Wonder Woman and Bat Girl, Naughty Girls  

By Greymatter

Wonderwoman and Bat Girl, Naughty Girls.

By Graymatter


Wonderwoman woke slowly. Her eyes were covered and her arms were bound above her head by the wrists. She was in a standing position her feet barely touching the floor. She could just about get some purchase if she strained on tiptoes, her boots just scraping the floor beneath her. Diana realised she'd been gagged too, there seemed to be a sponge ball of some kind in her mouth and it was damp, probably with her own saliva and she was dimly aware that she had been dribbling down her chin. How am I in this mess she wondered and why do I feel so week. My power belt, she thought, it must be gone. She tried hard to remember the night before, but couldn't, her mind was strangely foggy. She tried to struggle but it was futile her legs were bound together at her thighs and ankles and she could barely move at all.

As she concentrated on trying to remember the night before her senses grew stronger and although she couldn't see, she could hear something, something that sounded like breathing and she could smell a perfume of some kind. She concentrated on the breathing, it sounded quite heavy like someone asleep. Wonderwoman strained to listen, it was close by and seemed to be getting nearer, someone was in the room with her. Wonderwoman made a noise through the gag but got no response. She could actually feel the breathing on the skin of her cheek now it was that close. Fear rose up in her and she tried to push away with her feet, getting a little swing going from the rope around her wrists. But in her weekend state she only succeeded in pushing herself a small distance before swinging back and hitting the source of the breathing. She bumped into it firmly and felt what, or whoever it was, move with her as she swung. They are swinging too she realised. She could smell the perfume now as the two bodies swung together. She heard a low moan and realised that whoever it was waking too. They were hung just like her.

She used what movement she had to push against the other body and could feel a rubber outfit of some kind against her legs and arms. She was also fairly sure it was another female. What was going on? how had she, Wonderwoman, and what definitely felt like another heroine got into this state? And more importantly who had got them into this state.

The other body in front of her was responding in similar fashion and Wonderwoman was aware that she was being assessed too. Although there's not much that she'll figure out with all that rubber on thought Wonderwoman.

They swung together for sometime, their cheeks brushing against each other from time to time. Wonderwoman had tried to speak through the gag, but she couldn't get her words out and neither could her fellow captive, they just swung and bounced against each other, cheek against cheek, chest against chest, thighs against thighs.

They had gripped hands for a while as a signal of unity and Wonderwoman realised the other woman was wearing gloves, possibly leather. But eventually she let go, it served no purpose other than some reassurance that neither of them were alone.

She wracked her brain, had she been working with another heroine last night? Had they been lured into some type of trap, or had one been used as bait against the other? Why couldn't she remember? Panic rose and she struggled as hard as she could, bumping firmly into her comrade. Wonderwoman felt her panic pass to the other dangling woman and they thrashed against each other as they tried to break free. They started to spin the ropes above their heads twisting together, their feet lifting as the ropes coiled. They spun and spun as they bucked and writhed in desperation but it only made it worse. When they stopped their faces were pressed close together cheek firmly against cheek. Gasping into her gag Wonderwoman could feel the full figure of the rubber clad woman pressed against her. Then she heard a door open and clank shut. Then footsteps, and then a voice.

'Hello girls, how are you finding you new home?'

Male she thought and British. 'What a mess you two have got yourselves into, all twisted together like that.'

He was close now she could feel him near by, her feet wouldn't reach the floor, she groaned as she felt a finger trace down her bare back. 'Well you'll get so used to working together closely.'

She felt a hand near the back of her head and suddenly her eyes were full of light, bright white light. Slowly they adjusted as they grew used to the brightness.

She stared into the deep blue eyes directly. It's Batgirl she realised. He has Batgirl and I. He was stood behind her and she could see the fear in her comrade's eyes. The look of recognition flashed between them, but Batgirl was watching the man behind Diana.

'It's taken a lot of work to get you two together like this,' she felt him close to her almost breathing on her back, 'I do hope you don't disappoint.'

Wonderwoman felt a prick on the skin of her thigh, she screamed into the gag as she realised she was being injected with something. She barely noticed him moving behind Batgirl at first but then she was watching him. This man, in a black suit and tie fishing another syringe from inside his jacket pocket. 'Don't worry Wonderwoman, Batgirl's not going to miss out, sweet cheeks here gets one too.'

She watched as he moved his hand behind Batgirl out of her site but saw her friend wince as he administered the injection.

'I'll be back in an hour to see how you're getting on, that little cocktail I've just given you both should be working just fine by then.'

He strode to the door, opening it and stepping through, then turned his head, 'Have fun girls, try not to be too naughty, we know what naughty girls get don't we?' Then slammed the door shut behind him.

