Wonder Woman and the goddesses of the Taj Mahal  

By Incredibleintruder

Wonder Woman and the goddesses of the Taj Mahal

Super heroes never have an easy life.

Diana, better known to the world at large as Wonder Woman, had this lingering thought in her mind as she flew over the Middle East at great speed. Juggling identities, work, love life, personal obligations, family and everything together into a cohesive whole. At the cockpit of her invisible jet, she was almost thankful in some way that she did not really have much of a secret identity or any of the things that Clark or Bruce had to deal with, yet sometimes that meant that she did not have much of a life beside what the world called ''super-heroing''.

As an envoy to the world of man from Themyscira and as a spirit of truth, she had a duty to be always available to defend her ideals, either peacefully or through direct action. This meant, of course, that she was a rather valued member of the Justice League as well as a symbol for a great number of people. Thus, with this firmly known, it seemed wise from J'onn J'onzz to send her in a place that would require a certain diplomacy before potentially busting heads.

For the world at large, the Justice League was associated with America first and foremost, which meant that going in other countries could be difficult, especially if they had their own super-teams. India, however, the country where Diana was heading, had no such thing and, as such, she could potentially have no problem dealing with the problem there. So far, from what she knew of the situation, there was a huge crowd gathering around, caught in bizarre prayer as it seemed to grow and grow with no stop to it. Having confronted magic and supernatural occurrences before, Diana was the best one to deal with this amongst the members currently available.

Finally arriving at her destination, Diana had to push aside her more natural identity to become Wonder Woman, the symbol and super heroine who could save everyone in this bizarre event. Seeing the Taj Mahal, the source of the problem, she landed as she then grabbed her lasso of truth. Seeing how vast the problem actually was, there seemed to be thousands upon thousands of people, each praying in their own methods in front of one of the most widely known structure in the world. Some were bowing on the ground, some had their hands clasped together and looked at the construction itself, some seemed to meditate, it was a huge gathering of some kind of odd faith as Wonder Woman went on to move in the crowd.

''So beautiful...''

''So perfect...''

''The goddesses...''

Hearing such words from a multitude of languages, the super heroine saw that it was not just Indians who were being affected, but the multitude of tourists as well. Whatever she'd find at the heart of this problem, it seemed to speak an universal tongue as none were spared this unseemly trance of worship. Progressing through this crowd, there did seem to be a unique form of energy being spread around, one that was soothing, yet also very faint as if it was trying to be subtle in its nature. Perhaps the key to this enigma was mystical in its nature, probably altering the thoughts of those who would grow to be affected through constant exposure to this relaxing aura, Diana thought, as she then began to use her lasso of truth on herself to protect herself from the effect of this strange energy. If she knew the truths about herself, then nothing could potentially alter her beliefs.

Finally arriving near the entrance, the energy seemed to be much more concentrated there as the amazon went on to discover the source of it all. Left in their own little circle, undisturbed by the crowd, were two women, each identical to the other as they seemed to be meditating, yet in a way that emanated the soothing aura. Barely garbed in anything, each sported a turban, a large necklace full of wooden beads, a silk loincloth and whatever those two tried to show off as their undergarments. While their beauty was rather undisputable, it was obvious to the super heroine that both had to be stopped before a much larger collection of people would fall under their pervasive power. With determination, she then advanced toward them, caught by surprise as they opened their eyes and looked at her.

''It's the woman of wonder, the symbol,'' the first one on the left said, getting up slowly as she stretched before Diana.

''Yes, the symbol of truth and strength,'' the other added, doing the very same thing as both looked at Diana with rather peaceful expressions on their face, as if nothing was wrong with what was going on.

''What is going on here? What are you two doing to all these people?'' the amazon asked, firm but not with any aggressive intents. If she could stop this with talks, then it was her duty to go ahead and try to do so before any violence would be unleashed. Brutal actions could have dire consequences in the environment she fought in and, truthfully, it would be a great shame for this sublime monument to be destroyed in any way.

As if both were the same being, they took a step forward, then bowed respectfully while clasping their hand together as they looked at Diana. ''We are bringing peace and beauty to this world. We only mean for people to forget about their worries through our influence, sister,'' they said in unison, their voice calm yet their demeanour not being reassuring in the least for the super heroine.

''You mean you are taking away their will to make them be at peace. That is not how real freedom from strife and pain can truly be achieved. Stop it now, or I will make you,'' the powerful amazon said, giving an ultimatum here and now, hoping they were wise enough to answer correctly.

''She does not see the light,'' the one on the left said, her face showing a tint of disappointment, which hindered her nearly faultless features as she looked at her identical partner.

