the same time sliding a finger deep up into her ass.

"Uunngghh,.." Mara cried, her concentration momentarily broken. It is now or never she thought.

With all will and power she could muster Mara reached out with the force, felt the light saber, and pulled. The saber leapt up into the air and flew to the pinned Jedi. Mara reached out with her left hand to grab the weapon.

Wondering why she had decided to release her hold on the hand that was choking her, Goro turned his head to look over his right shoulder. And saw what Mara was trying to do.

In the blink of an eye, Goro brought his lower right hand up placing the back of his hand against Mara’s outstretched open palm and intercepted the light saber.

Mara’s heart jumped. She closed her hand over the bigger hand that was now holding her Jedi weapon. Oh my god. She thought. How could that have happened?

"What kind of a dirty Jedi trick was that!?" demanded Goro. With that Goro pulled Mara closer to him and then smashed her back against the wall.

"So you want this do you?" Goro waved the light saber handle in front of Mara’s face. "Do you!?" He said again, this time more loudly, but at the same time he kept his grip on her neck so that she could not respond.

"Well then maybe I’ll give it to you." With that, Goro pressed the forward edge of the saber’s hilt against Mara’s chest, in between her breasts. "How about if I give it to you right here?"

"Or better yet," Goro smiled, and started to slide the tip of the weapon down Mara’s body. "How about if I give it to you … riiight heerrre," he said as he brought the tip of the saber up against the lips of Mara’s vagina.

This can’t be happening, thought Mara as she brought her left foot up against Goro’s arm again. She strained with every ounce of strength she had left. But it barely slowed the beast down.

Ha ha ha. Goro chuckled as he teased the saber back and forth along Mara’s slit. Seamen seeped out of her and onto the saber, lubricating it and her even further.

"You bastard," Mara was able to choke out. But Goro just smiled again and leaned forward.

"You like it," he said, and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Mara’s eyes went wide with surprise. Was this monster really kissing her? Her eyes started to close slightly, weather because of lack of air, or something else, she did not know. Then Goro jammed the hilt of the saber up deep into Mara’s exposed vagina.

"AAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOhhh…," she cried out. Mara couldn’t believe what was happening. This dirty pirate was raping her, a Jedi knight, with her own Jedi weapon! Goro continued to kiss her, fondle and squeeze her breasts, finger fuck her ass, and choke her all at once!

Mara had never felt so helpless, so humiliated. It was more than she could stand, and she started to cry. "No, no please, stop it. Please stop," Mara sobbed, as she felt the saber thrust in and out of her cunt.

Mara’s mouth open wide, her eyes clamped shut; the only sound in the room being her wet vagina sliding on and off the lightsaber handle impaling her from below. The Mara started to thrash wildly, her legs and arms flailing as her head rocked back and forth, throwing her silky red hair all over her face and chest. The hands on her ass and breast lifted the helpless Jedi Knight upwards until the saber was almost out of her lips, then savagely the hands pulled her back down over the rod, eliciting an erotic scream from the dangling, raped woman. Suddenly, Mara’s green eyes shot open wide, her hands grabbing Goro’s arm holding her throat "Ohno... OhNo... OHNooo.. ..NNOOO!!!!" she wailed, her voice reaching a higher pitch with each cry of ecstasy. "NNOOOUUUUHGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Mara’s orgasm crashed through her.

Goro Ignored her screams of agony and pleasure, and pulled at her buttocks and without hesitation, prodded a finger deeper within her anus.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHGGG!!!" Mara screamed as another mind- ripping orgasm exploded inside her powerful, raped body. Every muscle in her voluptuous body tensed, her eyes shut tightly, her teeth clenched. Her breasts heaved, as the hands surrounding them held them tightly, holding her up, keeping her mounted on the dildo beneath her. As Mara’s muscles slowly relaxed, as she collapsed, hanging weakly two feet off the floor, held up by the hands on her breasts, buttocks, and throat. The finger in her ass and the lightsaber hilt buried deeply in her cunt. Goro began to slowly thrust into her again with the saber handle. Her eyes half-closed, her mouth slack, Mara cooed and moaned as she slowly rode the four armed monster and her own Jedi weapon. The hand on her rear lifted her almost completely off the saber, then relaxed, allowing gravity to pull her back down over it, her warm sheath utterly engulfing the hilt of the weapon. Mara weakly reached up, pushing at her attacker as he continued to thrust gently.

"Still not finished?" Goro asked sarcastically. "You will surrender to me Jedi. Or you will be destroyed," he yelled with an unnatural malice. Mara looked into Goro’s eyes and suddenly realized what he meant. She looked down and saw his thumb caressing the activation switch on the lightsaber’s handle.

"OOHHH!!" Mara cried. "No please don’t."

"Then surrender to me Jedi. It is the only way if you want to live." Goro looked her directly in the eye.

Mara kept looking at his thumb on the activation switch. If he pressed that button with the saber in her like this, she would surely die. She looked up at Goro with pleading eyes and tears began running down her cheeks.

"I don’t want to die like this," Mara sobbed, as she gently brought her left foot back up against Goro’s arm holding the lightsaber, and she gently pushed. She knew she couldn’t overpower him, but she hoped pleading with him would work.

"Last chance Jedi," Goro thundered, and jammed the lightsaber back, deeper into Mara’s cunt, knocking her foot off his arm. He put his thumb over the activation switch.

"Okay,… okay…" Mara sobbed. "I surrender."

"Too late for that whore," Goro said and pressed the activation button.

Mara felt the saber come to life inside her vagina. Just then a flash of light and the tip of another lightsaber was visible through the door’s locking mechanism. The door slid open, and there stood Jaina with the Twi’lek female pirate behind her.

Mara smiled and then everything went black.


When Mara woke up she was in sick bay. "How…"

"We got you here in time." Jaina said. Jaina was standing next to Mara’s bed with the Twi’lek female standing next to her. "Your lightsaber malfunctioned and it turns out, our friend here is quite a healer. She was the one who had my lightsaber and let me out of the holding cell. And, She was able to stabilize you until we could get you into a bacta tank."

"What happened to Goro?" Mara asked with a tremor in her voice.

"When I walked in Goro just tossed you over to us. He said that we weren’t a threat to him anymore and let us go. I think he wanted us to tell the Jedi counsel what a bad ass he was. To help spread fear through the council members.

"Did you tell anyone what happened?" Mara asked.

"No. I told them we ran into some pirates, but I didn’t tell them about…" Jaina trailed off.

Mara listened to Jaina. "That is fine. If we told anyone, we would only loose credibility in front of the Jedi Counsel. Lets just agree that this never happened."

The End