Catwoman stared down at the monitor watching the two heroines dangling by their wrists.

'How long until it starts to work Edward?' she asked.

'Not long kitten, not long at all. Batgirl should start showing signs soon, Wonderwoman may prove more resistant but she'll succumb too.' He placed a hand on Catwoman's thigh as he watched the two women dangle. 'Are you enjoying watching their discomfort my dear?'

'Yes,' purred Selina, 'More than you can imagine.'

They watched as first Batgirl started to wriggle, as if she had an itch she couldn't scratch and a look of confusion on Wonderwoman's face as Batgirl seemed to deliberately rub against her. Catwoman could see the apologetic look on Batgirls face as she zoomed in close, but it wasn't long before she was at it again. Selina smiled as Edward stroked her latex covered arse as Batgirl clearly pressed her chest against Wonderwoman's. 'Stop that Edward, there will be time for that later, I think Wonderwoman is starting to respond.'

Edward looked at the monitor and could see Wonderwoman's face already flushed from the strain of being held by her wrists, go a deeper red. She was feeling something he knew. Something deep in her gut. A need. He watched fascinated as she pressed against Batgirl. He admired the curve of her arse cheeks as she wriggled against the other heroine.

He flicked a switch and both girls dropped an inch so that there feet could just touch the floor. It gave them what they needed and they were both able to press against each other more fully as best they could.

'How delightful,' whispered Edward, 'And how very very naughty they are.'

'Well that drug of yours is pretty potent, they really don't have any choice.'

'As you well know my dear, as you well know.'

Catwoman smiled at the memory. He's really driven her crazy that night, the night he'd taken her. But it had all been for demonstration purposes, it was heroines he really wanted, and she'd been more than happy to go along with his plans. A partnership he called it, although she'd never been terribly sure about that, she was always fighting the need to call him Sir, like she did in bed. But now as she watched the two women she hated most rub against each other in their heroine costumes she didn't feel like questioning anything at all. Selina wished she hadn't told him to take his hand of her, she was getting very turned on as she watched Batgirl attempt to push her crotch at Wonderwoman's.

They watched transfixed by the plight of the two women on the screen before them. Rubbing and pressing against each other over and over. Neither able to get what they needed. Frustrated, confused, hot, and desperate for release.

'Right Selina it's time we paid our guests a visit I think,' said Edward matter of factly.

They walked from the room together, Catwoman leading the way. They opened the door and a pair of heads turned, faces red, beads of sweat on what skin was on view.

'What a couple of naughty girls you are,' said Edward, 'We'll need to teach you a lesson.'

Wonderwoman saw Catwoman, black latex shining, but could not concentrate on her properly. Her mind was in turmoil. She needed to orgasm, badly. Her nipples were like two pebbles beneath her bustier and her clitoris was aching to be touched in her tight blue hotpants. She knew Batgirl was having the same problem, both of them had been moaning as they'd tried to work their crotches together but it was impossible to get any sustained pressure because of the way they were tied. She wanted to scream at her captors to let her go, but she knew that her hand would be in her shorts before she'd even think of trying to escape.

He was behind her again and she could see Catwoman behind Batgirl. Poor Barbara she thought, captured by her… The thought was broken as she felt a tug on her shorts.

'Such very bad girls need to be punished,' she heard him whisper in her ear. Or was it Batgirl's ear, they were so close together it was hard to tell, but the feel of his breath on her ear made her shiver and moan. Whatever he'd given them was strong she thought very strong.

Diana felt her shorts ease down over her buttocks and a hand on her skin. She involuntarily pushed back against it and gasped shocked at her own action. Need to regain control, she thought, but how, how can I, oh great Hera help me please.

She watched as Catwoman eased the bottom half of Batgirls costume down over her hips, the utility belt was already on the floor. A tiny little black thong was revealed with the bat symbol on the front. The old school one thought Wonderwoman, black on yellow not like that big Black one emblazed across Batgirl's chest. She found herself staring at the thong as Catwoman's latex covered hands hooked it on either side and slowly oh so slowly pulled it down. Batgirl groaned into her gag as her glistening wetness was revealed. She's shaved too thought Wonderwoman as she caught a glimpse as they continued to bump against each other.

The man's hands were on her rump squeezing it roughly, 'What an arse we have here Catwoman, how are things your side of the woods?'

'So pretty and so very pale,' the words dripping from Catwoman's mouth, 'I'd love to bite it.'

'I'm sure you would, my dear,' chuckled the man, 'And I'm fairly sure you will too.'

He stroked the cleft of Wonderwoman's bare buttocks, 'But for now we need to teach these two naughty girls a lesson don't we? A lesson in not meddling in others affairs, and a lesson in how naughty it is to get such strange feelings around each other. They've been such very bad girls and what do bad girls get my sweet kitten?'