''Then we must make it so she does,'' the other replied, giving a faint smile to the other as they then went on to move rather quickly in opposite directions so as to make the most of their superiority in numbers.

The amazon, disappointed that this would turn into a fight, went to take her lasso of truth, making sure that a small amount of it was tied on her wrist, as she then threw a line at the one on the right. Seeing that she was more decisive than the other, this meant that she had leadership capacities. In war, like she had learned in her training, it was always better to put down those with tactical minds before others so as to render the enemy without any direction. Her lasso catching her, she then began to use her strength to render the turban-wearing beauty helplessly bound, so as to allow Wonder Woman to face the other on her own terms.

What she had no anticipated, though, was that the one on the left had gone for a more direct approach, using her nimble agility to get behind Diana. With a strange approach to combat, she then grasped the amazon's ankles, touching them with her own soft hands. Afraid that she might try to pin her on the ground with an unorthodox approach, the super heroine was instead brought on her knees as she felt her ankles get weaker not through pain, but rather from a bizarre form of pleasure. As if she was wobbling, the envoy from Themyscira did not understand how this sensation had spread through her legs, yet this had placed her in a vulnerable position as her attacker was then moving her hands everywhere, as if to make sure the amazon would not budge one iota from where she was.

There was a strange quality to the soft hands and nimble finger of the attacking Indian woman, as they sent troubling bliss through Wonder Woman's body. As if a signal was sent for her to get weaker with close contact, this made every small gesture a trial as it was so much easier to lay there and let her do her thing. Diana, however, was no pushover and she would certainly not lay still for this enemy to vanquish her with nothing but a soft touch.

While she was distracted, however, the other turban-wearing woman, using her agility and nimbleness, managed to stand up as she then twirled around. Taking speed, she spun on her own as she then gracefully removed herself from the hold of the super heroine's lasso. Now free, she used her momentum to effectively continue in her movements as she then began to dance, swaying her wide and well-sculpted hips from left to right in a fluid motion before the amazon. Making sure she'd see the small performance she was giving, the alluring dancer then went on to get slightly closer, keeping a safe distance, yet making it so Diana would not miss any details of what she was doing.

As Wonder Woman began to try and rise, an ordeal that she was succeeding at, the sight of the dance struck her as she began to see the undulations offered to her. Dumbfounded by what she saw, she had close to no time to react as the compelling beauty of those sensual motions caught her eye, making her follow the dance being presented to her. However, quick of wits, the member of the Justice League knew what kind of game those two were playing as she slowly rose up, showing to them that their tricks would not work on her. She was strong and she knew, as truth, that she would not fall for their spells. She was a symbol and a warrior and, as such, there would be no surrender of the mind for her on this day. The caresses and this performance would not hold sway over her head anytime soon, so she swore as she prepared to launch a counter-attack.

These thoughts and this steeling of the mind, however accurate it was for the amazon, would not hold as, in either a stroke of luck or a deeper understanding from one of those two temptresses, the woman caressing her went for the lasso of truth, removing its hold over Wonder Woman. Taking it off, she then threw it on the side so as to focus her attention on those muscular arms of her as her companion continued her sensual dance.

The effects of such an action, however, soon made themselves known to the warrior woman as her efforts crashed down on her. Her resolve, her convictions, everything seemed to weaken as the dance she was seeing saw its effects being multiplied. No longer just a nice swaying of hips, it seemed that reality seemed to distort around the dancer as Diana could only perceive her truthfully. Everything surrounding this beautiful artist seemed like a devious illusion, but the sublime act she did looked much too real and tempting for Diana to properly fight as she was soon staring wide-eyed at this Indian beauty.

The dancer, seeing the change in temperament, got bolder as she then got much closer. Her hips swaying still, she rose her hand above her head as she focused the entirety of her being on this magical dance of seduction. The aura of allure she emanated got more focused, stronger, as she was firmly intent on captivating this super heroine. Her movements getting more intricate, her caramel-skin almost glistened like an illumination in the low light as the sun was beginning to set down. Hips swaying and now rolling her stomach, she lost herself adrift a performance that would shower Wonder Woman with the truth, the one and only thing that was worth knowing in the universe.

For Diana, though, it was growing to become a confusing battle. She knew very well that she had to fight, that she needed to get up and do something about this. She could not, would not, fall prey to those two magicians and become an entranced prey. However, it was so hard to look away and to feel anything else but this mind-numbing experience as the caresses of this masseuse of great talent was making her so weak. Feeling her arms growing tired and complacent while she touched them, Diana remembered that this woman touching her looked the exact same as the dancer, making it as if this same woman was bringing her bliss in untold ways. She had to fight, yet it was growing more and more difficult in this nirvana of sensations to do so.

''How do you find the dance, woman of wonders? Do you like it? Do you like how my sister, the enthralling Haji, make you feel?'' the masseuse said, focused on her task as she then worked her ways to her legs, shifting from the amazon's arms. With a pleasant look on her face and a hearty concentration, the beautiful caressing woman sent bliss through the warrior's body, rendering her not only weak, but growingly complacent as she smiled at the sight of her progress.

''I am sure the dance is to her satisfaction, that it makes her realize where my beauty lies, but surely she must also adore how you touch her, my dear Nadmi. I'm sure she's not only pleased visually, yes?' the dancer retorted, having a conversation about Diana, yet without including her. Haji, never letting go of her sweet gestures, went on to move her chest as well, the wooden beads following as they clacked together in some small ways, adding to the growing influence that she had over her target. Her chest swinging without any superfluous movements and her hips making her belly roll like waves across a vast ocean, Haji was upping the ante as she smiled in a pleasant and warm manner, as if it was a service she was rendering to the super heroine.

Her eyes lost adrift this offering, Wonder Woman began to lost any sort of visual anchor on reality as she could just distinguish Haji, the superb dancer. This situation, in some manner, reminded her of her young times on Themyscira, when seduction was almost presented like a game, one that artists could play and best warriors in without too much difficulty. She had lost a certain number of times to musicians and to some performers in her youth on the island, yet this particular sensation she felt now dwarfed everything she had felt before. This was not just seduction, but also a statement of the highest importance, as the dancer communicated her ideals through the flow of this majestic and downright sensual experience. The dancer was talking through her body and her words, and Diana was compelled to listen, a fact that she was getting slowly accustomed to.

''It's okay to fall in love with us. It's perfectly natural to think of our beauties and how much you want to be near us. There's no shame in admitting that you want us,'' Nadmi said as she then began to play with the amazon's feet, an act that sent shivers through the heroine's body.

''We know you want to make it so this doesn't stop. We know you're growing to become addicted to these feelings. We do not mind if you just want to surrender to us, to follow our message for the world,'' Haji continued, her tone as smooth and pleasant as her dance as she took a cyclical approach to her movements. Her hips rolling, it allowed her sumptuous stomach to get closer and further away from Diana's sight, making the heroine go slack-jawed in front of such magnificence.

Wonder Woman, further caught in the dual spell of these superb women, eyed the belly of the dancer who got even closer to her position. Doing circular motions with her hips and waist, her smooth and slim belly, perfectly tailored to bring the amazon fantasies of a sensual nature, made her almost salivate. While it was close, she wanted to just go ahead and plant her lips and tongue on it, to savor the exotic skin of this seductress as it passed by. While it was further, even by only a few inches, she wished it was closer so she could succumb to her growing desires. Beginning to understand just what was happening to her, the super heroine grew to care less and less about the implications as she lost herself amongst the seductive moves of the woman named Haji, this dancer possessing divine grace.

''Tell us how you feel. Don't worry about judgment as it's perfectly natural to tell us everything, to trust us with all you have in your heart and soul,'' the masseuse said, working her wonders on the amazon's feet as they squirmed, the delight of her touch spreading on the warrior woman's body without any resistance coming from her.

''Reveal yourself to us. My dance and her touch compels you to tell the truth and to do so without shame. Look at my dance, then speak proudly,'' Haji said, the illusion around her getting even more powerful as she seemed like a radiant presence amidst uncertain traits. Her caramel-skin, her red lips, her serpentine arms and her smooth stomach, showing a deep and round navel, all made it look like a true beacon of divine beauty as the dancer tantalized the amazon with her seductive and hypnotic aura.

Their word unlocking something within Diana, all of her thoughts went toward communicating her fears, doubts and what she enjoyed. Now caught in their spell in a stronger fashion, she was beginning to show obvious signs of it as her eyes went on to show purple circles in a repeating manner, washing over her pupils and irises, showing how mesmerized and under their power she truly was. ''So sexy...so wrong...need to fight...don't want to...'' she began to mumble, their suggestions taking hold as she shivered constantly as well as went into spasms of bliss at time due to the massage she was receiving.

''Good. Let your fears go and accept us as what we are: beautiful, divine and powerful. You can't fight us and you don't want to,'' Nadmi uttered, massaging the enthralled woman's feet as she went on to give her a single kiss on her neck.