'They get spanked Sir,' whispered Selina.

'Yes my naughty Kitten they do.'

Wonderwoman felt the air move behind her arse before he struck her. The sound of the slap to her cheeks echoed around he brightly lit room.

She groaned loudly into her gag as he did it again, but harder.

Then she heard Catwoman's hand hit her friend's buttock. Oh my god we're being spanked she thought.

Again and again her bottom was struck. Both women pressed closer together as each of them was spanked. Batgirl's eyes were wide in shock and Wonderwoman stared into them. She needed to cum so badly, needed to be touched between her wet thighs. But all she was getting was spanked, and spanked hard. And he was calling them naughty all the time. Naughty girls he kept saying it over and over. Such naughty girls with such dirty delicious thoughts. Was that what she was, she wondered, no, it's the drug, whatever it was that he gave us, we're not naughty, she shook her head at his words as she watched Catwoman strike Batgirl again. Her bottom was stinging, her nipples and clit were aching, she was so hot, so warm all over, a bead of sweat trickled down her cleavage and the feeling of it almost made her orgasm. I'm going mad she thought. She groaned again, as he struck her, she knew her bottom must be red and she felt his hand cup her right buttock.

'You are both such very bad girls, but I know how much you're enjoying your spankings. I can almost smell it in the air can't you Kitten?'

'Yes Sir, I can smell their need Sir,' sniggered Catwoman, to into the moment to realise she'd stopped calling him Edward since they'd entered the room.

'Maybe we should leave them with a little toy for a while, let them have a little of what they need?' he asked as he caressed Wonderwoman's behind.

Diana watched as Catwoman produced a cable from a pocket and plugged one end into some sort of socket on the floor. Her body had shuddered at the thought of release but she dreaded what these two fiends had in mind for her and Batgirl.

The man handed something to Catwoman who now had her back to the two heroines, Wonderwoman panted into the gag, desperate to see what it was.

Then Selina turned with what looked like a 10'' sliver rocket in her hand the cable neatly plugged into the middle of the device and locked firmly in place.

The man stood next to the pair of dangling women and took the device from Catwoman holding it up to her face one end in turn. They watched as she licked and sucked both ends one at a time, a dirty grin on her face.

'You're going to love this girls,' she whispered before planting a small kiss on each of there cheeks, 'I did.'

The man lowered the device and slid it up between them. Batgirl squealed as the shiny dildo brushed against her. Diana tried to give her a reassuring look but her eyes opened wide as she felt it press against her lips. Oh god no, it's what need but why, why are they doing this? She watched as the man adjusted its position and fed the other end into Batgirl. Wonderwoman looked down and realised for the first time that she too was shaved. Oh my god, how long have they had us… the buzzing started inside her as the man coiled a rope around them pulling them closer together at the waist and all thought of why, how and how long left her head.

Wonderwoman grunted as the throbbing dildo slid deeper. Both women bucked on it, their faces together. Batgirl arched her back as best she could as it throbbed away in her tight wetness. Wonderwoman felt the two captors leaving the room and heard the door shutting as she gasped. Oh god yes, I'm going to cum, oh god yes please let me. Please, please….. she thrust her hips at Batgirl trying to get it deeper and she felt Batgirl thrust back. Oh god we're… we're fucking each other.

Wonderwoman felt her orgasm take over. She thrust and thrust in silence, waiting for release to take her. Batgirl was more vocal, moaning loudly as the dildo ploughed into her. They both came hard. Sweet relief swept over Wonderwoman but it was a brief respite, the feelings of need were on her again and the endless buzzing between her legs wasn't helping. It wasn't long before they were at it again.

A voice boomed out at them from some unseen speaker as the dildo slid in and out of their tight wet holes. 'What naughty, girls you are. I can see more discipline is required, what filthy, dirty girls you are fucking each other so desperately like that. What shall we do with you? What shall we do with such a pair of naughty, dirty, filthy little super sluts?'

His voice drummed into them as they came again and again. Sometimes Batgirl would cum first other times it was Wonderwoman. If only Barbara could get to my nipples I'd cum so much more quickly, she thought. She could see Batgirl looking at her breasts as the dildo slid in and out of them. That Batgirl is a naughty one, she keeps looking at me like that. He is right, she is naughty. A very naughty girl just like me.

She kept going long after Batgirl seemed to have passed out although Barbara did keep groaning every so often when Wonderwoman orgasmed. Finally though the drug relinquished its grip on her and after what seemed like hours the dildo ceased buzzing. The rope above their head lowered and the two women slowly dropped to the floor. Sleep came to her quickly once she was able to rest. What is happening here? She wondered as her eyes shut. Who is this man? Am I a naughty girl? What is to become of us?