''We are goddesses. We are made to be worshipped and obeyed. Submit to us and know ecstasy. Do as your body and mind tells you to and succumb,'' Haji continued, almost brushing her belly on Diana's face as her stomach bobbed and rolled dangerously near. With her arms in the air and her eyes closed, the dancer was in control of the situation as she knew that she had won. With her sublime form bending and fluidly moving to send hypnotic bliss before the amazon, this performance had conquered the super heroine and the beautiful Indian dancer knew it instinctively.

For Diana, though, it was soon becoming massively overwhelming as her thought became muddied and her desires less and less confusing. She did not want to fight. She wanted to worship and love these goddesses. She had to stop resisting and give in to their demands. With those thoughts growing in crescendo, what went through her mind finally went on to be spoken verbally, as she continued to look at the dancing divinity before her eyes, who went on to show their purple rings at a much faster pace. ''I just cannot fight them. It feels so good. All my amazon strength is nothing compared to their power of seduction...'' she began to say, her voice automatic, almost devoid of life as her hands began to fondle her breast, as if her own body was rewarding her for being so truthful. ''I will be their bodyguard and slave forever...'' she continued, moaning at her own stimulation whilst the body-numbing and bliss-bringing caresses of Nadmi went on to fuel this pleasure she was receiving.

*Alternate ending begins here*

''Then so be it. Kiss my belly and devote yourself to us and our message, Wonder Woman,'' the dancer said, advancing her delightful stomach near the amazon's lips. With no hesitation and even a touch of anticipation, the super heroine had surrendered completely. Seduced and hypnotized by the two beautiful goddesses, she brought her lips to the supple and smooth belly as she passionately went to succumb to her own desires. Locking her mind in such a state, Diana had lost.

And she was thankful for it.

The crowd was getting huge at the Taj Mahal. Vibes of peace, love and understanding emanating from the wonderful construction, none could resist the appeal of just following the core of this message that sent everyone under a positively nice trance.

With the two goddesses at the heart of the message sending those nice thoughts and their sensual forms to keep everyone under their blissful control, the word spread and spread for a long time. They could have failed a good number of time, yet they had a powerful guardian, one who believed in them with all her heart and soul.

She had been a super heroine once, a symbol even. Yet now she was content to guard these two with her life and with her love. Watching over them, she would do so forever.

It was not an easy life, yet she knew that she would still love it...

Alternate Ending

As she surrendered, Haji prepared to utter the words that would cement the fate of this wondrous woman, until she was stopped by Nadmi, the one she shared a deep bond with.

''Wait sister. She is a woman of power and one that could perhaps be worthy to join us. I think we might have found someone to join our ranks,'' the masseuse said, still lingering her fingers over the entranced amazon's feet, who kept on mumbling incoherently as her spirit had seemingly died down in her hypnotic trance.

Thinking about it, the dancer could see how what the masseuse said made sense as this would indeed provide them with a much more powerful handle on things. Thankful for this intervention, she then motioned for Nadmi to get up as they knew that Wonder Woman had lost and would provide no resistance. Chanting a few spells and dancing together, they then invoked a long piece of silk, grabbing it as they moved around the entranced warrior.

Diana, too caught up in this seductive trance to do anything, was soon getting enveloped in silk as a cocoon was forming around her. With each layer blocking her view and blanking out her mind, she soon stopped thinking altogether as Diana was being erased entirely, as if she had never existed. With Haji and Nadmi surrounding her and putting her in a tighter cocoon of soft material, they kept on chanting as their voices resonated in the prisoner's mind.

Their soft and enchanting voice, soon, began to be the sole thing that she could hear and feel. Her body, entrapped in silk, began to get hotter as she could feel a change in her physiology. Her breasts got bigger as her hips wider. She could feel a tickling sensation, an electric one, all over her skin as something was changing within her. Her lips gave her a little shock, then nothing as everything was mysterious, yet welcome. Feeling as if everything would be okay, new thoughts occurred to her as they popped from within a void that she felt comfortable with.

She was born in India.

She was a goddess.

She had to spread a message.

She needed to charm people to do so.

She possessed immense powers of persuasion.

She had two sisters: Haji and Nadmi.

Her name was...Dia.

With all these thoughts and more replacing whatever she once had, the one named Dia was then freed from her silken prison. Left nude, a beautiful Indian woman replaced the one that had been known as Wonder Woman. The super heroine being gone, a goddess had taken her place as both Haji and Nadmi went to help cover herself. Undergarments, a loincloth, a turban and wooden beads, all these were given to her as she was dressed.

Smiling at both her sisters, the three of them then took place as they went on to meditate, sending their messages far and wide for peace to be the new norm.

There were now three goddesses at the Taj Mahal...